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The first part where the meeting between the psychic girls occurs

It was a bright, sunny day outside the town of Twoson in late June, year 199X.

School recently ended, all the children of Eagleland were fervently enjoying their summer vacations, including the heroes of that fateful adventure against the incarnation of evil, Giygas, who succumbed to the union of 4 chosen children: Ness and his gang.

Things seemed to be normal. However, Paula, a blond girl from Twoson with psychic powers, was in her room, sad, with feelings of loneliness. A familiar voice echoed through the house.

"Honey, it's time to eat!!" Paula's mother said with great enthusiasm

"LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" shouted Paula disconsolate in her bed

* A minute of silence surrounded the house *

"If you want, I can take the food to your room" said Paula's mother.

After the defeat of Giygas, and going their separate ways, Paula was going through a depression.

She felt alone, without friends or special people with whom to share good times.

Jeff was obsessed with looking for his missing father, who left without a trace, and Poo was aware of perfecting his martial arts and psychic powers, to live up to what a prince of the mythical city of Dalaam should be. 

Several of the children, with whom she played in the Polestar Preschool, moved to another place.

Worse still, Paula felt devastated inside.

* Sniff * "Why, why don't you want to be with me ..."

(Paula said disconsolate, when remembering the person she loved so much: Ness)

* Flashbacks of the end of the adventure of her saving the world, went through her head *

“There was something I wanted to tell you, but I’ve forgotten it.

I'm sure I'll remember by the time I see you again.

Well, I guess this is it.

Goodbye. Ughhhh ...

…So long"

Paula commented to Ness that day, after her emotional farewell.

"We are only friends?"

"And why haven't you spoken to me again in the last few months?" Paula said sobbing.

(Paula remembers what happened, 4 months ago)

* Ness and Paula were sitting in the new Twoson square, next to a water fountain *

"Don't you think this place is very romantic?" Paula commented blushing.

"Eh, yes. Sure hehe " said Ness without being very aware of the situation.

"Do you remember what I've wanted to tell you all this time, since we last saw each other?" Paula asked in a very affectionate tone.

"Ah, of course, that day I went to leave you at your house" replied Ness happily

"Well, I…"


"I, uh ..." Paula tried to express her feelings, but she had a hard time saying it.

"Yes?" Ness commented with a smile.

"I lo…"

"I love you" Paula expressed with great affection, touching her hands

(Ness was surprised for a moment)

“Paula, it is very sweet for you to tell me this. We have had very good times together, and you have supported me in the adventure” Ness commented on Paula's relief

"So, what do you say?" Paula put her fingers together shyly ...

"Well…” (Paula was smiling while Ness spoke)

“The truth is that we are just friends. I'm sorry” Paula's smile faded into a sad expression.

"But I thought you loved me, that we were made for each other…." Tears fell as Paula spoke with her head looking at the ground.

"We can still be friends, don't worry" Ness commented, while he patted her on the back.



"Paula, what is wrong with you?" shouted Ness….


I..." Paula could not continue the talk. The girl started to run, with tears streaming from her eyes.

"PAULA, COME BACK, I DIDN'T WANT TO HURT YOUR FEELINGS!!!" Ness said in vain. He watched the blonde girl who was once her friend, ran away from his sight.

“Um… As my father used to say: it is difficult to understand the emotional pain that women go through. She'll get over it” Ness thought in his mind. 

The atmosphere of sadness filled the Jones family home.

"I wonder what will happen to our daughter, she has not felt well for months" said Paul Jones

“She must feel lonely. She goes through an age where her lack of friends tears her up emotionally” Paula's mother responded to her husband. Paula continued crying in her room.

“I tried repeatedly to go to your house, but it was in vain….

You do not want me near you” Paula cried, remembering the agonizing months past.

*Knock knock *

"Hello there! Is Ness at home? " Paula said from the entrance of Ness's house

"I'm sorry honey. Ness is not at home. He is busy with his baseball practice" said Ness's mother.

"Come back another time if you wish" she closed the door.

*Sniff sniff*

“Last time, your mother told me that you got sucked into a strange portal, without knowing your location. What a bunch of lies and excuses that your family makes so that we don't see each other” thought Paula angrily, not knowing that those days passed when Ness embarked on another adventure to save the world, accompanied by another psychic boy with blond hair, and several extravagant characters like a giant penguin, and a plumber in green clothes.

"I'll try to talk to her" commented Mr. Paul Jones.

*Footsteps are heard near Paula's room*

"Hello Darling. I would like to talk to you” her father placed himself comfortably on Paula's bed, the man stroked her head.

"Go away. I don't want to talk to you” Paula answered angrily.

“I know what you think, dear. You must forget him" Ordered his father

"But I love him. And I feel alone” Paula exclaimed, as she recalled her old adventures with her quartet of friends.

"I have tried to communicate with Ness, but he seems like he wants to stay away from me"

Paula kept crying inconsolably, until she received a tender caress on her cheek.

"Poor lil thing, I understand your pain. Look, friends come and go, it's part of growing up" his father commented, pointing out experiences he lived as a child.

(The talk of father and daughter, continued until the evening)

"Try to meet new friends, you are a good girl, surely you will meet people who share your pain of feeling lonely. Look to the future, there are still many adventures to live” said her father with joy.

"Thanks daddy. I love you" Paula exclaimed with great tenderness, smiling through tears.

"Me too, my little princess" Mr. Jones then kissed his daughter on the forehead.

(That night, Paula looked at the sky) 

"Oh, what a beautiful starry sky, I can find several constellations among this beautiful star show" Paula thought happily. 

(a shooting star passed in front of Paula’s eyes)

"This is my chance to make a wish!" Paula said enthusiastically.

(Paula then clasps her hands in a prayer position, and with tears, she prays to heaven)

"Dear almighty God, who helped me defeat Giygas, and is both in heaven and on earth. Please give me the opportunity to meet a new friend, someone who is a special person with whom to share pleasant moments, and adventures "

(Paula finished her prayer. The shooting star disappear over the horizon).

"I will keep an eye on the future" Paula said with great determination, before going to sleep.

Meanwhile, our story moves hundreds of years into the future, where a blond boy lived happily alongside the people of a peaceful village called Tazmily. His name was Lucas.

"Woof Woof" barked a brown dog, lovingly licking the face of little Lucas.

"Hehehe, that's enough Boney, I'm awake" said the blond boy. He hugged his canine friend.

"I'm going to visit the sacred place for our family, will you come in?" the little boy asked his pet.

"Woof!!!" the dog gave a firm bark, reaffirming the enormous loyalty to his owner.

"That's the spirit my friend, let's go" said Lucas.

