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I venture across the city's concrete streets. Paved inexpensively with only one concern, that it looks authentic. The end result is an almost perfect visual recreation at the expense of structural integrity. Sure, it cost me a pretty penny, but after this little excursion, I can genuinely say I've lived the dream that every kid has at some point or another. An entire city allllll to myself!

Taking my time, I make tracks over towards the dollop of ice cream I'd left hidden in suburbia, sitting chilled in an otherwise empty swimming pool. Taking off the plain grey t-shirt, I run past the ordinary suburban picket fence and jump in!

The frozen Neapolitan flavored treat electrifies the senses! And I have no qualms digging right in, stuffing my face with the unhealthy sugary snack. Though, the size and rich flavor of the cold cream quickly left me satisfied. I let out an indulgent belch, wiping the corner of my lips free of melting sugar.

Hopping back over the fence, I start moving in the direction of downtown towards the city's taller buildings. Next up on the list? Check out the city from the very tippy-top!

I can't help but marvel at how small these buildings have gotten. Once standing almost twenty centimeters at their tallest, most barely even reach 10 at their current height. I’d ordered them in bits and pieces, then using the program on my tablet, I shrunk the lifelike buildings to match my particularly puny scale.

As for me, I’m a relatively realistic size to my personal metropolis, sitting at an incredible singular centimeter, give or take a few numbers in the decimal range. Admittedly, I hadn’t taken too much care in measuring out my exact size. How could I? This is all so exciting! I couldn’t delay even a moment longer.


The door of the fridge makes the same familiar sound. The light touch of suction as I pull it open, the jingling of the bottles placed neatly on the side. Ugh, nothing to eat again! Time to go shopping, I figure.

I'm not sure what I'll eat tonight. Sighing, I feel the frustration of the day finally starting to boil to a rather pointy head. The very last thing I feel like doing tonight is cooking. I just want something fast to munch on.

That's when I spot the nicely wrapped sub in the back. Neatly laid out on a gray plate, snuggly covered in the white paper that typically goes hand in hand with the American sandwich staple. It's tempting to just grab it and stuff my face, but I decide to take the courteous route. I know Tristan would never eat my food without asking, so the very least I can do is show him the same decency in turn.

I happily shuffle down the hallway, cozy socks drawn snuggly around my ankles. Looking towards the familiar door at the end of the walkway and can't help but feel perplexed. Tristan's doors closed? He never closes his door. In his own words, it gets 'hot as all hell' in the summer.

Raising an eyebrow inquisitively, I take a few more steps toward his room and knock on the wood of the auburn door.

"Hey, Trist? You there?" I wait for a moment, the silence making me a little uncomfortable if I'm being entirely honest with myself. His sandwich still sits perched atop the plate in my hand, the smell of succulent ham starting to slowly rise from the lax paper. I bite my lip. Maybe I should just eat it? I could blame it on one of my friends, maybe Nicole. No, no, that wouldn't be fair.

"Tristan? Hellloooo?" I knock again, my second rapping against the door quick and curt. However, there still isn't any response. Whatever, hopefully, he wasn't touching himself or something. I take it upon myself to open the door. Curiously, I don't find my roommate on the other side. Only an otherwise empty room. Where could he possibly have gone?

I'm left scratching my head because I swear I saw his shoes at the door when I came home. Had he slipped out while I was changing into my pajamas? Maybe I'm losing my mind.

I sigh one more time, resigning myself to, in fact, eat his sandwich after all. Or I guess Nicole would be eating his sandwich. As far as Tristan knew, anyway.

Yet, the bright toys that are strewn across the floor catch my eye before turning away. Shit! I'd stepped on some of his nerdy junk without even realizing it! I lift my big toe, watching debris fall. It looks to me like a genuine New York skyscraper. My eyes sweep across the rest of the mini-metropolis. Crazy how accurate the city looks! I never knew Tristian was into models! It's pretty nerdy but also somewhat cute.

A tinge of guilt hits me as I think about all the hard work I probably ruined with my big dumb feet! Oh gosh, I have to try and fix it! I lean down, eye level with the marvelous little city, and scrutinize the damage, seeing what I can do.

A rumble threatening to end the very world itself cracks across the sky, and an alarmingly sizable wooden door becomes my only horizon. It extends itself endlessly outward, looking almost as if it'll decimate the entire city! But it's just a trick of perspective. A downside of making myself so small is a lack of accurate depth perception. But, the door is the least of my problems right now as Bree calmly steps through.

My veins turn ice cold. Fuck me, why hadn't I locked that door? I mentally berate myself, cursing my rushed prep. How could I have been so careless? It's a triumphantly stupid mistake. One that could have some severe consequences.

In comes my roommate, Bree. I never knew her to just barge in on me like this, but there's absolutely nothing I can do about it now. The process being manual, I'd have to rush across the city and fumble with the damned touch screen before having any chance at regrowth. It just isn't feasible.

She takes a confident step forward, the booming of her normally dainty steps making my ears pound with a mixture of vibration and audio far too powerful for my shrunken ears. Perhaps stupidly, I rush to protect them with my hands, dropping to my knees as the city suddenly comes under siege from an impossibly large toe.



