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Chapter 1

Aaron Cooper couldn’t help glancing down at the bouncing cheeks of his friend’s ass as they walked side by side down the concrete path, away from the movie production trailers and towards the subway station. He had known Kristina Hanson for over ten years, and even though the two had always been platonically close, Aaron always found himself copping a quick little glance at her butt every now and again. He knew he couldn’t have been the only one — Kristina may have been short, but she certainly had a conspicuous ass, which went along perfectly with her overall thickness.

“And then I was like, woah, woah,” Kristina was telling him animatedly, “It’s been nice and chill so far, you know? Like, we’ve gone on a few dates and it’s been fun…but now you want me to just up and move into your LA loft!?”

“Hahah, I mean, he’s asking a lot of you, isn’t he?” chuckled Aaron, referring to the actor who had been loosely involved with Kristina during the production of the movie they had all been working on. She was a make-up artist and Aaron was a sound designer.

“Right!?” burst out Kristina, nodding her head up at Aaron as her eyes went wide. “I literally only graduated from college last year, and I’m not even really sure what I want to do with myself, and on top of that I’m taking care of my mom, and it’s like…he wants me to just drop all that so I can go be in LA with him?? I hardly even know the guy, Aaron!”

“Sounds like he’s jumping the gun a little bit, huh?” Aaron ventured.

“Yeah, a little!” laughed Kristina, shaking her head. “But anyway, yeah, the strange thing with Frank is how used he seems to just…you know, getting his way all the time. Like, he was totally shocked when I told him I couldn’t commit to that.”

“Oh, well, I mean, he couldn’t have been that surprised,” said Aaron, as the two of them winded down the part of the path that ran parallel to the railroad tracks. It was getting towards dusk on an early summer evening, and the sky had started to bleed a brilliant crimson-orange as the sun dipped below the horizon. Aaron felt his short, sandy-brown hair flutter a little as a pleasant evening breeze kicked up along the path, whipping up a plethora of slightly damp urban smells. It had rained a little earlier in the day.

“But he totally was, though!” exclaimed Kristina, “That’s the thing! The way his mouth opened, and he just, like, sat there in his chair, like I had slapped him across the face or something…it made me feel bad, even though I was very, uhm…oh, what’s the word…like, I made it really clear how flattered I was, you know?”

“Well when Frank Bungeon asks you to be his live-in girlfriend,” laughed Aaron, cocking his eyebrow up as he looked down at her, “I guess it’d be hard not to feel pretty good about yourself.”

“Oh please, Aaron,” replied Kristina, waving her hand dismissively, “I’m just some young girl who’s been physically close to him for, like, the past few weeks, doing his make-up and all, and…and yeah, this is how these things work, with powerful people. They see something, they like it, and then they try and take it…and when they can’t have it, they don’t understand.”

“You know Kristina,” sighed Aaron, shaking his head gravely, “I just don’t know…I feel like you could be reeeeeally passing up an opportunity here.”

“A-are…are you serious?” she asked, peering up at him earnestly.

“I mean…think about it,” Aaron continued in his serious tone, glancing sideways down at her, and then back up at the expansive sunset above the elevated subway tracks, which ran parallel to the railroad tracks next to the path they were on. “Life in an LA penthouse with Frank Bungeon…a fast-track ticket into the high life…all the parties…the award shows…the tabloid intrigue…and when you two break up, you can write a tell-all book with all the juicy details about how kinky the sex was, and you’ll never have to work another day in your life.”

“Oh you…dick!” laughed Kristina, smacking Aaron playfully with her purse. “You had me going there for a second!”

“All these years and sometimes you still can’t tell when I’m joking!” teased Aaron, feeling the color in his face rising with the mirth of the exchange.

“You’ve always got that little look in your eye,” chuckled Kristina. “Like you’re up to no good, even though you’re, like, the most wholesome guy I’ve ever met.”

“Pssssh, quit it,” said Aaron, taking his turn to brush his hand dismissively in front of his face.

