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Author's Chapter Notes:

A new story arrives!


This...is bad.

That was the understatement of the century. In the first place, you didn't even know how you'd ended up on this airship anyway! But here you were, standing on a floor that glowed in shades of purple and blue.

And...you were tiny.

Not just tiny. Miniscule. So small it was laughable. You couldn't have stood higher than a handful of inches, and you were sure that if anyone were to walk in here right now, they wouldn't even see you. It was enough to make you break out into a cold sweat.

For now you were alone...at least. The entire room seemed empty besides yourself, though you didn't know how long that would last.

While you had the chance though, you needed to come up with some plan to get back to normal and get the hell out of here, whichever came first. So, you decided to start exploring around, hoping you might stand some chance of coming across someone, or something, that would actually help you.

Eventually you found yourself going down one of the more private corridors that branched off deeper into the ship, and you came across a door so massive, it looked like a skyscraper. Thankfully though, you were so particularly petite that you were able to crawl beneath the door itself, and through to the bedroom beyond...

You could immediately tell that's what it was, because there was a bed bigger than any you'd ever seen. The floor was a little messy, strewn with clothes that were bright, colorful and tomboyish, probably the kind that a girl would wear. If you came across a woman like that at this size...you didn't even know what would happen.

That was kind of your aim though, as you headed towards the bed, figuring that at least having a higher vantage point might help you to get spotted. Better that that staying on the floor where somebody could step on you so easily.

Speaking of being underfoot though, you passed by a pair of gargantuan shoes that were laying on their side, having been discarded quickly. As you ventured closer, you caught a glimpse inside the blue and white boots, and saw nothing but a seemingly endless darkness. Already you could smell something potently stale, and you walked past quickly, figuring you'd want to avoid being near anything like that right now.

Just focus on the bed...

You urged yourself, as you reached the sheets that had collapsed halfway over the edge of it, and began to climb. It was a strenuous effort, but thankfully they sloped somewhat, which made it easier to catch yourself whenever you lost your grip and began to slip. Climbing higher and higher, you eventually reached the top, and caught your breath too, puffing and panting.

Then, you looked up, and your heart jumped.

The girl was laying on her side, facing you. The sheets weren't fully covering her body of course, and so her nude, lightly tanned form was exposed to you. Her cleavage was like a dark chasm, her breasts pressed somewhat together in her position. Her thighs were too, but you could see just a little of her slit peeking out, a hairless mound between her legs. Deep long blonde hair was pooled around her head and against the pillow.

Her eyes were closed serenely, lips parted as she exhaled gently. She was fast asleep.

You'd never seen her before in your life, but you were awestruck. A giant sleeping girl...you could scarcely believe it. How was this even possible? What twist of fate brought you to this moment in your life?

...And why were you so curious?


Chapter End Notes:

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