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Howdy folks;

So I was commissioned! A real gent reached out and expressed his appreciation of my writing and, in turn, funded this story for your reading pleasure.

For some context, I was tasked with expanding a writing.com interactive story, and so this chapter already hits the ground running. You can read up here: (https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/1986056-Fun-with-a-Size-Ray/map/1151121122) but I'll also summarize it if you'd rather get right into the action:

You receive a mysterious package in the mail, which turned out to be a functioning size ray. After some shenanigans, you are suddenly disturbed by your well built, but real bitch of a landlady, Andrea. The busty blonde wants her rent money, and you think you have the upper hand with your new toy. Alas, a mistake leads to you being shrunk, Andrea torturing you with her breasts until you spill the beans on the size ray, and the evil landlady taking it herself for some skyscraper sized antics.

~ ~ ~

Andrea held the device in her hands, scrutinizing it and imagining the possibilities... All her adult life, she'd used her figure to get what she wanted as men bent over backwards to appease her, just for the slightest chance that she'd show them a little more of it. Her mind went wild as she fiddled with the controls of the ray; the question wasn't what she'd do when she made herself as big as she always knew she should be, but what to do first. 'Fuck', she thought to herself, 'I'm going to be...'

“... Enormous.” she said aloud, unable to contain herself at the thought, idly tracing her fingers over one huge breast.

You watched in horror from the floor as the already monolithic woman grinned a devious smile, barely visible over the cusp of her bust, locking in the settings of the device. Every cell of your body was screaming at you to flee but you knew it would be pointless. She wasn't even going to wait to get outside first, and you were never going to find safety before she grew.

Andrea barely even acknowledged you as she pointed the gun square at her own chest, the creamy swell of her huge breasts on full display from her earlier toying with you. She paused for a moment, seemingly remembering you existed, to smirk down at you.

“Well pipsqueak, it's been fun. Ready for the show to start?”

You howled back in protest, realizing this was your last chance to convince her otherwise. Her grin only seemed to widen, watching your diminutive figure frantically flail and shout.

“Even if I could hear you from up here, there's nothing you could say to stop me. Now the world is going to see me how I was always meant to be. Toodles...”

Defeated, you collapsed to the floor. Even on your back, the giant bitch and the tits you always fantasized about filled your view. As the size ray lit up, blasting the busty form of your once landlady, Andrea cackled in glee and dropped to all fours. She locked eyes with you one last time, taking a deep breath and pushing out her already generous chest to biblical proportions of tit on display. Her clothes started to tear at the seams as she grew larger, the ripping of the fabric only highlighting the rate of her growth.

'I guess there's worse ways to go.' you managed to think to yourself as one of her growing breasts slammed down on top of you.

~ ~ ~

“God, will you shut the fuck up?” shouted the man in the apartment above, stamping his feet against the floor, fruitlessly trying to drown out the giddy laughter from the apartment below. “I'm trying to watch TV up here, for fucks sake!”

As Edward continued to bang his foot against the floor, the sound of the laughing only seemed to get closer, and... louder. It also sounded sort of, familiar? “Is that, the landlady..?”

His answer came swiftly, following the sound of stressed timber as Andrea's growing figure pressed against the confines of the apartment. Edward got out of his chair as the floor rumbled below him, but too late. With a cacophony of cracks and crunches, Edward lost his footing as the floor became an ocean of splinters, and fell backward as Andrea's head popped up through the floor.

Andrea's eyes focused on her new surroundings as she continued to grow, slowly filling up the space in the apartment above. Her gigantic, smiling face narrowed it's gaze at the bewildered Edward, who scrambled backwards to retreat from it. Even as he did so, he realized the floor was unstable, the broken pieces seemingly floating on a wobbly support beneath.

“Ah, Mr. O'Connor! You'll be pleased to know I won't need to collect your rent this month!” Andrea spoke, the power of her enlarged voice making Edward wince from the volume. Not knowing what else to do and trying to make heads or tails of the bizarre situation he found himself in, he responded.

