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Story Notes:

After a traffic accident causes a girl to grow to gigantic heights, she uses her new stature to live out fantasies she never knew she had

Author's Chapter Notes:

So first chapter I have written in a while so growth sequence ahoy with a little side of exposition and backstory

It was the summer of 2018 and Jessica was having a decent day, she had gotten home from work early and had the long weekend off. She made sure to get her 5’ 2“ frame ready since tonight she had her pole dancing class. She was well aware of the sexual overtones of such an activity, but she also found it empowering. It was as much aerobics as anything else and it certainly helped keep her in shape. Even at 35 she would still pass for a full decade younger with big brown eyes and a nice petite form though her height never kept her from doing what she enjoyed. Her job in the office while fiscally fulfilling never played into her passions or desires. Over the years she has been a tad promiscuous but had never been able to settle on a guy or a girl as she had tried many times over the years to develop deeper bonds. Some would say she was hard to please, but she still had a positive world outlook and a cheery enough demeanor to go along with her devious side. Now settled in at home she jumped in the shower to quickly wash away the work week and get ready for her class. Little did she know that she would not make it to class that evening however it would not get in the way of her exercise.   

Jessica enjoyed a nice long steamy shower and soon stepped out in front of her mirror. She stood there and admired herself through the condensation. She wore nothing but a smile and still looked great. She reached for her towel to dry off and soon headed to her bedroom for something tight fitting that she could maneuver her slim body in. Once dressed she saw a group chat on her phone that said the class had to be moved due to a scheduling conflict to the alternate facility downtown. This annoyed Jessica as she would now have to take the crowded tunnel under the river on a Friday night filled with the usual careless city traffic. She soon had loaded up her bag exiting her modest apartment down to the garage to jump in her practical hatchback. Once she turned over the key, she noted that the check engine light had come on again but at least it was not flashing so it could be worse she thought in her cheery tone. Once out of the garage into the open on the suburban streets heading towards downtown, she heard on the FM dial that some strange atmospheric events relating to a recent solar flare were occurring but between the tall buildings and overcast sky there was nothing to be seen. She changed the station to her favorite classic rock channel and caught the end of the instrumental song that was her namesake putting a smile once more on her pretty face. It felt to her almost like there was electricity in the air, the frenetic driving of her fellow motorists and pedestrian crowds also seemed just slightly off as if on edge. She had a gut feeling something wild might happen tonight. Her long brown hair seemed a bit frizzed out as well from said voltage, which she simply chalked up to the material on her newer garment being so tight over her curves. She was slowly making her way through traffic when she entered the tunnel. Then finally to her relief things started opening up a bit. The FM dial went to static as she fumbled for her physical music file on her phone via the aux cord. It served to divide her attention as she closed in behind the tailgate of an older F-series truck.

The tunnel itself was a marvel of construct. Built with up to 4 opposing lanes at its widest and vaulted 50-foot ceilings brought traffic smoothly from one district to the next under the murky waters and never seemed as packed as the bridge. But tonight, traffic was steady and erratic but still moving at a good clip. As she entered the tunnel Jessica felt a shiver run down her spine, it was much faster than usual, but she liked to try to keep pace with traffic. With the height of the tunnel, it is a rare one that allows trucks to drive through as well as larger vehicles without the normal height restriction. That night ahead of Jessica moving at excessive speed was a black International long box truck with a refrigerator tower on top and its hazardous chemical signs painted over. It was in a hurry to get somewhere but its final destination would be arrived at much sooner than anticipated. About halfway through when the lanes expand to 4 both directions for 8 total in the vaulted chamber underneath the deepest point of the tunnel there was a commotion. A white Mercedes CLA coupe cut off and clipped the truck causing it to fishtail, overcorrect and flip onto its side. Further down the tunnel as Jessica followed the truck closely in the travel lane, she heard screeching of brakes and crunching sheet metal but glancing up from the phone her view was obscured from her hatchback's vantage point with the F150 ahead of her plowing into a stalled wrecked taxi-van Both vehicles ricochet off to the left side of the roadway and all lanes directly ahead of her were now blocked with the overturned box truck facing her lane top first. The taxi van ended up bouncing around a pylon into the opposing lanes stopping traffic dead in its tracks. Even laying on her brakes there was no way she was going to be able to stop in time before hitting the truck at breakneck speeds. Jessica blacked out moments before impact. However, the crash was just the beginning of her adventure.