(The boy and his dog went out for a walk, they lived on a beautiful set of islands overlooking the sea, inhabited by rural populations with very friendly people)

*Lucas breathes the fresh air, and gratefully receives the sunlight*

"Boney, don't you think it's beautiful to wake up every day, and appreciate the gift of life?" the boy says to his dog with a smiling expression.

(Boney licked him affectionately, wagging his tail constantly)

At the village of Tazmily, peace was restored after the fall of the evil emperor Porky.  

It was a paradise in every sense of the word: the animals lived in peace, the fields of flowers and vegetation abounded, the water of the rivers sounded every morning, giving a relaxing atmosphere to the place, and there was an excellent climate. 

"Hehehe, sure she will like them, they are her favorites" Lucas said cutting a handful of sunflowers.

"Come on Boney" exclaimed the blond boy, sprinting on the way to Tazmily village.

"Hello Lucas!"

"Good morning, Lucas!"

(Several of the local villagers greeted Lucas)

The blond boy, and his pet kept running, until they reached a burial place.

Nearby, there were 2 graves, one next to the other, with various flowers decorating them.

The headstones had the names of Hinawa, and Claus.

*sniff* "I hope you like them, mommy. I will never forget you"

(Tears fell from Lucas's eyes. He placed sunflower blossoms on the graves, expressing gratitude to his family)

"I wrote a poem, I did it with great affection thinking of you" The kid took out from his pocket, a sheet of paper.

"I still have the memory

Of the love that you gave me

The hugs that you always gave me

And that brother who accompanied me

In good and bad times”

(Lucas kept reading. He tried to wipe his tears)

"Mom, 9 years old

That I enjoyed with you

Great is my pain

Of being alone without your love "


“I know you are next to Claus

In a better place

Taking care of us with fervor

While I remember with love

Your sacrifice, and your heart

As beautiful as a flower


(Boney made sad moans)

"It's always nice to remember your loved ones that you care about, even if they're not with us, right Boney?" Lucas exclaimed 

(Boney brought his head closer. The doggy received a pat from his owner)

"Let's go back. There are many fun things to do" Lucas waved his hand, saying goodbye to his deceased mother and brother. On the way, they came across the home of an old scientist, named Dr Andonuts; he moved to live in the village, after abandoning the creation of Chimeras for Porky. 

"Ah, Lucas. Good morning, I would like ask you to do me a favor" the doctor pointed to a huge device with the shape of a satellite dish. 

"Wow Dr Andonuts, what is that?" Lucas asked, surprised to see that piece of technology.

"This, it's a multidimensional antenna, it's basically the successor to the Phase Distorter

... It allows us to travel through space-time, passing between different dimensions"

Andonuts explained the functionalities of the device. 

"Impressive, I have not traveled to another dimension since I, and my new friends defeated Tabuu" Lucas had flashbacks of the subspace emissary, reminding his friendship with characters like Ness, the group of swordsmen, or Pokemon trainer. 

"Since Tabuu was defeated, all the dimensional gaps have been closed, that time I had to say goodbye to my friends from other dimensions" Lucas exclaimed.

"Well, no more. This machine can create portals that allow us to connect between different worlds or times. I plan to travel to the past to visit my dear son Jeff. I did not have enough time to give him the love that a son deserves" Dr Andonuts commented, feeling sad.

"So, for what you need me, sir?" asked the blond boy

"The downside is that the machine only works with electricity, could you help me generate the necessary energy?"

"Of course!!!!" Lucas said excitedly

"Well, in the meantime, I'm going to…"

(Lucas impulsively generates a great electric shock from his hands, based on a technique he learned from Kumatora)

"PK THUNDERRRRRRRRR!!!" Lucas threw a huge ball of electricity at the device. 

"WAIT….!!!" warned Dr Andonuts, but it was too late. The machine absorbed the enormous force of the impact, receiving an overload that generates a dimensional hole that sucks Lucas in.

"UAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH" Lucas yelled as he was sucked into another dimension.

*BOOM* The machine exploded.

"Well, time to go back to the phase of the storyboard" said Andonuts frustrated to see such disaster.

"This is very bad, I have no idea where that boy has gone, I hope he is fine" commented Andonuts, not knowing that Lucas would arrive in the same dimension where Red lives, along with a mysterious psychic girl.

It was night in Saffron City. The streets had a quiet activity, most people were happy.

Inside the gym of the place, it felt cold and gloomy, no one else was there except Sabrina.

*a surprise box appeared in front of Sabrina*    

"Mmmmm" Sabrina muttered, feeling indifferent to her surroundings.


"Hahahahaha" Sabrina's Haunter made a surprise box prank to try cheer her up.

"Agh, get out of here Haunter, NOW" Sabrina yelled angrily at her Pokemon, showing her eyes glowing darkly with psychic energy.

"Haunttttttt…" Haunter faded with sadness. It left her trainer alone to think.

(a minute of silence invaded the gym)

*Tears fell from Sabrina's beautiful face*


Why can't I make friends yet???

Why does everyone see me as a freak ??? " Sabrina exclaimed between tears.

Sabrina has never been happy with her life. Her anguish goes back from her birth.

In the Pokemon world, all psychics are related, because they come from a single lineage, although there are different families, they have always enjoyed great power and prestige within society.

Between the same families, there is an internal dispute, causing the family heirs to bear all the pressure to prove that their line is the most powerful of all. 

This led to Sabrina, from a very young age, forcing herself to train to perfect her abilities and demonstrate the power of her lineage. Although she regained her smile and reconcile with her family, thanks to the help of Ash and his friends, things have not gone well for her.

"YOU ARE CRAZY. Who would want as a girlfriend, a freak phenomenon with strange powers, who is an autistic woman of over 18 years old, who does not stop her strange obsession of playing with dolls?" Sabrina remembers her last rejections of dating partners she had.

No man has ever wanted to date her, because of fear and rejection of dating a “weird woman”.

Even her old classmates, whom she met again, are afraid of her.

"Hi guys, long time no see. I already feel renewed, ready to be a better person" Sabrina remembers herself in another of her flashbacks.

"Get away from me, you are a monster"

"You shrunk me when we were children, and you constantly threatened that you would kill me, and my family for making fun of you"

"You disgust me. I only hang out with successful normal girls, not like you, weirdo who rejected my friendship for being obsessed with her psychic powers"

These were all comments Sabrina received from people who knew her.

Sabrina has felt heartbroken, and her self-esteem was in tatters. Worse still, her performance in her gym dropped noticeably after her encounter with Ash. She lost a great number of battles, thus losing the respect of part of the psychic community. 