Her toe effortlessly smashes through one of the highest towers in my metropolis, sending chunks of raw material raining down to the street around me. I'm astonished, shaking with adrenaline as several potentially life-ending pieces land only arm's length from me. A wave of dust pours out from the ravaged structure, and I can't control my breathing. Though to my credit, I do manage to catch myself just before reaching a complete state of hyperventilation.

That's when I see her big pools of blue, looking down at my secret world. Her guilt-ridden face says it all. The city had been too small for her to initially pick up on. The very idea that I’m so small, I might be smashed like lint beneath her rattles me. Regardless of her intent, I'm still shaken to my core. As cute as she may be, this Auburn-haired ditz nearly ended my life! I'm having trouble even processing the emotions, still likely in a state of partial shock.

My legs trembling, I rise to my feet, brushing some of the grayish dust off my jeans. The whole situation is scary enough that I decide to call it quits for the night, vowing to head straight for the tablet when I get the chance. Only, the horrifying accident suddenly goes from bad to worse as she kneels down, opting to lay flat out of her belly. The gust of wind knocks me harshly across my ass, and I yelp out more so in surprise than any kind of pain.

Her eye ferociously analyzes the structure she'd so casually toppled, her subtle breaths louder than spinning jet engines. It's utterly inconceivable how large Bree is in comparison right now. Each individual eyelash flutters with the force of gods, generating tiny but palpable adjustments to the air. The giant blue orb moves up and down, back and forth, with particular ferocity. She really does want to fix it. At least, it seems that way from where I'm standing.

"Shoot! Sorry, Tristian. I didn't mean to wreck your thing…." She says, shame leaking through her voice. Rapidly, it becomes clear that this is beyond her skills to fix. Taking her last comment as a surefire sign she'd be leaving soon, I breathe out a gasp that I hadn’t even been aware I was holding.


Instead of standing up, her colossal body smashes against the drab carpet of my room as she rolls onto her side; the shockwave alone makes me want to cry out with an overwhelming sense of helplessness.

She’s so unbelievably enormous, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. All I can do is watch her with a sense of awe as she hums a quiet tune, trying to unsuccessfully mash the building back into place as if it were a piece of play dough.

“No dice!” Bree says with exasperation, a heavy sigh of defeat snaking out between her ruby lips. She drops the corner of the building to the ground, eliciting a sharp shriek from my end. Dust once again comes flowing in a wave, the impact zone ripped apart from the weight of the material as Bree carelessly dropped it.

God, she's been a considerate roommate these last few months, but fuck am I frustrated by her right now. Not only is this terrifying, but she's causing ungodly amounts of damage, and she didn't even know it! More money that would undoubtedly come out of my pocket.

I take a deep breath and straighten myself out, putting the thought of future expenditures towards the very back of my mind. Right now, I need to focus on not being crushed flat by this clumsy ditz.

A cute, almost ethereal giggle resounds from everywhere at once. I see Bree lining up a finger, reeling it back with some serious hesitation. She wouldn't….


Her nail plinks off the vaguely metallic bell tower adjacent to me, sending a crack through the center. A big chunk flies off immediately, landing God knows where. It all happens in slow motion, watching the wobbling start, hearing the creaks and groans of the immense structure as Bree continues to giggle incessantly like a five-year-old.

I have to go now! Loose bricks clatter on the ground next to me as I put everything into my feet. My vision narrows, seeing my goal just across the street. The library! Every second I spend outside invites more risk of a quick end at Bree's unknowing hands. I feel the shadow of the tower coming up behind me as I reach the door, the groaning of cinder blocks getting louder by the second. Throwing the door open, I toss myself carelessly inside, landing harshly on my stomach.


I let the chunk of what's now essentially garbage fall to the mock street below. Already, I'm inspecting the damage I've so brazenly caused. I really surprise myself with this one! Can't say I'd ever had the urge to play monster before. I'm a little amazed that Tristan pulled off this city so well. Though, thinking about it, he probably cheated and ordered it online.

Still, it's pretty impressive to see. In fact, it's a little satisfying even, witnessing the damage up close. Did my toe really do that? It's so crazy. Usually, I'm the one who gets picked up and lifted around. Piggyback rides, drunk weirdos at bars thinking it's cute to lift me up.

There's an odd sort of elation I get from picturing my fingers plunging through the side cleanly. Punching straight through like paper. Something deep down tells me to just go for it, embrace the bad girl in me for once and blow off some steam!

I bite my lip, eyeing the bell tower that rises just above the other buildings, its roof peaking with a sharp point just above the otherwise stagnant city. Its bell drifts lazily back and forth with the turbulence from my hand as I line my finger up carefully and let go.

I gasp as a chunk effortlessly flies off the side, the tower itself getting wobbly. Shit, I only meant to take out the tippy top! I stifle a giggle with my mouth, feeling both guilty and absolutely giddy at the same time.

That’s when I feel a familiar buzz in the fluffy felt-lined pockets of my pajama bottoms. I sigh, pulling it out and seeing Allie's familiar face pop up on the screen. Rising back to my feet, I click the green button and accept the call.

"Hey, girl!" I head off, making sure to latch the door to Tristan’s room tightly behind me.

“You’ll never guess what I just found in Tristan's room!” I say deviously, barely able to contain the elation in my voice. I’m excited to share all the details, realizing I may have very well just found my answer to all this pent-up frustration brimming inside me today.

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