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“Ok, I guess this is the street…” thought Dave, who was now walking on a neighborhood where he had never been before. It was around 1:00 pm, the sky was blue and the sun was shiny, just another sunny day. The main difference is that this is not any other sunny day.

If it wouldīve been just another day, then Dave wouldīve been sleeping, or having “breakfast”. Maybe looking for a job or some friend to hang around with. But no, this time, he had something to do, he didnīt wanted to call it this way, but it was some sort of “date”.

Remember Claire? The statuesque woman that came by the store the other day. Well, she invited him to her place, and obviously he accepted. Being invited to a womanīs house wasnīt something that happened every day. Needless to say, it happened less often when we talked about such an attractive woman.

Dave smiled as he remembered Claire, her smile, her bright blue eyes, how tall she was. He was still curious if he was into tall women or if it was just her. But she was just, too much. She had a killing body, from head to toes. A mesmerizing butt, a slim waist and tits he had only dreamed about, everything in her was big. But he shouldnīt only think on it.

Overall, Claire was a nice woman, sweet and gentle, and whatīs more, she seemed to be as insecure as him. With the major difference that sheīs on the tall side, but more like the gigantic side. They didnīt exactly said how tall they were the other night, but at 5ī3” he wasnīt considered tall nearly anywhere in the world. On the other hand, even if she didnīt mention it, he was sure she must be over 7ī tall.

He kept walking, checking on his phone to see if he was heading in the right direction. She sent him her address last night, and the more he walked, the more he noticed that the houses seemed fancier. Big front yards, painted in bright green, some with bushes and some with colorful flowers. He was he was just a few blocks away, so he thought: “Wow, Claire lives here?”

He kept walking, looking at all of the houses around, they seem from rich people. He was sure he could never afford a place like that. Not with the minimum wage he earns. Eventually, he arrived.

“Well, according to the map, the place Iīm looking for itīs right…” and then he turned to his right, but he couldnīt believe what he was seeing. He had to blink a couple times to process it. All of the houses around seemed to be two-store houses. But this one, it seemed to have three, it was much taller than the others; on top of that, the house seemed wider.

He was amazed, he walked thru the front yard, still wondering if it was the right place, but when he spotted Claireīs big truck parked in front of the garage door, he was sure. He made it all the way to the door, he was really nervous, everything felt so unreal. He noticed one thing; the door was huge! Taller than any door he had seen in a house. It mustīve been around nine feet tall. He was about to knock, but then he spotted the doorbell.

“Of course, thereīs a doorbell you dumb, what? Were you expecting to knock like in any regular house?” he said as he pressed the button. Suddenly, he heard the bell ringing. It made a fancy sound, not the one that he heard inside stores. It was different. “Itīs like the classic music of the doorbells, or something like that…” he thought.

Then, he heard a voice, coming from above: “Coming!” and then he heard footsteps rushing, he could listen to the incredible sound of her enormous body running downstairs. She was heavy, but heīd rather not say that, it will sound very rude. But he didnīt meant she was necessarily fat, with that height and proportions, it was more than logical that sheīd have a greater weight.

Then, the front door sounded as if it was being unlocked. Dave took a step back and prepared for what he was about to witness. He swallowed, and tried to accommodate his hair. “Stop it, sheīs already opening the door…” and then, the door began to open, allowing him to take a glance of the woman who had invited him over.

He was looking straight, but as the crack of the door spread wider, he had to turn his gaze up, and up. Until he met hers. She was pretty, he was delighted by her bright blue eyes. The second she spotted him, she let out a huge smile. And then, she seemed to be full of joy, she couldnīt hold it, so she rapidly stepped forward and snatch Dave into her. Giving him a big hug.

But it didnīt felt like a hug. She was really tall and really strong, without noticing, she had picked him up, his feet were now dangling in the air. He instinctively hugged her too, but he found it hard to think since she was smothering him with her breasts.

“Oh my, Iīm do happy you made it.” She said as she hugged him tight. He could barely hear what she was saying because his head was pinned between her huge cleavage. He couldnīt avoid it, her right hand was placed directly behind his head, pinning him into her soft boobs. He could smell her sweet scent and feel her soft skin.