The roof of the truck splintered upon impact with the hatchback along with much of the truck's siding. Tied down inside was a vat with strange markings on the side that was designed to ferry some mysterious liquid. It was not built to withstand an impact with a passenger vehicle doing near 40 mph as it was shattered between the impact of said car and the now vertical frame/load floor of the truck. The windscreen on the car shattered as well as the front end of the vehicle crumpling upon impact, setting off all the airbags which introduced a powder in the air from the deployment mechanism. A mysterious viscous fluid poured out from the former vat soaking the unconscious Jessica within her vehicle wreckage cocoon. Outside the commotion of the accident had started to settle down and people were exiting their vehicles and checking on each other. The drivers of the mysterious truck simply vanished; some noticed them run off into a maintenance door after climbing from the wrecked cab of the truck. A few minutes later a number of emergency vehicles had come from the opposite direction down the tunnels as all traffic both ways were stopped. Nobody had noticed Jessica's car wedged inside the remains of the box truck but soon everyone in the city would be aware of her presence.  

Jessica was used to being overlooked. Standing 5 ft 2 in she would not stand out in a crowd but was comfortable with her stature. There were times when she wished she were taller but was happy with herself. However, covered in the mysterious fluid in a dark claustrophobic wreck, her current situation seemed less than ideal. Suddenly the fluid on her took on a luminescent glow and little pink sparks started to form on the surface of her skin. Something was happening and soon her clothes tightened then shredded. Her body was expanding, and the compacted body of her former hatchback was starting to stretch and bend. By now outside of her current predicament emergency crews were tending to the injured from the various wrecks while tow trucks were hooking up to vehicles trying to sort out the mess. The tunnel roof and walls were aglow with yellows, blues, and red strobes from the various emergency vehicles.   

A loud metallic crunch startled the people milling about and the sound reverberated for almost the whole mile in each direction of the tunnel. It seemed to come from the mysterious overturned black box truck that had no passengers present or accounted for. Inside the vehicle the mysterious substance was seemingly absorbed by Jessica now as her growth accelerator. She had already burst from her car sending sheet metal and car parts in all directions within the now shrinking confines of the overturned truck. Her neck length hair and top of her head burst through what was the back hatch of her car ripping it clean off the remains of the vehicle. The chassis underneath her form started to bear more weight than it was designed for and was becoming ever flatter. Her feet also reached the load floor of the truck and started to push the whole vehicle forward with her growth. It was not that all the attention of the people milling about turned to the box truck as it started moving as if on its own. Their fascination soon turned to horror as the truck started sliding into the idle response vehicles in a cacophony of grinding metal. Out of the other side of the truck her now growing head appeared pushing out along with her slender shoulder blades soon thereafter. She was soon close to 25 feet in length and people began to try to flee in all directions away from the commotion. Her expansion showed no signs of ceasing.

It was 7 o’clock on a Friday and the city was just starting to come to life outside of the tunnel. A warm evening in the soupy August air along with the overcast skies led to a strange orange glow from the copper streetlights in the downtown area. Traffic on the area bridges were heavier than normal as there was a report that there was a major collision in the main tunnel under the river and alternate routes were advised on the various apps and radio stations people were attuned to. The dazzling skyscrapers had their lights just coming on adding a glitter like touch to the sea of orange. From above the traffic helicopters could see the added yellow, white and red lights of the night's travelers slowly making their way about town. There was certainly a lot to do this time of year and people were taking full advantage. Little did they know their evening plans were about to be changed drastically.  

Back in the tunnel Jessica's rapid growth had brought her to about 50 feet. This meant her expanding head and shoulders started to interact and shove the backed-up vehicles in the traffic lane she had come from. Her shapely butt had completely flattened the remains of her car underneath it as it was pressed deeper into the roadway. Meanwhile her feet had shoved a sizable pile of still flashing emergency vehicles behind the truck as her formerly petite feet now were long enough to start to lift the truck from its side off the ground. Still in her deep sleep Jessica started to have all sorts of weird sensations, all of them generally pleasurable. Passing 80 feet her head and shoulder had made a considerable pile of cars and trucks before them. They soon too began to get crushed by her mass and smooth skin sliding over them. The truck she was ‘wearing’ on her feet was now clearing the emergency vehicles below it as the vertical soles of her feet started to interact with the emergency vehicles parked there. A big flatbed wrecker was one of the first to go under. It was squelched between her feet as it got snagged on the center barrier and was quickly overtaken, yellow light bars all shattering at once as she continued to shove the rest of the ever-shrinking mass of vehicles in all directions down the tunnel. It was starting to get darker as more and more vehicles were either shunted further down or squashed entirely. Her nude body was starting to fill the tunnel.

