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Bus Trip
By Supernova

A commissioned work loosely based on “Bus Trip” by Dr. Nick
Original here: https://www.devouredstories.net/stories_biggulp/stories/bustrip.htm

        Nick flattened his face into the back of the coach bus’ soft polyester seat. Stricken with boredom, he watched strobing patterns swirl behind his eyelids as slices of sunlight flew past the window. Having paid extra for a unique road tour of Thailand, he already understood that the distances between destinations were all rather vast. Heading all the way up into a relatively remote region, the entire day was exclusively dedicated to this one spot on the itinerary.

        As the bus continued its way along somewhat narrow, rural roads, sections of which were unpaved, Nick felt a subtle sense of guilt. Incredibly tired, he wished to keep his eyes as open as possible, so as to retain as much of the foreign environment as he could. Already on the sixth day of his tour, and still not yet fully recovered from the jet lag, he leaned back into the soft bus seat and covered his pale face with his hands. Drawing his fingers up into his mop of dark brown hair, he sighed. Too tired to stay awake, yet too excited to fall asleep.

        He plopped his hands down on his lap before scanning the rest of the seats. Roughly forty-five other people, give or take a couple, were all bouncing in unison as the bus continued its way through the rough, hilly landscape. “At least no one was smart enough to bring their kids,” thought Nick as he felt the familiar heaviness infect his eyelids. Beyond tired, but still anxious to get to this next spot, he realized he didn’t exactly know where he was going. Some kind of temple?

        Licking his lips, he continued looking out the window, seeing an endless sea of green within the humid slopes of his vacation destination. As the air conditioner blew strongly on his skin, he was happy to have a decently lengthy respite from the heat and humidity of the outside. He blinked several times as he continued to fight the sensation of exhaustion.

Considering that he first thought to bring a small pad to take notes on, detailing his trip in his own words, Nick knew that his solo vacation would change him. Perhaps it was appropriate to have a little “Me time” in the midst of his first lengthy time off since before college. As he breathed heavily, he let the worry that he should be “Productive” leave his mind. The tension in his shoulders almost instantaneously melted away, causing him to sink into the soft bus seat. “This isn’t half bad!” he continued thinking as an odd sensation of comfort washed through him. Gripping his backpack between his ankles, he pleasantly drifted into unconsciousness.


        Anna and Derek intertwined their fingers, both looking out the window, ignorant of the fact that their breathing was perfectly in sync. “When do you think we’re gonna get there?” Anna asked, cocking her head to the side as she leaned past Derek’s head to see the forested greenery pass by in a consistent blur.

        “I donno! Soon, I guess! What has it been, like an hour?” Derek turned his hair, showing her his light hazel eyes, which Anna always adored. They looked so clear in the mid-day sun shining brightly through the charter bus windows.

        Anna smiled, her pink lips turning upward. She blushed. “More like two hours!” she lightly exclaimed as she lightly tapped his long nose with her pointer finger. “Your sense of direction is almost as bad as your sense of time, sweetie!”

        “Hey, it’s not that bad! I always get at least halfway there before I get lost!” Derek cocked his head to the side, much in the same way Anna had just a few seconds prior.

        “Then I guess we’re lucky someone else is driving, then!” Anna crinkled her nose and smiled tightly and cutely before darting her lips to her boyfriend’s cheek, giving a light peck. Her smile turned gleeful as she saw Derek’s light tan skin blush.

        Her mind continued fluttering with excitement. Having been going out with Derek for over four years at this point, she almost knew that the “Question” was going to be popped before the trip was over. Already experiencing the time of her life eating local delicacies and admiring the natural wonders of a foreign country, she knew the best was yet to come. Both in the trip and in her life. Wearing a cute, floral skirt that went down to her knees, she kept her large sun hat on her lap, showing off her thin, red spaghetti-string top.

        Loving how she felt so stylish, there was always something nagging in the back of her mind, disappointed that Derek didn’t like dressing up as well. Leering at his outfit, a tee shirt and some cargo shorts, as he stared out the window, she wondered if she could get him dressing better when they were engaged. Looking down at those big pockets of his beige shorts, she almost felt embarrassed that he may be hiding the engagement ring in there.

        Sighing, she knew she loved him all the same as she put her hands on his shoulder and leaned her head on them. She still loved the smell of his cologne. At least he was classy enough to not use Old Spice or, worse, Axe Body Spray.

        As the bus ascended up the hill, the road grew rougher and rougher. Having already visited so many spots with Derek, she already found the desire within herself to go back to Thailand one day. Feeling Derek’s large biceps through his tee shirt, she felt both loved and safe. Her anxiety not flaring up a single time since the trip started, she thought this would be a new leaf for her. A way to take on the world confidently and with mental clarity. She knew, deep in her heart, that this trip would change her forever.

