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Additional tags: Internals, Soft Vore

The door opens with a poignant click, the mechanism nestled in the door retracts from its metal frame. A confident and imposing woman strolls into the room, heels clicking on the floor under her. Her stride is fearless as always. She walks with purpose.

Sae Niijima, the white-haired prosecutor, had picked up Caleb in a hurry, needing a few statements out of him before sending him back on his way. Previously, she had hoped this could be a quick in and out; however, the mundane bureaucratic side of her job has other plans.

Gently, she struts over towards the desk and drops off the most recent addition to her caseload, Caleb. He lands on the solid oak surface of the table with a nearly inaudible thud. With her newest responsibility safely on solid ground, his descent is hastily followed by a messy stack of manilla folders.

The nearly microscopic citizen is almost blown clear over by the turbulence generated from Sae simply laying down her documents. 

Despite having months to adjust since the incident, Sae still has yet to fully grasp just how powerful mundane actions can be for the tiny populace. The little's working in the office knew to stay well clear of the emboldened woman by now. However, Caleb was not fortunate enough to receive the luxury of choice.

On Caleb’s end, it was more of the same. He’d gotten used to all the bullying, intentional or otherwise. Sae’s treatment of him was hardly out of the ordinary for people of his stature. Admittedly, he had a hard time blaming them. Just opening a door is usually enough to blow someone off their feet at this size. Accidents were bound to happen, and really, they were just another cruel fact of life at this point.

Entirely aloof of the fact she almost blew Caleb right over, the prosecutor flashes him a friendly yet slightly callous smile.

"Ugh, I've been absolutely swamped all day!" Right on cue, a mighty rumble, organic in its origins, erupts from the woman's stomach. Her blush is visible even under the foundation on her face.

"I'll take that as a sign I should grab something to eat. Don't move, err, not that you can." She lets a sheepish smile break across her pale lips before turning around and walking back out the door.

Caleb was in awe. Completely mesmerized by everything Sae is. Despite her slender frame, she was brash and forceful in her actions. Her movements had a clumsy elegance to them, helping distinguish herself from many of the others he noticed wandering the station's hallways.

The reduction of a man looked around the room, seeing a sizable sweeping office that flanked him from all sides. Sae must have done pretty well for herself, he deduces. Although her desk was a bit on the messy side, Caleb didn’t blame her. Even having just met the girl, he could tell she had a decent amount on her plate.

Some books lay scattered on the far left corner, lit up by a wayward desk lamp. A dusty pencil cup sits dejected from Caleb’s side while a relatively shiny laptop in the middle ties together. In a way, the desk almost felt like a jungle. Only, more mundane.

With a sigh, Caleb relents, sitting down. He was absolutely starving. The woman had shown up unannounced, not even giving him a chance to finish his cereal! He can't help but wonder: Maybe searching for crumbs would be a worthwhile endeavor? He wasn’t sure. The tiny’s thoughts start to drift towards home and what he’d eventually make once he got back. A nice loaded-up sandwich for lunch, maybe? Some black forest ham would really hit just right, he reckoned.


Caleb looks towards the monolithic door, watching as it inches open, revealing none other than Sae herself, with what looks to be a freshly made sandwich in hand. Eventually, she takes a careful step forward, then another. Seeing her walk in from his position on her desk was a sight to behold. It was hard to even see Sae as a person from Caleb’s point of view; she was just so huge! Her entire body dominated him by its presence alone.

Click, Clack, Click

Her heels once again impact against the tiled floor, echoing off the walls of the room. Caleb looks up at her tall, imposing figure. He reasons that she would likely be intimidating at average size, but her height was almost otherworldly in comparison at this scope.

“Sorry, but I’ll need to fill out the proper forms first.”

She shuffles a few papers around, wetting a manicured finger to quickly leaf through several pages, before speaking up, “Then, we can get you moving on your way. Got it?” 

Sae didn’t bother to wait for an answer. Placing a plastic plate down, she moves to sit. With a freshly made sandwich on the desk right beside Caleb, letting her weight down against the seat. Her butt conforms perfectly to the faux leather of her rolling chair; Finding the familiar nook and scooting in until her legs fit snugly into the small alcove just under the desk.

Caleb struggles against the turbulence. Even from such a negligible action, he could barely keep to his feet. Mercifully, Miss Niijima settles cozily into her seat after a short while.

