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Heīs just standing there, listening to the sound of the big woman approaching. He can sense the vibrations the gigantic woman emits when each of her feet are placed on the ground. One step at a time. Heīs just standing there, quietly accepting his faith.

“Why… why me?” he thought as the woman is just a couple feet away from him. He could feel his heart beating, loud and strong, making it feel like forever. “Ok Mathew, think straight… fuck, why canīt I move? Ok ok, now, she doesnīt necessarily need to snatch you up and take you with her… maybe my wallet fell… or maybe she knows me from somewhere…” he tried to sooth himself as the woman was now standing behind him.

“Shit, I just hope sheīs the kind type.” That was his last thought as he closed his eyes. Meanwhile, the woman was sure he was terrified, so she walked past by him and now she was standing right in front of him. Looming at him from above.

“Itīs ok… donīt be scared” she declared with a sweet tone. “I wonīt hurt you.”

Could he believe her? Or could this be some sort of trap. Either way, he felt very unsafe.

“Come on, open your eyes, I just wanna talk.” She added.

Matt did as she said, slowly, he opened his eyes just to find a pair of really long legs in front of him, he was sure her waist was still high above his head, so he turned up, and up, until he met her gaze.

The woman smiled, she seemed nice, she was pretty and was wearing a bouffant yellow dress. Her hair was short by the way. She was looking at him with her big bright eyes. He wasnīt really sure which shade of brown they were, it was really dark outside. He settled a bit and then smiled back.

“Hi…” she said waving at him.

“H-hi.” He replied. As she let out a small laugh due to his shyness and the fear he was showing.

“You know…” she continued, “itīs not quite a great idea for a single man to wander the streets at this hour, itīs dangerous.” She said as if she was lecturing him.

He stood there, but then he realized, how does she know he was single? He let out a suspicious look as he looked at her. He said: “H-how do you…”

“How do I know youīre single, pretty easy, I was at the bar with some friends, and sorry but, I overheard a little of your conversation with the bar lady.” She admitted.

“Oh… I see.” He said, he wasnīt sure what her intentions were, but as he was thinking, she bent down.

“Listen…” she started as she placed a hand on his shoulder, even this way, Mattīs head was about boob level with her, boobs that seemed the size of enormous watermelons. “you seem cute, and I wouldnīt like something bad happening to a cute man like you, thatīs why I followed you… I know you said you could go on your own, but Iīm not really sure about that, now, my offer for you is that you can allow me to escort you to your, ehm, unit, okay?” she said with pure intentions.

Matt realized she meant no harm, but he was still not sure why she was doing this, but he could allow her, besides, if she meant to harm him, she wouldīve already done that. “O… okey” he replied pushing his luck.

“Very well.” She said as she clapped with her hands, she seemed really excited. “Now, letīs go… oh, Iīm Mindy by the way” she added introducing herself.

“Nice to meet you… Mindy, Iīm Matt.” He replied as a gentleman.

“Nice to meet you, cute Matt.” She said, leaving him with a question, why cute?


They walked maybe half a block, a block in the definition of todayīs women measures, which is like 4 whole blocks for a man. Mindy turned and said: “Listen… I donīt think this is gonna work… I mean, you walk a bit slow…” she said.

Matt was confused, did she meant she was going to leave him alone? And then, she spoke.

“But… maybe, if you, you know, allow me to carry you… thatīll be easier.” She said as she looked at the sky. Of course she wanted to carry him, she followed him to look for him, called him cute, for Matt it was more than obvious, she was one of those maternal ladies.

He sighed and said: “Sure…” then he rose his arms at her, “why not?” he added not really looking for it.

“Aww, sweet!” she said as she bent down and picked him up within a second. She was really looking forward to it. “Oh my, youīre really light.” She added.

She carried him to his unit for a while, they were half way there when she started carrying him. She asked him for directions every now and then, and finally, they arrived. It was like a hotel, a normal sized one.

“Ok, here we are…” said Matt who was now being carried on her lap.

“Very well.” Added Mindy.

“Ok… I think you can put me down now.”

“Oops, sorry hehe, I forgot.” She said as she placed him on the ground.