        Now driving into the flat plane of a forested backroad, the trees grew larger, covering the road with so much shade that it almost looked like the evening. In spite of there not being any side-roads nearby, and it didn’t look like they were quite at the temple, the bus seemed to slow down, then stop.

        Peeking over her seat, Anna noticed the other passengers fixated upon the front window. Strangely, a young woman wearing some formal attire common to the area, was standing in the middle of the road, blocking the way of the bus.

        “What’s going on?” Derek asked, as he peeked right next to her.

        Anna’s left eyebrow raised. “I don’t know, hun. It looks like someone flagged us down.”


        Derek squinted his eyes towards the front of the bus, spotting a ghostly image step forward on an unpaved dirt road. A pang of anger spiked through his chest as he realized that the “Good part” of the day would just be prolonged due to someone’s strange behavior. Wanting to scream “Get that bitch out of the way!” he stifled his inner reflexes, as he knew that Anna wouldn’t like that. He sighed, instead opting for the more intimate “What’s this bitch doing?” asking his girlfriend.

        Anna leaned forward, looming over the seat in front of her. “How should I know?”

        “You read more about this place than me, do people, like, stop vehicles to, like, rob them or something?” Derek knew that his “dumb” was slipping out and sensed a growing embarrassment heat up his lower neck.

        “That could happen anywhere. As far as I know, this is a pretty safe area, and after all, it’s just one girl.” Anna appeared relaxed, as if this was all natural. Nothing seemed to ruin her mood, not even this strange inconvenience. Derek gulped, knowing how disappointed she was going to be knowing that he didn’t have any ring for her.

        Derek licked his lips. “Yeah, but, uh, what if she has a gun or something?”

        Anna slumped. “Don’t think of the worst, babe. Maybe she just needs a lift.”

        Both gazing upon the front window, they noticed how formally the woman was dressed, wearing clothing of a type unfamiliar to Derek. A long, silken shawl that didn’t cover one of her shoulders. He’d never say this out loud in front of Anna, but the closer she came, the sexier she looked. A beautiful, pale face with delicate features and a killer body, the silk she was wearing really hugged her hips nicely. As she got closer to the bus, he noticed she was a young woman, probably late teens or early twenties. Not really a threat.

        He bit his lip unknowingly as he gawked at her, silently, with the rest of the bus. Even the bus driver seemed not to know what to do. Derek watched the bus driver honk his horn and wave his arm frantically, as if to wave her away, but to no avail.

        Derek felt a burst of rage thrust through him as he watched the bus driver lean on the horn. “I shouldn’t have to feel like this on my fucking vacation,” he thought as he stood up, lightly banging his head on the air conditioning console above. Rubbing where plastic contacted skull, he put one foot in front of the other down the bus’ center aisle. “Derek, come on! She’ll move!”

        As he drew the eyes of everyone on the bus, ready to step out and literally push her out of the way, and get a closer look at her, he saw this woman raise her right hand. Seeing her hair glint off of the light above in a tight ponytail, seeing the young woman’s irritating smirk was enough to almost send him running at the door itself.

        Stopping in his tracks, his eyebrows twisted in an expression of pure anger as he watched a strange, pink glow emanate from one of the woman’s fingers, as if she was wearing a ring of unknown design.

        At the precise moment he was blinded by a sudden, pink flash of light, he felt a thudding vibration thunder up his spinal cord. He had fallen on his ass. People were screaming. The light outside the windows appeared to “flutter” differently. Placing his hands on the floor of the bus, he felt a wave of disgust course through him as he felt the dust and sand grit under his bare fingers.

        Upon standing, he almost lost balance, grabbing on to a stranger’s seat rest. Craning his neck left and right, he couldn’t tell what people were screaming about. His heart sank. Why did they look as though they were stopped in the middle of a dirt field? He blinked several times as he regained a level of clarity in his vision. The heads in all the seats were moving frantically as they talked amongst themselves in frantic, broken sentences.

        Turning around, he saw Anna’s beautiful face stand out in the crowd, as if the light of God was shining on her in the midst of the chaos. Her eyes almost appeared sunken in her head as her skin grew a thin sheen of terror-borne sweat. With no back window, he walked for Anna as hard as he walked towards the front of the bus just seconds ago, still no idea what anyone was screaming about.

