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Story Notes:

The next part of a series of stories i'm hoping to expand on into a greater universe. Will I be successful? Who knows. Will i be consistent with uploads? I'll certainly try. Started college again recently so who knows how long it takes for me to finish this story. I can say though, with as much confidence as a man with low self esteem can muster, that it will be longer than my last story! 


Though, if I'm being honest, that's not much of a stretch is it?

Author's Chapter Notes:

One failed escape attempt and oen extremely stressful argument. What more are relathionships made of?

“Oh? Where do you think you’re running off to?”

Maya watched the minuscule, half-inch man run across her bedroom floor. “You really think you’ll make it far? That’s adorable!”

Her approach was slow and quiet to those of her size, her bare feet barely making a sound as they walked across the soft carpet. For her fleeing victim, however, the situation was far more terrifying. He continuously tripped over the carpet, its threads constantly wrapping around his bandage-like skin. His size made any ground he made seem an illusion when compared to a single step of his captor. A simple stomp from her was enough to send a minor shock wave through the floor, furthering the fleeing betas faulty steps.

“You know you can’t run forever~” Maya teased, playfully sticking out her tongue. “You recall what happened last time you tried right?”

The beta remembered well his last escape attempt. He was caught almost immediately when he thought his captors' attention was elsewhere. But Maya always knew where he was, as though it were some sick sixth sense of hers. His punishment was being used as Mayas' treat, the blue-haired psychopath sucking on him as though he were a piece of candy for near a full day.

“As though you’d let me forget!” Six shouted, his pace picking up as he continued to run. All his efforts earned him was a chuckle from far above. Looking upwards he saw the sole of Maya's left foot crash down on top of him, the soft flesh conforming around his ‘flesh’ as his captor gently twisted the extremity.

“See?” Maya giggled softly. “Didn’t make it far at all. Couldn’t even get past the door this time.”

The half-inch man had forgotten the number of times he’s tried to escape Maya's clutches over the past three years. Ever since the day she found him again he’s tried to find some means towards freedom. He’s hidden underneath her dresser, underneath her bed. Hidden among the dishes of her kitchen or even among her laundry. yet nothing, no matter how carefully thought out, seemed to work. Maya was smart. Much smarter than him. Six knew that long before she found him at such a pitiable size. During that time he’s lost any use for his real name, only ever being referred to as a number by his captor.

The pressure increased as Maya shifted more of her weight onto the foot that pinned Six.

“Have we learned our lesson again?” Maya asked, balancing herself as she shifted to standing upon only a single leg. “Or am I going to have to do something you’ll regret?”

At first, nothing. It always began with nothing. Six was weighing his options. Both him and Maya knew that no matter how hard she tried Six wouldn’t suffer any fatal injury. Sure he’d be sore beyond belief, but aside from that, he’d be as healthy as ever. That didn’t cause Six to take every single risk he could. Maya couldn’t kill him sure, but she could still put him through hell in the simplest of ways.

With one swift motion, Maya jumped ever so slightly into the air, shifting her left foot for her right as Six was forced to bear the full weight of Maya's body coming down on top of him.

“Well, Six? Are you done acting up? Our did you actually want that lesson?” Maya flexed her blue-painted toes to further emphasize her point.

A few taps from underneath the appendage and Maya knew she had won. Again. Lifting her foot from the floor the faded blue-haired woman was in no way surprised to find her little boy toy glued onto her sole, the force of her descent forcing him to become plastered onto it.

“Oh, that is just precious!” Maya fawned as she tore Six from her foot as though he were nothing more than a sticker. His diminutive stature forced Maya to adopt extreme care when handling her Six, despite his durability. At first, there were...issues. She misjudged her own strength many times, putting Six through a world of hurt as a result. Through trial and error though she’s become quite the expert at handling betas as small as him.

Lifting Six to eye view the minuscule man was given a rather generous view of Maya's clothing and ‘assets’. She certainly liked the colors black and blue, judging by her darkened short shorts and crop top pairing with her faded blue hair. Even her nails were painted to match the blue of her eyes and hair. Six has seen this a hundred times though, his own pink eyes falling onto the same pair of breasts they always did when held from such a height. They were rather hard to miss given Mayas' attire.

