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Story Notes:

The following story takes place in the ficticious universe of Mother/Earthbound and Pokemon, with setting related to the Subspace Emmisary of Smash Bros Brawl. The events take place after Pokemon EP24 and the end of Mother 2 & 3.

Author's Chapter Notes:

It was a bright, sunny day outside the town of Twoson in late June, year 199X.

School recently ended. All the children of Eagleland were fervently enjoying their summer vacations, including the heroes of that fateful adventure against the incarnation of evil, Giygas, who succumbed to the union of 4 chosen children: Ness and his gang.

Things seemed to be normal. However, certain blonde girl from Twoson, possessor of psychic powers, stayed in her room, with feelings of sadness. 

"Honey, it's time to eat!!" a familiar voice echoed through the house.  

"LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" shouted Paula disconsolate. A minute of silence surrounded the place. 

"If you want, I can take the food to your room" suggested Paula's mother.

After going their separate ways, Paula was facing a severe depression. She felt alone, without friends or special people with whom to share good times. Jeff became obsessed with looking for his father, who left without a trace, and Poo was dedicated of perfecting his martial arts and psychic powers, to live up to what a prince of the mythical city of Dalaam should be.

Several of the children, with whom she played in the Polestar Preschool, moved to another place.

*sniff* “Why, why don't you want to be with me…” feeling devastated, Paula thought on the most special person to her: Ness.

*Flashbacks of the end of her adventure, flashed through her head*

"There was something I wanted to tell you, but I've forgotten it.

I'm sure I'll remember by the time I see you again.

Well, I guess this is it.

Goodbye. Ughhhh...

...So long" Paula gave a warm farewell to her friend.

"We are only friends.....? Then why haven't you spoken to me again?" still sobbing, Paula remembered what happened, 4 months ago.

That day, the children sat in the new Twoson square, next to a water fountain.

"Do you remember what I've wanted to tell you all this time, since we last saw each other?" Paula asked in a very affectionate tone.

"Of course, that day I went to leave you at your house" replied Ness happily.

"Well, I..."

"I....I, uh..." Paula tried to express her feelings, but she had a hard time saying it. Ness, meanwhile, listened to her with a smile.

“I…I love you” Paula tenderly held her partner's hands.

(Ness remained briefly surprised)

“Paula, it's very sweet of you to tell me this. We've had many wonderful times together, and…” Ness commented on the revelation.

"So, what do you say?" Paula put her fingers together shyly…

“The truth is that we are just friends. I'm sorry”

Paula's innocent smile faded, turning into an expression of distress.

“But I thought you loved me, that we were perfect for each other…” tears fell as Paula lowered her head to the ground.

“We can still be friends, don't worry” Ness patted her gently on her back. But suddenly, an enormous psychic force pushed him roughly against the water source.

“Ouch…Paula, what's wrong with you?” Ness shouted. As soon as they exchanged glances, Paula began to run, with tears running from her eyes until she abruptly disappeared from Ness's sight.

“Paula, come back, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!” Ness tried to stop her, in vain. Without any choice, the boy continued on his way, hoping that the situation would improve.

Back at the blonde's home, her parents held an important talk.

“Poor Paula, she hasn't been feeling well lately,” noted Paul Jones.

“She must be alone. Paula goes through an age where her lack of friends destroys her emotionally,” added Paula's mother.

"I tried repeatedly to contact you, but it was in vain. Clearly, you don’t want me near you" Paula continued crying, remembering the agonizing past months.  

*Knock knock* “Hello! Is Ness at home?” Paula greeted from the entrance of the residence.

“Sorry honey, Ness is busy with his baseball practice. Come back another time” Ness's mother slammed the door.

*Sniff sniff* “Last time, your mother said that you were sucked into a strange portal. What a bunch of ridiculous excuses your family makes so that we don’t see each other" Paula squeezed her pillow tightly, not knowing that those days passed when Ness embarked on another adventure to save the world, accompanied by another blonde-haired psychic child, and curious extravagant characters: from a giant penguin to a plumber in green clothes.

“You know, sweetheart? I'll talk to her” Mr. Paul Jones went upstairs. After entering the room, he sat comfortably near to his daughter.

"Go away. I don't wanna talk to you” the blonde said bluntly.

“I know what you think, dear. You must forget him” ordered the father.

