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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hereīs chapter 1, I really hope you like it. And do not be afraid of leaving a comment :D

Chapter 1

Privacy, serenity, maybe relief? Those are common feelings to have when youīre alone on the restroom. Just there, getting things done, even if thereīs not much concentration needed, itīs really unpleasant when someone interrupts you.


In this case, thereīs a man on the restroom, but his privacy has been interrupted by the strong knocking on the door, which came together with some words, words spoken by a womanīs voice.

“Come on! What are you doing there?” She said.

“Hey!” he replied to the very familiar voice. “What are you doing HERE?! You shouldnīt.” he sounded sort of pissed.

“Come on, relax, itīs ok, as long as itīs an “emergency”, you know itīs fine.” Replied the womanīs voice as if it wasnīt a big deal that she was inside the manīs restroom. More precisely, a restroom inside a bar, quite a fancy one to be honest.

It seemed as if she wanted him to get out fast, maybe she needed him? Or could it be that she was suspicious that he was doing something else inside? Anyways, the man was looking at the floor, just staring at the womanīs shadow, a woman who was his girlfriend, he couldnīt see over the tall restroomīs door, and neither could she.

“Hurry…” she said, “Youīve been here like forever now.”

“Hey! Itīs been like FIVE minutes, besides, you know I sometimes take a while when Iīm on the throne, just… leave me alone!” he yelled demanding some intimacy.

“I donīt care! Iīll stay here with you for as long as I want until you decide to come out.” She declared.

“Ugh, youīre just… fine, give me a minute.” He gave up, he knew better that she was very persistent and she will do what she said. Having her outside will make it really uncomfortable for him, and for any other guy who decides to come in.

“Ok.” She replied feeling good with herself, once again she had made him do as she said.

A minute later, the guy opened the restroomīs door just to meet his girlfriendīs legs. Tall thick pillars of flesh were already standing in front of him, he wasnīt even waist level with her; but neither knee level, he was in her mid-thigh level.

The woman was wearing a pair of tiny shorts, tiny for her, and a long-sleeved blouse. She had her hands on her hips and as she bent down a little to look at his boyfriend, she said: “Well, it was about time, what were you doing in there anyways?” she asked.

The guy looked up to her as he said: “N-nothing, what could I possibly be doing there? Asideīs of whatīs obvious…” he replied with sour anger.

“I donīt know… maybe looking at some other girls on your phone? Perhaps, you wanna date someone else, donīt you?” said the woman with a suspicious look on her face.

“Wha… thatīs not… youīre just making up stuff!” he added feeling mad.

The woman extender her hand towards him and said: “Ok then, show me your phone” she said pulling her fingers in and out, making it obvious that she was serious.

“What?! Come on, donīt you trust me?” he said aggravated.

“I do, but if you got nothing to hide, then hand ME YOUR phone.” She said as if it was the end of it.

“Youīre just being ridiculous” he said as he turned away and crossed his arms over his chest.

The woman let out a sigh of disbelief, but then, she frowned and did the only thing that came up to her mind in that moment of anger, she bent down and reached for him with her arms. He wasnīt looking so he didnīt realized until it was too late.

Seconds later, she stepped out of the restroom, carrying the man sideways on her side, not like youīd carry a person, more like, how youīll carry a rug. The guy was squirming trying to get out, but she was too strong.

“Shhh, stay still!” she commanded, “when we get home, youīll be in SO MUCH trouble. And even if you donīt want to, Iīll check on you phone, just pray that I donīt find what Iīm thinking…” she said as she walked thru the bar, the check was already paid so she just left to do with the little man as she pleased, no one objected, it was now very common.


On the other side of the bar, passed the restroomīs door and all the tables, there was a man sitting on a stool, right in front of the bar (although it sounds redundant).

“Wow, did you see it?” he asked the bartender.

“Yeah, it seemed really embarrassing for the poor little guy.” She declared as she was drying one of the mugs with a dishcloth.

“It sure was…” he said with some concern, nowadays, that could happen to anyone, but he had his own problems, so he couldnīt focus too much on other peopleīs lives right now.

