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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story was originally commissioned by 'Bronzehawkz' and published as part of the interactive "Tiny Life Guard" on writing.com by 'someone'.  Everything that takes place before these chapters can be found at the link below, but for context, you are a squishy tiny named Jim that just started working as a lifeguard.  Your coworker Kim has you trapped under her butt, and you are starting to re-inflate over her asshole.


Deep in the crack of the beautiful Asian giantess' ass, you felt yourself re-inflating though were still unable to move. Chalking it up to the weight of Kim, you figured that you'd just have to wait until she stood up, or at the very worst removed her bootyshorts. Despite being drenched in butt sweat, you were grateful, though, that Kim hadn't farted on you yet. In your years of living you have had hundreds if not thousands of intimate encounters with the asses of giant women. More often than not, those would sooner or later result in being gassed on, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes intentionally.

As you reflected on your tiny existence, Kim finally reached a break in her shift. You felt your hot coworker stand up and readied yourself for freedom, but still felt yourself trapped. Figuring it was because you were still under the immense pressure of Kim's compressed butt cheeks, you made the motion to sigh in frustration, until you realized that your mouth hadn't reformed yet.

Up above in the world of giantesses, Kim was reeling with the knowledge that she was able to so effortlessly torture her new coworker. While she started the day annoyed, she was now mentally on cloud nine, energized just by the possibilities of ways she could torture you. Smiling deviously, she brought her hands down and groped her thick butt, knowing it would only cause you more discomfort. "Well Jim, I suppose you could really be worse off," she taunted you seductively, caressing herself further. "After all, plenty of guys could only dream of having access to a booty like this. Play your cards right with me, I bet you could earn another shift back there, hahaha!" She laughed, cruelly rubbing in the situation even more to you. It wasn't often that you ran into a girl like Kim; most women whose butts you found yourself stuck under were unaware of what they were doing to you. But every now and then, you'd cross paths with someone who was more than eager to get their hands on a tiny, squishy man like you.

Kim made her way through the sauna to a private tanning bed. Once a week or so she'd use one in order to keep her skin looking dark and sexy, and with you her helpless victim, she figured she could knock out two birds with one stone during her lunch break. She didn't usually go completely nude, but the thought of cooking her coworker as much as possible was too enticing to pass up so she locked the door to the private room and began undressing. You felt the pressure of Kim's cheeks let up quite a bit as she removed her shorts, but still couldn't budge from Kim's ass. That's weird, I should be able to pop off by now, you thought to yourself. Unless... uh oh...

Just as your situation began to dawn on you, your world shifted as Kim crawled into the tanning bed. You still weren't sure what was happening, but you could tell that Kim was lying down on her stomach. Her huge butt cheeks were still compressing in on themselves thanks to gravity, but Kim soon spread them apart, exposing you to a blinding light. You squinted your eyes shut and tried to get used to the light, but it was like looking at the sun. It was too bright to stare at, and was quickly warming up your environment to an uncomfortable degree.

"Well Jim, in case you can't tell where you are, I figured it'd be a good time to get my tan on." Kim started explaining things to you. "And typically I like to wear a thong or something, but I'v been getting so annoyed by the tiny part of my skin that doesn't get tanned. It makes my butt look so uneven, so I guess I've been due for a more even coating. I hope you don't mind the light, I'd give you a pair of sunglasses, but they don't make them for tiny little losers like you." Kim laughed to herself, which caused her cheeks and your world to reverberate in rhythm. "But don't worry, I'll let you see yourself in half an hour or so. I bet you'll look so much better with a shade like mine!"

Kim's teasing was making you uneasy. While this was nothing more than a prank for her, you knew that this was a very bad situation to find yourself in. It hadn't occurred to you until Kim had stripped down to nothing that you could be starting to fuse with her skin. This was something that had happened a few times before; your squishy form was essentially indestructible, but also incredibly malleable. This wasn't normally a problem, but under a temperature equal or greater than normal body temperature, along with constant pressure for a period of time that was greater than an hour, you would start to fuse with other similar substances. Specifically, human skin. And whenever you were fused to someone, you knew you had limited time before your squishy body chemistry would adapt to its new host.

Anytime you had fused to someone before, it was either your mom or a friend who would realize it quickly and find a way to remove you before it was too late. But with someone like Kim? This was bad.

You tried to look yourself over to see where your body ended and Kim's began, but any time you opened your eyes the UV rays from the tanning bed would immediately burn them. It was impossible to look for more than a second, so you gave up and instead tried to feel yourself out. You tried your best, but a massive amount of sweat was building up on yours and Kim's bodies, which was pooling more and more at the center of Kim's crack. Not to mention the fact that every 5 minutes, Kim would close her cheeks and spread them open again so that her hands wouldn't cause any part of her tan to look uneven, thus smashing and disorienting you further.

It was impossible to determine the passage of time, but you soon realized that Kim was definitely staying in the tanning bed for longer than 30 minutes. She was going to cook you for her entire break! Your body became more and more toasted every minute, and you wanted to cry out for help, but your mouth was struggling to reform under such intense heat. All you could tell was that your body was being fried to a crisp, and that it was going to take a lot of effort to get yourself removed from Kim's ass.

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