"But I love him. And I feel so alone "Paula continued crying inconsolably, until she received a tender caress on her cheek.

"Poor thing, I understand your pain. Look, friends come and go, it's part of growing up" the man pointed out experiences that he lived during his childhood.

The father-daughter talk continued into the night, in a more calm, happy atmosphere.

"Try to meet new friends, you are a good girl. You’ll surely meet people who share your pain. Keep your eyes on the future, there are many adventures to live" her father encouraged her.

"Thanks daddy. I love you" Paula smiled tenderly, through tears. For his part, Mr. Jones kissed the forehead of his beloved little princess.

That same night, Paula watched the glorious spectacle of stars and constellations from the comfort of her window. Suddenly, a hopeful light came into view.

"It's my chance to make a wish!" The blonde's eyes lit up with joy. Joining her hands in a prayer position, and releasing tears, Paula prayed to heaven:

"Dear almighty God who helped me defeat Giygas. Please grant me the opportunity to meet a new friend, someone very special with whom to share pleasant moments and adventures. Amen"

The shooting star disappeared behind the horizon.

"I’ll keep my eye on the future" Paula cried with enormous determination, before going to sleep.


Meanwhile, our story moves to a modest home, hundreds of years in the future, where a blonde boy lived happily alongside the people of a peaceful village called Tazmily.

"Woof Woof!" barked a brown dog, affectionately licking the face of its little owner.

"Hehehe, enough Boney, I'm awake" Lucas hugged his canine friend affectionately.

Thanks to the beautiful day hovering over the island, the boy went for a walk, on the way to his family's sacred place. As he opened the door, the soft rays of the sun reshaped his spirit.

"Boney, don't you think it's beautiful to wake up every day, and appreciate the gift of life?" the boy held his dog’s leash, showing a smiling expression.

At the renovated village of Tazmily, peace was restored after the fall of the evil Emperor Porky. It was a paradise in every sense of the word: the animals lived in harmony, the fields of flowers and vegetation abounded, the water of the rivers sounded every morning, providing a relaxing atmosphere to the place, and an excellent climate prevailed.

"She will surely like them, they are her favorites" Lucas cut a handful of flowers. The boy ran along his dog at full speed, running into the villagers who greeted him cordially as usual.

The walk continued, until reaching a funeral site. 2 graves lay next to each other, featuring several flowers decorating the grave. The tombstones had the names of Hinawa and Claus inscribed.

*sniff* “I hope you like them, mommy. I’ll never forget you” tears fell from his eyes. The boy left fresh sunflowers on the graves, expressing gratitude to his family.

"I wrote a poem, I did it thinking on you" the kid took out from his pocket, a sheet of paper.

"I still have the memory

Of the love that you gave me

The hugs that you always gave me 

And that brother who accompanied me

In good and bad times"

(Lucas kept reading. He tried to wipe his tears)

"Mom, 9 years old

That I enjoyed with you

Great is my pain

Of being alone without your love"


"I know you are next to Claus

In a better place

Taking care of us with fervor

While I remember with love

Your sacrifice, and your heart

As beautiful as a flower

Thanks" (Boney let out sad moans)

"It's always nice to remember our loved ones, right Boney?" Lucas gave another well-deserved caress to his inseparable pet. After the meeting with his deceased family was over, Lucas said goodbye, excited about the many fun things that remained to be done.

On the way back, they stumbled upon the home of an old scientist, named Dr Andonuts.

"Good morning, Lucas. I would like you to do me a favor" the doctor pointed to a huge disc-shaped device. Interested in knowing the functionalities of that piece of technology, Lucas listened to the scientist carefully.

"This is my new multi-dimensional antenna, the successor to the Phase Distorter.

...It allows us to travel through space-time, between different dimensions"

Lucas opened his eyes, in full excitement. He had not traveled to other dimensions since his tough battle against Tabuu, an event that allowed him to meet new friends. His desire to reunite with his old comrades was evident, despite the apparent closing of all the interdimensional gaps.

However, a comment from the scientist changed his priorities.

“I plan to travel back in time to visit my son Jeff. I didn't have enough time to give him the love that a son deserves" Andonuts lamented, with a long face.

It was then that the boy decided to help him generate electrical energy, necessary for the operation of the machine. It didn't seem complicated at all, the scientist informed that he only required a small spark. However….

