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'Garrett, honey you're going to be late for your little party,' called a sweet motherly voice from downstairs and the teenage boy cringed. He hadn't always hated his mom's voice, but at his 15th birthday, one of the jocks in his year had made a comment that had ruined it for him.

'Dude, how did Garrett come out of a hottie like his mom?'

'Man, she called out my name last week and I swear I got the fastest boner.' 

'Bet her mouth's like honey from having that sweet voice in it.'

'I'd get all up in that mouth …'

And so Garrett Payne wished that his mother sounded like a chain-smoking trucker. Unfortunately, her voice was anything but, and nor was the rest of her. 

The 16-year-old put the finishing touch on his costume and shot out of his room. He had opted for a faux-lazy zombie outfit, complete with carefully torn t-shirt and ripped jeans with black paint on the torn bits. He had spent an embarrassingly long time putting on his "careless" make-up and was now presentable in his costume of a carelessly cool zombie. He smirked as he thought about how his pasty white skin had finally come in handy, as a solid base to apply color. 

The 5'4" adolescent turned the corner around the bannister and dove onto the steps. Rushing down the stairs, he felt his phone buzz and reached into his back pocket for it, causing him to miss a step. His hands shot forward to cushion his fall, but they were caught behind him. He spun in the air as he flew down towards the landing. Garrett gasped, too in shock to cry out. 

In a flash, a firm arm landed across his shoulders, and then another on his waist, grabbing the waistband of his jeans. His fall ceased instantly as he was suspended above the ground.

'Careful, honey, you don't want to bruise your face before you go out,' sang the voice of Ellen Payne. The 35-year-old gently put her son down, his cheeks bright red in his embarrassment. On his feet, he had to look up to meet his 6'2" goddess of a mother. Unlike his own ghostly skin, Ellen's figure was a glistening bronze, a seemingly permanent, perfect tan from a lackluster summer. Even her hair was a different color, a deep, rich ebony, while his was a common, faint brown that was only just darker than a dirty blonde. 

At least their eyes were similar, with Garrett having inherited his mother's dark blue eyes. But even here, Ellen seems to have a mysterious, almost purple hue to her corneas, whole Garrett displayed no such refinement. His boring blues came up to the level of his mom's shoulders, but they widened when they noticed that those shoulders were bare. 

'You're welcome, kiddo,' Ellen shook her head, placing her hands on her hips and she sized up her son's costume, 'Pretty cool zombie outfit.'

'Mom, what are you wearing?' was all Garrett could muster as he found himself ogling his own mother. 

The tanned beauty was not a big lady, but she was easily fitter than any of the other moms at his school, and even the younger ones. With an impressive E-cup bosom atop an hourglass figure, Ellen was a knockout on a bad day. The only problem was what she was wearing. 

With her feet apart in a pair of knee high red boots, the gorgeous woman's bare, muscular thighs were on full show. A ridiculous pair of dark blue underwear covered her firm, curvy ass. A scattering of white stars accentuated the convexity as the points bent to conform to the shape of her buns, tastefully covering the whole of her bum, but not leaving anything to the imagination as to what was underneath. A gold belt with a double "W" as the buckle sat uselessly on her wide hips, covering the top of the panties and a few centimeters of her abdomen.

A thin red fabric covered Ellen's tummy, hugging her toned abs up to a very flashy bra. Three golden, metallic bands were bent into curves to cover her breasts, held up by the tension between them and the huge mounds of flesh that pushed against them. Above this, Ellen was naked, the top of her impressive cleavage on full show, her tanned skin smooth up to her slightly visible collarbones. Smooth but strong traps poked up over her shoulders and her bare upper arms were divided into bumps as her muscles showed in the minimalist outfit. A pair of long, silver bracelets covered her forearms, completing her own costume.

'Mom …' Garrett continued to stare at her breasts. Even as he blushed, he couldn't take his eyes off of the glorious display. 

'The girl's and I are going as the Justice League,' she smiled, a warm, stunning smile. 

'What … why are you in your underwear?' Garrett gawked. 

