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Story Notes:

This is going to be a compilation of every commission I take. If you yourself are interested in getting a commission, then shoot me a DM over on twitter @EdgedrickTheTiny. That said, I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Author's Chapter Notes:

My first ever commission! The client preferred to remain anonymous, but they asked for a giant unaware Meg Makibano (and Cutie Band) from the Sengoku Rance series. Although I'm not too familiar with the Rance series, I did my best! I hope you all enjoy, and thanks again to anonymous for commissioning me!

It was a fairly average day in the wizard nation of Zeth. Blue skies, occasional clouds, nice breeze to complement the cozy air. However, despite the mundane averageness of today, something irregular was about to occur. An irregularity no one in the country would ever notice, save for those it was affected by.


You were a recent recruit to the Zeth Security Forces. Despite only having worked with them for about 6 months, you and a group of 11 others had been selected to form a temporary surveillance unit. You were being sent to observe someone with a “Balance Breaker”- a highly dangerous ability. And, if the intel was right, this one in particular could be incredibly dangerous if left unchecked. Or, even worse- in the wrong hands,like with the AL Church- it could be disastrous for the entirety of Zeth.  “So, remind me again what this ‘Breaker’ thing is?” a soldier with the number 7 adorned on his armor said. In order to help keep your identities hidden, you were all assigned numbers instead of names. You were #12. Of course, it was only for this mission. “The ‘Balance Breaker’ is called ‘Relax Bust’. Basically, anyone who looks at this woman’s breasts is thrown into a state of near hypnotic calm.” another soldier- the leader, adorned with the number 1. “And… why’s that so dangerous?” #7 asked. “Probably because her tits are huge.” #3 joked. As you and the others laughed, #1 remained silent. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding. I was joking, man!” #3 recoiled. “How, uh… how big are they?” #5 questioned. “Not sure. This’ll be my first time seeing her. Look, all you need to know is to keep your eyes off her assets at all times, is that clear?” “...But what if they’re really bi-” “Is that clear?” After #1’s stern warning, #5 simply sighed. “Sir, yes, sir.” “Good. We’re coming up on her ranch. She should still be asleep by now. Don’t do anything stupid like wake her up, got it? Move quickly and quietly. Alright, everyone off!”

You dismounted from the wagon with the others and slowly advanced on her ranch. Meg Makibano- some farmgirl with the power to hypnotize whole nations. Scarier still, she didn’t even know it. You all began to move in on the house. “Ready?” #1 stated, his hand on the doorknob. You all nodded. “3… 2… 1… go!” He swung the door open, and in that instant, that infinitesimal second, you blinked.

Upon opening your eyes, you did find yourself in her house. Just… not in the way you would expect. Looking around, everything was absolutely massive. The chairs at her kitchen table were the size of castles- making her table the size of a whole nation. All around you, your squadmates began to rise from their slumber like you did. “W-WHAT THE HELLLLL?!” #10 yelled from behind you. “CALM DOWN, #10!” #1 bellowed. “It’s… it’s huge!” #8 cried. “Well, aren’t you perceptive!” #4 snapped. “Cut it out, you two! We need to find a way out of here!” #2 broke up the two before a fight could happen. “...No. That isn’t the mission.” #1 said, matter-of-factly. “Pfft… heh. Heheh. AHAHAHA! Are you fucking serious right now? In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re the size of ants! We’re in no condition to continue this dumbass mission!” #3 argued. Everyone agreed save for #1. “You listen to me, dammit! We were sent here on a stealth mission! This size is perfect for espionage- the target will never even notice us!” “That’s exactly the problem, jackass!” The two bickered. #2, the second-in-command, strode over to #1. “Sir… with all due respect, we are in no state to undergo the mission. Our priority should be to escape.” “Hmph. Cowards. All of you!” #1 stormed off in the direction of the stairs.

The rest of you grouped around #2. “...We all need to escape this house, with or without him. Our best bet would be the window. We’ll have to climb up the drawers to the counter. Follow me!” You all darted towards the drawers, and after about 2 minutes, you began scaling the sheer face of it, up towards the countertop.

Off in the distance, #1 had just arrived at the landing on the third stair and was making his way to the fourth. At the top of the stairs, there was a thunderous creaking in the floorboards.

Meg was finally awake.

