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Where am I?

CW: Feet, Entrapment


…Slowly waking up, you find yourself unnaturally warm and wet. Trying to move, it feels as though you have been vacuumed sealed to whatever soft material is at your back.


The stench hits your sense as the vinegary flavor burns through your nostrils. Your eyes shoot open and you snap awake, desperately trying to move your arms so that you can stop the horrific smell. But there is nothing you can do, you can’t see what you are trapped in nor what you are pressed to and you can’t even move your arms free.


“Where the hell am I!” you scream while writhing around, doing anything to get out.


On the outside, your classmate is sleeping peacefully on her bed after getting home late. It had been a rather hot day and with her running around for the majority of it, her tights were thoroughly soaked in sweat.


No matter how you ended up trapped in her tights, she had no idea you were there. Your squirming however, was felt and she turned over in her sleep. By laying on her stomach, her toes, scrunch up a little, gabbing onto your face.


Within your nylon cocoon, you feel the world turn over and something begins to close around your head. Blood begins to rush to your head as you hang upside down and whatever is covering your face, along with the smell and sweat, beings to render you unconscious. Before long, you pass out again, still oblivious to the situation you are in.


Regardless of whether you are found the next morning, trapped with her foot for another day, or stuck in the tights bound for the laundry; none of them will be good for you.


Too Good to be True


CW: Feet, Entrapment


One midsummer night, you're drinking your worries away in a downtown bar, when a woman walks in and pulls up a stool. Now, you certainly don’t think of yourself as a bad looking guy, but you know this woman is far out of your league. However, with liquid courage in your veins, you decide to take a stool next to her.


Surprisingly, you hit it off well and you leave with a promise of a date next week. On the promised day, you put on your Sunday best and head out to pick her up. Opening the door is the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, wrapped in a fine red dress. She smiles before everything goes black.


"Ah, you're Finally awake," you hear booming above me, as you slowly wake up. "I had been looking for a new tiny slave but I just couldn't find the right one, well, until you came along," she chuckled. "Think of this date as a test, if you make it through the night, you're mine forever. I mean, that's what you were hoping for, right?" Before you could rebuttal. you are tossed down into her stocking. “Good luck, I'm rooting for you!" and with that, her foot came down and left you trapped


For much of the night. you try to keep yourself alive, as she simply enjoys her meal at the restaurant you reserved. Tapping her heel, occasionally twisting it. you are smothered with her soft foot and with some drops of sweat splashing your face. Sometimes, she would scrunch her toes to cut off your air and would wait until you squirmed for your life before releasing you.


By the time she returned home, you were beaten and battered but alive. Removing her heel, she holds up her steamy foot and pulls it towards her. "Hmm, did he survive?" she mumbled. In response you banged on her toe, hoping now she would let you out. "Hahaha, so you did make it. Good, I guess third time is the charm, the last two didn't even last the drive. Well, it's time for you to get to work, I want you worshipping my toes for the rest of the night and if I'm not satisfied, I'm leaving you in there and tying them shut for a week."


And with that, your new life began. It was hard at First, but eventually she broke you down, making you her perfect tiny slave.




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