"I believed in you, now you are a nothing"

"You have become a weakling by caring more about your family, than continuing the legacy of the legendary psychic trainers"

(Various negative comments from others weigh on Sabrina's mind)

"I need the support of anyone, someone to cheer me up" (Sabrina cries inconsolably)

"Hee hee, maybe I can fix it" a lovely young voice sounded, in the middle of the empty gym.

"Who said that?!!!! Are you that person, who I suspect you are?" Sabrina answered angrily, hearing that voice that sounds familiar to her.

"Yes, of course my friend, hee hee" The mysterious voice physically materialized.  

In front of Sabrina, was an adorable girl with bluish green long hair, and a white dress, with skin as white as snow, purple eyes, so beautiful that they looked like a pair of pearls, a hat, and a playful smiling expression. But she was not an ordinary girl, she was little Sabrina, that doll in which Sabrina materialized her second infant personality during her unhappy childhood. 

"Oh, it's you…. You look even more organic since the last time we met" Sabrina commented.

"Thanks, hehehe" said the doll, letting out a laugh.

"But you shouldn't be here, several watched as you disappeared" Sabrina yelled, a bit scared to remember a piece of her from her dark past.

"Yes, it is true that I disappeared from your own world, but I was always a part of you, Sabrina. I simply resided in your mind, waiting for the right moment to return once my own psychic strength built up" said the girl.

"What do you want with me!?" Sabrina asked. 

"It is quite simple.

I came to keep you company, now that you feel alone, also….

I want to play! I want to play with more little people like last time" said the girl.

"No ... I won't allow it! Those days are over" Sabrina replied angrily

"I'll have to convince you, let's play" The girl then showed her eyes in red. Sabrina felt that a great flash of light surrounded her.  

"AHHHHHHHH" Sabrina yelled. She would be teleported to a very familiar place.

(Sabrina faints for a moment, until she regains consciousness)


…Where am I?" Sabrina said with concern.

After analyzing the place, she was in a city. Everything seemed normal, until she looked up.

"That over there is my collection of dolls next to my desk. OH NO. That means I'm in my toy box!" Sabrina was scared at that moment. Indeed, she was shrunken inside her room, in the same toybox in which she kept Ash prisoner with his friends.

"Hahaha, you can't escape my dear" a sweet female voice rang out in the middle of the city.

*Huge footsteps started to sound like earthquakes, getting stronger*

Looking into the distance, Sabrina watched the little giantess get closer and closer.

"Hehehe, come with me Sabrina. We are friends" Sabrina started running through the toy town. 

"Heeheehee! There is no escape, Sabrina!" Her eyes shone bright white, and Sabrina was suddenly paralyzed on the ground, she was being controlled by the girl's psychic strength.

"Don't worry, Sabrina. You'll be back to your normal size soon" said the girl. Sabrina was able to turn around, staring just a few steps away, at the giantess in front of her.

"It's over? Am I going to die at the hands of my own creation?"

Sabrina thought for a moment.

"I have you, sweetie pie. hee hee" The giant girl laughed cutely. 

She reached one of her hands to grab Sabrina.

"No...please don't hurt me! NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Sabrina yelled between sobs….

*Hehehe. MUACK*

But to her surprise, she felt a tender and comforting kiss on her cheek from the giant girl.

"I love you very much Sabrina.

You have always been like an older sister to me” the girl commented, with a quite sweet and natural expression.

(Sabrina's feeling of fear gradually disappeared)

"*sob* I thought you were going to kill me; I was so scared" Sabrina whispered sadly.

"Awww, poor Sabrina. I'm sorry if I scared you. I would never hurt the person who gave me life" commented the giant girl. The dolly stroked gently Sabrina with her fingers and her nose.

(Interestingly, Sabrina felt a little more comforted, she did not feel like that since the last time she saw her mother, and they had a cute hug)

"I want you to go away. I don't need comfort" Sabrina cried with a broken heart.

"But Sabrina, we are made for each other. I am part of you. Do you remember why you created me?" The giant girl commented, as she tenderly wiped away Sabrina's tears.

"Yes. I created you, because when I became obsessed with perfecting my psychic powers to follow family traditions, I felt lonely…" Sabrina said.

"I gave your life to represent my second repressed personality, that girl who for so long, wanted to play and make friends" Sabrina continued.

"That's right. And even though it was a difficult time in your life, I kept you company. I always believed in you, that you could become a great Pokemon psychic trainer ..." the doll replied.

"DON'T CONTINUE, can't you see I'm a monster, and people still reject me for being a freak? I was always an eyesore to society, and so were you since you’re a part of myself” Sabrina shouted angrily. The giant little girl's expression turned quite sad.

"Poor lil thingy. Sabrina, those people have done you a lot of harm, they don't know how to appreciate your efforts and value as a person" the giant little dolly hugged Sabrina very affectionately, comforting the shrunken woman with pats on her head.

"These people deserve to be punished. I don't like to see you like this” Little Sabrina flew towards the roof of the gym, with Sabrina in her hand. 

"Do you see that whole city over there?" Little Sabrina commented, pointing to the buildings of Saffron City with lights decorating the place. 

"Yes. It's beautiful" Sabrina continued with the talk.

"All that city is your toy box. Come on, let's have those insignificant people as your dolls, you could be the queen of the Pokemon world, be respected by all" exclaimed little Sabrina with determination. 

"But I promised my parents never to use my size changing powers again" Sabrina said sadly.

"I will be the representation of you at child age, but if I understand something important, is that adults are not obliged to follow the orders of their parents. You are free of decision, like a Pidgey that leaves the nest, evolved into Pidgeot" the girl Sabrina commented.

(Sabrina was thinking) 

"I promise to never control your mind to follow my orders, or steal your smile again, I just want to see you happy this time” said little Sabrina. 

"I should never have allowed you to undergo such a hard training, you did not enjoy life, as I have" said little Sabrina, through tears. 

(The adult Sabrina also began to cry) 

"I thought that allowing you to isolate yourself from others, and repress your childhood emotions to focus on your training, was what you wanted. Sorry" said the little doll with a sad face. She received a caress from Sabrina.

"Awwwww. It's not your fault baby. I was the one who lost control of my life. This time things will be different, my little sister" Sabrina said with a smile.

(The doll also smiled, and they both embraced like sisters. Little Sabrina descended from the sky)

Sabrina returned to her normal size.

"If you want, we can play with the little people, in the company of someone. I will find a new friend for us if you wish, she may also be an expert in psychic powers" suggested little Sabrina.

"Sounds a good idea" Sabrina said, with a smile, stroking the head of the dolly. 

"Hehehe. Thank you" The dolly contemplated the happy expression of determination on her adult alter ego. 

"Soon, the Pokemon world will find out from the rooftops who Sabrina is. I will make my ancestors proud of me, while I manage to dominate the world" Sabrina said with a strong fighting spirit.

