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It had been almost a week now since Jon’s perspective in life had completely changed. In this case, this wasn’t some simple metaphorical shift in state of mind, but rather a quite literal new perspective of the world around him.


Monday, he had awoken, seeing the vista of his bedsheets spreading around him like strange dunes of blue and grey fabric and quickly realized within minutes that he had shrunken to roughly half an inch tall. It was almost half a day before his family even managed to discover him, taking past breakfast till they even realized he was missing.


In that time, he learned all too well the newfound strength and durability his tiny body seemed to hold. Increased stamina and breathing capabilities kept him from suffocating when buried under a pile of tossed laundry, and some sort of enhanced density due to being shrunken seemed to have affected his overall mass, making him seemingly indestructible.


Unfortunately, he had to learn the second part of his newfound abilities the hard way. While trying to get the attention of his mother, Julie, he found her unable to hear his tiny voice from far beneath her on the tiled kitchen floor. Exhausted from his journey throughout the house, climbing and maneuvering around furniture and down from his bedroom, he was unable to even defend himself or move as she quickly turned around.


Absentmindedly going about her day, she crushed his miniscule body under her full weight as she stepped heavily down onto him wearing her favorite pair of house slippers. Surprised by the sudden crunching sound of his tiny body hitting the hard floor below, and the sensation of the toy sized object beneath the thick soles of the slipper she stopped and gasped in horror, thinking she had killed her son beneath her foot so carelessly.


However, after a few minutes it was apparent that he had only feinted from the sudden burst of pain and fear, having no apparent major injuries.


“Oh my god, Jon, I thought I’d lost you- I’m so sorry”


She said with tears in her eyes, worried and heartbroken as she’d already accepted what she thought was your immediate death.


“No mom, it’s okay, I’m alright, I guess… my body is just, altogether different now. Hey look, it’s alright, I mean if anything I guess you can just carry me around or something, now right?” He said trying to calm her down, as her giant tears splashed down around him.


“Haha, yeah, I guess you’re right. You’re pretty cute like this too you know, my little buggy.” She said wiping her eyes and laughing.


“Hah- hey mom, look, I’m not a bug alright, I’m just, small now, I guess. You’ll have to like, take care of me or whatever, okay? Like, please try to understand what this is like for me…”


He said slightly nervous at the use of what seemed like a slightly demeaning new nickname after he had just been literally crushed underfoot.


“Oh, it’s okay little bug, it’s not like mommy can really hurt you or anything now right? I’m much less worried now. We’ll just have to try to make sure you don’t get into anywhere you shouldn’t be- and try to keep better track of you alright?”


“God, can you imagine how much worse it would have been if you had ended up trapped with your mommy’s huge sweaty toes down in my stuffy slipper all morning? Haha! I probably wouldn’t even have noticed you for hours and you would have just lived as a little piece of lint under my beautiful foot for god knows how long! I guess it’s better I just stepped on you quicky and found you, huh little buggy? Hahah!”


She said teasingly as she prodded at your body with her long, painted fingernails, her huge lips parting to reveal the shimmering white grin of her massive teeth and interior of her mouth above him.


“Mom, seriously… Ew, god- No! Please, keep your big feet away from me okay! Just try to make sure I don’t get lost or die, jesus how hard is that?!”


He said, raising his voice, somewhat annoyed at the nonchalant way his mother was handling your predicament, and unsure if perhaps the shock of stepping on him had triggered some sort of response in her. Hesitating for a moment and looking down towards him as if she was looking through him, her vision unfocused for a moment, then she suddenly laughs.


“Awh, are you mad at me way down there little bug? Don’t worry, mommy will take good care of you. Just keep in mind how much bigger I am then you now when you feel like acting up, hmm? Wouldn’t want to end up in time out under my big toes, now would you? You better watch your mouth when you talk to me too young man, I’ll have you know some men would pay good money to spend some quality time with these pretty feet, you should be thankful.”


