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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter is my first contribution to a storyline from G-Writer's interactive "Ick Magnet" on writing.com.  The interactive is about a short guy (you) who seems to have an odd curse where they almost always seem to end up in disgusting situations with women who are significantly taller than him.  As I mentioned in the summary, this story is VERY scat heavy.  If that's not your thing, skip this one.  My chapters start at the link below:


Context for the story up to now: Your whole life, you seem to have been cursed to always end up in dsigusting scenarios with beautiful women.  What doesn't help is the fact that you are incredibly short, and you seem to be the only person who is.  While riding the subway one day, you meet Natalie, the ultimate phat-ass white girl.  After sitting on you and using you to scratch her asshole, she gets the wrong idea and thinks that you are willing to help stimulate her further.  She takes you home and the two of you begin having sex, but she gets a bit too comfortable with you and soon starts getting gassy.  While she continues to jack you off as she uses your head to stimulate her anus, she gets even more comfortable and accidentally craps on your head.  Whether it's because of your curse or because you're too much of a pushover, Natalie is still under the impression that you want her to continue further, and she begins fully releasing her bowels upon you...

"Wait... no, please can you just stop for a sec--" Weakly, you tried your hardest to plead with Natalie to stop her fecal assault on you. Before you knew it, though, she had swiveled her dirty, shit-covered asshole right back into your face while the poop that had just evacuated her bowels squished beneath and around you. There was so much wrong with this situation; why would some stranger you met on the subway so quickly think you were this attracted to them? Why would they think it was okay to release their bowels completely on to you during sex? Why would they be content with continuing their lustful actions to someone in a pile of their own excrement? Clearly, Natalie did not know the definition of depravity. There was no way she could even recognize it.

As these thoughts went through your mind, your face was continually mashed by Natalie's filthy ass crack. More and more it continued to swallow your head, while it simultaneously released even more flatulence and filth. If she wasn't farting, there was shit coming out of her asshole that would smush right into your face immediately. You were ground zero for all of her dumping, and it was clear that she was going to continue to unload her bladder on to you until you climaxed with her yet again. As the situation bore down on you, Natalie continued to mash your flaccid penis with her hands. "What's wrong, little guy?" She teased, "Is this booty too much for you??" She released another hot stream of gas upon your face, which immediately began to infiltrate and burn your lungs. Her ass was giving you no chance to respond, yet somehow, your penis was becoming hard once again thanks to the lubricating mix of Natalie's viscous spit and warm, slimy shit on your cock.


More gas and more crap escaped Natalie's butt and stuck itself to your face, removing any chance for you to breathe in normal air anymore. A thick layer of brown coated almost your entire skin and the majority of Natalie's sizable rear, as the fecal matter that came out of her piled onto her bed below you. This woman, as beautiful and sexy as she appeared, was under the perverse impression that you were getting off to her farts and her shit, and she had no intention of slowing down the flow of either. Even under the constant barrage of this woman's waste, you had to wonder how much more existed inside of this woman? Had she ever been this depraved and sexual with anyone else before? She really seemed okay with how the night was turning out... what was wrong with her?


A huge log of shit shot out of Natalie's rectum and directly into your mouth, which caused you to choke on the end of it and slam your face directly into the rest of it as it continued to pour out of her anus. You tried to cough the rest of it out, but her powerful poopchute released another bout of gas directly into your mouth, forcing you to swallow most of the log. When you were done, your head and neck reflexed directly into Natalie's filthy orifice where you sucked on it in weakness, since you were too weak now to ask for help. "Ooohhhh," Natalie cooed in extreme pleasure, "You like that you little freak?" She was exciting herself more and more over the whole situation, which lead her to pile-drive her bulbous cheeks further into you. Your head, which was technically resting on the area where the pillow meets the headboard, was now being forced into a huge puddle of human waste. Her cheeks pushed you more and more into the disgusting mattress, which caused the liquid shit to all flow towards your head. As you felt it slowly rise around the sides of your face, you were ready to accept the fact that you were designated to die under this woman's filth; lower than her lowly shit.

As the poop rose above your head and met it's maker's asshole, Natalie's legs slipped in her waste which momentarily gave you control of you arms again. With all your might you pulled yourself up, not even sure where you were. When you finally surfaced, you found yourself pinned directly between Natalie's ginormous rear end and the bed's headboard, with you head and arms now above her ass crack. The rest of your body had slipped away from Natalie's grasp as well, as she now found herself on all fours in the beginnings of a huge pile of shit. Your erect penis was directly against her asshole, and her huge butt cheeks were still trapping you to the point that you were still connected to and under the influence of Natalie. "Oh! Is that what you want, baby?" Natalie purred at you as she wiggled her fat ass (which, unknown to her, had a complete grasp of you). "You got it, little man. Fuck me in the ass with all you got, and I'll give you all I got left!"


Yet again, Natalie forced more and more crap out of her asshole and onto you. The only difference was that now it was your penis, which was still incredibly turgid despite the near death experience. None of this made any sense, you thought to yourself, and your penis was not helping the situation at all. Perhaps this was what you've wanted all along; to be dominated and obliterated by filthy women. Or maybe it was all of the gas that you had inhaled that was making you woozy. Regardless, you decided to let your cock lead the way and began fucking the literal shit out of Natalie's big tasty rear.

Her flatulence was becoming more and more powerful, as the time your penis spent inside of her rectum caused the pressure to build up more and more even as you pushed and pulled it in and out of her ass. Pushing against her wrinkly shit-stained pucker was hard, but you were determined to make your way through the tight hole. Pulling it out was easier, since the pressure in her bladder helped push it out, although her anus did try hard to keep you in once it had a hold of you. This rhythmic plowing was occasionally interrupted by another bout of poop, but that forced itself out of Natalie anytime you pulled out your cock, and pushing it into her just created more of a stinky, slick lubricant.

Natalie and you moaned and pleasure simultaneously as you both found an orgasmic rhythm, which seemed to accelerate even with her bladder. This woman's intestines were operating on their own plane of existence, as they continued to spew out more and more poop even after all this time. The entire room was reek and dank, and the atmosphere of it was consisting more and more of Natalie's fecal matter. It was a wonder both of you were able to still stay conscious in here, let alone make love the way you were doing. The fucking accelerated more and more, with every single aspect of Natalie now becoming more and more beautiful to you. Her ass cheeks were so big compared to you that you couldn't even reach your arms all the way around them, so you just pressed them into the soft squishy surface as much as possible while your fucking continued. Her ass pummeled you more and more against the headboard, but you were able to brace yourself with her soft cushiony skin. Even with how much of the environment was covered with Natalie's poop, from her ass crack to her bed to your face to both of you, neither of you could stop until your orgasms climaxed together. As they did, Natalie's bowels finished unloading everything else that was left in them onto you and your penis. Her waste forced itself, and you, out of her rectum and created a pile that spilled all over the bed.

Everything around the two of you was brown. You fell forward in exhaustion against Natalie's filthy butt crack, which was filled with shit just like the rest of the bed. Natalie also fell forward and laid on her stomach as what seemed like a gallon of pussy juice escaped her crotch. Both of you sat in silence for a few moments, steaming in the pile of shit Natalie created, the only noise being your breathing as it settled down. Your face and body was completely covered in shit, and it was laying right in the middle of this woman's shit-filled crack. Finally, Natalie made a noise when she let out one last tiny fart that hit you point blank in the face. You breathed it in and immediately smushed your face against her asshole, like a sponge trying to absorb as much stink as possible.

"Oh my god," Natalie panted, "That was incredible... Was it as good for you?"  It then dawned on you that you had to respond, but what were you going to say?

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