"That's good to hear, my dear sister" Lil Sabrina commented. They both went to bed.

While the psychic girls had their beautiful family moment, something strange was happening in the sky: a strange portal opened.

"AAAAGGHHGAHHH, MOMMY, HELP MEEEEEE" Lucas cried as he fell at high speed.

"SHIELDDDDD!!!!" Lucas activated a blue psychic shield, to cushion the fall.

In the streets of saffron city, everyone looked closely at the falling object.

"It's a round shaped Pokemon!!!!"

"It's a UFO" people shouted in the street. Suddenly, a young photographer named Todd, looked at the object up close with his camera, and was impressed with what he found.

"That is not a UFO, it is a child, and his life is in danger, he is falling at great speed!!!!!"

Todd commented alarmed. People were in a panic, running around to see how to help the boy.

"I don't think our rescue trampolines are useful for this situation, It's falling too fast" the fireman chief complained. A boy in a red outfit, watched from a distance the big scandal.

"Poor boy, it's time to help" The boy pulled a sphere from his trouser strap.

"Charizard, I choose you!" The young man yelled.   

"Roaaaaarrrhhhh" Roared the noble creature that came out of the pokeball.

"OK, good friend, we must help that poor victim, fly where the boy falls" Red ride his flying Pokemon. Meanwhile, Lucas was dying of exhaustion.

"I don't think I can take it anymore. NO…." Lucas’s shield that cushioned his fall, vanished.

"AAAAAHHHHHH" The blond boy yelled, thinking it was the end for him.

(Charizard was approaching at full speed) 

"I have you!" The boy stretched out his arms. He saved the life of the poor injured man.


YOU'RE THE BEST!!!“ The people of Saffron City shouted between claps. 

"Are you okay?" Commented the boy in the red outfit.

"Yes…." Lucas said, with a weak voice. 

(After regaining consciousness, Lucas could recognize that boy: he was Red, the Pokemon trainer he met in the subspace emissary, during his walks through the abandoned zoo)

"Red, are you ...?" Lucas asked 

(Red turned to see the boy who fell from the sky)

"........." Red looked at the boy with a smiling expression.

"Yes, it's me Lucas. I missed you little friend" said Red with great joy.

"Me too" Lucas said wistfully. 

"Everything will be fine, you will love visiting here" Red commented happily. His Charizard descended towards the Saffron streets. All the people gathered to congratulate Red for the good deed of the day, his heroic action was broadcast on all the major newscasts in the Pokemon world.

(Our story moves to a home, where a man with psychic powers, a lover of golf and family union, lived with his beautiful brown-haired wife)

"Let's see what's good on TV" said the man.

"Good evening to all Pokéviewers. In other news, Red, the legendary Pokemon league champion trainer, saved a poor defenseless boy who mysteriously fell from the sky" the reporter commented on the news channel.

"That boy is worthy of admiration, he is very strong. He reminds me of a certain silly boy I once knew" the man commented.

"Apparently, a mysterious aura of energy surrounded the boy as he fell, here we have him for a short interview" said the reporter. She held a microphone close to Lucas.

"Tell us. How was it that you were surrounded by a strange aura of energy?" asked the newscast interviewer 

"I have psychic powers" said Lucas smiling with great enthusiasm, his cheeks flushed with nerves at receiving people's attention.

"Awwwww, isn't he cute? He's the boy we could never have. I'm sure he would be a good friend for our daughter Sabrina" the man's wife expressed fondly. 

"Heh my dear, you always say the same thing about every new kid you come across" the man replied. Those people were Sabrina's parents. Their names were Lisa, and Ormond.

"That's right, he has psychic powers, and he is one of the most talented psychics I have ever met, his power is to be envied" Red commented.

"Hahaha, Red, you don't need so many compliments to me" Lucas said to his friend.

"Come on mate, you shouldn't be so modest, you were an important part of my adventures when the Tabuu incident happened" Red replied cheerfully, while patting Lucas on the back.

(Lucas smiled tenderly at the camera, waving)

"What an adorable kid, I would like to tuck him in at night if I were his mother" expressed Lisa.

"Do not exaggerate woman, our dear Sabrina is the one who deserves our affection" Ormond replied, somewhat disgusted. 

"We can tell that they're good friends. Wait till you see us next time on Kanto TV news, good evening" the reporter said as Ormond turned off the TV.

"The news of the psychic child has given me an idea, what do you think if we visit our daughter tomorrow?" suggested Ormond to his wife

"But darling, she has been in a depression after the decline of her winning streak, she even commented that her gym is at risk of being closed if she does not do something.

Don't you think she'll be busy with her training?" Lisa lamented very sadly.

"Yes. But there is nothing better than receiving family love and support to face difficult times" Ormond replied.

(Sabrina's parents decided to arrange a visit for tomorrow night)

Paula was sleeping, but her subconscious was still active. She decided then to detach her mind from her body to perform an "astral travel". She was determined to find a new friend.

"If I used my telepathy before to gather the power of the hearts of various people, and defeat Giygas, I don't see why I shouldn't meet new people" thought Paula.

She was flying through the town of Twoson. In Saffron city, something similar happened.

The 2 Sabrina girls went to sleep. Both girls contemplated with their minds detached from their bodies, the beauty of the night lights of Saffron City.   

"Wheeeeee. Hehe, it's really fun to fly around, don't you think?" said little Sabrina excitedly.

"Of course. Scientists say that Mewtwo, the artificial Pokémon before awakening, had an astral journey contemplating the world as a young creature" Sabrina commented with enough emotion. 

"Alright, who am I looking for? 

I could find one of the cousins of the Hoenn twins to accompany us, or if you want, I can bring you someone from Will's family, a member of the Elite Four of Johto" suggested little Sabrina.

"Mmmm no thanks. I don't think I can get along with such vain people, I would like to meet someone special" Sabrina rejected the suggestions of her alter ego. 

"OK, I'll make the effort. I'll be back later" said the spirit of the dolly with a wink. 

She was flying throughout Saffron City. Meanwhile, Paula's spirit crossed all of Eagleland, until she came across the house of Ness.

"Ugh. Bad memories come back to me, I'd better go to where the forest is" thought Paula's spirit at that moment. Everything would change in that moment. Psychic girls from different universes were about to make telepathic contact.

"Hmm… what is that?" the doll wondered. Little Sabrina saw something unusual in a remote part of Saffron City: it was a portal that led to another dimension, and best of all, she felt a great psychic energy on the other side. The portal was caused by Tabuu in the past. 

"Hehehe, I think that's what I'm looking for. I'll make the contact" the girl began to meditate on the outskirts of the portal. In the remote forest, several kilometers from Onett, Paula also tried to make contact with her telepathic powers.