The way his mother giggled in response to the realization that he was fine and began making side handed jokes about how useful his new durability was if she needed to carry him out of sight or discipline him if he didn’t stay in line now that she’d have to take care of him 24/7, was only the beginning of what would become an increasingly uncomfortable new role in his life beneath her.


Now, days later, Jon again found himself stranded on the floor of his family home. It was early morning and he had wandered from the small makeshift bed Julie had made him on her work desk in the living room, down onto the floor towards the kitchen.

He was hoping to see if he could catch his mother in time before she had to go to work and get something to eat arranged for his tiny desktop domicile. Unknown to Jon however, Julie had already awoken early today to get a head start on things in the house so that she could get to work early, preparing herself for a meeting she knew she couldn’t escape at the office.


Frustrated, and not paying attention as she goes about her business and thinking that the rest of the house is busy sleeping in their beds, she quickly struts throughout the downstairs area, preparing things in the kitchen for her family and herself as her bare feet slap against the floor.


Jon rounds the corner of the countertop island on the ground below to look out into the open area within the center of the kitchen and sees the titanic moving body of his mother striding easily across the full-sized mountain valley field between the cabinets and fridge. Julie had always been considered a conventionally attractive woman.


As her pale skin, long powerful looking legs, and tall slender frame flexed gracefully before his tiny perspective down on the floor below, even Jon couldn’t deny it. Her brown hair bounced majestically- silhouetted somewhat around her beautiful face by the fluorescent lights above and for a moment, perhaps somewhat enchanted by her carrying him around and caring for him the past week like a small animal, she looked more like an actual Goddess.


Stunned, and in awe of the situation, he found himself unable to react or move as he simply stared up towards her stepping down towards him, her bare sole flexing and wrinkling as it moves through the air and slams into the ground directly in front of him. The impact of her massive sole rocks the area and knocks him onto the ground, but he quickly props himself up on his arms, staring up the length of her legs towards the dark surface of her blouse and building sized body towering over him.


Her other sole slams into place beside him, and he finds himself assaulted by the still unwashed, and strong scent coming from the huge feet before him, her toes wiggling against the cold tile while she brushes her hair from her face casually far above, thinking to herself what she’s forgetting for the morning. Walking forward in a sort of trance, Jon reaches his hand towards the idly shifting tip of her red painted big toe, sliding across the ground before him more than twice his size.


The heat, and scent rushing from between the shifting trunks of her toes and beneath her feet is far more intense as he gets closer, but finds himself unable to stop, pressing his hand onto the warm, soft, but roughly textured tip of his mother’s huge toe as it settles for a moment on the floor before him. Breathing in deeply and shuddering to himself, Jon finds himself fighting newfound urges and feelings, unsure of the overwhelming, almost pheromone-based response he seems to be having towards the massive body moving before him.


Is this some kind of effect of the shrinking? He thinks to himself, looking down confused at his body, and drawing his attention away from the giant moving digits of her foot nearby. Feeling the strange sensation of something touching against her soft pad, Julie’s long, slender toes reflexively grasp forward, arching over Jon’s miniature body as he fails to release much more than a startled yelp.


The huge toes curl around and over him, roughly pressing his tiny form up against the cold, clammy surface of the ball of Julie’s foot, pinning him in place against the somewhat sticky flesh. Unaware of her son’s predicament far below, Julie shakes her head deciding she must have everything she needs and throws her weight back onto the ball of her foot, stepping forward. Grabbing her purse, she makes her way through the front room and towards the pile of shoes, kicking them aside and casually sliding her feet into the tight confines of her work flats before heading out the door.


Jon feels the sudden weight of his mother’s body bare down on him, as his tiny form is compressed into the soft flesh beneath her toes and against the ball of her foot. His limbs are tangled throughout the areas between her clammy toes, and his face is pressed into the deep crevices surrounding him as he’s tossed, slammed, and stuck beneath her while she walks across the house.


