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Story Notes:

This is an erotic story that was written for mature adults with a sexual preference for vorarephilia. It contains depictions of physical and psychological cruelty that some people may find disturbing. Minors and people who feel that such depictions upset them are therefore explicitly asked not to read this story. Moreover, this story is entirely fictional and all characters are at least 18 years old.

A Helping Hand

Wiping a tear off her cheek as her best friend Nele was slowly and mercilessly lifted towards the mouth of the towering young giantess, Christina fought back the urge to throw up and collapse on the ground, instead continuing to run as fast as she had never before in her life. Now and again, she would look behind herself to make sure that her boyfriend was still close. Thomas looked just as mortified and exhausted as she felt, but at least he appeared to be keeping up with her well. Neither of them was very athletic, but the fear that the huge girls towering over them at all sides could notice their escape was incentive enough not to stop running even for a second. And so they continued to run across the surreal, uneven surface of the sheer endless wooden picnic table, until they finally reached a pile of oversized serviettes, behind which they collapsed almost instantly, gasping for air. For a few moments, Christina tried to calm her breathing, then she heard panicked screams again. They were distant, and weak, but still recognisable as the voice of Nele. Only now, Christina really began to grow fully aware of the fact that her childhood friend was about to be eaten alive.

“Help! Please! No, please!” Nele continued to wail, her voice cracking.

“Nele!” Christina shrieked at the top of her lungs, jumping to her feet once more and trying to climb over the serviettes, but before she could look up at the immense girl who was about to devour her best friend, she was almost violently pulled back by her boyfriend.

“Don’t look.” Thomas said, his own voice audibly shaking, and gave his girlfriend a tight hug, preventing her from seeing how the giantess dropped Nele into her mouth.

For a few seconds, all both heard was Christina’s quiet sobbing against her boyfriend’s chest, then there was a moist gulp, announcing to the world that the girl had swallowed Nele whole. Thomas shivered as he heard how his girlfriend let out an almost otherworldly moan, a sound of hateful despair that could have been straight out of a horror movie. Had they been their normal size, he was almost certain that Christina would have tried to kill the selfish bitch who had eaten her friend. But they weren’t – since they had been shrunken by Vortex to be sold as living snacks for normal-sized people, they were only around one hundredth of their original size. And even if they hadn’t been shrunken down, Thomas wasn’t sure that Christina would have succeeded in her attempt at revenge, as the girl who had devoured Nele looked remarkably fit and athletic, whereas his girlfriend was more the scrawny and nerdy type.

As he continued to stroke his sobbing girlfriend’s hair to comfort her, he fearfully glanced up at the giantess who had purchased the box they had been inside. Like the other giant girls she was sitting with at the table, she was around his age, but what he had noticed almost instantly about her was that she was extraordinarily beautiful and wore fashionable, expensive clothes. It was obvious that she and the other girls she was so casually chatting with were the popular ones at their school, the type everyone wanted to be friends with. And probably also the type who would have bullied people like himself and his girlfriend, Thomas thought grudgingly. She and her friends certainly didn’t seem fazed by the idea of eating literal shrunken people, so he could hardly imagine they would shy away from preying on people who were smaller and weaker than them in a more figurative sense. And now he and his beloved Christina were completely at the mercy of these titanic girls, not even as large as one of their fingernails.

“Why?” His girlfriend sobbed, turning away from his chest to wipe off the hot tears running down her face. “Why are they doing this to us?”

Thomas didn’t reply. It was something he himself had constantly asked himself when these types of people mocked the way he spoke, called him demeaning names, or locked him in the equipment room during PE class. Did they do it to amuse them for a few moments? To assert their dominance like some pack of monkeys? Or simply because they could? Perhaps eating people like him was just the logical next step for them. But before Thomas could continue down his trail of thoughts, he and his girlfriend were suddenly plunged into a dark shadow as the giant hand of one of the other girls descended onto them seemingly out of nowhere.

“Look out!” He screamed and jumped to his feet, pulling Christina up along with him.

However, just as he and his bewildered girlfriend started running in a random direction again, the enormous hand closed around them, blocking out almost all remaining sunlight except for a few white rays falling in from between the fingers, the soft skin around them giving off a warm red glow. Then the hand touched down onto the table with a dull thud, sending a small quake through the wooden surface and producing a shockwave of displaced air and dust that threw the two shrunken people off their feet. Thomas rolled himself over Christina to protect her from whatever would come next. But to his surprise, nothing happened. Then, just a few moments later, the cupped hand slowly began to move sidewards, forcing the two to get up again and move over the table with it. As they cautiously walked along the direction the hand was leading them, Thomas and Christina exchanged nervous glances, obviously wondering why the giantess it belonged to didn’t just scoop them up and eat them. Finally, the organic dome began to move across the edge of the table, opening to the palm of another giant hand.

“There’s no way in hell I’m climbing onto that!” Christina hissed anxiously and backed away from the edge again, frantically looking for another way out.

Thomas was unsure about what the giantess was doing, but before he could think of any kind of explanation, his girlfriend already had turned around and tried to climb up the soft, warm palm surrounding them. However, her attempts weren’t successful in the slightest, as she kept slipping off the organic walls almost instantly. After her fourth attempt, she fell on her back, and her feet became stuck between the surface of the table and the ever-approaching palm. Since the giantess’ hand kept moving towards the edge, Christina’s lower legs too were soon buried beneath the soft, warm flesh, which now threatened to crush first her legs and then her whole tiny body. Thomas ran over to his girlfriend and began to pull her arms in a desperate attempt to free her before the giant girl squished her to death. But then, the enormous hand stopped moving and gently lifted up just a little, allowing Christina to free herself.

“I… I know this sounds crazy, but I don’t think she’s trying to hurt us.” Thomas panted and looked around as Christina got up on her feet again.

“What are you talking about?” His girlfriend replied sharply. “That bitch would have crushed me if you hadn’t pulled me out!”

“She let you get out. I had nothing to do with it.” Thomas replied with a pensive face.

“What is wrong with you? Her friend fucking ate Nele!” Christina shot back as the giant hand around them started moving again, carefully pushing them onto the open palm.

“Yes, the other girl did.” Thomas admitted, and then added: “But I think she is hiding us.”

Christina gave her boyfriend an intense look as they awkwardly and somewhat involuntarily crawled onto the soft surface of the giantess’ left hand. Could it really be? Could there really still be human beings out there who didn’t believe that simply being a hundred times bigger than others entitled them to do with them whatever they pleased?

“I sure hope you are right, otherwise we’re as good as dead.” She said, her voice shaking.

“Not that we have much of a choice.” Thomas noted dryly, again feeling overwhelmed by the sheer power and size of the gargantuan being he was putting all his trust in. It was difficult to imagine that all his surroundings were part of the same body, and that this body belonged to a girl roughly his own age. He wasn’t sure who of them it was, but he had a suspicion.

Once they had settled down in the middle of the giant palm, carefully sitting down on the soft surface, they suddenly felt a strong upward acceleration as the giantess got up from the table, keeping her feminine hands cupped around them to shield them from the view of the others. The tremendous force of the abrupt movement almost pressed them flat on their backs and into the warm flesh, but one could still tell that the girl was doing her best to move carefully.

“Where are you going?” The two then heard the booming voice of the girl who had just eaten Nele. Christina shivered at the notion that her friend still had to be alive somewhere deep in that alpha bitch’s stomach, putting up an unwinnable fight against slowly being digested.

“Uh, I just need to go to the bathroom real quick.” An even more powerful, but still strangely soft and feminine voice explained from high above them, sending soft vibrations through the giant body, and which even could be felt in the soft palm the shrunken couple was lying in.

