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It was early in the morning; the sky was blue and the sunshine washed the city. It was a nice day, a good day to have some fun outside. Now, letīs focus on what some people are doing.

If you take a look at the park, you can see that thereīs a few people having their morning run, men and women running around the park. But, between all of them, thereīs a woman in particular, a tall lady with a ponytail; her name is Kate, and the first thing she does when she wakes up is to drink a glass of water, get dressed and go for a run, she came running from her place all the way to the park, and gives a couple laps around it. Itīs something nice, just you, the fresh morning breeze and the singing of the birds; besides, the park had an amazing landscape, it was full of trees of all shades and colors. Now, letīs leave her where she is and head somewhere else.

Although, some people may be exercising, some other are on their way to work. Thereīs a lot of ways to get to work, you can go walking, by bus, train, or on your own car. But everyoneīs got their own ways. If we focus on a random bus, on one of the avenues around downtown, we can see thereīs a bunch of people on it, thereīs some men with suits; some others wearing a uniform; some old ladies; young women too, but more precisely, thereīs a pretty lady checking her phone. As the vehicle slows down getting closer to the bus stop, the lady stands up. She gets down in front of the library, where she works. She seemed to be a smart person, she was wearing round eye glasses, a white shirt and a gray squared pattern skirt, a little below her knee. She put on her badge, and by reading it you could see her name was “Diana”.

Most people wake up early for work, or to have a good exercise; but not everyone does the same. What other activities can you do in the morning? Maybe go out for some breakfast, perhaps, you could go and buy some groceries. But some other people like to take care of their house, wake up early and get some things done. For example, checking thru some gardens around the residential area, you can see that thereīs a backyard full of flowers, and small elegant trees. A garden that would make someone proud. On one side of the garden, you can see a woman, bent down changing the roses soil. Sheīs wearing a big straw hat and some garden gloves. Taking care of a garden is no easy job, but itīs worth it when you create something that looks so pretty; besides, itīs good for the planet. The lady stands up and removes the sweat from her forehead, she smiles at her work. You can see sheīs wearing an overall with a shirt underneath, but sheīs wearing a golden necklace with a name on it, it says “Tessa”.

People does all sorts of activities in the mornings, but some other people prefer to rest, a good night sleep can give you more energy for the day. And itīs better to sleep late if you went to bed after hours. For instance, thereīs this girl, laying on bed completely covered by the sheets. Snoring a little. Some people are really not morning people, being active at night and sleep thru the day itīs something a lot of people does, either because they like to or they have no other choice. But it doesnīt matter what reasons you may have, as long as you have a good sleep, everything will be alright. Sleeping is something that most people enjoy, well, until you have work to do, or someone just wakes you up, which is about to happen to this lady.

*Knock* *knock*

“Ehm, Abby, can you help me?” said a voice outside of the room. It seems like the sleeping ladyīs name was Abby; she woke up slowly, not really wanting to, but she was already up. She sat on bed and stretched a little.

Whoīs knocking? you may wonder. Well, letīs talk a little more about these women; itīs not a coincidence that we talked about them, they all have something in common. And no, theyīre not sisters, nor part of a sorority. What the four of them have in common is that they live in the same house. The reason? They all take care of a special someone. And that someone is the person whoīs precisely knocking the door. A door that Abbyīs opening right now.

“What do you want Mike?” said Abby still half asleep and rubbing her eyes.

“Morning” he said smiling, “Uhm, well, thereīs no one around annnnnd… I need help reaching something from the top shelf of the cabinet… do you mind?” he said politely, knowing that she didnīt like to be waken before 10 a.m.

“Well...*yawn*… I do mind, how many times have I told you not to wake me up?” she said rising one of her eyebrows and caressing his head.

“S-sorry, I wanted to make breakfast, I know you donīt like it when I bother you, but you know Dianaīs working; Kate went out for a jog; I could’ve asked Tessa, but I donīt know where she is and…” he replied with some panic. She made a gesture with her hand telling him it was fine.