Unable to scream, he only succeeds in opening his mouth to feel the cool, dusty surface of Julie’s foot flesh drag across his tongue, coating it in a thin film of the sweat she gathered in her sleep. Coughing, and trying to force out some shout of protest towards her face far above, he looks back from his position lodged between her toes to see the rapidly approaching view of the dark, chasm like space within her work flats.


The musty odor from the well-worn shoe rushes over the surface of the cool flesh of her foot surrounding him as the aromas combine to form a choking and overbearing mixture, dizzying his senses. Pleading desperately up towards her, his cries and the sensation of his little hands beating against the vice like grip of her toes across his midsection goes unheard and unseen, as he’s carried alongside her toes into the depths of the old pair of work flats.

Dropped into the worn depression of her toe imprints within, he scrambles in a panic towards the far wall, watching as the monstrous tanned mass of her foot, painted across the front of her toes with the starkly crimson sheen of her nails- stretches the fabric of the shoe around itself. Roughly forcing its way within and eagerly grasping towards his defenseless shuddering mass, their newly found play toy for the morning.


Backing as far away as he can, he finds it’s no use, the long forms of his mothers’ toes easily search out his tiny body, their soft tips pushing his weak form down to the spongy surface of the insole beneath him and dragging him back screaming within the stuffy space under their grasp.


As she walks and continues to go about her morning outside, the jarring force of her footsteps slam his face and body into the tight space beneath her toes and threaten to throw him under the sometimes-visible stretching view of her sole flexing above the long-ago illegible insole. The area within the shoe, deep in the toe section begins to become oppressively heated, the scent and body warmth flowing from Julie’s foot tightly filling the space wafting throughout like being packed into a completely filled all girl’s locker room.


The aroma of her body odor, the growing presence of her foot sweat, and the faint smell of the lotion she uses lingering throughout the area mixing with the stuffy, somewhat musky scent of the shoe’s old insole, causes Jon to feel like he’s hallucinating slightly. Watching helplessly, he flails, disoriented within the dim space as her toes simply have their way with him, grasping and squeezing his tiny body beneath and between them, and shoving his limbs and head into the spaces between them.

While Jon suffers within the heated space beneath her slender digits within in her shoe, Julie makes her way to the car. Humming to herself, she drives across town to head into the office building where she works, enjoying the sensation of the soft, pliable little mass passed between and under her toes.


Aloof to the situation at hand she takes her mind off the stress of the upcoming meeting with her peers at the office, testing the pliability and durability of the tiny object with her toes, crushing it between them and grinding it under the ball of her foot. For a moment, an image of Jon, covered in the dirt, and sweat from within her shoe and gasping desperately as he clings against the sides of her toes fills her mind as she slowly clamps them down against the sides of the tiny ball of lint.


Strangely, knowing his newfound and seemingly invincible little body, this momentary vision doesn’t worry her, instead she finds it oddly amusing, blushing for a moment she wonders if it even might be a little… exciting? He was always such a pain in the ass for her, it seemed sort of appropriate that he could make it up to her by being a little stress toy for her while she works so hard to provide for him, it’s the least he could do especially now that he was so useless and small, right?


Of course, she could never say that to him. Although, even after just the first week it was already getting pretty tiring trying to just treat him like a normal, tiny person. Maybe it was time to make a couple of changes of her own if she was going to keep caring for him so closely like this, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to keep him “with her” in one way or another, right?


It’s not like he’d really get hurt or anything, she thought to herself and it would probably feel really good… maybe he’d even learn to enjoy it too, well, at the very least he’d have to get used to it, not like he would have a choice… Shaking her head of the embarrassing thoughts of teasing her own shrunken son in such a way and giggling to herself she idly plays with her feet beneath her desk. Julie spends the next hour or so filing the mornings paperwork and beginning to prepare her documents from throughout her desk and office shelves.