        A near all-encompassing, rhythmic thumping shook the bus up and down, forcing all the heads to bounce at once. In spite of the harsh, unpaved roads the bus was once driving over, nothing shook the vehicle quite like this. As he was just a few seats away from Anna, the passengers of the bus all erupted into chaotic screaming in unison. Derek’s heart felt like it was bleeding. He knew he had to be brave for Anna, but he always took the adage “You can’t be brave without fear” extremely seriously. He wanted to somehow run, but he didn’t even know what was going on.

        He turned around and froze in electric terror.

        That very same woman who was blocking the bus earlier was now peering into it with an incomprehensibly tremendous eye. In some unknown way, she either found a way to become enormous or, more horrifyingly, make the entire bus smaller.

        Derek’s knees buckled as he felt himself fall yet again. The woman’s eye blinked incredibly slowly. As he crawled backwards he watched the immense brown circle observe the passengers as it darted back and forth with an uncanny quickness. Seeing the large sphere slide around within the giant woman’s eye socket sent a wave of disgust through Derek’s body. Upon sensing a shiver jolt goosebumps over nearly nearly every inch of his skin, the bus’s unified chord of terror bleated yet again as the entire bus shifted.

        Two black obstructions darkened the sides of the bus as the dirt road disappeared. The entire vehicle vibrated with an unstable quaking. As the bus itself tilted forward, Derek felt himself slide down towards the front of the bus. Still shaking in fear, any attempt to grab the bus seats failed as his legs grinded up against the dust-ridden bus floor. Letting out a gust of air as he crashed into the front console of the bus itself, he grasped the aluminum rod that served as the railing for the bus’s entrance. Widening his eyes, he felt the urge to void his bladder, but suppressed it as he gazed upon the vast distance between the tilted bus and the ground. It was almost as if it was flying, being in the grasp of the young woman who had apparently shrunk them.

        Leaning back, he could see the panicked faces of all the other passengers on the bus, unfortunately blocking the path to see Anna. Would he even want to see his girlfriend in such a state? Now tilted at almost a forty-five degree angle, he tried to find some way to scale the now-steep mid-bus aisle, but finding no obvious paths. The shaking from their captor’s walking made any grip untenable. Each time her foot came into contact with the ground, a vibratory crash seemed to travel up her body and travel through her arms, giving the miniscule people within the bus a bassy “thump” through the fingers delicately grasping the sides of the vehicle.

        Deciding, for now, to simply hold on to the railing for dear life, Derek gazed through the windshield. His eyes transfixed through the shaking windows, he noticed that she was taking the bus through a side path, obscured by vegetation. His arms shivered and his grip nearly weakened as he saw a rather opulent-looking house grow larger. Unfamiliar with the architecture of this building, it did look local in his eyes, but whoever lived in this place was clearly rich.

        Licking his lips, Derek felt his mouth grow dry. Staring beyond the glass, he watched an immense door open just as he noticed his own reflection in the window. His eyes were sunken, he looked pale and shiny with terror-driven sweat. He could barely recognize himself or the emotion he was displaying on his face. Already, he had begun to feel his identity melt away to be replaced by a primal survival instinct.

        The bus, including the driver, all gasped in various tones as the bus passed through the door’s threshold. Much darker than the outside, Derek blinked several times as his pupils dilated to comprehend the scene occurring outside the bus. The younger woman’s footsteps stopped.


        Feeling his palms grow slick with sweat, he let his jaw slacken. Before him, and the rest of the bus, was an older Thai woman in elegant formal wear sitting before what looked like a bowl of curry and a glass of wine. The older woman looked extremely dignified, sitting up in a practiced posture with her hair done up in a bun. Sitting at the table, her lips slightly pursed, Derek could see that she was likely extremely attractive in her prime. He saw her expertly-applied makeup accentuate her beautifully sharp features. Sitting calmly under the arched ceiling, the expensive-seeming decor almost appeared to match her outfit. The huge woman looked as though everything around her, including the maid carrying the bus, was made for her.

        The older woman nodded subtly and the bus darted forward over the woman’s table. Derek could sense his arms shake uncontrollably as the bus itself continued to tilt forward. Now at a seventy-five degree angle forward, he knew he couldn’t maintain his grip for any longer. He’d have to let go and grab on the console.

        A downward lurch. Derek’s eyes felt as though they were shaking as the bus itself began its descent towards the bowl of curry. His nerves overloaded, he didn’t feel his fingers loosening from the railing until he sensed them completely slip away. Another crash to the front of the bus, the first contact bouncing him down the bus’s stairs and against the doors.

        His chest felt as though it was going to burst. A sphere of agonizing terror built under his sternum as he felt the doors open wide under his weight, spilling him into open air.

