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"Are you sure you want to go today, honey?"


"Yes, Mom," Steven replied with a sigh, looking out the window at all of his peers that were now more than twice his height.


"It's just that... You go online tomorrow and all, and it's just one last day. I could call you in sick!"


Steven ignored the concern in his mother's voice as he pried open the massive car door and headed out into the world. He looked down at the floor as he entered the raucous halls of his school for the last time. Without even looking, he was well aware of it all: the looks of pity, the strange gazes, the insults. He had endured weeks of it, and none of it was new to him. The only thing he had not learned to ignore were the bullies.


WHAM! He fell to the floor. His eyes wandered up the long legs now on either side of his torso. He could barely see past her breasts up to her face, her blond hair shimmering.


"Watch where you're going, pipsqueak."


Steven, becoming tense, simply looked up at her. It was the head cheerleader - he couldn't remember her name.


"Hmm? Got nothing to say? Don't wanna apologize?"


One of her feet lifted up, and in a moment all Steven could see was the underside of her dirty, worn out sneaker, no doubt the result of hours of strenuous exercise.


"Maybe if you give my shoe a kiss I'll forgive you," she teased.


"L-Leave me alone..." Steven said back. After a swift kick in the face, the girl took off.


"Loser." The word reverberated in his ears.




By lunch, Steven had completely forgotten about the incident. He went from English to Physics to Economics unfazed, facing his final day with a deeply stoic disposition. Thankfully, days before, he had finally secured the doctor's note that would let him attend school from home. In just a few hours, he would not be here anymore.


"Are you Steven Fisher?"


A voice interrupted his thoughts. Swallowing the food in his mouth, looked up at his fellow student, a boy three times his size. He looked for the nearest exit.


"I got a note from Mrs. Peterson for you. She wants to see you in the office as soon as possible."


Steven breathed a sigh of relief. He figured the principal just wanted to give him some kind of farewell.


"Thank you," he said to the office aid before getting up to leave. The halls were much emptier, making his trip quick and easy. He could barely climb up to the chair in the waiting room before Mrs. Peterson called him in. 


She said nothing and closed the door behind him. As he lifted himself onto the seat opposite her desk, she simply sighed. Mrs. Peterson looked through a cabinet before she pulled out a picture.


"Do you think I'm stupid?" she spoke, leaning over the desk to show a picture of a particular wall spraypainted with the words "FUCK THIS SCHOOL". 


"Uhm..." Steven was confused. "What's that?"


"We had someone tell us you did this last night, Steven. You're in big trouble."


"Mrs. Peterson, I... I can't even get up that high. I can't drive a car, so I couldn't have come here at night. I-"


"So you had one of your friends help you, then."


"My friends stopped talking to me after I shrank-"


"Don't make this about you, young man. As far as the school is concerned, this is an open and shut case. Arlene!"


A tall, lanky woman entered the room - the assistant principal, Mrs. Warren. 


"I'd hate to turn this into a public legal thing, Steven," Mrs. Peterson said. "I think if you could admit culpability, we could figure out your punishment right here and now."


"But I didn't-"


Steven heard the lock of the door click behind him. He felt a sense of panic overwhelm him as he got out of the chair and headed toward the door. He fought back, but Mrs. Warren, who stood at a devastating 5'8, was easily able to overpower him. By the time she had pinned his arms down with her knees, Mrs. Peterson already had a roll of duct tape on hand. Covering his mouth, she spoke down to him.


"This doesn't have to be so difficult, Steven," Mrs. Peterson said, slipping off her dress shoes. "Mrs. Warren will get off of you just as soon as you tell us the truth."


"The sooner you tell us, the sooner Diana and I can let you go home," Mrs. Warren insisted.


Suddenly, Steven realized that this wasn't about vandalism, or respecting school property. They had him right where they wanted him.


Claustrophobia set in. Steven's view was dominated by Mrs. Warren's crotch. He nodded in response. Mrs. Peterson grabbed another piece of paper from a filing cabinet. Looking over at it, Steven saw a whole bunch of text he could barely read, and a signature line at the bottom.


"We just need your fingerprint," Mrs. Peterson set the paper down next to Steven, dipping his thumb in ink. Mrs. Warren let one of her knees up. Unable to endure this any longer, Steven frantically tried to push the woman off of him, and in the chaos, they were able to secure his thumb print.


"Wonderful! I knew you'd see reason," she picked the paper up and placed it back in the file cabinet. Mrs. Warren got off of him, and he was finally able to breathe.


"Now that the hard part's over, we can start deciding your real punishment," Mrs. Peterson said with a smile.


Steven ran for the door and was once again overpowered by the assistant principal, and in a moment he felt the immense pressure of her thighs around his neck as he was forced to look right at the principal.


"Don't worry, we're not going to really hurt you, little guy. You're just going to be our little helper for the day," Mrs. Peterson said, taking her socks off. "Of course, if you refuse, you've already admitted culpability for the incident, and your poor old mother will have to pay thousands in damages. Your choice!" 


She sat back down in her office chair, and the assistant principal dragged Steven until he was under her desk, completely trapped. Mrs. Peterson pushed her feet up against his face, and rubbed her soles against him.


"Go ahead and massage them while Arlene and I eat lunch. We'll let you out just as soon as the bell rings, OK?"


Steven grabbed one of her feet and tried to ignore the scent of foot funk as he kneaded his hands firmly into them. He did this for several minutes as the women above him made small talk with their mouths full.


"Oh, honey, I know you don't have the strength you used to, but you're really going to have to work your hands harder than that, okay?"


By the time the bell rang, Steven's hands and wrists were aching. He tried to get out from under the table but was met with resistance.


"Where do you think you're going?" the assistant principal said.


"W-well, you guys said you would let me go, so I'm..."