Christina felt sick again, as anything that reminded her of these giantesses’ digestive systems inadvertently made her think of Nele’s gruesome fate as well. Sometime tomorrow, the other girl would shit out the remains of her best friend, but not before stripping her broken body of all the nutrients her guts could suck out of her. And then, just like that, Nele would be gone forever, without even a grave to remind people that she had ever existed in the first place. All that would remain of her would be tiny bones in some random girl’s shit and some additional fat on her sizeable ass and her breasts. It was so unbearably unfair that she wanted to scream, but Christina knew that she had to keep her mouth shut – not that it was likely that the other giants would hear her tiny voice from here, but she didn’t want to sabotage any chance she had of getting out of this nightmare alive, no matter how unlikely it still seemed to her. She could only hope that her boyfriend’s hunch about this particular girl was correct.

What followed were several more minutes of agonising uncertainty, although to Thomas and Christina, it felt more like eternity. During this time, their soft, warm prison gently rocked up and down, accompanied by menacing thundering sounds from far below whenever the gigantic girl holding them made another step forward. Both could feel that these footsteps caused something akin to small earthquakes, but since the giantess was carrying them so carefully, these sensations were comparatively faint. From beyond the enormous hands, they could hear the muffled sound of booming voices – which sounded especially bizarre since they also were clearly those of students, chatting and laughing teenagers mostly. Back when they had still been in the Vortex box itself, Thomas had already assumed that the table it had been placed on was in a schoolyard, and these sounds further confirmed his assumptions. Now, it seemed that the girl was taking them inside the main building, presumably heading to the restrooms. This theory soon turned out to be correct, as the noise from beyond gradually subsided as the giantess walked down some stairs and entered an environment that sounded strangely empty and hollow. Finally, Thomas and Christina heard an enormous door open and then being shut again, followed by an odd clanking sound neither of them could place, and then felt a slight downward motion. Moments later, the cupped hands around them opened up, exposing them to bright light that blinded them for a couple of seconds.

Once his eyesight had adjusted to the unnatural white glare from the fluorescent lights above, Thomas found himself staring right at a pair of enormous breasts in the more than just a little revealing cleavage of a tight-fitting, pink V-neck sweater. Since he was still lying right next to his girlfriend, this made him feel especially awkward and ashamed, so he quickly averted his eyes and looked around. He noted that the giantess holding them was sitting on a toilet in a somewhat dingy stall, with the lid of the toilet closed. It wasn’t a bad idea on her side to take them here, since this place indeed shielded the shrunken people in her hands from prying eyes. Thomas breathed in deeply, taking in the typical public restroom smell of stuffy air and urine as he glanced up the walls of the stall, and passingly noting the usual marker scribblings of ‘X loves Y’, supposedly inspirational quotes, and crossed-out swastikas. Then he mustered the courage to look up at the towering girl’s face, which actually filled out the largest part of his field of view – but alas, since he was just a young male himself, his brain apparently had gone right for her ample tits, even in a dire situation like this.

Thomas realised that his suspicion had not been correct. He had been almost certain that out of the six girls sitting at the table, it would have been the brunette who had picked them up, as she had looked comparatively kind and down-to-earth. But in fact, the girl who had saved them was the stunning blonde with icy blue eyes, the one he had most suspected of being a callous bully, along with the giantess who had eaten Nele. Back on the table, he had thought that she would have looked intimidating even if she weren’t a hundred times their size – beautiful, but to an unnerving degree. However, now that he thought about it a bit more, she hadn’t actually eaten any of the shrunken people in the Vortex box. He didn’t even recall her saying or doing much at all, only glancing over at the box occasionally. It appeared that he had judged her not only prematurely, but also quite unfairly. Her haughty expression, which had made her appear quite bitchy to Thomas at first, had vanished from her face completely. In fact, she was now looking down at the two shrunken people in her hands in a gentle and compassionate way, her eyebrows lifted slightly upwards.

“Are you guys okay?” She asked with a soft whisper that sounded genuinely concerned, her fresh, minty breath washing over them like a gentle wind.

“Uh… I guess we are…” Thomas began, not sure what to say.

“Are… Aren’t you going to eat us?” Christina asked warily, obviously not trusting her yet.

“Eat you?” The girl repeated incredulously, her eyes widening. “No, I would never do that.”

“Your friend ate Nele!” Christina snapped at her, struggling not to cry again.

The young giantess frowned, as if in pain. “I know… I… I’m sorry. I couldn’t help her.” She explained, her voice almost cracking. “My friends… they don’t understand.”

“Then… are you going to help us?” Thomas asked.

The girl took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself and swallowed hard, fighting back tears of her own. “Of course I will. I’ll protect you.” She said and burst into a sad, caring smile.

“You almost squashed me back on the table.” Christina said coldly, still not believing her.

“I was trying to get you out of there without raising suspicion.” The giantess explained with an apologetic, slightly embarrassed expression on her face. “I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to hurt you, it’s just that you guys are so small. Are you injured?”

“Just a few bruises.” Christina replied, gradually accepting that the giant girl wasn’t a threat. At least not intentionally, it was still possible that she would kill them simply by accident.

“Can you get us out of here?” Thomas asked.

“Sure.” The giantess nodded. “I have another class soon, then I’ll take you home with me. I’ll need to hide you from the others, though.” She explained, carefully rising to her feet.

“Wait… what about the other people in the box? Can you help them too? There’s dozens of them.” Christina asked nervously, her voice shaking again as she thought about Nele. Unless this girl would be able to make her man-eating friend throw up some way, it was too late for her, but maybe not for some of the other tinies that hadn’t been eaten yet.

The giantess paused and then slowly shook her head. “I’ll see what I can do, but don’t count on it. If you hadn’t managed to get out of the box and hide behind those serviettes, I wouldn’t have been able to help you either.” She explained. “I’ll put you in my pocket for now, so hold on tight. As I said, I have another class soon, but after that I’ll go home. I know it might not be very comfortable in there, but don’t try to get out. The others must not see you.”

With that, she moved her left hand around her waist towards her shapely buttocks. The sight caused Thomas to suddenly feel blood rush into his groin – the enormous girl had one of the most perfect asses he had ever seen, an ideally proportioned bubble butt, clad in tight-fitting blue jeans, and at least from his perspective it was the size of a housing block. Still aware that his girlfriend was right beside him, he tried to look away, but there literally was nowhere else he could look, except for when he turned around completely, which would have been a bit too obvious. Luckily enough, the young giantess then pulled on one of the back pockets of her jeans and carefully tilted her hand to let Thomas and Christina slide inside. The ride was not as smooth for them as the giantess most likely imagined it to be, as the sudden acceleration made both shrunken people shriek involuntarily, and then again as they slipped over the girl’s perfectly manicured fingernails and into her tight pocket.

The inside of the enormous pocket reminded both of them of a narrow crevice somewhere in the mountains, with steep, grey-blue walls rising up all around and only a little bit of light falling inside from the gap above. The bottom held some grains of sand, which looked more like small rocks and stones from their perspective, and two weird silvery balls that turned out to be just crumpled chewing gum wrappers the giantess apparently had deposited in her back pocket and then forgotten about. It wasn’t exactly a welcoming place to begin with, but then the giant girl also let go of the opening of her pocket, causing the fabric to jump back all of a sudden. The two shrunken people were plunged into near complete darkness once again and pinned flat against the thin layer of denim separating them from the giantess’ soft ass cheek. Christina was particularly unlucky, as she had been looking in that direction in that moment and now found her face essentially buried against the girl’s butt. For a few seconds, she tried to wriggle free, fearing that she would end up getting smothered by the vast female derrière. But then, she managed to turn her head to the side, gasping for air.

“Fuck this!” She panted. “That bimbo almost killed me again!”

“Give her a break.” Thomas replied with an exhausted tone in his voice, desperately hoping that she wouldn’t notice what amounted to the most awkward erection in his life. To make things worse, he too was facing the giantess’ posterior, and he prayed to God that she was not able to feel it. “We would be inside someone’s stomach by now if she hadn’t saved us.”

“Stop kissing her ass, Thomas.” Christina shot back at him. “Like, literally.” She added after a brief pause and then began to laugh nervously, her boyfriend soon joining in on the uncomfortable, but relieved laughter. It was good she hadn’t completely lost her sense of humour.

