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Story Notes:

This story takes place between chapters 20-23 of, My Marriage to a Giantess. However, its been written in a way that requires no prior knowledge of the source material! So, no precursory reading necessary!

I peer out from Allison’s pink and white leather purse, an object that had become somewhat of an unexpected prison—watching the two gods in front of me tease and enjoy each other. Ironic, because I’d bought her that purse with my hard-earned money. Not anytime recently, mind you; But back then, I felt like I was on top of the world, untouchable. Yet, I feel absolutely powerless before them now. I’m like a speck, maybe even a crumb of the man I once was. 

Moreover, at my height of one and a half inches, I can hardly have a conversation with Allie, my own wife, let alone get her attention without special considerations on her part. It often leaves me frustrated, among several other emotions that I’ve found tricky to process over the last several months.

I let my gaze linger on Al’s hand as it eagerly rubs against another man’s chest, and much to my alarm, their tongues dance to some sort of invisible serenade. For possibly the first time in our marriage, a single question rings loudly in my head. She wouldn’t really go through with this, would she? She’s my wife, after all. Our bond is more substantial than getting some dick, right? Unfortunately, having nothing but time to think, I realized that I honestly didn’t know the answer. The fear and anxiety of such an unknown utterly terrifies me.

Nevertheless, I try to stamp out the thoughts, choosing instead to focus my mind on her golden hair, the attractive features of her face, and even the blush that casts itself across her radiant cheeks. But, try as I might, the thoughts swarm me like buzzards to carrion. We’d had an argument not long before, and it makes me wonder; could this simply be her exceedingly cruel way of punishing me? Perhaps this is some twisted sort of revenge, a sick way to tell me she was moving on from our marriage.

I immediately find myself jolted out of thought as she looks right at me, shooting off a quick wink before giving Glenn’s cock another squeeze. She’s confident and even a little... playful? The circumstance isn’t as clear-cut as I initially figured. If she was upset, it would show. I’d known my wife long enough to tell when something bothered her, and she certainly had no grievances on her end, judging from her expressions, anyhow. Did she think I liked this? That I’m into watching her get railed by another man? Her appearance is carefree, excited even. Regardless of how hard I search for meaning in that look, I can’t find any hint of malice amongst her delicate characteristics and fiery face. It’s certainly possible that a part of her wants a regular-sized fuck, something I haven’t been able to provide her in quite a while. I try once again to push away my fears, but unfortunately, doubt now plagues the farthest pieces of my mind, keeping me guessing as to her potential intentions. Although, none of this new information helps me in the slightest. I still find myself at a loss. What could I possibly do to stop the two from consummating this sexual liaison?

I see their lips meet, and I look over the male who happens to be at the very forefront of my vision. Coffee-colored hair, dull-white shirt, chiseled chest. It was Glenn, an old friend but not one I desired to ever see again. Glenn was a scumbag through and through, end of the story. The number of times I’d caught him leering at Allie and even overtly hitting on her is disgusting to think about. Yet, he was closer to satisfying my wife now than I have in months, mainly because he had the equipment I lack. A regular-sized cock, even average-sized hands were a massive advantage over my abysmally tiny digits. Regardless of her insistence, I knew my touch did almost nothing for her. She let it slip when she had been drinking one night, describing it as a faint tickle. The wound from that one is still pretty fresh.

While I’m busy feeling sorry for myself, the giant has already made a move, putting a hand behind Allison’s head, stroking her flawless hair. I figure his hands could likely bring her to orgasm with ease. An ability I’d kill to have again, though how I’d manage to kill anything at this size, I have no idea. So far, we’d been able to keep her lust in check through some relatively out-of-the-box thinking. It started out reasonably playful at first. Putting me in her panties and walking around the house kept her sated for a while. Unfortunately, it didn’t retain her content forever, and very soon, I found myself stuck with her all day at work. What she saw as a kinky game had been absolutely miserable for me. By the end of each and every day, I’d be soaked with sweat and bombarded with various smells. And on some days, the odors could be downright vile. A lesson I, unfortunately, learned firsthand. It didn’t help that she typically wore dress pants to work, trapping in the air and heat as she went about her usual workday at the office. Although I’m sure she loves shoving me down her pants, I can’t help but feel utterly inadequate, realizing I’m four inches shorter than my proud pecker once stood. To say I’m woefully equipped would be a massive understatement. Hell, It’s possible what we had been doing wasn’t enough anymore. Had I been suffering for nothing?