You could hear her thunderous yawning even from a quarter way up the counter. She descended down the stairs in her bare feet, rubbing one of her eyes as she did. “Now, where’d I put my boots…?” She groggily questioned herself, glancing at them at the bottom of the stairs. “Oh, great!” Her pace quickened. #1 ran as fast as he possibly could to try to get back to the second stair. But his tiny body and dwindled stamina couldn’t carry him there fast enough. Before he even knew it, her titanic foot crashed down on him, reducing him to nothing but an unnoticeable red splotch on the soles of her pale, sweaty feet, wiped away instantly with the lifting of her foot.

“Oh, shit! She’s here!” #8 cried. “Damn… just stay calm, and no matter what happens, don’t look! Just climb!” You squinted your eyes and continued the arduous climb up the cliff. A little below you, you heard someone muttering to themselves about something. You listened in on his ramblings; “I-It can’t be that bad… it can’t… be that… b-bad…” You recognized the voice as #8. Before you could stop to ask him what he was talking about, you heard the thundering footsteps getting closer, her humming like a siren alerting a disaster. You quickly scuffled up as quickly as you could. “Just one look… can’t be so bad… right…?” #8 tried to reassure himself, taking a glance over at her. She was beautiful. Short brown hair tied up in twin ponytails, the choker with the bell, her long leather work boots that went up halfway past her knees. And last but most certainly not least, her breasts. It was no wonder that they could hypnotize people. They were titanic- not just compared to the squad. Every movement she made would make them bounce up violently, almost defying the very laws of physics to do so. #8 caught them out of the corner of his eye and froze in place. His grip loosened on the cliff face as her boot passed by. He was brushed off, and fell into the open lip, tumbling down into a deep, dark, damp abyss.

He bounced between the walls of the boot and her soft, squishy skin, and eventually slid down the bridge of her foot, landing inbetween her big and second toe. “Hm?” Meg perked up, noticing something strange in her footwear. “That’s odd…” She raised her foot, and began tapping the tip against the floor. “One…” #8’s bones cracked. He coughed up blood, and his ears were ringing. Suddenly, his prison lurched downwards once again “Two…” His legs shattered and bent. Despite the splitting pain, #8 wore a smile on his face. “This ain’t so bad…” Before for the third and final time the tip tapped the floor, and #8’s body folded and crunched. Far beyond him, Meg was somewhat amused. “Hmm… I felt it go pop. Must’ve been a bug that went in my shoe. Poor buggy.” She said dismissively, continuing to walk.

She hadn’t even noticed that the gusts reverberating off her skirt from the kicking had caused your squad to tumble all the way down back to the hard floor. As you and the rest were reeling from the impact to the floor, you heard Meg’s voice high above, absentmindedly wondering to herself. “I wonder what bugs think about when they go squish…? Hmmm…” In her absent mind,she scrunched her toes, splashing #8’s blood around. However, that scrunch caused her to lose her balance when her foot touched down. She tripped backwards, her butt aimed directly at all of you. You scattered and ran as fast as you could so as not to get trapped or killed beneath her monstrous rear. But for some, it was far too late. As her ass crashed down and sent you lucky survivors flying, you all staggered up, noticing #3 trapped with his lower half smothered in Meg’s cheeks. He was bleeding badly. “H…Hel… H-Have to… H-Help…” “Owwww…” Meg moaned, rubbing the tops of her buttcheeks, barely above #3. As she rose up back to her full height, you heard #3 call out “HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!”

“Hm? What was that… that buzzing?” Meg pondered, glancing at her butt, noticing the ragged, screeching body adhered to it. “Huh? Ewww… pesky little-” She raised her hand, and then swung it into her left buttcheek with a SMACK! louder than lightning  “-mosquito!” As she wiped the remains of her victim on her skirt, she continued to think out loud. “So many bugs today… Hopefully that was the last of them. Maybe I should check…” She said, beginning to swivel around as the survivors turned and dashed under the overhang on the counter to keep out of sight.

It was just three of you now: #2, #5, and #12. You all stared down at the floor to keep her breasts out of sight. “Damn! We still need to get to the window… wait a moment. Her hands! If we climb on her hand, she’ll grab onto the counter to help herself stand!” #2 said, in a stroke of brilliance. You heard a loud crash from her hands slamming on the floor. “There’s our chance! Let’s move- but keep your eyes down and away from her chest!” He commanded. You all took off at a full sprint towards her thumb. Meg scanned the ground for any bugs to squish. “Hmmmm… doesn’t seem to be any buggies around… well, if I find any, they better be careful, hee hee!” She said. You all grabbed hold of her thumb as she stood up, not grabbing hold of the counter at all. “Shit, I thought with the weight of her breasts she would have to support herself! Damn it! Damn it all!”