Unable to move, they stretched out their arms, tightly grasping each other’s hands as the giant girl began moving again. Being inside the back pocket of her jeans, the powerful movements around them felt a lot more intense than before – the rhythmical swaying motion of her hips, her soft butt cheeks jiggling up and down with every step, and of course the mighty footsteps themselves, accompanied by an ominous thunder from deep below whenever her titanic body moved forward, sending tremors through the ground below. Obviously, these sensations were distorted due to their miniscule size, but to the two shrunken people inside the girl’s pocket, it felt as if she could collapse entire buildings simply by walking past them. After a while, their giant saviour apparently returned to her friends again, causing Christina to tense up and her heart to beat up to her neck once more. She knew that they couldn’t see her here and that the blonde was keeping them safe, but simply being close to the monsters who had eaten her best friend and many other innocent people drove her nearly mad with fear and impotent rage. The fact that the girls – except for the one who had saved them – simply continued to giggle and gossip like nothing noteworthy had happened just added insult to injury.

“Are you sure you don’t want any?” The athletic girl who had devoured Nele suddenly asked, making Christina feel sick to her stomach once more. Apparently, the massacre wasn’t over. God, how much she hated that smooth voice and the deceptively angelic face it belonged to.

“Nah, I’m good.” The blonde replied nervously, her voice slightly reverberating through her huge body and sending faint vibrations through the fat tissue of her behind. To the shrunken couple squeezed against it, it felt like a full-body massage, though a lot less comfortable.

“Wads up wiw yow today? Yow actin weiwd.” The other giantess asked suspiciously, and to Christina’s abject horror, it sounded like she was talking with her mouth full.

“I’m okay, just a little tired, and got a bit of a headache. Can’t be bothered with this last class.”

“Whatcha got?” The girl asked and gulped audibly, causing Christina to flinch.

“Maths.” The blonde answered and sighed.

“You want some painkillers? I got some in my bag…” Nele’s eater began. It was bizarre and infuriating how she cared about her friend merely experiencing some minor discomfort while Christina’s friend was being ripped apart alive inside her fit belly.

“It’s okay. Just got my period, that’s all.” The girl who was hiding them explained. “Anyway, I might as well head up. Hey, maybe Mr. Rosenberg called in sick or something!”

“He didn’t.” Another girl interjected. “He was there for my class this morning.”

“Ugh, so much for that. Shit.” The blonde replied dejectedly. “Well, time for me to get going.” She then started moving, only to stop again a few seconds later. “You coming?”

“Uhm, yeaw, wight.” The slightly surprised voice of yet another enormous girl sounded from somewhere beyond the humungous pocket. Both Thomas and Christina instantly noticed that this one too sounded like she had something in her mouth, and they intuitively grabbed each other’s hand again, feeling their partner begin to shake as they heard another wet gulp.

“Did you do the homework?” The other giantess then asked casually as she joined the blonde and they began to walk again, following her question with a girly belch. “Oh, excuse me.”

From the shadows, Thomas heard Christina sob again, and pressed her hand as tightly as he could without hurting her. Currently, it was the only thing he could do to comfort her.

“Sure.” Their saviour replied. “Don’t tell me you didn’t?” She added incredulously.

“I did, I did.” The other girl said. “But only this morning. It got kinda… late last night.”

“Oooh, did he come over in the end?” The blonde asked, giggling.

“It took some nagging on my part, but he did.” Her friend answered.

“Look at you, neglecting your studies.” She teased, giggling again.

What followed was an awkwardly intimate conversation between the two giant girls as they walked back into the building and up the stairs, going into more details about the other girl’s last evening than Thomas or Christina cared to hear about. But then, he thought to himself fatalistically, he and his girlfriend were already tightly squeezed against the blonde’s ass and at least one other tiny like themselves was being digested alive inside her friend’s stomach. It wasn’t like boundaries really mattered or even existed at this point. Being unwitting privies to a stranger’s sex life really was the least of their worries now. In fact, both tinies were actually a bit relieved that their normal-sized helper seemed to have regained her composure, even though the casual nature of the giant’s girl’s talk also made it a little disturbing. In the first few minutes after re-joining her friends, the blonde had sounded and even felt a bit nervous, and Christina in particular had been worried that the other giantesses would pick up on the fact that something was off.  Especially the girl who had eaten poor Nele.

For a few seconds, Thomas and Christina began to panic again as the giantess sat down all of a sudden, causing the pocket around them to constrict further and pressing them even tighter against her soft butt cheeks. Initially, they feared that the girl had inadvertently sat down on them and that they would now suffocate or be crushed beneath what amounted to several tons of ass from their perspective. But just as it got almost unbearably tight and they found themselves gasping for air, the movements around them stopped, and after a few moments, they concluded that the pockets were high enough above the seating surface for them to survive. A moment later, they also noticed that the giant girl was feeling along the outside of her back pocket with her fingers, apparently checking on them for the same reason.

“Couldn’t she have put us in her purse or something?” Christina groaned.

“Yeah, she could have thought this through a little… oof.” Thomas began, only to be harshly interrupted as the girl rose to her feet again, accompanied by the deafening screeching sound of two dozen giant chairs being pushed back at once as the class stood up to greet the teacher.

“Good afternoon.” The strict sounding, slightly hoarse voice of an older man sounded from somewhere beyond the confines of the girl’s pocket. “You may sit.”

This time, the two shrunken people were able to brace themselves for the inevitable squeeze as the giantess sat down, though the constriction was strong enough to push all of the air out of their tiny lungs, leaving them panting and gasping again. After a few seconds of wheezing and coughing, however, they adjusted to their situation once more, and the noises from the outside world slowly subsided, giving way to Mr. Rosenberg’s monotonous lecture on vector analysis. During the next one and a half hours, this was only occasionally interrupted by a student presenting their homework or asking a question, and since Thomas had nothing better to do, he decided to listen to the lesson – apparently, the giant girls weren’t just about their age, but exactly as old as them, as they were dealing with almost the same subject material at their school right now. He even assumed that this school wasn’t too far away from their own, although that really was just conjecture on his part.

Based on her questions and remarks, Thomas also noted that whoever the other girl was, she probably was the brightest student in the class. The young giantess whose pocket they were in also said some things that led him to the conclusion that she was more intelligent than he had thought, yet another thing he had gotten completely wrong about her. Looks could indeed be deceiving – based purely on the voices, he would have thought that the other girl would be kinder and more trustworthy, but she was the one digesting another human being right now. Like Christina, he once again found himself sorrowfully wondering whether Nele also was still alive somewhere inside the belly of the girl that had eaten her.

Finally, the class came to an end and the young giantess got up again, spending quite a bit of time chatting and fooling around with her friends on her way out of the building. In doing so, she inadvertently shook Christina and Thomas around in the dark, cramped confines of her back pocket, to the point that the shrunken girl in particular was getting annoyed again.

“What… the hell… is she doing?” She panted as the girl appeared to jump on the back of a boy she had been talking to, laughing as if without a care in the world.

“Maybe she forgot about us?” Thomas speculated, trying to hold back the vomit creeping up his oesophagus due to the sudden, unbelievably powerful movements all around.

Just as he feared that he would violently throw up, however, the girl stopped larking around, and Thomas noticed the enormous fingers carefully feeling around the outside of the pocket once more, then she calmed down again an began to say goodbye to the others.

“And here I was starting to think she isn’t just another dumb blonde.” Christina said angrily.

“Yeah, that was a bit careless…” Thomas groaned, trying to readjust himself.

“A bit? I’m starting to lose count how often she’s nearly squashed us by now!” She shot back, suddenly becoming acutely aware of how thin the air around her was and just how little she could actually move even if she wanted to, her breathing becoming more shallow and rapid.

“Look, it’s not easy for her either. We are really small, after all, and she’s going behind the back of her friends to help us. Just calm down…” He bit his tongue, but it was too late.

“Fuck you, Thomas. If you like her so much, maybe you can ask her to be her tiny pet simp or something. Hey you! Let me out of here, you slut!” Christina yelled, her voice cracking.

“I’m sorry.” Thomas said, realising too late that she was having a full-blown panic attack.