My eyes glaze over, and I get lost in a short daydream, wishing I was somewhere better. I think back to the very last time Allison let me penetrate her, how excited I was. In hindsight, I’m sure I sounded no better than an excited puppy. I’d asked her almost every day that week, finally wearing her down. She’d already gotten herself off, as usual, and I was hoping to make her cum again. But the love of my life just wasn’t finding any sensation in it. Scrolling through Facebook on her phone, she lazily asks me, “Um, are you done yet? You really need to finish up, Ron. You’re going to make us late.” I quietly sigh, hoping she won’t hear the sadness in my voice. “Y-yeah just did! Thanks, hon….”

 I snap back to reality. My temporary mental sluggishness clears like a lifting morning fog. Consciously, I choose to narrow my focus on Glenn. He wears attire similar to what he wore every day when we hung out once upon a time. A white tee and jeans. Both articles of clothing, of course, are significantly tighter than they should be. Naturally, he had a short sleeve on as well, making sure to show off those biceps he was so immensely proud of. The guy’s a raging narcissist, and seeing Allison offer him precisely what he craves is starting to drive me rabid.

Once again, my wife gives a sensual look towards my metaphorical holding cell as she unzips Glenn’s jeans, slipping a soft hand inside the newly created entrance and right onto his rigid cock. Much to my dismay, she pumps it a little, inciting a pleasured grunt from his lips. She leans in close, hand still grasping at his sex. Their mouths meet with an audible smack that I find deafening even from my jail.

“So big!” She coos, “Much bigger than my husbands, anyway.” I can tell by the tone in her voice she’s playing it up. However, it still hurts all the same. I desperately yearn for the days I could fuck her like I once had. I felt so emasculated like this, and I doubt my worthless body is even a fifth the size of Glenn's cock.

"I bet. Hot piece of ass like you is probably starving for a superior cut!" The tool retorts, sending me into a mental furor. How dare he talk to her like that! My Allie deserved far more respect than she was receiving! Yet, she doesn’t seem to care. I watch, dumbfounded and horrified, as she laughs it off. They continue, getting closer and more intimate, clothes against clothes, each leaning hard into the others kiss. Finally, Allison breaks, pulling away with a wicked look splayed across her mouth in the form of a grin. Much to Glenn’s confusion and impatience, she reaches under the bed, producing a neatly creased black blindfold. The very same we'd experimented with before I'd started to shrink.

Allie puts on the charm, fluttering her eyelashes, "Wellllll, I was hoping we could try out something a bit, um, different!"

Glenn raises an eyebrow at the request, slight aggravation starting to show in his voice. "You serious? Why would I do that when I got a gorgeous babe right in front of me?" He crosses his arms, exacerbated. Meanwhile, my wife simply smiles, "Because, if you do-" She leans forward, putting her lips close to his ear, speaking in a sultry whisper, "I'll suck you dry~."

He grunts as she pulls back, looking at her top to bottom. His gaze noticeably lingering as he ogles her well-endowed chest. I feel a low growl rise up almost instinctually from the back of my throat. The bastard was treating her like a piece of meat! If I wasn't the size of a pill, I would have punched him square across the jaw.

"Fine, get it on me. This cock ain't gettin’ any harder!" Really Al? This is who you choose? It’s such a frustrating situation! I can't help but wonder, has my little problem really left her that hungry that she'd settle for him? Just the first tool that wandered over? I resist the urge to vomit as I see my lady eagerly straddle him, sliding the blindfold smoothly around his head, checking with a snap to make sure it's secure. I loathe how close she is to him, how intimate they seem. How long had it been now since we were like that? How long since I’d been able to actually fuck her and not just hump her tit?