Six wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of teasing him, however, quickly covering his eyes to shield himself from the rather wonderful view.

“That isn’t fair!” Maya laughed as she shook the half-inch man between her fingers. “You know I can’t take your hands away. You’re too small for that!”

Maya brought the hand that held Six closer to her chest, the sudden movement cluing the beta in on what his captor had planned. “Or did you wanna have a nice feel around instead of just looking?” Maya dangled the half-inch man over her breasts, the valley of flesh bellow practically inviting anyone in that position. If Six hadn’t known how...active Maya could be when we one as small as him was there he may have taken that offer. But since it was her he was given little in the way of options.

Removing his hand from his Eyes Six was given a view that had likely been the last for many others. Maya, upon seeing her little toy remove his hands, was admittedly a little disappointed. She had hoped that, for once, he’d take her up on that offer at least once. “Oh...you actually didn’t want to. That’s... fine...i suppose.” Maya perked up her breasts with her free arm, giving Six as much of a show as she could. Though she was still disappointed in her little toys lacking a desire for adventure she was at the very least pleased to see his eyes gravitate back towards her chest. Before she knew it Maya was blushing at the thought of someone so small ogling her.

“You’re so lucky I enjoy the feeling of you watching me. I like it almost as much as when you touch me...”

They were fairly average for someone of Maya's height. At five foot nine, they seemed no different than any other woman. Yet to Six, they seemed fit to hold their own gravitational pull.

Perhaps he was exaggerating in that belief, but can anyone really blame him. When one is so small all of the rules change.

Six went to cover his eyes once more but was stopped by a threat from Maya, who seemed that despite her earlier disappointment was greatly enjoying the show she was giving her captive ‘audience’.

“Don’t even think about it.” Maya stated, her breathing pace increasing as the blush upon her cheeks grew a deeper shade of red. “Don’t...even try it. You do and I’m sticking you in my sports bra while I workout again.”

A very real threat only made clearer when Six recalled the times she’s actually done that. And Maya was no simple yoga practitioner either. She was dreadfully skilled at it. So much so in fact that on multiple occasions it felt as though Six would drown from the obscene amounts of sweat despite lacking the ability to do so.

Reluctantly, he pulled his hand away, much to Maya's delight.

Her thoughts were filled with all the things she’s done to her little toy. She wanted, more than anything at that moment, to jump up on her bed with Six in hand and just play with him. Guide his diminutive form throughout her body. Suffocate him underneath her massive frame. Place him upon her tongue and suck him dry.

Maya wanted to feel her little Six's hands crawl upon her body. She wanted to drench him as he crawled within her. So badly did she want him to crawl within her all so she could tighten her snatch around him, grinding him up before allowing him to squirm back up.

But such desires she’d have to repress. Turning on heel Maya placed Six atop her dresser, the beta clearly seeing her still filled with longing and lust. She was holding herself back. More than she normally would. And that terrified him, as he knew what it would ultimately lead to.

“Wait...not again...” Six found his balance weak as Maya opened the drawers, selecting from a range of clothes she wished to choose for her...monthly rounds.

“Maya wait. Let’s about this please!” the half-inch beta pleaded, failing to get his captors' attention as she choose for herself a white button-up and black pants. Barely giving him a glance Maya moved to the drawer beneath the first, opening it to reveal a range of gloves and masks. No one can say she wasn’t organized.


Finally, her attention was caught, but not in the manner Six was hoping for.

“Yes yes, I heard you the first time” she admitted. “It’s amazing how someone so small can be so loud. But you’re so cute that I just can’t help but watch you get mad. Ah! I love it!

Maya returned to her search, picking a pink mask that she showcased to Six. “Think this is good? Not too bright?” she asked holding the mask over her mouth.

Of course, that was far from his concerns, looking at the mask in bewilderment despite the majority of his face being covered by bandages. “You can't be serious, right?”

