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A Mother’s Growing Confidence

Written by HarmonyMotion
Commissioned by anonymous


Part 1

Janet awoke at the crack of dawn and  slipped on a large terry cloth robe. A divorcee, she lived in a modest home with her son whom she doted and fawned over incessantly. She wrapped herself up tight, making sure to cover as much of her body as possible, and began to whip up his usual favorite breakfast—eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce with a thick piece of ham and a buttery English muffin.

“Mom! I’m hunnnnngry!” came his voice from his bedroom as she beat the egg yolks frantically over low heat, saturated with pads of butter. Oh shoot! She had wanted to treat her special boy to breakfast in bed.

“Sorry honey! It’ll be just a bit longer!” she yelled back as sweat beaded down her face, the rapid beating stiffening her arm muscles and causing her large breasts to bounce on her torso. Satisfied with the shiny, smooth, creamy sauce, she removed the poached eggs out of the boiling water and dipped the fluffy clouds into an ice bath. Plating it all meticulously, squeezing a bit of lemon into the emulsified yolk, and sprinkling on top some parsley as a beautiful, finishing garnish, she brought her professional chef level dish to her treasured son.

“Mm! Smells good, mom!”

“Of course, Scott! You know I’m always happy to cook for you.”

“And wow, Mom, you look good, too! Are you finally, you know, coming out of your shell a little?”

“Wh-what are you talking about?” Janet blushed. She hated getting compliments about her plain old body!

“I just mean, your robe is a little bit open. Mom, really, you look great! Not a day over 20! You should totally flaunt it more!”

Janet looked down her torso. Her hyper-intense focus on the most important step of the eggs benedict, the hollandaise sauce, had caused her loose little knot to come undone, baring her considerable cleavage to Scott’s hungry eyes.

“Eep!” she screamed as she quickly grabbed the linen and wrapped herself back up.

Scott rolled his eyes. “Mom, I don’t know what you’re so scared of. You need to put yourself out there again! Seriously, you could totally be a model!” It was almost true. His mom was incredibly beautiful, but her boobs were quite large—anything but modelesque.

“Scott!!! Stop! Don’t embarrass me!”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, mom! Fuck’s sake! You’re a real catch! You should be proud”

Janet couldn’t take any more of his taunting compliments. She ran out of the room.

Scott sighed.



“Hey Mom, wanna go to the beach?”

“Sure honey, anything you want! You got everything?”

“Yeah Mom,” Scott came out dressed in his garishly bright swim trunks. Janet, in contrast, was fully covered up in a loose, long sleeved shirt and jeans.

“Mom. You’re not really wearing that to the beach, are you?” Scott said sternly.

“What’s wrong with it?” she asked. “Don’t worry, I won’t go barefoot. I’ll put on sneakers.”

“You’ll get sand in them! I know you have bikinis in your closet! You would slay everyone on that beach! I bet they fit even better now than they did before! You used to wear them when, when Dad… oh hell, never mind.”

Janet sighed melancholically. “Okay honey, shall we go?” she asked, desperate to change the subject.



Scott worked furiously in his basement laboratory. He had spent the last six months down there, all to fulfill his fantasy of seeing his sexy mom come out of her shell. And now, he had just the thing that would do the trick.

He aimed his alien-looking ray gun at a tomato and squeezed the trigger for just a tiny fraction of a second. It grew as large as a pumpkin. He sliced it open. Everything inside looked correct. It was a tomato. Just a really large tomato. This was going to work!

Janet, dressed in a pair of unfashionable, baggy jeans and a top that could pass as medical scrubs, all draped over with a drab, frumpy, cascading vest, prepared a couple silver dollar pancakes on one burner while sizzling bacon and a pair of over easy eggs on another.

Scooping it all up, stacking the fluffy miniature pancakes on one another, cutting a nice, thick, pad of butter and waterfalling syrup over it all, she proudly took another breakfast to Scott, her precious son.

To her surprise, he was already awake, fully dressed, sitting straight up on his bed.

“Mom. We need to talk.”

