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“What is going on!? What are you doing to me!?” Lisa demanded of her opponent as she found herself getting smaller with each passing second.

“What, this? It's just a little spell I learned in a book. I figured it would be perfect for out little duel; I can't think of any better way to bring you down to size,” Sarah quipped.

“Why, you little...” At two feet tall, Lisa threw a fireball at Sarah, but was confounded to see it came out much weaker than normal.

“Surprised?” Sarah said after dodging the attack. “Your body is getting too small to handle all the magical energies needed for that spell. At that size, your fireball is about as threatening as a lobbed pillow.

“Shut up!” Lisa screamed, hurling more attacks at her opponent, each one coming out weaker than the last until she found she couldn't cast anything at all; any attempt at a spell fizzled out fruitlessly.

“Oh, and if you get too small, your body can't handle using magic anymore. Guess you've already reached that point. And since you can't use magic, I guess you lose our duel by default.”“You dirty little... Grow me back at once!”

“Hmm... No, I don't think I will yet. It would be such a waste to grow you back so soon when you make for such a pretty little doll to play with at that size,” Sarah said as she walked up to Lisa.

“You can't just keep me like this! The academy has rules against this sort of misuse of magic! Grow me back right now or else I'll be forced to report this to the dean!”“Need I remind you that you were the one to challenge me to a duel despite it being against the rules? But I guess you only care about the rules when it's convenient for you.”Lisa growled, but couldn't think of a suitable response, especially not once Sarah was standing over her, imposing as a dragon, dominating her attention. She took a step back, only to be snatched up in Sarah's hands, stuffed into a carrying bag, and whisked away.

“Hey! Let me out!” she yelled, banging on the bag with her fists until Sarah bopped her through the fabric, knocking her flat on her back.

“Keep it down or they'll find us out; I don't think you want people learning about you challenging me to a duel, and I especially don't think you want people learning that the great Lisa Le Cour lost the duel against a girl from a family of no renown.”Lisa fell silent, smoldering in an impotent rage as she was carried away. She couldn't let herself be beaten like this; there had to be a way for her to get Sarah in trouble without for what she'd done without word of it getting out.

A short walk later, Sarah entered her room and reached into her bag for Lisa. The tiny girl struggled against her grip, but found no success before being set down on a desk. “Here we are. Now, you just sit there looking pretty while I finish up some school work, will you?” She patted Lisa with a finger, then chuckled as the shrunken girl shoved it away.

Turning away in a huff, Lisa curled up and pondered how she had ended up in such a humiliating position. According to everything she knew, it shouldn't have been possible for someone like Sarah to beat her in a duel; there had to be something she wasn't seeing.

After some minutes in which the only sound was the scratching of Sarah's pen against the pages, Lisa turned back around. “You cheated, didn't you?”“Excuse me?” Sarah's hand stopped mid-stroke.

“You cheated. You must have cheated. There's no way a mousy little nobody like you could have beaten me without resorting to cheating. Honestly, I should have expected it; you common families have no honor.”“Come again? Are you accusing me of cheating because you can't handle the fact that you lost our duel fair and square?”“Fair and square my ass! There's no way you should be able to cast a spell like this at your level! And anyways, you only got me with it because I wasn't expecting it!”“Of course you weren't expecting it, you dolt; you don't win a duel by doing what your opponent expects of you!”“I won't even honor that with a response. You must have cheated, and that's the end of it.”“Oh,” Sarah said, rising to her feet. “Is the little baby throwing a tantrum?”

“I am NOT a baby! And I'm not a doll either! You will stop addressing me so disrespectfully at once!”“Aww, don't worry; I know exactly how to deal with a baby's tantrum.” Snatching Lisa up, Sarah unbuttoned her shirt to expose her breasts. “Does baby want some milk?” she asked, taking off her bra.

“What the hell are you doing!? Stop it! I demand you let go and put me back to normal right away, or I swear I'll...”Her threat cut short as Sarah pressed her rather forcefully against her nipple, Lisa felt her head sink into that little nub while the rest of her body dimpled Sarah's underboob. She tried to push herself away, but all her strength failed to create any space between her head and Sarah's nipple, her hands only sinking uselessly into Sarah's areola.

