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Story Notes:

Based very loosely on a specific branch of, A Shrunken Place! An old story interactive wrote in 2002!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Having only hours ago signed into a life of servitude, Brian is already riddled with regrets.

Brian sputters, choking on thick fluids, face pushed tightly against stubby and recently shaved flesh. It had only been a matter of hours since he signed his life away, the biggest mistake he’d ever get a chance to make. Amy had tempted him, seducing him from across the table with sultry glares and a smile that implied so much more. But, it had all been fake, an elaborate ploy to have an exotic new plaything. He feels disgusted, ashamed that he let lust blind him like this. Brian had thought that maybe, just maybe, signing himself away could be a sexy experience. After all, twenty-four-seven slave play was something people did, right? This couldn’t be all that different when it came down to it! How very wrong he was. Now only a few hours later, the newlyweds had made him downright fearful of what they had in store.

        Brian pushes against hot, scratchy skin, unable to see much in the darkness of his new owner’s panties. Amy squirms somewhat, his struggles for oxygen absolutely intoxicating to her lustful mind. This new development forces Brian out and back in, slamming him hard against her wet vulva, a low moan just barely audible from above. He feels lightheaded, dizzy from both the lack of breathable air and exertion.

        Gasping desperately at the humid atmosphere, the man turned toy fills his lungs with a tainted wind that doesn’t quite satisfy his body’s needs. Each time he sucks in air, it feels shallow and entirely unsatisfying. Suddenly, light pours in from above, hitting him like a visual flashbang and sending his senses into chaos. The elastic waistband of her panties peels away to reveal a hand, manly but maintained. Of course, Steve; the other half of this horrid equation. The giant had inflicted just as much pain to Brian as Amy had by this point, forcing a brief but totally unwanted threesome. Seeing his fingers reaching down from the harsh light causes intense, borderline irrational panic with that baggage in mind. Although, it's ultimately meaningless. After all, where could he possibly go?

        Unfortunately, running is out of the question for Brian. Trapped in such a confined space, the miniaturized man is relentlessly shoved into Amy’s moist labia. Steves hand messily and carelessly slides him around her lips and even forces his face into her pulsating clit, somehow managing to soak the small toy-sized man even further in sticky feminine fluids. Brian felt nauseous, flailing uselessly against the uncaring digit as an actual man teases his wife. He was simply the intermediary, a toy or gadget to spice up the act.

        Steve does more than simply tease Amy, however. He’s as relentless as he is brutal, moving the toy’s face from his needy wife’s clit, down towards her waiting cave. He shrieks as he’s dragged down, but he can barely even hear himself over the rapid heartbeat of his captor’s nethers.

Slick, slick, slick.

Brian thrashes, but it’s no use. His struggles only serve to excite the gods above as the cruel finger continues to push him deeper inside. Musk and pheromones envelop him entirely, Amy’s muscles periodically clamping down on both him and the digits, seemingly in unbridled excitement. Headfirst and deep within Amy, he continues to panic, clamoring hopelessly in the dark at meaty and moist walls. Already feeling lightheaded, Brian wonders if this is it, suffocating in some woman’s pussy. He can’t stop the shame as it starts to flood his thoughts.

Amy stifles another moan, a hand desperately poised over her softly panting lips. Heat pours out from her mouth, flowing between her fingers. Fuck, he just felt so incredible down there. Her whole body tingles with sensation and warmth as she takes a look around her row of seats. Perfect, most of the passengers of the plane were either wrapped up with something or asleep. Thank god, she thinks to herself, another bout of Brian’s moving causing her to squirm in her seat. Good idea picking the window seat, she reflected.

         “How is it?” A voice asks from her left. Steve, her dark-haired husband. He’d bought her this newest toy! She casts a gentle look over his features: Slender, tall, handsome. God, she wishes they could throw everything to the wind and fuck right now.

“Mmm, he’s fantastic, honey~. Really has me on edge.” Amy takes another glance around at the plane’s occupants before subtly lifting up her skater dress, ribbed knit with long sleeves, of course. Just in case the flight home got chilly. Her casual lift of the fabric was an invitation, one her husband picked up on quickly. Steve doesn’t waste any time, and she rapidly feels his hands on her bare thighs, moving upward before gracefully slipping under the band. It slides down towards the small man she has tucked away, eagerly pushing a finger roughly against his back, smearing him around her lips and clit.

        Amy gasps through the cracks of her fingers as Brian touches a particularly tender spot before slipping entirely inside. He may be small, but he’s just big enough that she can feel him stretch her out ever so slightly. It’s too much at once; she has to bite her hand just to stop her mouth from betraying her. Riding the sensation, she manages to regain composure enough to utter a weak yet vulgar reply, “God, baby… I wish that was you filling me like that right now.” She speaks in a hushed tone, trying to maintain some aspect of secrecy to their loud display of sexuality. Perhaps rather abruptly, she unclips her belt and shakily rises to her feet. “I’ll be right back, hun.”  She blows Steve a quick kiss, and he shoots her a wink back in kind, her slender face lined with foundation and flushing heavily with arousal. One foot in front of the other, she takes step after step down the aisle of the aircraft. She could care less what these random people thought of her. Amy’s mind was focused on one particular need right now. Her black boots thump loudly against the floor as she approaches the rear of the seating area.

        The plane’s dormitory opens with a click before momentarily sliding shut and locking with a heavy latch slide. Slipping the sodden panties down her legs, Amy gasps in excitement, seeing her toy drenched, disoriented, and above all else, miserable. The sight alone makes her hum and radiate with excitement.

