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A Fun Night Between Two Lovers (And a Couple Thousand More)

The two girls stumbled through the doorway, giggling as they went along. After a few drinks at a night out with their friends, Kayla and Chloe were quite excited to finally be home at their apartment.

“God, I’m praying for Rosa after tonight. Did you see how much she had? I swear, it’s like we have to kept.. keep an eye on her” Kayla’s speech wasn’t exactly as fine tuned as she wanted it to be, but that’s what one expects after the amount of drinks she had consumed.

She was beginning to follow up when Chloe surprised her and pushed her against the wall. With both hands around her, Chloe proceeded to press her lips against Kayla’s, giving her a quick peck,

“You are… so fucking irresistable…” 

Chloe stared lovingly at Kayla. Chloe never thought she would be able to score a girl like Kayla, as she’d always been the type that Chloe would sneak looks at from the front of class. Kayla was a very attractive, well built woman with a sporty and fierce personality. When they had first met, Chloe had a helpless crush on her, and was none the wiser that Kayla had the same feeling as well.

Kayla giggled. “I’m shitfaced and t-tired is what I am”

Kayla stared lovingly at Chloe. They had been dating for a few months, and their admiration for eachother hadn’t changed at all. Kayla had met Chloe in one of her classes, and instantly fell in love with Chloe’s adorable personality and looks. She was that perfect, booksmart yet infinitely sexy, and was Kayla’s number one type of girl. 

Kayla escaped from Chloe’s grasp as she began to take off her coat and shoes. Her escape did not last long, as Chloe grabbed her from behind once more.

“Come on babe… you can’t tell me you aren’t feeling a little excited as well~~..”

Kayla laughed again. “I must admit, you are quite adorable right now. I’ve got work tomorrow though, love.”

Chloe pouted, then a smirk appeared on her face as she thought of an idea.

“What if tonight was a tiny night?”

Kayla stopped in her tracks, and bit her lip. “I was beginning to think I’d never hear you say that, Chlo~”

Chloe was an avid collector of tinies, and was one of the many reasons Kayla was obsessed with her. Kayla loved hearing the stories of Chloe’s erotic pleasures with the little humans. Chloe had so many tales of massacring them by the hundreds, just to get an orgasm. One story of Chloe entrapping a whole box of them in her panties while she went about her day was on Kayla’s mind for weeks. Many nights she would spend, enjoying herself to the thoughts of the tiny humans suffering in the panties of her hot, nerdy girlfriend. She had been dreaming of the day Chloe would veto a night of pleasure with the tinies, and was waiting very patiently. Chloe didn’t have any gripes against it, obviously, but her suppliers of tinies had ghosted her and her supplies were beginning to dry up. Luckily for Kayla, a few drinks had clouded Chloe’s judgment, and the girl decided that spending a whole box of the mites was worth it for a night with her hot, athletic girlfriend.

Excitedly, the two lovebirds ran up to their room. Kayla began to undress, feeling herself up a little as she couldn’t contain her excitement for the activity that was about to unfold. Chloe went into her closet to find the shelf that contained her dwindling, yet populous collection of tinies. Inside was a variety of vials and boxes, each containing a sizable population of tiny people. At their largest, they were around half a centimeter, and at their smallest they were nearly a millimeter. She grabbed a box of the smallest size, with nearly twenty thousand of the nanoputians inside. She giggled to herself as she held the box close to her chest, excited for the night that was ahead.

Now fully undressed, Kayla and Chloe got on their bed, holding the box that contained the tinies. Slowly prying off the lid, Chloe unveiled the population to Kayla, as they both smiled down onto the colony in the box below.

The tinies inside the box had feared for this day. Not that they would know that this exact scenario would happen, but they knew they had to go someday. Their owner, name unknown to them, had abducted a few of the ‘colony’ in the box before. There were never any survivors, but the tinies knew what had happened. It wasn’t any secret to tiny people what the bigger ones did with them. Tinies knew what they were for; pleasure and sadism for the ones who were larger than them. 

After seeing the two monolithic women’s faces above them, every tiny in the box knew that this was it. They had no clue what exactly was about to them, but they knew it wouldn’t end up well for them. It was time for them to fulfill the only purpose tinies can fulfill; pleasure for the bigs.

