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"ME WANT FIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed Hulk.

"You'll be able to fight once we finish discussing the plans." Said Galanoth the leader of the Freedom Fighters.

"I think we should attack from the ea-" Began Beranabus the Freedom Fighter's Mage Leader.


"Shut up fag." Said the Black Knight Midget.

"WHAT!!!!! ME NO FAG YOU FAG!" Hulk said and he began smashing the midget to a pulp.

"Okay..." Said Artery the Ranger.

"Well back to the plans..." Said Galanoth. "Team 1... Your going to free the slaves from the giantess cave jails...Team 2 your going to give it all you've got and fight till your dead..."

"But surely we will all die Galanoth?" Said Derk the Rogue.

"Aye, we may... but we're going to die anyways to these bloody f*cking giantesses...so we're makeing a last stand... or a swan song if you please..." Said Galanoth.

"OH YEA!!!!!" Screamed Kool Aid Man.

"ARRRRRR! Give me your booty!" Said RedDick the butt pirate.

"Alright then..." Said Artery.

"SO WHO IS WITH ME??!?!!?!" Yelled Galanoth.

"I AM!" Yelled one of the three hundred Freedom Fighting knights.

"OH YEA!" Yelled Kool Aid Man.

"I am too with the fighting and the killing oh you know what I mean." Said Bill Cosby.

"I am not a crook!" Said Richard Nixon.

Soon all the 300 Freedom Fighters were cheering and patting eachother on the back.



2 Days later the Knights began their trek to giantess land...



"i'm tired." Said the Black Midget Knight.

"Are we there yet?" Asked one of the knights.

"No." said Galanoth.

"Are we there yet?" Asked a diffrent knight.

"No." Said Galanoth.

"Are we there y-" Began a knight but then Hulk smashed him.

"Thank you Hulk." Said Galanoth."Ah, we're at the outskirts of Giantess land."

"What makes you think that?" Asked Derk.

"Well there's a sign that says 'welcome to giantess land leave before your killed'". Said Beranabus.

They were at the edge of a very tall and steep cliff, below them was the giantess land. There was barely any grass or plants around, a few dead corpses...Galanoth hoped they were dead from the fall and not the giantesses...and mostly rocks and dead bushes.

"I'm scared." Said the Love Guru.

"Well suck it up and begin climbing down, go go go!" Said the co-leader of the Freedom Fighters, Smoke.

The 300 knights began to climb down.

"NO!" Screamed a knight as he lost a handhold and fell to his doom.

He landed with a thud and a crack on the rocks.

"He's dead Jim." Said Dr.Spock.

The 299 Knights reached the ground.

A sound that sounded like thunder was comeing...

"Giantess!" Galanoth said in a whisper and a yell at the same time.

They all found a different boulder and hit behind it.

The Giantess had long blonde hair and wore only a wolf fur thong and bra. with incredibly large breasts.

The giantess picked up the knight that had fallen earlier and swallowed him whole.

"I think we can ambush her." Said Cocaine Clyde,twitching(but no need to worry. he twitches because of the cocaine, not out of nervousness).

"No, it's too risky."Said Galanoth.

The Giantess thundered away.

"phew..." Said Beranabus.

"Okay...Team 1 start heading to those caves with smoke the co leader..." Said Galanoth. "Team 2 follow me!"

149 Knights followed Smoke to the cave.



At the cave...

"Okay guys follow me..." Said Smoke.

They snuck to the slave jail cells.

"WHO ARE YOU!?!?!!?" Yelled a slave.

"Shush, we're here to free you." Said a ranger who Smoke didn't really know.

"FREE US?!?!HA!!!!" Said another slave. "You'll end up just like us..."

"So be it than, but we're going to try to get you out." Said Smoke."Hulk bend the cage bars so they can get out."

"OKAY!" Yelled Hulk and he began to bend the metal bars.

"We're free!" Yelled many of the slaves.

"Not for long!" Said 3 giantesses at once.

"OH...EM...GEE!" Said Bill Cosby.

"ATTACK!!!" Screamed Smoke.

One of the giantess picked up Bill Cosby and swallowed him whole, you could hear him screaming down her esophogus.

The Rangers shot arrows into one of the giantesses' eyes.She became blinded.

The Blinded giantess was worse then she was being able to see. She stamped around crushing half of the slaves.

Smoke grabbed a rope and tied it around her ankles.

She fell onto the ground and the knights stabbed swords into her head.

The 2 other giantesses picked up a handful of knights and chewed them to bits then spit them out onto one unfortunate knight.He was smothered by the heavy bits of armor.

"HULK......SMASH!!!!!" Yelled Hulk and he relentlessly beat the other giantess to the ground. The Knights soon finished her off.

"You can't defeat me!" Yelled the last giantess.

She stomped on the ground crushing at least 20 knights.

She picked up Hulk and tore him in half.

She pinched a knight's head untill it exploded under the pressure.

The Ranger who Smoke barely knew had pulled out an explosive arrow.He put it onto his bow quiver and fired. DIRECT HIT!

"AYE!!!!" All the knights yelled joyously.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The giantess screamed as her head exploded.

"We did it!!!!!!" Shrieked Smoke with glee."Now men lets go help out Galanoth and his troops!"

"TO BATTLE!!!!" The knights yelled happily.



At the battle....

"ATTACK!" Yelled Galanoth.