“Um, what is it, honey? I made you breakfast…”

“That’s great, mom. It really is. But… I’ve been working on something. Something big.”

“Yes, dear?” Janet’s voice was trembling. What happened to Scott? Why was he being so serious? He… he wasn’t going to leave her too, was he!?

“Mom. You really need to get out more. Dress sexy. You’re wearing clothes like someone who’s over 60! And you’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen! Way hotter than the girls in my high school!”

“Scott, stop saying things like that!” she wailed. The breakfast plates rattled in her grip.

“Here, let me take those.” Scott stood up and placed them on his dresser cabinet.

“Oh Scott! Don’t do this to me!” She flung herself at him and hugged him tight.

Scott felt his mother’s tight, mature and still-nubile body press against him, her ripe breasts flattening against his chest. She felt so wonderful as her body quaked and rubbed him, juxtaposed by the sound of his mom trying to choke down her sobs and fear of abandonment.

“Mom. I’m trying to help you. I’ve been trying to help you for a year. I would never leave you! That’s the point! Who could leave anyone as beautiful and nice as you?”

“Gosh, Scott… then… then why did your father leave?!”

“He’s a fucking idiot, mom! I don’t know! You know, maybe he was jealous of you and me. But what I have in mind will fix that. You can get revenge on him, mom! We’ll let everyone know just what a great and wonderful person you are!”

“I… I don’t know… I’m happy just being with you. I don’t want to go after him! I don’t want to change what I’m wearing. I’m not some great and wonderful person! I’m… I’m just an old woman who loves her son very much!”

“Mom, you can’t be such a pushover! It’s like… codependence or something! You have to be your own person!"

“But Scotty, how do I do that?”

“Mom!!! That’s the point! You can’t ask me how to be your own person! Don’t see the problem here?”

“But I love you so much. Everything is so nice the way it is. Can’t we just keep it that way?” She clutched the back of shirt even tighter.

Scott sighed. He would have to take harsher measures.

“Okay, Mom. You’re forcing my hand. You have to agree to at least try what I have in mind. Otherwise, I… I won’t…”

Janet wept even harder and squeezed her son even tighter as she awaited his ultimatum.

“I won’t let you cook for me anymore!”

“Noooo! Scott! How could you do that to your own mother!”

“It’s for your own good, Mom! I’m telling you! I’m serious! I won’t eat your cooking anymore!”

“Scott, this is too cruel!”

His shirt was soaked with her tears. She pounded his chest lightly with her fists. Finally, she came to a decision.

“F-fine…,” she acquiesced, her eyes puffy and bloodshot. “What… what did you want me to do?”

“Just come with me outside.”

As she turned to leave the bedroom, Scott grabbed the delicate, lovingly crafted ray gun from his dresser.

Stepping outside into the morning sun, a shy, sidling Janet turned to face Scott.

“So… what are we going to do?” she asked, fiddling with her unattractive vest. She expected him to tell her to take it off.

“Okay Mom, don’t be scared now…” He showed her his mysterious blaster.

“What is this?” she looked at him in bewilderment. “Some kind of toy? Is my precious son playing with toys again? I can buy you some more!”

“Mom! Stop! I’ve been working on this for months. It’s an embiggening gun.”


“Yes, Mom! It’s going to make you grow.”

“Grow? What part of me is going to grow?”

“All of you.”

“Um… Scott, are you sure?”

“Yes, Mom. Everyone will see how sexy you are. Your long legs, your bubble butt, your incredible tits. Including yourself.” He neglected to mention that seeing his mother tower over an entire city was his wildest fantasy come true.

“Scott! Please, stop! I’m already doing what you say… stop complimenting me…”

“Okay then, Mom. I’m going to zap you with it. ...Ready?”


Scott pointed the strange apparatus at his mother and pulled the trigger. No beam, no lights, no bullets, no sound came out of it.

“Are you sure it’s working?” she asked, her eyes squeezed tightly shut for a long, torturous minute of silence.

“Holy shit…” he finally gasped. His mom had doubled in height! She must have been ten feet by now! His head only came up to her beautifully flared hips!

