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Author's Chapter Notes:

This first chapter is a combination of two chapters I wrote for the interactive "Shrunk w/a Ditzy, Clumsy, and Gross Girl" by G-Writer.  I was still new to writing at this point and wanted to provide different paths for the interactive, but essentially they were just my way of shifting the storyline in a direction that I wanted to pursue and honestly flow better as a single chapter.  You can read all the previous chapters at the link below:


Context for the story before now: You mysteriously shrank a week ago and were quickly found by Kattie, an oblivious but beautiful BBW.  Convinced you wanted to date her, she took you home to keep you 'safe', but has been much more preoccupied with her one-sided romance than trying to help you.  Over the week you've been trapped with her, she hasn't let you leave her 'protection' at all, and her bubbly attitude has resulted in you being victim to numerous gross behaviors, from eating pre-chewed food to being blasted by her farts to being smushed in one of her folds each night.  It's all starting to wear on your mind, which is where my chapters begin...


The sound of Kattie's alarm clock was muffled, but you could recognize it well enough now even being trapped within her fleshy armpit. You were both thankful and afraid whenever it would go off; relieved to be free from your giantess' subconscious captivity but afraid of what terrible activity would come next for you. Kattie's obliviousness was repeatedly making you uncomfortably intimate with her entire body, and you were becoming worried you'd never be able to return to your full size. The stress from these thoughts was cut off suddenly by your girlfriend's movements.

Yaaaawn went Kattie as she turned off her alarm and stretched her arms in the air. You should have been freed, but spending 8 hours stuck in her warm damp pit was keeping you plastered to her skin. "Where is my favorite little man?" she asked getting out of bed. You remained in her pit but could feel yourself slowly peeling off with each step Kattie took. Eager to free yourself, however, you hadn't thought of where you'd be landing and soon found yourself in a freefall until a hand scooped you up.

"There you are!" Kattie said, "I was starting to get worried about my little guy getting lost again. Well don't you worry, baby, I've got a special day planned for the two of us again!" Her words were like a taunt, promising yet another day as nothing more than a heavy bimbo's pet. Kattie brought you up for a kiss and you prepared to be smushed and slobbered upon as before, but this time something else happened. She kissed you lightly, with her huge soft lips just barely pressing against you, providing a dry warmth that wasn't overbearing. The softness was welcoming, and you even found yourself enticed enough to kiss them back. She felt it and pulled her head back, and you could see she was blushing, a little surprised herself. She laughed nervously when she saw your shocked expression. "Is something wrong?"

"Huh?" You were still a little caught off guard by a relaxing feeling you haven't felt in over a week. But in addition to that, there was another feeling of affection that you hadn't felt in even longer. "Uhhhh, no nothing," you stumbled through your words. "I just was surprised is all. That was really... gentle. I wasn't expecting it."

Kattie laughed a bit to herself again and wore another cute smile. "I guess it sorta dawned on me during the night you might like it not so forceful. Figured I'd try it is all." She went to the bathroom to pee and placed you in her breasts as usual, but this time you didn't feel so concerned. As you heard her urine echo in the pot below, you relaxed in her cleavage and even started to rest your head on her soft skin. It was peaceful and nice. "You sure look cute like that, you know?" Kattie asked. You were surprised by it, but you blushed and felt thankful for the giantess.

"Heh, thanks," you said, answering shortly as you were suddenly worried about embarrassing yourself. Kattie's giant face smiled again and you took a moment to notice just how pretty she was. Sure she was a heavy woman, but her pretty eyes and soft smile made you feel good for once. What a strange morning, you thought to yourself.

Kattie finished up in the bathroom and headed to the kitchen. She kept you in between her massive boobs as she made a big breakfast that was mostly for her. As she did though, the two of you talked and even made each other laugh. Your relationship was actually functioning in some strange sort of way, and it was weird to admit that it made you forget a little bit about all the turmoil this giantess had put you through in the last week. When breakfast was done, she took you out of her tits and set you on the table, where she had a small bowl of yogurt set out for you. The two of you ate, her more ravenously than you, but you were happy to have food that wasn't partially digested by her.

"Little guy, there's something kinda serious I want to talk to you about," Kattie said with a concerned look growing on her face.

"What's that?" You asked.