“Ok honey, what were you telling me before… well, you know.” She said pointing at the event that was still very fresh on their minds.

“Oh right, well I… Iīm single.” He declared.

The woman rose her eyebrows in disbelief and said: “So, did you and Tanya…?”

“Yes.” He said as he closed his eyes and nodded.

“Awww, and how are you feeling?” she said as she put the mug down and placed her hand on his shoulder, she was being empathetic, proving him, she was there.

 “Iīm fine, I mean, it was pretty much over, she was just… she just wanted to diminish me the whole time. And I got tired of that.” He said frowning at the counter top.

The woman just rubbed his shoulder with her fingers, trying to tell him it was alright. But she needed to be really careful, because her hand was too big, applying too much force could turn the tenderness of the moment into a rough shoulder massage.


Letīs talk a little more about the deal here. Now, timeīs have changed. Since a couple generations ago, women had started to grow taller than men, and not just taller, gigantic. When it all began, women were growing up to the height of an average man, not much of a deal; as time went by, they started outgrowing men. Womenīs average height increased dramatically in a couple decades, in the impressive beginning, the average height for a woman was 7ī tall, and weīre not talking about the oneīs on the tall side.

As women were getting taller, men just seemed to be left behind on it, in fact, they were growing much less than they used to, lucky for them, the change wasnīt as impressive as it was with women. Menīs average height lost a few inches over time, then it reached a foot less and then… then we have the present time.

Needless to say, as time went by, women also grew larger. Men were about shoulder level with women; then, boob level; after a couple decades, a manīs head was standing at the same height as a womanīs navel. It just kept going and going that way, no one was sure why it happened, maybe evolution? Some sort of chemical? No one had a clue. The only one thing for sure was that things changed, a lot!

Instead of a big man robbing some poor lady on a dark alley, now women were teasing men there, with just one thing in mind, getting laid. As women were growing taller, so were their desires for men, their lust driven brains were just too weak to resist it. So there had to be some rules applied to it.

In the beginning, they were not very sure how to deal with it, some fines were stablished; for some, prison was even a reality. But over the years, they had found the perfect solution, at least the best there was. Together with a whole bunch of new rules and laws, they made an app.

The app is supposed to stablish the relationship in which you are, and with who you are. Like changing your social media status to show everyone youīre in a relationship. That way, women could know which men were dating and who were single. Pretty much, it was a way to control everyone, which helped with the first rule: “No woman can try anything with a man whoīs already in a relationship with another woman, else, youīd be sentenced to…” and so on.

It seemed sort of safe for men. By that time, waist level was something only “tall” man could say. So, it gave them some security. The only question was. Who to date? You only needed to find a girlfriend, or you could get married, but a simple engagement was enough.

Having a girlfriend could set that, as a man, no matter where you are or when, no woman can lay hands on you. It made men feel safe from the enormous women that were around. Not all of them were crazy sex addicts, women were still respectful and acted just as they always did, but it was those other women who had selfish and immoral ideas who terrified most of men. No one would like to be walking next to an alley when a pair of big hands just snatch you up and make you submiss at their will.

As for today, there were a lot of changes, some were very convenient for men, and some, well… not that much. Since over 95% of people who dictate the laws and rules were women, there just wasnīt enough space for men to decide what goes and what doesnīt. Itīs not that the rules are bad or made orientated towards women, but, thereīs some things that just didnīt felt right. For example, letīs talk about the restroom scene.

In that case, she was just being paranoic, she thought he was searching for other womenīs profiles to finish his relationship with her. But when she said she could be there because it was an “emergency” she wasnīt lying. A few decades ago, there was a rule that allowed women to be with their men anytime anywhere, as long as it was a life-or-death situation. Needless to say, some women abuse it, as well as some men. In a way, it meant you could skip work, leave a meeting, or for some, it meant you could invade someoneīs privacy. And it was totally allowed.

