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My head swims with a multitude of sensations I can’t entirely make sense of. A side effect of the spell, no doubt. Desperately, I try to shake the odd feeling off, knowing Autumn wouldn’t be too happy to see me like this. With how reluctant she was in the first place, I knew she wouldn’t take anything but unbridled joy as a direct insult. But it’s too late. My disheveled demeanor is quickly picked up despite my borderline microscopic size.

“Fuck Aiden, seriously?” Autumn’s voice booms from all around me, disappointment prevalent throughout its almost clinically sterile tone. We’d been going through a rough patch recently, but deep down, I knew it was just another obstacle for us to overcome. We’d get over it; we always did!

I hang my head in shame. She always did have a knack for making me doubt myself. I’d pestered her about this shrinking fantasy for what, years now? And this is how I repaid her after finally indulging my acquired tastes?

“Sorry, babe…” My voice comes out hoarse, gravelly, as anxiety wells up from deep inside. I know she won’t accept any excuses, so I don’t bother with any.

She simply rolls her eyes, “Whatever. You being disappointing isn’t anything new. Just be happy I’m even doing this.”

Her imposing figure steps into view, and she casts a looks over me. Impatience written all over those beautiful hazel eyes of hers, disdain finding its way across her face. Although, even with her attitude, I can’t help but grow excited for her to be my own personal playground! I don’t hesitate to jump into it, looking her up and down; fishnet stockings leading from her tightly squeezed legs, up to the intimate black jeans that sit snuggled comfily around her ass.†

With her arms are crossed over her tight mesh shirt, Autumn starts popping the gum she’s already been chewing rather loudly. A habit of hers, one she knows I absolutely despise. But, I’m hardly in any position to raise a concern. No, right now, it’s best to just lay back and enjoy the grand display of sexuality in front of me.

“Alright, guess I’ll start.” Autumn pops her gum one last time, looking down on me with what I can only describe as a wall of apathy. It’s… unsettling, to say the least. Something about it is almost unnerving, as I’d always pictured her being more into this during my fantasies.

It gets me thinking. Although Autumn had always been the kinky type, I had to pull tooth and nail to even get her to look into the size reduction spell. I shuffle back and forth nervously, both dread and anticipation creating a strange mix of energy in the air. It starts to dawn on me far too late that pestering her so heavily might not have been the best idea. Certainly not for our relationship woes.

She brushes her black shoulder-length hair to the sides, and with a huff of annoyance, starts the exhibition we’d discussed beforehand.

My girlfriend begins by letting her hands skim the elastic of her shirt, tantalizingly making it seem as if she’s going to pull it up at any second, but she doesn’t. Not yet, anyway. Instead, she moves them skywards, tracing the outline of her body and grabbing her chest, bending down to shake the mesh-covered bra right in my face. I’m elated, but that feeling is soon ripped away the second she realizes how much I’m enjoying it. Her face changes. Malicious, spiteful. It’s subtle, but even the most minor changes are so effortlessly observable when you’re the size of a bug.

Is she… angry at me? All the signs point to the answer being a definitive yes.

Autumn continues regardless, backing up to give me a better view as she runs her hands across her plump thighs, even bending over to provide me with a much more personal perspective of her bubbly butt. However, she doesn’t linger for long, and I watch as she quickly lifts the mesh shirt over her head, letting it fall unceremoniously to the ground below, her bra following not long after.

It all seems so off in the most bizarre way. Like she’s simply going through the motions. Cautiously, I decide to speak up, immediately drawing her ire.

“Uh, babe?” I’m lucky she had the forethought to run a mind linking spell. Otherwise, she’d have no way of possibly hearing me at this size. One of the many cons of being smaller than an ant.

“What do you want, Aiden?” The display comes to a stretching halt as she turns her gaze right onto me, her sculpted eyebrows narrowing in unmistakable annoyance.

I swallow, “Um, i-it’s just… you don’t really seem all that into this? W-we don-”


I jump as her foot collides angrily with the floor, rattling every bone in my tiny body. I’d made a colossal mistake. Autumn stands up, looming over me with dubious intent. Her glare cuts through me cleanly, judging me for all I’m worth.

