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        The brunette silently curses the perpetually squeaky hinge to this door. Apartment maintenance was supposed to fix it last week, yet neither of the girls had heard a peep from them since. Luckily, Katrina was about as heavy as a sleeper as they come. Calmed by that thought, Veronica’s eyes trace the girl’s half-covered form, her right leg hanging lazily off the side. She looked so cute and cozy, so comfortable. Splayed haphazardly across the bed, she wore nothing but a casual pair of comfy grey panties, prompting V to stop and admire the view for just a little longer. She can’t help but smile as her eyes inspect her top to bottom, tracing her exposed and smooth skin with laser focus. Kat was brilliant, from the very top of her curly and frizzy black hair to the tips of her well-pedicured toes.

        She’d moved in with Katrina only about a year ago but cherished the casual relationship they’d cultivated together. The two of them arranged this “friends with benefits” situation only six months previously, and Veronica had to confess, she’d been hesitant at first. But, it had worked out well. Though, lately, the brunette had felt something stirring inside of her. Some rather unexpected feelings had come bubbling up to the surface…. Feelings for Kat. She respected her immensely, how cooly she handled situations, and despite her outwardly lazy exterior, she had her life together. A stable career path to follow, unlike Veronica. Maybe that’s why Kat’s so confident all the time, she muses, only prolonging the inevitable.

        Veronica steps inside with a heavy breath, her bare soles impacting one after the other onto the cool hardwood floor. Slowly she creeps around the side, swiftly and silently heading over to the uncovered part of the frilly pink bed. Leaning over sheets, Veronica smiles at the slumbering Kat. She looks so innocent, remarkably peaceful—nothing like her usual bombastic self.

“Mmmm, Vee?”A groggy voice makes itself known, and sleep fills its accentuations, feeling almost heavy in its delivery.

The brunette freezes, eyes widening in a mixture of shock and fear as she realizes her cover has been blown sky-high. However, it’s a false alarm. Katrina merely rolls over onto her back, gentle breathing soon replacing the air that had been sucked from the room. Exhaling a weighty sigh of relief, Veronica turns her attention back towards the tool still in her dainty hands.

        She runs short, frequently bitten nails along its metal exterior, tracing the seams where components meet. Ironically, it looked closer to a thermos than any sort of scientific equipment. A weird choice on the manufacturer’s part for sure. Carefully, she inputs a combination of button presses, “One Inch” reads out across the relatively colorless prompt. It’s ready to go, but she hesitates; is one inch too big? Her brow furrows curtly, her fingers deciding for her as they subtly crank the knob. Half an inch would be safer in a way; less chance to get discovered and more of Katrina’s gorgeous body to appreciate! It’s a win-win, really. Veronica can already feel a tingle traveling throughout her entirety, a warm sensation flowing across her skin. Blood pumping to the area right between her legs. She lets a hand brush across it, further stoking the fires raging inside her core.

“You got this, V! Just press the darn button!” She mutters quietly to herself, scarcely able to believe she’s about to go through with this. With an air of uncertainty, she hits the key, knowing full well there’s no going back. Veronica sets it on the floor beneath her and waits with bated breath for the inevitable.


        A short, almost alien-like din emits from the machine, and a well-known sensation grabs hold of her. The shrinking is immediate, but the effects always last for minutes after. The newly christened mite of a girl isn’t afforded the luxury of being able to slowly adjust. No, she’s thrown right into an almost alien-like world of roving plush pink hills. Veronica does her absolute best to hold in last night’s dinner, not wanting to ruin the experience by making herself sick. The last few times they’d tried to have some size-kink fun, she’d been too ill to continue. However, V prepared this time, making sure to down some Dramamine well beforehand. She pushes through the odd sensations, shakily standing back to her feet.

        Finally collecting herself, the brunette chooses to look around the vast, intimate landscape of Kate’s bedroom, a sense of almost child-like wonder filling her eyes. It’s practically a whole new world! However, her enthusiasm is short-lived. She nearly shrieks as her eyes finally adjust to the change in scale, previously blurry visuals turning into nightmarishly magnificent monuments. Each fiber of the girly comforter is observable now, an endless sea of scratchy fibers.

