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Chapter 1

“No, actually…uhh, I’m not sure that’s gonna work, mom,” said Alice, glancing down at her older brother, Jack, who was standing upright in an awkward, tense posture, a look of concern on his face. Alice was leaning against the counter in her kitchen as she spoke into the phone, and yet even still, the top of Jack’s head only came up to her eyes.

“Oh come on Alice!” huffed their mother, Sadie, in undisguised frustration. “First you guys had a “movie night” on Saturday, and then you were “too busy” on Sunday,” and now you’re turning down free KFC!? It’s my treat! I haven’t seen you two in weeks, and it’s starting to get to me!”

“I know mom, but…well, yeah, I know it’s been a while,” replied Alice, still looking down at Jack as she gave him a rueful little shake of her head. “It’s just that…you know…I’m still just so busy with work at the library…got a big backlog of books I need to preorder…Janice has all these big expansion plans for these new educational programs and we really need to make sure the bulk orders get delivered on sched—”

“Ok, ok, look, I’m not trying to badger you, ok?” interrupted Sadie. The retreat in her voice was still sharpened by her evident irritation. “I know you’re busy, Alice, and I know Jack’s…well, actually I have no idea what’s going on with him. He moved in with you last week, yes?”

“Uhh…right,” nodded Alice. She felt her heart rate start to accelerate; her mother was treading into dangerous territory now.

“And he, what…just quit his job out of the blue?” persisted Sadie. “I’m only asking you because he won’t answer my calls. Is he with you there right now?”

“He’s…well yeah, he’s here with me, but he’s taking a shower,” lied Alice, shaking her head again at Jack. “And, mom…I know you’re not meaning to but you’re starting to sound a little pushy.”

Sadie scoffed into the phone, and Alice knew that she had to somehow soften this conversation up to end it on a good note.

“Jack’s a grown…uhm…a grown man,” Alice continued, staring down at her shorter older brother, the irony obvious to him, “And I don’t know, maybe he just needs a little space from you right now.”

“But what’d I do!?” burst out Sadie helplessly. “I didn’t do anything, Alice! Your brother’s never been one to just…avoid talking to me! It’s really starting to hurt my feelings! And…I’m not meaning to be aggressive here, Alice, but when you keep pushing our dinner dates into the future, I can’t help but feel like…like…”

“Like what, mom?” asked Alice, trying to sound understanding, but covertly dreading the answer.

“Like you two are in on something!” exclaimed Sadie. “Something I don’t know!”

“Ok, mom, well…just, don’t worry about it, alright?” Alice wasn’t even going to bother trying to keep her ruse up any longer. She already felt bad for lying to her mom, and hearing how frustrated she was on the other end wasn’t making it any easier. “Jack’s here with me, and he’s fine, ok? Everything’s fine. How about I call you in a couple days, uh, you know, when I’m not quite as busy, and we can arrange something then, alright?”

There was silence on the other end for a few long moments, and it was almost like Alice could feel her mother gauging the intricacies of the pause, searching for clues.

“Well alright,” sighed Sadie, seemingly after an eternity. “You two take care.”

“Ok we will, bye mom, love you!” said Alice quickly, and hung up. She put the phone down on the counter and straightened up, rising tall above her brother as she did so. Once she reached her full height, the top of his head barely even reached her chin; Jack found himself staring straight into the middle of her shoulders, which were exposed in the tight white tank top she was wearing. A quick glance down her tall, lithe body showed two inches of her exposed stomach above her skin-tight jeans. Alice had been taller than him ever since she was 11 years old, but now, 15 years later, Jack had never felt smaller around his little sister in his life.

“So she’s…she’s getting more suspicious?” he asked, trying and failing to sound casual. The anxiety was clear in his voice, causing it to shake and waver.