“Let me out! I want out!” His girlfriend shrieked, hitting away his outstretched hand.

After a while, Christina stopped screaming and broke into bitter tears, sobbing uncontrollably and rolling herself together in a sort of foetal position. Thomas stretched out his hand again, but his girlfriend pulled away from him, squeezing into a corner of the cramped pocket and continuing to quietly whimper and snivel. Realising that he had messed up and that there was nothing he could do for now, he let her be and shifted his attention to his surroundings again. The giant girl apparently had left the school premises by now, as there were few identifiable noises from beyond the pocket except for the occasional car passing by. All he could hear and feel were her booming footsteps deep below, accompanied by the swaying motion of her hips and butt, making the shrunken people in her back pocket rock back and forth.

The monotonous rocking continued for quite a while – Thomas wasn’t sure exactly how long, but from what little remained of his sense of scale and time, he guessed that it must have been around fifteen to twenty minutes. During this period, the giantess briefly started talking at one point, but since he never heard anyone reply, he assumed that she was just recording a voice message for one of her friends, talking about mundane things such as homework and meeting up at the weekend. Finally, she stopped walking and, judging from the jingling noise nearby, proceeded to pull a keychain out of her schoolbag. Then a large door was opened and closed again, and the pocket began to shake around a bit more as the girl apparently slipped out of her shoes and walked into a hallway, her steps still powerful, but more muted on socks.

“Hey mum, I’m home.” The girl called out cheerfully, but was met with silence. “Mum?” She then asked again, proceeding to walk up a flight of stairs, where she suddenly stopped. “Oh, hey, Agnieszka, have you seen mum?” She then asked.

“Ms. Höfer out to meet client.” The voice of a middle-aged woman with a thick Polish accent replied laconically. “She leave take-out for you on kitchen counter. Won’t be back today.”

“Oh, okay.” The girl replied, and Thomas detected a trace of disappointment in her voice.

Without saying another word, the giantess walked up a few more steps and continued through another hallway. She opened a further door and simply let it fall shut behind her, causing both the tinies in her pocket to flinch at the sudden loud sound. Mere moments later, there was a subdued, menacing thud as the enormous girl flung her schoolbag into a corner, letting out an exasperated sigh before dropping onto a chair. But this time, the angle was slightly different from that of the chair she had been sitting on in class, and as the pocket constricted around Thomas and Christina once more, they felt a painful crack go through their bones and found themselves unable to breathe, forcefully pressed into the soft fat tissue of the blonde’s butt. Thomas squirmed as he felt the life being gradually squeezed out of him.

“Ms. Höfer not here again.” The girl repeated to herself in a mock Slavic accent. “But leave processed shit for you to become landwhale like… Oh, fuck.” She then interrupted herself.

Just as Thomas and Christina were about to pass out, the pocket straightened out again as the girl repositioned herself. Both inhaled sharply, breathing the air around them, but also blinded by a painfully bright light as the thin gap of the pocket opening suddenly widened. Then two massive fingers slipped inside, aimlessly fumbling around for a few seconds and then closing around Christina. Before Thomas could even react, his girlfriend was lifted out of the pocket with a surprised shriek, quickly disappearing in the glaring white light above as if summoned to the Rapture. Not sure what do, he simply stared upwards, having to wait only a couple of seconds before the humongous manicured fingers descended into the pocket again, this time grabbing him and lifting him with unsettling ease. Thomas felt a slight pressure on his chest and his back where the giant girl’s fingertips touched his body, but apparently, she was being very careful not to crush him. The most discomfort came from the sheer speed with which he suddenly found himself flying upwards, making him feel utterly out of control over what was happening to him. His eyeballs still trying to adjust to the sudden brightness all around, he felt the powerful movements shift to the side, but as he tried to look where he was being taken, all he could see were blurry, unidentifiable shades of black and white.

Just a few moments later, the giant girl’s fingers suddenly let go of him and Thomas let out a panicked cry, only to find his feet suddenly touch solid ground for the first time in what felt like an eternity. His legs feeling weak and shaky, he tried to keep standing upright for one or two seconds, then he collapsed onto a cool, even surface. Moaning with exhaustion, he rolled onto his back and took a deep breath before sitting up, rubbing his aching eyes in order to see a little clearer. He was cowering on an almost endless white surface with some minor imperfections, but he knew that he only noticed these due to his tiny size and that the surface would have appeared perfectly smooth and even to a normal-sized person. Not far from him was his girlfriend, anxiously staring upwards. Thomas followed her gaze and found himself looking right into a pair of crystal-clear blue eyes, each of them slightly larger than his whole body. As he zoomed out to take in the entire face of the giantess, he began to feel a bit lightheaded due to the sheer scale of the girl towering over them, needing to support himself on the desk she had apparently placed him and Christina on.

“Sorry about that.” The girl said and flashed them an apologetic, again slightly embarrassed smile. “I didn’t forget you, I just… okay, I forgot about you for a second. Are you hurt?”

“Oh, you forgot? You almost killed us back there!” Christina said with barely contained rage.

“It was a bit rough at times, but we’re okay.” Thomas explained diplomatically, trying to hit a tone that would neither antagonise his angry girlfriend nor the skyscraper-sized girl who was powerful enough to kill them without even intending to. Much to his surprise, the blonde only briefly glanced at Thomas and then focused her almost hypnotic blue eyes on Christina, but luckily, she didn’t seem too upset about the tiny girl’s accusations.

“Please forgive me. You must have been through hell.” She said tenderly.

“My best friend is dead. I’ve known her all my life.” Christina replied, trying not to cry again as she looked up into the enormous, but friendly and understanding face.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you.” The giantess explained, extending her right index finger to carefully stroke the shrunken girl’s head, and then gently offering her the tip of her finger to lean against and cry into. “What happened to your friend is truly terrible. All I can say is that you are safe here now. Nobody is going to hurt you here.”

“Thank you for saving us.” Thomas said, rising to his feet and walking over to Christina to give her a hug. While she didn’t really react to him, she also didn’t refuse his embrace.

Seeing that the tiny girl was being attended to, their normal-sized caretaker slowly withdrew her hand and looked down at them for a few moments. “You know what? You guys must be starving. My mum left some take-out for me in the kitchen, we can share.” She explained and rose to her feet, her enormous body suddenly reaching up into sheer impossible heights.

Then the girl turned around and walked out her room, the mighty tremors caused by her steps nearly knocking Thomas and Christina off their feet. The shrunken boy only briefly looked on behind her, not daring to rest his eyes on her taut buttocks cheerfully jiggling up and down in her tight blue jeans. Instead, he forced himself to look away as she stepped out through the door, focussing all his attention back on his hurting girlfriend. Being able to look at her for a longer period for the first time since they had been shrunken down, he realised in just how bad of a shape she was. Her flowing brown hair was dishevelled, her skin pale and her face puffy from the crying. The worst part, however, were her eyes, bloodshot and strangely unfocused. Like himself, she was wearing the dull, black overall of Vortex tinies, which was said to bring out their taste – and conveniently made all of them look like convicts, robbing them of all individuality. Thomas assumed that he looked similarly bruised and battered, though losing Nele had affected Christina the worst. He wanted to say something to make her feel better, but the truth was that there wasn’t anything he could say, and so he just hugged her again. She looked at him with an empty expression on her face, but returned the embrace.

Some minutes passed, then the approaching thud of giant footsteps heralded the return of the giantess. Thomas and Christina sat down to not be knocked over by the quakes as she walked back to the desk and carefully placed a styrofoam container with fried rice and chicken next to them, along with a gigantic fork, and a glass of coke she had poured herself in the kitchen. Then she sat down in her revolving chair again and carefully lifted two grains of rice out of the container, putting them on the desk in front of the two shrunken people. First, it seemed a bit stingy to Thomas, but then he realised that, at their size, a simple grain of rice was about the size of a bread loaf. At least feeding them wouldn’t be difficult.

“More where that came from.” The girl said with a wink and lifted what seemed like a truckload of rice and fried chicken onto her fork, shovelling all of it into her mouth and starting to chew it up with disconcertingly little effort.

