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A night of fecal and sexual depravity has unexpected results, as you realize your destiny is to stay with Natalie, a beautiful but disgusting woman who seems to have an endless bladder.

MAJOR scat/toilet and sexual warning, like an ungodly amount of it.  Honestly don't even click on this story, it's too disgusting.  You've been warned.

These chapters were originally part of the interactive "Ick Magnet" by G-Writer on writing.com.  Although these chapters are older, I welcome any and all feedback.

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Published: December 13 2021 Updated: December 20 2021

1. A Shit-Ton of Sex by revival45 [Reviews - 3] (1507 words)

This chapter is my first contribution to a storyline from G-Writer's interactive "Ick Magnet" on writing.com.  The interactive is about a short guy (you) who seems to have an odd curse where they almost always seem to end up in disgusting situations with women who are significantly taller than him.  As I mentioned in the summary, this story is VERY scat heavy.  If that's not your thing, skip this one.  My chapters start at the link below:


Context for the story up to now: Your whole life, you seem to have been cursed to always end up in dsigusting scenarios with beautiful women.  What doesn't help is the fact that you are incredibly short, and you seem to be the only person who is.  While riding the subway one day, you meet Natalie, the ultimate phat-ass white girl.  After sitting on you and using you to scratch her asshole, she gets the wrong idea and thinks that you are willing to help stimulate her further.  She takes you home and the two of you begin having sex, but she gets a bit too comfortable with you and soon starts getting gassy.  While she continues to jack you off as she uses your head to stimulate her anus, she gets even more comfortable and accidentally craps on your head.  Whether it's because of your curse or because you're too much of a pushover, Natalie is still under the impression that you want her to continue further, and she begins fully releasing her bowels upon you...

2. Your Perverted Destiny? by revival45 [Reviews - 1] (713 words)

3. One With Natalie's Butt by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (843 words)

4. Years Under Natalie (Part 1) by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1248 words)

The chapters from here on out all take place years after that fateful, perverted night.  The structure from here on out is a bit different from my typical writing style, but I figured I'd try something new when I first wrote these chapters.

5. Years Under Natalie (Part 2) by revival45 [Reviews - 1] (1698 words)

6. Years Under Natalie (Part 3) by revival45 [Reviews - 1] (1282 words)