"There is someone around here, I can feel the PSI of someone" Paula spotted the strange portal.

"It is better not to approach; I have no idea where that dimensional portal will lead" Paula commented cautiously. 

(Paula concentrated all her strength, and tried to contact somebody with her telepathy)

“I’m a friend who you have never met before… 

My name is Paula.

Can you hear me calling you? I am Paula……”

Paula was thoughtful.

“Can you hear me calling you? I'm Paula ...

I'm a friend you have never met before" this was what little Sabrina heard inside her mind.

She managed to make telepathic contact. Lil Sabrina decided to reply the message.

"Hehehe. Yes, I hear you, my friend. What a great pleasure. My name is Sabrina, it seems that my universe is not alone in terms of people who master the art of psychokinesis" replied the girl.

"Awwww, I'm so excited. I finally meet another girl with psychic powers. 

I walk with the desire to make new friends" Paula said telepathically.

"And so am I" continued little Sabrina with the telepathic talk.

"I hear your voice, is so beautiful. You must be a very sweet girl who is behind that portal. I love young girls, I get along well with them" Paula commented.

"Hehehe thanks for the compliment, dear. You know, where I live, we want to test your skills as a psychic user. I encourage you to come tomorrow night" suggested the spirit of the girl Sabrina.

"Emmmmm. I'm a little nervous, first because I have no idea if passing this portal is dangerous, and second, I hope I don't disappoint you" said Paula.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. Trust me" replied little Sabrina.

"You know, I think it would be good for both of us to rest, tomorrow will be an important day."

Paula expressed happily.

"Of course, we do. See you Paula" the spirit of the dolly went back to the gym in Saffron city.

"See you later and take care" said the spirit of the blonde girl, happy to finally find a new friend.

(The spirits of both Sabrinas met again in the gym)

"And how did it go?" asked the spirit of the adult Sabrina

"Wonderful, she's coming tomorrow!" the girl Sabrina exclaimed to her alter ego.

"I appreciate it, it is a very good gesture of you to help me make friends" Sabrina commented with great happiness.

(The spirits of the girls returned to their bodies, to rest and prepare for the meeting tomorrow)

The next day in the afternoon, Paula was preparing to leave her house. She would embark on a new adventure, without the company of the boys she traveled with before. Paula packed her lunch box with food, an emergency cuddle teddy bear, her frying pan, and other important stuff.

"My time has come" Paula thought happily. 

"Bye dad. Bye mom. I made a new friend; I'll go visit her" Paula said after leaving her house.

"I see that my talk helped her a lot. She will surely meet a good friend" said Paul Jones to his wife.

"Our daughter is growing up. I'm so happy…" Paula's mother expressed with joy.

(Paula ran through the depths of the forest, until she reached the portal of that day)

"Gulp. Well, it’s now or never…." Paula said, ready to go through the portal.

"YAAAAAA" she screamed, closing her eyes for fear that something bad would happen.

"Oh, I see I'm still alive" Paula thought after going through the portal.

From afar, she could see out Saffron city. 

"That's where my friend Sabrina surely lives, that's great" Paula walked curiously towards the city. Paula continued her walk, until it was getting dark. She was on the outskirts of the city.

"Wow, I have not seen that kind of animals where I live, they are cute" Paula watched the trainers around her walking with their Pokemon, she looked closely at a girl caressing her Pikachu.

"Hehehe, that monster reminds me a lot of Master Belch, but with purple color" Paula thought as she contemplated a Muk, falling on his trainer to show affection.


"That’s enough Muk, I know you love me, but it's too much" the trainer shouted to his Pokemon

"Well, hmm, where is Sabrina?" Paula thought carefully.

(Paula ran into a group of adult college graduates chatting amiably)

"I'll ask them" she thought.

"Hello, excuse me, I'm lost. I would like to find Sabrina around here" asked Paula.

What she didn't know, is that those were Sabrina's former classmates in the past years.

(Those people reacted with horror)

"Do you want to see that disgusting monstrosity?" Commented a woman with a vain attitude

"It is very dangerous to approach that witch. She will make you her slave or put some spell on you" exclaimed the man who was shrunken during his childhood.

"Girl, for your sake stay away from that person. She is not someone normal, she is a monster who does not deserve anyone's company" another of Sabrina's ex-classmates continued the talk.

"HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT ABOUT HER?! She is a great person. Sabrina spoke to me quite kindly, I would like to meet her in person" Paula responded angrily.

"Great person. HAHAHAHA, silly girl. When you grow up, you will understand why weirdos like her must rot in her solitude for the rest of her life" commented the vain woman of the group.

"Sabrina a ‘great person’. HAHAHAHA" the whole group laughed together. 

(A great anger, surrounded Paula's body) 

"What did you call my new friend?" Suddenly, Paula's eyes turned gloomy red, and with her psychic strength, she began to choke the girl who insulted Sabrina.

"AAAAAhhhh aggggghhh" The companions of the girl watched in fear.

Paula threw the woman to the ground angrily.

"She is another of Sabrina's followers….RUUUUNNNNNN" a man yelled, then the whole group fled in panic from Paula. 

"NOOOO, sorry, I just wanted to know how to find Sabrina!" exclaimed the psychic blonde girl, with a bit of discomfort when she saw how the other people who witnessed the talk, began to look at her with fear. Many people murmured Sabrina's name.

"It seems that the inhabitants here are scared of people with psychic powers" Paula thought.

(Paula sat sadly on the sidewalk)

"Poor Sabrina, I thought they loved her around here. I don't think anyone will help me find her" Paula thought for a moment. However, a familiar sensation echoed through her head, it was the voice of the telepathic little girl she met last time.

"My lady friend, you came to see me, I'm so happy" little Sabrina communicated telepathically

"Sabrina, I'm glad to hear you. Where are you?" Paula asked excitedly.

"I'm in the gym in Saffron City, it's just a few steps from here, if you follow my psychic energy, you can get there" said the girl Sabrina in the telepathic talk.

"Okay, I'm going" Paula started running with all her energy to get to the place.

At last, she had arrived. It was a strange place with decorations difficult to understand. 

"Mmmmm, here I go" Paula walked inside the place. Inside, the hallways of the gym were large with flaming torches, it looked like an enchanted castle.

"This place doesn't make a very good impression on me" Paula thought, just as the doors slammed shut, giving her a little fright.

"Hee hee hee. Are you scared, sweetie?" the girl Sabrina asked mockingly, whose voice sounded like an echo throughout the gym.

"Heh. I'm not afraid of you. I've been in more dangerous places, Giygas has generated more fear in me than you can give me" Paula answered bravely. She advanced through the long corridors.