“Scotty? Are we done yet? Can… can I go back inside?”

He aimed his raygun at his mother once more, and this time, held down the trigger. Her body expanded as she shot higher and higher, her luscious flesh widening to support her new, colossal, voluptuous mass. Upwards she went, matching the height of their neighborhood trees before her head quickly soared past them, and still she continued to climb higher toward the endless blue heavens.

Only when their modest little home came up to her shins did Scott release the trigger on his ray gun. He checked the power supply. It was nearly empty.

“Scotty? Are you there? You’ve been quiet…”

“Mom, open your eyes…”

She did. And when she witnessed everything from her new vantage point, her bright, blue eyes went wide as saucers. Literally.

“Scotty! What… what did you… how did you do this!?”

“It’s my secret project, Mom! Now everyone will know how great you are!”

“But… everyone will see me! They’ll all be staring at me!”

“That’s the point, Mom! We’re going to build up your self-confidence!”

“Scotty, no! Put me back!”

“I hate to break it to you, Mom, but I can’t! At least, not yet.”

“What do you mean!?” she wailed.

“Listen, as long as you’re up there, why don’t we try something? You’ve always hated this plum tree in our driveway, right?”

“Yes, Scotty… it always drops the fruit right onto the pavement, and it makes a huge, nasty, sticky mess! I always have to clean it up.”

“Well Mom, why don’t you try, you know, getting rid of it then?”

“How? I don’t know how to move a tree!”

“Mom! You’re like, I dunno, 100 feet tall! Just pluck it like a weed!”

“O-okay… I’ll try…”

Janet reached down for the tiny tree, but it was far too short for her to reach while standing. She squatted down, laughing at the miniatures below her. It was like when she was a child, playing with her dollhouse, except even more extreme!

As she bent her knees, they came crashing down into their neighbor’s house, smashing through the clay tiled roof and shattering the walls. Her shin flattened the whole thing in an instant, raining concrete and plaster where there once stood a home.

“Oops! Oh no!!!” Janet cried out. She was so clumsy! No wonder she went out in public as little as possible!

“Mom! It’s okay! Don’t worry about it! Just trust me!”

“Okay Scotty…” she blushed in shame. “Let me try getting rid of this stupid tree…”

Her enormous fingers descended from the heavens, absolutely dwarfing the plum tree. Closing her fist around the entire trunk, she simply yanked on it, and it came out of the ground, roots and all!

“Whoa!!” Scott cried, as the pavement rumbled and shattered beneath him.

“Oh Scott! Sorry!” She stopped her easy tugging.

“Hang on, Mom! Don’t be sorry! It’s okay. Let me just… get somewhere safe…” he ran across the street. “Okay, go ahead!”

Janet ripped the remaining roots out of the ground. The pavement and earth screamed in agony.

“Wow Scotty! That was easy!”

“See, Mom? Why don’t you throw it in the yard bin?”

“Oh Scotty, this’ll never fit!”

“Well, just break it into pieces then! Like a thin little toothpick!”

Scott watched his giantess mother from behind, admiring her now literally massive breasts bulged inside of her horrible choice of clothing. He’d have to work on that soon.

Meanwhile, Janet just took a hold of the base of the tree with her thumb and index while still holding the top with her other hand. With a little bend, the decades-old tree snapped in half, jagged bark and splinter flying everywhere.

“Oh! That was easy!” Janet smiled. “Hey, this isn’t so bad!”

“See Mom!?”

Janet quickly broke the thick trunk apart as if it were nothing but a twig. Then, she easily reached over the top of the garbage enclosure, plucked the green bin from it, and placed it on the cracked and broken asphalt. She dumped the useless tiny bits of wood into it.

“Aha! Done! Take that!” Janet declared triumphantly. While still in a squat, she turned 120 degrees to face her tiny son, her little footsteps causing the earth to tremble, just a bit. She beamed at him brightly, flashing her pearly white teeth.

“Mom! You sound happy! You look happy!”

“I… I am! Thank you! I haven’t felt this wonderful in a long time! Is that enough now, Scotty? Can you put me back yet?”

