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I lean forward from my spot on the leather couch so I can see the floor below, feeling an unconscious sigh escape my dolled-up black lips. How utterly annoying. Why had I even agreed to this? What had I even hoped to accomplish by indulging him like this? I’m trying to fix a relationship that wasn’t meant to be in the first place. I drop the spellbook to the floor, watching with mild amusement as he jumps in fright, clutching his ears predictably at the sudden shockwave.

I look around our living room. A flat glass-based entertainment system holds up a moderately sized tv, the apartment walls the same neutral shade of white they've always been. I place my phone down on the coffee table, stretching an arm outward so I can make the distance without needing to stand up.

He waves up at me enthusiastically, eager for me to indulge his every desire. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. Did he think I'd gone through the trouble of this whole incantation for him? Maybe at first, but seeing him so small between my feet gives me a few ideas of my own.

I flash him a bored look, resting a hand lazily against my cheek. What a joke. Thinking this could rekindle some kind of spark is laughable; I see that now. I'd even done my makeup for this loser.


My fingers come together, creating a torrent of noise for my soon-to-be-ex, and in an instant, he's right in the palm of my hand, disoriented and confused. It's funny how many years we'd been together, yet all he can think about is abusing these powers to get himself off. So base and pathetic. When I put it in that perspective, it's hard not to picture him like a common bug. I mean, for fucks sake, he’s smaller than a housefly! I’m not able to hide my disgust.

What did I ever see in him? I muse, marveling at how speck-like he is in my palm. Smaller than the pieces of lint I occasionally pull from between my toes. Most men want to be bigger, taller, stronger! But Alex, he wants the opposite. To be used like the weak little toy he is. I wonder if he thinks I'll cater to him. I grin; not a chance in hell.

"So, here's how this is going to go." Arrogance leaks through each word leaving my mouth, the rush of holding such a fragile life spiking my adrenaline. It pushes me to make a snap decision, something I'm not sure would have come out of my mouth had he not seemed so vulnerable in my milky white palm.

"I think… yeah, you know what? We're over." I say matter of factly, "But since I went through all this trouble, we’re going to have some fun first!" The words felt silky across my tongue, immediate relief flooding in. Just knowing we're finally done is such a lift to my spirits! No more stressing over all this relationship garbage.

He starts squeaking away, yap yap yap, but I'm not about to give him the time of day. Besides, it's not like his input would change anything. And casting an additional spell to hear him? No thanks, that's too much effort. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

              “Oh, hush!” I shoot him a knowing look, “If you do an outstanding job, I might let you play with my toes.” That shuts him up. Predictable as always.

Placing Alex gently on the couch, he drops right into the vast imprint of my butt against the cold faux leather, a giggle rising in my throat just looking at the difference in scale as I glance over my shoulder. Hilariously, he's about the size of a tic-tac. It makes me much hotter than I'd anticipated. Maybe I can get behind this size stuff after all….

He motions frantically, but it's easy to ignore. I close my eyes for a brief moment, exploring all the possibilities. Ugh, how dare he mock the black arts like this! I should teach him a lesson, make him regret bringing in the powers of the deep.

Feeling unbeatable, I raise the black crop top over my head, grabbing at my breasts to stoke the fires growing inside me. I don't get caught on them for long, as my bra quickly finds its way to the floor.

I open my eyes and stare intently at the bug I'd fallen out of love with. He's motionless now, his expression too microscopic for me to discern. I take a moment to lord over him and drink in the rush power coursing through me. It's nearly dizzying, my legs starting to shake from the anticipation of putting this toy through his paces.

Bending over, I make sure my jeans are far too close for comfort, smashing my butt right against the edge of the cushion, my first attempt at some much-needed tough love.

"Remember this? Huh? That ass you always used to play with?" My tone is playful, yet a fit of genuine anger lies just underneath.

"Weird to think that your cock used to fit in here," I say, bent over, sliding my gray jeans off with a bit of effort. I'm almost able to feel his eyes bulge as my plump butt suddenly pops out, jiggling a touch as the material slips down my legs.

No panties underneath for me today! I let him have a moment to soak it in and marvel at my bare butt. Admittedly, it was less about him and more the fact that I'd been too hungover and lazy to grab a clean pair from the hamper.