        “Derek!” Anna’s cry, muffled by a quick distance, forced an extra pulse of horror through his veins. His back against gravity, he could see the bus quickly shrink away as he fell. The adrenaline coursing through his veins, he felt time slow down as he tried in vain to reach towards the bus he was quickly falling away from. His senses sharpened, he could clearly see Anna’s face, panicked, peeking from one of the rear windows.

        “A quick death,” he thought, fully expecting the back of his head to bash against the table. “I can think of worse ways to die.”

        He was surrounded by red coldness. His first reflex was to imagine the splash around him to be the quick conceptualization of death before blackness. The blackness which didn’t come.

        Coughing, he spat out a strong-tasting fluid that aromatically burst through his sinuses as his face reached air. Staring upwards, his sight stained by a burgundy shade, he grew dizzy seeing that his periphery was physically warping. As if a portion of his vision was completely hazed in a panicked blur.

        Another pulse of panic in his chest as his brain acclimated to his new reality. The twisting framing his line of sight wasn't mental. They were walls of blown glass stretching into the artificial sky. Spitting out another strong mouthful of redness, he felt his sense of self dissolve into the liquid around him. He was swimming in that woman’s wine glass. “No! No! Anna! No!” He dived forward, splashing the redness over him, feeling strangely syrupy at his tiny size.

        Feeling the surface tension of the wine cling to him like glue, it beaded strangely over his forehead, much differently than it would have if he were still his original stature. Everything around him took on a new, alien form. The house, through the wine glass, looked as though it was melting. His panicked mind twisted everything into a sense of unreality.

        His brain now stewing in trauma-induced electricity, Derek found himself pounding his fists against the walls to the point that he felt sharp explosions of pain each time flesh connected with glass. “No! No! Please!”

        A low laugh blasted from above as the liquid below shook. Seeing the stretched image of the older woman’s hand stretch below the glass, Derek was now gripped with the realization of his position. Staring upwards, he could see the older woman’s face stare down upon him. Her beautiful eyes lined with the slight wrinkling that betrayed her age, the soft layer of peach fuzz that covered her face, her pink lips now parting to show a deep, dark, wet cavern of piercing nothingness.

        Derek, feeling the familiar sensation of ascent grip his chest, swam backwards as hard as he could, feeling his bruised fists splash against the surface of the woman’s wine. His mind was focused on pure survival as he felt the wine glass tilt forward, much as the bus had earlier.

        Gasping for breath out of both horror and fatigue, he only noticed the fine features of the woman’s face grow more detailed. Every one of the woman’s flaws turned extremely apparent for him, as if she had turned herself into some horrific monster on the way up to her face. As her lips came into contact with the lower glass, something snapped within Derek’s soul. He felt, in his heart of hearts, that he was doomed.

        His limbs became overwhelmed by an existential fuzz, as if his nerves were being clouded by microphone feedback. The mouth before him widened, showing off the oral cavity of some stranger. Cords of bubbly saliva stretched from her tongue to the roof of her mouth, snapping as the parting widened. Now nearly limp, he felt himself float rather than swim as the current began to carry him forward while the wine spilled over her front teeth.

        He could only let the flow take him. In the oceanic thrust of panic, he felt a sliver of shame. Watching the inside of the stranger’s mouth grow closer, seeing her taste buds within the shadow of an overhanging arch, he thought about how he should be resisting. How he should be swimming away. How he should at least try.

        The warm haze of the woman’s mouth humidity washed over him as he passed the threshold of her lips. His feet and knees both skidded against the center crevice of the woman’s tongue, dragging away a thin layer of her mouth scum. Craning his neck upwards, he saw the darkness of her wrinkly palate framed by a row of perfectly straight, naturally white teeth. Not a spot of plaque to be seen. The only details that Derek’s mind could comprehend before being sent into a tight, pulsing, pitch-black gullet.

        He didn’t even know who she was and yet, at that point, Derek was experiencing her through every one of his senses. Now gripped by her esophagus, he could feel her soft flesh ripple over his skin, dragging him down into her depths. Gritting his teeth, letting tears leak from his eyes, he was forced to endure the violation of this stranger’s body slither over his own. He could feel her breathe, he could feel her calm heartbeat blasting through the fleshy surfaces surrounding him. He felt her mucus build up over him, causing him to slip down further, guided by the peristaltic motions of her esophagus.

        The heat was unbearable, not because of its severity, but because of its familiarity. It was as though he was standing far, far too close to someone, but unable to free himself. Her bodily warmth was the only temperature he was experiencing outside, but within he was suffering a sense of unfathomable coldness.

        As the ring of muscle before his face stopped his descent, Derek screamed. As the wrinkly hole below him slid over his squirming body, he made sounds that he couldn’t even recognize as human. Completely taken over by the part of his brain dedicated to survival, he couldn’t resist thrashing and screeching as he dropped down into the empty stomach with the mouthful of red wine.