“Well Mom, I have to tell you, I don’t exactly have enough juice left in this battery to do the trick. We’ll actually need to get a new one.”

“Oh Scotty! How could you have planned so poorly? Okay, I guess… I guess I can sit here and wait for you to get some batteries from the drug store. Hopefully our neighbors don’t come back soon…” Janet plopped herself down and extended her long legs into the wreckage of their neighbor’s house, sweeping more of the frame aside like styrofoam. It’s not like it could look any worse. She wiggled her legs idly, her feet smashing into some cars and sending them flying, looking as if they had been violently t-boned.

“Oops!” she cried. “Scotty, hurry!”

“Um, these aren’t just any old batteries, Mom. You think some double-As could do this?”

“Oh Scotty, you know I was never any good with technology. So what do you need then?”

“Well Mom, these are pretty high tech stuff. I made my own, but we could go downtown. I’m sure some of the research laboratories in the city will have it.”

“And there’s no other way?” Janet pleaded.

“No, Mom.”

“Well… this isn’t so bad, I guess. Let’s go.”

Janet lay her hand flat on the floor next to Scott. He scrambled to climb up her large fingers, hosting himself up her smooth skin with considerable effort. Scrabbling up her tall fingers, he pulled himself up. And there he stood, in the palm of her hand, as large as a bug to his giantess mother.

She reached over with her other hand, and tenderly, carefully, brushed his cheek with just a tiny fraction of her soft fingertip.

“Okay, Scott. I love you very much. Thanks for doing this for me. Let’s go get those batteries. Hold on tight…”

She curled her fingers into an open ball to shield him from the elements and stood up straight, multiple times higher than any homes in their little suburb. She put one foot in front of the other. Every step left a deep imprint in the ground, flattening homes, setting off car alarms. But Janet and Scott only had eyes for each other, smiling brightly on their way to the city.


Part 2

Janet left a trail of destruction behind her on her way to the city, but she hardly noticed it with Scott cheering her on. Her long strides covered miles in minutes. Standing above the multi-lane freeways, she marveled at the little toy vehicles traveling between her towering legs.

Her head was high above the dense smog of the city. It was… beautiful. Skies so clear, air, thin but fresh. The city’s skyline was a marvelous feat of human ingenuity to behold from Janet’s new vantage point.

“Mom, over there! In the middle of the city! That’s where we need to go!”

“Scott! It’s so warm up here!”

“Why don’t you take off that vest? It’s not like it’s covering up anything that isn’t already covered.”

“No, I couldn’t!”

“Okay Mom, your choice…” he replied as if he were the parent.

“Well… okay…” Janet took her ugly vest off.

“Feel better?” Scott asked.

“No… it’s still really hot.”

“Well, how about we find you some clothes on the way? I’ll enlarge them for you with my gun!”

“Scott! I couldn’t!! Besides, I thought you said the batteries were low!”

“It’s just clothes, Mom! I have enough to do that! I want you to feel comfortable!”

“Ugh, okay. Maybe. So where do I go?”

She brought Scott up to her eye level, over 100 feet above the ground. His arm was outstretched. Lining her vision up behind him like a pool cue, she squinted in the direction he was pointing.

“Okay, here we go!”

With her very first step, her foot and ankle carved right through the elevated freeway. The painted road crumbled away. The vehicles that were lucky enough not to have been crushed under her heel slammed the brakes, hoping not to fall into the crater that she had created with just a footstep.

“Oops! Oh no! Scott, look what I did!”

“Mom, it’s okay! I’ll get you back to normal soon! Besides, they’re so tiny! It’s not like they can stop you, right?”

“Mm… I guess. If you say so. Let’s hurry into the city!”

Every thundering step shattered more of the city’s planned infrastructure. The entire five mile length of the freeway had been reduced to rubble in just a few steps, all of the commuters twisted and crushed either by her toes, her heels, or just from crashing into each other or her foot.

They reached the edge of the city proper.

“Wait Mom! Lower me! I want to look at that store for you!”

