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Susan was sitting in her office cubicle, finishing up the last bit of the day’s work. She takes a moment to look at the clock on the wall, only another ten minutes and her shift would be over. Her eyes then move to the pictures of her family on her desk. Susan can’t help but smile at the pictures, today is her anniversary and she has plans to enjoy the evening with her loving husband and perfect kids. As she takes a moment to go over the plan in her head one more time, a sudden knock on the cubicle wall startles her and brings her back to the real world. Turning towards the sound, she saw her boss standing in the cubicle opening.

“O-oh, good evening ma’am!” Susan said, surprised. “I just need a few more minutes and I’ll be finished with this report.”

“Tssss… ya… no… You won’t be.” The boss says.

“Wait, what do you mean ma’am?” Susan asks, slight worry in her voice.

“Well, you see, Emily and Amy messed up their reports and I need them ready by tomorrow morning. And since you’re the last one in the office, you’ll just have to take one for the team.” The boss says in a condescending tone.

“You’re still here.” Susan says coldly.

“About that, I have a hot date tonight, so no. I’m not here.” The boss says with an annoyed tone in her voice.

“You can’t do this to me Lynda! You know that today is my anniversary and I have plans! They can fix their mistakes tomorrow morning!” Susan says angrily at her boss.

Lynda leans in and stares down Susan, shoving a finger in her face. “Don’t you dare speak to me like that ever again. My decision is final. You will sit your ass down, finish your work, check every single report for mistakes, and redo the bad reports from scratch. If you value your position at the company, I’ll come in tomorrow, see all the reports finished and correct, and have a written apology from you. Don’t disappoint me.” Lynda then turns and walks away, leaving the building.

Susan can only blankly stare at the door, she stays there, replaying the scene in her head over and over. After a while, she looked at the clock again, her shift was now technically over. Holding back tears, she sits back down and finishes up her report, saving it and sending it. Susan just sighs deeply as she takes her cellphone and calls her home phone. She feels her insides turning as she wonders how to tell her family what happened. After a few moments, she hears the answering machine. She feels a little better that she wasn’t speaking to anyone. She takes another deep breath as she hears the beep.

“Hey… guys… I’m really sorry, but we can’t celebrate the anniversary tonight. Some stuff came up at work and I was told I have to stay overtime or I’ll lose my job. Just call and cancel all of our reservations, when I get home, I just wanna go to bed. Ugh, my feet hurt after being in my heels all day. I’m really sorry.” Susan says as she feels a tear go down her cheek.

She hangs up and opens the first report, checking it for mistakes. Little did she know that her family was listening on the other end, they all got together and started to plan on what to do when she got home.


Susan just finished checking over the final report, she dreads looking at the time, she reluctantly looks up and her heart sinks. Her final reservation of the night would’ve expired hours ago. She looked over at Lynda's office, Susan had no plans of writing an apology, she had her mind set, she was going to quit, but now she was tired and just wanted to go home.

She got up and left the office, each step hurt, but being in that office made her sick. She left the building and entered the dark and empty parking lot, only her car remained. She simply felt empty on the whole ride home. When she turned onto her street she saw all of the houses had their lights off.

As she pulled into her driveway, Susan saw that almost all the lights were turned off, only the light in the entrance was on. She gets out of her car and walks into her home. Once inside, she wants to throw her briefcase as hard as she can, but doesn't want to disturb her family’s slumber. She puts it down by the door and walks over to the shoe rack. She whimpers softly as she removes her heels, her feet were very sore after the long day, but her reward was the cool air and floor on her soles.

Looking down she saw that each step she made left a steamy footprint. Susan knew that she should take a shower, but she just wanted to collapse into bed and forget that today ever happened. With her shoes back in place, she started to head towards the living room, the light was off so she couldn’t see into the room. She knew the layout of her house, so she was just gonna avoid turning on lights and just head upstairs towards her room.

Susan puts her hand on the lightswitch, ready to shut the light in the entrance off as she takes her first step into the living room. As she stepped down, she felt something crumple under her foot. The sudden sensation made her gasp and jump back into the entranceway. She immediately hits the opposite lightswitch, turning on the lights in the living room.

With the lights on, she looked down to see what she stepped on, it looked like a crushed piece of cardboard. Her eyes are then drawn to the dozens of cardboard rectangles that appear to be sticking out of the ground. Each rectangle has little squares drawn on the sides. As she’s looking over the many rectangles, she notices movement behind one. A little man, only a few inches tall, walks out from behind one of the rectangles. The man was dressed as a police officer and had a water tank on his back. There was a tube leading from the tank to a holster.

“M-Mark?” Susan asked softly, trying to see if it’s her tiny husband.

The man walks up closer and pulls a gun from his holster. The tube attached the gun to his tank. He looks up at the woman and smirks. “All units be advised, the suspect loves to be rough, is very playful, and will bully with extreme prejudice.” The man then points the gun at her nylon clad foot and pulls the trigger, squirting a little bit of cool water on her foot.

Susan just stands in stunned silence, looking out at the scene before her. Mark walks over and puts his hand on her hot foot. “Uh… is everything alright honey?” She just stays silent and still before a massive grin comes over her face, she has finally connected all the pieces and this cathartic game is exactly what she needs.

Susan lifted her foot over her husband and giggled before pressing it down onto him, as she gently grinds him into the ground, she sees her two tiny sons come out of hiding. They are dressed in the same outfit as their father and run the giant foot, blasting it with cool water.