"I said I would let you out, silly. Now you're out from under my desk, and you can move on to your other duties!" Mrs. Peterson responded.


"You know, Diana, every time I see this little guy walking in the hall, I think to myself: 'he would make a great foot rest!" Mrs. Warren thought out loud.


"What a great idea! Steven, why don't you get on all fours in front of Arlene."


Setting his pride aside, Steven did as he was told, and felt the back-breaking pressure of his assistant principal's feet resting on him. The two women continued talking as if they did not have jobs to do; occasionally, Steven could hear the clacking of a keyboard, or something being printed, but for the most part, the two women were fine and content to relax at his expense.


"You know, Arlene, I've gotta say - my least favorite thing about this job is the chairs. I know we've had budget cuts, but can't the district afford something better than this?" Mrs. Peterson bounced on her squeaky chair for effect. "You know, that gives me a great idea..."


Before he knew it, Steven was now on all fours behind Mrs. Peterson's desk. Her sizeable butt came down on him, and as the curvy woman shifted and adjusted in her new seat, Steven found it very difficult not to fall down. 


"Oh, that just hits the spot, doesn't it? I'm a little low to the floor, but for this level of comfort, I definitely don't mind. Now I can really get some work done..."


The principal used Steven as her own personal chair for hours on end, long after the bell rang and class was dismissed. Steven's whole body was screaming out in pain, but he knew he need not make this woman angry. As he moaned in agony, both women were quick to remind him that he should stop whining. 


Finally, she let up, and Steven let himself fall to the floor, relieved that he would finally be able to go home and never see this place again.


"Okay, what should we do next with our little office assistant, Arlene?"


"Hmmm..." The assistant principal thought to herself.


Steven couldn't believe it. They still weren't done!


"No! No more!" Steven's tired voice screamed out. "I'm done... This is messed up, and like, a violation of my human rights or something! I'm going home..."


The two women let Steven walk toward the door, but as he unlocked it and got it open, Mrs. Warren closed it shut again.


"I dunno Diana, it doesn't seem to me like this young man knows his place just yet."


"Sounds about right to me, Arlene!"


Both of the women cornered Steven before Mrs. Warren grabbed him by his hair and dragged his head toward her crotch.


"Maybe this will shut you up," she said, before she began pushing his face between her thighs, pleasuring herself in the process. After a few seconds, she let up, and pushed him over to the principal, whose thick thighs trapped his head as she pushed him into the wall with her lower body. The two women moaned as they traded repeatedly for several minutes, giving Steven just enough time to catch his breath before suffocating him again. After a while, they switched up, pushing him into the wall with their asses, at one moment cornering him with both of their behinds at the same time. Just as he felt he would faint, they let him fall to the floor.


"Wait, is Kristine still here?" Mrs. Warren asked.


"Kristine? You mean the one with the really big..."




"Oh my gosh, what a great idea! I'll give her a call!"


Steven was too out of it to even process what was happening anymore - he simply sat in the corner of the room awaiting whatever came next. He wanted more than anything for this to be done, but knew it was futile to try and stop them.


After a few more minutes of rest, the door opened to his former Spanish teacher - an incredibly thick woman by the name of Ms. Miller - and his eyes opened wide. 


"Is he ok?" Ms. Miller asked immediately.


"Oh, yes, he's doing just fine." Mrs. Peterson said. "We were just punishing him, and thought you might want to give us a hand."


"Well, I don't know... This doesn't seem right to me."


"He was caught vandalizing school property," the assistant principal added. "It took the janitor five hours to clean it off this morning. We only thought it was fair to get... somewhat creative."


As the two women continued to convince Ms. Miller, Steven did his best to look at her with his tired gaze, to let her know that he desperately wanted to leave. His gaze was moot, however, as she was convinced otherwise and came over to the corner, her massive ass covering Steven's vision, its shadow eclipsing him completely. 


"Just go ahead and rub your butt into his face," Mrs. Peterson said. 


"Okay... I guess," Ms. Miller said with a chuckle. She tried her best to be gentle, but Steven was already suffocating far more than he had with the principals. Kristine found herself going further as she realized how good his little head felt as it was pushed into the back of her tight dress pants. She stopped after just a few seconds.


"Is it ok if I...?" Ms. Miller gestured toward her zipper.


Steven was in a world of pain and misery as he found his head wedged inside his teacher's ass, the only thing separating him from her bare ass skin being a thin pair of white panties. Kristine moaned with more pleasure than she'd felt in a long time. By the time she let up, Steven was almost ready to pass out. Then, all of a sudden, he felt something weird happening inside of him. He hadn't felt this since...




When Steven came to, he flinched as he found a giant hand wrapping around his body. He wondered as he was brought up into the air what had happened, but as he looked around his new surroundings and saw the three women as complete giants who were each a hundred times his size, he realized what had happened. Their laughter was deafening.


"Well, girls, looks like we hit the jackpot!" Mrs. Peterson giggled. "Once they get this small, we can do whatever we want with them."


"You know, I was watching Steven during that last bit..." the assistant principal started. "He seemed to be really enjoying Kristine's company. She should take him home with her, and then we can all have more fun tomorrow!"


"Oh, really? Thanks, guys..." Ms. Miller seemed genuinely touched.


"Oh, but you have to make sure nobody sees you with him," Mrs. Peterson noted. "You should keep him concealed somewhere."


"Like my purse?" 


"Not exactly..."


Although Ms. Miller's ass was massive at his previous size, the two butt cheeks on either side of him were now like two small moons. He begged the women to have mercy on him as the Ms. Miller parted her cheeks, showing him a glimpse of his new life. 


"See you tomorrow, Steve," Mrs. Peterson said, blowing him a kiss before she sent him racing toward Ms. Miller's asshole.


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