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After being sat on by his cruel coworker Kim, squishy tiny Jim finds himself beginning to transform into her anus.

This is a commission I made for Bronzehawkz in the interactive Tiny Life Guard.  I welcome any and all feedback.

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Published: November 08 2021 Updated: November 08 2021

1. A Tanning Session in Kim’s Butt by revival45 [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1110 words)

This story was originally commissioned by 'Bronzehawkz' and published as part of the interactive "Tiny Life Guard" on writing.com by 'someone'.  Everything that takes place before these chapters can be found at the link below, but for context, you are a squishy tiny named Jim that just started working as a lifeguard.  Your coworker Kim has you trapped under her butt, and you are starting to re-inflate over her asshole.


2. Baked on to Kim's Asshole by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (889 words)

3. To Kim's House You Go by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1281 words)

4. Kim's New Pooper (Part 1) by revival45 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1296 words)

Originally these were posted with the rest of my chapters to the "Tiny Life Guard" interactive, but were removed due to them violating the author's rule regarding no scat content.  This chapter and the following were also originally split into two parts due to writing.com's character limit, so I decided to split the chapters here as well.

5. Kim's New Pooper (Part 2) by revival45 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1410 words)

6. A Permanent Addition to Kim's Ass (Part 1) by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1049 words)

7. A Permanent Addition to Kim's Ass (Part 2) by revival45 [Reviews - 0] (1409 words)