“No, come on, I mean it — you are!” persisted Kristina, nudging him in the arm. “Walking me to the subway every night, listening to all my dating drama, yadda yadda yadda…it’s a wonder you still hang out with me at all!”

“Now you’re just being ridiculous,” laughed Aaron, as they both came to a stop outside the subway station. “Of course I love hearing about all your stuff! Certainly beats just living out my boring-ass life, heheh…”

“Well who knows?” offered Kristina kindly, “Maybe one of these days soon it’ll be the other way around — maybe you’ll be the one telling me about all these hot girls you have to fight off with a stick.”

“Not likely,” smiled Aaron, “I’m not as hot as you. And anyway, I haven’t dated anyone in years…don’t think I’ll be starting anytime soon.”

“Oh what do you know?” she shot back, pushing him playfully as she turned to descend down into the subway station. “And anyway, dating people goes in cycles, anyway. Just you watch.”

“Well whatever you say, Kristina!” chuckled Aaron, waving goodbye. “See ya tomorrow!”

“Bye!” chirped Kristina, and then she turned away, walking towards the subway stairs. For a few moments, Aaron watched her go, taking another quick glance at her backside, which again was doing it’s thing…her big cheeks bouncing up and down through the snug confines of her tight jeans. Aaron blinked a few times, gave a little sigh, and turned away, back toward the railroad tracks, which now almost seemed to glow purple in the gathering gloom of the incoming night.

Aaron had been having more of these strange, pensive moments recently, but at 27, he was old enough to understand that they weren’t the direct result of anything in particular. He wasn’t feeling sorry for himself — far from it, Aaron knew that, as his own situation was concerned, he had things pretty good. For the past few years, he had been able to get a steady supply of sound engineering gigs, which allowed him to live in a nice, in-town apartment, where he could see the skyline. He had plenty of friends, many of them girls like Kristina, who were cool, down-to-earth, and professional. If he could have gone back in time ten years, to his time as a nerdy, unattractive high school kid, and been told that this is where he’d be at the tail-end of his twenties, he would have been thrilled.

He turned and started walking away from the subway station, which had started to glow white as the sun issued out its last dying beams before receding completely below the horizon. Actually, as he allowed his mind to settle a little, he realized that he knew exactly why he was feeling a little…”off” at the moment. Not really sad or morose…it was just a little difficult for Aaron to be reminded, yet again, of how alone he actually felt as a person. The thing was, whenever Kristina or whoever else brought up their romantic lives, Aaron couldn’t help but remember why he didn’t have one. It wasn’t that he was privately lusting after Kristina, or Cassie, or Courtney, or any of his other female friends…wanting to be with them, but unable to do so. He definitely found them all quite attractive, as his frequent glances at Kristina’s ass evinced, but there was a deeper issue at play.

Ever since he had been a young teenager, and probably even before that, Aaron had been attracted to the idea of women being…larger than him…taller than him. As an adult he had discovered that this fetish was more common than he could have possibly realized, but merely knowing that other guys were dealing with the same desires didn’t do much to help Aaron with the reality of his situation. It didn’t even matter that, at 5’4, he was shorter than most guys, and also shorter than a good number of women too. It was certainly nice to see how his 5’7 friend Courtney towered above him, or to hear his 5’4 friend Cassie tease him as she stood on her toes so that she was taller. All of these enjoyments were merely peripheral, and did little to assuage the disquiet in his mind. He felt ashamed, guilty…somehow inescapably dirty, whenever he thought about his fetish. It all just seemed so outlandish, so bizarre, that he had never brought it up to anyone, let alone any of his female friends…and definitely not to any girl he would be romantically interested in. It just didn’t make any sense why he would be so totally obsessed with the idea of a girl being bigger than him, or taller than him. Why did these thoughts get him so hot and bothered!? They weren’t normal, surely…they had to be some kind of mental block, some kind of fixation he never got over…maybe even some kind of disorder or disease he suffered from. Whatever it was, Aaron wished that it would go away, but he really didn’t have any choice. He was stuck with being this way, and he had to navigate the world with this hidden weight on his back, never to speak of it for fear of sounding crazy.