For an odd moment, the three just sat there chewing in silence, then the giantess swallowed, her loud gulp causing the two shrunken people to flinch almost instinctively. “Oh, pardon me.” She apologised, blushing a little. “I forgot how frightening that must be to you.”

“It’s okay, we ju…” Thomas began, but was suddenly interrupted by his girlfriend.

“Did you ever eat people?” She asked sharply. Thomas nervously looked at her and then back at the giantess, who stared at Christina with a focused, serious expression.

“Well… to be honest, I did, on occasion. But that’s in the past.” The girl finally admitted.

“Okay.” Christina said calmly, slowly exhaling.

“Look, I’m not proud of it. I always wanted to fit in. I’m not a hero and I’ve never been, I…”

“It’s okay. I believe you. That’s a no-bullshit answer.” The shrunken girl interrupted her.

The girl paused and nodded slowly, acknowledging the point Christina was making. Thomas looked at his girlfriend again, not sure whether to be scared or impressed by how gutsy she was to challenge someone a hundred times their size. There was another moment of silence, then the giant girl apparently decided to move on and continued eating her fried rice.

“What happened to you?” She asked, lifting another forkful of rice and chicken to her mouth.

“Well, we woke up in that Vortex box this morning.” Thomas began. “The walls between our cubicles weren’t sealed off completely, so we were able to communicate with each other and our friend Nele. When your friend opened the box, we tried to coordinate our escape, but…”

“No, I mean… what did you do to end up in there?” The girl rephrased, inquisitively looking at him with her clear blue eyes while chewing around on a piece of chicken the size of a truck.

“What do you mean, what did we do?” Thomas began, confused. “We didn’t do anything.”

“You mean… you’re not criminals?” The girl replied and swallowed the piece of chicken, her eyes widening a little with dismay. “Then… Were your families on welfare or something?”

“No such thing.” Thomas answered, finishing off his grain of rice.

“Would it matter?” Christina interjected.

The giantess glanced at her out of the corner of her eye again, looking contrite. “No, I mean, it’s just… You know what I mean, it’s…” She stammered, apparently lost for words, and looking from Christina to Thomas and back again somewhat helplessly.

To give her something to do instead, and because he was still a little hungry, Thomas indicated to her that he wanted another grain of rice, to which the girl gladly obliged, fishing one out of the styrofoam box and placing it onto the table for the shrunken boy.

“You know, it’s only criminals and freeloaders who get shrunken down. It’s how they keep dangerous individuals off the streets and make sure taxpayer’s money isn’t wasted on people who will never give anything back.” The girl said, not sounding very convinced herself.

“That’s the propaganda Vortex and the media have been spoon-feeding the public for years.” Christina explained with cold resentment in her voice. “Come on, you’re smarter than that… say, what’s your name? I’m Christina.”

“And I’m Thomas.” The other tiny person on the desk explained as he picked up the grain of rice, glancing up at the young giantess to look her in the eyes as he introduced herself to her.

The blonde girl looked down at him with her piercing blue eyes, fixing her gaze on him and smiling broadly as her expression suddenly changed. “Hi. I’m Tanja.”

The next thing Thomas knew was that the giantess leaned over the desk and towards him all of a sudden, her enormous mouth opening just a little to accommodate his shrunken body as her soft lips closed around him and he was coated in her hot, moist breath. Before he could react or understood what was even happening, all the light around him had disappeared and he found himself surrounded by warm, wet flesh. Then he was sucked upwards, accompanied by a moist slurping sound, passing through two rows of immaculate white teeth. Only now, it dawned on him that the girl was about to eat him, and he began to panic.

“No… No… Please. Don’t!” He begged, suddenly fearing for his life again. “No!”

The disgusting sucking noise continued, and he felt how his face was pressed against a wet, slightly bumpy organic surface, hot and viscous spit dropping onto his shoulders from above. Thomas squirmed as he was lifted off the surface of the desk, flailing helplessly against the overwhelmingly powerful muscles and suction all around him. But just as he felt his feet pass through the enormous puckered lips of the giantess, he was grabbed by his ankles and pulled backwards again. The moist sucking sound stopped all of a sudden, and Thomas felt himself slide down the giantess’ tongue towards the outside of her mouth again.

“Stop!” He heard Christina’s muffled screams from outside. “Let him go!”

The shrunken boy felt a flicker of hope, but just as he tried to help his girlfriend pull him out by pushing himself away from the wet, slippery tongue, there was another loud slurp, accompanied by a particularly powerful upward suction. Following a few moments of disorientation, Thomas realised to his horror that he was now somewhere deep inside the giantess’ mouth, and that Christina was in there with him, flailing around on the constantly moving tongue just behind him. Coated in the giant girl’s warm, sticky saliva from head to heels, he desperately tried to wipe the thick goop off his face and slowly turned around, realising that the tongue had evened out underneath them. Apparently, the girl had tilted her head up again, keeping them from sliding out, as they were now in a horizontal position. Moving on the hot, gooey surface was not easy, and as he looked around, Thomas realised that he and Christina were almost swimming in a puddle of spit sloshing around on the tongue between rows of massive molars, surrounded by globs of half-chewed rice and chicken.

“Christina?” He called out, shivering as the giant girl’s mighty breath washed over him from behind like a hot blast from a furnace. The minty note it had had before was almost gone now. Instead, it gave off an intense smell of the meal the blonde was eating, along with a far more ominous, slightly sour and acidic tinge that creeped him out like no smell before ever had.

“Thomas! I’m…” His girlfriend replied, coughing as a small wave of spit and disintegrating rice splashed over her as the giantess gently pushed them back and forth in her mouth. “I’m over here!” Her voice echoed through the fleshy cave as if it were some kind of aquatic grotto.

Almost as if to humiliate them even further, the enormous girl began to giggle, opening her lips a little to let in some more light. While trying to crawl over to Christina, Thomas looked over towards the only remaining source of daylight in their environment. Beyond the giantess’ menacing, perfectly straight and white incisors, he could see the soft, pinkish cushions of her moist lips, and beyond these the girly bedroom of the colossal human being they belonged to, the only real reminders that they were inside the mouth of a girl their own age, not some kind of mythological monster. Not that it really mattered when one was about to be eaten.

Thomas had nearly reached Christina, retching and coughing as another slight motion of the huge tongue forced a glob of thick spit and masticated food into his mouth and nostrils, and was about to stretch his hand out towards hers, when the giantess let out another deafening giggle and squeezed them against the inside of her cheek. Finding themselves caught inside a maelstrom of slime and saliva, the two tinies desperately tried to hold their breaths, their eardrums nearly bursting from the loud slurping sound and the sudden change in pressure around them as the girl sucked on them, treating them not much differently than two pieces of candy.

“Tommy! Where are you!?” Christina’s anguished cries sounded through the vast oral cavity as the tongue fell back into position, causing the tinies to fall off the fleshy inside walls of the girl’s cheek and onto her slippery molars.

“Over here!” He yelled, and after looking around for a few moments, their eyes met again.

Then they began to crawl towards each other once more, this time across the huge chewing surfaces. These somehow reminded Christina of seaside rocks; hard and wet, and covered in a squishy, slippery goop, but instead of seaweed and algae, this was in fact chewed-up rice and chicken. Both of them very nearly slipped off and onto the constantly moving tongue below several times, but finally, they made it so close to each other that they could see the white in each other’s eyes. They stretched out their hands, but then the upper row of molars suddenly descended on them, pinning them in position. Christina moaned in pain as one of the protrusions in the chewing surface above began to cut into her left shoulder, but she still tried to extend her hand towards her boyfriend as far as she could, their fingertips finally touching each other. It wasn’t a lot of physical contact, but she didn’t want to die alone.

“Oh God, no. Please, no!” She cried as she looked over to Thomas, whose face was a mask of pain, disappearing almost entirely between the two enormous molars crushing them.

There was a sickly crunching noise like that of a thick branch beginning to snap, and as she looked at her boyfriend again, she saw a thin stream of blood running down his face.