        The pulsing, wet chamber slid all around him. A chill of disgust blasted through every single one of his cells as he felt the gentle caress of the stranger’s stomach folds. Waving his arms as hard as he possibly could, he felt himself only descending into the slimy pocket of emptiness within the older woman’s core. His jaw shivering to the point that his teeth were clattering against each other, his brain forced him to try to climb up, but the slippery chamber gave no friction. Churning nothing, the walls simply slid against each other, sandwiching Derek between the soft, wrinkly, mucus-covered surfaces.

        Derek’s mind went into complete overdrive. “She has to throw me up! I can’t die like this! Please! No!” His thoughts were so stark, he almost visually hallucinated. In spite of the complete lack of light, he could still “see” the color red within his field of vision. Though he knew it wasn’t really there, the redness flashed brightly every time he felt his heart beat. “No! Please!” He screamed as loudly as he could, feeling the woman’s stomach fog enter his nostrils and sinuses.

        The odor of vomit was ever-present and overwhelming. The sourness caused his nostrils to flutter, almost as if to reflexively rid themselves of the putrid, steaming slime that covered every surface. Balling his fists again, he could feel the woman’s stomach ooze squeeze between his fingers. Slamming his fist into the wall, he could sense strings of mucus spread all over.

        Hyperventilating, Derek realized he was now simply weeping, with each breath scorching his lungs more than the last.

        Surrounded by alien sounds, he felt himself sink into the hot, bubbling liquid below as he heard another spluttering. Then screaming. Open, un-muffled screaming. From above, then from all around. As a cloud of curry scent added itself to the cocktail of wine and vomit, Derek felt a true sense of doom shatter his heart. Hearing screams of all tones, he wondered if Anna was among them.


        “Derek!” Anna screeched out the window as she watched her boyfriend fall into the sea of wine below, landing with a light “thunk.”

        A lump formed in her throat as she watched the tremendous woman pick up the wine glass and take a few gulps like it was nothing. It didn’t take more than three seconds, but Anna knew she was forever changed as soon as she saw the wine glass leave the stranger’s lips.

        Anna sat back in her seat, completely numb, even as the roof of the bus was being peeled back by a set of monstrous fingernails. The windows all burst in violent sprays of broken glass. Metal twisted and broke. Mechanical twisting and screeching all around as the shadows from above were replaced by the burning of an incandescent lightbulb above. Anna craned her neck upwards and looked at life through the eyes of what felt like a glitching computer. Dozens of people all screaming, spilling out. Spilling up?

        A low whooshing sound filled Anna’s ears as she felt herself splash brown curry in several directions. Sensing her eyes slink back into her head, she craned her neck upwards, seeing the lip of the wooden bowl before the hopelessly towering woman sitting before them. Squinting, Anna mostly felt confusion as she saw the older woman’s face from a distance. She had never seen a human’s face at such a scale, as if her brain was trying to comprehend the immense figure as a mountain or a cliff face. Blinking, she saw the bus itself, turned upside-down in the maid’s hands, a man dangling from his backpack  over the curry itself.

        She could feel her eye twitch as she saw the two women above laughing over it, the older one pointing to him. Speaking something in a language she didn’t understand, she noticed the maid’s face grow ecstatic, sounding as if she was saying “thank you” as she plucked the little, hanging man away from the bus itself, cradling him in her palm. Her ears still overwhelmed by a whooshing drone, she couldn’t help but stare at the younger woman walking away with the trashed bus and the human being.

        Floating on the mass of curry, Anna’s brain almost felt as though it was vibrating physically. Scanning her environment, she saw dozens of people, many of which were semi-familiar, all fellow passengers on the ill-fated bus tour.

        Laying down spread-eagle on the warm muck, Anna felt her will begin to dissolve. Derek was gone. The man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Silent, she felt every muscle in her face slacken as a novel sense of despair flooded through her.

        The cacophony of uniform screams blasted her eardrums as she saw the woman’s spoon descend for the first time. Far away from her, she couldn’t help but “see double” as the metal utensil penetrated the surface of the fluid and dug out three human beings. Watching the two women and one man ascend to the stranger’s mouth, all covered in curry, Anna felt as though she couldn’t respond emotionally, but her left eye twitched relentlessly.