“Hello little ones~~~”

The dark-haired titaness’s voice shook the box. They trembled as they felt the sheer power the woman had over them. Their fate was in her control, and they knew their fate was not going to be one of high dignity. Even the sheer size of her was too much for them to handle, as even her face alone was like an entire landmass. The tiny people could even smell a whiff of the alcohol that came from her breath, as it overpowered them.

“God they’re so fucking tiny… and so very cute..”

The ginger titaness, perpendicular to the other, also shook the box with her voice. This one was new to the population below. This didn’t affect much, as the tinies were still deeply afraid of her, no matter how well they knew her. One giant woman was enough to send them into a full panic, but two were even more deeply terrifying. They all knew in their gut that these two titanesses were gonna be the ones to end their life, and all they could do was hope for a miracle that would never come.

“Is this the smallest size? They’re so hard to make out on their own….”

Chloe nodded. “They’re smaller than fucking ants, babe. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to feel them. Especially when they squirm~”

Chloe looked up at Kayla, as their eyes interlocked. Their eyes agreed, and they knew it was time.

Chloe pushed Kayla into the bed, keeping her hand stable enough so that the tinies in the box didn’t fall out, but still rough enough to give them a quite sick-inducing voyage. She gave her love a quick kiss, and then she got into the fun part; the sprinkling. Slightly tilting over the box, she held it a few inches over Kayla’s body. Tiny people began to pour out, like salt from a shaker. She evenly distributed everyone across all parts of Kayla’s body, starting from her chest, through her stomach, and then down to her hips. She watched as the tiny people barreled down, stumbling out onto the box onto the slightly sweaty skin of her girlfriend. She got so very horny seeing them barrel onto her love’s massive breasts, then watching them fall onto her well toned abs, and then she poured a few near the pelvis. She decided to keep Kayla’s pussy empty for now, as she thought she would save that for last. When she was done, there were hundreds of little people crawling all over the expanse that was Kayla’s body. 

It was nothing but turmoil for the tinies in the box. They stumbled out harshly onto the soft pale landscape of the young girl’s body. Most managed to survive without much injury, due to the softness of the ‘ground’ below, but it still hurt like a bitch. They were all very confused though, and had no clue where in particular they had landed. Her body seemed endless, and they had no clue where to run to find any sort of safety.

Some found themselves on top of what appeared to be mountains. They climbed the uphill slope, trying to find out what part they had landed on. Their question was ultimately answered when they reached the peak and found the enormous landform that was one of her nipples. They felt absolutely miniscule when they discovered they were dwarfed by a young girl’s nip. Some decided, for some odd reason, to climb the nipples. 

From Kayla’s perspective, this had caused great pleasure for her, as the feeling of the mites climbing her nip was insanely sensational. She let out a soft, but insanely pleasurable moan as she felt the mountain climbers on her nips. She had to resist all willpower to grab her tits and play with her nipples, as she knew it would reduce the population on her breasts to nothing. Chloe did not have this same resistance.

The population on her right tit saw it coming first. A hand of unfathomable size was coming at them, obviously belonging to the girl that put them here. They had all felt very stupid for running for her breasts, and began to try to run off of it. The ones on her nipple were hopeless, as they either had the choice of jumping off for their life, or being crushed by the hand. Neither alternative was great for them. Ultimately, most of the population on the tit didn’t get to survive, as Chloe’s hand swiftly grabbed her girlfriend’s perky right boob. Kayla once again moaned, louder this time, feeling her love hand grasp her tit. It was a faint sensation, but she could even feel the slight pop of the little bodies being crushed under Chloe’s digits. 

The population of the left tit watched in horror as they saw their right tit others get smashed to nothing under the girl’s hand. They didn’t get much relief, as the face connected to that same woman started to approach their tit. Chloe opened up her mouth, sticking out her perfectly pink tongue in preparation for what she was about to do. She began to lick her girlfriend’s tit, as her massive tongue ravaged through the denizens on the breast. She swallowed, and then went in for a second serving. Taking a nibble of the nipple, she proceeded to suck up even more of the breast’s population. She then did another lick around, sweeping up a good couple dozen tinies. This time though, she didn’t swallow, as she had an idea in mind. She swished her tongue around in her mouth, feeling the tiny squirms struggling to survive in her monstrous maw. For good measure, she moved her head back up and grabbed the left tit as well, crushing the ones upon it like she did on the right.