   Now nearing 150 feet her widening hips along with her left arm and leg burst through the barrier pylons and started to interact with all the stalled traffic traveling in the other direction. It was more the same there as well as now her head and shoulder started heavily impacting the mercy vehicles there in the fleeting light. Meanwhile her left foot and expanding back and waist also started overtaking the stalled traffic squeezing multiple vehicles into the approaching walls crushing them as well. Her growth was now near the 250-foot mark as it began to get really tight for her. Luckily Jessica was still in her unconscious state though she was still started to be driven wild by the sensations of so many things breaking against her expanding body. The box truck she was originally trapped in now had the tables turned on it as her feet were too large for it and it was nearly scraping the roof of the tunnel. It was also approaching a spit where both lanes went off on slightly different paths as this was where the tunnel started back towards the surface a mile or so down. Luckily for Jessica she was positioned perfectly for her legs to each have their own 4 lane tunnel to grow into. This was not so fortunate for the 4 lanes of stopped traffic going the opposite way. The box truck finally met its demise after being torn in half as her feet continued to grow and the remains hit the roof of the tunnel becoming scrap metal between her toes. Many dozens of cars and trucks were now being pulverized by her feet and long slender legs. At first her feet would slide down the tunnel damaging many vehicles in the process. But soon after as her ankles and then growing thighs started to approach, they were all crushed against the walls of the tunnel and slowly ground into scrap. The stalled traffic by her hair and head did not fare much better. Many cars were shunted aside or dragged via her strengthening hair under her head which now turned sideways in her sleep. A Crown Vic taxicab was crushed by her soft cheek as she slept putting a wide smile on Jessica's face. Soon her shoulders and back did much the same chasing down and pulverizing the cars and trucks behind her as the tunnel itself would soon be tested by her shapely form.   

By now nearing 400 feet her legs had now branched down separate tunnels filling them nicely though at the expense of around 70 now very flattened vehicles underneath and down the sides. Her hips and ass along with her shoulders had nearly completely filled the 50-foot-tall roof as her breast took out the fluorescent light strips on top of the tunnel completing the darkness. Her head now was still sideways blocking one whole 4 lane tunnel, her cheek now resting on top of multiple vehicles and her smile was about to vanish. The vehicles underneath her being flattened had all sorts of liquids giving her moist sensations that continued in her crotch region as well as she slept. She was about to get a whole lot wetter though in a moment as a loud crack was soon followed by several more. The concrete and rebar roof was starting to bulge more than the overengineered design could withstand. The riverbed soon started to bulge upwards as she passed 550 feet and then it happened. Her upper half suddenly escaped her concrete prison bringing in a cooling rush of water immediately awakening her from her sleep. Her torso soon shot upwards from her sitting position as her legs continued to push deeper into the tunnels over the helpless traffic. Her expanding hips and butt still sat in what was left of the tunnel as all 8 lanes of it were fully taken up forming her seat. Luckily when she sat up her head and chin down to her clavicle was clear of the water. Her wide seductive big brown eyes were open taking in the orange din of light as she measured her new surroundings. Now reaching near 700 feet and her b cup breast and stiffened nipples felt the humid summer air, she realized she was still growing.  

From her new vantage point, she tried to remember what had transpired leading up to the current events as her growth continued. She remembered that she was heading to her pole dancing class and had entered the tunnel but was drawing a blank spot from there onwards. She could obviously tell she had grown and was in the river now somehow. She tried to feel around under her thighs and soon saw a number of small cars and trucks floating on or below the surface of the water. When her upper body had left the tunnel, the remaining half mile had flooded washing vehicles out into the river or down the tunnel towards the entrance. The results were catastrophic. Now close to 900 feet she used her left hand to examine a small Pacifica minivan that was bobbing in the waves caused by her movements. She noticed that her hand was about 3 times as long as the van and started to feel quite turned on by the power rush she was suddenly feeling. She dispatched the vehicle quickly by smearing it against her 50-foot-wide breasts which now hung still in the night air as her expansion continued. She was just enjoying sitting there watching the world go by having not noticed her in her shroud of darkness, but they would soon enough when she was ready. She looked at the multiple bridges from a strange perspective. She could see all the traffic was nearly at a standstill as the diversion from the earlier tunnel action was causing a domino effect. Even from her sitting position she was looking slightly down at the yellow, white and red dots of light from the cute various vehicles on the spans. More of them on the shore roads along with the various orange and white streetlights and the glistening buildings almost beckoning her to play. But she wanted to wait out to see when she would stop growing and carefully weigh her next moves. Now at over 1000 feet her legs had started to break free from their respective tunnels swamping the opposing lanes leading to a new volley of ever shrinking vehicles to bob to the surface. The river was getting shallower, but she was a fan of Jaws and decided that her first game would pay homage to this film. Now nearing 1200 feet a 45-foot-wide grin appeared on her face. Tonight, she decided to have some fun and throw off what few inhibitions she had once held. As her growth continued, she pulled her butt out of the impression that was the former tunnel. Now it was Jessicas time to play. 

Chapter End Notes:

So there it is , the first chapter of my first mega giantess story. The growth part is almost through but the destruction only beginning.

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