“I finally take the time to give your gross little kink a try, and this is how you repay me?” She’s absolutely fuming. I’d fucked up big time.

Autumn rapidly tears off the rest of her clothes, accidentally giving me another captivating view of her round backside as she unbuttons her jeans. I watch eagerly as the rolling hills of her ass practically pop out, greeting my ever-hardening erection. Right away, it’s apparent she isn’t wearing any panties, a surprise for sure.

“The only words out of your stupid fucking mouth should be thank you goddess, or, I’m so very sorry goddess!” Absolutely fuming, my girlfriend simply huffs, now entirely naked save for the sterling neckless I’d given her. The very same that marked our first anniversary.

She takes a couple of steps forward, covering what I can only interpret as several miles. It’s staggering, really putting into perspective just how much bigger she is. Nonetheless, I find her demeaning attitude unbelievably hot, even if it is reasonably off-putting. Reflexively, I can’t help but shrink back from her breathtakingly massive frame. My position towards the edge of the bed only makes each movement more intimidating.

I witness her powerful knees bend, sending her body almost hurtling down towards me. Stumbling at the sudden speed of it all, I fall flat on my backside as two deadly projectiles impact the mattress on both sides of me.


Her chest never was the largest, but it’s still extensive enough to hit with the force of a truck. The wind alone blasts me relentlessly, knocking me on my ass as a mini tempest unfolds around me, one brought on entirely by my girlfriend’s beautiful milky-white tits.

It’s impressive how deep she’s getting into the role, but her utter lack of care for my safety is starting to put me on edge.

Rising to my feet shakily, I decide to speak up, “Hey, uh, babe? You’re being a little too… um, rough….” I peer up at her from between her chest, my blood running cold and my sentence trailing off as my gaze meets hers. Her eyes look dead, entirely uninterested in anything I have to say. It throws me off enough that I don’t realize the masses of hot flesh closing in until they’re already upon me.


Her breasts meet, my body acting as the middleman. Warm plush skin meets mine, knocking the air cleanly from my lungs. Effortlessly, she rolls me around with a scary amount of strength, making me scream in an almost primal type of fear.

“What did I fucking tell you? Huh?” She peers at me from above her colossal breasts, waiting for an answer I’m far too terrified to give.

“I told you not to speak, you ungrateful little shit!” She puts a little more pressure on me, and I try to scream; however, I find myself unable to even open my mouth, the warm tit-flesh blocking noises from ever leaving my frantic lips. I’m assaulted by pounds of unyielding skin, Autumn rubbing me mercilessly in an ocean of her own flesh. My bones feel about ready to snap from the pressure, my lungs desperate for air. Her smell is all around me, wrapping me in the faint smell of weed and hemp, covered up hastily with some tacky ocean-scented fragrance.

After what seems like an eternity, finally, she relents. Letting me slump to the fabric in a disheveled, sweaty pile. This wasn’t how I wanted this to go; I was supposed to worship her tenderly, not… whatever this was! The stark difference in her personality is worrying. And for the first time in my life, I realize that she genuinely scares me. Some part of me is afraid of what she’s capable of.

“W-w-w-why…?” I stutter over my words, still greedily sucking in oxygen. I’m so lightheaded that it is nearly impossible to think straight, let alone form a coherent sentence.

She rolls her eyes, “Because I’m sick of it, Aiden. We fight all fucking day, and then you try and treat me like some sort of princess in the bedroom? I hate it! I hate you!” She points accusingly towards me as my whole world falls apart, the knot in my stomach seemingly dropping out of my body entirely.

Autumn throws herself directly over me, not bothering to look before she leaps onto our recently purchased mattress. I’m too heartbroken to say anything, barely even registering her dangerous transition to our bed.

Berating myself internally, I can’t help but question how I’d been so blind to everything. I’d thought we’d been carving a life out with each other, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This relationship had failed a long time ago, and what we’d been experiencing were simply its death-throes.

