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A week after being mysteriously shrunken and held captive by a kind giantess, you begin to reciprocate her amorous feelings despite how disgusting she can be at times.

These chapters were originally part of the interactive "Shrunk w/a Ditzy, Clumsy, and Gross Girl" by G-Writer on writing.com. Although these chapters are older, I welcome any and all feedback.

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Published: November 10 2021 Updated: November 10 2021

1. Kattie's Big Love by revival45 [Reviews - 1] (1802 words)

This first chapter is a combination of two chapters I wrote for the interactive "Shrunk w/a Ditzy, Clumsy, and Gross Girl" by G-Writer.  I was still new to writing at this point and wanted to provide different paths for the interactive, but essentially they were just my way of shifting the storyline in a direction that I wanted to pursue and honestly flow better as a single chapter.  You can read all the previous chapters at the link below:


Context for the story before now: You mysteriously shrank a week ago and were quickly found by Kattie, an oblivious but beautiful BBW.  Convinced you wanted to date her, she took you home to keep you 'safe', but has been much more preoccupied with her one-sided romance than trying to help you.  Over the week you've been trapped with her, she hasn't let you leave her 'protection' at all, and her bubbly attitude has resulted in you being victim to numerous gross behaviors, from eating pre-chewed food to being blasted by her farts to being smushed in one of her folds each night.  It's all starting to wear on your mind, which is where my chapters begin...

2. Eating Out Kattie's Ass by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (942 words)

3. From Bedroom to Bathroom by revival45 [Reviews - 1] (1027 words)