        Her eyes fixated upon the woman’s mouth opening wide to deposit her three victims within, Anna still couldn’t find any energy to move. Her brain was giving her static and her muscles were cursed with a thorough stillness. After the stranger had dumped the three upon her tongue, Anna saw that this woman was “playful” with them. Watching her mouth subtly open, she could see a hand desperately grasp at the lower lip before disappearing back into hot darkness. Even on top of all the horrified screeching all around her, the sounds of the woman’s lips smacking together were by far the most piercing. Probably the most piercing noise she had ever heard in her entire life.

        The noise of the woman’s throaty gulp made everything else appear tame. Anna could feel her own heart pound through her numbness, knowing that three living people were descending this woman’s throat. To join Derek.

        Covering her own face, she felt the warm curry cover her eyes and nose. Derek. The man she was going to marry. “Is my engagement ring within her right now?” Anna’s mind grew grim, knowing that if she was swallowed whole, as Derek was, then she would be spending the rest of her life with him either way. Still emotionally drained, she could feel her own tears begin to liquefy the curry that was now clinging to her.

        Unable to see anything, she could still hear and feel when the spoon descended to pluck away more victims, as there was a pulse of screaming with each descent. Her leaking tears grew to open weeping as she could hear people splashing nearby to flee the threatening utensil. Coughing on the somewhat spicy flavor of the warm liquid, Anna felt it crawl its way up her legs, then torso. With only her chest and head sticking out from above the mixture, she uncovered her eyes to see that the high watermark of the curry itself had descended. The screams around her were reduced.

        Watching the woman descending her spoon again, she could see a group of four women all splash in the curry at the same time, trying in futility to flee from the spoon which had already dug underneath them. Their only escape route was cut off, replaced by a vast cliff that descended into the bowl below.

        Seeing little bits of curry fall from the spoon, Anna crouched as she heard the screaming group become muffled by the woman’s closed lips. Her lower jaw quivering, Anna knew that the sick woman above was now forcing the tiny people to spread the flavor over her immense tongue. Another tear fell from Anna’s eye. “How could I have been reduced to this?” Her thoughts grew darker, reducing her desire to flee.

        As another gulp thundered through her ears, she saw the spoon leave the woman’s mouth, empty of course, and descend right towards her. She could see the streaks left by the woman’s saliva and curry as it grew closer. Not reacting whatsoever as she felt it dig underneath the very surface she was floating on, she could only sigh when she left the bowl itself.

        “At least I’ll be with Derek,” she thought as the woman’s mouth opened to receive her. Blinking slowly, she saw spots of the brown liquid litter the woman’s mouth, forming puddles on her tongue and dripping from her palate. The intense scent filled her nostrils as she saw the woman’s upper incisors pass over her. The light quickly faded away as the lips sealed shut on the far side of the spoon.

        Anna, again, felt no shift in her emotional state. The sickening vibrations that echoed from all over were the disgusting combination between personal and biological. A thorough violation that can only be committed by another human being combined with the visceral horror of stepping on a slug.

        As the spoon left the older woman’s mouth, all of Anna’s nerves set on fire at once. Shaking, she covered her face and screeched. Blubbering through a layer of saliva-laden curry, she sunk her fingernails into her face as she felt her back slithering against the wet, bumpy surface of the tremendous tongue below. Spilling over the slick precipice, the woman’s uvula painted a line of thick mucus over her face and torso before a strong ring of muscle gripped her. The swallowing sound around her was bone-shattering. Anna could do nothing but shiver.

        She didn’t know what emotion she was feeling. The scorching horror splitting her soul open was a novel sensation. A unity between wanting to die and knowing it’s going to happen. The stranger’s body slid her downwards with mundane familiarity, as if it was any other piece of food.

        The bubbling gurgling slipped all around her. Anna knew that her own body wasn’t in control. Some stranger’s passive, involuntary bodily functions were now more in control of her fate than Anna was. A calm thudding of a tremendous nearby heart contrasted greatly with the relentless, panicked blasting coming from within her own chest.

        The descent to the dark, screaming pit of the woman’s stomach was quick and almost rote. Anna knew where she was, why she was there, and what would happen to her. Though she knew that Derek was somewhere in the horrible blackness, she knew there was truly no use in finding him.

        Anna’s entire existence was one of burgeoning agony. Her eyes burned. Her sinuses ached. Her heart felt as though it was cracking her sternum open. The heat here was far beyond anything she could have imagined. Wet slapping, gurgling from every direction, and a threatening heartbeat echoed around her. Still limp, she just allowed the woman’s stomach to churn her into the oceanic mass of chyme. Forced into the space of other tiny people, she didn’t even have the energy to push away, despite feeling shredded, burned limbs push her away.

        Hearing guttural choking and screaming, she knew that Derek was likely in more pain than anyone, given that he was the first one to descend into this woman’s infernal body. Every time she inhaled, she knew that her time was growing more and more limited.