“Psssh, that’s an understatement,” sighed Alice, blowing her own anxiety out through her lips. She put her hands on her hips as she cocked them to one side, staring down at her brother. She was used to him being quite a bit shorter than her, but THIS…what had started happening a week ago…it was absolutely unprecedented. She was still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that he had shrunk three inches in a week, and that this slow dwindling process was apparently going on unhindered, even as they stood there.

Alice let the muted moment build around them. She had been keeping all this from their mother all week for his sake, and the secret had become quite an effort for her to keep. At first, she had understood and appreciated Jack’s panicked need for secrecy, as he went from doctor to doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. But now, over a week later, the energy of keeping up the facade with their mother was starting to wear on Alice.

“You think…I’m gonna need to tell her soon?” Jack ventured. Maybe it was just a trick that came from their mismatched sizes, but he could have sworn that even his voice sounded smaller and weaker now.

Alice sighed and shrugged her shoulders. Jack watched her bust inflate slowly, showing off her sizable breasts, but then reminded himself that it was probably bad manners to gawk at his younger sister, even if she was undeniably hot…in her unassuming “librarian” way.

“I think we’re reaching that point, Jack…yeah,” she breathed out, with a touch of apology in her voice. But right after she spoke, she couldn’t help but feel like she was facing her brother down…talking down to him…telling him what to do. The sheer height difference between them was enough to skew the power dynamics of the exchange. Plus, of course, the fact that Alice had her hands on her hips only served to make her look even bigger. Jack felt his eyes helplessly drawn again to her lower half, to her big hips, and her hands…her hands…were her fingers longer!? No, no of course not…they just looked that way because he was shrinking.

“Ok, yeah…um…sure, yeah,” Jack nodded awkwardly, looking around Alice’s kitchen. “I, uh, I knew I’d have to tell her eventually.”

“I mean, as much as I’ve tried to help you out,” Alice said, sidestepping a little closer to him, “I don’t think I can keep it a secret anymore without her getting really upset.”

Jack watched as his younger sister seemed to get bigger as she got closer. The two of them had always been agreeable and comfortable siblings, with no qualms about using physical contact to express affection or playfulness. Jack had been a gentle, loving big brother, and Alice had followed in his footsteps. But even so, from time to time, even as an adult, she would be the “playful” one a little more often, and got a kick out of teasing her older brother about the fact that she was almost six inches taller than him. Alice had received her mother’s genes, as far as height and body type were concerned: Sadie was 6’3, and Alice was an impressive 5’11-and-a-half, nearly half a foot taller than Jack had been before he started shrinking. And now, a week into his mysterious diminishment, she was exactly eight whole inches taller than him.

“I guess I’ll…I’ll have to tell her, then,” sighed Jack, turning his head to look out the paned glass of the double French doors in Alice’s kitchen. The sun had set an hour before, so he couldn’t see the verdant green lawn, or the pink and violet flowers that had been blooming in Alice’s fenced-off backyard garden. Ever since he had taken extended time off from his software engineering job, he had been spending a good deal of time outside in Alice’s garden, enjoying the flowers and planting new ones in the midst of the blossoming spring. Unable to explain his mysterious shrinking, a confused doctor had told him to just try and relax and rest up, and Jack had been doing his best to take that advice. Alice had been doing her part too, cooking hearty, healthy meals for him, and even going out of her way to bake a variety of cakes, pies, and muffins, in the hopes that they might inspire an increased appetite and somehow stave off the shrinking. None of it seemed to work, though, and while Jack tried to dutifully eat as much as he could, Alice’s kitchen was lined with baking racks full of un-eaten treats.

“You know,” Alice said quietly, stepping even closer to him and extending out her hand, “I think you look even smaller now than you did this morning.” With her hand and fingers outspread, she lowered it onto the top of Jack’s head, playfully ruffling his short brown hair. Jack just stood there, unmoving, enjoying the affectionate attention from his sister, and yet, at the same time, feeling quite intimidated by the enormity of her presence next to him. Already it felt like her hand could almost palm his head like a basketball.