The light summer breeze kicked up again as Aaron walked back on the concrete path, next to the train tracks. He had been walking back to his apartment this way for several weeks now, ever since he and Kristina had both landed jobs at the movie production that was happening close by. The stars were beginning to peek out of the deepening velvet of the sky, and above the horizon, towards the West, the waxing yellow crescent of the moon was preparing to make its nightly ascent. Aaron sighed out again as the breeze danced through his hair. He wasn’t unhappy…wasn’t unhappy…just thoughtful…just thinking about stuff…it really was a lovely night.

The path wound around a clump of dense trees, and down towards the small pedestrian tunnel that came out right in front of the train tracks. Trains never came around this time of night, so Aaron had gotten used to going through the tunnel and crossing the tracks on foot — his apartment building was only a couple blocks away, on the other side of the tracks. As he walked toward the tunnel, he found his mind wandering again to his fetish…his perpetual predicament. It was all well and good for him to look at art and read stories on the internet, and he was grateful that there were plenty of artists and authors who churned out work dedicated to this…large woman fetish. Aaron had been surprised, as a younger man, to see how rich and varied the community was. Some people were into his line of the fetish: tall, buxom, curvy women with huge asses who were anywhere between a little taller than him (5’4), all the way up to around 15 feet. Any bigger and Aaron felt a little alienated from the fantasy. But the idea of a hot, curvy woman grinning down her breasts at him, or teasing him with her thick hips at his eye-level, or comparing his body to the size of her 6-foot-long, creamy legs, or knocking into him playfully with an ass that was as high as his shoulders…it going him going like nothing else.

Aaron had no idea why he was so into this particular fetish, and he had been able to somewhat assuage it on the internet, but it was moments like these, that often came at night when he was alone, that made him feel a bit discouraged. He wished he could be like Kristina, or his other friends; he wished he could just be normal, and have to deal with all the “normal” aspects of dating, good and bad. But as it was, he was too afraid to date anyone at all. The truth of his fetish would just be lying there, waiting to come out at the least opportune moment. It was sure to chase anyone away.

As he neared the tunnel entrance, Aaron shook his head, forcing himself to chuckle.

“Come on,” he muttered out loud, staring forward through the narrow tunnel towards the train tracks on the other side. “Just…get with it. It’s ok.”

He could just imagine what he always did when he got home, sexually frustrated— his attractive friends, just bigger. He could imagine Kristina, in all of her sexy thickness, not at her customary 5’2, but rather 6’8…or even 8’8…or taller! He could imagine staring straight forward into her huge breasts, or watching how ridiculously her massive ass would jiggle and bounce if she was that tall, with all the same proportions. God, she’d be, like…two of him! He was 5’4, 140 pounds…definitely shorter than average, but not short enough…or he could imagine Cassie as a 10-foot amazon, winking down at him with a naughty twinkle in her eye, as he looked up at her pussy lips…above his head. Or Courtney…or…

Once again, Aaron couldn’t help but chuckle a little at himself.

‘There I go again,’ he thought, ‘Fantasizing again…’ He didn’t even have any real desire to BE with any of his friends — the prospect of remaining nothing more than friends with them was absolutely tolerable and ok to him. He just wasn’t able to help fantasizing about them in these ways. The sheer impossibility of it all somehow made the prospect that much more enticing, that much more intense and searing in his mind. If only…if only…

