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Story Notes:
The first of many more to come.
Author's Chapter Notes:
The Beginning of a Fantastic Journey
I had done it. I finally completed my shrink ray.  i was 17 and i just graduated high school and i had built a device tha can grow or shrink matter. it looked like your average handheld remote control and i was holding it in my hand, looking for the hottest girl at the beach I could follow and shrink myself in her home.  Thats when i saw her, she was walking towards me on her way to the parking lot and she was a perfect ten out of ten. long golden brown hair, a blue hoodie with a white t-shirt underneath, blue jeans cut short and a pair of white flip flops and perfectly manicured toes. she was gorgeous, if I had to guess she looked around age 25 but there was a small problem....she had a family.

She was walking next to a little boy around 6 or 7 who just called her mommy and a man who mustve been her husband. but my spirits lifted a little when i realized that this means that the bodacious babe in front of me is a MILF (a Mom I'd Like to F***.) i heard the man say he was on his way to work so if I left with her now it would just be me and her and the little kid wouldnt be that much of a nuisance. I had made my decision amongst the other bikini clad teenagers I decided to go with the more mature woman who had filled out more in her bra size. (she had a large C cup bra).

As i followed behind her from a distance, I watched her nice round booty sway from side to side as she got to her car and put her purse on the ground.  This was it, this was my chance.  I hid behind an SUV and while no one was watching i set the dial to 3 inches and shot myself with it.  The gun shrank with me as planned and I felt an uncomfortable crushing sensation in my body as I dwindled down to minuscule size.  My clothes didnt grow with me and i shrank throught them in the process. 

When I had finally shrunk completely I was amazed at the world around me and how big the smallest grain of sand was now the size of a baseball in my hand. but I had to hurry before my dream girl left without me and the colony of red ants in the grass were starting to look menacing so I ran underneath the car and climbed up her brown purse into a side compartment with a pair of sunglasses and a stick of chapstick. i had made it just in time as she picked me up and got into the car and sped off to her house.  while I decided to lay low under a tissue and take a nap until we got to her home.  to be continued soon.

Chapter End Notes:
I plan to add more Feet, Butt, and Mouth Play in the next Chapter tommorow 4/21/09
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