Sae opens the folder of papers, far too busy to bother with keeping an eye on Caleb, “Don’t go wandering around, got it? My desk is messy enough as it is.” She mused that perhaps she should find some time to clean up a bit later. Maybe even file away some of these papers that had been laying out.

She sighed audibly, pulling out several varying applications before grabbing a pen. This part of the job was always the most tedious. Damn bureaucracy, this line of work has far too much red tape at times, Sae quietly contemplated herself.

The sound of numerous pen strokes bounce off the walls. They echo throughout the office as the prosecutor lasers her focus on the work before her. Hand almost moving on its own, approaching a speed that will soon make short work of the papers in front of her.

Meanwhile, Caleb heard his stomach erupt into a cacophony of noises. Ugh, he was absolutely starving. The tiny citizen wanted to remain cordial; However, his hunger was starting to wear thin on him. How long had it been since he had eaten? Caleb could scarcely tell with the whirl of chaos he'd been wrapped up in this morning. 

Figuring now is as good a time as any, he clears his throat, trying his best to voice his complaint politely, “Um, Miss Niijima? I haven’t really had a chance to eat since last night!”

Sae glares in Caleb's direction, his tiny squeaks interrupting her train of thought. Her grip on the pen tightens. Drawing out a sharp breath, she did her best to keep composure. Being under so much stress, Sae was typically only one or two comments away from snapping at any given moment.

“I can’t hear you without a communicator, and I’m not about to get up again until the proper forms have been filled and filed.” She gestures towards mountains of paperwork buried within the expanse of folders and partially splayed in front of her.

“I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to wait.” Sae took a quick bite of her sandwich before turning back to her work. Her pen made a crisp scribbling sound as it journeyed across the paper, filling in any necessary blank boxes.

Caleb crossed his arms, frustrated. The titanic girl didn’t want to feed him, fine. She had more than enough to go around. Even a tiny chunk of bread would be more than enough to satisfy him for the time being.

So, without any further waiting, Caleb took the initiative. Creeping steadily towards Sae’s plate. He feels the vibrations from her pen as they ripple from under his feet, like microscopic earthquakes reverberating throughout his very bones. It doesn’t take long for him to make his way across the desk and to the edge of the plastic rim.

Climbing up with a heave, Caleb was finally able to get a good look at his goal: A sandwich fit for gods, one that towers over him like a monolith. He was dumbstruck. Just the bread alone could feed him for months! His mouth started to salivate at the very thought.

Clumsily, Caleb meanders his way across the slippery plastic surface, practically sliding face-first into the crust of the bread. He takes in a large mouthful of the flavorless outer edges and spits out a handful of heavily processed grain. The doughy substance invaded his esophagus. Roughly, he manages to cough up a few crumbs. He cringes, some of the gross and gritty outer dough still lightly coating the inside of his throat.

Afterward, having thoroughly wiped the nasty flavor from his mouth, Caleb takes a look upwards. That’s when he sees it, the delicious ham poking its way out from the center of the sandwich. Gravity pulls at the very edges of the slice of meat, causing subtle wilting. Jackpot! A smile burns across his face.

In his mind, it’s already been decided. The yummy protein would be his goal. Caleb wasn’t about to settle for the crust. This was a matter of pride! In fact, his very stomach was on the line. 

Carefully, Caleb grabs at a handful of the brown flakey dough and hoists himself upwards. Unfortunately, he earns a face full of mustard for his efforts. The yellow cakey slop attacks his sight, briefly obscuring his vision.

“Bleh!” He wipes the tangy substance out of his eyes, "Oh, great!" Now his shirt was caked in the stuff. He shrugged it off with a bit of a huff and reached up delicately, grabbing a chunk of meat for himself.

Caleb bit into it, the juicy piece of pre-smoked ham cleansing his pallet of the flakey offensive flavor. Finally, something to shut his stomach up!

The teeny man starts to make his way down, not wanting to stick around such a dangerous place for any longer than he needs to. However, as he shifts his weight around, his forward most leg falls through, and he stumbles, sinking into the damp, sponge-like surface of the grain.

He curses himself, not considering this. Of course, the mustard had made the bread soggy!

The tiny pulls with all his might, but he only succeeds in getting his leg deeper inside the mushy yellow-tinted bread. It was useless. More and more, he does his best to writhe free of the lunch, putting all of his strength into a seemingly senseless struggle.

Caleb doesn’t even see the shadow eclipsing his sky until it's far too late. As suddenly as his leg got stuck, he is just as quickly whisked away by an uncaring and oblivious hand.

