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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey guys! Been a long time! I abandoned my other 2 stories because the first one stalled when the other guy writing it moved on and the second one was made into an interactive on Writing.com instead.

With that in mind, I've decided to do fanfic-based giantess/tiny story requests for you guys as a way to get back on track! This first one is for Malethor! Hope you guys like it!
"I can't believe this is happening. How the heck did Mysterio know how to use that amulet?!"

Moments ago, Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, was fighting off Mysterio, who had stolen a magical amulet from Doctor Strange's sanctum santorum. Now, here his was, shrunken to an inch tall and watching as the master of illusions fled, cackling all the while. Not really the web-head's finest moment, True Believers.

"Well, great", Peter said to himself. "This is not how I expected my day to go. Good thing my costume and web-shooters shrunk with me. I need to find someone who might be able to help me." With that, he jumped off the football statium-sized rooftop and began to swing his way around New York.

At his size, it felt like hours making his way from one end of the city to the next. All Peter could do was dodge bus-sized pigeons, monolithic pedestrians passing by on the streets whenever he dipped too low, and other such obstacles that made traversing a problem. And for a while, there wasn't another hero to be seen! It would seem like Peter would have to be forced to go to the Baxter Building later and see if Reed Richards could help him out.

Just then, luck was on Peter's side. Swinging by him and landing on a rooftop was another hero in a similar costume to his, only this one was a white and black costume with pink spider-webbings on it and a white and pink hood. It was his girlfriend and partner Gwen Stacy aka Ghost Spider (or Spider-Gwen to some privately)! Gwen removed her mask to cool off a bit as she looked down and saw Mysterio being apprehended by police, all the while another similarly-outfitted hero in a red and black outfit stood by holding the stolen amulet.

"Glad to see Miles take care of Mysterio on his own," Gwen mused aloud to herself. "Now where did Peter run off to?"

Seeing his chance, Peter swung by Gwen's face and tried to call out. "GWEN! IT'S ME, PETER! MYSTERIO SHRUNK ME AND I NEED YOUR HELP!" Unfortunately, he picked the worst possible time to do this, as Gwen stretched back and yawned deeply, her mouth open wide and the sound drowning out Peter's calls. Peter found himself sucked into her mouth and towards her throat. Thinking fast, Peter shot a line of webbing towards Gwen's uvula and snagged on just in time, leaving him dangling over his girlfriend's throat.

"GWEN! PLEASE DON'T SWALLOW ME!" Peter called out, but it was in vain. The dangling organ was too slippery for the webbing to hold onto and it detached, sending Peter falling into Gwen's throat.


Gwen swallowed hard as she felt something enter her throat. "Ugh, oh man what was that?" she pondered. "I must've swallowed a bug or something. Oh well, back on patrol for a bit before going home!" With that, Gwen put her mask back on and hood back up, unaware of her tiny boyfriend making his way down to her stomach......
Chapter End Notes:
I'll try and make the next few chapters a bit longer, I promise. This is just me getting back into the groove. Please leave your reviews and comments! If you guys have any story requests of me, shoot me a message!
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