"That’s the spirit, friend. Come, we are waiting for you, maybe later you can tell me about this Giygas" said the girl Sabrina, who was watching her along with Sabrina from her magic crystal ball.

"Hehehe. She's cute, she reminds me of that blonde doll we used to bathe with" said the dolly.

"Yes, what a cuteness of a girl. She has a beautiful blonde hairstyle, little mussels that highlight the tenderness of her cheeks, and a beautiful face with blue eyes. But I wonder if her beauty is comparable to her psychic abilities" Sabrina said.

"Where did you say she comes from, little sister?" Sabrina asked to her alter ego.

"She's from another dimension" said little Sabrina.

"Interesting" Sabrina stated. Paula passed between several corridors, until she reached a huge room. The light only illuminated the battlefield. At the bottom was Sabrina sitting on her throne with little Sabrina in her legs, covered by a mysterious darkness. 

"You must be Sabrina. I am Paula, the psychic girl of the city of Twoson, nice to meet you" Paula commented.

"Hehe, what a cordial girl. Yes, here we are. I'm Sabrina, and the girl who accompanies me is my adult alter ego" revealed little Sabrina to her new friend.

"Nice to meet you Paula" a young adult woman voice rang out from the gym.

"She is your alter ego….you say?" asked Paula. A lot of questions went through Paula's head, she did not know that her new friend had a second personality, and she could not distinguish the girls sitting on the throne, it was too dark to recognize them. 

"I suppose you know that we want to test your psychic abilities" adult Sabrina commented.

"Yes. I love challenges, I will show you what I am made of" Paula answered with a lot of perseverance.

"Well, hee hee, you'll play with us to kill time. Let's see how good you are at defending yourself against our best Pokemon" Lil Sabrina said. Sabrina levitated 2 pokeballs towards the battlefield, from there Alakazam came out, evolved after arduous fights as a Kadabra, and a Hypno.

"So, you want me to play with your pets, huh? Okay, it sounds like fun" Paula expressed quite emotionally, ready for the challenge she was about to face. The battle started. 

Paula pulled a frying pan from her lunch box. She charged psychic energy from her hands, and she ran to attack the Pokemon.

"YAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Take this!" Paula said as she got closer.

"Alakazam, use your kinesis attack" Sabrina order to her Pokemon. Alakazam then made a large spoon appear in the middle of the battle, generating psychic waves that cause headaches.

"AAAAHHHHH, MY HEAD" Paula screamed for the enormous pain she felt in her brain.

"It's our chance. Hypno, psyshock, now !!" Sabrina gave orders.

"HYP-NOOOOO" Hypno generated with his mind, several spheres of energy, which were increasing the power of them progressively, until they hit Paula very hard.

"AAAGHHHH" Paula yelled in pain after receiving the attack. She trips and falls to the ground.

"Ugggghhh" the blonde girl exclaimed weakly.

"Hehehe, too bad you can't keep up with our best Pokemon, you can throw in the towel if you want" suggested little Sabrina.

"NO!!!!!!" Paula yelled, intending to continue the fight.

"Don’t think that with that you will defeat me!!!!"

Just when the battle seemed lost, Paula begins to rise little by little. Seeing the situation she was in, she decides to use her secret weapon: Paula takes out of from her lunch box, a sudden guts pill, and then, she swallows it.

"Was a nice idea to keep items from my past adventures with Ness" thought Paula.

Paula began to feel an enormous inner strength within her. Her psychic power was doubled, and she used her headache to enhance the strength of her telekinesis.

"Grrrrrrr, okay ladies, it's party time" Paula growled with her eyes turning red, her body was then surrounded by a large blue aura. Her telekinetic power caused deep cracks in the gym floor.

"TAKE THIS!!!!!" Paula performed a powerful attack to push Alakazam and Hypno off the field.

"Alakazam, Hypno, use your psychic strength to counter the attack!!!!" Sabrina's orders echoed through the room.


"HYPNOOOO" both Pokemon tried to work together to counter the blow, but they failed.


"HYP ……. NOOOOO" In a twist of fate, the Pokemon got lifted up by the girl's enormous psychic strength. Paula made a movement with her hands, and sent both Pokemon flying against the wall. Hypno and Alakazam fainted.

"Oh no….” said little Sabrina.

"YEAAAAHHHH hehehe, I told you. That's not enough to beat me!!!" Paula shouted with joy, but the celebration did not last long….

"This is just the beginning hehee" little Sabrina laughed.

"Heh. Let's see if you can handle these" Sabrina threw 2 more pokeballs into the field, from there came an Exeggutor, and a Jynx.

"Maybe using fire against fire is not the answer, it is better to attack strategically" Sabrina thought.

(Sabrina telepathically indicated to her Pokemon that they weren't fighting an ordinary girl, they should be careful)

"Exeggutor, attack into the distance with an egg bomb" Sabrina said, planning a distraction for her next move.

"EXEGGUTOOOOORRRR" the palm tree growled, releasing from its leaves a pile of explosive seeds that filled the field.

"UGH" Paula exclaimed as she ran to dodge the bombs. Paula skillfully used her speed to avoid explosions, but inevitably, several bombs were targeting her like homing missiles, thanks to Jynx's coordinated work with her confusion to control the projectiles.

“We got her where we wanted her. Jynx, get ready to ambush the girl" Sabrina said telepathically.

But before receiving the blow, Paula generated a psychic energy field with the palm of her hand.

"PSI MAGNEEEEET!!!!" Paula yelled, and in an instant, she absorbed the projectiles, mitigating the explosions and regaining health.

"You fell into my trap" Sabrina said.

"Huh?" Paula noticed lately that one of the Pokemon teleported to attack her from behind.

"Icy wind, now!!!" Jynx exhaled from her mouth, a powerful icy wind to freeze the girl.

"You have no escape this time" said little Sabrina.

Just inches from receiving a fatal blow, something surprising happened: Paula put her other hand behind her, and recited the phrase from another of her psychic techniques.

"PKKKK FIREEEEEEEE!!!!!!" shouted the blonde, and instantly great flames of intense fire came out of her hands. The fire easily melted Jynx's icy wind.

"JYYYYYYYYNNNNXXXX" shouted the huge-lipped creature, engulfed in flames and feeling so much agony. Jynx fell to the floor fainted.

"EXE…." exclaimed Exeggutor, who would soon be struck by the fiery flames of Paula's PK Fire technique. The palm was scorched in seconds. Both Pokemon were defeated.

"This girl is very strong. What do we do?" Sabrina asked telepathically to her alter ego.

"Leave it to me, hehehe. I want to play with her, face to face" said little Sabrina. 

"Alright, bring me more opponents to kick their..." Before Paula finished her sentence, she was nearly damaged by a bolt of multi-colored psychic energy, fired from Sabrina's throne.