"PK THUNDEERRR!" Lucas impulsively launched a large ball of electricity, based on a technique learned from Kumatora.

Dr Andonuts tried to stop him, but it was too late. The machine absorbed the force of the impact, and in an instant, the overload unleashed a massive vortex that swallowed the unfortunate boy.


Immediately afterwards, the machine exploded.

"Well, time to return to the storyboard phase..." Andonuts looked worriedly at the remains of the machine, without having the slightest idea of the possible whereabouts of Tazmily's psychic...


In another dimension not too far away, bathed in the light of night, the streets of Saffron City enjoyed complete tranquility.

Inside one of its most important buildings, there was a cold and gloomy atmosphere. No one else was there, except for a certain mysterious girl, with a sad face.

Through the gloom, a surprise box appeared.

"HAUNTEEEERRRR! Hahahahaha" from the box, a friendly ghost Pokemon emerged, desperately trying to cheer up his trainer.

"Ugh, get out of here Haunter, NOW!" her eyes glowed gloomily with psychic energy.

"Haunttttt..." deciding to leave her alone to reflect, the ghost vanished.

*sniff* “Why? Why can't I make friends yet? Why does everyone see me as a creep?" delicate drops of water ran down the girl's neck.

Sabrina has never been happy with her life. Her anxieties date back to her birth. In the Pokemon world, all psychics are related, since they come from a single lineage. Although there are different families, they have always enjoyed great power and prestige within society. Among the families themselves, there is an internal dispute, causing the heirs to take all the pressure to prove that their line is the most powerful of all.

This led to Sabrina, from a very young age, forcing herself to train and perfect her psychic powers, in order to demonstrate the power of her lineage. Although she regained her smile, thanks to the help of Ash and his friends, things had not gone well for her.

"YOU'RE CRAZY. Who would want as a girlfriend a phenomenon with strange powers, who is also an autistic person over 18 years old with a strange obsession of playing with dolls?" Sabrina remembered her last love rejections. No man has wanted to go out with her, out of fear and rejection. Even her acquaintances, whom she met again, are afraid of her.

"Hello guys. I feel renewed, ready to be a better person" Sabrina appeared in another of her flashbacks.

"Get away from me, you're a monster"

"You shrunk me when we were children, and you constantly threatened that you would kill my family for making fun of you"

"You disgust me. I only hang out with successful, normal girls. Not like you, weirdo who rejected my friendship for being obsessed with her psychic powers" comments from her old classmates overwhelmed her mind.

Worse still, her performance at the gym dropped noticeably after her encounter with Ash. Sabrina lost a lot of battles, thus draining the respect she had from the psychic community.

"I believed in you, now you are nothing"

"You have become a weakling by caring more about your family, than continuing the legacy of the legendary psychic trainers"

*sigh* "I need the support of anyone, someone to lift my spirits..." (Sabrina cried inconsolably)

"Hee hee, maybe I can fix it" a charming voice manifested inside the gym.

"Who said that? Are you perhaps that person I'm suspecting?" Sabrina responded angrily, that voice sounded too familiar to her….

"Yes, of course friend, hee hee..." the mysterious voice physically materialized.

In front of Sabrina, was a little girl of bluish long hair and a white dress. With skin as white as snow, purple eyes, so beautiful that they looked like a pair of pearls, a hat, and a playful smiling expression. But she was not an ordinary girl. It was Little Sabrina, that doll in which Sabrina materialized her second personality during her unhappy childhood.  

"Oh, it's you. You look even more organic since the last time we meet" Sabrina commented.

"Thanks, heheheh" the dolly giggled.

"IMPOSSIBLE, you shouldn't be here, everyone watched as you disappeared!" Sabrina shouted, somewhat scared to remember a piece of her dark past.

"Yes, it’s true that I disappeared from your own world, but I was always a part of you, Sabrina. I simply resided in your mind, waiting for the right moment to return once my own psychic strength built up" the girl explained.

"What do you want with me!?" Sabrina asked.

"It's quite simple. I came to keep you company, now that you feel alone, also….

….I want to play! I want to play with more little people like last time!” the girl exclaimed.

"No....I won't allow it, those days are over!" Sabrina snorted.

"I'll have to convince you, let's play" the girl then lit up her eyes red. Sabrina felt a great flash surround her body. She passed out for a moment, until regaining consciousness.