“I—I do?” asked Jack. Again, he wasn’t able to avoid feeling like his voice sounded higher-pitched. Ever since she had been a teenager, Alice’s voice had been slightly deeper than other girls’, but now, with the current size disparity, it seemed even deeper.

“Yeah,” murmured Alice, nodding her head gently as she passed her fingers thoughtfully through his hair. “And it’s not just your height, you know. You look a little skinnier too. Look at all these tasty things I’ve baked for you — haven’t you felt like eating them?”

“Haha, Alice, you know I’m trying the best I can,” chuckled Jack, trying to back away from his younger sister. She kept pace with him easily though, stepping forward as she continued to ruffle his hair.

“I just…I can’t believe how small you look already,” she said, in that same deep, quietly introspective voice. She took her hand off his head and gently grabbed both of his shoulders, testing them for size and squeezing lightly. Jack could tell that she was still being a little playful, but he also knew that this whole shrinking condition had come as quite a shock to her, and that she was genuinely worried about him. But even still, moments like these, when she was simply marveling at the dramatic size difference between them, were becoming more and more common. It was like she just couldn’t help herself; the reality was far too surreal and bizarre for her to not reach out and touch it, to feel it, just to convince herself it was all real.

Jack felt the smooth firmness of his sister’s exposed lower stomach and belly button brushing up against the underside of his pectorals, and he again tried to pull back, feeling a strange and sudden sense that they were too close. Without difficulty, Alice held him close to her for a few more moments, like she was almost mesmerized by the extent of the size difference. A moment later, though, Jack felt her relent as she relaxed her hands on his shoulders, allowing him to step back away from her.

“Sorry,” she muttered, looking down at him. “I guess I still just…can’t really believe it. I mean, you’ve been my “little” older brother for a while now, but this is…yeah, this is just a whole different deal right now.”

“It’s ok,” Jack said, wishing that he wasn’t slightly blushing right now, “I know it’s all crazy.”

The two of them stood there in the kitchen in silence for a few more moments, facing each other, as the night deepened in the garden outside. Jack could feel a certain energy coming from his sister, an energy that was difficult to place. He looked up at her — there was confusion and worry in her eyes, yes, but there was also something else, a kind of quiet fascination, that he had never seen before.

“So…you, uh, you think I should go ahead and call mom?” Jack asked, straightening up as tall as he could, even rising to his tiptoes as he spoke. Doing so only made him feel smaller, though, because standing on his tiptoes didn’t seem to do anything to give him an extra height boost. Alice looked as big as ever — she was so much taller than him that another inch or two boost was hardly noticeable.

“I think that would be a good idea,” nodded Alice, speaking quietly. “And after you’re done with that, I’m gonna measure you.”

A few minutes later, Jack had pushed himself through a difficult conversation with his mother which involved her, in succession, getting angry with him, frantically asking him if he was ok, bursting out that she was mad at Alice too for being in on the secret, and then declaring, in no uncertain terms, that she was coming over to see for herself. Jack had anticipated this succession of emotions in his mother, but that didn’t stop the conversation from being tense and unpleasant for him. He was thankful when, after a few minutes of lecturing him, Sadie had hung up the phone, promising to be over within the next twenty minutes.

“Well?” asked Alice wryly, cocking her hips to the side as she folded her arms across her chest. “How mad is she?” Jack looked up at her, and noticed how, just like when she had her hands on her hips, her crossed arms made her look even bigger. Ever since she had been a young teenager, Alice had always had fairly large breasts, and in her late teens she had sprouted a sizable ass to go along with it. Jack himself had always been a bit on the skinny side, and his sister’s superior height had always seemed augmented by the fact that her actual body was bigger than his as well.

“About…as mad as I expected,” answered Jack, putting his phone down on the counter next to Alice’s. ‘Jesus,’ he thought, glancing down at their smartphone comparison, ‘Even her phone is bigger than mine.’

“And she’s coming over, right?” Alice asked, unmoving.