“What's the matter? Does baby not want her milk?” Sarah cooed.

“Shut up!” Lisa yelled into the nipple. She started trying to punch Sarah, only for her fists to bounce harmlessly off the soft, springy flesh of her boobs.

“Oh, that actually feels good!” Sarah said. “Are you sure you want do that? If you keep it up, you might actually get some milk out of me.”Lisa froze mid-punch. It had gone unnoticed until then, but now she could definitely feel Sarah's nipple growing erect against her face. Shocked, she let her arms fall back to her side.

“You see? I told you I knew how to handle a tantrum,” Sarah said as she pulled the other girl off her nipple.

“God, will you shut up already?” Lisa said, turning away from her. “Shouldn't you be growing me back now? If people see me leaving your room too late they'll start spreading rumors.”Frowning, Sarah craned her neck to the side, trying to look at Lisa's face, only for Lisa to whip her head the other way. She tried twice more to the same results, but saw enough to confirm her suspicions. “Lisa, you're blushing!”“What!? No, I'm not blushing!”

“Oh, really? You look really pink. But if you're not blushing then I suppose you won't mind if hold you a bit closer,” Sarah said, bringing Lisa right up to her cleavage. For a while Lisa stared at her, mouth agape, then whipped her head down, but not before Sarah caught her little cheeks go red as a beet.

“Shut up! It's not funny!” Lisa said as Sarah burst out laughing.

“Oh but it is! The 'great' Lisa Le Cour getting all flustered over the 'mousy little nobody' Sarah Haddock. If that's not comedy then I don't know what is!”“Look, just... just grow me back already. Haven't you humiliated me enough?”

“I don't know; have I?”

“What are you implying?”

“Oh, I'm sure you already know.”

“God, you are insufferable!”

“Aww, it's okay, Lisa! I don't mind that you like me!” Sarah laughed. “I suppose I have teased you enough for today, though. Hang tight, I'll grow you back in a second.” She let go of Lisa, who fell with a yelp and landing on top of Sarah's slipper. From there, Sarah shook her off the ground. Then, with a twirl of her finger, the spell she'd cast on Lisa was broken.

At her normal size again, Lisa got to her feet, wiping her uniform clean and standing with as much dignity as she could muster. “Such a shame. You look much cuter when you're doll-sized,” Lisa quipped, earning herself a scowl from Lisa.

“I want you to promise you won't speak a word of this to anyone. You will say nothing about what happened between us, or about what you think happened between us. Understand?”“Oh, I understand fine.”

“Then swear it.”

“I swear I won't speak a single word about how I shrunk you down and had you at my mercy, nor about how cute you looked at that size, and I especially swear not to say anything about how you fell in love with me.”“To hell with you!” Lisa said, then stormed out of the room, leaving behind the laughing Sarah.


That day's events plagued Lisa for weeks. Hardly an hour went by without her remembering how helpless and humiliated she'd been, how she'd been treated like a toy at Sarah's hands. More troubling, she found her gaze drifting towards Sarah in the middle of her classes, staring at her for minutes on end until something snapped her out of her trance. All too often, that something was Sarah herself noticing it and giving her an infuriating grin and a wave, bringing Lisa to hide her face lest she be caught blushing over it.

Worse, rumors soon started to spread about there being something up between her and Sarah, and Lisa just knew she had to be the one spreading them. “That little bitch!” Lisa thought. “She swore she wouldn't say anything about what happened that night!”One night, when Lisa had had quite enough of those rumors, she snuck out of her room after everyone had gone to bed and snuck over to Sarah's. She gave a soft knock on the door, and a firmer one when she didn't get a response. This time she heard a rustling and the creaking of an springs, and after a short wait, the door opened. “Le Cour?” Sarah said. She'd been yawning and rubbing her eyes, but as soon as Lisa pushed her way inside, she grew wide awake. “I knew you'd come over eventually, but couldn't it have been at a more reasonable time?”“Shut up, Haddock; I don't want to hear it,” Lisa said, taking off her cloak. “I know you're the one who's been spreading rumors about us at school. You're the only person who could be behind it. I thought even you would have enough honor not to break your promises; guess I should have known better.”“Wait, you think I'm the one behind this? Can you really be so clueless? If you want to know who the real culprit is, try looking in the mirror some time.”“What the hell are you on about? I haven't spoken to anyone about that day!”