Purple nails come flying into my admittedly limited view, yanking me upward as I let loose a fearful yelp. Autumn wastes no time in bringing me right up to her all-imposing face, allowing me to dangle painfully by my arm as she looks me over, eyes drifting across my tiny body, inspecting my pathetically minuscule cock. She even giggles at it. My eyes dart away in embarrassment. Ironically, it only gets more stiff in response, further adding to my feelings of inadequacy. It’s a detail that isn’t lost on her.

“Holy shit Aiden, are you for real?” She snickers at me as my face grows flush, and I try to hold back the tears. If I could, I’d chuck myself clean off the side of the bed. Anything to get away from this unbearable feeling of shame.

“Well, I’m sure you had this dumb little picture in your head on how this would go, but, change of plans.” She winks at me lazily, a slight smile gracing her lips before opening her humid mouth. I watch her play with the chewed piece of gum already inside, roughly the size of my body. It’s tossed around by her impressive tongue, beat and throw across her wide mouth. Though it doesn’t take long for her to bore of it, making a conscious choice to center it towards the back of her slick tongue.


She grins as an almost unnoticeable bulge travels down to her stomach, her eyeshadow perfectly highlighting the mischievous twinkle in her eyes as the gum disappears down the very back of her wet throat. It’s ominous, malicious.

It’s a threat.

Without warning, she shoves me inside, pelting me with a wave of almost sickening humidity. The atmosphere is unlike anything I’ve experienced previously, leaving me petrified. It’s like an alien world, hostile, dangerous. I slide around on the bumps of Autumn’s tongue, coating me in a thin layer of sticky drool. I brace for the worst, only to be yanked right back out.

I’m so confused and disoriented that I find myself mumbling almost incoherently, doing my best to string together some sort of sentence as my brain is still trying to process the barrage of sensations I’d only just been subjected to.

“Yeah, that should be good enough.” Her comment snaps me out of my stupor. Good? Good for what? Unsure of what she could mean, it’s clear she isn’t talking directly to me but to herself. I wouldn’t dare speak out of turn, either, not after that brief stint I’d just stayed in her mouth. I shiver as the cold air hits me, like getting out of a pool near the tail end of summer. My teeth chatter incessantly, making me shiver in Autumn’s warm grasp. Another detail that doesn’t escape her all-seeing sight.

“Wow, this is just sad!” She chuckles at my intense discomfort.

“Whatever. Instead of me getting you off, I’m just going to cum and call it a night.” She says it so casually, so matter-a-factly. How long had she felt this way about me? How long had I not been seeing it?

I don’t have long to contemplate as I’m thrown downwards with little foreplay, almost immediately becoming intimately acquainted with her lowermost lips. She smothers me against hot, wet flesh that begs for attention, waiting for the touch of my tiny body. I’m used as a small toy, smeared and smashed around her labia and occasionally her clit as Autumn fondles her nipples with her other hand. Squeezing and grasping at the sensitive tips, pinching them as she uses me.

Between my sputtering, I observe her other hand come into my narrow view, pulling apart her entrance ever so slightly. Knowing exactly what’s coming, I brace myself, closing my eyes as my body is carelessly thrust inside, making her shudder in response.

Her heat is overpowering from the very start. The sudden temperature changes a massive shock to my system.†

All the while, Autumn’s heartbeat is audible, coming from seemingly everywhere and nowhere all at once. Yet, despite the objective horror of the situation facing me down, I can’t help but grow even harder from all the pheromones and sensations. Terrified or not, in a way, this is still a dream come true.

Nevertheless, just as I start enjoying myself, I’m ripped out from the stuffy cave without warning. I feel like a fish out of water, yanked out by a cruel hand. Soaked, I sputter from the sudden influx of liquid that enters my lungs during the commotion.

“Yeah, you feel super fucking weird.” She doesn’t even bother bringing me up to her face this time, letting me dangle in front of her sopping cunt. I shiver, the wetness making me violently cold.