She was wearing a blouse that with a big boob window in front, showing a nice amount of boob. Underneath, the little he could see before she snatched him up, was that she was wearing some yoga pants, this time, they were black. And he could swear she was on her bare feet.

Eventually, she placed him down, although, he wouldnīt protest if she wouldnīt. He took a deep breath and turned back at her. She smiled, she really seemed happy to have him there. He smiled back, but he couldnīt help to think: “Sheīs too happy to see the random loser she met on the convenience store… is she, that lonely?” He knew it wasnīt the best thought to have, but heīd rather ignore it for now, maybe he was in fact good looking, who knows.

“Would you like to come it?” she said, stepping to a side of the door and pointing at the inside with her hand, as saying: “Welcome”.

“S-sure, thank you… Iīd love to.” He replied.

Once he stepped in, she closed the door. As he entered, he couldnīt help but to notice one thing. First of all, there was no third floor, it was a two-store house, just like the rest, but Claireīs house was much taller. Which seemed logical, her furniture was taller too. It wasnīt mentioned before, but the door knob was in fact at his chest level. There was a couch there, next to a table with a lamp, but this couch was not normal, the seat seemed to stand above his waist level, when it normally is around knee level; well, slightly higher on shorter people like him.

“You donīt know how happy I am to have you here…” Claire said, pulling his attention back to her. “I hope youīre hungry, cause Iīve made a really tasty lasagna, come, Iīll guide you to the kitchen.” She cheerfully said as she walked past him and was now leading him.

He couldnīt help it, but when she walked in front of him, he had to turn at her butt. He saw her wide cheeks swaying from side to side, shaking a little with each step. He swallowed and his heart started beating fast. But it wasnīt only her butt, her wide hips seemed to be swaying too. All above her juicy thighs. It was hard for him not to stare since her butt was almost at his chest level.

He decided to turn, he shouldnīt be ogling at the sweet woman who invited him over, so he turned his gaze at the floor. It didnīt help much, he could see her strong calves flexing with each step, they were so round, so thick. It only made him think of the enormity of this woman; she wasnīt tall and slender, oh no, she was thick and curvy.

“Ok, here we are…” said Claire stopping right in the kitchen. Dave immediately turned up, mostly, trying to avoid being caught staring at her ass.

“Uhmm, cool…” he said, just trying to say something, but he really wasnīt sure what to say, besides, itīs hard to think after focusing all of your attention on a big butt.

“Ok Dave, you can sit right there…” she pointed at the table next to her. “In the meantime, Iīll take the lasagna out of the oven, I really hope you like it.” And with that, she winked at him.

Dave sat on the chair Claire told him. It wasnīt as easy to sit as in any regular chair, this one was taller than the ones he was used to, to begin with, he couldnīt just bent his knees and sit; he had to hop a little to get on it, he even had to use his hands to accommodate himself on the chair, pulling himself into a more comfortable position.

“This woman furnitureīs huge, I mean, the table topīs way higher on my chest than it should…” he thought, and it was true, Claire was a big woman, so she needed big furniture, even the seat on the chair was wider than normal ones, he could fit two of him there and still have some reasonable space.

“Well, I guess when youīve got a big butt…” then, he turned at Claire, who was bending to take out the lasagna from the oven. He swallowed hard when he saw her magnificent glutes in display. They were stretching the fabric of her pants as they were also accentuated by it. He couldnīt believe how big it was. And then, she rose, making the stretched fabric to sink on her butt, he could see the perfect shape of her ass as her pants sank into it, revealing itīs curvy form.

“Ok, time to eat!” Claire said cheerfully as she started turning.

Dave turned, expecting not to be red on the face, but he was wondering, didnīt she took too long to pick that lasagna up? Even the way she bent wasnīt so appropriate for it, maybe she was pushing her butt slightly too much. He was curious, and also, the chair she picked for him gave him a full view of her; she even flexed her glutes a few times. Did she do it on purpose?