Janet glanced around, finding a six story building that looked like it might make a good stool for her. She was so unbelievably tall that she had trouble lining up where to stand, her maneuvering legs creating another large radius of broken, fallen buildings.

“Careful Mom! Don’t wreck this one!”

“Okay honey! Let me just… sit down for a sec…”

Janet bent down and placed her pert rear on top of the building. Relieved that she had positioned it perfectly, she let herself flop onto it as she would a sofa at home.

Her entire perfect backside crushed the building into itty bitty chunks. She soon found herself sitting in a large crater of dirt, all of the wooden furniture and people inside squashed flat as a pancake under her large apple bottom.

“Oh no!” Janet cried out again as she scooched back and forth, trying to check underneath her. The crater widened in response, her movement doing nothing but to make certain that everything and everyone beneath her was well and truly destroyed.

Meanwhile, Scott had jumped off of her hand from six feet up and tumbled to the ground. The employees inside the sporting goods store were all screaming and fleeing. Scott made his way into the empty female clothing store.

He picked out a teal sports bra that suited his fancy. Black would only absorb more sunlight, causing his mother further discomfort. And he wanted her to be comfortable. Along with that, he chose a pair of matching lycra shorts that would probably cover a respectable 30-40 feet of her thighs.

“Scott, honey? Where are you?” Janet was getting anxious without him in sight, out in public by herself, seated, and yet still taller than everything around her. She reached for the store that Scott had pointed out, jabbed her fingers of both her hands underneath the roof, smashing right through the lined bricks, and lifted the whole thing off.

“Scott! There you are!” she sighed with relief as she peered down at him.

“Hang on, Mom, I’m making you some clothes…”

She squinted at the tiny articles. “Scott! Those are… those are for exercising! They’re really tight and skimpy!”

“Mom, don’t worry! I’ll make them nice and big for you!”

He squeezed the trigger, and the silky fabric began to expand. Soon, they looked like they were large enough and worthy to be worn by a giantess as beautiful as his mom.

“Mom, here you go!” He lifted a corner of the fabric. But the nylon bra was so much larger than he could handle now.

Janet came to his aid, her hand’s blacking out the entire sports apparel store. She grabbed the bra and measured it over herself. It fit, but…

“Scott! There’s no way I can wear this!! It’s so small!”

“Mom! Don’t worry about it! I can’t even see anything from down here! And aren’t you warm?”

“Yes, but…”

“And just look around you! These little people aren’t worthy of you! They’re like little toys!”

“But Scotty! You’re going to turn me back to normal, right? Once we get those batteries?”

“Oh! Uh, yeah, Mom! So like, while you’re up there, don’t you think you should try to get more comfortable and put on the top?”

“Um, well…” she tugged at her shirt to let fresh air in. “I guess I can try it… don’t look, Scotty!”

“Okay Mom, I won’t.”

Turning her back to him, the radius of Janet’s legs smashed through another arc of buildings. It was starting to feel inevitable, and Scott had told her not to worry about it anyway. She peeled off her thick covering and flung it away, where it blanketed a mile of the freeway she had unintentionally crushed.

She let the cold, high altitude atmosphere drift gently over her moist skin as she cooled off. This did feel nice! She stood up, long, giantess legs fully extended, even the taller buildings not even coming up to her waist. And it’s not like there were any helicopters around to see her upper body. She reveled in the cool air some more, closing her eyes and sighing in content.

Finally, she slipped the top on, looping one arm through, then the other. The elastic waistband of the teal fabric clung tight to her body, pushing up her breasts magnificently, forming a genuine canyon of drool inducing cleavage. It also left her flat tummy and tight waist on full display. She patted her own belly, emanating a powerful gust of wind that buffeted the nearby rubble from her self exploration.

The air did feel nice blowing over the bare skin of her waist or the gaps around the exposed flesh of her breasts. Scott was right. Of course he was right! She was so proud of her brilliant boy.