But what else could be done, the last decade, the average in height changed, not as much as it did in the beginning, but now, things were this way: A manīs average had gone all the way down to 4ī10”, some men didnīt even reach 4ī, but it was normal nowadays. As for women, well, the average for a woman was 14ī6”, needless to say, some women are waaaay over the average. Some are not, but today, the shortest woman you can find, which is a noticeable difference, itīs on the 12ī field.

Things have changed, for good or for bad, but currently, society seems to work that way. Itīs true that some women are mean and always try to make men feel smaller or underestimated, but some other are kind and treat them as equals, even though they canīt reach most of the things. But, thereīs a lot of shades in it, for example, on the sadistic womanīs side, some of them are quite gentle, and even if they have their “needs”, they will ask the man if heīs comfortable with it. As for kind women, thereīs an extreme where women treat men as, well, theirs; their maternal side shows up and they can go all the way to breastfeed a man.


Returning to the guy on the counter, whoīs name is Matt by the way, heīs sort of alarmed because he has ended up his relationship with his now ex, Tanya. But cutting her off itīs not the big deal, the deal is that if he doesnīt find a new girlfriend during the next seven days, then heīll get assigned one. And that person could be anyone.

“Thank you, Zoey” he said to the barwoman.

“Youīre welcome honey” she said with a sweet voice.

Speaking a bit more about Matt, we can begin by saying that at 5ī heīs on the tall side of men. Heīs quite good looking so getting a new girlfriend shouldnīt be a big deal, his hairīs dark brown and his eyes are blue. Heīs got a slim athletic complexion and heīs self-ensured, most of the time.

Heīs been friends with Zoey since he frequents the bar. Zoeyīs not just the barwoman, sheīs also the owner of the bar, and other two of the same franchise. Sheīs on the tall side too, for a woman, sheīs 18ī2”, not the tallest there is, but fairly close. Sheīs a tall, blonde-haired woman, whoīs bodyīs well, as much of women nowadays, breathtaking. Her legs are thick and obviously long. Her buttīs, round and firm, and her boobs, theyīre something else. Every now and then, Matt takes a peek at them, he canīt help it, they bounce as she serves some drinks or sprey as she bends on the top of the counter.

Overall, Zoeyīs quite a nice woman, she always treats Matt with respect and listens to him, they have a really nice friendship. Even if heīs a bit young for her. Mattīs just turned 25, while Zoeyīs already 37, although she looks as young as he does, and her bright hazelnut eyes are captivating. She always gives him advice when she can, and he really appreciates how sweet she is, but she seems to be that way with everyone. Overall, a nice woman.


“And… sorry to ask but, when did you broke up?” she asked kind of concerned.

“Today. Before noon.” He replied.

“Ok so… you still have a couple hours before the countdown starts, do you have a plan?” she asked.

It was really common for men to have a plan before breaking up with a woman. They could already have another woman interested in them, or a scheduled request. Breaking up with someoneīs not the same these days.

“No…” he replied mildly. He just broke up with Tanya because he was sick of the way she treated him, always letting him know he was inferior and weak. He couldnīt take it anymore.

“Oh, I see. Did you already moved out of her place?” she asked not very sure if it was the best question to make.

“Yes, I already moved into a unit.” Nowadays, men lived with women, not the other way around. When youīre in a relationship with a woman, you move into her house and live with her. All houses and other buildings are adjusted for womenīs size, which means, a regular wallīs around four times the size they used to. For women, things size hasnīt change that much, but for men, it was like living in a land made for giantesses.

When Matt said he already moved out into a unit, he meant that when men are left or single, they move into a small unit complex, everythingīs “manīs size” there. Doors, the ceiling, all things are made thinking on menīs height, to provide them with much more comfort. Besides, with no women to help them, they wouldnīt be able to sit on the table. Thatīs why things are that way.

Zoey was worried, if he was single, it meant that now, any woman could lay hands on him. She didnīt like the idea that heīd be so vulnerable for the next days. “Matt, would you like me to drive you home? I mean, thereīs a lot of customers so I canīt leave right now, but Iīll close in a few hours…”

“No, I… I appreciate it, but itīs ok, you donīt need to worry that much.” He smiled at her, she was kind and thoughtful. “Besides, my unit complexīs close by, it shouldnīt be more than a 10-minute walk. 10 for men, 2 for women.