The love of my life holds me still for a minute; let me hang by my sore and possibly dislocated arm. After what I can only assume is a period of contemplation, a bored hum comes from the unseeable above.

“Guess we could try anal? That might get me off….” I shriek out a flurry of panicked noises as she doesn’t even hesitate, lowering me right down to her hungry winking hole.

“Nononono! Baby! Please!” I beg and plead, hoping against all odds that she’ll reconsider.

“Oh, shut up already! Your lucky I didn’t just flush you and call Brian over to do this. Be lucky I’m even doing this weird shit for you, freak!”†

It hits like a truck, and I slump further in her iron grip.

“Autumn, please…. D-don’t do this….” my voice shakes, tears streaming down my face as her darkened wrinkled star sits directly in front of me, winking in anticipation for its latest meal.

I love her butt; shapely, round, plump, slappable. Hell, I borderline worship her for it! Yet, at this size, it felt so vile, intimidating. Like it could rip me in half with one accidental clench.

I’m shoved face-first into my newest hell as Autumn grinds me against the very thing I fear, all the while rubbing her clit in tandem, enjoying the unique stimulation my body provides her. She lets out a heavy sigh, “You’re insufferable! Do you even realize how embarrassing you are? You’ve always been so damn annoying about my ass-” She huffs, “-And now you want nothing to do with it?” She doesn’t bother with lube, painfully pushing me inside, letting me agonize as the friction of her sphincter threatens to tear me apart.

It’s unbearably tight, the pressure refusing to relent, her insides threatening to hate fuck me into a stain until finally, I feel myself pop through. Only for a new hell to greet me with open arms. Her interior is sweltering, and I squirm in severe discomfort, wriggling and turning in her surprisingly clean tunnel. Still, the air itself is so oppressive I get the urge to shriek out, my thin voice reverberating on her fleshy insides.

My sudden burst of movement triggers something far scarier than her repulsive insides…


An earthquake erupts, consuming both me and the steaming flesh around me. My very bones quake as I can just faintly hear a satisfied gasp from outside. Everything gets so very tight, and I whimper as I feel myself sliding out, light making its way inside my dark prison.

“Really needed that.” My girlfriend announces with a satisfied huff as I crumple into a mess in the fabric below her perfect crotch. I’m ruined and gross; an absolute mess. Yet, I still have that familiar feeling radiating from between my legs. She looks over the very top of her vulva, smirking down at me from the heavens, entirely unphased by what she’d just put me through.†

Hmmm, how about some foot time?” I can feel my eyes light right up in response. Finally!†

“I think you’ve earned it!”

She picks me up, her face unreadable, placing me on the floor. Much to my own confusion. I start to call out, but she stops me before I can even utter a word.

“Shush. Enjoy this, baby.” She coos sweetly, her immaculately painted dark purple nails come right for me.


Her feet impact the carpet with a tremendous amount of force as she swings her legs over the side, shaking my very bones. When out of seemingly nowhere, her big toe suddenly hovers over me, casting a long shadow and making me feel insignificant in comparison. It lazily drags over me, roughly stroking the head of my painfully hard cock. I feel it throbbing under the soft skin of her toe. Autumn always took such good care of her feet. Sometimes, a part of me felt like I really didn’t deserve her. The scent of hemp lotion quickly fills my noise, relaxing my nerves and allowing me to just enjoy her. She’s so stunningly beautiful, and I’m, well, me.

The dark violet-painted toenail moves lower down my torso, the very tip of her soft digit bending, almost hooking my rigid member with its silky touch. With her toe no longer blocking the majority of my vision, I’m finally free to gaze over her pantheon of a body.

Smooth, pale, and so very wonderful. Autumn was never the most slender but not chubby by any means. She was a real girl. Something about that just intensified her beauty tenfold. I feel so lucky to have her in my life at this very moment. However, I can’t be sure her feelings are the same. She looks down at me, bored.

Suddenly, she gets harsher. My girlfriend presses down hard, nearly knocking the wind right out of me, forcing a gasp of air. It hurts, but some part of me finds it uncontrollably hot. I take my right hand, the only limb free from her crushing weight, and gently stroke it, quickly gaining speed. I’d always loved this side of her.