        Coughing, she could feel the endless tide of vomit flood her mouth. The taste of curry was nonexistent. The only flavor she was both smelling and tasting was that of fresh, hot vomit. A stranger’s vomit.

        The mixture she was floating in wasn’t even chunky, it was a smooth mixture of swallowed food and mucus. As another screaming mass spluttered down into the sea, Anna wanted to lose her hearing, just as she lost her sight the second she was plunged into the woman’s darkness.

        “Derek” she whispered, finding herself only able to let out a short, raspy plea. The emotional numbness almost felt as though it was shriveling within her, leaving room only for doomed despair.

        Anna knew she had an entire life ahead of her. Experiences. Marriage. A future with Derek. All to be ended by some stranger in a foreign country in such a sickening and perverse way that she was almost grateful that no one would know what happened to her.

         As another mass of curry and squirming bodies landed in the woman’s stomach, Anna found herself churned up against one of the woman’s stomach folds. Glued there by a rain of mucus, Anna knew that her skin was beginning to slough away due to the relentless assault of the stranger’s stomach acid. Lifting her arm up, Anna felt the skin on her face. It wasn’t her. What should be a soft, moisturized cheek was instead a frayed mess of torn flesh. Even with the light touch of her fingertips, she could feel the epidermis flake away like diaphanous spider webbing.

        “It’s not me anymore. I’m not here. I’m…” She tried to put up some defensive mental barrier to separate herself from the reality of the situation, but failed. Feeling her lungs fill up with scorching, acidic air, she knew that she was taking her last breaths. There was still some hope beyond hope, as she felt the acid soaking into her clothes and eating away at her genitals, that Derek would embrace her and she wouldn’t have to die alone. As the wrinkles around her shifted with another churn, she felt her face descend below the surface.

        In the heaving ocean of the stranger’s vomit, Anna knew she had no energy to swim upwards. Twisting in the chaotic mass, Anna lost all concept of direction. She couldn’t feel her arms, nor legs. With the curry-vomit swirling around her, she took as deep of a breath as she possibly could, feeling her chest fill up with the deadly, acidic fluid. Her agony only lasted a few more seconds.


        Nick had never felt adrenaline course into his veins so fast as when he was being woken up by a pair of tremendous fingernails ripping off the roof of the very bus he was in. Now surrounded by chaotic screaming, he had wondered if the bus itself had been involved in some kind of crash, but after blinking several times, his heart felt almost as though it was about to stop.

        The bus flipped over. Gravity took Nick by the collar and dragged him down. A sharp pain blasted his ankle as he felt himself dangling down face-first, watching dozens of people fall below into what looked like a sea-sized bowl of curry.

        Sensing his hair falling downwards, he looked towards his foot, which was hooked on his backpack, which seemed to be snagged upon one of the bus seats.

        Darting his face around, he could hear giggling. Gasping and twisting his face into a horrified expression, he saw two women of a literally impossible size. Nick’s mind wasn’t able to accept this situation. Blinking, he was wondering if he was still dreaming as the younger woman of the two brought her curled-up palm to him. Gently placing him upon the rough, leathery surface of her palm, the bus, looking completely destroyed, landed next to him.

        Hearing some words exchanged in a language he didn’t understand, he saw the wrinkles of the hand appear to grow, encircling him until he was trapped.

        “Hey! Help me! What the fuck is going on?” The lights spattering from between the immense fingers appeared to flash before him as the thumping footsteps forced fear into his soul.

        Sensing the immense woman that was carrying him had just closed a large, loud door, Nick’s mind went into chaos. In less than thirty seconds, he had been woken up from a nap and thrust into a new reality. Having no idea who this person was, what had happened to the bus, or what was going to happen to him, he could only stare with his mouth agape as the fingers unfurled like a blooming flower.

        Kneeling, he looked up to see the woman’s face. Nick stared into her immense, dark brown eyes as she appeared to blush and giggle before him. Covering up her smile modestly with her other hand before using it to pinch the destroyed bus and lift it away somewhere unseen. Watching the background behind the woman’s admittedly beautiful face shift quickly behind her, Nick jumped as he heard what sounded like a bed creak. Unable to see anything below her palm, he shivered, unable to read her face.

        Watching her lick her lips slowly, dragging a slick sheen of saliva around her mouth, Nick’s blood went cold. “She’s gonna eat me,” he thought, feeling a sense of extreme violation. Seeing how elegantly she was dressed, at least from the chest-up, he thought that he may be part of some delicacy that he knew nothing about.