He thought he was just overthinking the whole thing, so he resigned on waiting for her to serve the food. Even if he wouldīve wanted to help, he figured out sheīd only tell him she had no problem on doing it on her own; besides, if the dishes where in the top shelve, there was no way for him to reach.

She gave him a slice of lasagna and gave herself one too, and on the side, a generous amount of salad. But Dave couldnīt believe his eyes, the amount of lasagna he got seemed way too much; but when he turned to her plate, he was amazed by seeing she had even a bigger one. Maybe it was true, heīs small and sheīs big.

But as he thought of their height difference, he couldnīt help but to try to imagine her butt as she sat on the chair; just spreading all over the sit as her immense derriere just took over all of the space in it. But he couldnīt just think of her that way, she invited him over to be friends, not so that he could get a better view of her, no matter how luscious her body was.

He set his mind into eating the lasagna. “It smells delicious.” He told her, which wasnīt a lie, it did smell amazing.

“Aww, thank you, I really hope you like it, I put a lot of effort into it. I even searched for some recipes online. Please let me know what you think of it.” She said with a smile as he started digging into it.

When he took the first bite to his mouth, he was delighted, a strong tasty flavor quickly filled his mouth, making his jaw quiver a little. The taste was amazing, the sauce, the meat, everything. She could see his face filled with joy as he ate it, so she decided to eat too.

Dave was shewing when he decided to turn to her and let her know what he thought. But when he turned to her, he just swallowed it all hard. He was now staring at her, more precisely, at her boobs. It seems that she could rest in full her heavy breasts over the table; he lured at them as they seemed to lay still on the table, and yet, they quacked with a single move of her hands.

He didnīt realize, but his tongue started to wet his lips, in desire for Claireīs huge rack. He ignored it, but inside his pants, his member was starting to rise, filling itself with passion and desire. “Well, I see you liked it.” She said, he immediately turned up to her as shivers ran thru his spine.

“FUCK! Did she saw me? Of course she did, weīre just a couple feet away, thereīs no way she didnīt.” he thought as he tried to settle his mind and come up with a clever reply.

He could feel himself blushing, but he still tired to play it cool and said: “Y-yeah, itīs… mmmm, so tasty…” he wasnīt lying, but he felt as if he was. Maybe because he was ogling at her and he was pretending not to.

The rest of lunch was pretty much the same, he ate the lasagna while he couldnīt help but to stare at Claireīs breasts quite much. He couldnīt deny it now, there was a big erection inside his pants, a reason why he feared that sheīd stand up and pass by him, spotting the tent he now had.


After a while, lunch was over. He was barely able to finish up his plate, meanwhile, she even served herself a second plate. He couldnīt believe it, but he knew for sure that all that food went to the right places.

He offered to clean the table, but she told him he was a guest and she should be the one doing so. He accepted, mostly because he didnīt wanted, but also because of Claireīs sheering size. Whenever youīre next to such a towering person, itīs easy to let them be right. But with Claire, he felt as if he wanted to agree with her with everything she said, she was not only tall, but she carried such a vixenous body.

She advised him to wait for her on the couch, that sheīll wash the dishes and meet him there in a couple minutes. He agreed, he made sure not to have such a huge tent on his pants before he got up. Lucky for him, he didnīt. He got up and started walking into the living room, but before he stepped out of the kitchen, he turned, hoping he could help Claire with anything.

When he turned, he could only see her from behind, she was just washing the dishes, but even still he couldnīt deny the sexy thickness of her body. She suited herself with an apron, and the knot on her waist only accentuated the fact that her hips were broad and thick. It was like the perfect frame to make her round butt even more revealing. He even forgot what he was going to say, he just stood there, glaring at her round soft hams.

He enjoyed the view, but he then realized what he was doing, so he turned and walked away. Maybe she was right, he needed to wait for her on the living room, otherwise, heīll end up being caught staring at her like a pervert. So, he walked away and looked for the couch.