       Most importantly, though, is what lays before her. Katrina, half-covered in a fuzzy and warm pink blanket, is sleeping innocently, just like before. It takes all of her willpower not to drop to her knees at the terrifyingly powerful sight, curves of the immense fibrous material leading into perfectly smooth pale skin. She’s more beautiful than ever, her scale only magnifying every perfection of her body.

        Steadying her nerves, Veronica takes several unsure steps towards a blanket gap, uneven ground making the walk more complicated than initially anticipated. Nonetheless, Katrina’s body was just waiting to be explored, a chance the brunette wasn’t about to let pass her by.

       Humid, almost sticky air permeates the inside of the blanket in a dense fog. Not so much hot, as the environment just feels outright hostile for the tiny girl. The intense smell of strawberries lingers in her nose, the very same scent in the much larger girls’ lotion bottles. God, did she love that smell! Its prevalence leaves her with the most pleasant sense of arousal, dick twitching between her legs as she comes up upon the pudge of her stomach. Kat isn’t directly overweight by any means, but she had a bit of a love handle showing. Something about her that Veronica found sort of endearing.

       However, the side of her body is enormous now, something she’d blocked out until being quite literally forced to focus on it. The subtle curves of soft plush seemed more like ravines now, dark with depth, and it’s utterly anxiety-inducing for the young adult. But, she’s driven onward by lust and the cloud of her friend’s sweet scent.

       One hand after the other, the brunette grabs onto the firm yet squishy flesh Kat had protruded ever so slightly from her side, finding it surprisingly easy to get a grip on. However, the climb up proves to be fair more extraneous than she thought, suddenly regretting all those missed jogs and trips to the gym. Heaving, she mercifully reaches the relatively flat tummy, laying down with a huff of extreme exertion. Now, just a short break and may-



        A low yet omnipresent rumble breaks across the belly, the vibrations resonating from deep below. Veronica’s very core shakes from a simple hum before she goes sliding downwards with a shriek.


         Down she goes, sliding effortlessly across Kat’s flawless milky white skin, quickly finding herself coming up on an enormous stretchy-looking rim. Instinctually, she closes her eyes and throws her hands out in front, bracing for impact.


         Panic wraps around her, tugging her down like a heavy blanket as she goes hurtling right under the loose elastic. She yelps out in pain, her hair getting tangled as she’s thrown into darkness. Yet, her descent comes to a stop when she hit something hard.

        “Ugh….” She rubs the back of her neck, relieved to no longer be sliding down the world’s scariest slip-in slide. “Okay, get it together Vee!” Veronica mentally prepares herself to get back on the bike and try again with a bit of self-encouragement. However, there’s one problem. It’s far too dark to see. In addition, a heady scent floats around her in the muggy atmosphere. It’s hard for her to explain, but it makes the organ between her legs twitch with arousal. She feels herself growing hard, prompting a layer of blush to spread across her already warm face.

         Suddenly, the pitch-black sauna is ripped open; new life is breathed into the otherwise stale air as darkness gives way to light. Finally, giving the miniaturized girl a chance to look at precisely what broke her free from the earlier descent. Katrina’s sex, standing firm and hard right before her. It’s awe-inspiring for the tiny girl, leaving her without words as she gazes up at something so utterly intimidating. The air around her is thick, almost intoxicating. Lost in the heady mind-melting fog, her feet idly kick against it as she shifts around, causing the massive pillar to twitch.

         “Mmmm…. What do we have here~?” Kats’s voice cuts through Veronica’s daze like a knife to butter, prompting her to whip her head around in bewilderment. A soft and disheveled face stares back groggily. Her curly bedhead bounces around as she lets out a mighty yawn, finishing it off with a loud smack of her slender lips. The speck is left quaking at the very sight of the much larger girl’s face. It stares down at her a sort of apathy, her size so pathetically minuscule that it takes Katrina a few moments to even register what or who she is.

         “Oh, hey V!” A tender smile stretches across the giant girl’s mouth, and she starts removing her panties with pervasive lazy morning energy. Veronica simply shuffles her hands together, embarrassed, fearful, and deeply ashamed. She’d betrayed Kat’s trust, someone she cared very deeply about. And for what? Some stupid sexual whim?