“It's not because of anything you've said, you dunce. It's because of how you can't stop gawking at me. It's because of how you blush every time I smile at you. Anyone who isn't blind can tell you like me, plain as day.”“Don't you dare accuse me of liking you! I haven't gotten a good night's sleep since that day, all because I can't stop thinking of you! I hate you like you wouldn't believe! And why would I ever like you? All you've done is shrink me down and humiliate me!”“And you obviously liked that. You liked being treated like a doll. You liked being put in your place by the mousy little nobody.”“No. No, you're wrong! I hated it, and I hate you!”

“Oh? If you hate me so much, then why don't you prove it? Slap my face. Slap it real hard. That'll show me how much you hate me.”“Violence is beneath me. I won't slap you, but that doesn't mean I don't hate you.”

“What's the matter? Afraid I'll get upset and shrink you? Or afraid that if I'll do you'll learn how much you like it?” Sarah said, stepping up to Lisa.

“I'm not scared. I'm not scared one bit,” Lisa said. But goodness, why was she shivering? Why was her heart beating so fast?

Sarah took a step forward. Lisa took a step back. Step by step they went, until Lisa bumped against Sarah's bed and fell back onto the mattress. Giggling, Sarah raised a finger in the air and started spinning it. With each turn of that finger, Lisa shrank smaller and smaller.

“Stop this! Stop it at once!” she yelled.

“Why, can't you do it yourself? It's a fairly simple spell. If you really wanted to, I'm sure you of all people could find the trick to counter it in no time flat. Here, I'll even slow down for you.”Reaching out with her magic sense, Lisa began feeling out the form and texture of the spell Sarah was using. She was right; it would be simple enough to stop it. A knot here, a cut there there, and the energy would fold in on itself and dissipate.

“Better hurry up. If you get too small, you'll need me to break the spell for you,” Sarah said.

Lisa tried to focus. Breaking the spell would be a snap, and once she did she would prove once and for all that she didn't like being small, and that she really did hate Sarah. It was so simple. But then, why wasn't she doing it? “Come on, come on, why won't you just do it?” Lisa berated herself; she absolutely had to end it right now, before it was too late. But however much she told herself that she had to do it, she always stopped short of actually trying.

“Hurry up!” Sarah said. “You're almost too small to handle magic anymore.”

Lisa looked up at Sarah in utter befuddlement. What on Earth was going on? Why wasn't she doing what she knew she had to do?

“Time's up!” Sarah said. Lisa's shrinking stopped, leaving her at six inches tall. Crouching over her, Sarah reached down, and Lisa, meek as a lamb, let her hand to wrap around her body. “Well, aren't you just the prettiest little thing I've ever seen.” Sarah gently held Lisa's arms between her fingers, manipulating them like the limbs of a doll. She ran a finger over Lisa's body, feeling out her curves, and Lisa found herself growing all flustered as that fingertip passed over her breasts, around her hips, between her legs.

Smiling, Sarah brought her little doll up to her face. Lisa froze as she saw Sara's lips growing closer, her face growing hot as an oven. When the lips were just an inch away from her, she closed here eyes and prepared to receive Sarah's kiss.

“What's that face you're making?” Sarah giggled. Lisa's eyes flew open and she saw Sarah looking terribly amused.

“I... I thought you were..”

“You thought I was about to kiss you so you puckered up for me? How sweet. Isn't it a bit soon for our first kiss, though?” Lisa blushed and turned away.

“As much as I'd like to keep having fun with you,” Sarah yawned, “it's getting late and we do have classes tomorrow.” She set Lisa down on the floor and broke her spell so they were standing face to face again. “Next time you want to come over, do it on a weekend, okay?” Sarah said as she led Lisa out of her room. “Oh, and here's your cloak. Good night; see you tomorrow.” Lisa took the piece of clothing from Sarah and simply stood there as the door closed, leaving her all alone and feeling totally lost. She headed back to her room, where she tried to get some sleep, but was kept awake for hours by the many strange feelings bubbling up in her heartThe following days saw another shift in Lisa's behavior. Spending her classes absorbed in her own thoughts. She had much to think about, such as why she hadn't tried to stop Sarah's spell despite having a good idea of how to do so. Why did she want to be back in Sarah's hands? Why did she want her fingers caressing every inch of her body? Why did she long for a real kiss from her? And what was she supposed to do about Sarah's invitation?