Aaron started walking through the tunnel, and he hadn’t gone more than a few steps when he noticed that something was different…actually, everything was different. The night was warm, and even a little humid, but he suddenly felt cold. He looked sideways to his right at the tunnel wall; strange, winding symbols stared back at him. This was no ordinary graffiti — it looked like a series of elaborate runes, twisting and tumbling over themselves, in an arcane pattern of hushed, esoteric significance. Aaron felt his feet stop as he stared at the symbols. It wasn’t just that they were elaborate and complex, either — the paint…whatever the person had used…it looked like it was literally radiating off the damp concrete walls. Fiery pinks…deep burgundies…profound blues…they all twisted and wound themselves up and over each other, making some kind of…some kind of pattern. Triangles? No, it was more complex than that…Aaron’s mind shot back to middle school for some reason. That book they had read…A Wrinkle in Time…that’s what it was…what was that thing the teacher had shown? That shape that was impossible…a tesseract! That’s the word…that’s what it looked like. Aaron felt his stomach muscles clench as he peered even closer at the “graffiti.” Had the shapes just moved?? The sudden sweep of cold had passed over his body, and he now felt warm and numb…almost tingly. The hairs on his arms and the back of his neck were standing up, as if in anticipation. A sudden feeling of silliness bubbled up within him — what was he doing, acting all weird like this? But almost as soon as this feeling came up in his mind, he thought he heard the echo of something in the tunnel behind him…of footsteps.

He whirled around to look, but there was nobody there. Blinking rapidly, Aaron realized now that he was breathing hard. He looked back at the walls and felt his mouth open a little. The arcane symbols…whatever they were…were definitely moving, and no matter how much Aaron blinked his eyes, the slow, undulating movements didn’t stop. Aaron had done shrooms a few times, years back, but no time recently. Had someone dosed him!? He backed away from the wall, shaking his head, as he resolved to hurry up and get himself home. But as he turned toward the other end of the tunnel to quicken his pace, he heard it — the unmistakable, distant sound of a train horn.

“Oh…shit!” he blurted, and he looked back at the wall one last time. The runes were glowing a fiery red now, and Aaron’s eyes widened in panic. He had no idea what was happening, but he needed to get home, and fast — before he started hallucinating more crazy shit, and, of course, before the train came to block his path home. He started running down the tunnel, his footsteps echoing wetly off the concave walls. The train horn had seemed far away…surely he had time…but as he neared the other end of the tunnel, he could feel the ground beginning to shake. When he finally popped out of the far end of the tunnel, he was greeted by the thunderous, trembling majesty of a huge, black locomotive, belching white smoke into the night as it came on.

Aaron didn’t understand — the train didn’t seem to be going that fast. It had seemed to come from nowhere…and anyway, trains never ran at this hour! But there it was, and there was nothing for him to do but stand there and wait for it to pass. He was still breathing hard from witnessing the strange runes on the tunnel walls, but as he looked upward at the advancing train, he felt his breath catch in his chest. A man, the train’s conductor, was leaning out of the locomotive window, staring forward down the tracks. But as the train passed Aaron, the conductor turned and looked down at him, straight in the face. Aaron felt his eyes widen as he beheld the navy blue conductor cap, slightly askew on a nest of unkempt black hair, and underneath, the black, beady eyes of the conductor, zeroed in on his, holding him in their pits. The thick black mustache under the man’s large nose only served to accentuate his expression: he had been serious before, but now he was smiling…grinning…as his black eyes seemed to sparkle. It was an amused smile, mysterious…like the man knew something he didn’t. Aaron felt a shudder go through him, but he could not move away.

And then the smile seemed to dissolve almost as soon as it had appeared. The man was raising a thick finger in his direction, and was pointing down at him, silently, expressionlessly. The train passed by, and the conductor followed Aaron’s body with his finger, so that his finger remained trained on him until the locomotive had vanished around the corner. Aaron suddenly exhaled out intensely, and then breathed in again quickly, gulping air like he had just come up from a deep dive. The warm, numb, tingly feeling was now lightly teeming across his whole body. He turned to look forward, blinking into the line of boxcars that were now going by. For several minutes, Aaron just stood there in a state of confusion, having no idea what had just happened, or why he had felt like he had somehow stumbled into some kind of…he didn’t know what. Some kind of cabalistic, occult moment.

