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Story Notes:

Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter is the start of my contribution to a really enjoyable storyline in the interactive "Tiny Way to Die" started by chaos on writing.com.  That storyline consisted of setting the stage for Peter's (you) shrinking disease and establishing his relationship with Julie, a therapist who is friends with Peter's mom.  It's really well written, and anyone who is a fan of gradual shrinking stories should read all the chapters leading up to mine, which starts at the link below:


Context for the story up until now: While Julie originally helped Peter get out of his depression, the two eventually began a sexual relationship under the guise of extra sessions.  The smaller Peter shrank, the more possessive Julie became.  This was fine by Peter at first, but now under a foot tall, he's been feeling more like a sex toy rather than romantic partner.  In trying to express this to Julie, she's become more predatory, and finally has you at the perfect size for something she's been anticipating for a while: To use you as a human dildo.

This chapter starts with you already in the middle of an intense love-making session with your now dominatrix shrink...

Deep inside of Julie's crotch, you squirmed with fear and excitement. There was no doubt for you that being swallowed up by Julie's vagina was the most incredible sexual sensation you had yet experienced, but the vulnerability that surrounded you was enough to distract from your pleasure. You couldn't help but wiggle inside of Julie's tight fleshy sleeve, and by doing so you were exciting her, which only caused her cunt to constrict you more. This catch-22 was a self-generating orgasm for Julie that was more than she had experienced before. You could hear her moaning accelerate through her skin, and as muffled as it was, it turned you on even more too. The fear in your mind was shrinking away as you became swept up in Julie's orgasm. It surrounded your entire body, and you finally welcomed it and began writhing in pleasure.

Up above in the world of giants, Julie had given herself over to absolute pleasure. She had been sitting on her desk chair when she was wedging your body into her gaping maw, but as your movements started the most exciting orgasm of her life, she had gradually slid down her chair and onto the floor. It was a good thing no one was near her office, as she moaned louder and louder while her climax built. Wanting to turn herself on even more, she crossed her legs and closed her thighs together as tight as possible, further trapping you within her. Having her lover trapped inside of her had unlocked a whole new level of sexual excitement for Julie, and she was ready to do whatever was necessary to fuel her vaginal fire. She ripped open her blouse and clumsily undid her bra as she rubbed both of her hands across her busty chest. Julie squished her massive breasts together and apart while circling her nipples with her fingers, with every movement stimulating her whole body back down to you.

You, on the other hand, were shocked with how tight Julie's insides continued to become. As she pleasured herself above, she was tightening everything below, which made you feel safe despite the danger you were in. The large amount of juices that had been seeping out of her pussy were now shut off from their only exit when Julie had crossed her legs, and now they were starting to build up around you in whatever space was left. You first felt the warm liquid on your feet, but it quickly slid up through every crease and crevasse of your body. There was a perverse pleasure it provided to the whole scenario: You were entirely inside of her, and now there was some of her inside of you. It was a simple fact that she had complete dominion over your entire form while you were deep inside of her. Her heat was yours, her fluids surrounded you, and her pheromones were your atmosphere. It was Julie's goal to have every part of you, and as her sweet pussy juice finally surrounded your head and flowed into you throat, you swallowed it up with the truth that you were her sexual slave. Her pussy was in charge of your life now, and as it erupted into climax, you had no choice but to let it have its way with you.

Julie continued to massage herself as her body heat rose and the pleasure erupted upon her body. Her moans turned to screams that an outsider would think of as pure pain, but it was nothing short of total ecstasy. She finally was reaching her limit for how much more she could enjoy the feeling, and as she climaxed, there was a new type of eruption. She screamed one last time as her body arched up and her legs finally gave out, unwinding themselves and slamming back onto the floor. As they opened, her cunt exploded with love juice, and as it shot out all the moisture that had been building up, you slid out with it onto the now soiled floor. Your vision blurred as the dark vaginal realm you had gotten used to had ejected you back into the real world, and Julie's wetness slid off your body. Before you could even wipe your eyes, she closed her thighs back together, which trapped you inside of them yet again. Their warm embrace was like a hug you didn't want to end, and when it did you were forced back into the cold reality that you were sitting in the middle of Julie's puddle.

You turned back around to look at Julie, but then you were reminded of your tiny size. You were looking directly at her huge hungry vagina, a pulsating hole surrounded by hair. Above you could see Julie's belly rise and fall with her breathing, but she continued to lie on her back staring at the ceiling. It was clear she was coming down from her orgasmic high and still needed a moment to relax. Apparently, though, she was relaxing too much, as she then let out a hot stream of gas from the depths below her pussy that hit you right smack-dab in the face. She continued to fart, but you didn't dare move as you too were still coming down from your shared moment of ecstasy. As you laid back down in her juices, you even took pleasure breathing in Julie's gas. There was something so transformative about the experience you two had just shared that now you didn't mind it. In fact, it smelled entirely intoxicating to you, and you began to get turned on yet again by the thought of Julie's domination. There was little point in rushing out of the spot you were in, so you just stretched out and let yourself fall asleep in a puddle of pussy juices that was starting to dry. You weren't worried about being small or anything, since you knew you at least had Julie to take care of you.

Chapter End Notes:

Fair warning: Like most of my content, this eventually transitions to more toilet-related content.  If that's not your thing, you may not get much more enjoyment past this and the next two chapters.

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