“How on earth did you know?” joked Jack, cracking a smile up at his sister. The right corner of Alice’s full lips turned up in a knowing little grin — anyone watching would’ve instantly known that they were siblings from the same mother…they both shared the unspoken moment of understanding Sadie, and of anticipating her reaction.

“Well, we both know she’ll be calmer when she gets here,” declared Alice, a kind of business-like tone suddenly melding with the continued casualness of her voice, “So we better get you all measured before she shows up, just so she doesn’t have a fresh freak-out when she sees how tiny you are, you know…empirically, haha.”

“Hey!” exclaimed Jack, laughing a little at his sister’s gently playful jab, “I’m not that small, you know.”

“Well from up here it sure looks like you are,” returned Alice, her eyebrows going up slightly as she murmured her words. Jack had been struck by the way Alice had started speaking around him recently. She had always been a quiet, kind of nerdy person, who generally didn’t exude an inordinate amount of confidence. But ever since Jack had started shrinking, he had detected a change in his sister…the way she looked at him, and the tone of voice she spoke in…there was something sad in her voice, in her eyes, like she felt so sorry, so bad for him…and yet at the same time, that sadness was mixed with something else. Some kind of drastically different energy. Was it just sheer, quiet fascination? Curiosity? Maybe all with a touch of wry humor? Or something else? Jack didn’t really know.

“Well come on then, little guy,” said Alice quietly, her eyes seeming to dance for an instant as they fixed themselves down on him, “Let’s see how big you really are now.”

Jack forced himself to keep the little smile on his face as he followed his sister over to the spot by the pantry where she had been measuring him every night and morning. He had winced slightly at her calling him “little guy,” but he knew that she hadn’t really meant anything by it. The words had kind of just come out of her mouth that way. Even so, Jack was definitely thinking about how she hadn’t called him something like that since she had been a teenager, teasing him about being taller.

A series of descending red pencil marks on the wall showed the obvious regression in his height over the past week…from 5’5 (when he had first come to stay with Alice) down to 5’4.7, 5’4.2, 5’4, 5’3.8, and then, most recently, 5’3.5. He had been shrinking, more or less steadily, with no real noticeable spurts or pauses — it was just slow, steady decline.

“Alright, come on, come on, over here,” ordered Alice, for a moment sounding quite like Sadie, and Jack obeyed, backing himself dutifully into the wall. It was during these measuring times, bookending his days, that he felt the smallest. Something about Alice getting close to him with the express purpose of charting his shrinkage…well, it just seemed to emphasize the size difference between them in an intense way. He smelled the sweet musk of her scent as she sidled herself up to him, and again, the fleshy part of her exposed lower stomach and belly button brushed up against his lower chest. Jack knew that his sister wasn’t meaning anything by this unintentional contact, but it definitely had an effect on him. He could start to feel himself blushing a little, as the heat crept up his neck and into his face; his heart beat faster; his mouth was suddenly dry.

“Let’s see now…hmmmm…hold still a sec,” hummed Alice, holding the tape measure that she used to measure his height. “5’5…5’4…5’3…alright! You’re 5’3 now, Jack.”

“Al-already?” he blurted out, blinking up at her. Alice stepped back from him, shooting him a slightly concerned, knowing look.

“Well…yeah, I’m afraid,” she said softly, with a touch of apology to her voice. “It doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.”

“Great,” exhaled Jack, feeling himself deflate as he shrugged his shoulders in a moment of frustration, “This is just…ugh, this sucks!”

“I know it does, little guy,” came Alice’s cool, calm voice as she stepped towards him again. Her lower stomach pressed into his chest yet again, except this time, it was on purpose. Jack felt her large hands wrap around his shoulders, totally encapsulating them in a strong, firm grip. He had his back to the wall, so there was nowhere for him to go, nowhere for him to turn. His younger sister was holding him fast, and even though Jack knew that she was just applying gentle pressure, it was clear that there was absolutely no way he could free himself if she wanted to hold him there — she was that much bigger and stronger than him.