She turned back and leaned forward, placing her hand on the ground for him to use as a platform once again. She could see Scott staring at her full, perfectly formed breasts. She blushed in embarrassment again, but her hands were occupied with transporting Scott. Placing a single, large finger behind his legs, she scooped him up, bringing him to a seated position on her dainty digit as if it were a ski lift, and deposited him in the palm of her hand.

Only then did she stand up straight and cover her cleavage in shame. But her toned arms, bare shoulders, and sexy tummy were still on full display for the tiny ants below to see.

“Wow Mom,” Scott said breathlessly. “You are so cool. And beautiful.”

“I… um… well, thanks Scott,” she replied with uncertainty… but she was feeling bolder by the minute! The breeze felt good against her scalp. She shook her hair out, the long, brunette strands flowing in the air and casting their swirling shadow over the city.

“Do you want to put on these shorts too?” Scott picked up a corner of that apparel as well and wiggled the silky lycra.

“Oh, umm… I just can’t, Scotty. That’s too much!”

“Okay Mom. Hang onto it though, yeah? I don’t think I could grow another pair of shorts for you.”

“Umm, okay, Scott. Thanks.” Her baggy jeans were really uncomfortable.

“Let’s go!”

Janet picked up Scott once again and began her march toward the center of the city. As she entered the more densely populated areas, she could hear the crowds screaming below her. She tried, she really tried to not cause too much collateral damage. But every single off-balance adjustment seemed to cause even more mayhem than simply going forward would have.

Parked cars that she trampled on were turned into thin sheets of metal, the glass windows shattering and sending little round beads scattering on the streets. She could see people panicking, trying to get out of her way, but they were like dumb little animals running through traffic. They couldn’t seem to make up their minds about which direction to go, always choosing the wrong thing to do. Janet wobbled as she tried not to step on them, but she had to put her foot down lest she fall over entirely. She took every step while wincing, seeing the streets littered with corpses and cratered tarmac whenever she raised her foot.

Scott was whooping and hollering.

“Scott! Scott! This is too much! Why are you cheering for this? Look what I’m doing!”

“Mom, don’t worry about it! They’re like ants to you! You don’t make sure not to step on every little bug, do you? When a squirrel runs in front of your car, should you swerve?”

“Well, no… that would be even more dangerous… and it’s just a squirrel…”

“Right! See, Mom? So stop worrying about it! Just go directly. If some ants get stepped on, that’s okay, right?”

Janet looked at the scenery below her. God, they really were small. Tiny. Insignificant compared to her.

“Okay, I guess so, Scotty.”

“Right! I’m glad you understand! See that skyscraper? Let’s go there!”

She passed a closed off street dedicated to the weekend farmer’s market. It was like an ant colony, brimming with miniscule black dots along all of their little canals, performing their mundane tasks of ferrying food. Her foot smashed a tarp and all of the tiny people beneath it, as well as squashing little green wire baskets of berries. Janet lifted her foot and looked at her little accidental fruit smoothie. Her stomach rumbled, loudly.

“Oh no, Scott.”

“Mom, you must be hungry! You didn’t eat any of that amazing breakfast you cooked me?”

“No, honey! That’s always for you first.”

“Oh, Mom. You really have to take care of yourself!”

Janet began to reach down toward some of the still-intact fruit on the ground.

“Mom! What are you doing?” Scott protested.

“I just want some fruit, sweetie.” Janet wasn’t sure what the big problem was.

“Don’t eat food off the ground! That’s dirty!”

“Oh… oh, you’re right. But what should I do then?”

“Skyscraper! Let’s go! You’ve put it off long enough!” Scott urged.

“Okay! Okay! Hold on tight…”

Janet began to jog, making sure to cup Scott gently in her hands. She could feel him sitting against the arches of the protective sphere she had formed, bouncing up and down.

The buildings grew taller as she entered downtown proper. Now, they came up to her cinched waist and the large swells of her breasts, but the end result was all the same. Her perfect, giantess’s body knocked them all down whenever any part of her luscious body made contact with the tiny man-made structures.

After a brief run, there was a flattened trail of cars, corpses, and rubble in her wake, not to mention the aftershock of her thundering footsteps which had brought down neighborhoods in the vicinity. Standing in front of the skyscraper now, she had covered five miles in just a minute!