And just like that, the caboose was pulling up the rear, and Aaron was watching the last car clunk on by, disappearing moments later around the same corner. Aaron blinked again a few times, and he looked past the tracks. He could see the lights of his apartment building twinkling around the corner. But he took another minute to stand there and gather himself. Something…something had just happened, it felt like. But after a minute or so he felt himself returning to some semblance of “normal,” and he stepped across the tracks, heading straight for home. If he had bothered to bend down and feel the smooth metal of the tracks themselves, he would have been shocked to find that it was ice-cold.

Arriving in his apartment, Aaron sought to dispel the weirdness of whatever had just happened. He made himself a sandwich and turned on one of his favorite shows, sinking down into his comfy sofa as he munched away. Again and again, though, he felt his mind wandering back to the graffiti…those symbols…and that conductor. It was all so strange, so bizarre…and somehow, without consciously realizing it, Aaron knew they were all connected.

But he was determined to not make too much out of nothing. It had been a long day, and he was tired, and his mind was probably just playing tricks on him. He thought back to Kristina, and her kind eyes, and her gorgeous smile…and, of course, her big, sexy ass. Aaron smirked at himself.

‘Well,’ he thought, with self-deprecating humor, ‘You always know what’ll take your mind off stuff.’

A little while later, Aaron was lying in bed, breathing hard, having just cum to the thought of an 8-foot-tall Kristina twerking in front of him, as he sat in the huge, expansive lap of Cassie, her long, thick legs extended out on either side of him, as her massive hand gently caressed his little chest.

“Mmmmm, just look at her ass, little guy!” Cassie had cooed to him in his fantasy, drawing her long, red fingernails sensually down his bare chest, tickling him lightly as her full, plush lips teased his ear. “Each cheek alone probably weighs like half as much as you! Hahaha, and oh my godddd…look at your little arms compared to mine!” She had extended out her long, luscious arm next to his, beckoning him to do the same in comparison.

“Just look at that,” she had murmured in his ear. “So cute, sooo small, soooooo tiny!”

And just then, chuckling dirtily, Kristina had backed up and smushed her twerking cheeks directly onto Aaron’s torso. He could feel the firm, sumptuous cheeks moving and bouncing up against him, shaking his whole body with their erotic force. Kristina’s laughter had echoed in his ears as he came and came…

Aaron could have fallen asleep right then and there, but he reminded himself that he never felt quite right waking up without going through his nightly routine. He washed his face, brushed his teeth, and looked in the mirror, staring himself down seriously for a few moments, before giving himself a warm smile and turning off the light. He settled into bed, pulled out a little notebook, and jotted down the events of the day. He felt exhausted now…more exhausted than he usually felt, and so his notes were quick and perfunctory…until he mentioned his walk with Kristina.

“Walked K to subway…” he had written. Aaron had never really broached the topic of his fetish, even in his own diary, but he suddenly found himself adding:

“She’s so gorgeous…god her ass is nice.”

He paused, feeling awkward and silly…but then continued:

“So big and bouncy…”

Another pause, and then more:

“I want Kristina’s ass to be bigger…three pounds bigger.”

Aaron was smiling to himself and shaking his head, even as he found himself getting hard again.

“And I want her to be taller…god, imagine how hot it would be even if she just got 2 inches taller all of a sudden. Tomorrow, Kristina will be 5’4...my exact height.”

Aaron shut his eyes and clenched his teeth together, and a couple minutes later he was cumming again to the thought of Kristina taller, with a fatter ass, laughing about how she’s gaining weight and going through some weird growth spurt. He shot his load even harder than before, so hard that it actually splurted all out on his cheek. Aaron huffed to himself in laughter, got up, wiped himself down, and got back into bed, closing his diary and turning off his light. Half an hour later he was asleep, so he didn’t notice that the words he had written had started to glow a faint red from in between the closed pages.


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