“God this is so fucking worth it” Kayla wearily said, between her moaning. She was so horny watching Chloe eliminate the dust mites on her tits like they were nothing, and she was excited to see what was next.

Chloe then proceeded to move onto Kayla, lowering her body onto Kayla’s. The population on Kayla’s body was smothered under Chloe’s fair skin, as hundreds perished as they collided. Even more were left alive, as they were smothered between the two gigantic lesbians’ bodies. They squirmed to try to survive, as the heat and moisture rose around them. Ultimately, most gave into the pressure and were either crushed or drowned among the soft supple skin of the two young girls. Their life met an end as they became nothing but unseen stains upon the body of these girls, destined to be washed away later on.

Worst part was, that was just a side effect of Chloe’s grand idea. The brunette moved her face closer to her auburn haired girlfriend, as she opened her mouth for a kiss. The two mouths connected, as their tongues interlocked. At first, Kayla thought Chloe was just going for a quick makeout, but her eyes widened as she realized what was happening. There were hundreds of tinies in Kayla’s mouth. Kayla blushed heavily with this revelation, as she began to notice the hundreds of micro-squirms in her mouth. During all this, Chloe was still massaging Kayla’s breasts, cleaning up whatever tinies had managed to survive the initial impacts.

The pleasure going through Kayla’s mind was ecstatic. She had never felt such great pleasure, feeling all these micros wriggling around while she made out with the love of her life. She almost wanted to start masturbating, but she had a feeling that there was a reason Chloe was leaving her pussy alone for now.

The pleasure was not felt for the micros in the mouths. They had little to no control of what was going on, as they swooshed around the girl’s mouths like they were in a typhoon. The tongues of the young girls were like gigantic monsters to them, as they tried to avoid getting caught in the crossfire of the two giant beasts meeting. Naturally, this was a fruitless hope as most got caught anyway, crushed by the giant muscles. Some even drowned in either of the girls’ saliva, as they were small enough that it was like a tsunami.

Finally, the two girls' tongues stopped being interlocked as their makeout session was over. Many of the tinies inside the mouths were now dead, either by crushing, drowning, or accidentally being swallowed. There were still a few alive in Chloe’s mouth, and she noticed this. To solve this, she gathered them around in her mouth, and spit them right out onto Kayla’s body, in between her tits. There wasn’t much alive in her spit, but there were a few dozen still alive, struggling to reach the surface. This was a pointless avail though, as Chloe proceeded to her next part of the plan. Grabbing both of her loves’ prodigious breasts, she squeezed them together, entrapping the spit’s population between them. Needless to say, this caused great pleasure for both the titanic women, and great death for the ones floating in Chloe’s saliva.

Chloe looked up at Kayla, seeing her partner blushed and debilitated. Chloe thought to herself that Kayla looked so goddamn hot when she was so orgasmic like this. She knew then that it was time for her grand finale, as Kayla was close to her limit.

“We’re not even at the grand event yet, that was just the appetizer. Don’t give up on me just yet~”

She stroked Kayla’s cheek and then leaned backwards, grabbing the box of tinies from the nightstand. She was so very aroused for what was going to happen next.

The people in the box were, unsurprisingly, terrified for their life. They had watched most of their associates fall onto the girl’s body below, and only survived due to the pour ending early. They knew there was no way that was the end of it, and they were correct. They started to scream again, as they felt the box shake. They hugged the loved ones and the friends they had made in the box, as they knew it was time for their turn. It was their turn to be used as sex toys between two young lesbians.

Chloe got off of her girlfriend’s body, being sure to feel her as she slowly backed up. She positioned herself right in front of her Kayla’s pussy, which was already wet from their previous activities. She gave it a quick rub, and then proceeded to tilt the box over it. The remaining population of the box fell onto Kayla’s sex, as they adhered to the wet and sticky surface. Kayla moaned heavily as the hundreds squirmed upon her sensitive sex, once again resisting the urge to start fingering herself. Chloe tossed the box away once she managed to disperse all of the contents onto her lovers’ sex, as she moved in closer to take a look at the population of Kayla’s pussy.