        “I don’t recall saying you could spy on me, buuuuut….” Veronica yelps in fright as the smooth shaft behind her starts to grow thicker, rising up further than she ever thought possible. It towers over her now, like a perfectly smooth skyscraper.

        “Maybe you could help me out. You know, since your already down there!” She snickers before letting out a low groan, her sex twitching once again as Veronica unexpectedly throws her snack-sized body at it. She’s apprehensive, fear and guilt edging at the corners of her mind. But, the desire to please muddles the emotions, allowing her to push through.

        “Oh god, you’re such a good girl, V~.” The colossal lady closes her eyes for a moment, just feeling the tiny hands worshiping her, doing all they can to make her seem unimaginably powerful. Veronica flinches as an obscenely large hand runs slowly down the shaft, stopping just before getting to her, holding position high above, before running back up its length. She’s stunned by the absolute enormity and power just her friend’s hand alone had over her right now. It’s both frightening and arousing all at once.

        “Honestly, V, I was wondering when you’d try it. Especially after that last time, when we talked about exploring each other...” Shivers run down Katrina’s spine, “-I almost hoped this would happen.” Her eyes follow the almost indiscernible movements of the speck at the base of her impressive organ, just the idea of being so powerful making her entire body hot.

        “You’re such a subby little girl, though, aren’t you?” Her eyebrows raise upward in amusement as she continues slow strokes across her ever-sensitive shaft.

        “Only you’d choose to go that small. But, that’s why you’re my little bug girl, huh?” Veronica meeps out a squeal of surprise as a finger lightly presses against her back, smushing her into hot steamy flesh. Her dick feels so good against it, welcoming the pulsating and twitching of her lover’s cock.

        Both girls embrace each other in very different ways, Veronica with her whole body and Kat with just the tip of her finger. The difference in scale between the two is so immense, something both girls find absolutely tantalizing.

        “Oh-oh, oh fuck! I’m so close already!” Knowingly, Veronica simply closes her eyes and licks her tiny area of the cock she has been resigned to, her roomie’s finger soft and carefully keeping pressure on her back. Already on the edge and sensitive herself, she carefully gyrates against it, feeling a familiar sensation building deep inside of her.

        The two find themselves very sensitive, both unconsciously slowing to match each other’s pace. Veronica continues lightly rubbing her soft body against Kat’s sex, her movements, in turn, bringing each of them slowly closer to their ultimate goal.

       “Mmm, can’t wait to cover you.~” Katrina keeps up a steady rhythm, smooth palms gliding across her cock while the speck towards the base of it pays proper tribute. The very thought of coating this absolute bug in her cum, knowing she’ll love every second of it, makes her legs weak. They twitch almost uncontrollably, signaling the beginning of an explosive end.

       Wait, cover her? A powerful wave of fear courses through Veronica’s body; they hadn’t agreed on that!

       “Kat, w-wait!” Unfortunately, her voice is nearly inaudible to the enormous lady above her.

       “R-r-ready cutie?” Her voice shakes with an oncoming orgasm, prompting Veronica to simply hug tighter, fearful, but waiting to be showered with the girl’s warm love. Kat’s whole body shudders, her feet jolting outward and toes curling as she releases white liquid into the air. She lets go of her friend as the orgasm hits her like a rogue wave, overpowering her into a state of nearly unconscious bliss.

        However, from Veronica’s perspective, it’s a bit more chaotic. Finishing herself off to her very own toe-curling orgasm, the all-powerful finger pulls away, giving her a chance to slide down the shaft just as warm cum erupts from the head like a volcano, shooting over and dribbling off the sides. It shoots off above her with untold amounts of force, and the human speckle finds herself suddenly overtaken by the rain, weighed down by a stray strand of stickiness. It pulls her down, adhering her to the base of Katrina’s still stiff shaft. Now thoroughly coated in sticky love, Veronica finds herself finally able to bask in the afterglow, thoughts melting together into relief and satisfaction.

        Both girls lay motionless, panting and, surprisingly, still horny.

        “Hey, V? You… wanna maybe go again?”

         A grin cracks out across the soft features of Veronica’s face. Today would be fun.

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