'It's not underwear,' she argued, turning to the side to glance down at her ass, practically popping off of her body behind her, 'It's a retro wonder woman look. Like from the cartoons?'

'You can't go outside looking like that!' Garrett stomped his foot. Ella frowned, but even then, her full, red lips pouted and she looked every bit a pin up girl. The only problem for the 16-year-old boy was that she was his mother. 

'Oh don't be silly honey, we're just having some fun,' Ellen reassured. 

'Mom, all the kids are gonna make fun of me?' he whined. 

'And why would my costume be a problem?' she replied.

'Because … because you're h… because they think you're hot or …' Garrett mumbled, not able to look her in the eyes as she stood before looking like something out of a wet dream he had had, 'Just … never mind.'

'Good,' Ellen replied, 'Because I'll remind you that I can wear what I want to. Now get going or you'll be late, honey.' 

He knew that there would be hell to pay on Monday, but for now, it was Friday night and Halloween, so he would enjoy himself as best as he could. He glanced into the kitchen as he made for the door, seeing his little sister in a Hawk girl costume, complete with a little mace and fake wings. Kelly waved at him but he didn't pay her any kind as he stepped outside and slammed the door behind.

He tried to shake the image of his mom dressed as a sexy amazon from his mind as he turned left and paced down the street towards the old manor on the edge of town. He checked his watch, and was reassured that it had gone past 1700. He didn't want to be on time or early for a haunted house party. He needed to be fashionably late. 

As he turned another corner and started up the long hill to the manor, he caught sight of a group of other highschool students up ahead. They were almost to the top of the steep hill, and Garrett's eyes widened as he caught a distant glimpse up one of the girls' skirts. Unfortunately, before he could really etch it into his mind for use later, the group disappeared through the gates to the manor. 

Gillville had very few Halloween traditions, being a small town in rural Massachusetts, but the haunted house party in the Old Manor on the hill was one of them. Every year, seniors set up an amazing scary scene which led to a party deep in the house. Garrett had been working on his scare-tolerance since starting highschool, and he was finally ready to pass it, to finally reach the party. 

He tried to ignore the memory of his attempt in freshman year as he arrived at the same gates, a little out of breath. The rusted bars were shut, but enough had been bent in the middle to form a hole, large enough to crawl through. Garrett loved the attention to detail of the party designers and he excitedly crossed the overgrown front yard to the porch. 

He climbed the steps to the door and raised the heavy, brass knocker. Upon releasing it, he felt the ground shake, and as soon as the metal hit the door, his stomach leapt up and he started to fall. Vanishing into the darkness in the trap door beneath the porch. 


'Jason! Jason, wake up!' Chelsea urged, shaking the unconscious boy's shoulders. He groaned, pushing her arms away as he rubbed his head. 

'What the fuck happened?' he asked, blinking as he came to. He was still in his costume, a policeman with easily detachable sleeves. The muscular arms of the football player were evident beneath the flimsy costume fabric and his broad chest tugged at the buttons on the front as he sat up. 

He had no idea where they were. The last thing he remembered was being at the Old Manor, but then everything went black, and now it looked like they were one a tarmac? Next to a forest of some kind? 

The rough, grey surface beneath him was way too uneven to be an airport, but he couldn't think of any other place where such a vast, empty concrete space could be. A few hundred yards to his left was a cliff, or something, where the concrete suddenly dropped off. On the other side, equally far away, was a dense jungle of weird, all-green trees. 

They weren't alone either. Jason looked past Chelsea to see some other students that he knew. Chris was the nearest, but even he was about a half mile away. He too looked confused, and he was on his own in the long, vast concrete desert. The other boy looked towards Jason and raised his hands on a wave. But Jason didn't wave back. 

Thoom. Thoom. Thoom.

A rhythmic shaking started to travel across the ground, like bombs going off in the distance. The minute vibrations were easy enough to feel, but Jason was far more concerned by what was causing them. Far behind Chris, Jason caught sight of an absolutely colossal figure, and it was coming towards him. 

His eyes must surely have been deceiving him, he thought as he made out the shape of a human, only a few hundred miles tall. The giant, or more correctly, giantess wasn't just a regular human either, and her costume accentuated just how large she was. 