“Oh my god, baby, this is just how I pictured it!”

She chuckles, “Is that right?” The weight increases ever so slightly, making me struggle to expand my lungs. She’s taking it too far!

Desperately, I try to call out, “Ba-be… plea….” But I can’t find the air to do it. Her foot grinds me roughly against the carpet, immense pain mixing with pleasure as my cock touched and ground into the soft plush underside of her toe. The result is an explosion of ecstasy as my cock paints the bottom of her toe. But I don’t get a chance to recover, the pressure only continuing its ascent toward unsurvivable levels.


My heart practically leaps through my throat as I hear and feel bones start to shatter under the immense weight of her manicured feet. Genuine fear grips me as I realize this is how I die.


I try to scream, but nothing comes out. My body is at its absolute limit, and just as I’ve taken about as much as I can feasibly withstand, Autumn twists her toe.

†There’s a whirlwind of motion as my body rips and bends in places I never thought possible. All under the dainty toe of my girlfriend. The adrenaline flowing through me is too prevalent to feel much of anything. My heart beats like a drum, seemingly ready to burst from my chest.


I watch the dirt and dust on the ground fade away as Autumn holds her foot with a hand, inspecting the very bottom of her toe with a grimace of disgust. The very same one I appear to have pathetically adhered to.

“So disgusting… huh?” Upon seeing me turn my head, a mixture of shock and confusion runs through her face, all in roughly a single second before settling on something between amused and surprised.

“Oh shit. I didn’t actually expect you to… you know….” Her eyes drift off to the side, the guilt gnawing at her.

“Fuck… sorry! I just… I just already moved on, you know? And, you haven’t. It’s just… easier for me this way.” She says somberly before painfully scraping me off her digit. My broken body screams with pain, but I can’t bring myself to move. Slowly, I’m brought up to her pillowy lips.

Mountains of wet heat flow off out of her mouth as she opens her jaw, soothing my hurting body and covering me with her perspiration. I see her lip tremble in hesitation before pushing me and the guilt my mangled body represents inside. I don’t linger for long; instead, she chooses to move me directly towards the back of her throat, sending me over the endless abyss. Flesh cloys at my body, grabbing me and pulling me down her hungry throat.

My tiny body speeds through the muscles of her throat, greedily forcing me down, deep into a new dark hell, assaulting my body and constricting its every movement. It’s mercifully short, sending me into a vast cavern. Only even realizing where I am when I smack hard into the surface of sticky chyme. I struggle to stay afloat, my body bruised, broken, and hurting.

I manage to tread water for only a few seconds before my head dips below the liquid, filling my mouth with her stomach contents. I gag, gurgling on gross fluid as an unending sea of acidic chyme flows around me, ready to immediately replace whatever I could cough up. Sputtering, I panic; a flurry of commotion breaks out as I thrash uselessly, trying to will my broken body to work in a sea I was never meant for.

I scream her name, beg for her to let me out. Tears run down my face, constantly washed away by the endless sea of bile. My skin starts to itch, and I flounder in goop, realizing it’s getting harder and harder to stay afloat. My cries for help are utterly ignored. Had she severed the spell? No way, she’s a bitch, but she wouldn’t let me die! Right?


My question is answered by the sounds of her digestion and the burning of my increasingly thinning skin. Broken, flaking, and dissolving, I sob, calling out for her in some vain hope that she cares.

Ultimately, it isn’t of any use. I feel my own actions start to slow, groggy movements all that remain as I fade out into an empty nothing. Now, only a source of fuel for my girlfriend’s apathetic body. Faintly, as I fade away to permanent sleep, I hear the familiar ring of her phone, followed by her muffled voice from outside.

“Oh, hey Brian … Nope, pretty bored, actually. Mhm, that kind of bored. Huh? Hell yeah, I’ll throw on a movie while I wait~.”

I drift under the waves for the final time, knowing that all I’ll ever become is some additional fat on my exes’ already well-defined ass.

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