Sae casually reaches down, not bothering to look up from her current task. She had plenty of other work on the docket and needs to, at the very least, get a portion of it done by the end of today. She lets her sandwich sit in front of her mouth as she decides which box to check. Hmm, does it have exemptions? She thinks idly.

The pause gives the small man a close-up of her dainty pink lips. All her thoughts were consumed by her current task. The raw determination and work ethic might be admirable in itself if Caleb wasn’t so terrified for his life.

“Hmm, which clause applies to tinys again?”

The voice was deafening for Caleb, each syllable threatening to knock him off his feet and face-first into his food prison. But he wasn’t about to let his flaring anxieties stop him. With one last burst of adrenaline and a heavy heave, the grip on his leg mercifully loosens.


The mushy floor of the sandwich gives way, releasing his leg from its bread prison. With one last grunt of effort, he pulls the leg out, tumbling backward—however, it is far too late.

Sae’s teeth bite down, the sandwich encapsulating Caleb’s entire form. The combo of meat, cheese, and grain chunks off; An island broke off from a more significant whole, as the massive mouth hungrily and greedily consumed it, bringing it inside.


She’s grateful to take a bite of her long-awaited meal after such a hectic morning. Sae savors the first bite of her sandwich, a small smile gracing her now closed mouth. The giant woman pushes it around with her tongue, tasting the meat, cheese, and bread individually. Maybe even a slight hint of spice? Weird, she hadn’t remembered throwing any salt on.

She chews briefly before a hearty gulp sends it to the back of her throat, a torrent of violent muscles all contracting and flexing in different ways, pushing the meal downwards, deeper inside.

Meanwhile, Caleb is assaulted with fluids as the mouth twirls him around like simply another sandwich ingredient. It sickens him, the motion, humidity, and the cacophony of noise. However, he doesn’t have the luxury to wait around and feel nauseous.

The smells of her mouth hit him all at once. The taste and aroma of darkly brewed coffee strongly waver on her breath, bitter and rich with acidity. It clings to the very tastebuds of her tongue, reaching out to Caleb through the suffocating darkness.

His senses are set alight with stimulation. So many different sensations and smells hitting him simultaneously.

Without much warning, the all-powerful red muscle throws him roughly into the molars, along with the now softening parts of Sae’s lunch. He panics, scrambling as they come down, ripping a tattered chunk out of his shirt. 

Shook from the close call, Caleb staggers onto the tongue with a final heave. Although, the exertion is too much. The mouth itself is so overwhelming with the noises and humidity that Caleb can’t help but flop down on the red muscle in a flustered mess. It was too much for his fragile body to handle.

His consciousness blinks in and out, his body trying to forcefully shut itself off from all the stress around him. The loud chewing was all he could hear until gravity itself turned against him. A slurry of thoroughly chewed food overtakes him like a landslide, whisking him towards the back of Sae’s mouth.


Without any warning or prior hesitation, Caleb hurtles down the back of Sae's throat. Her powerful throat muscles give him zero chance at resistance as she unconsciously pushes him down into the mushy remains of the chewed piece.


The firm flesh pushes him downwards, encased in a mashed blob of what could barely still be called a sandwich. He panics, his breath shallow yet fast. It’s so cramped that he can’t even figure out which way is up. The nearly microscopic man is desperate to claw away the blob of gunk that has so thoroughly encased him. However, he can scarcely even move his arms.

Meanwhile, Sae relishes the feeling of the food making its way down to her belly. Her stomach had been talking back all morning, so it was nice to shut it up. The added protein of the ham she loaded on would hopefully help her focus and get these papers out of the way faster.

Sae takes another, bigger bite this time. The tangy taste of mustard and ham made her practically moan out in joy, the hunger only serving to heighten the flavor.

“Mmmmm, not bad.” At the rate she was eating, that sandwich wouldn’t last long.





Caleb drops into the stomach with a splash. The bile coats his grain-infused prison, allowing him to pry it apart with a bit of effort. However, he struggles to shake all the mush and liquid off of him; Becoming aware of the gross sloshing fluid now clawing at his ankles.

Caleb quickly goes into another panic, the dire reality of it finally registering amid the chaos of what had only just transpired. He heard about this situation happening to others, but he never thought it would happen to him. It was supposed to be a horror story, an urban legend. People didn’t just eat other people...

He paces back and forth in a frenzy, causing the water to ripple outwards from beneath him. What could he possibly do? It took a minute for him to get enough of a level head to remember his phone.