Two legs the size of rockets carried her bloated, flabby torso high above the ground, each one as thick as a building at the base and growing rapidly wider as they went up. There was at least a hundred yards between the yellow, calf-high boots that pounded the concrete, but as her legs rose out of her shoes, her thighs inflated like ballons, rubbing against each other like a pair of super sized steam rollers. 

Chelsea followed Jason's gaze and started to shiver violently, not least because her slutty kitty costume left her cold. The gigantic woman looked as red as a tomato, but she quickly realized that the woman was wearing a skin-tight suit of the same color. Her impossibly wide hips were like looking into a red sky, the fabric bunched up into the deep creases where her fatty thighs met her crotch. 

A thin yellow belt was printed onto the fabric, but Chelsea could see that it was pulled nearly to the point of tearing as the giantess's impressive girth was squeezed into it. As she walked, the force of her steps shot up her legs, her thighs wobbling. But that was nothing compared to her body. A huge belly pressed forward into the red suit, forming a bilge the size of a small planet in front of her. Atop her belly sat an equally huge set of tits. The glutinous, sagging mounds pushed out the suit and stretched it to its limit. 

A deformed logo of a bolt of lightning over a ring was plastered on her chest, but it was partially obscured by a child that she held on her arms. The costume was bunched up around her neck, as she had opted to keep the mask off, as her body started to heat up in the unbreathable fabric. Chelsea made out a puffy face with a horrible tangle of blonde hair around it, but she was less interested in the woman's looks than she was in her size. 


She continued to approach, and Jason got to his feet. He could vaguely make out that the woman was supposed to be dressed as a version of the Flash, and her kid was in a pretty accurate Green Lantern costume. The two of them seemed to get bigger and bigger as they neared, covering a staggering distance on a dozen strides. As the volume of the foot falls grew, so too did the intensity of the shaking. Jason was a out to shout to Chris, but the other boy turned towards the sound of the looming giantess. 

THOOM! Crunch. 

Chelsea screamed. Jason froze, his own cry trapped in his throat. 

The gargantuan woman's left boot fell on Chris like a meteor striking the earth. The vast shoe was at least twenty times his size, and as it dove onto him, the boy raised his arms to defend himself. As the other two watched, the huge boot came crashing down to the ground and Chris vanished underneath it with a sickening, wet crunch. The deafening boom of the giantess's step rocked the adolescents' world as they watched her immense weight load onto the foot, pressing into the earth as her body sailed over it. The next step that she took was like an earthquake, and she was getting scarily close to them, but Jason and Chelsea continued to stare at her left foot, which rose into the air. But there was no longer a boy beneath it. 

Jason was the first to snap out of the trance. He grabbed Chelsea's arm and tanked her with him as he started to run away from the incoming behemoth. 

'We have to get the fuck out of here!' he yelled. 

'What … but … Chris … he just …' Chelsea stammered, her skinny figure quaking and tears streaming down her eyes as she was led along the concrete by the boy. 

'He's fucking dead Chelsea, now run!' Jason ordered. He dared a glance backwards, as another step shook the earth. He wanted to see how away the monster was, but the answer was far from comforting.

The tower of the woman's thick, red leg was racing overhead. The sole of her left boot was high above them, and he could see every spec of dirt stuck in the rubber treads of the costume footwear. Amidst the trampled blades of grass and mud, he caught sight of a tiny, horrific splatter. Chris's body was reduced to a red stain under. The giantess's foot, obliterated limbs and eviscerated organs dangling from the sole. In that instant, he realized that the woman wasn't a giantess. She was a regular human, and it was they who were tiny. But it didn't matter. 

As the tiny senior tried to drag the blubbering blonde behind him, the gigantic mother walked over them, her boot slamming down on top of them and squishing their pathetic little bodies. She didn't even notice the miniscule pops as she carried her daughter down the street in her ridiculous costume, the puny bones ground to nothing under her weight. After a few more steps, even the gore that was a mix of liquefied organs and blood was starting to disappear and friction and evaporation erased any sign of her three unfortunate victims' existences. 

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