“Stop! Please don’t! You’re crushing us!” Christina screamed at the top of her lungs.

Much to her surprise, the ever-increasing pressure suddenly stopped, and the gigantic upper molars lifted up again, then she and Thomas were sucked back onto the middle of the tongue. Her boyfriend gave off an agonised groan, and Christina instantly crawled over to him, warm saliva squirting out from the bumpy tastebuds underneath her whenever she moved her limbs forward. Once she reached him, she put her hands around his face and gently combed through his wet hair in search for any injuries, but as far as she could tell, he only had some cuts to his scalp. Then she grabbed his shoulders and began to pull him towards the opening of the giantess’ mouth when the tongue abruptly shot upward, pressing her against the girl’s palate.

“Why can’t you leave us alone?” Christina shrieked, her voice shaking with fury.

Realising that it was only her who was pinned between the tip of the giantess’ tongue and the palate, she desperately tried to wrap her right arm around Thomas as he began to slide down, right towards the gaping darkness of the giantess’ throat. Christina took her eyes off the giant uvula, dangling ominously over the black abyss, and focused all her attention on her semi-conscious boyfriend, also trying to ignore the chunks of food slipping down around them.

“Don’t you quit on me now!” She yelled, knowing that she alone could not hold onto him.

“Wha…? Chrissie? I don’t…” Thomas replied weakly, his eyes glazed.

“Hold onto my hand, God damn it!” The shrunken girl screamed, feeling her grip weakening. There was a sudden jolt as her boyfriend slipped down further, with Christina now holding onto nothing more than his slippery hand. “Thomas! Wake up, for fuck’s sake!”

“I… What’s… go…” He slipped from her grasp further, only hanging on by some fingers.

“No! Don’t do this to me!” Christina sobbed.

Then Thomas’ fingers slipped out of her hands as well, his body suddenly plummeting down towards the darkness. His girlfriend let out an anguished cry as he splashed into a pool of spit and mushy rice at the back of the giantess’ tongue, before sliding over the edge of her throat and in between her tonsils. There was a deafening, nauseatingly moist gulp that caused Christina’s ears to pop, then the tongue beneath her went limp again and returned into its resting position. Her hot tears mixing with the thick saliva on her face, the shrunken girl looked over at the giant girl’s gaping maw again, but Thomas was gone, along with most of the chewed-up food that had been inside the mouth before. Christina closed her eyes and waited for her tormentor to swallow her next, trying to make peace with her fate. She thought of Thomas, Nele, her friends and family, and braced herself as the tongue beneath shifted once more, then she was violently catapulted backwards and thrown into the blinding light of the outside world as the giant girl spat her back out onto her desk.


Tanja grinned to herself as she closed her lips around the tiny boy on her desk, easily sucking him and the grain of rice into her mouth. But just as he was about to slip through her lips, she felt some weak resistance, as if something was pulling him back. Surprised, she awkwardly peered down her face, realising that the shrunken girl had apparently sprinted over to her lips and was trying to pull her friend out by his ankles. For a split second, she wasn’t sure if she should be annoyed or impressed – in the end, it probably was a bit of both. After all, this tiny one’s spunk was the reason why she had kept up the whole charade so long in the first place. What had her name been again? Christiane? Kristin? She would have to ask again.

Whoever she was, it had taken ages to break through her defences and gain her trust, and now she could finally drop the bleeding-heart ingénue act. Tanja had considered secretly snacking on the two during the most boring moments of her math class, but thankfully, she had been able to restrain herself. Now that she would be spending yet another afternoon with nobody around except the cleaning lady, these two would provide her with some entertainment. The boy seemed really boring, but if she had eaten him any earlier, it would kind of have spoiled the surprise for Kirsten. Or whatever the fuck her name was.

For a few seconds, she let the girl believe that she was actually achieving something, curious where this would go, but when the little shit began to yell at her to let go of her loser friend, Tanja decided that she had indulged her enough. She shrugged and slurped up both of them as if they were some kind of living spaghetti, then she sat up in her chair and forced them to the back of her tongue. She felt an intense urge to eat both of them on the spot, but that would essentially have been like binging on the whole box of chocolates in one go.

While she struggled with herself not to swallow, she felt the tinies inside her mouth starting to crawl around, causing her to giggle. Making sure to keep her mouth open a little to provide them with some daylight, Tanja closed her eyes and relished the feeling of two utterly helpless creatures moving around on her tongue, trying not to laugh at the tickly sensation in her mouth. Just when the little ones had nearly reached each other, she let out another girlish giggle and pushed them against the inside of her cheek, sucking on their squirming tiny bodies to enjoy their taste some more. A bit salty, but then, they had a long day behind them already. After absent-mindedly slurping on them for a few more moments, Tanja noticed how they began to lose their taste, and she finally released them to fall onto her molars, where she felt them crawling towards each other again almost immediately.

Persistent, aren’t you? She thought to herself, just a little impressed.

Tanja gauged when the two would approximately reach each other, and carefully bit down on them just short of that to mess with them a bit more. She couldn’t help but grin to herself as she apparently achieved exactly what she was going for, tightening her jaws around them just a little more. The sudden hysterical screaming from the girl and her saying something about Tanja crushing them caused her to let go of them. After all, she didn’t want to end them just yet, at least not the girl. So she sucked them onto her tongue again and waited for another few moments to ascertain the damage. Thankfully, the tiny girl inside her mouth was still moving, whereas the boy had either lost consciousness or was too weak to move around further.

Okay, playtime’s over. Bye, nerd. Tanja decided and carefully pinned the girl between the tip of her tongue and her palate. As she realised that the girl was holding on to the boy, keeping him from just sliding into her gullet already, she rolled her eyes, getting impatient.

She considered squeezing the girl unconscious with her tongue, but thankfully, the tiny soon ran out of strength, allowing gravity to take care of the issue. Tanja smiled to herself as she heard another shriek echo through her mouth, accompanied by the all too familiar sensation of a tiny sliding down her tongue and into her oesophagus. In the end, this one slipped down almost on his own, but just to make sure, and to give the whole thing some kind of conclusion, Tanja gulped noisily, grinning as the small body travelled down her throat and into her chest, the sensation vanishing somewhere behind her large breasts. To her mild disappointment, the boy didn’t put up any kind of tangible resistance as he slid down into her stomach. Sure, she had gone a bit overboard biting down on him like that, but in her experience, dweebs like him unfortunately went down like pussies most of the time.

Tanja relaxed her tongue again and let the shrunken girl squirm for a few more moments as her stomach let out a soft gurgle, welcoming its most recent temporary inhabitant, then she moved the remaining tiny to her lips and gently spat her out onto her desk. Seeing the miniature girl squirm around in a small puddle of spit as she struggled to understand what had just happened, Tanja frowned a little. It really looked pretty disgusting, though that probably was nothing compared to what her friend was swimming in right now. For a few more moments, the tiny continued to kick around, then she seemed to realise what had happened, her movements becoming weaker. Finally, she tried to get up, but kept losing her footing in the puddle of warm, slimy spit, staring up at Tanja with burning hatred after every slip.

“What have you done?” The shrunken girl screamed at her incredulously.

“Oh dear. I didn’t swallow your friend, did I?” Tanja replied and lifted her right hand to her lips, making a shocked face while her voice oozed with malicious sarcasm.

“Y-You said you wouldn’t eat us.” The tiny said, dumbfounded by the extent of her betrayal.

Tanja leaned over to her and grinned, wiping away a bit of spit from the corner of her mouth. “I lied.” She whispered sensually, as if aroused.

“I hate you!” The shrunken girl cried at the top of her lungs, still unable to get up.

Had she been her normal size, Tanja thought to herself, the mad rage in the girl’s eyes would perhaps have given her some grounds for concern, even though she clearly wasn’t as athletic as her. But then again, she wasn’t, and posed as much of a threat to her as a housefly without wings, no matter how furious she was. Nevertheless, Tanja got the feeling that the guy she had eaten had been more important to the tiny girl than she had initially thought.