I slip my pants entirely to the ground, my naked lower body resting right in front of his entirety. I'm thoroughly soaked, more turned on than he'd made me in months. It’s a bit of a shock, all things considered. Something about it is so liberating! I feel like I'm discovering an entirely new side of myself!

My hand pulls at my butt, putting two of my assets on full display. I can feel my asshole stretch and my pussy spread in response, giving little Alex a preview of what's to come. But he’s only given a quick peek, my cheeks clashing together as I let go. 

Moving with a will of its own, my hand comes reigns down against the fleshy surface, delivering a thunderous smack to my backside. And then another, and another. Each casual slap of my ass contained more than enough force to turn him into a gooey smear.

However, as much fun as teasing him like this is, I’m tired of standing. I lean back, deciding now's a perfect time to reclaim my seat. I’m not careful by any stretch of the imagination, but I have a pretty good idea where he is, even without a direct line of sight. Though, I’d be lying if I denied how wet the thought of burying him underneath my ass had already made me.


My bare butt impacts the sofa with a burst of air, and I sigh comfortably. Looking between my legs to see my speck of lint cowering between my pale thighs, I wonder if Alex thought that would be it. Crushed under my fat ass unapologetically. The only outcome I can see at his size is him folding under me, his body instantly buckling under the pressure. But that wasn’t what I wanted. No, I'd break him in other ways. By the time I’m done with him, he’ll be worshiping the very ground I walk on!

I think over what to do first…. Using a living being as a weak little masturbation aid is a dirty thought. Not just any living thing either. The little shit deserved this! Fuck, he'd practically begged me for it!

Watching him marvel at the view between my legs, I chuckle, “Yeah, that’s pussy. Maybe you would have gotten some more of it if you weren’t so fucking boring.” I say matter of factly. Harsh, but I’d thrown any consideration for his feelings to the wind long ago.

Alex recoils as my hand reaches for him, allowing my thumb and index finger to catch him by the waist. Slowly I bring him to my eyes, his tiny body taking a moment to come into focus. I inspect him, letting my gaze dissect his entire appearance with a fine-tooth comb. He looks terrified, and fuck is it hot. But the best part? His stiffness, poking out from between his legs. Boys will be boys, I guess. Still, I can't help but wonder what has him so turned on. Is it the difference in scale or the enormity of my body? The sheer danger of the situation? Or maybe he likes my mean side.

I let my free hand drift down between my thighs, running a finger across my dripping slit as I stare into the tiny unmoving pupils of his eyes. The fear is real, yet he’s still as hard as I’ve ever seen him. It's fittingly pathetic.

“You like when I’m a bit of a bitch, huh?” I smirk, leaning back against the couch's surface. It’s time for his lesson. 

I pucker my lips, faking a kiss before releasing my fingers, letting Alex freefall from where he hung. His tiny body quickly falls between my breasts. My eyes narrow with satisfaction as he looks up at me. What I see as my body, is Alex's entire world.

“You know what they say, babe. Careful what you wish for!” I say smugly, pushing my tits lightly together from both sides. Just an iota of extra force, and it's not long before he disappears from my view, swallowed up by impossibly large mounds.

I bite my lip, a little surprised that I can feel his body rolling around between my breasts. I’d thought he’d be far too small, yet every kick he throws out of desperation is noticeable, each punch distinct. I squeeze my chest together, stroking a nipple and teasing myself softly as I keep him pinned. An absolutely panty-soaking thought comes to me with a strike of last-minute inspiration.

I relent, letting go of the two globes and watching the sweaty figure collapse miserably between the massive orbs of fatty tissue. It’s almost comical to see how big they are compared to my ex's mint-sized stature.

“Having fun, baby?” I say teasingly, “Sorry to burst your bubble, but I think it's about time we moved on to something more exciting.” Finding myself enjoying this more than I thought I ever would, I shoot Alex a wink and grab for him, purple painted fingernails effortlessly snatching and lifting his body high above my chest.

However, this time I didn't delay. Opening my mouth up wide, I lay out the red carpet, stretching my tongue as Alex drops onto it with a gooey thump.


My throat hums as he sails towards my mouth, quickly disappearing into the wet cave. I close my lips, deciding on his taste. It’s distinctly salty, which isn’t much of a surprise. Boring guy, bland flavor, I guess. He's swished around casually, my hand drifting down towards my lips. I surprise myself by how wet I am, a thick squelch reaching my ears as I slide an inquisitive finger around my labia.