“Damn girl, I can feel that heat!” She snickers in response, another sting to my tattered pride. I had no reason to doubt Allison was getting hot as hell from all this. She’d always had a higher sex drive than me, and truthfully I’d felt guilty in a way. She was my entire world, now so more than she ever had been. So, falling short in satisfying her needs understandably broke my heart. I’d always felt lucky that she fell for me as hard as she did, and now I was losing her, powerless to stop it.

Allie stands up, much to the annoyance of this muscled scumbag. He readily starts undressing, only stopping when he hears Allie begin to walk away.

"Come on! What now?" He huffs in exasperation as Allison walks towards me.

"Oh, don't worry, just grabbing a toy I wanted to take for a spin.” She shoots a wink my way, her eyelid sensually closing over her giant orb of blue, before unzipping the bag and daintily fishing me out with her opposite hand.

"Babe sto-'' She doesn't hear me, and my cries for help are abruptly cut short as she whisks me away at a horrendous pace, stealing the breath away from my fragile lungs. Darkness encases me as I try to scream, but nothing comes out. I can feel each and every step of her sexy strut as she saunters back over to the bed. Her bare feet slam into the ground, one foot in front of the other until silence finally reaches my ears.

"Couldn't wait, could you?" Allie chuckles, prompting the giant to pipe right up.

"Hey, can you blame me? I mean, come on, Al, just take a look at yourself!"

I gather Glenn decided to strip when my wife had her back turned. It isn’t much of a surprise, as I never really pegged him as someone with any semblance of self-control.

"Mmm, I guess not. Boys will be boys, after all.” She pauses, opening her hand ever so slightly. I see her stunning blue eyes staring right through me, seemingly taunting me from overhead. “Mmm, let's get you all taken care of then, shall we? I seriously can’t wait to suck on this cock~." Light attacks me from all directions as my wife’s warm hand opens suddenly, sending me into a panicked freefall. It’s short-lived; however, as my skin slaps across a fleshy surface with a poignant and fleshy SLAP, I know where I am in an instant. Allison looks down at me with a self-satisfied smirk, her inconceivably large face consuming my entire perception of what lay above. Her blonde locks only partially covering her eyes and nose, giving me just enough visibility to see her mouth form a sly grin. I'm in shock, not even able to muster up a half-hearted response before she takes a finger and roughly rolls me into the divot of Glenn’s fat head.

Tissue muffles my cries for help as I muster up the energy to scream far too late. I wriggle and squirm against my wife’s finger as she assumedly uses the other hand to jerk off this monumental cock. Allision pushes considerably hard, making me choke on the pale tissue of her finger. It’s so soft, yet so dangerous, keeping me from fully expanding my lungs. I struggle hard for air, seemingly kicking up a reaction from the owner of the shaft.

"Whoa, what the hell?" Glenn gasps in arousal as I writhe against his hot muscle. Momentarily, I think he may very well be my unlikely savior. I’m on the head, after all! It’s only natural he’d be able to feel me on the most sensitive part! Unfortunately, my chance at discovery is dashed only seconds later.

"Fuckkkk, Al, whatever this thing is, it's the shit!" My body deflates, energy leaving my body as I realize it isn’t meant to be. Glenn is far too dense to actualize the predicament without it slapping him straight across the forehead. Unfortunately, my sudden lack of enthusiasm prompts Allie to press harder, further sandwiching me into steamy and stuffy flesh. It's hard to breathe, my lungs barely able to expand all the way under the pressure of Allison’s careless grip. I can feel the vibrations of his cock throbbing as my spouse strokes it with practiced grace.

Just as I find myself on the very verge of passing out, the pressure mercifully relents, and I'm left panting, staring up at Allison's gorgeous face. As I try to catch my breath, I watch with a stone firmly in my gut as she starts to take off her top. Weakly I manage to gasp out a quiet, "Al, please…." Unsurprisingly, she doesn't hear me. Her clothes and bra fall to what seems like an impossible distance, releasing her chest to the uncaring force of gravity. I can’t help myself, staring at them like the very first time, astonished as always. They never fail to impress me, especially now, at my small stature. For a moment, I even get caught up thinking of just how much they must weigh relative to me, some impossible number, I'm sure. 

I'm ripped out of my daydream by Allie's coy giggle. "I hope you're ready for this!" She winks at me, sticking out her tongue.