“Wads he to yow anyway?” She asked after forking another load of rice and chicken into her mouth, making a point of chewing and smacking her lips in a particularly obnoxious way.

“He’s my boyfriend!” The tiny sobbed, her hot fury giving way to cold despair again.

Tanja gulped and said nothing for a second. “Seriously?” She then asked sceptically, raising an eyebrow. Then she leaned forward again, carefully scrutinising her. “You could do better.”

The shrunken girl didn’t answer and simply stared at her with bloodshot eyes. Tanja decided that she wasn’t in the mood for a staring contest and ignored her, instead continuing to eat her meal as audibly as possible. After a few minutes, she had cleaned out most of the styrofoam box, scooping up the last few grains of rice with her fork before dropping it into the trash can beneath her desk and leaning back in her chair, her glass of coke in hand.

“Mh.” Tanja began, taking a sip from her beverage. “What’s your name again?”

Once more, the tiny on her desk didn’t answer, cowering in the puddle of saliva and trying to avoid looking the giantess in the eyes, only giving her an angry sideward glare.

“HEY!” Tanja suddenly snapped at her. “I’M TALKING TO YOU, TINY BITCH.”

This unexpected outburst of imperious hostility, which sharply contrasted with both Tanja’s previous Nice Girl act and her more recent playful sadism, took the shrunken girl by surprise yet again, causing her to flinch and crawl backwards on all fours in shock.

“Christina. And my boyfriend is Thomas, in case you forgot.” She then replied resentfully.

“There you go.” Tanja said, the deathly glare in her icy blue eyes vanishing as suddenly as it had appeared. “That wasn’t so difficult now, was it, Chrissie?”

“Don’t call me that.” Christina answered, still visibly shaking from the experience of having a skyscraper-sized human being suddenly yelling at her.

“I think it’s kinda cute.” The blonde mused, more to herself than to anyone else, before she gulped down the rest of her coke. “Chrissie and Tommy! Speaking of Tommy…” She began, patting her belly and then letting out a loud burp. “I think you’ll be single again soon.”


Christina shivered as she felt a rush of hot air wash over her tiny body, reeking of fried rice, chicken, and stomach acid. The smell itself was bad enough, but the thought that Thomas was surrounded by these foetid gasses, completely alone in the murky depths of Tanja’s stomach as she began to digest him along with the rest of her meal was too much for her tortured body and soul. She bent over forwards on all fours and threw up, her own stomach violently expelling the grain of rice she had eaten earlier in a jet of hot vomit.

“Good grief.” Tanja said contemptuously, wrinkling her nose in disgust. Then she got up and walked over to her nightstand, producing a tissue from a cardboard box.

Still retching uncontrollably and feeling cold shivers rush through her trembling body, Christina winced as the fingers of the giantess suddenly pinched her from the sides, lifting her high up into the air. Still coughing and breathing heavily, she observed how her tormentor quickly wiped up the small puddle of spit and puke she had been lying in, throwing the tissue into the bin, and then walking out the room with her, her booming footsteps translating into vibrations going through the warm skin of the giant fingertips holding onto her. She tried to look up, but all she could see was Tanja’s slim belly, hidden behind her stylish pink sweater, and her large, bulging tits, bobbing up and down in her revealing cleavage.

“Thomas…” She said weekly, knowing that he was somewhere beneath Tanja’s left breast.

Then the giantess stepped into a bathroom, walked up to the sink, and held Christina under a stream of cold water, not even giving her enough time to hold her breath. For the tiny girl, it felt as if she was trapped in the jet of a giant firehose, the pressure of the water washing over her body being so intense that she screamed in pain. However, this only allowed the cold water to shoot into her mouth, turning her cries into muffled gargling sounds. Just as she thought she would drown, Tanja turned the water off again and held Christina up to her face, carefully examining her to ascertain if she was clean enough. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem satisfied.

“Nah.” The blonde said to herself and shrugged as she turned on the water again.

“Wait!” Christina begged, coughing up water and desperately trying to catch her breath, only to be held into another icy torrent for a second waterboarding session.

Finally, the giantess’ standards of cleanliness appeared to have been met. She turned off the water, lifted the tiny to her face for another quick examination and nodded contentedly. Then she carried her back to her room, where she went over to her nightstand. She was just about to drop her into a flat bowl when Christina looked up at her, coughing as she began to speak.

“Kill me.” She pleaded weakly.

“Huh?” Tanja replied, lifting her up closer to her face in order to hear her better.

“Please kill me.” The shrunken girl between her fingers repeated.

“I’m afraid you don’t get a say in the matter.” Tanja replied, making the same apologetic face she had pulled before when toying with her and Thomas. Now that Christina knew that it was utterly fake, it was frightening how sincere Tanja could come across if she wanted to.

“What’s it to you?” Christina asked, too weak to really express the resentment she felt.

Tanja shrugged, blowing a raspberry. “I don’t want to eat you yet.”

“Just get it over with.” The tiny said.

“As I said, you don’t get to decide what I do.” The young giantess chirped. “Hey! Think of it as practice!” She then said excitedly and looked at Christina with her eyebrows slightly lifted in expectation, as if she had just given her really good advice.

“Practice?” Christina repeated, having absolutely no idea what Tanja was talking about.

“Well.” Tanja began in a condescending and slightly impatient tone, as if having to explain something really obvious. “Once I eat you, you’ll be digested, and you’ll become part of me. Then you won’t have a say in anything either. If I got to get my ass somewhere in the future, you’ll be coming with me. Like, literally, you guys have been going to my butt lately.”

“Fuck you, bitch.” The tiny growled, hoping that she might provoke Tanja into just squishing her to death and being granted a quick and comparatively painless end after all.

Tanja gave her a sly grin. “Nice try.”

Then she pulled another tissue from the cardboard box on the nightstand and gave Christina a careful scrub until she was reasonably dry, even though her black overall still was a bit damp. Lifting her up to her clear blue eyes again, she examined her once more. Seeming happy with the results, the giantess lowered Christina into the bowl, squatting down beside the nightstand so that her face was at about the same level as that of her new little toy.

“Hey, now that it’s just us girls…” She began in a conspiratorial tone, pulling at the neck of her pink sweater. “I think I’ll get changed into something more comfortable. Don’t run away.” Then she got up, turned around and walked towards a wardrobe on the other side of her room.

As soon as her tormentor had shifted her attention away from her, Christina stumbled over to the gently sloping edges of the flat bowl, the muscles in her legs so aching and weak that she struggled to keep herself from falling over. She clumsily tried to climb up, her intention not being to escape, but to throw herself off the nightstand and put an end to her life before Tanja got the chance to play more games with her. Unfortunately, the slope was just a bit too steep for her to climb, and after sliding off half a dozen times, she didn’t even try to get up another time, aimlessly letting her gaze wander across the room until her eyes fell on Tanja again.

The giantess had just taken off her sweater and the white t-shirt she had been wearing underneath, frowning a little as she reached behind her back to unhook her bra, but Christina’s gaze was inadvertently drawn to her smooth, flat belly. She could not believe that she was thinking this, but she hoped to God that Thomas wasn’t still alive somewhere inside. Once Tanja had found the clasp and opened it, her already sizeable breasts even seemed to expand a bit more, cheerfully jiggling around as she tossed the bra onto the pile with her clothes and slipped into a girly pyjama crop top. Then she turned towards the wardrobe again and took off her socks, jeans, and finally her underpants, flaunting her taut, naked butt in Christina’s direction. The shrunken girl desperately fought against gruesome mental images of her and her boyfriend’s digested remains being squeezed out between these two soft ass cheeks when Tanja finally shat them out, almost throwing up again as she did so. Finally, the giant girl put on some new underwear and slipped into a pair of pyjama hot pants that matched her crop top, then she picked up her smartphone, turned around and walked towards the nightstand again.

More in passing, and keeping her eyes locked on the display of her phone, she picked Christina up from the bowl and then dropped onto her bed, letting out an exhausted sigh. For a few moments, she absent-mindedly left the shrunken girl dangling between the fingers of her left hand, so that she could see that the blonde was scrolling through the picture newsfeed of a popular social media platform. After handing out a couple of likes, she opened up the camera app and suddenly lifted Christina to her cheek, cuddling her like some kind of pet while putting on that deceptively kind smile again and taking a selfie.