“Ahh~ oh no~ my one weakness~” Susan says as she lifts the foot off her husband and pretends to stumble, stepping on a few more buildings around her. “Looks like I’ll have to ditch these~”

Susan starts to remove her nylons as her two sons run over to their father and help him up. They turn in time to see that, wanting to return to the game faster, Susan ripped her nylons off and tossed them aside. Now her bare legs and feet were on display to the three shrunken boys. Giggling, Susan lifted her foot and pressed it down on her husband and one of the sons. The other son immediately draws his gun and starts to squirt her foot with cool water. Unable to help herself, she moans a little from the sensation of the water cooling her bare foot mixed with two tiny guys squirming against her tired sole. After a moment of enjoyment, she lets them go and walks deeper into the makeshift city.

The three officers take a moment to admire Susan’s power before they chase after her. As she rampages through the city, she crushes more buildings. They crumble easily, but provide enough resistance to massage her feet a little with each step. After a few steps, Susan saw her son run in front of her and point his gun at her foot. She simply raised her foot and held it over him. He didn’t try to get out of the way, he just simply shot cool water on her toes. She smiled and scrunched her toes repeatedly, enjoying the sensation before stepping down on him.

“Naughty little boy. I helped you hook up with that cute girl from across the street and this is how you treat me?” Susan said playfully as she started to grind his tiny body into the floor. “Looks like I’ll have to punish you, hehehe.”

A moment later, her other son appeared and started to squirt the foot trapping his brother. Susan lifted her foot off his brother and grabbed him with her toes. “And you! I helped you work out a deal where you get to spend all day worshipping my friends' feet. It would appear that all of you need to be taught a lesson~”

After squeezing him a few times, Mark jumped out and squirted Susan’s heel with water. Susan let her son go and placed her heel back onto Mark, trapping his legs under her bare heel. “Don’t you remember when we had started dating? We used to play games like this all the time. I remember you putting up more of a fight back then~” Susan teased as she gently applied pressure to his legs.

With all three guys down and trying to recover, Susan takes a moment to look around the living room. She sees that most of the buildings are gone, only a few skyscrapers remain surrounding a shorter, but wider building. Seeing the boys starting to get up, she gently stomps them, making them stay down as she heads over to the last part of the city. As she walked up to the strange building, she realized it was a model of her office, with a clay woman in front of it, she felt like a child on Christmas.

After destroying the surrounding buildings, she admired the devastated city one last time before turning her attention to the replica of her workplace. Bending her knees, she leaped into the air and crushed the building under her wet soles. The force of the landing made the clay woman fall over. Stepping off the twisted cardboard, Susan steps forward so she’s towering over her boss. Susan can only giggle as she lifts her foot and uses her big toe to crush the clay limbs one at a time. Then she placed the ball of her foot on the head and pressed her foot down, flattening the clay doll completely.

With the game over, Susan fell back, sitting on the ground as the exhaustion of the day hit her all over again. As she closed her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath. The events of the evening and her feelings faded away, replaced by the fun time she had with the men of the house. Susan couldn’t help but smile, she had the best family on earth.

All of a sudden, her thoughts were interrupted, something was touching the top of foot. Opening up her eyes, she looked down and saw that her husband and two sons had jumped up on her foot and placed custom made handcuffs on her toes. Susan could only giggle as she stretched her toes, breaking the cuffs before lifting her other foot and sandwiching the boys between her feet.

“Aww, sorry guys, but it looks like I won~ You’ll have to try harder next time!” She continued to press her feet together when she saw her daughters approach. “Oh, hey girls. Where were you this whole time? Didn’t you want to rampage with mommy~”

“Oh, it looked like it was a ton of fun! But today is your day and we had a more important job to do.” Both of the daughters walk up to Susan and show her their phones. “We were recording your little game, so you can always watch it when you want. We even got it from two angles.”

“Aww, you two are the best! Come here.” Susan motioned both of the girls to get close before kissing them on the cheek. She then moved her foot off the three boys before scooping them up in her hands and bringing them up to her face. “Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you guys either.” She kissed the three guys in her cupped hands.
Susan couldn’t help but giggle as one of her sons lifted the gun and tried to fire, but their tanks were empty and had no more ammo. With everything now over, the three guys take a second to admire the new bruises on their bodies before snuggling into Susan’s fingers.

Susan stood up and stretched, still holding the guys in one hand. “Girls, could you please clean up this mess? My feet are still wet and need a proper, and personal, cleaning.” The two girls nod as Susan turns and walks upstairs towards her bedroom.


Soon enough, Susan is back in her bed, Mark is sitting on her chest and chatting with her, while she feels her two sons licking her feet clean. Susan closed her eyes, the only thing keeping her awake is the voice of her husband as the two chat.

“Really? She really said that? To your face?” Mark asks in disbelief. “If I could, I would go kick her ass!”

“Aww, you’re the sweetest, but I don’t want you to get seriously hurt.” Susan says as she cracks her eyes open so she can pat Mark's head with her finger. “I already made up my mind, I’m gonna quit tomorrow, gonna make it a nice show for all the other girls in the office who also gotta put up with her bullshit.”

“I know, I know. I just wish I could do more for you.” Mark said softly, nuzzling her finger. “If you want some moral support, you can keep me in your shoe while you tell her off.”

Susan giggles as she pulls her finger back and closes her eyes once more. “Don’t worry little guy. I’m gonna enjoy a long overdue full night's sleep. Then I’m gonna cook a huge breakfast for the whole family, I’ll go to work when I feel like it.”

“Well alright, do you need anything else before your slumber, my queen… Uh, Susan… Susan…” Mark asked as he sat on her chest, feeling her breathing. She had finally fallen asleep. “For a goddess of death and destruction, you sure do look cute while you sleep.”

Mark giggled as he stood up and headed down her body to his sons. Once at her feet, he spoke. “Go to bed boys, tomorrow is gonna be a great day.” The two boys finish licking and climb down the bed, leaving the room. Now alone with his sleeping wife, he walks up to her stomach and snuggles her before falling asleep himself.
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