They both walked down the stairs and headed to the kitchen. While they get there, letīs talk a little more about Mike. Mike is 22 years old; he has no parents since they passed away when he was a child; therefore, he was left in the care of his grandmother, his only relative. Her name was Beatrice, she was a kind woman, and Mike was his only grandson, the son of her only daughter, so she decided that sheīll take care of him until he was ready to live by himself. Little she knew that it wouldnīt happen.

Mike was an average young adult, he had blue eyes, brown hair and he was in fact good looking, or cute as all the girls said. He had a lean body since he liked to work out from time to time; but the thing is that he had a condition. For some reason he didnīt grew taller than 3ī tall, his body was proportional, as if he had been 6ī tall, only that he was actually half that size. Thatīs the reason why his grandmother took care of him up until he was an adult, and since he was too small, she decided that heīll be homeschooled, a reason why he barely left the house; and if he did, it will be always in the company of his grandmother.

“So, what do you need?” asked Abby once they arrived to the kitchen.

“Can you hand me the pancake flour on the top shelf… please” he replied.

“On this top shelf? Sure” she said as she opened the door and grabbed the box, then she handed it to him.

“Thank you” Mike replied smiling at the flour on his hands, now heīll be able to make some breakfast for everyone.

“Youīre welcome. But remember” she continued as she ruffled his hair, “If youīre going to wake me up, it better be an emergency, ok?” she didnīt like her sleep to be interrupted, but she couldnīt be too mad at the little guy.

“Oh, yes… s-sorry Abby” he said feeling a little ashamed.

“Itīs ok, now Iīm going to get some more sleep, wake me up when everythingīs ready *yawn*” she said as she left the kitchen and headed to her room.

Now, Mike was able to get breakfast done, ha had everything he needed, needless to say that the pancake flour only needed water and it was ready to go. Once he had the blending ready, he put a booster step in front of the stove and started to pour it on the pan. Usually, he wouldnīt be able to cook by himself, but Abby always let him, if it had been Diana or Tessa, they wouldīve stayed with him and cook together, and if it had been Kate, she wouldīve take over and done everything, she was a little overprotective.

Mike enjoyed cooking for all of them, that way he felt as if he could give back, at least a little, for all the care and attention they gave him. The five of them lived together on the same house, a big house that her grandmother had, she was a wealthy woman, and she retired when she had to take care of Mike. The house had a big backyard, a small porch in the front, and a big garage, where they stored the three cars they had. Mikeīs grandmother owned a luxurious SUV coup, it was a fancy model painted white; on the other hand, Kate had her own car, a red sedan; and the third one, it was a jeep wrangler, which they used whenever they made long trips.

The house was big enough for all of them, it had a room for each one of them, it had a big dining room, a large kitchen and a huge living room, where they spent their time together. Mike was a really lucky guy, he lived on a big house surrounded by people he loved. But not everything was as good as it sounded. Before all of them moved in with him, he felt lonely.

The truth was that, not only they were his “roommates”, they were also his guardians, well technically; and legally, only Kate was his guardian. She had been chosen by Mikeīs grandmother, in case she passed away, sheīll be the one in charge of him. But letīs talk about it later, now itīs time to return to the kitchen.

Mike was pouring the pancake mix on the pan, when suddenly he heard the backyardīs door open, he got down from the booster step he used to reach the stove and checked, feeling a little unsettled. It was Tessa coming in, she was covered with some dirt. “Oh, hi Mickey, good morning” she said smiling and taking off her shoes, all covered with some mod. He thought she was somewhere else, he didnīt bother to check for her on the backyard, thatīs why he woke up Abby. “Hi Tessa, good morning” he replied cheerfully.

Mikeīs morning routine was something like this. He woke up usually by 8:00 a.m. by that time Kate had done breakfast and Tessa was helping her to settle up the table. Needless to say, Abby was still asleep by then; Diana, on the other side, was already at the library where she worked. So, he knew where they were and who he could reach for help, but today, he woke up earlier. At 7:30 a.m. or so, he woke up from bed and headed to the kitchen, he knew Kate went to the park early in the morning and came back by 7:45, but he didnīt know Tessa spend her mornings taking care of the garden, thatīs why he had to wake up Abby; he thought there was no one but her in the house.