The people on the exterior of her vagina tried with all their might to escape, but the grasp of Kayla’s juices were too sticky for them to escape. Whether they liked it or not, they were adhered to the wet, oppressive surface of the girl’s vag. The only thing they could do now was scream for their life, to no one explicitly, as they waited for their life to be extinguished.

The ones inside Kayla’s pussy weren’t having much better of a time. There was no way they could leave, due to the gigantic drop they’d have to go through to leave, but there was no way in hell they would go deeper into her ‘love tunnels’. They too were trapped inside the girl’s enormous genitalia, and their fate was sooner than they’d think.

Kayla moaned heavily, feeling all of the tiny lives wriggling around on her pussy. She moaned one of the most erotic moans of her life, as she tried her very best not to orgasm. The pleasure she was feeling was immeasurable, and it was like nothing she had ever felt before. The sensation of thousands of little people on her pussy was sending her into a state of nirvana, and to call her ‘ecstatic’ couldn’t begin to describe it.

Chloe looked up from the tiny mites on her girlfriend’s pussy, and saw Kayla’s intense orgasmic face. Her girlfriend looked so cute when she was in such a state of pleasure, and it made Chloe intensely horny. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Chloe ran two of her fingers along the edge of Kayla’s sex, adhering a few tiny people to her fingers who were previously stuck on Kayla’s pussy lips. She then brought the fingers up to her face, examining closely with her eye. The tiny people on her finger felt the heavy rush of the fingers’ movement, as they were brought closer to Chloe’s enormous brown pupils. She looked closely, seeing the tiny people squirm on her finger. They were too small to make out any minor details, but she could see that there was a decent amount of them on her fingers. 

Moving forward, she then brought the fingers between her milky, and smooth thighs. The tiny people once again felt that heavy rush, feeling nauseous from all the movement, but that was the least of their concern. They all collectively screamed in panic as Chloe began to rub the fingers onto her clit, turning the tiny bugs into pulp. Letting out an orgasmic moan, she clenched her thighs together, and bit her lip. This was a simple pleasure she’d felt before, but it felt so fucking good after her experiences with Kayla.

Chloe then brought her empty hand closer to Kayla’s vagina, deciding it was finally time to let Kayla loose. She stuck her fingers into her girlfriend’s sex, allowing her digits to roam the vagina’s caverns. The tiny people inside had no clue what to do as they saw the perfectly manicured fingers start barreling through the tunnel. Most of them were pressed against the vaginal walls, as they were either crushed between the finger and the muscle or left alive to suffocate.

Chloe then moved her body onto Kayla’s, finally laying down and hugging her from the front. She proceeded to keep pleasuring both her and Kayla’s pussies, going at an increasing speed as she neared orgasm. The scene inside her girlfriend’s vagina was nothing short of a massacre, as hundreds perished under the pressure of Chloe’s rapidly moving digits.

And then, there was a moan. Two of them, to be exact. Both equally as loud as the two girls felt earth shattering orgasms at the same time, reaching the height of the pleasure that the night had given them. They both fell backwards onto their pillows, letting themselves breathe and letting their consciousness return to the world. The people inside Kayla’s pussy had mostly been pulverized to nothing, but the ones who ‘survived’ had started to drown in the pussy’s fluids. The only survivors were the ones who managed to fall off of Kayla’s body and live, which was a fairly small population. They were doomed to explore the endless labyrinth of the two girls’ bed, until they’d ultimately be crushed by one of them rolling over in the night.

After a few sharp breaths, and the rush of hormones were over, Chloe and Kayla looked each other in the eyes. Kayla smiled at Chloe, and proceeded to let out one last sentence

“Let’s do this again sometime… I love you~.. So much..”

Before she passed out onto her bed, falling instantly into a deep sleep

Chloe giggled to herself silently, and whispered into her loves’ ear.

“I love you too, babe~”

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