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Author's Chapter Notes:

Mostly just introducing the characters and setting in this chapter, with a lot of the size and fetish stuff starting in the next one. Hope you all enjoy! And feel free to leave reviews~

The Discovery

“Dr. Mindy we’ve done it! I can’t believe it….. but your formula worked! There it is….”

“...so it has… oh god… hold on, stand back everyone!” The woman warns people in the room, with her round glasses and white labcoat, walking up to the chamber to perform the final steps of the experiment

The laboratory in the region previously known as North America sits silent. A couple dozen PhD students and graduate professors sit silently in front of the miniature particle accelerator. In front of the viewing screen, a golden particle was floating there, basking the room in an almost heavenly glow. They all watch with baited breath as Dr. Mindy carefully and gently adjusts the accelerator, and funnels the particle into a reinforced carrying container

One of the researchers pipes up “…. Doctor may I volunteer to… to---”

“Absolutely NOT!” She harshly says, causing the poor graduate student girl to recoil a little. “Ah… sorry, but this power isn’t something to be taken lightly! If this works, this is the most important thing in the history of the universe. We MUST make sure that it gets into the right hands….”

1 week later

After the central world government was notified about this invaluable discovery, the Mindy particle was quickly taken, and stored in a sophisticated time locked vault that’s impossible to open until 6 months later. Even though the world had been at peace for hundreds of years, the security of something this valuable wasn’t something to be taken lightly. And then, after days of deliberation by the government.. a press release to the world was arranged and held:

“…. I won’t bore you with any more of the science, but in summary, think of this particle as a magic lamp for all of humanity. With just a bit of programming, it can be used to target any single person, and grant them the power to alter the rules of our universe. To make them god so to speak…. So vote wisely! And now, I present Madam President: Ashley Bauer!”

A round of applause is heard from all in attendance as the cute redhead woman in her late 40s (not looking a day older than 30) walks up to the podium. Across the planet, work and society takes a collective break, as whole world looks at Ashley. Eager to hear what she has to say about such an important discovery

“Thank you Doctor. Like she said, this is the most important decision of our lives! Today, humanity has in its possession power beyond imagination, and we must ensure that it makes its way into the right hands, for all our sakes. With the main focus being the recipient’s character and morals, we’ve pre-promoted a pool of a few thousand people based on their contributions to society; however with enough popularity, anyone may be nominated. At any time over the next 6 months, please make the time to head over to your local voting center to participate. And, do keep in mind, whoever you select, you’ll likely have to deal with for all of eternity. So vote well, and vote wisely! Thank you for tuning in world, and have a great evening!”

The world goes wild with activity. The internet and social media and news providers wasting no time in speculating who the most likely person to become God is, and the social fabric of the world changes overnight. After all, in just a short 6 months on July 16th, there would be a real god!

Morning after the press conference

“Mmmph! Hah… AH! Hey! Gentle you~”

“Hehe~ whatever you say stupid idiot~”

A boy says, as he pulls on her hair harder after she says that while pounding her ass; his rude comment and roughness making her moan even more. It was a secret known by nobody except the two of them: that the president of the entire world government has sex with one of her son’s friends every other weekend. A boy she used to babysit before she rose to be the leader of all of humanity, and who her son is still friends with to this day. Her and the scruffy, brown haired, brown eyed teenage soccer player moaning and making love on the luxurious 5 star hotel bed; the both of them climaxing mere seconds after eachother and collapsing beside one another on the silky soft sheets

It’s a power dynamic the president had come to very much enjoy: after being treated with nothing but respect year in and year out, and her life consisting of nothing but making world-affecting decisions on a daily basis, to come to this private hotel room in secret and let such an ordinary, immature, and disrespectful boy have his way with her was an excellent way for her to relax. And of course James loved it too! He knew better than to tell anyone their secret, but just knowing that that woman on TV, who’s on their currency and who everyone in the world knows, is his secret fuck toy gave him such confidence even though he’s overshadowed by pretty much everyone at the prestigious school his parents force him to attend

“Hey Aaaaash! Aaaash~”

He rises up, and plops down on top of her. His sweaty ass resting on her thighs, and now flaccid dick resting atop her stomach as he leans forward, and idly plays with her boobs

“Mmm?~ Whaat~ what is it?”

“Hey uhm… so you’re gonna make me God right? Like you totally should!~”

“Awh you know I can’t! As much as I wish I… hey James wait! I--- mmmph!~”

He rises up, turns around, and sits on her face. Being mindful enough to leave her room to breathe after last time

“But I’d be like, the BEST god! Cmoooon~ do it do it do it~”

He playfully bounces up and down on top of her face. Ruining her expensive makeup with his asscheeks, and his balls slamming against her mouth and chin. Eventually giving her a rest by sitting down on the pillow next to her blushing smiling face

“Hah… hah~ You KNOW I can’t silly~ I have rules to follow! And a duty to humanity and---”

“Yeah yeah I knooow…. But wouldn’t it be COOL? I could hang out with you ALL the time!~ :D” he cuts her off

“Aha~ yeah, it would be…. Cool~” she sits up along with him, and cutely pokes his nose before she draws him into a kiss. Spending a good 5 minutes making out, before she gently pushes him back

“Okay okay~ I have to get back to work now… and you’re going to be late for school if you don’t start getting ready~”

“Awww… already? So stupid… if I was God the first thing I’d do is get rid of school...”

“But if there wasn’t school, then the God particle never would have been discovered!”

They chat as they pull themselves together and get dressed. James being done in about 5 seconds as he just slips on a pair of gym shorts (with no underwear) and a baggy t-shirt, and then just watches and helps her get dressed in her fancy uniform.

“… that just means that nobody else could become God after me!~ Haha~” He laughs as he clasps her bra. Then playfully gropes her tits while hugging her from behind. Causing her to squirm and blush

“H-hah~ it’s not gonna happen cutie…. But it’s okay, you’re already a god in my eyes~” He zips up her dress, and then she turns around to look at him. A dominant boy, but still a young man; blushing from the praise.

“A-ah I… T-thanks Ash~ Mmn… hey I was gonna do that in a minute...~” he groans, as she pulls out her own hairbrush from the bedside drawer, and uses it to tame his unruly brown hair. Then setting it down, and cradling his head in the palm of her hand

“You’re welcome! And good luck at your soccer game this evening… I’ll be watching online and cheering for you!~”

“...you will? But don’t you have like, a meeting with some space nerds tonight or something?”

“I did have a meeting with the head of the planetary asteroid mining force, but I cancelled it, because have more important things to do~” she says, giving him a warm, motherly hug. A hug which he returns by hugging her tight, and lifting her off her feet

“You’re like, the BEST girl ever! I’ll do my best for you! Love ya :D” He sets her down, and shoots her one last smile, before exiting through a secret passage (biometrically registered to only open for James) behind a bookcase

“Huh… James as God… now that’s a thought~”

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