“That’s right, phone, phone, phone….” He mumbles to himself, patting down all the pockets of his khakis before finally producing a black rectangle from his back pocket, thankful he remembered to charge it last night.

The phone’s screen comes to life, lighting up the stomach and all of its fleshy contents. He’s immediately disgusted, the walls dripping and pulsating, coated in chyme and mucus.

“No, no, fuck!” Caleb exclaims, his mental state worsening as he loses himself in a fog of worry and fear. Zero bars, no signal. He was unequivocally fucked.


The tiny resident didn’t even have time to look up as a flurry of cheese, bread, and meat came down upon him. Not unlike the mixture of mush he'd rode down Sae’s throat.

He’s struck by the glob of chewed food and thrown to the stomach’s floor under its weight. Caleb does his best to leap back up, but it's too late. His exposed arms and face burn with the acidic liquid as he tries desperately to wipe it from his exposed body.

Skin a little worse for wear, Caleb confidently shines his light along the walls. However, his blood runs cold as the screen flickers, eventually growing dim. He smacks it wildly to no avail. 

The helpless tiny lets out an anxiety howl of fear, the screen now lifeless in his hands. Sae’s stomach is pitch-black once again.

Distraught but mentally exhausted, Caleb slumps against the wall of Sae’s tummy. It pulsates and reacts to his every touch as he slowly slides down it, his butt plopping into the ever-climbing acid. 

Caleb lowers his head, letting out an empty sigh. He needed a plan. If anything, he’d go out swinging.

For a good while, he just sat there. More of the same poured in. Mashed and chewed bits of Sae’s lunch drop-in, splashing Caleb with splotches of bile which he quickly shakes off.

Glllli’k, Glllli’k, Glllli’k

Plop, plop, plop

Another piece falls, then another. The bits of food were constantly falling around Caleb as Sae’s body makes the noises that come naturally.

Blur’ppp, Bi’kk, Plop

The noises all blend as one, driving his mind wild. It was dark. The putrid smells and terrifying sounds of digestion are all-encompassing and overwhelming.

The victim of circumstance throws his face into his hands and screams, “Think Caleb, n- need to think! Something, anything!” That’s when the idea struck. If Sae didn’t know he was here, he’d make her notice! Spurred into action by the ever-looming threat of death, he stands up and grasps at the wall behind him.

Caleb pounds away, putting every ounce of strength his tiny body has into it. Punch after fruitless punch; he pounds away at the slimy inner walls. They undulate around his impacts, the only inkling of proof he’s doing anything at all. Finally, pulling his fists back, a ribbon of mucus drapes his hand in a dense layer of slime. 

He waits, expecting something, anything! However, only the sickening gurgles of her stomach respond.

Caleb screams out in complete anguish. The sound, the darkness, and the overwhelming sense of futility. Tears well up in his eyes. It’s all too much. 

However, Sae’s body is ruthless, uncaring in anything but efficiency and purpose. It gives him no time to process any of it.

He’s brutally thrown to his knees as the digestive organ churns, trying its best to dissolve the bits of sandwich along with Caleb himself. Tossing him back and forth, the range of motion accompanies a whirlpool of digestive juices. The bile does everything it can to tumble and smush Caleb, along with the rest of lunch, into neat digestible blobs.

Unable to keep steady, the tiny morsel plunges face-first into the mix of acids and partially dissolved food chunks. The bile burns Caleb’s mouth and tongue, not unlike heartburn, only a great deal more disgusting. He does his best to spit it out, but it’s pointless as he tumbles again; More slop forcing its way right back into him and down his already scorched throat.

It’s all too much for him to cope with at once. Too many noises and sensations are hitting him simultaneously without any chance for the man to recover. With no reprieve and no indication when it would all mercifully come to a halt, something inside him breaks, perhaps permanently.

“Uewg, p’too!” Caleb forcefully ejects the vile substance from his airways. It wouldn’t stop: The frothy swirling filth surrounded him from every direction. He feels a pull from under him, and suction rapidly overtakes him as he slips under the ever-rising tides of gross slop-filled chyme.



Sae yawns, letting her pen fall to the table with a prominent clack. Finally caught up on the busy work!

“Alright, little guy, sorry for the wait!” The giant lady leans back into her chair, listening to the little crinkling as her back presses upon the material. The sandwich hit the spot, filling her up and putting a merciful end to the back-talking her stomach had been giving her. She’d worked through a good chunk of the day, embarrassingly forgetting about the little guy that had been waiting on her.