But he ignored one thing, Claire was fully aware of it. If he had paid more attention, he could’ve realized something. In front of the sink, there was a window, a pretty big one actually, but asides of giving you a full view of the backyard, with this light and the right angle, the window could be used as a mirror, at least sort of one. While she was soaping the dishes, she heard Dave walking back, and he could listen to him when he stopped.

As he did, she turned her gaze up, trying not to move too much, she set her eyes into the part of the mirror where his reflection was. She let out a smile, his face was priceless, she could see how he subconsciously stared at her in such a dumbfounded way. She was sure that there were some luscious desires beneath all that, but she didnīt mind, in fact, thatīs exactly what she wanted. She kept soaping the same plate all the while he was there, she just thought: “Canīt take the eyes off my tushy, canīt you? But thatīs ok, look all you want… maybe someday, you will do more than just staring.”

Claire was a nice woman; she was kind and polite. But there was something else, even if she was pretty and had such a nice body, the truth is that most men found her intimidating. This is the closest thing to a date sheīs had in years. She set up an account in some dating site, but when his date arrived, he just couldnīt get over the fact of how tall she was. As soon as she opened the door, his eyes went wide, he said he had to get something from his car, and then ran away, leaving poor Claire alone in her entrance.

She resigned and set her mind off from the idea of getting a boyfriend. Thatīs why she started getting out in late night hours. If she could do her shopping when no one else was awake, then she could ignore the fact that most people were shoulder level with her. She will ignore other people in dates and pretend everyoneīs as lonely as her. Thatīs until she met Dave.

She went out so get a snack and then watch a movie, alone. It was a regular thing to do for her nowadays. But she wasnīt expecting to meet Dave. She was already used to the guy who only charged her what she bought and thatīs it, no more questions asked. But Dave, he seemed different.

Thereīs not much guys who are as tall as her, and the oneīs who are, they are always attracted to shorter women; lucky she, right? Thatīs why she gave up in her search for the tall handsome prince she was looking for. She said: “Ok, as long as heīs six feet tall or so…” even if an average height guy came only to her shoulders, sheīll take it. But then, she saw Dave, who is kind of handsome on his own way; although, at his and her height, he falls on the cute side.

She was surprised to meet a new guy working there. She set her mind into something, that day she thought: “Ok, thereīs a small chance to get a friend here… he didnīt jump when you came in so heīs not so scared of you… if youīre nice and donīt freak him out, maybe, just maybe, he… god, why am I so weird?” she felt as if she already liked him, even if she hadnīt met him before, but she still got her own insecurities.

Itīs true that heīs not as tall as she said, but she figured out that at her height sheīll dwarf any man, so why not giving Dave a chance? Thatīs why she decided to be friends with him, and also, she could notice how he was constantly looking at her, so she figured out he already had a certain interest in her.


“Ok, here we go…” she said as she finished with the dishes, and then she had an idea. She pulled one of the cabinets doors and took something out of it, she smiled and walked into the living room, to meet him. “Time to meet my date… I mean, DAVE, time to meet Dave.” She corrected.

She walked out, slowly, but still some of her flesh swayed with grace with every stride. Then, she spotted him. He was standing in front of a painting she had on her living room, it was just a random thing, but it gave the room more color. She slowly walked to him, to surprise him.

He was just looking at the painting thinking: “What is it?” and then he could feel Claireīs immense presence standing next to him. He turned, but only to sink his face in one of her huge boobs. He froze, and then she said: “Wanna grab one?”

His eyes widened in shock, he stepped back, did she actually say that? He wasnīt sure. He turned up at her and she repeated, with a kind smile and her eyes semi closed: “Are you ok? I said if you wanted one of these, theyīre chocolates.” Then she pointed at the box she was carrying.

He just smiled and nervously said: “Oh, heh, sure, Iīll take one.”

“Take as much as you want, thereīs plenty.” She replied smiling.

Dave wasnīt sure why he came, the mere presence of her made him feel nervous, and luscious, a really bad combination. On the other hand, Claire was really happy to have some company, and Dave seemed like a really nice guy. Each of them had her own thoughts on what will happen next, but for that, only time will tell.




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