“Are you sure?” she asked rising her eyebrows. She didnīt mind, and sheīd rather make sure he was safe and sound.

“Totally” he replied.

“Fine, but be careful, ok, you know itīs already dark outside, and now youīre…” she made a pause and lowered her voice to say: “single.”

“I will, donīt worry that much, I can take care of myself you know” he said trying to sound confident.

“Ok…” Zoey replied, thatīs not what she wanted to hear, but he was a grown man, so he could do what he wanted, with itīs obvious limits of course. “Can I give you anything else honey?” she asked as a mere courtesy.

“Oh well, now that you ask it… can I have…” he asked for a sweet flavored drink, quite soft since men could no longer digest alcohol as they did.

“Sure… oh, we ran out of small glasses, can I give you a regular glass?” she asked, small glasses were for men, and well, the others…

Matt nodded and before he knew it, he was facing a glass the size of a bucket in front of him. And it was a small womenīs glass. The liquid in it was only at the bottom, since Zoey knew he couldnīt drink much. He had to use both hands to lift the glass and pour the liquid on his mouth.

“Thank you.” He said.

“Youīre welcome sweetheart.” Replied Zoey smiling.


After a while, Matt left the bar, he had to get home, midnight was close, and he knew that at that time, crazy women come out looking for lonely men. Maybe it was just a rumor, but heīd rather not find out, currently, it was 11:00 pm. He walked down the wide sidewalks on the big streets. There wasnīt much people around, but it must be because itīs Monday.

He kept thinking; how could he get into a new relationship? His past relationship had lasted years. But thatīs the usual. When a man turns 21, he has to have a girlfriend. The app must be installed on your phone roughly a week before your twenty-first birthday, or else, youīll receive the visit of a woman from an agency whoīll install it for you. Itīs not a big deal, but itīs really embarrassing.

“Ok, letīs… letīs think on something, my profile already shows Iīm single, thatīs for sure, itīs only a matter of time before I receive a date request.” He thought, nowadays, itīs true that you have a week to meet your new girlfriend, but that doesnīt mean you have to be with the first one you date.

If heīs given a week, that means he can date as much women as he like and then decide who he will stay with. Needless to say, thatīs mutual, she has to agree with it too; itīs really easy, heīll send the relationship request after they had their date, and then sheīll agree or deny it. Pretty simple, whoever sends a request has to wait for the other person to accept it, and they cannot force them to accept (which applies mostly to women), or else, theyīll be penalized with five years of prison and their profiles will be blocked for life.

Right now, Mattīs got two choices, he can wait for someoneīs request or send his own to single women. Quite easy, the only problem is that heīll have to wait for their replies, and timeīs not his friend right now. By tomorrow, at noon, the seven-day countdown begins. And if he doesnīt find anyone, well, it will be bad.

Being in a relationshipīs not that simple, for once, if he already started one, he canīt end it up just like that, both of them have to agree thru the app, or else, he or she will have to send a request and wait until itīs approved or denied by a reviewer; or they can appeal in some sort of jury.

He keeps walking, itīs been a minute now, but it feels like forever. Being singleīs not that easy for a man, if he had a date scheduled, then itīll be a little easier. Heīll be sort of off the limits, but now, he wasnīt.

As he kept walking, he canīt help but to feel heīs been followed. “Oh no.” he thinks as heīs too scared to look back. He knows itīs a woman because the presence he feels is a big one.

He has no idea what to do, he speeds up his pace, but thatīs useless. Thereīs no way he can leave a woman behind, they got legs taller than him. His heart beats faster as he tries to escape, but then, a voice comes from behind and says:

“Hi there…” as he thought, itīs a womanīs voice. Matt stops instantly, but he canīt turn back. Right now, heīs scared, frozen right where he is, fearing what will come next.


Chapter End Notes:

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