“Yeah...I don’t like it too” Maya replied, looking at the mask with a semblance of disappointment. “But that’s what I get for mixing my reds and whites...” ultimately she settled for a black mask embroiled with the image of a cat. “Oh, this is cute! I bet you can guess who made this for me~.”

“You know that’s not what I meant” Six insisted. When Maya didn’t respond again he screamed louder, hoping to at least stall her long enough that she’d forget her plans altogether.

“Of course I knew that” Maya confessed, having already chosen a pair of black gloves to match the rest of her attire. “And of course, YOU know that no matter what you say it won’t change what’s going to happen.”

Six was stammering his words, trying to at least convince Maya against going about something so...gruesome. “But do you have to do it every month?” he questioned. “Can’t you just...skip it?”

“Never ask a woman to skip her once a month Six” Maya chuckled. “They’ll just look at you like you’re an idiot.”

“Actually...” Maya pondered on a sudden thought. “Do beta women even go through that? You know? Their once a mo-”

“THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!” Six shouted, once again only causing Maya to chuckle softly.

“And again, I already knew that” Maya reaffirmed, having wanted to anger her little boy toy once more. “Good god Six. You’re way too easy to rile up. It’s adorable really.”

Maya placed her arms upon the top of the drawer, blocking any possible escape root six may have had.

“L-look M-Maya” Six stuttered, practically choking on his own words. “Do me this one favor. Forget about this month's hunt’ alright? You do that and….and...you can do whatever you want with me. You can...eat me! And...anything else?”

Six was quickly losing his train of thought the longer he tried to find a way for Maya to forget what may as well have been a way of life for her. For the past three years, she’s done this. For thirty-six months, without fail, she’s done this. And each time Six was helpless to stop her.

“You’re so cute when you beg~” Maya confessed, a blush visible even with the mask in place. “you really should do it more...makes me wanna eat you up...”

Six took several fearful steps backward before remembering he was effectively trapped.

“You’re forgetting something REALLY important here Six...” Maya began as she rose over her little captive, her blue eyes shining thanks to the shadow she cast over him. “I can already do anything I want to you. The only reason I don’t is that I like you juuuuust enough to hold myself back.”

Buuuuut there’s a caaaatch~” she sang. “I get a lot of pent-up feelings Six. So much in fact that even if you allow it, you won’t be able to satisfy me. It's gotten so bad that even she know's I need this.”

Maya saw that she had wounded her Six’s pride, a pang of guilt being felt in her gut. “I…that may have been pushing it too far...” she acknowledged. “But...look Six. I already do a lot for you. It’s because of you that I only do this once every month and not every other week.”

This was true. When he was first caught Mayas normal activities became less and less frequent. She was more than content on simply toying with him. But there came times when, much to her own dismay, even Six wasn’t enough to hold back her sinful cravings.

She needed to be let loose. She needed to find ways in which she could enjoy herself completely.

“Don’t be jealous.” Maya cooed as she stroked Six’s back with a gloved finger. “You’ll always be my favorite little Beta. My first one and only. But there are just some things I’m unwilling to get rid of. You understand that...right?”

When she got no answer Maya's petting quickly turned torturous as she slowly pinched the betas head in between her thumb and index finger.

Right?” she asked again, this time more sternly.

It was a fool's attempt to break free from the hold Maya held upon him. Six’s arms automatically tried to free his head free of the crushing pressure. A vain attempt as he knew he’d never, not in a hundred years, be able to compete with the massive woman's strength.

“R-right!” Six shouted to ensure he was heard. “I understand Maya! Crystal clear!”

Pleased with the betas words Maya released his head, allowing the minuscule man to fall to his knees. Though he hated his condition Six couldn’t deny that it came with its perks. Were it anyone else in that position they’d be dead before even answering the question.

“I’m glad that you do...” Maya said. Still, she couldn’t escape the small feeling of guilt from before. She enjoyed wounding him physically, sometimes even settling for embarrassing him. But to see his pride actually wounded. She didn’t enjoy that as much.