“Y- you won't? That's... good..?” said Mr. O'Connor, losing his footing once more as he tried to stand atop the ruined pieces of floor that bounced and slid as he shifted his weight around. 'What the hell is going on... It's like trying to stand on a water bed?' he thought to himself.

“Yes, as you can see Mr. O'Connor, recent developments have made me realize I've outgrown my position as your landlady.” She smirked again at the bluntness of her rather obvious joke, feeling the top of her head press against the ceiling as she continued to grow. “And quite frankly I was tired of chasing you down for it.”

“That's... good then... So I'm uh... Free to go?” said Edward as he finally found stable enough ground on the jiggling sea of splinters and stood up, trying to gauge the distance between his position and the door out of the apartment.

“Oh, and miss what happens... Next?” Andrea said, feeling the strain in her neck as her body continued to press upward against the ceiling, and with a crack, pushed her head through the support beams, feeling them break against her pressure.

Edward had seen enough. Gauging the jump to the most stable looking part of the fractured floor, he tried to leap, but Andrea's steady growth displaced more of the lumber even as he made his move, and Edward found himself slipping down as the boards suddenly turned vertical. He screamed as the sounds of destruction around him intermingled with Andrea's laughs as she continued to look down at him from the hole she'd punched out in the ceiling above. All too late, he at last realized why the floor had been so unstable. Andrea's massive rack had been the only thing keeping it up. The entire time he'd been standing on the expanse of her chest, hidden only by the splintering wood of the floor, and now he was being swept into the canyon of her cleavage as she continued to expand.

Andrea's arms were still pinned at her sides, but she knew it wouldn't be long now before she broke free. She watched with great amusement as the ever tinier man reached for any handhold he could find, as the swelling mass of her breasts swallowed up more and more of his apartment. He howled in terror as she felt his tiny slaps, fingers failing to find purchase against the warm and silky mass of her favorite assets. As her arms continued to press inwards, she watched as he was consumed in girlflesh, his final sounds a pathetic gasp for air as she squeezed him between her monsters, crushing him as easily as she crushed the support beams that made up his floor.

'This is bliss... This is what I was made for...' Andrea thought, pressing against the weakening walls that could no longer hold her, 'and it's just the beginning...'

~ ~ ~

The tribulation of the apartment building had not gone unnoticed at street level. Crowds gathered as the structure bent and broke, and with a crash, Andrea at last grew large enough to break the structure like so much particle board. The shocked people below screamed as the dust cleared, and before them stood the impossibly huge and curvaceous figure of the nude Andrea. She opened her eyes, shaking the dust of drywall and splinters off her body, taking great pleasure in the sensation of the impossible weight of her breasts causing them to take a jiggling rhythm all their own.

The gargantuan woman continued to grow, the sensation of her growth fueling her lust as she watched the tiny pedestrians continue to shrink before her. Some began to run. Some just stared in awe. It didn't matter to her whether they stood their ground or fled, they were ants to her, and she was in a playful mood. Her giggle vibrated windows for several blocks, and dropping to her knees, she watched as her audience bounced from the impact. Her legs began to steamroll the surrounding structures as she just kept growing, passing 100 feet, 200 feet... Andrea drank it all in, sitting back on the thickness of her ass. She never heard the shrieks of the people behind her as their sky was blotted out by her descending mass, crushed flat beneath her as she wiggled her cheeks to get comfortable. Still, she continued to grow, 300 feet, 400... It seemed like it would never stop. Then she saw them.

The media had been quick to react to reports of destruction at the whims of a giant woman, and even now the news choppers were fast approaching. From her elevated height she had no trouble spotting them on their flight path towards her, and eager to show off her new found power, she welcomed them to come film all they liked. As they began to orbit her, she spread her legs, her feet plowing through the smaller structures without resistance, and began to play with herself. Her lustful moan echoed throughout the city, playing with her dripping wet pussy, as she reclined backwards, making a cushion of the entire block. Her left hand rose up, gripping as much of the heavy mass of her tit as she could, relishing in the sensation of twisting and pinching her nipple. 'My tits are so big they have a body count...' she gasped, thinking about just how big she was, 'and I'm still growing...'