        Feeling his heart pound against his chest, Nick felt words quiver out of his throat. “L-look! J-j-just let me go! Turn me back! I don’t know w-w-w-what you did, b-b-but--”

        A sudden sense of descent gripped him. Her elegant clothing darted by as he saw the wrappings end at her knees. His heart exploded in a sense of terror, disgust, and violation as he saw the pitch-dark cave between this woman’s legs head straight for him. The fingers grasping him thrusting him up the tremendous woman’s dress, Nick wanted to heave as he smelled the cocktail of crotch sweat and vaginal fluid within the dark cavern between the woman’s thighs.

        “No! Wait! Sto-”

        Sexual warmth encased his squirming body in less than one second. His world shifted so abruptly and so violently, Nick didn’t know how to react to such an extreme violation other than to thrash. His skin almost felt as though it was covered in molten glass as a stranger enveloped him in her most intimate area. The soft caress of her leaking vaginal walls immediately sent Nick into panic mode. Any sense of grounding was lost as his ear drums were filled with the slick sounds of the maid’s cunt slapping against his ears.

        “MMMMMF!” Screaming, he couldn’t do anything but blow bubbles in the thick juice. Tasting the low, almost metallic flavor of the stranger’s fluid coating the inside of his mouth, Nick pressed his hands and legs in every direction he could.

        Feeling as though he was trapped in a wet, slimy sock, he tried writhing against the sides of the pulsing, hot cave as he felt one of his ankles pinched between two of the woman’s fingers. Slid out nearly effortlessly, he still couldn’t see her snatch in the pitch darkness of the underside of her dress. Coughing out thick wads of bubbly juice, he could feel it soak into both his hair and clothes. Instinctively putting his hands back up in an attempt to protect his face, he gasped a lungful of heavy, sweaty air before he was plunged in again.

        Now slipped out halfway, then in entirely, he felt as though his body was being used in a rhythmic motion. The friction leading to even more heat, Nick’s mind felt as though he was completely dissolving within the woman’s leaking pussy. Feeling long, coiling pubic hairs over his neck and face, he knew he couldn’t do anything but accept the assault.

        He could feel her quick pulse through the flesh of her vaginal canal, causing him to dry heave. The intimacy he was forced to feel with this stranger led Nick to think of death in a positive light. In less than two minutes, he had found himself woken up from a nap dangling over a bowl of curry to being a literal sex toy for some young woman he had never met before.

        As the rhythm grew faster, he found himself slipping out more often. Each time his face left the stranger’s vagina, he found himself filling his lungs with relatively fresh air. Wanting nothing more than to simply lose his life to free himself from this violation, he bit his tongue. Now tasting blood and hearing high-pitched moaning echo from every direction, he couldn’t help but grunt.

        Moaning in emotional pain, the rhythm grew so quick that he could hear plopping sounds each time he left the dark, quivering pussy. Abruptly, the woman shoved him so deeply within the space between her legs that Nick thought he’d reach the end, but he did not. Hot fluid leaked over him relentlessly shortly before a thorough limpness melted the walls gripping him.

        Now pulled out gently, Nick coughed out a few more globs of vaginal fluid as his eyes were blasted by relentless light. Blinking, he could tell from the twisting environment that he was being lifted upwards.

        Soaked and unable to move, he felt the woman’s fluids form a thick film over every inch of his body. Looking downwards as he was being dangled by his ankle, he saw the young woman’s lips part.

        As he was lowered onto her tongue, he almost felt as though the saliva below him was cleansing. Now violently envious of the people who were simply dumped in curry. Nick found his body to be relentlessly, inherently unclean.

        Sealed in darkness, he felt the young woman’s saliva flood around him, encasing him in a wad of mucus bubbles. Burnt out on the emotion of disgust, but still expressing the will to live, he couldn’t even react externally as the woman’s mighty throat swallowed, sending him into the unknown depths below.


        Derek was bawling. As the screams grew lower and raspier, he knew that the depth of the woman’s vomit had increased dramatically. Unable to find any direction, or having any hope of finding Anna, he gripped the nearest stomach wrinkle as hard as he could.

        Knowing that the woman had already finished the curry, Derek knew the only option for him was to wait for death. Listening to the voices grow snuffed out one by one, he shivered as he tried to scream himself. Nothing. Not even a gutteral rasp.

        As a new scent filled the chamber, Derek could recognize it as ice cream. The new globs falling from the stomach entrance almost had auras of frigid air, giving him some sick sense of relief in spite of the Hell he was being forced to endure.

        In an act of self-mercy, he let go of the wrinkle and let himself float towards the center of the older woman’s stomach.

        Floating with his back to the fluid, he closed his eyes and let the deadly, cold mass fall upon him, ending his vacation.




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