Looking over, Sae squints, trying to make out Caleb’s short form among the mess of her desk. She does a double-take, her eyes popping wide open with panic. He wasn’t there.

“Caleb?” She pushes documents haphazardly around, shoving scattered papers back into their respective folders. He couldn’t have gone far. She couldn’t help but regret how messily she kept her desk. If only it weren’t so cluttered.

“Just hang tight!” Sae spoke confidently like always; however, a slight air of weariness was starting to show through. If she couldn’t find him, he could get hurt! Sae tore through the mess on her desk one more time before relenting. Taking a deep breath, she stands up, starting to collect a few files she’d need overnight.

She's reasonably irritated, everything considered. If Caleb had just followed her instructions, this mess wouldn’t have occurred in the first place! Technically, he was hindering the whole investigation with this slowdown! He was going to be in massive trouble after she found him.

“I’ll be back to collect you tomorrow. You’ll have to sleep here tonight. Let this be a lesson to you!”

Sae starts heading out of the room in a huff; however, her conscience gets the better of her. She heads back over to her laptop and starts up a missing person report, just in case. Sae was almost sure he was among the trash heap that was her desk. However, doubt tugs at the back of her mind.



Caleb felt himself get flushed down with the rest of the woman's lunch. Brutally ripped from the stomach into an even fleshier jail with a wet pop.

Somehow the environment around him felt sweltering, more so than the already hostile atmosphere of the stomach. It's somewhat cramped as well, and he struggles to find room.

Like the stomach, Sae’s intestines have no interest in Calebs’ plight as they do their best to suck whatever they can get from his tiny body.

Caleb wanted out. No, he needed out! He claws desperately towards the valve that had so mercilessly ripped him from the last chamber. Its formerly harsh environment was something the tiny now longed for.

Screaming and tearing at the fleshy gateway, The trapped tiny found no purchase, and whatever progress he thinks was made is nonexistent. Caleb can't stop himself from hyperventilating. Fuck, he was going to die in here. His life wasn't supposed to end like this.

Collapsing into a sad mess, Caleb sobs quietly in the darkness of Sae’s bowels while the digestive tract continues performing its job, just as it always did. The tiny boy is ushered along through the sickeningly oppressive environment, like another piece of food.

By now, Caleb had come to terms with how grave his situation had become. He'd likely never make it out alive. Sae's gut may very well be his last stop.

A swath of regret floods his thoughts as he thinks of all the life he missed. All because of a damn sandwich...

The walls billow around him, pulling him further along. They massage his entire body, the mucus lining stains, and soaks his clothes and skin—the heartbeat of Miss Niijima surrounding him from every side. In a way, it was as if her heart was pumping in tandem with his.

Du’dum, du’dum, du’dum



Sae walks through the door, taking in the familiar smells of the place she and her sister call home.

As always, her thoughts from the second she walks in the door shift back to work. The tiny, what was the boy’s name again? Caleb, perhaps? She couldn’t remember with so much to think about. However, he was a priority! Nothing she could do for him until morning, though.

Throwing her heels down haphazardly, Sae stretches her toes out, relishing the freedom they now had. Her feet ache from standing on them for a good part of the day.

Overcome with fatigue from it all, the career woman stomps wearily into the kitchen, where she sees her sister has already cooked and left dinner for her.

She contemplates whether she has the time to enjoy a home-cooked meal tonight, when she hears the jingle of a door handle echo throughout the small apartment. 

Her eyes dart to a hoodie-clad Makoto quietly shutting her door, setting her papers on the kitchen counter. The older sister lets a hand rest upon her shapely hips.

Sae scowls. After a day like today, she wasn’t in the mood for any of Makoto’s antics. Usually, her sister was a model student. However, recently she's been acting somewhat... off.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing? Shouldn’t you be asleep already?”

The young girl nearly jumps out of her skin, not expecting her sister to be home so late. She panics, almost dropping her phone in the process.

“Oh, um, me? Just going out with some friends.” Makoto shrinks back. Her body language was fidgety, giving off an almost nervous energy about her.

Sae was not amused, “Absolutely not! It’s, how late? And you want to go out on a school night?”

Makoto tenses up suddenly. Her arms stretch down her side as she clenches her fists.

“That isn’t right! You can’t just…” her voice drops off as she rattles her brain for words. The anger made her hot, “-stay so late, and, and, try and tell me how to live my life!”