“Did you have a good sleep?” asked Tessa taking off the overall and revealing her curves, she was wearing tiny shorts underneath and a white shirt. Tessa was 25 years old, she had frosted blonde hair, short and wavy; her skin was tanned; her eyes where light brown and her lips where thick; she liked to spend a lot of time outside, and she was a very cheerful person. She stood at 5ī9” and her body, well, she was not a top-heavy person, she had modest size breasts. But her legs, they were thick, and her ass… she had a big round peach shaped ass; she liked to work out and take care of her figure.

Mike just stared at her body for a second before he could answer, for him, her body was not only imposing, but breathtaking. “G-good, I had a good sleep, thanks for asking, how about you?” he said.

“I slept pretty well actually” she replied with a polite smile. “It smells yummy, are you cooking something?” she continued.

For a moment, he forgot he had put the pancakes on the stove, “Yes…” ha answered coming back to earth, “Iīm making some pancakes for breakfast, would you like some?” he asked.

“Sure! Do you need some help?” she asked.

“I, uhm, well…” he started.

“What about some bacon? Let me get it for you” she said going straight to the fridge and pulling out a bag with bacon on it. Then she pointed to the pan and said: “Do you need me to take care of those?” he knew she was only trying to help, but Mike wanted to cook, thatīs the least he could do.

“No problem, I got them” he said returning to his place in front of the stove.

Both of them where now cooking, Tessa often turned to caress Mikeīs hair, she enjoyed spending time with him. whenever she could, she liked to work out with Mike; she taught him some exercises to keep in shape. On the other end, Mike enjoyed it too, and he could also watch her working out, she wore some really tight clothes to work out, and it just accentuated her body, her ass seemed tremendous in those clothes, which made it hard for him to focus on his exercise routine.

A couple minutes later, the main door open and Kate came in, covered with some sweat. She then came into the kitchen and greeted Tessa and Mike: “Good morning both of you, I see someone woke up earlier” she said looking at Mike. “Oh, good morning Kate, did you enjoy your morning run?” Tessa asked. “Yeah, it was pretty good actually, the weather was perfect” she answered.

Kate was older than Tessa, actually at 31 years old, she was the oldest on the house. She had long cocoa brown hair; deep blue eyes. She had a lean figure, long legs, wide hips and a round butt; her boobs, on the other end, they were huge, round and firm fleshy breasts that always caught Mikeīs attention, they had to be F cups at least. At 6ī3” she was also the tallest in the house; she stood way taller than Mike, which actually intimidated him a little, she was an imponent woman. She was wearing a pair of black mesh pants and a blue tight top, without sleeves; it all accentuated her shape.

“Well…” Kate continued as she approached to Mike, “I think I can take it from here” she said lifting up mike from the booster step and placing him next to her, not before giving him a kiss on the cheek. “B-but…” said Mike, “No but’s little one, I wouldnīt like you to get burned, Iīll take care of the rest donīt worry” she said smiling and turning to the stove.

Kate was a nice person, but whenever it came to Mike, she could be a little over protective. She always tried to do everything for him; she only allowed him to go outside whenever he was in her company or with other of the girlīs. Actually, that was one of the houses rules, he wasnīt allowed to go outside alone, except for the backyard. He felt it was unfair, but he couldnīt protest, every time he tried, Kate will just tenderly convince him it was for his own good.

Now, Mike was sitting on the table just watching how Tessa and Kate took care of the whole breakfast. He wanted to surprise them with it, but now it seems like this will be other day when they do everything and he just watches from somewhere else. Minutes later, breakfast was served and they all sat on the table.

“Should I call Abby?” Mike asked.

“Nah, if she gets hungry, sheīll come” Kate said, knowing very well that she was not going to wake up until an hour or so. Tessa just smiled at Mike assuring him it was ok.