Meanwhile, far below, Jon’s disoriented sight and stinging eyes search desperately for some sign of where he is. The time he spent trapped within his mother’s work flats, although most likely only an hour or so of her driving to work and getting started for the day, has so far felt like an eternity. Her massive foot finally relents its assault on his body, her toes sliding off his bruised tiny form as the entire mass pulls out of the confines of her shoe and dumps it unceremoniously onto its side.


The cool air from within her office comes rushing over Jon’s foot sweat covered body and makes him shiver, gasping in the clean air thankfully as he struggles to maintain his composure. Looking up he sees the cavernous space of the underside of Julie’s desk, her other leg propped up over her knee as her foot dangles her massive shoe dangerously overhead, teasing him from above.

The sweaty surface of her foot that was having its way with his shrunken form for the last 2 hours now slides across its side on the floor tentatively beside him. The muscled wall of flesh shifts, showing him her wrinkled sole as the now all too familiar scent of her bare feet wafts throughout the small area beneath the desk. 

Jon struggles to stand to his feet, his aching body and skeletal structure, as far as he can tell, still not broken in any serious way. He was, however, extremely drained and battered by the experience. Still feeling the phantom sensations of being trapped in the heated confines of the dirty work flats beneath what felt like hundreds of tons of weight bearing down on him from all sides for what felt like an eternity.

His mind still spinning he grasps at the floor and takes a moment to cough, gagging and spitting as a long trail of salvia- thick with bits of stuff and the essence of Julie’s foot sweat runs from his mouth and pressure impacted nasal cavities. Hearing her booming voice echo throughout the area as she mumbles to herself in the distance, busying herself with finishing up her paperwork and the prior day’s reports he covers his ears.

The blur of sights of legs of massive furniture and strange shapes of the underside structure of the desk surround him as the bright light of the room fills his salt stained. Staring up weakly he sees her still casually poised and dangling shoe, and cross-legged writing pose as she anxiously bounces in the chair above him. Hearing her mumbling something about a meeting, he thinks to himself that he has to get her attention before he’s left here by himself in public, or something worse happens somehow.

What if some stranger at the office was to find him and just… take him… Panicking slightly he grasps at his body, looking back at the still flexing surface of her wet sole nearby. Bracing his tiny frame, he stares at the folding, soft flesh and swallows another mouthful of its taste still lingering in his mouth. Taking a series of steps forward quickly, he throws his weight against it- striking at the soft and somewhat giving surface desperately.

Far above, Julie feels some weird itch, or something scratching against the sole of her foot on the ground. Exclaiming in surprise, and unsure if it’s just a crusty portion of the office carpet rubbing against her, or perhaps some kind of bug- she shifts the toes of her foot laying against her knee and drops the flat she’d been dangling roughly against the ground.

“Wh- what the hell is that? Hey, get off of my foot you disgusting thing! You want some of my huge soles so bad huh? Here- have some of this!”

The area shakes as she brings her previously crossed leg down deftly, without caring to look for the source of the sensation as she continues her work, maneuvering the soles of her feet to clap together with a loud, wet sound beneath the desk.

Jon hardly has time to react as the wall of skin his hand is pressed against surges rapidly towards him. Colliding with him, he feels it hit his body with the force he’s assume comes from being hit by a swiftly moving large vehicle. While reeling from the impact- and stuck to its surface- he watches to his horror as the area around him darkens, the sound of something massive cutting through the air rushing towards him from above as he turns in time to see the smooth, flexed surface of her other tanned foot rushing towards him.


As the two gigantic surfaces of skin collide with each other, his entire body is compacted for a second between them. Even Jon’s unassuming mind can tell the strange properties of his shrunken predicament are the only thing protecting him from not exploding into a burst of crimson filth across the balls of her feet and soles in thunderclap like force of that instant. He feels his very being reverberate alongside the soft, bouncing dunes of her soles surrounding him as the two walls bounce away for a moment. Coughing as the wind was knocked out of him, and weakly moving his limbs out of the sticky depression the impact pushed him into, the huge shapes of her feet flex playfully, before closing in on him slowly and beginning to grind him in between their sweaty masses.