100 Giantesses came from God knows where.

"OH SH*T WE CAN'T TAKE ON THIS MANY!" Screamed the Easter Bunny with his Great Long Sword.

The Easter bunny hopped up and chopped a giantess' head off.

Another Giantess came and grabbed him and swallowed him whole.

"Damnit! Now i'll never get to eat easter choclate again!" Complained Smoke.

"Smoke?! your here!" Yelled Galanoth joyously.

"Yes, and most of the troops survived." Said Smoke.

"Well then tell them to haul some ass!" Said Galanoth.

They all stuck to attacking one giantess at a time. That way they would be focusing on only one and less men would die to one giantess.It was a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very  slow and long process.

The around 43 Rangers shot the explosive arrows at 43 Giantess' heads. All hit.

"HIT!" Shouted Artery the Ranger leader.

BOOM! The 43 giantesses' heads exploded.

"50 to go!!!!" Yelled Galanoth.

Then something awful happend.

As the Rangers fired their explosive arrows....5 arrows went amiss and landed right next to the ranger group.

"TAKE COVER!" Shreiked Artery.

BOOM!!!! 20 giantess exploded but 42 rangers exploded too!

the giantess were beginning to have the advantage.

One of the giantess picked up the last remaining ranger (Artery) and swallowed him whole.

"Mages GO!!!" Yelled Beranabus.

The mages shot fire, ice, wind, lightning, darkness, and light blasts at the Giantesses.

20 more giantess went down.

But somehow one of the giantess had mastered Wizardry.She Shot a Paralysis blast at the mages.They were all frozen now.

"SMOKE! GALANOTH!HELP!" Yelled Beranabus and most of the mages.

The Giantesses trampled over them and ripped Beranabus to shreds.

"It's just us plain ol' knights now eh Smoke?" Said Galanoth.

"Lets show 'em how 'plain' we really are men!" Said Smoke.

Kool Aid Man shot acid kool aid and burned one of the giantesses to a puddle.

Another Giantess drank Kool Aid Man.

"OH NO!" Yelled Kool Aid Man.

Derk the rogue sliced at a giantess' feet with his daggers but could do no more then cut her toes off.She stomped on him to death and ground him into the gravel.

"RAPE THEM!" Yelled RedDick the Butt Pirate, his 20 other Butt pirates started sticking swords into the giantesses' asses.

"Yes, thanks for the help homos..." Said Yuji the Ninja Freedom Fighters leader.

The Ninjas threw shuriken and sliced 3 giantesses to bits but were soon wiped out by the giantess mages fire blast.

Yuji retreated to hang back with Galanoth and Smoke.

"Well my ninja clan is now wiped out thanks to this 'BRILLIANT' plan!" Complained Yuji.

"Oh do shut up and fight with us." Said Galanoth.

RedDick's army of butt pirates was soon sat on, he too retreated to Galanoth, Smoke, and Yuji.

The Easter bunny's army of bunnies (who were very pissed off at having lost their leader) ate all the rest of the giantesses.

There were only two giantesses left...The Leader, and the mage.

The Bunny Co-leader named FooFoo hung back with Galanoth, Smoke, RedDick, and Yuji.

"I PITY THE FOO!" Said Mr.T as he went to the group of leaders and co leaders.

"Yes?" Asked FooFoo.

"not you." Said Smoke.

"Well, Well, Well..." Said the Giantess leader.

The bunnys ate the mage giantess well she wasnt looking.

"What the- Will you cut that out?!" The Giantess leader yelled and she stomped on the bunnies to death where they were sent back to their demon realm.

"So, just a pathetic group of leaders..." Said the Giantess leader.

"And Co-Leader!" Exclaimed FooFoo.

"And Mista T!" Said Mr.T.

"I DON'T CARE!" Said the Giantess leader.

She picked up Mr.T and FooFoo and swallowed them whole.

"What do we do?!" Whispered RedDick nervously.

"We wait..." Said Smoke and Galanoth at the same time.

"For what?" asked Yuji.

A loud stomping noise and roaring noise approached.A huge shadow loomed over everyone...Except the giantess leader of course... as it came into view, the leaders saw it was...GODZILLA!

"For that." Said Galanoth.

"ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Roared Godzilla and he hit the Giantess with his tail.

She fell and got back up.

She kicked Godzilla repeatidly so he could not attack back. but he still managed to. He Breathed fire and lit the giantess leader's arm on fire. Her arm fell off.

"Grrrr. Your gonna regret that." She said, and she grew twice Godzillas size.

She picked him up and threw him back to Tokyo.

"okay now we fight." Said Galanoth.

"ATTACK!" Yelled Smoke.

Galanoth and Smoke grabbed a rope at each end and began to wait for the giantess leader to be distracted.

RedDick jumped up but was caught by her giant hand. She stuffed him into her Bra and he was suffocated.

Yuji cut one of her fingers off with his blade.

She bit him in half and let his legs drop to the ground.

"She's distracted go!" Yelled Galanoth.

They Tied her ankles up and ran so she began to chase them.

She fell to the ground unconcious.

Smoke Stabbed him sword repeatidly into her head...over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over till she stopped breathing.

"WE..............DID.......................IT!!!!!!!!" Yelled Galanoth with happyness. "We've defeated EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN GIANTESS AND SAVED THE WORLD!"

"What about that giantess right behind you?" Asked Smoke


                                         THE END!


Chapter End Notes:
and they all lived happily ever after, i guess.
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