She began to walk again, and her hand began to sway forwards. You decided to simply take a chance; you jumped, hoping, praying that you landed on something. Sure enough, you managed to land on the drawer handle. Your squad, however, was not as fortunate or “brave” as you. After taking a couple steps, Meg stopped and looked down at her chest. “Hm? My boobs are all messed up. So many little problems today…” She brought the hand the last 2 survivors were clinging onto right to her chest. #5 shut his eyes and scrambled up the length of her arm. #2 wasn’t so lucky. He just couldn’t keep his eyes shut.

He was completely entranced by her chest, as it sped toward him. She shoved her hand in her cleavage, adjusting her breast to be comfortable, completely oblivious to her new tiny prisoner she had entombed in her mountainous chest. “There we go. Much better~.” #2 was in paradise. The softest cushions in Zeth were smothering him. As he hung there, suspended and squished between the two titanic mammaries, every problem or issue he had, with himself, others, and his current predicament, simply faded away. In her sweltering heat, pounding heartbeat, rushing current of milk, and bombardment of sweat; it was no wonder Relax Bust was considered as dangerous as it was. #2 was so enraptured in this feeling of pure calm and joy, that it was hard to say he could even be considered an individual anymore. He was reduced to nothing more than a grinning, laughing husk of himself. He hadn’t even noticed how his body and started humping the walls, not out of desperation, but pure lust. He just kept going, letting his erection and libido take hold over him as he worshipped the inside of Meg’s bust, until finally he came, letting out exhausted gasps from his rigorous work. He wasn’t even aware that with every step, every bounce of her breasts, he was being grinded away, until he was nothing more than a fine red smear and a sticky white splotch between her boobs, wiped away by her sweat, nothing more than a fleeting memory.

#5 had just made it to her elbow before the lackadaisical farmhand had finally taken notice of the trespasser on her skin. “Oh, another mosquito here to suck my blood. Silly little thing.” She raised her hand. All #5 could do was hold his eyes shut and shiver in fear. He held his eyes so fiercely that tears began to stream down his face. “That blood doesn’t belong to you. So you’re going to have to give it back, OK, little buggy?” She said, slapping her hand right on the “mosquito”, blood splashing out with the impact. Meg sighed, wiping the blood away. “Alright, I should go to work now. Those cows won’t milk themselves… sadly.” And, completely oblivious to the fact she had single handedly wiped out 11 elite soldiers of Zeth Security, walked to her stables.

You managed to escape out the window and around the side of the house while all this was happening. You sprinted down the trail from her house to the gate out front. From behind you you heard her crashing footfalls. You couldn’t look. You shook your head and just kept running. You heard her stable doors open. You were completely free. You just had it make it to the gate. You stared at the gate coming up in the distance- you were so close to survival. Then the gate burst open, and a high pitched, haughty voice invaded your ears. “Ugh, where are they? They should’ve come back hours ago… if I see them ogling that farmhand’s chest, I’ll personally see to their punishment!”

You were saved. Cutie Band, a high-ranking commander in the Zeth Security Guards, and the one who organized this whole excursion. You jumped and waved, yelling up at her to try and get her attention. “Hm?” Cutie looked down at you- she saw you! Now you were really sav-

“Eugh. Disgusting.” She raised her foot. You leapt to the side, narrowly avoiding getting squashed in the dirt. “Tch. Nasty little insect. Why don’t you do the world a favor-” Cutie raised her foot again “-and get crushed!” You jumped again, the impact of her shoe sending you hurtling. “Alright, now stay still you little…” You were too winded. You curled up in a ball as her meteoric dress shoes crashed onto you, leaving a crater in the shape of her shoeprint. But despite getting smashed and broken… you hung on and survived. You felt so relieved to be alive, broken as you may have been. Until Cutie brought up the bottoms of her shoe to inspect her handiwork. “Did I get it?” You twitched furiously, to try and peel yourself away. “Damn, still alive. Come here, insignificant creature.” She said, peeling you off the bottom of her shoe. You clung to her finger like a wounded animal. “Look at you. Bloodied and beaten, clinging for dear life. Pathetic. Nasty little things like you make me sick to my stomach. I just can’t stand letting things as worthless as you live. Goodbye forever, pest.” She brought her thumb to her pointer finger and mashed you into a fine paste, never to be seen by, or acknowledged as a human, ever again.

Cutie simply wiped your remains on a handkerchief. “Now, where are those foolish soldiers?”

— END —

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