Grinding the tiny object between the sensitive soles of her feet below the chair, Julie allows herself to be overtaken by the pleasurable experience of the small, squishy form rubbing against and across the arches of her feet and crushes it roughly into the surface the thick balls of their soles.

Jon’s entire world is compressed between the tight space left as the folding, hot surface of the massive soles bare down on him. Gasping for oxygen in the musky zone between her feet he only finds more of the now heavy aroma and thick moisture of her smell and sweat filling his lungs and senses. Struggling against her, she uses him to massage herself casually his limbs uselessly grasping around and across her skin. He hears pleasured moans echoing around him, muffled by the dozens of tons of flesh crushing him.

Giggling to herself Julie realizes that this pathetically wiggling thing is getting more of her attention at the moment than whatever paperwork she’s basically done with already on the surface of the desk- and pushes her chair back, leaning down to get a better look at the current object of her toes’ affection before she puts the poor bug out of its misery.

“Well, I guess you’ve suffered under this goddess’s divine soles long enough little bug. Let’s get a look at you and see what you are anyways before I give you the pleasure of being finished off under my pretty painted big toe~ Hmm?”

Julie says playfully laughing, thankful for the bit of a distraction within her otherwise so far stressful morning. Grasping the tiny form with the toes of both her feet she lifts it between them, she bends down closely inspecting the little insect pinched between them.

“MOM! OH GOD, PLEASE!” Jon screams, his voice cracking as he coughs, desperately trying to clear his throat enough to speak clearly up towards him.

His arms are roughly smashed into the space between two of the toes of both of the feet surrounding his tiny body, Jon shouts, pleading with his mother to notice his now sweat-soaked form. She pulls both halves of his body to their limits, holding him aloft between the slick walls as his exhausted legs dangle towards the carpet below.

“Ew- you’re so covered in the dirty sweat and grime from the floor and my feet that I can barely tell what you are, some kind of little lint bug… what are those... is that 4 limbs? What kind of bug only has...”

Hearing her teasing speech rocking his little body as her face lowers down towards him, he struggles to kick his legs and writhe within her grasp, shouting again to prove he’s not some common pest crawling on her office floor.


Seeing a look of concern wash over her amused face as her smile drops into a frown of worry and she turns her head to listen to the distant sound of his tiny voice, he feels himself reinvigorated slightly, shouting again.


Suddenly Julie’s eyes light up. She blushes heavily staring at the lint covered twisted mass between her toes and recognizing the miniature moving face among the bits of dirt and smeared grime covering it shouting up towards her with its tiny little mouth. Her look of worry flexes quickly into an annoyed scowl of concern.


“Jon- JON?! What the hell are you doing here?! Wh- Why aren’t you in your bed young man! This is exactly why I made you that habitat area to begin with! Oh my GOD! Are you trying to kill your mother with worry- what if I had just come home and you had been missing? I would have never even known! Wait… what are you doing in my shoes anyways? I can’t really hear you very well through all that stuff all over you, you know.”

Plucking him from between her toes with two of the shining painted tips of her fingers she easily rushes him skyward up the mountainous scale of her chair and the well-toned surface of her body stretching the black blouse beneath it to drop him a small distance onto the cold, wooden plain of the desk in front of her.


Adjusting himself from the brief fall and standing up before the lowering horizon of her face as she puts it close enough for him to feel the moisture and smell the coffee on her breath blowing over him, he shouts up towards her again.

“I- I was in your shoe since you left for work this morning, I was in there the entire time till you dropped me out and just found me now- it was so dark, and so hot… it was- I was-“

He stutters as he tries to catch his breath, weakly gasping the cold air as it fills his lungs and becoming overwhelmed as the long brown hair casts down over the reflective surface of her eyes and blushing face staring down curiously towards him.