The moan comes out almost unconsciously, the electrifying touch of my fingertips across the most sensitive organ sending waves throughout me. I effortlessly batter Alex around with my tongue, revealing how powerful the muscle is compared to him now. It would be so easy to tilt my head back and…


I don't go through with it, instead opting to send Alex rocketing out of my mouth and into a crumpled sticky mess on the very center of my palm. I haven’t stopped working at my clit, finding the will to delay this any longer gone, the lust continuing to consume me in a burning blaze. I needed him inside me, needed to feel him get entirely lost in my womanhood.

I don’t bother wasting precious seconds to inform him of his new destination. Instead, shoving my palm recklessly against my wet cunt, smashing him roughly against the juices that cling to my outer lips. After a few seconds of blindly feeling around, he manages to slip right inside, entering into the drooling entrance effortlessly.

As soon as he finds his way inside, Alex is thrown to the back of my mind. It’s so incredibly dirty, and it gives me pleasant goosebumps just thinking about it. I focus not on him but the fact that I have an entire life inside of me, being used just to get me off.

Rubbing my clit in circles, I stroke my leaking hole simultaneously, moving my fingers up and down in a rhythm. It's only broken up as I move upwards to give my clit some extra attention. At the moment, my pussy feels like an unending stream, feminine juices coating my fingers and running down to the couch below. Stupidly, I’d never thrown a towel down, but it’s far too late now. Oh well. Not like I’d bought the couch.

 I take the opportunity to plunge my index and middle finger inside, a thick squelch blaring in response. Gasping at the sensation, the very thought of how those fingers would look going wild makes me boil. I thrust them in and out of my tight tunnel without a single care or additional thought, nearly screaming as I yank them out, refocusing my increasingly frantic efforts back towards my clit, putting my entire hand into it.

I can just barely feel his tickle from inside me as I withdraw. This, combined with the increased attention to my clit, quickly pushes me over the edge towards bliss. My limbs lock almost in place as my back arches, and my butt lifts ever so slightly off the couch. I push down against my clit almost instinctively. Trying to ride the waves.

That tickle deep inside me doesn’t relent, fighting, thrashing, pushing closer towards the exit of his prison. It's such an attractive option to simply leave him in there and go for a second round. That orgasm had done very little to satisfy the lust I had built inside myself. All I can think about is how sexy it would be to have a conscious butt toy massaging my insides.

Hooking an index finger just inside, I rapidly drag out the fodder I’d been abusing for my pleasure. I’m too far gone to care about the man he once was, lust so powerful it devours any semblance of rationality. Without bothering to pick up my finger, I seamlessly drag him right below, my butthole winking as it waits for his touch.

His struggles are stronger than ever, beating desperately at the fingers that hold him. I barely even consider it as I smear him against my asshole, wet with my juices. It provides all the lubrication I need, taking only a minute to massage my hole with his weak body before roughly pushing him inside. Some sick part of me hopes he's choking, sputtering on a mixture of musk and lady cum.

I turn back towards my own needs, teasing my aching nub with another finger. I focus on my toy's inconsistent struggles, the pulses of frantic squirming right on the other side of my asshole.

I gasp out as another orgasm overrides my body. Unconsciously, I clench, silencing Alex's most recent bout of struggles. Ooops. I unclench as my muscles start to relax, feeling his body begin to slide out. Quickly, I reach down, catching him with a hand.

"Fuck, that was so good!" I coo, embracing the afterglow for a moment longer. Feeling light-headed and shaky, I carefully lower him to the floor. Sluggishly I swing my legs over the side of the couch, throwing a foot down beside him. Well lotioned and neatly painted a dark purple. I teasingly flex it above him before lightly laying it across his lower body.

“I guess a deals a deal.” I pretend to be disinterested, yet a part of me has been yearning to see how small he looks under my toes. It's a challenge not to smash him into paste outright, his body being so small that one wrong move could mean a mess on the floor. 

Surprisingly, I once again find myself incredibly hot. I still have no luck reading Alex’s microscopic face, but truthfully, I don't really care. Just picturing how scared he probably is, that's enough for me. Slowly and deliberately, I grind my toe against what I can only assume is his crotch. His little body wriggles wildly underneath me. Is he squirming in pleasure or pain? It's a challenge to tell.


