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Warning: This shit gets pretty nasty lol sorry

Tags: Unaware, Scat, Feet, Odor

In a random city in Washington, a young girl that looked to be around twenty years old named Bella yawned as she slowly sat up in bed. She rubbed her eyes in a groggy manner as she tried to recall what happened last night with little success. As she sat up for a while trying to remember, she stared at her dark-skinned feet peeking out from under the cover with light pink toenail polish matching her hands. All of a sudden, she was able to smell a slight odor that had accumulated onto herself, particularly her feet, from last night which jogged her memory.

Bella’s parents had decided to go to a hotel for their anniversary for the weekend and her brother decided to stay at a friend’s house. Not one to waste opportunities, Bella decided to invite around twenty friends to hang out with. Bella is a friendly person but it was less of a party and more like a get-together. All of a sudden however, Bella felt sleepy and retired for the night before she knew it.

It was almost like she was compelled to.

As Bella remembered what happened last night, she decided to get up and go to the bathroom to freshen up a little bit.



Alisa was losing her mind. She was invited to come to Bella’s house. Bella was an extremely friendly girl that everyone on campus knew and Alisa felt more encouraged to come knowing it’d be all girls. She felt safer that way.

So, if it was supposed to be safe, why was she all of a sudden incredibly small!?

The red head felt naked despite her clothes being on due to the sheer vulnerability. The other girls who agreed to come with her to find a tiny Bella so they’d all be safe decided to check the bathroom first. Alisa wanted to make sure Bella was fine first and decided to find her and bring her to the bathroom or at least hopefully meet up with them later.


‘What was that?’ Alisa wondered looking around frantically before looking behind her to see… A GIANT BELLA!?

“Nonononono what why!?” Alisa screamed as she felt like her sanity was disappearing. Bella was the same size and coming her way. Alisa realized she was smaller than her pinky toes and knew she couldn’t get her attention.

Before turning to run, she realized Bella looked the same as always. As a black woman, Bella had kinky hair that she braided and kept in a bonnet as part of her nighttime routine. She had small perky tits wrapped in an oversized shirt she slept in with boy shorts on straining to contain her ass. She had amazingly plump lips and a cute nose. The most daunting feature on her wasn’t her ass or her lips though, it was her eyes. They were an ethereal pink that didn’t seem human-like. When mad, they felt like spears stabbing the one she was glaring at. When happy, it felt like she was elevating the spirits of the one her eyes were resting on at the time.

They were almost like magic.

As Alisa ran, she felt her eyes begin to water and her nose burn as the smell coming from the approaching behemoths known as toes and feet spread further.


Alisa knew she couldn’t outrun her so she opted to leap out of the way to the side which would put her out of her enormous friend’s trajectory. Right before she began the movement, she felt her body stop in its tracks and fall to the ground as she began to cough with urgency.

The odor had gotten so close that the smell and its oppressive aura had managed to paralyze her. As Alisa looked towards the dirtied feet, she screamed as Bella’s pinky toe loomed above.



The dirt on Bella’s toes and soles was layered to the point where she didn’t feel the tiny woman become a stain under her smallest toe as she continued her small trek towards the bathroom.



Jenny, Jenna, and Jennifer were panicking. Not just because they were small, the three blonde barbie dolls were standing in front of Bella’s open toilet wondering how to get three other tiny girls out without suffering the same fate.

“Okay, I’ll climb-“Jenna, the athletic one, was interrupted by loud booms outside of the bathroom that matched the visage of what seemed to be a giant human, their friend Bella.

Jenny, the skittish one, turned white in fear as the giant woman approached as Jenna similarly cowered in fear. On the other hand, Jennifer, the audacious one, just crinkled the nose at Bella’s feet. Bella’s feet had an odor problem that all three Jenn’s knew about since they worked out with her here and there.

Bella yawned as she walked in the bathroom located in her room, leaving the door open since her bedroom door was locked. She had an exceptionally long yawn that continued until she was in front of the toilet ready to pull her boy shorts down.

The three Jenn’s ran away from Bella and her odorous feet in the direction she was facing not wanting to waste much time thinking instead of running. As Bella pulled her pants and underwear down and sat down, she pushed her feet forward deciding when to stop arbitrarily and letting them rest on the cool tiles with a sigh.

The Jenn’s all screamed as the dirty feet rested on top of them, their lungs begging for fresh air and their eyes watering with intensity. As all three of them heard a grunt and a fart by Bella, she moved her toes around battering the little girls’ bodies with bruises.


Jenna looked under through the water in her eyes as Bella’s feet lifted off of them and allowed them freedom, which Jennifer took with hastiness. However, the foot’s sole, covered in dirt, had captured Jenny’s lower body in the dirt and she was sinking further within it.

As Jenna tried to think of a quick solution, in less than a second, Bella put her feet down as she grunted loudly and released a wet fart, pinning Jenna back under the ball of her left foot but Jennifer under the third toe of her right foot. The relatively strong impact shook loose a drop of perspiration that was forming on Bella’s skin, dripping right onto Jenna’s face alongside the curve of Bella’s skin.