Past 600 feet, 700 feet, her enormous figure continued to expand. The choppers continued to swirl around her, daring to get closer for a better shot of Andrea pleasuring herself. Suddenly the viewers at home watched as Andrea locked eyes with the camera of one of the gnat sized aircraft, and swiftly, yet gently, she brought up her pussy toying hand, using the wetness of her play to ensnare the chopper. She smirked, bringing the chopper up over the canyon of her cleavage.

“Don't stop filming now boys... I want everyone to see this.”

Andrea used just enough care to wipe her finger off on the base of her chest, between her heaving breasts, to ensure the chopper wasn't outright destroyed. Rattled, the crew hung on for dear life as the goddess smeared the residual wetness on her fingers between her boobs, and the chopper settled in it. The camera crew kept filming, pointing it straight up at her sneering face.

“Careful boys, the last guy I let down there got lost in them... I'm a big girl, and if you can't handle some dangerous curves...” Andrea said, pushing her forearms together. The helicopter crew screamed as the giant breasts began to close in on them, casting them into their shadow as the giant bitch lewdly put on her show. “Better stay off the road!” she cackled, and with a sudden press from her arms, brought her tits together with a slam. The sensation was unreal. That little shit she'd crushed under her tit, and Edward between them, were nothing compared to the feeling of slamming her big breasts together and flattening an entire helicopter like a bug, knowing the entire thing had been broadcast live to every television in the country. She moaned, bringing up her hands to squeeze her tits. They'd always been sensitive and she'd always known she was big, but this power was what she'd always dreamed of. Every man who had ever bought her a drink, or tried to impress her by opening a door for her, would fit in one of her bra cups now. She smirked. “If they even make one in my size now...” she said to herself, rolling over to have some more fun.

~ ~ ~

The crowds scattered as the impossibly huge woman passed 800 feet, 900 feet... and she began to turn over. Thousands of people fled houses to get into their cars, or just run for it down the street away from her, but she would not be denied her fun. Cast in her shadow, they were hurled into the air as her hands pressed down, making contact with the earth, and she loomed over the highway. She took a brief moment to appreciate the scene; the longest highway in the country running below her, between her legs. The stream of colorful cars as traffic desperately tried to escape her, and she smiled.

Replicating the same motion she used to flatten that little shit in his own apartment, Andrea lowered herself towards the screaming populace below, arcing her body so her left tit would come down on the roadway. She cooed as the unfathomable mass of her breast made contact, and for the briefest moment, felt the sensations of the cool metal of the cars, and panicked motions of the mite sized pedestrians beneath her sensitive tit. But it was not to last.

Andrea continued to apply more weight, and with a deafening crunch as monolithic titflesh bore down on the highway, she flattened them all beneath her. She held it there for a moment, wondering to herself how many people she had just crushed under her big tit, relishing in her new reality. Her swollen nipple alone had crushed a swath of vehicles as it hardened with her play. She let more of her weight descend, and the people previously spared screamed as her tit rolled over them effortlessly, squishing them so easily she wouldn't have known it was happening if she hadn't been focusing on the sensation. As she lifted her colossal boob up to inspect her handiwork, Andrea laughed, seeing the rainbow of paint jobs of the flattened cars that clung to her breast. Countless wrecks like bits of glitter, sticking to her tit like she'd dressed it up for a strip show. As she topped out at 1000 feet, she squeezed her tit playfully, grinding the last of the wreckage to powder as she pinched her nipple playfully, sighing her pleasure for the world to hear.

'But still, there was unfinished business to wrap up', Andrea thought, turning her lusty gaze to downtown, to the only buildings that dared challenge her height.

“Oh Mr. Baxter...” said Andrea, standing up to her full height, causing the orbiting news choppers to tumble as they were buffeted by the sudden gusts of wind from her movement. “I think we need to have a little word about a certain position I didn't get...”

Across the river dividing downtown from the suburbs, a very distressed CEO felt a chill up his spine watching the news from his penthouse office.