“Hmm? You were what? You crawled in my shoe while I was leaving for work? What did I tell you about that! I told you how scary and stuffy it would be! What? What do you mean it was hot? You were doing what?”

Julie speaks faster than his tired lungs will allow him to respond. As she can see him moving around fine down on the desk and her look of concern fades to be replaces by a slowly spreading grin as she laughingly teases down at the little lint covered body.

“Hey little man, what exactly were you doing down there in my shoe this whole time anyways- I thought you were just some kind of little pebble or something, so I was just ignoring you this whole time. Why didn’t you try to get my attention or anything?”

Scoffing and throwing his hands up Jon responds between gasping mouths of air.


“Wh-what?! Get your attention? I- I was doing everything I could, pushing as hard as I could- it didn’t seem like you could kill me, but- I thought I was going to-“


Giggling and interrupting his broken sentences Julie lowers the plush surface of her lips down towards him, her tongue flicking bits of spit onto his tiny face as the heat of her breath washes over him while she teasingly lowers the volume of her voice to speak gingerly towards him.

“Wait- you weren’t sneaking around down there were you? Are you sure you didn’t just want to stay close to mommy’s big feet for the day? You could have just asked if you wanted me to take you to work with me you know. Although I didn’t think that’s how you would want to ride along.

Jon feels the color from his face drain as he slowly begins to regain his composure physically only to begin feeling his mind shaken by the growing misunderstanding his stilted speech is causing with his mother. Anxiety clutching at his chest he tries to choose his next, still coughing words carefully.


“No- Mom- Look. I didn’t mean- I don’t mind being close to you, or even coming to work with you- but I was just trying to get your attention! I just wanted you to notice me!”

Looking at him slightly confused for a moment the gigantic surfaces of her shimmering eyes blink a few times before she begins giggling and blushingly says calmly down towards him while prodding at him with a fingertip.

“If you like being close to me it’s okay to just say so… and you know Jon, it’s not that weird to… be attracted to feet, lots of people do you know. Plus, you felt pretty good down there… You’re the perfect size to really get in there for an amazing foot rub now you know… and the way you feel beneath and between my toes with your little hands and face moving around…”

For a moment Julie’s blushing face and dazzled eyes seem to be staring down through him or looking at him unlike anything he’s ever seen before. His stomach drops again as he realizes she’s looking at him the way she looks at objects. Just like he’s seen her do when she’s staring at some hygiene tool product, or make up thing she thinks she just “has to buy” while she’s wasting time dragging him around some department store- not like a person- like her son, at all…


“Mom! No! I’m serious. Snap out of it and listen to me! Can you even hear me up there really?! “


Jon motions and shouts, now panicking as the confusing route his attempts to gain his mothers
sympathy has taken begins to lead into embarrassing territory. He blushes and attempts to shift the shameful growing bulge between his legs away from her massive prying eyes as she focuses down on his tiny from writhing on the desk before the horizon spanning view of her own smiling face.

“Of course I can hear you silly- You said you wanted to get close to me, and you wanted to spend more time with me, so you ended up coming with me. But it must have been scary not knowing if I was aware of you down there or not. It’s okay, you can stay with me for the rest of the day here at work now and I’ll make sure you get home safe.”

As her words wash over him, Jon feels a tentative sigh of relief build up inside his chest, tears welling in his eyes as it finally seems she understands his plight. Her offer of safe passage back home and ensuring his safety for the rest of the day revives some of his lost sense of humanity, and damaged ego from the time he had just spend as an unrecognized object under her toes. Her huge, plush lips part before him, blasting him with another wave of her warm breath as she casually continues.

“Plus I think I have a way that both of us can have a good time- I have a meeting in a few minutes so I can’t just have you running around on the table in the board room or anything like that. It would probably be best if the other people here don’t know about your… condition… till we know a bit more about it.”