Jenna tried to breathe but only inhaled the stinky liquid that began to make her drown. She tried to release her hands but she couldn’t. She tried to drink the disgusting liquid but she couldn’t. She tried to scream for her mother’s name but she couldn’t. The last thing Jenna saw as she turned her to the right, was Jenny’s screaming head against the floor slowing going upward in the dirt on the sole. Jenna’s body slowly dissolved into the sweat becoming a small red sweaty puddle adhered to Bella’s foot.

Bella let out a wet fart again with a grunt as she began to shit.

Jenny tried to free herself but she couldn’t. She begged for mercy from Bella as though the girl could hear her. She felt her body go further into the dirt until she felt her chin hit it. Her chin got caught in the middle of a scream, forcing her to keep her mouth open until it got to the dirt which forced her to taste the buildup of Bella’s afterparty feet. Once her entire jaw was encased, she tried to bite through it but her jaw wouldn’t budge. She gave out one last muffled scream as she felt her vision go brown, her hair slowly getting slurped into the dirt similar to noodles.

Bella farted again in the middle of her shit but it was a normal one.

Jennifer was having an equally bad time as the smell of Bella’s foot was not good enough for her lungs to use as air. She desperately tried to free herself with her pink manicured hands under Bella toe and she felt her eyes roll and her saliva start to froth. The toe didn’t budge. She felt her nostrils burn and her eyes begin to bleed as her body started to convulse and go into shock.

The last thing the girl heard was Bella letting out an extremely airy fart that was almost silent after she was done using the restroom.

Bella sighed and pushed her feet forward, unknowingly annihilating Jennifer’s corpse, closing her eyes.



Alex, Alexis, and Alice were all stuck. They had climbed the toilet and expected the Jenn’s to follow but they were hesitant. As they were trying to beckon them to follow, Alexis and Alice had fallen in the open toilet, dragging Alex as well by trying to hold on.

They were so wrapped up in arguing with each other about who the blame fell on and what method they’d use to get in to the point that they didn’t even hear Bella’s presence until her bubble ass was jiggling 3 seconds after she removed her pants above them.

They all screamed when the dump trunk crashed into the seat, the echo inside of her toilet shaking her heads and making their ears ache as they looked up at their new guest. Bella’s asshole winked as her somewhat unkempt pussy hair peeked at them. They heard a sigh as Bella began the catastrophe with her bodily functions.

Bella realized she didn’t use the bathroom at all yesterday.

As piss came out of Bella’s vagina, it was less like piss to them and more like a water cannon. As the girls tried to swim away, the spot where the pee was landing was creating a rebounding wave that was bouncing off the walls that was bringing them closer to ground zero.

“HELP! GUYS PLEASE HELP!” Alice was the worst swimmer so she seemed to be the one doomed as she slowly drifted closer and closer.

Bella realized it was almost over and let out a grunt to push a little harder as a fart came out.

The stream suddenly got immensely stronger and down Alice went until it stopped not even a second after she reached ground zero. As Alice immediately tried to come back up for air, a sound that sounded like a loud garbled trumpet echoed off the walls disorienting the girls. Alice didn’t see a single drop of smelly piss that hit her and dragged her screaming body under the depths of the yellow water to never rise again.

Alexis and Alex screamed in fear and sorrow as they lost their friend before hearing a gurgle upwards. As they looked upward, Bella let out a wet fart with shit splattering out staining some parts of their bodies and the water.

The women screamed as their bodies were splattered with the foul liquid. Bella was known for having stinky farts and shits normally but the smell was oppressive and literally clung to them at their normal sizes. Their screams stopped as more wet shit began pouring out of Bella’s ass causing a tidal wave to come their way.

They tried to swim away but was too late as Alex was knocked to the back of the toilet bowl.


Alex opened her eyes and saw Alexis stuck in a slightly more solid shit chunk and the liquid dripped on her upper body besides her left arm which wasn’t encased. Alex clutched the wall like Alexis was a monster as Alexis pled with Alex to come save her.


As Alex looked to the left, she could see a similar chunk of shit slowly shifting towards Alexis that would encase her completely.

She still opted to do nothing in fear of her own life.


A disgusting sound resounded as the shit tomb fully encased Alexis’ struggling body, the added mass making the new structure slowly drown in the murky shit.

As Alex let tears roll down her eyes, she looked up at the asshole letting out copious amounts of shit while trying to find her breath. Bella’s shit air was incredibly oppressive and Alex felt herself beginning to run out of air. As her eyes were beginning to go dim, she let out one last cry.

“please bella hel- “*PSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHH*

An almost silent fart blew away her last attempt at words and her body succumbed to Bella’s poop air and began to sink into the shitty water.



Bella sighed as she let out one last airy fart, crinkling her cute nose at the scent of it before glancing at her stretched out feet and wiggling toes.

‘The Alex’s were right. My farts really do smell.’ She farted once more.

‘Not that my feet are much better I guess but I still don’t think it’s as bad as the Jenn’s say it is.’

Bella yawned and before she knew it, she was sleep on toilet. Around thirty minutes later, she woke up and rushed out of the bathroom ready to get out of the gas chamber, forgetting to wipe or flush.

Chapter End Notes:

Told ya lol gonna be a part 2 with the momma

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