His world is entirely rearranged at the drop of a hat. Trapped far too tightly against Amy’s lower regions to move, the disorienting motions she puts him through make him downright sick. Even as a child, he’d often found himself on the verge of vomiting after long car rides, and this was no exception. Really, it was simply a more extreme example of one, like being in one of those slingshot balls you often see at carnivals or amusement parks. Combined with the steamy and moist environment, all of those make for an absolutely miserable experience for the shrunken man. One he desperately hopes will end soon. Continuing his constant fight to breathe, he hears the click of the latch. Even in his disoriented state, he knows exactly where they are.

        Brian tries to scream as the light funnels in once again, and he’s hurled downward by gravity at a nauseating pace. His screams only cut short as he finds himself hacking out more of the foul fluid. However, the sudden burst of fresh air is refreshing, and the tiny revels in the feel of it against his hot skin. He’s so thankful to be out of the humid, swampy prison that he doesn’t even immediately realize he’s being watched.

“Oh, f-fuck, oh my god~.”

Brian’s attention is drawn by the shaky booming voice above him, wavering with lust on every syllable. A flushed Amy looks at him from high up, rubbing her clit in circles as he simply looks on in awe at her. She’s so enormous from his position down between her legs. Wordlessly, she looks right into him. Their eyes meet only momentarily before moving on to the rest of his body. He feels so, objectified by her eyes. It leaves a sense of overwhelming dread lurching out from deep in the pit of his stomach.

With the introduction of light came a fresh look at his surroundings. The very first point of interest for Brian is Amy herself. Jaw wide open, watching him from so high above. His eyes branch out, scanning his chest and feet, now thoroughly soaked in disgusting moisture. Pheromones and musk emanate from his body, a layer of slime coating everything he is and once was. He looks more closely at Amy’s panties, which now seemed more like an impromptu hammock for him at this size. Lacey and black, a combo he may have found somewhat sexy had they not directly aided in his torment. They’re also partially see-through, furthering his already peeked anxiety as he gets a scary view of the ground below. Glancing to his sides, he sees the fair-colored skin of her thighs flanking him, shaky with lust as the desire inside her grows.

        Her pupils never stray far from her body as she moves her finger outward, rubbing along the outer edges of her vulva. “I can’t believe you actually signed your life away like that.” A smirk stretches across her face, eyes narrowing in some sick sense of satisfaction. “Like really, there wasn’t even much hesitation.” She pauses for a period, reveling in the quiet shame on his face. Mmm, guess I’m just that drop-dead gorgeous, huh? Or maybe you like the abuse.” She muses as her body lurches forward in excitement. The thought of owning another person and using them like this was all so taboo and exciting. It was a bonus that said the toy was so wholly pathetic.

“M-maybe… you just want some dick, huh? Wanna help me jerk off my husband?” She works herself into a pleasing rhythm, being so bold as to dip a finger briefly inside, working the very top of her soaked tunnel. Her voice wavers as she opens her mouth to speak again, “Mmm, or… you just want some action. W-we could probably arrange that for you! How do you feel about, fuck… some a-anal? Steve loves my ass.” She gasps in response, letting a finger trace the very lowest part of her labia.

        She continues, the gloating only serving to make her feel more powerful by the moment. “I mean, why wouldn’t he? Have you seen me?” She lets out a low snicker at the very idea. Teasing Brian made her feel so powerful, so sexy. Mentally, she circles back around to the idea of anal at his expense. How humiliating it would be for him, how powerless he’d be to stop it….

        The last image does it for her, picturing him sliding into her ass like that finally breaks the sexual dam she’d be working so hard at bursting this whole flight. A slight amount of fluid leaks down, taken by gravity as she finishes herself off with a quiet moan. Her body quaked with feeling and pleasure, bombarding a now cold and shaking Brian with fresh droplets of lady juices. She rides out the orgasm, leaning back into the afterglow with a sigh of content.

Her eyes glance down onto him, piercing his fragile body like a vicious hawk. He recoils, uncomfortable in her eyesight. After a brief pause, she speaks up, “Fuck, it’s incredible seeing you down there like that. We’re going to have so much fun when we get home!” And with that, Amy wordlessly grabs some toilet paper. Dabbing her soaked panties a little, roughly smacking the small man around without even the slightest care before pulling them back up with the smallest of pats above her crotch.

“You know, I’m half tempted to flush you right down.” Amy tosses the sodden tissue into the toilet behind her before unlatching the dormitory door with a familiar click. Calmly walking back to her seat, Amy graciously strolls past row after row of passengers, feeling more powerful than she ever had. Finally reaching her seat, the refined lady flashes Steve a knowing smile before sitting down, a wave of stress newly freed from her previously heavy shoulders. Now settled in the booth, she leans in for a quick kiss, though it rapidly turns into something more. The aggressive smacking of lips echoes throughout the plane’s cabin, much to the annoyance of the other passengers. Just another couple in their honeymoon phase, they think. However, none of them know the secret hiding just under Amy’s dress. How could they?

        Shell shocked, all Brian can do is regret his choice. Playing it back over and over again in his head as he’s pressed snuggly into Amy’s vulva. Why had he done it? He felt so utterly stupid and naive. He’d signed away his life, and now he’d have to pay the price for such a rash decision. His mind spirals in the darkness, circling back time and time again to one singular emotion: fear.

Chapter End Notes:

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