“Well, ehm, thank you for, you know, keeping me company.” He said looking up to the gigantic woman, Mindy must be around sixteen feet tall, he barely clears her knee.

“You mean keeping you safe?” she asked smiling.

“Yeah, thank you for that…” he said as he looked somewhere else while scratching the back of his head.

Then, he heard the sound of a camera shooting a photo, and the light of a flash covered him. He turned at her. Mindy was holding her phone as she seemed to be busy with it. Was she going to post it on her social media, keep the picture for herself? He wasnīt sure.

“Oh, haha, I hope you donīt mind, I took a picture of you… sorry.” She said.

“Ok… no problem, uhm, goodnight, Mindy. Iīll… Iīll get to bed.” He said walking away. She seemed nice, but the whole picture thing kind of freaked him out.

“Goodnight to you too, Mattie…” she replied. “Oh, and donīt forget to shower.” She said as she waved at him.


He entered his unit, and once the door was closed, he said: “What was that?” he hasnīt been single in years, and he had already forgotten what it felt like. Besides, this is the first time someone takes a picture of him. He was curious what her reasons were, treasure the moment? Tell her friends having some evidence? A list of “Guys Iīve escorted”? It was all so odd, and at this time, normal, for women.

He watched out thru the window, pulling the curtain slightly to the side just to allow his right eye to peer outside. She was still there, texting or something. The light of her phone screen covered her face, revealing a really big smile. He was curious whether she will knock or something, but she couldnīt get inside his unit.

Turns out, units are like menīs refugees. Legally, no woman can step inside. Itīs a way to give men a place to shelter when theyīre single, so that they donīt have to run every single time they spot a woman. Men can either stay there waiting for a date, or wait for a couple to be assigned to them. But staying there all day is really boring.

Another reason why women canīt get in is mainly because, some of them donīt fit. Units are designed based on menīs proportions, doors are not taller than six foot tall, and the ceilings are around seven feet tall. Nowadays, men donīt need anything higher. Each unit has a bathroom, main room, a living room and a kitchen, although the kitchen and living room are on the same big room.

Units have two doors, one leading to the outside, the one Matt used to enter; and another door, next to the kitchen, that oneīs in case men would like to enter the main building. They are designed that way in case a manīs running from a woman and wants to rush to the door; the second door makes it possible for men to enter without having to step out of their units. Once a manīs three feet away from the door, whatever woman can snatch him up as a bag of ships from the super market. As easy as that.


Matt laid in bed, tired, it was almost midnight and he had a long day tomorrow, he set his mind into looking for dates. He thought he could have some breakfast and then browse thru womenīs profiles. He unlocked his phone just to check on the app, and then, he saw a request.

It was dark, but you could see the intrigue on his face due to the screenīs light, “What? Already?” it was true that the moment a manīs single, their profiles are open for every woman to send a date request; although, he still has until tomorrow at noon for the countdown to start. Setting profiles this way itīs just for men to have more time and for women to have an accurate look on the “market”.

He clicked on the request, and then, it displayed the profile, with the message attached, he was surprised to find out whose profile it was, but he saw it coming. The message said: “Hey there, I hope Iīm the first one.” He read the name just to confirm his thoughts, it was Mindyīs profile.

Turns out, you can search for a man with a picture, a single picture will display this manīs profile. Allowing everyone to see whether theyīre single, dating or in a relationship. Also, you can check on their heights, age, birthday, among other things.

“Oh my, what… what should I do?” he wasnīt sure whether to accept or decline the offer. She was pretty, thatīs for sure, but he was not into the maternal womenīs type. Asides of being very authoritative sometimes, they have really weird requests. “Nope, thank you but no…” he said as he already visualized himself trying to tell Mindy he wonīt sit on a high chair. He was about to click on “DENY” when he suddenly had second thoughts.

“Ok, letīs… letīs keep it there, just in case.” He didnīt have to accept or deny right now, he could wait. Have her there as an option. He left the request as it was, then closed the app and place his phone on the nightīs table. He covered himself with the sheets and closed his eyes, preparing for the next day.