She continues speaking and Jon listens intently, unsure of where she’s going with her idea as she mentions not being able to keep him on the table. Looking her over briefly he notices the tightly fitting blouse stretched across her tan, well-toned body, and pert breasts- the curling mass of her dark hair falling and folding across her shoulders. She pats at the sides of her blouse and skirt, smirking at him and blushing as she throws her hands up shrugging her shoulders towards him teasingly.


“Unfortunately… these office outfits don’t really have any pockets or anything… and the only other places I could stuff you- well… I don’t think either of us would be very comfortable with that. You’d probably fit into my panties or between my breasts but that would be kind of… weird. Even though you’re- like this, right? The only other place I could really put you is…”

She hesitates as he watches the giant fleshy surface of her lip quiver slightly, the corners of her mouth attempting to hide a slowly forming grin spreading over her face. As her warm breath rushes over him again and he feels the unease from her statements spreading throughout his mind, he grasps down at his groin, fighting to hold back the strange arousal he’s feeling alongside the growing sense of dread overcoming him. He stutters to respond, raising a hand and meekly cracking his voice ineffectually before she continues, her voice swelling over his tiny sounds.

“Since you seemed to like my big feet so much, you probably wouldn’t mind… you know… spending the rest of the day down in my shoes and under my desk, right? Now, I can see you’re a little worried but keep in mind I’ll know you’re down there this time and make sure to take really good care of you- You can even have as much fun as you want playing with mommy’s huge, soft toes and soles while I have my meeting and finish up my work for the day! Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

He tries to shout, shocked at what she’s saying and so taken aback by the strange tone of voice and blushing face she’s making towards him, the desire in her piercing gaze as it locks onto him, that he’s unable to do much more than squeak again pathetically. Looking back and forth across the huge flat surface of the desk he stumbles in one direction, then the other, seeking some sort of instinctual hiding spot as her gigantic hand suddenly rises in the distance to quickly overshadow him on the flat plain. She continues teasingly talking over him as her fingertips easily pinch down over his little torso and limbs, scooping him up between them as he dangles in the air.

“Don’t worry little buggy, it’s much warmer and safer tucked away in my flat than out in this gigantic cold, dangerous office building anyways, right? Now that I know it’s you down there too- I can just tell you that I could actually feel you the whole time… I was really enjoying it actually! You feel so good down there it’s like one of those little- what do you call them- stress balls? Or whatever. Don’t squirm around so much, it’s fine- I’ll make sure you get plenty of fresh air this time… I guess my feet do get a bit hot and stuffy in there throughout the morning huh?”

As she continues to tauntingly tease and speak down towards the insect sized shape between her fingertips, Julie lowers her hand slowly down towards the open mouth of her flat laying on the ground beside her chair. Sliding the shoe over slightly beneath the path of the descending little person between her fingertips, she attempts to hold back the growing sense of arousal overtaking her.


As she dangles the tiny body of what was previously the almost fully adult male form of her son over the still warm, somewhat dirty shoe, blushing as she remembers that she’d been wearing these poor flats for months already- sometimes with nylons but usually just barefoot. Imagining how overwhelming the cavernous, musky interior of her shoe must be to such a tiny person, and how the huge sweaty surface of her foot would cover him entirely beneath it- she giggled to herself again.


She’d never felt so much power before, the sheer scale and level of actual control she had over this other person- it didn’t really matter who they were before, all that really mattered to her now was that they belonged to her, belonged under her toes. Plus, what better way to pay her back for all the pains he had caused her throughout the years, and all the foot aches she racked up working all those hours to support him.

It’s not like he’d be able to fend for himself or really survive like a normal person now anyways, and if she brought him to a doctor or something, they’d probably just take him away and make him into a little science experiment.


No, she thought to herself, it’s better that he’s right where I can keep an eye on him. Somewhere safe and close to me like this. Julie had experienced being an authority figure, or caretaker for others before, but now she was beginning to feel more like a deity figure, a real Goddess of some sort. Aroused by the thought of him depending on her massive body for his continued existence, she carelessly lets his tiny form drop onto the spongy surface of the insole below.