"AAGGGHHH" Paula jumped to avoid the attack. The lightning caused a huge explosion. 

(A cloud of smoke covered Paula's view, until she could distinguish her aggressor: she was a cute little girl, a bit younger than her, with a white dress, and teal hair) 

"Congratulations my friend. You managed to defeat my best Pokemon, now let's see if you can face me, hehehe" exclaimed little Sabrina, levitating in front of Paula. The shadow of her hat covered her eyes, so Paula could not recognize the full face of her new friend. Great feelings of uncertainty and excitement ran through Paula's mind. She not only saw that girl as a potential new friend, but also as a rival with whom she could have a worthy duel to demonstrate their powers.

"You finally show up. Usually, I refuse to fight defenseless cute girls, but if you insist so much, let's do it!!!"

"Yay, that's good, we'll have a lot of fun hehehe" said little Sabrina, and immediately afterwards, she went to hit Paula using psychic force. She charged her fist with her accumulated energy. 

Paula, on the other hand, also went to hit the girl with her frying pan.

(Both girls struggled while trying to hurt each other) 

"Grrrrrrrrrrr" both growled as they looked at each other. The psychic strength of both girls was such that the gym was shaking, and more cracks began to come out of the place.


An explosion of psychic energy was generated after the struggle of the girls, separating them instantly. So, they prepared their combat strategies. 

"MEDITATE" Lil Sabrina clasped her hands like a Medicham, thus increasing her attack power.

"PK FIREEEEE!!!!" Paula yelled, and her flames were going in the direction of dolly Sabrina. 

"TELEPORT!!" said little Sabrina, using the same technique that Sabrina's father used to escape the toy box long ago. Little Sabrina was moving very fast, in less than a blink, she appeared and disappeared from the place. Paula's flames were unable to touch her.

"I've never seen someone master teleportation at that level. Not even Ness or Poo have the same skills as this girl" Paula thought inside her.

"PK FIREEEEE, PK FIREEEEE, PK FIREEEEEEE!!!!" Paula's voice echoed in the gym.

"Heheehe, you can’t’ catch me, my lady friend" said the cute voice of little Sabrina, who was playing with her new friend. 

(A smoke screen filled the gym) 

"Uh, where did Sabrina go?" Paula looked desperately to find her. But she was closer than she believed. Little Sabrina teleported behind Paula, and she kicked hard with one of her boots.

*AAGGHHH….* there was a faint expression of pain from Paula. The kick hit her right in the back of her neck. She hit the ground hard, spitting a tiny bit of blood. 

"A little gift from me, hehehe" laughed the girl Sabrina. 

(Paula gets up slowly, showing her slightly bloody mouth)

To Little Sabrina’s surprise, Paula was still standing, wanting to continue the fight. 

"Hahaha. At last things start getting fun. You don't fight bad at all” Paula said weakly with a smile.

"Thanks for the compliment, darling. You don't fight bad either, you're talented with telekinesis" replied the girl Sabrina, happy to have a rival to play with.

"Wow. How persistent is this girl, she reminds myself during my training sessions" Sabrina thought contemplating the battle.

"Let's continue with our game!!!" Lil dolly Sabrina made her white ball appear that she used to play with. The girl charged her ball with dark energy, until it turned an intense black color.

"Let's see what you do about this. SHADOOOWWW BAAAALLLL!!!” The girl threw the ball, enveloped in a powerful mass of ghostly energy.

"Don't think I'm not ready!!!! OFFENSE UUUUPPPP!!!" Paula increased her physical strength exponentially. She grabbed her frying pan, and as if it was a tennis racket, Paula repelled little Sabrina's shadow ball with great force. 

(From the roads of Saffron City, a taxi passed, there Ormond and Lisa went with the intention of visiting their daughter Sabrina)

"Our daughter will love the cake I made. Since she was a child, she loved sweets” said Lisa smiling to her husband. Ormond, on the other hand, had a worried face, from the taxi window he could see the gym of his daughter. He saw how an explosion came from the roof. 

"Look, something strange is going on in the saffron gym. I'm worried about our daughter" 

Lisa also looked worriedly at the window.

"Excuse me, could you go faster? It's an emergency" Lisa said to the driver.

"With pleasure ma'am" replied the taxi driver, who was increasing the speed.

(Inside the gym, the battle continued)

"PSYBEAM!!!!!" screamed little Sabrina, and a powerful multi-colored beam shot out of her eyes.

"PK FREEEZEEE" Paula responded with a powerful attack of freezing cold rays, generated from her head. The two attacks collided, but Paula's freezing rays froze little Sabrina's psybeam.

The girl in the white dress watched as the ice then shattered.

"Grrrr…." the girl then started to levitate around the battlefield, she tried to see if she could attack Paula from a distance. Paula increased her speed with her psychic power, keeping up with her. Both girls were going side by side.

"PKKKK THUNDEEEERRRR" Paula fired several bolts of electricity to electrocute her rival.

"TELEPORT!!!" the girl in the white dress tried to teleport, but she had it difficult: the electric rays were more difficult to avoid, and Paula precisely controlled the direction of the shots.

Little Sabrina felt that hopelessly, she would be get hit. Three shots of electricity approached in front of her.

"LIGHT SCREEN" little Sabrina then invoked a psychic wall of light, similar to Mr Mime, to cushion the impact of the incoming projectiles.

"Ha. I got you!!!" Paula said confidently, and to little Sabrina's surprise, a fourth shot hit her from behind her back.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH BUAHHHHHH" screamed little Sabrina in pain. Her intense scream sounded like the scream of a poor panicked girl, sobbing out of pity. Her white dress began to rip from the fight, and her body trembled from the discharge. Paula landed on the ground. Little Sabrina too, feeling a lot of pain. Suddenly, little Sabrina's hat snapped in two. Paula could finally see the face of her rival: she was a cute girl with a sweet expression, of beautiful purple eyes. She was looking at her with anger and an air of rivalry. 

Both girls stared into each other's eyes, feeling exhausted from the fight. 

"Ufff, Ufff…. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to continue this fight" Paula thought, with her body having scratches, her pink dress being ripped, and her mouth soaked with a little blood.

(Little Sabrina was still trembling from the electricity that ran through her body)

"Uff, Uff… This girl is stronger than I thought, her strength seems to surpass Sabrina's when she tries her best" thought little Sabrina, looking at her rival.



I don't think I can beat her… " Little Sabrina thought sadly. As Paula looked at the face of her opponent, she saw how little tears fell from her eyes. 

"Awwww. Are you crying, lil thingy?" Paula said kindly with genuine concern.

"No. N-n-no. I AM NOT CRYING" she sobbed proudly, trying to hold back the tears from her. For the first time in her life, she was afraid of dying at the hands of an opponent stronger than her.