"Fuck yes, Al! Finally getting a taste of a real man." Glenn responds to her in kind, naturally believing she was talking to him. A misinterpretation that I found somewhat understandable.

However, Glenn’s insults chip away further my already fragile ego, but what hurt infinitely worse was Allie not speaking up on my behalf. Instead, she decides to add insult to injury. “Mmm, yeah, Rons a bit on the smaller side these days.” It is an odd phrase out of context; I mean, how could I have gotten smaller? But Glenn doesn’t question it, of course. He is far too wrapped up in anticipation of whatever is coming next. The part I was dreading. And with that, I see her perfect and full lips descend, like an endless abyss quite literally engulfing me whole. My shrieks mix with the vibrations of her mouth, and she takes his throbbing shaft head past her lips and into her humid jaws. The temperature change is immediately palpable. No longer am I struggling to get free but doing my best to stay on Glenns cock.

Meanwhile, I’m forced inside my wife’s mouth. The whole experience is terrifying, to say the least. A dark, damp, alien landscape. I can hear every little noise she makes, from her throaty moans to her individual exhales. I’m rattled and thrown about the head of this giant man’s member. Violently flung side to side, grasping onto nothing but the slit of his dick. The utter humiliation threatened to break my mind in two, had the adrenaline coursing through me not been keeping me so concerned for my own survival. Her tongue only stops to massage the head, ripping me forcefully from the only safety net I have left.


Her moans aren’t really noise and are more of a gurgling force of nature. Almost as if they’re part of the world itself and not Allie. They vibrate to my body’s core as I’m cleaned off Glenn’s erect head by Allison’s spongey muscle. Immediately, I’m overwhelmed and tossed through her mouth with the rest of her spittle, thick gooey saliva clinging to my small frame like paste. His extensive manhood bouncing in and out of my wife’s mouth while I’m sent skipping hard against her molars. Already hurting, I yelp out in pain, rolling off the pearly white enamel and into the area of space between her teeth and cheek, eliciting from her a gasp of surprise.

I had no way of telling, but it’s almost as if she’d already forgotten about me; my solid impact against her cheek finally shocking her out of this lust-induced stupor. Was she enjoying this that much? I don’t have any time to ponder, catching a glimpse of the pulsing cock going in and out of Allisions mouth. It’s so brutal, so destructive. I can’t bring myself to look away. It truly cemented in my tiny brain just how much of an ant I was in comparison to this fuckboy.

Then, just like that, it’s gone. The massive slab of meat leaves her mouth, slipping back between my wife’s pillowy lips and closing me in total darkness once again. I can hear them shuffle around outside, a flurry of movement as clothes seemingly drop, and skin touches the skin. I hear Glenn’s muffled voice leak in from outside, “Oh shit, Al, is that…?”

My wife snickers in response, “Mhm~! This smooth ass is all up in your face.” Her words are sultry and soft, but they boom from all around me. My ears reverberate, striking me with a wave of pain. It takes just about all my focus just to understand what they’re saying.

“Daaaaamn, I might be blinded, but I know what you're going for, Al! Nasty bitch.” Before I even had time to raise a mental objection to how Glenn’s treating Al, her mouth opens, flooding my dark cave with sweet rays of artificial light. However, it’s not the merciful end to this nightmare I’m hoping for. No, instead, I get a distant look at the vast rosy head of this thirty-year-old frat boy’s cock for the second time today. It’s approaching rapidly when it hits me: They’re in a position me and Allison used to love. This was back when I was able to do it, anyway. The classic sixty-nine. This can only mean the bastard is eating Allie out! Yet, if the shoes were reversed, her pussy would be doing the eating at my size. It’s a somewhat depressing thought.

I watch from the relative safety of Al’s cheek as she licks the length of the shaft like a lollipop. Teasing and wetting it from every side, every angle. It’s terrifying to think how easily I could be on the tongue, getting slapped around this guy’s dick as my wife made it abundantly clear she was enjoying Glenn’s efforts from behind. She even stops to lift up his cock, giving some attention to the balls.

“Oh fuck, baby! J-just like that. You’re doing soooo much better than Ron ever did~.” I feel backward movement as she promptly thrusts against what I can only assume is his tongue. Was she playing this up, or had I really made her this starved for a real man?