"Well," Kattie took a moment to figure out exactly how to phrase her words, "I guess I wanted to ask you about this whole shrinking thing. You don't actually think there's any way to get you back to normal, do you?" The question caught you off guard, like a slap to the face. The only thing that had been keeping you strong was the hope that you'd get back to normal.

"Of course I do. What else am I supposed to do?" You asked getting a little upset.

"No it's just that, um..." Kattie retracted somewhat hurt, and again took her time to organize the words in your head while you became visibly more upset. "It's just, because you're so small, and the world is so dangerous, you know? Like, it's already scary for me, and I can't imagine a little guy like you all alone in it. And I just want to keep you safe and protect you from it, and can't let you go out into it and get yourself hurt or something." She started spitting out the words worried but you could tell she was genuine in what she was saying. It calmed you down. "I just don't know what I'd do without you, and I really don't know what you'd do without me."

You listened to what Kattie said and could see the truth to it. You had shrank randomly a week ago, it really seemed completely random as to whether or not you'd ever return to normal size as it was. And you could tell that her concern was coming from a real place. You knew that with this giantess there'd be no intentional harm, and as clumsy as she was, she was above all kind. If this morning had been any indication, there was a chance that she could learn to be even gentler with you, and there'd be no fear of survival or loneliness. Was it time to give up and accept your new life as a permanent one?

"Well, what do you think? Please say something..."

It was hard being this small, and it was hard to continue dreaming about something you had no control over. Kattie's plea was enough to convince you to change your mindset. "You're right, I am safer with you. I mean I'll always hope there's some way to get back to normal, but for now there's nothing I can do." You found the next set of words erupt from that new tingly feeling inside of you. "Kattie, I need you too."

Kattie erupted with joy and picked you up. "Oh my little man, I love you so much! I promise to always keep the best eye on you and keep you as safe as I can, please don't you worry." She kissed you repeatedly, not a gentle as before but not as hard either. You were still going to need some getting used to this life, but you finally felt like you could work out a new sense of normal with Kattie.

Day's passed and the two of you remained inseparable. Spending most of the time in her apartment, the two of you talked more and more and you finally began to reciprocate the affection that Kattie had for you since Day 1. She was willing to listen to your suggestions on how to be more gentle with you, which made you feel more at ease. Of course this still took some time as Kattie was sometimes too eager for her own good, and the normal amount of squashing and crushing occurred as expected. Only now, you didn't mind it as much and even began to get infatuated with the giantess. Kattie became more beautiful to you everyday, with her once overpowering body shape now taking on a more nurturing and warm feeling. Her huge breasts and big ass had tremendous curves to them that hypnotized you when they jiggled nearby. Even the taste of her sweat and the smell of her gas started to feel good. Accepting that you were her little man, you welcomed the gentle domination she had over you, frequently creaming yourself when she placed you in her cleavage or on top of her booty. Whenever she had to go out for running errands, she'd place you either in her bra or her panties, and would smile to herself whenever she felt you explode over her.

Even nighttime became more exciting. Kattie was still a wild sleeper, but being compressed in some fold of her body set you at ease. The heat and pressure would excite you, and the sweaty smells that once disgusted you now were intoxicating. You were with a woman big enough to be a landscape, and you were in love with every single part of her. The normal world you once inhabited was far away now, and you were blissfully swept up into the fetish you were living. Maybe it was your brain finally breaking, or maybe it was Kattie's kindness and sweetness, but either way you were happy. It was only after another week of this new lifestyle that you finally told Kattie what she had told you from the beginning.

"Kattie, I love you."

"Oh my God! I love you so much my little man!" She barraged you with another set of kisses, which by now she had (mostly) mastered the art of doing gently. She had been waiting for you to say those three words, and was ready to reward you for them. "Listen, after dinner I want to give you something special: Free reign of all this!" She swiped her hands up and down her whole body while turning in a clumsy but sexy sort of way. Had it been a month ago you'd have looked the other way, but now you were extremely eager for the giantess' body.

Kattie made a great big dinner for herself and saved enough crumbs for you to feel super full. The two of you first started your new relationship by trying to option more soft meals that you could eat yourself, but somewhere down the line you started to enjoy the taste of Kattie's slobbery seconds when she'd spit out a bite for you. She really was your complete keeper, and you were happy to be her pet.

Once dinner was done, she picked you up and set you on the nightstand before stripping entirely down right in front of you and hoping onto her big sunken bed. "Well little guy," she purred at you while groping herself, "what are you hungry for?"

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