“Why do you…I mean…uh…so you’re calling me “l-little guy,” now, all of a sudden?” The question seemed to drop out of his mouth on its own accord. It wasn’t that Jack hated being referred to in such a way, even though it did make him wince and feel uncomfortable. But it was something new, some change in his sister’s behavior, directly connected to his shrinking. And THAT was what was making Jack dislike it so much. It called attention to the fact that things were changing.

“Well…I don’t really mean anything by it,” Alice replied tenderly, freeing one of his shoulders, but only so that she could wrap her big hand around his chin and direct it up towards her face. “I can stop if you want. But it just seemed…appropriate. I mean, you’re really getting tiny here, Jack. And I’m sorry, but…heh, I guess it just came out that way. I can’t help it — and you gotta admit, even though this is hard for you…hard for me too…you ARE pretty cute at this size.”

“Hey, knock it off!” Jack chuckled, his face now blushing full crimson as he tried to wriggle out of her grasp. She returned his chuckle with one of her own, and tightened her grip on his chin and shoulder, bending down lower to him as her eyes went slightly wider.

“Where’re ya goin’, huh?” she teased, turning her head slightly sideways as she eyed him playfully. “You tryin’ to get away? You tryin’ to escape?”

“Yes!” Jack exclaimed, smiling despite himself as he kept trying to break free of his sister’s grip. But she just kept holding him there, staring down into his eyes. The more he struggled, the more his futile attempts just emphasized the size and strength advantage she had over him. After a few more seconds, Jack seemed to realize this and relented, sighing out audibly as his body once again deflated under Alice’s hands.

“Give up?” she teased. His shoulders slumped and he glanced up at her, nodding, looking a bit discouraged despite the fact that the smile was still on his face. She was just about to let him go when the sound of heavy, booted heels clacked out into the air from the hardwood floor at the other end of Alice’s kitchen. Alice was still facing Jack, and he saw her close her eyes tightly for a second, like she had been caught in the act.

“So I see you’re beating up your little brother already, huh?” Sadie’s voice filled the room with its authority. Alice relaxed her grip on Jack and turned around to face their mother, and in the process, her large butt pushed and squished up against Jack’s chest, pinning him to the wall.

“Heh…I forgot you had a key mom…and we’re just…playing around a little, is all,” replied Alice, waving her hands innocently in front of her face. “Just trying to find a little silly humor in…whatever this is that’s happening to him.”

“Well step aside, will you?” Sadie asked. “I can’t even see him at all, with you standing in the way.”

Alice moved aside, and now Jack could see their mother more fully — he couldn’t help but gasp out loud. As usual, she was wearing a pair of black skin-tight jeans; she had on a tight black top that showed a few inches of bare flesh from the underside of her stomach. Alice had clearly gotten her sense of style directly from her mother. Sadie was sporting a pair of 3-inch, black, booted heels, the same ones she generally wore whenever she left the house. But Jack hadn’t gasped because of any of this…fashion-wise, she looked the same as ever. Instead, his exclamation of surprise was due to the fact that he had not anticipated how huge his mother would look. At 6’3 in her bare feet, Sadie had always seemed enormous to him, but seeing her now, after he had shrunk, standing before him in those heels of hers…it was something else. She rose up to a towering 6’6, a full 15 inches taller than him.

Sadie wasted no time striding across the kitchen to her son. Before Jack knew it, he was staring straight forward into the middle of his mother’s big breasts. His eyes travelled slowly up to hers, and he blinked several times when they made eye contact. She was looking down at him over her breasts — concern, frustration, confusion, horror, and fascination were all intermixed together in her dark eyes as they travelled up and down his shrunken body. Jack just stood there, having no idea what to say. A few long moments later, Sadie broke the silence.

“So,” she began, arching her eyebrow down at him, “How small were you gonna get before you decided to tell me?”

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