“Look...I’m sorry you don’t agree with how I entertain myself” Maya admitted, taking great care to notice any changes in Six’s behavior. “I’m willing to...do your favor if you’re willing to deal with some changes to it...”

Maya's sudden change of heart was enough to lift Six’s spirits, his head slowly rising to meet her eyes. She was looking away from him, as though she were ashamed. One hand covered her masked mouth whereas the other nervously twirled the edges of her blue hair.

“So you’re willing?” immediately Six’s spirits were lifted, his entire being hoping Maya would for once show mercy.

“I am” Maya confirmed. She brought herself down to face level with the beta, his whole frame being hardly tall enough to reach her lips. “So Six~. Alpha or beta?”

Confusion quickly replaced his uplifted spirits. “What?”

“Alpha, or beta?” Maya asked again. “I’ll pick out someone from one of the two. Only one.”

Just like that, any hope Six had was dashed. Soundly crushed by Maya's words.

“No...no wait. You said you were willing” the Beta reminded.

“Yeah.” Maya clarified as she stood to her full height once more. “And I am. More than willing to compromise. I mean... fuck Six, I’m giving you the option of picking!”

“Of who gets to die!” the minuscule man retorted. “How the hell do you think I can do that!? Picking some random person to die. Someone who probably doesn’t even deserve it!”

“That doesn’t matter” Maya stated simply. “All that matters is that you have to choose. Otherwise, I might just go back on my word.”

Maya leaned forward, casting Six in her shadow once more. “I love you, little guy. I really do. But don’t think for a moment that I'd ever give this up. Really, that's just mean. I’m being very generous Six. So just fucking pick one.”

The Betas thoughts were a whirlwind of emotion, only now Maya was steeling herself to hold an uncaring visage. She’d hold up with her threat for as long as she can, hoping that her little lover caves before she does.

Six’s thoughts feel onto the possible bloodbath that could come from either option. “You want me to pick between-”

“A big, strong alpha like me” Maya interrupted. “Or a beta almost as small as you. I'll even throw a bone a say you can pick a regular human too. Someone who hasn't become a Beta yet and isn't quite an Alpha.”

Six didn’t know Maya was trying to hold out from caving. He was one of the few who could make her do so. She’s managed to outlast him every single time but it was getting harder. He certainly didn’t make it easy.

Luckily for her, she wouldn’t have to hold out forever.

“A Beta” Six finally said. “They...we're...smaller. Easier to hide when you’re done with them.”

“Or bring home.” Maya added with a grin. She exhaled a breath she’d been holding as she waited for Six’s response, relieved that he gave in before she did.

As for the tiny man, he fell silent. He hated this, being forced to give in to Maya's demands. He felt like a coward. A scared, insect that sent others unknowingly to their death.

“Don’t look so glum.” Maya insisted as she pet her little lover's head. “You made a very big choice for someone so small. Oh, I'm so proud of you~.” She retracted her finger when he instinctively pulled back in fear. Though she got what she wanted it came at the price of belittling her Six further.

“Fuck...” for a brief moment Maya was willing to give in despite the decision being made. She knew she shattered Six’s spirits today. Same as every other day they went through this. She hated that this was becoming a regular occurrence with each passing month.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t help herself.

“Look. I won’t bring you with me this time” A rare instance where Maya would give him some peace. Most every other time she’s brought Six along with her, hidden away on some part of her body as she went about hunting down random passerby's.

He hardly looked up at her even after being told this development, responding with a simple “Mhm...”

He just didn’t care at this point.

Maya knew the only way to break him out of his stupor at this exact moment was by denying herself her cravings. That was unfortunately just something she wasn’t willing to do.

“Just...stay put until I get back.” Maya said as she made her way for the door of her bedroom, not even taking into account that without her Six had no method of safe travel. She just needed to leave as quickly as possible before she surrendered.

Even after she had left Six did not move from his spot unaware, or uncaring, of Mayas' departure.

He just sat there, hating himself and his own helplessness.

Chapter End Notes:

And that's the first chapter. Remember, if you like it please leave a review. If you don't, critique me. Hell, critique me even if you do like it. whatever the case is i do hope you enjoy. 

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