~ ~ ~

Andrea sauntered towards the downtown core, crushing city block after city block beneath her as she sensually rocked her hips for maximum effect. Every foot fall caused untold devastation below, but the news choppers continued to circle her, capturing every moment, and every intoxicating jiggle of her colossal figure. Andrea, as self centered as she was, adored the attention. She was used to being eyed up for her figure, but this was a feeling beyond that. Every now and then, she'd stop to pose for the cameras, lifting up her enormous breasts, squeezing them together temptingly as she bit her lip seductively, pinching her nipples with a lusty moan as she gave the helicopters a little wink, before resuming her rampage towards downtown. She had some business to settle, and Mr. Baxter wouldn't be able to call HR to get out of this one.

It took her only minutes to cross the gap to her target, the tallest office building in the downtown core. Her old job! She beamed a gigantic smile, noticing the building came up slightly short of her chest. And lo and behold... Could it be...

“Oh, Mr. Baxter, leaving so soon?” she said, spotting the ant of a man as he sprinted towards the rooftop helicopter. He'd evidently made sure to be the first one out of the building, as the rest of the staff trailed behind him on their mad dash to perceived safety. “But we have so much to talk about!”

Mr. Baxter had apparently decided they had nothing to talk about, as he ignored her as best her could, running for his life up the stairs to the helipad. Just as he crested it, suddenly two massive fingers came down, pinching the helicopter between them. Effortlessly they lifted up his last chance to survive up and away to her scrutinizing gaze. She squinted at it.

“You know, I always expected one day I'd have company helicopter benefits...” she said, letting the half crushed aircraft roll out of her fingers. Mr. Baxter watched in horror as it fell down, deep into her cleavage above. Even the crash of a helicopter couldn't be heard, so far away and so muffling was sheer mass of her tits. She giggled, once again pressing her breasts together with a nudge of her forearms, ensuring the helicopter and her crew were completely annihilated. “But I think I've outgrown the position, don't you think?”

If Baxter said anything, she didn't hear it. But she wasn't quite done with him yet. Licking her finger, Andrea sent the massive digit down towards her target. He tried to run, but Andrea deftly slammed her finger down just in front of him, sending him tumbling into the saliva sticky tip. He almost passed out from the gravitational force, as Andrea lifted up her left tit with one hand, licking her nipple to get it nice and wet. She cooed as the wind chilled her slicked up nipple, and Baxter screamed as it swelled up in anticipation of it's new passenger. Andrea gently wiped onto the surface of her nipple, and little Baxter was stuck fast against it, feeling every thump of her heartbeat through the massive breast. Andrea chuckled, causing her breasts to bounce, and even being stuck fast with her spit, Baxter screamed at the 600+ft drop were he to fall.

“What do you think little man, reconsidering letting me go now? Let's see what the rest of my old colleagues think!”

Andrea leaned forward, letting Baxter get a good look at what she was about to do. The panicked crowds atop the sad excuse for a skyscraper looked back up at him, as her hand lifted up her massive mammaries from below. Baxter realized what she was about to do, and closed his eyes...

With a single, casual motion, Andrea had hefted up the mass of her tits above the roof of the building, and simply by sliding out her hand from beneath them, let them drop. Baxter made first contact, the tip of her nipple slamming down with the full weight of her 17,000 ton breast behind it. He was instantly smashed into nothing as the rest of her tit followed, crushing the remaining staff who had come to the roof hoping to escape via helicopter as well. As both of her breasts crashed down the top floor of the building immediately crunched downward below the weight of the impact, bringing down the top 4 floors along with it. Andrea cackled, feeling the building crush under the weight of her tits, as the structure groaned. The foundation couldn't take the weight of her breasts, and began to give way, collapsing as the entire structure fell to the ground, completely destroyed by Andrea's monolithic bust.

Andrea had never felt so powerful. Lording her status as landlady over worthless deadbeats seemed like such a distant past, and yet it had only been an hour ago she was as small as the little man she'd just pulverized under her nipple.

But, pondered the author, what had become of the size ray that enabled her power fantasy to come to life? Had it grown along with her, or was it still somewhere in the rubble of the apartment?

Chapter End Notes:

Reuploaded because I think I included a hyperlink and the site automod ate it; hopefully this works!

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