Did she really like Sarah? Did she actually like being the size of a doll? It seemed absurd to think that she could possibly want to be so demeaned and humiliated at the hands of someone as common as Sarah. Yet it seemed the only explanation for why she kept dwelling on the night's events and why she couldn't muster up any anger about them.

Just a few days ago, she'd thought she knew who she was, but in her concept of Lisa Le Cour, child of Philippe Le Cour, part of one of the proudest magical families in the land, there was no room for some desire for a girl from some family of no repute, much less a desire to be manhandled by her. Could this really be what she wanted? Had everything she thought she knew about herself been wrong? There was only one way to find out.

Early Saturday morning, before the sun had risen, Lisa snuck out and went knocking on Sarah's door. The second it creaked open, she pushed her way inside and closed it behind her.

“Lisa?” Sarah yawned. “Don't you ever visit people at more reasonable times? It's way too early for whatever this is.”“These are the only times I can visit you without everyone finding out.”

“You're still worried about that? I thought you'd gotten over it already. So, what is it you came for?”“I... I need you to shrink me again,” Lisa said, her heart fluttering as she admitted it.

“Really? 'Need'? That's an awfully strong word to be using. What do you need this for?”“I have to know if I really... feel this way. Don't you laugh at me!”

“I wasn't laughing,” Sarah said, leading Lisa to take a seat on the bed. “Not this time, at least.”“I know it sounds ridiculous, but when you held me that last time I was here it felt... it felt... I don't know how to describe it, but I need to know more about it.”“You're really serious about this, are you? Well, if what you need is for me to shrink you, I'd be happy to oblige. Give me a second.” Sarah cast the spell and soon Lisa was back at six inches tall.

Lisa held her breath as Sarah approached her. When Sarah's hand wrapped itself around her body, she felt a powerful thrill run through her body.

“So,” Sarah said, “is there something else I can help you with, or did you just want to be small again?”“T-touch me. With your finger. Like last time,” Lisa said.

Giving her a smile that could have melted her all by itself, Sarah ran her finger over her, outlining her curves, nudging her breasts, teasing her between her legs, then pressed her thumb against Lisa's chest, lightly squeezing and rubbing her boobs without her offering up any resistance. “Anything else, doll?”“Hold me closer.”

“Is this close enough for you?” As Sarah pulled her up to her chest, right into her cleavage, Lisa sighed and nuzzled against her breasts. “What next?”“D-do what you want with me. Treat me like a doll. Make me your pet. Whatever you want.”“Whatever I want? Are you sure about that? It doesn't sound right for Lisa Le Cour to let one of the common folk have their way with her.”“I don't' care if I'm a Le Cour. I don't care if you're a Haddock. Make me yours. Do what you want to me.”“Heh. Well, if I'm being honest, I already have you right where I want you,” Sarah said, cupping her other over Lisa. She carried her to bed like that and lay down, still drowsy after this early awakening. “I'm going back to sleep for now. Try not to move around too much.”Nestled between Sarah's boobs, Lisa clutched the other girl's nightgown, holding it tight in her little fists, and wrapped herself up in it, all while breathing in the subtle aroma of Sarah's body. Her resting place was softer than any mattress her body had known in life, warmer than any amount of blankets. Hugged by Sarah's boobs, gently rocked by the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, Lisa felt happier than she'd been since the carefree years of childhood. She loved the way the air from Sarah's nose ruffled her hair, loved feeling her heart beating just beneath her own body, loved the weight of Sarah's hand blanketing her body.

Amidst all the soothing security of Sarah's body, Lisa had very nearly started to doze off into a happy sleep herself, but came to as Sarah started stirring. Lisa thought she was about to wake, but instead she rolled onto her side, Lisa rolling off her boob with a yelp. Her eyes fluttering open after the curious sound, Sarah noticed Lisa lying on the bed before her chest. “Oh, my bad,” she said “I forgot all about you for a moment there. I didn't roll on top of you while I slept or anything, did I?” Scooping Lisa into her hands, she patted the tiny girl with her finger, from head to feet and back again, testing to make sure she was okay.