I clench reflexively as something wet and hot suddenly pelts the soft ridges on the bottom of my big toe. Immediately, I realized my mistake.


I move my toe to the side, watching Alex squirm in pain, his screaming inconsolable. Although he's too small for me to make out accurately, I can tell his legs aren't working right. There's something distinctly off about the way he's moving.

"Shit! Um, I didn't mean to; I just didn't expect…". I trail off, at a loss for words amid the distress. I feel a tinge of guilt, watching as my ex writhes below me in unimaginable anguish.

I'd intended to let him shoot that little load before I returned him to normal. Maybe spend the night with my mom. But now? No, I couldn't… Could I? Taking a breath, I try to find my center. Breathe in, breathe out.

The weight leaves my lungs, putting it all in perspective. This is okay, completely fine! I reach down and snatch him up, ignoring the frantic struggles between my fingers.

Bringing him up towards my mouth, I let out a sigh, accidentally enveloping him in the heady fog of my breath. Guilt overcomes me, splain across the features of my face. Yet, there's a certain underlying thrill to everything. My former lover accidentally crippled with nothing but my pretty purple toes.

"I hope you know I didn't really mean it." A wave of acceptance starts to flood me. There’d be no messy breakup, no awkward talks. It would be easier this way. 

Just freedom.

It brings a smile to my face, solidifying my decision to plunge him past my blackened lips. I can feel him smudge the lipstick on the way in. However, I'm far past caring about something so trivial. Alex's thrashes start up again, aimlessly trying to grasp on to anything at all as I swish him around. Silently, I beg him to just accept his fate.

I lean back on the couch, choosing to lay down, placing my head carefully down upon one of the arms. I'm exhausted and sensitive as all hell, but, fuck it. My face flushes with arousal, the thought of what I'm about to do fueling my actions. Just one gulp, and he's gone. Just one gulp…

…And this whole mess just goes away.

I snake a hand down to my sopping cunt for what feels like the umpteenth time tonight, forgoing my clit entirely. It's too delicate to play with, for the time being. Each subsequent orgasm makes it less of an option. Instead, I plunge a finger inside with a gasp. My lust is comparable to an itch I can't quite scratch. Nothing I seem to do has any hope of extinguishing it.

Schlick, Schlip, Schlick

My hand moves in a flurry, fluids trailing each stroke I make inside. I'm gushing, ready to cum the very moment the tip of my purple-painted digit touched the outside of my lower lips.


I exhale, my eyes wide and my body clenching for the third time tonight. The orgasm is weaker than the others but still supremely satisfying as I feel my ex disappear deep inside of me, carried to the boiling seas of my stomach with a torrent of gooey saliva.

Just like that, most of my worries are gone. I look down towards my bare stomach, pale from the lack of regular sun. I wait expectantly for some weak struggle or inner turmoil. Maybe a yelp or cry of pain? But instead, a stark silence hits. I sit still for a moment, reminiscing.

A small smile stretches across my mouth.

Reaching over the side of the couch, I grab my panties, sliding them up to my legs with a slight shimmy and lift of my butt. Enjoying the tight fabric hugging my backside. It's ironic, but I’d actually gotten these for Alex. Regardless, I’m oddly content with how everything played out. I contemplate the morality of it all. Does this make me an evil person? Maybe, but there really isn’t any sense in crying over spilled milk, so to speak.

I lament on the life-changing decision I've just made, feeling my gut bubble in reaction to its latest snack; my stomach is already eager to make Alex a permanent part of me. I trace my belly, running a finger all the way up between my tits.

Briefly, I wonder where Alex’s nutrients will end up. My butt, perhaps? How fitting it would be for him to become some fat around my asshole! Still, I know the honest answer. I'd likely burn him off tomorrow when I hang out with Suzy or Mary. Hell, maybe even just masturbating! I like the sound of that one, too. It's almost poetic in some sick way.

I yawn and roll over on my side. I'm well overdue for some shuteye.

"Enjoy the trip," I mutter smugly, a yawn overtaking me as I drift off into a much-needed slumber. My belly gurgles one last time, a final goodbye to the man I once loved.

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