The five of them never ate together in the mornings, Diana was gone before most of them woke up, and by the time Abby woke up, they all have had breakfast. Normally, only the three of them ate breakfast together.


“Well, that was pretty good” said Kate cleaning her mouth with a napkin, “Sure it was, and all thanks to our little chef here” said Tessa ruffling Mikeīs hair. Mike just smiled, but he knew he didnīt do much, he just made the mix and then it was all done by both of them. If only they allowed him to do more.

“Well, itīs time to get ready” said Kate, “Oh, sure” replied Tessa putting the dishes on the dishwasher. “Can you take care of those?” asked Kate glancing at Mike. “Sure” he replied. He was always in charge of washing the dishes after breakfast, the reason was because Kate and Tessa needed to get ready for work; Kate worked on a bank as an executive; Tessa was a sales lady on a store, a pretty big store inside the mall. They both worked downtown, so Kate will always give Tessa a ride, and it was more convenient since they checked in at the same hours, or so.

Now they were upstairs getting ready and Mike was alone in the kitchen washing the dishes, he didnīt mind; it would be great if Abby help him from time to time, but she woke up later and fixed herself something else. She was actually a little lazy.

By 8:45 a.m. both Tessa and Kate where ready; Kate was wearing a black skirt with a navy-blue blouse, and 2” heels, which made her look even taller to Mike; on the other end, Tessa wore a pair of denim jeans and a red polo shirt, with a pair of white sneakers.

Mike met both on the front door to say goodbye before they left for work. “Goodbye, see yaī later” said Tessa as she bent down and hugged Mike, at his height he could hug her hips directly; he was not able to surround all of her with his arms, but he could feel her leg muscles beneath the healthy layer of fat that covered them, they felt smooth and yet strong. “Iīll miss you, take care” said Kate as she picked him up and poured a big kiss on his forehead, leaving a marked kiss on him. He didnīt notice because as she lowered him to the ground, he could take a peek at her round and big breasts, contained by her blouse, it wasnīt a tight blouse, but with those boobs, it was hard not to fit tightly into it.

They were now exiting the house, but before they left, Kate turned and told Mike: “Oh, and remember, you need to wake Abby up so she can take care of you, bye” and she closed the door behind her. Mike just swallowed hard.

The truth was that, even though the four of them cared for him, he understood that there were still things that upset them, and that could make them mad at him. For instance, Abby hated to be woke up in the mornings by someone else, and he had already done it, so he wasnīt sure if sheīll be in the same mood she was before. He didnīt want to make any of them angry at him, if it wasnīt enough to see them mad at him, it was very intimidating to watch how they stood way taller than him. Imagine a statuesque woman watching you with a stern look way above you, it was frightening.


He took his time, mainly because he didnīt want to, after a while he decided to go upstairs and knock on her door; each step he took made him tremble a little. He checked the watch on the hall, and according to it, it was already passed 9, by that time everyone was awake, everyone but Abby. Personally, he had no need to wake her up, he was 22 years old, he was an adult and could take care of himself; but they all agreed that he should be at least in the company of one of them, and it didnīt count if she was asleep. It was mainly for his own protection; it will be better if someone was watching him, at least thatīs what Kate said.

Now he was facing the big wooden door, he took a deep breath and knocked.

*Knock*, *Knock*

“A-Abby, are you up?” he asked, feeling nervous, “Tessa and Kate already left to work…”, he swallowed, “a-and Kate told me to wake you up” he just waited there, he felt as if he was going to regret doing it, but Kate already told him to, and if she said so, he must do it.

He was a man, yes; legally an adult, yes; but, if Kate gave him an order, then he must do as she said, she was his guardian and will always look for him, thatīs why everything she did or asked him to do was for his own good. Besides, he didnīt like to admit it but a part of him was frightened by Kate, but weīll know the reason later on.

Suddenly, the door knob turned and Abby opened the door, her hair was tousled and she had a little frown on her face. She stood there, with the door wide opened and just stared down at Mike for a moment, with one of her hands on the door frame.






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