Looking up, rubbing himself as he’s jarred by the sudden drop and impact, Jon continues to stammer uneasily attempting to make an argument but finding himself unable to form a coherent sentence. His mind, and senses are overwhelmed by the musky aroma and heat wafting around him as he finds himself once more covered in a thin layer of the grime plastered across the sole of his mother’s work flat. Julie’s blushing face fills the space above him, her smiling teeth and giggling mouth speaking down into the shoe, adding to the growing moisture in the space.

 “I’m worried one if the other girls, or other people in general sees you without knowing what or who you are- they might just snatch you up for themselves. I wouldn’t want to loose my little toy- I mean… My little boy like that, I’d be devastated. So, try to be a good little buggy and stay close, or underneath my feet where I can feel you, or nearby where you’ll be safe if you leave my shoe, okay? I’ll wiggle my toes or squeeze you to check on you every once in a while.”

“If you want to do me a favor and give me a foot rub while you’re down there during the meeting it would really help me relieve some stress too you know, and mommy will reward you later for being a good little foot boy. Try not to have too much fun in there, alright? I’ll make you clean up after yourself if you make a mess, I hope you know.”

Jon throws up his arms, screaming- his voice is quickly muffled though, as Julie unceremoniously raises her the huge fleshy form of her foot up, and slides it into the shoe. Feeling Jon’s tiny body caught beneath her toes and knowing his increased durability withstood her drive to and activity throughout the morning, she simply roughly jams her foot into the flat as she normally would, testing her new toy’s resistance and stamina.

Standing up she kicks her foot against the ground, shoving her foot further into the tight space and feeling the tiny wiggling limbs grasped tightly between and beneath her toes, sliding over the slick, moist flesh of the underside of her toes. Smiling to herself she adjusts herself, moving the tiny body with her toes into a more comfortable position wedged beneath them and supporting the arch of her toes.

Sighing deeply and rubbing at the already moist space beneath her skirt while still out of sight of the rest of the office, she straightens her skirt and brushes her hair aside exhaling roughly and readying herself. Stepping hard onto the carpeted floor and enjoying Jon’s giving frame squishing slightly under her footfall she walks towards the door out of her office, casting it aside confidently, feeling her newfound power embolden her as she heads towards the meeting room.

Jon gasps, already struggling to breath as his mother’s toes clutch him deeply into the crevices and spaces beneath them. His head is shoved and massaged into the tight space between her big and second toe, his mouth and nose buried into the wet flesh dipping in their center and staining his tongue with the taste of her sweat.

His mind spins as he attempts to understand what is happening and what his mother is thinking, what’s going on or how he ended up like this or if he somehow deserves this. His tiny, now hardened cock presses against the soft flesh surrounding and clutching it, unseen past the walls of toe skin and muscular form of her foot crushing down around and onto him as he’s compressed by it within the shoe.

Feeling himself losing the will to fight his arousal any longer he gives in, shoving his body against the tight, sweaty, folding masses of toe flesh covering him as he’s battered by the occasional jarring impact of her foot falls slamming him deeper into the insole beneath him. Unsure of where he is, and unable to tell what is going on outside of the shoe around himself, the heated, musky area quickly becomes his entire world.

The movement and sliding motions of her sweat covered smooth flesh and jarring impacts of her grasping toes and the slams of her foot falls rocking and moving his body like being the plaything of some huge creature, trapped within its lair.

As his overwhelmed tiny body continues its desperate motions far below, Julie reaches the door to the meeting room, passing through multiple portions of the large office building, and swings it open- bracing herself for a long, possibly multi hour session debating company standards with the rest of her team. Squeezing Jon’s little body between her toes, she sighed to herself again, glad to have the help of her “good little stress toy”.

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