"Where...? Where am I...?" Sabrina looked around. She concluded that she was in a city. Everything seemed normal, until she glanced up.

"That's my doll collection next to my desk. OH NO. That means I'm inside my toy box!" Sabrina panicked. Indeed, she was shrunk inside her room, in the same city model in which she kept Ash, and his friends as prisoners.

"Hahaha, you can't escape, dear" a sweet female voice echoed in the miniature city.

Huge footsteps rumbled like earthquakes, getting stronger. Looking far into the origin of the intense thumps, Sabrina watched the little giantess getting closer and closer.

“Heheheh, come with me Sabrina. We are friends" the giantess gently extended her immense arms. The tiny woman ran through the toy city in pure terror.

"Heeheehee! There's no escape, Sabrina!" the little girl's eyes glowed bright red, and then, Sabrina got abruptly paralyzed by her psychic force.

"Don't worry, Sabrina. You'll be back to your normal size soon" said the girl. Just a few steps away, Sabrina contemplated the imposing giantess in front of her.

"It’s over? Am I going to die at the hands of my own creation?" Sabrina waited for a cruel end.

"Gotcha, sweetie pie, heeheehee..." the giant girl reached out for her hand.

"No....please don't hurt me! NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Sabrina shouted between sobs….

"Heeheeheeh..." *MUACK*

....but, to her surprise, she felt a tender comforting kiss on her cheek.

"I love you very much Sabrina. You have always been like an older sister to me" expressed the girl, with a quite sweet, natural expression. The feeling of fright gradually dissipated.

*sniff* "I thought you were going to kill me; I was so scared" Sabrina whispered.

"Awww, poor thing. I'm sorry if I scared you, I would never hurt the person who gave me life" the dolly caressed the defenseless woman with her little fingers and nose. Oddly enough, Sabrina felt a little more comforted, she hadn't felt this way since the last time she hugged her mother.

"I want you to leave. I don't need comfort" Sabrina continued to cry, feeling heartbroken.

"But Sabrina, we are perfect for each other. Do you remember why you created me?" the giant girl asked, meanwhile, she dried the tears of her alter ego.

"Yes. I created you, because when I became obsessed with perfecting my psychic powers, I felt alone. You came into my life to represent my second repressed personality, that girl who for so longed, wanted to play and make friends" Sabrina explained.

"That's right. And although it was a hard time in your life, I kept you company. I always believed in you, that you could become a great psychic-type master..." the doll responded.  

"DON'T CONTINUE, can't you see I'm a monster, and people still reject me? I was always an eyesore to society, and so were you since you're a part of myself!" Sabrina shouted angrily. The giant girl's expression changed to that of a downcast face.

"Poor thing. Sabrina, those people who have harm you so much deserve to be punished. I don't like to see you like this" the giant dolly hugged the tiny woman with great affection, comforting her with graceful caresses on her head. She then flew towards the roof of the gym.

"Do you see the city from here?" the girl extended her hand, pointing at the large buildings.

"Yes. It's beautiful" Sabrina continued with the talk.

"All this, it's your toy box. Come on, let's have those insignificant people as our dolls. You could be the queen of the Pokemon world, be respected by everyone" Little Sabrina exclaimed with determination.

"But I promised my parents to never use my size-changing powers again…" Sabrina interrupted her, unsure.

"I will be the representation of you at a child age, but if I understand something, is that adults are not obliged to follow the orders of their parents. You are free to decide, like a Pidgey that leaves the nest, evolved into Pidgeot" commented the Sabrina girl. Sabrina thought.

"I promise to never subject you to follow my orders, or steal your smile again. I just want to see you happy this time" the girl continued, trying to reason.

"I should never have allowed you to undergo such a harsh training. *sob* You did not enjoy life, as I have. I thought that allowing you to isolate yourself from others, and repress your childhood emotions, was what you wanted. I'm so sorry..." the doll's eyes moistened. Adult Sabrina also gave in to tears.  

"Awwww, it's not your fault, baby. I was the one who lost control of my life. This time things will be different, my sweet little sister" Sabrina clung to her cheek, with a smile. The little girl also smiled, and so, they both descended hugging each other. Sabrina returned to her normal size.

"If you want, we can play with the little people in the company of someone. I’ll look for a new friend for us. She may also be an expert in psychic powers" the doll suggested.