All around me echos a sultry and throaty moan. It’s easy to deduce that Glenn had slapped her ass. Something I knew she always went wild for.


A series of smacks reign from far outside, sending me into a choking sob. Tears pour down my face as a gross amount of sound continues to flood into my throbbing eardrums. This was like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from, and I had to be living some kind of personal hell; I’m nearly sure of it. Another slap rings out as Glenn’s hand makes contact with the meat of her ass, and on cue, I feel her gyrations even from within her mouth. He had triggered the primal side of her. A side of my wife I hadn’t seen in ages.

“Wanna know how you can really top Ron? Up a little furth- Oooo, yeah! Fuckkk, he could never eat my ass like that!” It is true; I’d always been much more of a breast guy myself, much to her annoyance. Eating ass was never my deal, and I’d only done it a handful of times despite her insistence. She stops talking briefly, for what reasons, I can only guess from my humid cell. Maybe, he was hitting just the right places, and she was getting overwhelmed. Either way, the break from attending to his cock is short-lived. Her squeals of pleasure and rocking start to slow.

Abruptly, I’m once again looking at a man’s cock, as it hurtles towards Allison’s mouth at a terrifying speed. Glenn groans, his tower establishing contact with her lips for the second time today. However, she plays with it this time. Letting his girth slide delicately across her plush lips, massaging the head with finesse. It’s still slick with saliva, providing excellent lubricant for her soft mouth. Eventually, though, she takes it inside once again.

First, only the head pops in, then a little more, and then even more still. Slowly Al takes more and more of Glenn’s tanned cock inside her mouth, further and further each time until she’s practically choking on it.


She sucks him off with an intensity I’ve never seen from her before. Her throat can take what seems like an impossible amount of cock from my perspective. It’s hard to see much outside any longer, but I struggle to believe he has much length left, that is, if he has any at all. Then, caught up in the moment, Glenn decides to thrust a little. He does so as she’s coming back up, blindly missing the mark and unapologetically hitting the side of her mouth. I had been using the very same side to keep safe from the potentially life-ending blowjob my wife was giving.

It hits me like a freight train, making me yelp out in pain as I’m sandwiched between Allie’s soft cheek and Glenn’s throbbing meat. Pre-cum oozes from the tip, soaking me in foul fluid, insulting me with its absolute viscosity. He rams me a few more times for good measure, adhering me to the slickness of his saliva-soaked cock. I feel so utterly vile as he pulls back that I can’t even force out a sound or even a squeak of discontent. Like it or not, I was in for a ride. My beautiful Allison gets right back into it. I’m not sure if she’s aware I’m on Glenn’s head, but at this point, it barely matters. Broken and bruised, I plow through her wet mouth at increasingly scary speeds. Consistently, I’m sent to the back of her throat, only to be pulled up again, not even a second later. Suddenly, she ramps up. Faster and faster, as tears unconsciously pour from my eyes, my discomfort incomparable to anything I’d experienced previously. I reach my limit just as a shaky and throaty moan rocks my world.


It’s a noise I know all too well. In the years I’d know her, she’d made that noise countless times, usually while on my receiving end. She was cumming, with both me and another man’s cock deep down her stupid throat. I’m so weak and frustrated that I find myself unsure whether to blame her or myself. Why did I have to shrink? Why did it have to ruin my life….

Everything stops for my wife to cum, Glenn’s dick swinging idly on her tongue as her whole body quakes. She lets loose a long satisfied squeal, once again reverberating around my already pounding head. But just then, as if by fate, the glue sticking me to Glenn’s stiff shaft breaks its hold over me, sending me on the tongue with a wet exhausted flop. Her orgasm winding down, and I thank whatever god or gods exist above me. It is finally over, now I ca-

My tired musings are interrupted by Glenn’s booming yet muffled voice, “Whoa, how pent up were you? Guess Ron hasn’t really been giving you much, huh?”

She takes a second to respond, and I watch Glenn’s raging semi detract from the nightmarish hell that is her mouth. I pray silently he’ll just up and leave. Of course, I know it won’t happen. Because I know Glenn.