After a while, while he was sleeping, his phone began to buzz, alerting him of the new notifications, turns out that, while he was sleeping, he received three more requests. It seems like finding someone to date was not so hard after all. Much less for someone good looking like Matt. The only question is, whoīs requests are those?


Matt woke up by 9 am, he didnīt have a job since his exī made it clear she wanted a house boyfriend, and that she will make all the money. The annoying part was the fact that she said things like: “I donīt wanna live on the pennies youīll make” or “Job? YOU? Hahahaha, you know men are not hired so easy, and you have no references so… NO”. It was mean, but she was right, men had small jobs now a days, the most he could achieve was as a personal assistant for some CEO or company owner. But those jobs came with not work-related tasks. Most likely, heīd be a personal foot massager.

After he woke up, he headed to the bathroom, and once he was done there, he grabbed his phone. “Letīs see, what do we have here…” he said ready to look for a profile or two before breakfast. But what he wasnīt expecting was to see new requests. “What?” he thought.

He clicked on the first request, the message said: “Wanna be mine?” but he immediately clicked deny after looking at the picture, he didnīt even read the name. Her photo showed a woman flexing her huge bicep, ripped as hell.

“Oh no, nah ah, not in a million years, Iīd rather use a bib than being manhandled by her… what, did she break his last boyfriend?” he wondered passing to the next request.

“Hmmm, she seems nice…” he though looking at the picture first. He could see a young woman, big brown eyes, long hair, and boobs. Matt liked boobs, and he liked them big. This woman, whose name was Betty, had a huge rack. “Oh yeah, she seems nice” then he read her message, which said:

“Hi there, handsome, wanna date?”

The message seemed good enough for him, normal, flirty, and over all simple. He accepted the request, but he wasnīt sure when to date, if this same day or tomorrow, so he allowed her to decide. He couldīve accepted and set a time and day for it, but he wasnīt sure, so he sent it, letting her choose.

Then, he clicked on the last one, he read the message: “Hey there baby, wanna meet mommy?” He immediately declined.

Matt wanted to be a man, be free; or as free as he could. Thatīs why he denied all of the maternal aspects of todayīs society. He couldnīt be a man if a woman constantly carries him everywhere, much less if heīs dressed by one of these mom-ladies.

This was mostly because he wanted to prove that men were capable, he was underestimated every single day by his exī, he hated it. Things like “Iīll do it.”, “Itīs womenīs job.” Or simple questions like “Who will do it, you?” for her, men were like accessories, a womanīs got a boyfriend just to have one. Thatīs what she said and thatīs what she thought.

But Matt knew there were some other things other than “standards”, things like love, sharing your time with someone who values it, rather than just having sex. He didnīt mind it, but it wasnīt his main goal.


Time flew by, he showered and then went outside for a walk, it was noon already, so the countdown starts. The good thing is that his phone had a chronometer, started by the same app, so he can check the exact time heīs got left. He walked away, into downtown. He could meet someone there, and then ask for their profile and stablish a date as it used to be. And since it was the middle of the day, there will be less chances for him to be abducted by some women. It hasnīt happen in weeks, but what are the odds.

He eventually made it downtown, he passed thru clothes stores, some fancy restaurants, and now, a construction in work. “HEY!!!” he heard from the other side of the street.

He turned, then he saw a blonde woman working on the construction. She had long blonde hair, some broken denim jeans and a white tee, that mostly, only covered her boobs, allowing her stomach to be displayed. She didnīt have such a lean figure, she fell on the curvy side, but still with a great shape.

She yelled again: “Come here!”

Matt blinked, then he pointed at himself saying: “Me?”

“Yes YOU” said the woman. “COME!”

He wasnīt expecting to be the one they were calling. But he had no clue on what to do, so he just followed her instructions. He crossed the street and walked all the way over there, as soon as he arrived, the woman told the other workers:

“Hahaha, I canīt believe it, he came!” she said as she walked closer to the fence where he stopped.

He received a lot of comments form the other women, of over twenty people working there, only five seemed to notice him, and from those five, three said: “Hiiii”, “Oh my, I could eat him up.” And “Just be careful Tracy, you know youīre not very good with men.”