Sae snickers cruelly, misdirected malice from the stress of work stabbing her sister like a knife.

"Of course, it's easy for you to say that. Especially when you aren't the one being burdened."



The argument rages on the outside as Caleb slinks further into Saes’ gut. The fleshy walls of the organ are already squeezing him for all he's worth—further lulling him into a calm acceptance of his inevitable fate. 

Now, the small intestine’s villi massage his whole body with their gooey yet soft appendages, all the while moving him further along her digestive tract. Thousands of tiny supple tongues harassed his entire body as the passways shook and rumbled from the commotion going on outside. Despite the turmoil laying just outside his prison of bodily functions, he was held in place by the constricting tubes flanking him from all sides.

Oddly, Caleb can’t help but find it calming. He doesn’t understand what’s happening to him, but somehow, the panic doesn’t take this time. It’s soothing, being trapped inside such a wonderful person. She was so focused and so very goal-oriented. A part of him was happy to be a part of that. Helping provide for her seems almost noble in some weird way.

Hands held tightly at his sides, Caleb could scarcely move of his own accord. Although, he managed to just barely get his khakis down ever-so-slightly. Enough for his quickly hardening dick to pop above the band. His face goes an entirely new tint of red. It gleams across his cheeks as Caleb carefully wiggles more than just the head outside his pants.

It pops out, the humid slippery air-kissing it hello. The tiny snack’s brain felt almost soupy, in a way. He was having a hard time stringing thoughts together. Is it the heat? Maybe. 

… Where exactly is he? Caleb fights to remember, but it's lost in the haze of the moment.

Not able to make sense of all the scattered thoughts, Caleb instead turns his attention to the tiny, almost kiss-like sensations the villi give him. Warm and comfortable, it was hard not to be aroused. 

In blindly trying to absorb the boy for nutrients, they caress his shaft, dozens upon dozens of them moving around it in a gentle rhythm of motion, swaying tenderly, almost as if her digestive system itself was making love to him.

A hint of shame hits him, but he is rapidly overwhelmed with a building sense of both lust and desire. Wiggling his hips back and forth, he comes as close as he possibly can to thrusting his length against the wall pink spongy wall of Sae’s intestine.

Turbulence from outside, as a liquid not yet absorbed, sloshes around under Caleb. He pays it no mind, hearing the muffled words of the girl who had swallowed him whole. Her voice drove him wild with something akin to joy. Maybe even love?

Working himself into a frenzy, the tiny enjoys the sensations, listening to the noises of Sae’s incredibly vast body. The gurgles, groans, and subtle creaks of it all put him on edge.

He couldn’t take it anymore; his balls felt heavy. He lets out a cry, painting the walls with sticky cum. Strands adhering to the constantly pulsing floor underneath him, moving to the body’s internal rhythm.

Energy spent, Caleb’s fatigued mind finishes its drowsy downward spiral. Amidst the muffled yelling of Sae, the girl who was now his everything, Caleb enters unconsciousness—dreaming of the girl who had ascended past the point of a simple woman into something more.

Caleb couldn't understand why he was still alive, but a part of him was grateful for the chance to observe her innermost workings. The unrelenting efficiency of her digestive system was a sight to behold.



“Don’t talk about him like that! He doesn’t deserve to-...arrrrggg!”


Makoto slams the door shut with a mighty thud, wind rushing throughout the small Japanese apartment as she did so.

Sae could only shake her head in astonishment at the display. Her sister had been so different lately. She took a moment of reflection before slamming her fist on the table and sweeps the now cold dinner onto the floor. A moment of impulsive action, one she wasn't proud of.

With a sigh, she started to bend down before the strangest feeling hit her gut. Sae had to pause just to process it. Almost like a faint tickle moving through her. Not quite at her stomach, but just below it. She presses a hand against it, feeling movement from within.

“Ugh, maybe I’ll skip dinner tonight.” She mumbles to herself, poking the problem area with her index finger, before relenting and finally cleaning up on her mess.

Sae could already tell it was going to be a long night.



Caleb awoke to the fleshy wall bending in towards him. Did she know? Was that her way of telling him? Caleb's doubt grew, as eventually, the motion outside came to a halt. If she did know, she wasn’t in any rush to save him.


Sae’s accidental morsel was far from concerned, though. He’d long since grown to accept this role and his new home within her. This was where he belonged, together forever inside her, helping and nourishing her every action. Eternally within her temple.



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