On cue, he clears his throat, “So… my turn?” I have just enough consciousness for my blood to run cold.

“P-please, Allie, n-no more….” I squeak out, fully understanding that she would never hear it.

“Mmmmm, god! It’s been so long since I’ve been fucked like that!” She lets out a sigh, warm winds washing over my aching body. The giant lady rests, her warm ass likely across Glenn’s chest. I hated it, hated my brain for thinking about it. Even if she was playing this up, I can’t see it any other way. All the abuse I’d just taken was too much just to put aside. I was angry, but more than anything, I felt inadequate. How could I compete with a man whose dick was hundreds of times the size of my own? I was like a speck in his shadow. He had so much to offer Allie, and what could I do? Fit in her panties? It sends me spiraling in thought. Doubts are now clouding my head. Maybe, this was the best I could do for her. Being a little tickle to help her along, perhaps a thought in the back of her mind as she fucks somebody big. Somebody normal.

Belatedly, Allison responds, the lack of stress evident in her tone, “Sure thing, baby. I got a fun idea too~.”

Cataclysmic levels of disorientation smack me upside the head as she shifts her entire body. I'm too exhausted to hazard a guess as to what's happening right now, both mentally and physically. My stomach lurches with my body as Allison comes to an intense and sudden stop. I fly back, landing on the right side of her mouth by a pearly white molar. Luckily, my collision course stayed on the outside of her teeth. If I'd been anywhere else, I might have gone straight down my wife’s hungry throat. It's a chilling thought, one that can reach through to me despite my mental haze. I wonder if she's lost in the moment, not thinking about my safety and only the task at hand. I convince myself that must be the case because the alternative is far too depressing to consider.

Several loud pressurized smacks explode from behind my wife’s puckered lips. I only figure out what's happening when I hear a manly groan in such close proximity. It surprises me because Glenn didn't seem like the type. However, I knew Allison was. She always loved long make-outs, and that hadn't changed when we got married. It concerns me because I know firsthand just how much Al likes to use her tongue. Of course, right on cue, her lips part, and the pink muscle opens Glenns. It slithers in like a snake, wrapping around each other in a messy and sloppy display of power.

Both muscles emanate power, wrestling each other for dominance. The shared caverns vibrate with some moans and groans as the giants embrace, lips pressed closely. As transfixed as I am, I never see it coming, as Glenn’s tongue pokes deep inside, invading her mouth and exploring right where I had been taking refuge. I scream. Running on absolute adrenaline, I hop over the molar as his tongue crashes into the cheek next to me. Although I'd avoided the slippery organ, I had just thrown myself into an entirely different problem. Allison’s tongue moves and wobbles, seeking to touch and feel Glenn’s own muscle in turn.

"Fuu-" Clunk. I'm sent on a mercifully brief ride, smacking my head roughly against the roof of her mouth as the red carpet below me wiggles and twists, further soaking and drenching me in her saliva. I continue to tumble in a seemingly endless loop, only just managing to roll off into the gap between her tongue and teeth as the organ plunges deep into Glenn’s mouth. I lay there for a moment, hyperventilating and trying the impossible, block out the noises of my wife and her lover. It's an unachievable goal, however. At this size, I had no hope of escaping these omnipresent gods' sounds of pleasure.

Even amid the chaos, I feel my eyelids growing heavy. I want nothing more than to curl up on Allison's body right now, forget this ever even happened. No Glenn, just us. I can’t help but feel pathetic. How could I even still want her after all this, after all they’ve just put me through? No matter how hard I try and muster up the strength to get angry, it won’t work. My emotions just fall flat. This is what I get for being so little in comparison, for rejecting my wife's advances. She had needs, ones I can’t dream of fulfilling anymore. Fuck, I’d been thinking about everything all wrong. I was lucky she even wanted to take care of me like this. How easy would it have been to just pawn me off to some lab? Hell, she could have just flushed me.

"Sit up. Over here. Yeah, and scoot to the edge... Perfect!" Her omnipresent voice beats me from all directions, smacking my senses around for the umpteenth time today. The pain isn't nearly as bad as it first was; my entire body feels almost numb now. Was this a side effect of the adrenaline? The comedown from so much turmoil, or am I getting used to the abuse? I can't deduce in such a sorry state.

