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A gradually shrinking teenager, Peter, has been coping with his predicament with the help of his mature therapist and fuck-buddy, Julie.  While she has been helpful, Julie has been becoming more possessive and more dominating as you grow smaller.  Helpless to her grasp over your tiny life, you decide to make the most of your remaining time by exploring your inner desires and her inner depths.

These chapters were originally part of the interactive "Tiny Way to Die" by chaos on writing.com.  Although these chapters are older, I welcome any and all feedback.

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Shrink: Nano (1/2 in. to 2.5 nanometers)
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Published: December 09 2021 Updated: December 09 2021
Story Notes:

1. In the Eye of the Orgasmic Storm by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (993 words)

This chapter is the start of my contribution to a really enjoyable storyline in the interactive "Tiny Way to Die" started by chaos on writing.com.  That storyline consisted of setting the stage for Peter's (you) shrinking disease and establishing his relationship with Julie, a therapist who is friends with Peter's mom.  It's really well written, and anyone who is a fan of gradual shrinking stories should read all the chapters leading up to mine, which starts at the link below:


Context for the story up until now: While Julie originally helped Peter get out of his depression, the two eventually began a sexual relationship under the guise of extra sessions.  The smaller Peter shrank, the more possessive Julie became.  This was fine by Peter at first, but now under a foot tall, he's been feeling more like a sex toy rather than romantic partner.  In trying to express this to Julie, she's become more predatory, and finally has you at the perfect size for something she's been anticipating for a while: To use you as a human dildo.

This chapter starts with you already in the middle of an intense love-making session with your now dominatrix shrink...

2. Welcome to Julie's Home by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1094 words)

I decided to adjust the original sizes I had Peter dwindling down to since it didn't really work with my original posting.  Guess it'd be a good idea to keep a ruler on standby the next time I write :P

3. Becoming Abreast with the Landscape of Julie by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (770 words)

4. Julie's Ass by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1238 words)

5. Julie's Chocolatey Center by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (961 words)

6. Get Dumped by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1282 words)