After all, despite being Sabrina's most gloomy creation, she was still in the bottom of her heart, that cute and sweet girl who only wanted to make friends.

Little Sabrina didn't want to show that she was weak in front of her rival.

"Little sister, stop! You can't win!" Sabrina said to her alter ego telepathically, her voice was reflecting concern and affection. She was almost crying.

"SHUT UP. I'm not giving up. I'll show what Sabrina’s lineage is made of !!!" Little Sabrina's expression changed to a sad angry one. 

(Paula also felt sad, she did not want to continue fighting)

"YOU ARE GOING TO THE TOY BOX!!!" Little Sabrina turned her eyes white, and launched a psychic attack to shrink Paula. Paula reacted instinctively.  

 "PSI SHIEEELLDDD Ω" Paula casted a psychic shield to protect her. The shield reflected the attack, hitting little Sabrina instead.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH" the little girl fainted for a few seconds.

(Little Sabrina slowly opened her eyes)

"I'm alive?" she thought herself for a moment, but her feeling of relief was short-lived.

She heard intense ground shakings, and saw her giant-sized rival approaching. The blonde girl looked intimidating at the size of her. 

"No. No. NOOOOOO" the little girl shouted in fear, closing her eyes, and hugging her legs thinking that she would be crushed to death. She was crying. 

But instead, she felt the softness of giant hands that carried her protected.

The little doll looked straight into the blue eyes of the blonde giantess, who looked at her with tenderness. Paula caressed the shrunken girl's head with one of her cute fingers.

"Hehehe. It seems the game is over, little girl" Paula said tenderly to her rival.

*Clap. Clap. Clap* sounded a couple of claps from the throne plunged in darkness.

"Bravo. I see that you are very talented with your psychic powers. You have delighted me with a beautiful and intense battle" Sabrina made her presence in front of the 2 girls.

(Paula looked at her with a smile. She was happy that her talent as a psychic was recognized by girls of the same class as her)

"Hehehe. It was fun. Let's play another day, okay?" Little girl Sabrina hugged Paula’s fingers.

"Awwww, what a cute little girl" Paula kissed her rival on the cheek like a loving mother.

(Little Sabrina returned to her normal size) 

"You know. Sorry for the kick I gave to you, it was rude of me to treat a friend like that" Little Sabrina looked sadly at her mouth. The girl wiped the blood dripping from Paula's mouth with a handkerchief.

(Paula stroked her little head)

"Hehe. No problem, I apologize for giving you a strong electric shock" Paula said through tears.

(Both girls gave each other a lovely hug, as a sign of mutual respect)

"From now on, the 3 of us will be best friends, okay? No one will separate us" Paula stroked the head of the girl in the white dress.

"Yes. We will have many adventures together" replied the doll Sabrina happily. Sabrina looked at both psychic girls smiling, feeling enormous happiness.  

"It's beautiful. I haven't felt like this since Haunter made me smile that time" Sabrina thought.

(But that beautiful moment between new friends who just met, would be abruptly interrupted)

Ormond and Lisa made it to the gym.

"Sabrina, we came to visit you to encourage you, and ..." Ormond was going to keep talking, until he saw horrified that girl in a white dress, who at the time, ruined the life of his family.

"Young lady, get away from that damn doll, NOW !!!" Ormond yelled angrily, shoving Paula into Lisa's hands. Determined to end his nightmare of years ago, Ormond used his psychic strength to strangle the dolly. He wanted to kill her. 

"AAAAAAAHHHHH BUUUAAHHHH. BUUUAHHHH" lil Sabrina cried in pain, and she couldn't defend herself, because she expended too much energy after her fight with Paula.

"What….WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT POOR, DEFENSELESS GIRL???" Paula yelled feeling nervous and uncomfortable, she didn't understand the situation.

"That doll is dangerous, young lady. She is a monster, and we must eliminate it before it does any harm to you" expressed Lisa as she held Paula tightly.

"But she….is my friend!!!!" Paula cried.  

"Father, I can explain…" Sabrina tried to reason with Ormond. 

"DO NOT INTERRUPT. Before this awful doll casts a spell on us, or something similar" Ormond continued to strangle the Sabrina doll. Sabrina was nervous. She did not know what to do.

(Lil Sabrina, with tears in her eyes, looked at Paula at that moment) 



Help me…." the doll said telepathically with sadness.

(Paula couldn't contain her anger, and she decided to act)

"PK FREEEZZEEEE" Intense beams of ice shot out of Paula's head, freezing Ormond's body.

"AGGHHH" The man yelled.

The girl Sabrina almost hits the ground weakened, but Paula supports her with her telekinesis.

"Tha…. Thank you" the doll smiled cutely at her friend. The girl fainted.

"Lisa, run. SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!" Ormond yelled. Lisa tried to run, but she couldn't. 

"AAAHGHH. I can't move…." Sabrina's mother was being controlled by the psychic strength of her daughter.

"But daughter. WHY???? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS???" Lisa asked fearfully

"Nobody hurts my friends" Sabrina replied angrily, showing a cold and gloomy face.

(Ormond with the little strength he had left, tried to teleport)

"Ah, no. You’re not going anywhere. 

PSIII MAGNEEEETTT!!!" Paula performed a variation of her PSI Magnet technique.

(Paula drained all the man's psychic energy, and he was unable to teleport)

“Oh no” Ormond thought. Sabrina's eyes glowed brightly, affecting her parents.

"NOOOOOOOOOO" both got surrounded by a strange psychic light. 

Sabrina led her parents to the toy box in her room. The couple looked with horror around, they were crammed within the same toy city in which Lisa was imprisoned for years. 

"No, no. Tell me it's not true" Lisa cried with fear. Her old traumas of her past, came true again.

"Don’t worry my love. I'm here" Ormond said comforting his poor wife.

*Huge tremors resounded; they were the footsteps of a giant creature that was coming closer*

Leaning out from the top of the toy box, Paula was looking at them.

"THIS WILL TEACH THEM NOT TO MESS WITH POOR DEFENSELESS GIRLS!!!" Paula shouted angrily, she was furious at how badly they treated her new friend. 

"Paula…." *sniff sniff*

Little Sabrina hugged her after regaining her consciousness. 

"I was very scared…" little Sabrina said through tears. Paula stroked her to make her feel better.

"Don't worry, it's all over. That's what friends are for" Paula told to her new friend.

A third giant woman appeared on the scene, with a rather cruel and cold expression.

"Now, by your display of insolence, YOU WILL BE MY PRISONERS AGAIN" Sabrina said while her parents were paralyzed with panic.


Chapter End Notes:

More stuff featuring the psychic girls is coming ;)

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