“I'm fine, don't worry about it,” Lisa said. “Go back to sleep if you want.”

“No, I think I've had enough sleep for now. Besides, I want to play with my new doll. I want to see what she looks like under those clothes of hers. If she doesn't mind, that is.”“Do it,” Lisa said, surrendering herself to Sarah's hands. Her uniform was stripped from her piece by piece until she was wearing only her underwear. Modesty demanded she cover herself up with arms and legs, but in truth she would have loved for Sarah to strip her naked.

After prying her arms and legs away to get a clear look at her, Sarah brought Lisa to her face. Her lips fell onto Lisa's dainty body, the plush pink surface pressing against her, teasing her with a velvety softness. From this close, each of Sarah's exhalations sent a puff of air dancing over Lisa's body, making her shiver in delight.

Curling up against Sarah's face, Lisa nuzzled her nose and sighed.

“Mmm... You have a lovely tummy,” Sarah said, her words washing over Lisa's torso. She kissed it, her lips sucking on that soft white skin, then made Lisa her tongue darted out, swabbing her tummy with saliva. “Tastes a bit salty,” Sarah said, smacking her lips as she pulled away, watching as Lisa the spit away.

“Ugh. Why do you have to be so disgusting?” she said as she wiped the spit away.

“What? Didn't like it? I thought you said I was free to do whatever I pleased with you? Or can I only do whatever I want as long as you like it? But that takes all the fun out of it.”Lisa crossed her arms and huffed. “I shouldn't have to explain this to you. Do what you want. Just... don't be gross about it. I-if you really want, I guess I'd be fine with you licking me again.”“Is that so? Well, maybe I'll do it. Later, though; for now, let's get you back to normal.”“What!? Why so soon?”

“You want to stay that size all day? Don't you plan on getting breakfast?”

Lisa frowned at her stomach, which she only then noticed was feeling awfully empty. “Can we do this again tonight?”“Sure, why not. We can do this whenever you want, as long as I'm not busy. But I have some conditions first. Well, only one condition for now: I want you to have breakfast with me.

“Huh? What for? I mean, can't we just eat separately? Why would we need to eat together?”“Don't tell me you're still hung up about people seeing us together? If you're too embarrassed to be seen with me in public, then I'm not interested in being with you in private. You need to decide what it is you value more: your reputation, or us.”Sitting in Sarah's hands, Lisa deliberated for a good minute before giving her response. “Alright, I'll eat with you.”“Are you sure? It doesn't sound like you mean it.”

“I said I'll go and I'll go! Jeez, what more do you want from me?”

“Only a kiss,” Sarah said, setting Lisa down on the bed and leaning in close.

Blushing, Lisa walked up to Sarah's face, avoiding eye contact with her all the while, then closed her eyes and planted a quick peck on Sara's nose. Before stepping away “There; are you happy now?”“Happy enough. Come on, let's get going!” Sarah said, undoing her shrinking spell. Back at her normal size now, Lisa was embarrassed to realize she was still almost naked. Snatching up her clothes which were also back to normal now, she hurriedly started getting dressed.

Meanwhile, still smiling over Lisa's embarrassment, Sarah took off her nightgown, then grabbed some clothes to dress herself. As she did, she noticed Lisa casting some looks her way while pretending she had her attention elsewhere.

“Well? Are we going or what?” Lisa said once they were both dressed. “You lead the way; I'll walk behind you.”“My, how different you act at this size. What happened to the little doll who would blush at the merest hint of a kiss?”“S-shut up. You'd better not call me 'doll' in public, or I swear I'll stop coming to visit you.”“Sure thing, miss. Shall I escort the lady to her breakfast now?”

Lisa groaned and rolled her eyes, motioning for her to get a move on. She left the room with Lisa trailing behind, strutting along to show off her good breeding. It was quite the contrast, seeing how proudly she carried herself now after melting in Sarah's hands not ten minutes prior. She was glad of it, though; Lisa's affection would be much less special if she just showed it to everyone after all. This way she knew there was something special between them, and she would treasure that forever.

Besides, she was really cute when she got all haughty.

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