“Oh my god, Mom!”

“What is it Scott?”

“You’re even taller than I thought!!”

“I am?”

“Look! You’re taller than our city’s skyscraper! You must be… umm… 150 feet tall!”

“Oh yeah? So I exceeded your expectations, did I?” Janet was really feeling proud of herself!

“Yeah Mom! This is so cool! Look inside the building, you should find something to eat there!”

Janet lowered her head and peered through the windows. Only her large, bright blue eyes were visible to the tinies inside.

“Scott, I just see some people!”

“No Mom, that’s your food! Remember, they’re totally insignificant to you now!”

“Oh, I guess so…”

“Why don’t you open it up like it’s a box and have a handful?”

“Okay, Scott!”

Janet beamed with pride as she swiped her hand across the top of the building, ripping it off and letting it fall what they recently had discovered was 150 feet to the ground. She regarded all of the people huddled in a corner, their faces a mask of terror. They really were insignificant compared to her!

She reached in and plucked a woman out of the box, her fingers far larger than her snack’s entire body. Oh how she wriggled and screamed!

“Hmm, I dunno, Scott…” Janet hesitated, looking at the wriggling, screaming woman pinched by her fingers.

“Just try it, Mom! Give it a taste! Like any new food!”


Janet parted her lips, letting the tiny woman gape into the dark unknown. The giantess’s tongue, magnitudes larger than her soon-to-be snack, slithered out of her mouth, wetting her lips before pressing against her little morsel of food. Up and down she traced it, forcefully running her enormous taste buds over every last inch of the woman.

When she retracted her tongue, the woman was absolutely soaked with Janet’s saliva.

“It tastes okay, Scott!”

“Then eat her!”

“Wait, no, no! Please!!” The woman gurgled, her face still dripping with spit.

“You don’t have a say in this, little snack!” Janet giggled with glee. “My son is teaching me so many new things about myself! Like what to eat! And how to dress!”

Janet brought the woman down 40 feet to show off her beautifully flat midriff.

“See this?” she patted her smooth tummy. “This is where you’re going to be soon! Have you ever explored the inside of a human’s stomach? You should be honored!”

“Noooo! Please!”

“Well…” Janet paused for thought. “How about this? If I don’t catch you in my mouth, I’ll grab you with my hands and set you free!”

“Yes! Anything! Anything but being eaten!” the woman cried, not even comprehending what Janet had planned.

“And don’t worry, if I like how you taste, you’ll have plenty of company soon!”

Janet ended her bargaining. With a little flick, she threw the woman over 100 feet into the air, letting her spin helplessly, screaming the whole time. 


Janet opened her enormous maw, far wider and larger than her morsel of food. There was no way she could miss.

Sure enough, the tiny speck of a woman fell into the warm, moist, pink tunnel of Janet’s mouth. She swirled the tiny around in her mouth before swallowing her whole, feeling her slide down her throat.

“Well, how was it?” Scott asked.

“Not bad! Still hungry though.”

Janet dipped her hand into the building and swept up the entire crowd. Some of the ones on the edge of her hand fell off like crumbs, meeting their fates as a smear of red paste on the concrete below instead of being this giantess’s meal.

She opened her gullet wide, licked some of the little tiny humans she held in the palm of her hand, then sucked as she lifted her hand to her mouth. She swallowed them all with a satisfying gulp.

“I feel better now, Scotty. Now what about those batteries?”

“Are you happy, Mom?”

“Yes, Scotty! I’m really happy! I like this new top you picked out for me. It does make me feel sexy!”

“Okay Mom, I have an admission. I don’t need batteries. In fact, I can’t even turn you back. I don’t have a shrink ray! Are… are you mad at me?”

“Oh honey… I could never be mad at you. I… I kind of like this!”

“Well, do you want to try on these yoga shorts I made for you?”

“Okay, Scotty! Just for you!”

“And how about we go pay Dad a visit after that?”

“Oh Scotty, my sweet little boy, I like how you think!”

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