“Pfff, nonsense, Iīm GREAT with men.” Said the blonde woman who was approaching to Matt. Apparently, her name was Tracy.

Matt didnīt know what to do, but he was already standing right in front of this woman, looking straight into her swollen thighs, maybe she was around fourteen feet tall. He swallowed and said: “H-hi” as he looked up to the womanīs face.

“Hey there, what are you doing so lonely in the streets?” she asked.

“Well, I… you know…” he had no idea what to say, could he make an excuse and say he was walking to a date? Or pretend heīs not single?

“I know the answer, but I still want to ask, are you single?” she said leaning at him with a look that said she certainly knew.

Matt swallowed, what should he say? Yes? No? He had gotten himself into a dilemma, and t think that he could pretend he didnīt listen and kept walking. “I… I…” he started as the big woman got closer to listen to his answer, but suddenly.

“Tracy! Get back to work, you can do as you please at your lunch time, but now get your ass up there!” said another woman.

Matt turned, and he saw an older woman, maybe the one in charge. She was taller, around fifteen feet tall, and Tracy just followed her instructions saying: “Sure boss…” then she turned and winked at Matt.

He felt relieved, but that feeling was washed away when the older woman said: “And you!” he turned, feeling fret as the woman approached and was now standing right in front of him, she kneeled and said:

“If you donīt want anyone to know youīre single, then donīt listen to a random womanīs orders.” It felt like a lecture, but with some good intentions behind it.

“Why are you single men so obvious, whenever youīre single you seem to be driven by whoever woman calls for you, no no no. Now, keep walking, ok? And be careful.”

Matt just nodded and thanked her. Then he rushed, leaving the construction behind, but he could still hear a comment: “Hey! Donīt leave so soon, weīre almost at lunch time!” He didnīt dare to look back, he just kept walking straight.


The more he walked, the crowded it felt. Whereas before he spotted a woman or two on the streets now, he was surrounded by them. It was like walking in a forest, the difference was that the trees were womenīs long legs. All of them just passing him by. Lucky for him, they didnīt seem to notice he was single.

He had never noticed it before, but men seem to be carried in different ways by women. For example, thereīs the usual men jogging behind his girlfriendīs long legs, trying to keep up with her long steps. Thereīs also a man being carried by a woman, that seems kind of tender. Another couple where the manīs holding the womanīs hand. And then… “No, is that… a leash?” A woman was walking a couple steps ahead of a man, but this man was wearing a leash, like a dog.

“Fuck! How come I didnīt see this before?” He wasnīt aware of how women treat men these days. Pretty much because on his last relationship, she told him that sheīll be his everything, and that all of his attention should be focused in her. He thought she was the jealous type, but it seems as if she just wanted to stablish some sort of domain on him.

He was just walking, with nowhere to go, he figured out that if he kept walking, eventually a woman will figure out heīs just wandering around. He didnīt want to be followed by some gigantic woman, what if she takes him to an alley and… thereīs a ton of possible scenarios for him. In some he found himself unconscious while he was driven into her lair. In others, well, pretty much a forced date.

“Maybe I should stop right here…” he thought as he approached a bus stop. He had to climb into the bench, which was leveled with his stomach. Maybe he could waste some time there, and eventually, when he was hungry, walk into a random restaurant.

He stayed there, watching women walking on the other side of the street. Some taller than others, some with heels, some with flats. He lured at the bouncing breasts of some of them and at the swaying ass of others. He was just enjoying the show. It felt like they were modeling. Just giving powerful steps as they passed him by. He liked it.

Then, a woman sat next to him. He freaked out. He could see her thick thighs right next to him. He was waiting for a comment, a greet, anything. But it didnīt happen. Then, another woman stood next to him, he craned his neck to look at her, her long hair was being blown away by the wind, but she seemed to be too busy on her phone to spot him. Then another woman arrived, and another, another one with a man.

He was currently on a crowded bus stop, he wasnīt sure whether to walk away or stay there. What could he do? What if any of them follows him? He was considering his options. He turned everywhere, and eventually, he spotted something on the horizon, a bus. It was time to decide, will he get in or stay there. The question is, how many buses will stop there?

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