As light pours in once again, I lament how I'd ever been able to look at Allie the same again. How could I look at those perfect lips of hers without picturing Glenn ramming his cock through them? Regardless, I couldn't be more relieved to tumble out of my wife and feel the cool air against my skin. Except, I don't land on her soft waiting palms; no, I find myself hitting the squishy surface with a meaty fwomp.

I look around in startling revelation as I realize I'm not in her hands but atop her left tit. I gape upwards, seeing Allie's smiling face, and she mouths the words, "I love you" before I see Glenns pent-up cock ram through the crevice between her mounds at incredible speeds. I try to jump back on instinct but find myself thoroughly adhered to her breast's pasty flesh in a mixture of sweat and harsh saliva.

"Oh my god, fuck! Hell yeah, Al! Let me fuck those tits!" My wife only chuckles in response, glaring down at me lovingly from above. She had absolutely no idea.

The giant man increases his pace, unleashing his most primal urges on my wife's well-endowed chest. Her tits mitigate the bouncing somewhat. However, each thrust is Olympic in its action. Watching another man's rod cut through all of that flesh was a sobering sight. It felt so absolutely tiny and so terrified. If I were to get caught up in that, there'd be no escape. A literal meat grinder of warm pulsing flesh would decimate what remained of my already battered body. It’s so undeniably primal that I start to question whether or not my body would simply be smeared across them. Allison had remarkably soft tits, but each thrust Glenn makes is so undeniably forceful. Brutal, even.

Another thrust between her vast chest, except this time Allie grabs the shaft, causing a curse of astonishment to leak from my spouse’s lover. Sensually, she meets my eyes the best she can, kissing the very tip of his penis before working her tongue carefully along the shaft.

“Just a bit of lubrication to help you along~!” Glenn wordlessly grunts in appreciation, his slick cock now almost effortlessly gliding along the pale tit flesh. Wet droplets now fly, several splashing me as he went. Eventually, Allison decides to increase the pressure, squeezing the soft mounds tighter against his firm dick.

Unable to do anything but watch, I start counting the strokes. One, two, three… his pace is furious if only slightly staggered. Four, Five, Six… I can see the throbbing of the individual veins as they throb, begging for release. Seven, Eight, Nine…. Ten. There's an initial uptick in speed, but it falls quickly into its final throes as Glenn gives no warning. However, Allison knows precisely what's coming. Or, more specifically, who. Whether she figures out from the pace of his thrusts, or the throbbing of his cock, I'm not entirely sure. In an instant, she points it away from her face and angles her chest, pointing the shaft of Glenn's cock towards her bare breasts. Towards me. I'm not sure if she meant to aim it directly at me, but seeing the slit of his dick looking me up and down, was chilling. I knew what was coming before it even hit before it started to release.

He gives a few more hard thrusts into the air before finally releasing his long-awaited load. It explodes out of him at a frightening speed. The first strand splashes against my wife's neck, forcing a startled gasp from her mouth; however, the next few shots are much more on point. The second pump impacts me directly, spraying what feels like gallons of warm stickiness across my body, further coating me in unpleasant fluids. I writhe and twitch in discomfort, unable to free myself from this neverending hell.

"Ooooo-" Allie coos, "Big load!"

Glenn lets out a sigh of relief, "You know it. Anytime you need someone to bust one, you know where I am."

I look up in a daze, encased in an ungodly amount of fluids, struggling to breathe without taking in this disgusting slop that coats my entirety. I see the giant man finally take off the blindfold and wordlessly get dressed, much to my relief.

“Thanks, babe, and hey, how about next time we ditch the blind thing? I’d rather see and feel you if you get me.” Glenn grabs his wallet from where he’d left it and heads for the door.

The rest is a bit of a blur. My wife left to get a towel, and Glenn went straight home, having gotten exactly what he wanted. I'm far too shaken to say a word to Al, let alone explain. Apparently, she thought I liked this. Where this puts us, it’s too soon to tell. However, she's called me her tiny "cum rag" jokingly on more than one occasion now. I can't help but wonder, are they really just jokes?

Chapter End Notes:

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