"I think it's a good idea, dear" adult Sabrina gently patted the doll's head. Little Sabrina admired the happy expression of her adult alter ego.

"Soon, the Pokemon world will know from the rooftops who Sabrina is. I’ll make my ancestors proud of me, while I achieve the domination of the world" Sabrina stated with a strong fighting spirit. After the events of said melancholic night, they both went to bed.


Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, something unusual happened: from the sky, a strange portal opened.

"AAAAGGHHGAHHH, MOMMY, HELP MEEEEE!!!" Lucas fell at high speed. In desperation, he activated a psychic shield to cushion his fall.

"It's a round Pokemon!"

"No, it's a UFO!"

People on the streets spotted the descending object. Suddenly, a young photographer named Todd carefully checked the sky with his camera.

"That's not a UFO, it's a child. And his life is in danger!" Todd shouted in alarm. The citizens ran from one side to the other, seeing how to help the poor child. Unfortunately, the firefighter's trampolines were not even useful in that delicate situation.

"Poor guy, it's time to help..." a boy dressed in red observed the great scandal from a distance. From one of the spheres on the strap of his pants, he summoned a noble winged creature on which he mounted. Meanwhile, Lucas was dying of fatigue.

"I can't take it anymore. NO…..AAAAAHHH" the psychic shield that cushioned the fall vanished. Charizard flew over at full speed.

"I got you!" the other boy extended his arms, instantly saving the poor victim.


"YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!" the citizens cheered the hero with loud applause.

"Are you okay?" asked the boy in red attire.

"Yeah…." Lucas murmured, in a weak voice.

Once he regained consciousness, Lucas immediately recognized his savior: it was the Pokemon trainer he met in the Subspace Emissary, during his wanderings through the abandoned zoo.

"Red, are you...?" Lucas asked. Red was briefly silent, before turning to look.

"Yes, it's me. I missed you, little friend. I'm sure you'll love visiting here"

Red's Charizard descended into the streets, where all the people gathered to congratulate him for his day's good deed. At the same time, the event got broadcast on all the most important news programs in the Pokemon world.

(Our story moves to a home, inhabited by a man with psychic powers, a lover of golf and family unity, along with his beautiful brown-haired wife)

"Let's see what's good on TV" the man said.

"Good evening to all Poke viewers. In other news, Red, the legendary champion of the Kanto League, saved a poor defenseless child who mysteriously fell from the sky" the reporter informed on the news channel.

"That boy is worthy of admiration. He reminds me of a certain silly boy I once knew…" the man commented.

"Here we have him for a brief interview. Tell us. How did you come to be surrounded by a strange aura of energy?" the newcast interviewer brought the microphone closer to Lucas.

"I have psychic powers" the blonde replied, smiling with great enthusiasm. His cheeks flushed out of nervous at receiving people's attention.

"Awww, isn't he cute? He's the boy we could never have. I think he could be a good friend for our daughter Sabrina" the man's wife expressed affectionately.

"My dear, you always say the same thing about every new child you came across" the man replied. Those people were Sabrina's parents. Their names were Lisa, and Ormond.

"That's right, he is one of the most talented psychics I had ever met. His power is to be envied!" Red boasted.

"Hahahah, Red, there's no need for so much praise..." Lucas said to his friend.

"Come on buddy, don't be so modest. Remember: you were an important part of my adventures when the Tabuu incident happened" Red replied happily, patting him on the back. The blonde smiled innocently at the camera, cheerfully greeting everyone.

"What an adorable boy, I would love to tuck him in at night if I was his mother" Lisa sighed.

"Don't exaggerate, woman, our dear Sabrina is the one who deserves our affection" Ormond interrupted, somewhat displeased.

"You can tell they are good friends. Wait until you see us next time on Kanto TV news, good night..." Ormond turned off the television.

"The news about the psychic child has given me an idea" Ormond suggested to his wife do a tiny visit to their daughter.

They both wanted with all their hearts encourage Sabrina. However, doubt about whether it was a good idea to interrupt her training got in the way of their plans, especially when they remembered that the gym was at risk of being closed due to the poor winning streak.

After thinking about it a bit, Sabrina's parents decided to prepare the night visit for tomorrow, not knowing what it would hold not only for them, but for the Pokemon world...





Chapter End Notes:

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