“What are…” The shrunken girl began, wondering what fresh humiliation this would be.

Glancing over to the display of the giantess’ smartphone, she saw the answer to her question as Tanja typed ‘new friend <3 ’ into the caption and posted the picture to her story. Left utterly speechless once again, Christina just stared up at the enormous girl, who calmly continued to check her social media. She wasn’t even sure if that had been intended as another taunt.

As she looked back at Tanja’s feed, she noted that she unsurprisingly followed the official Vortex page. To appear more progressive and diverse, the company had recently updated the usual black background of their logo to a rainbow, only to follow this up with an ad starring the lead singer of a famous American band suggestively lowering a shrunken man into her mouth, having her show way more cleavage than necessary. It was yet another punch to the gut for Christina, as she had always liked that band, but the picture of the singer eating someone like her alive to advertise a restaurant chain everyone knew anyway was another harsh reminder that she was no longer a part of society. She was just food, and while not all of the normal-sized people out there were as sadistic as Tanja, they would all eat her just the same.

Then the giantess lowered her towards her bare midriff, depositing her in the shallow valley of her soft navel and keeping Christina pressed against her belly by resting her index finger on her back. Much to her abject horror, the shrunken girl suddenly heard wet squelching and gurgling sounds emanating from the giantess’ stomach, which evidently was in the middle of digesting Tanja’s most recent meal – and her boyfriend along with it. Unable to move, Christina kept listening to the menacing groaning and blubbering below, being forced to imagine how it would feel to actually be inside that visceral, acidic hell. Slowly melting away as the young giantess’ stomach turned everything trapped inside into a thick, nutritious soup to be sucked up by her intestines. To be completely absorbed into her vast body.

Christina angrily glared up, but her view was more or less completely obstructed by Tanja’s enormous boobs, loosely dangling with the giantess’ slight movements beneath the thin fabric of her crop top. Apart from the moist squelching of her digestive tract directly below, the tiny also could hear the subdued thump of her heartbeat and her breathing, both of which seemed to be slightly accelerating for some reason. As Christina tried to look past the giant girl’s tits and get a view of her face to understand what was going on, she noticed that her nipples were visible through the thin fabric of her pyjama top. Just when her brain drew its own conclusion on what this meant, Tanja’s gigantic index finger pushed Christina out of the belly button and across her trim stomach, down towards the area between the giantess’ legs.

Christina’s eyes widened. No. Don’t you fucking dare. She thought to herself.

Her feet brushing against a small, ornamental pink ribbon on the elastic waistband of Tanja’s underwear, Christina felt moist warmth rise up behind her and tried to brace herself for what she feared would come next. Then, however, she suddenly heard a deafeningly loud, cheerful ringtone, and felt the entire body of the giantess shift upward a little again.

Tanja exhaled audibly, apparently slightly annoyed about the interruption, and then answered the call. “Oh, hey, what’s up?” She asked, returning to her usual chipper self.

“You okay there?” A familiar voice laughed.

Tanja audibly cleared her throat, sitting up a bit more straight. “Sure. How about you?”

“I’m fine, just on my way to training.” The girl on the other end explained. “Hey, what’s up with that status? Did you go to Vortex? I told you, you could’ve had some of mine…”

“Well, no, she’s actually one of yours.” Tanja replied.

There was a longer pause on the other end. “Huh?”

“I nicked two of them while you were talking to Jessi.” The blonde admitted mischievously.

“Uh… okay. But why? I wasn’t keeping them for myself, Lisa and Jessica also had some…” The other girl repeated. She didn’t sound angry or upset, just plain confused.

“I pretended I was helping them. And they totally bought it.” Tanja giggled childishly.

The other girl sighed. “So that’s what that was all about.”

“I haven’t introduced you to each other yet. Alessia, this is Christina.” Tanja said, picking up the shrunken girl and holding her to the front camera of her smartphone.

Although she was briefly disoriented by the sudden movement, Christina soon regained her bearings and looked onto the display of the expensive phone, which showed a video chat with a compellingly beautiful and athletic, Mediterranean-looking girl. She was currently walking down a quiet residential street, wearing black sports attire and slim earphones. And Christina instantly recognised her as the girl who had eaten Nele earlier this day.

“Christina, this is Alessia.” Tanja concluded the introduction.

“Uh… hi, Christina.” Alessia said, and even though the quality of the video stream was a bit choppy at times, Christina could tell that she looked as baffled as she sounded. “Uhm, Tanja?”

“Yes?” The blonde giantess replied, sounding like a child expecting to be scolded.

“What are you doing?” Her friend asked, stepping onto what looked like the grounds of some multi-use sports facility, with a few people jogging around a track field in the background.

“I’ll be keeping her around for a little bit!” Tanja beamed.

“Tanja.” Alessia began, making a facepalm while she walked past a group of teenagers wearing dark sports clothes like herself, showing the emblem of the same club. “Didn’t your mum teach you to not play with your food? Where’s the other one?”

“Huh?” Said Tanja, who had looked away and rolled her eyes as her friend admonished her.

“The other one. You said there were two.” Alessia explained impatiently, now stepping into a fairly ugly-looking concrete building that appeared to house several indoor swimming pools.

“In my stomach.” The blonde explained in such a matter-of-fact tone that Christina shivered involuntarily. “Hey, did I mention they’d been dating?”

“Who?” Her friend asked, nodding to some of her club mates as she went past them and then entered the girl’s locker room. Again, she didn’t appear to follow Tanja’s mental leaps.

“The little ones. He’s her boyfriend.” Tanja said, deliberately following her statement with a dainty belch. “Or was. Not sure if he’s still alive in there or not. Oh, and apparently, you ate her best friend or something. Her name was Nele, I think.”

“I did?” Alessia asked, raising an eyebrow, and looking directly at Christina for a moment as she placed her gym bag on a bench in the locker room. “Uh, sorry… I guess.” She then added, not sounding particularly sincere. In contrast to Tanja, however, it didn’t sound like she was mocking her, just like she really couldn’t have cared less. Christina started sobbing again.

“She’s a bit sentimental.” Tanja explained with mock sympathy.

“Tanja, look…” Alessia began as she took off her sports jacket and started to get changed. “I got to go. What I actually wanted to ask you is when I should come over tomorrow.”

“Well, mum isn’t here today – again.” Tanja said, sounding frustrated. “So I’m not sure what her plans are tomorrow. But maybe around six? Would that work for you?”

“Six...” Alessia repeated, moving her eyes as she recalled tomorrow’s schedule. “Yup, sounds good. Talk to you later. You have a nice evening… and quit fucking around with your food.”

“Uh-uh.” Tanja shook her head. “She belongs to me, and I’ll do with her whatever I want.” She explained petulantly and stuck out her tongue.

“Strictly speaking, she’s mine. If she’s still around when I come over to your place tomorrow, I’ll eat her myself.” Alessia explained, then awkwardly looked at Christina. “No offense.”

The two giant girls said goodbye to each other and Alessia hung up, the video freezing for a second and then being replaced by a picture of her and a muscular blond boy, presumably her boyfriend, somewhere on vacation by the sea. Tanja let out a sigh and lobbed her phone onto the mattress beside her, then she lifted Christina up to her face again. For a couple of seconds, she fixated her with her icy blue eyes, biting her lower lip, as if in thought.

“Should I eat you or not?” She then asked, talking more to herself than with the shrunken girl.

“Just do it alrea…” Christina muttered, but was interrupted by a noisy, wet squelching sound emanating from Tanja’s exposed, fit belly.

“Oh, sounds like it’s a tight squeeze for Tommy.” Tanja giggled, suddenly lowering Christina down again and gently pressing her against her gurgling stomach. “What do you think?”


After slipping out of Christina’s grasp, Thomas found himself plummeting downwards into a hot, moist, and unbelievably dark abyss, the contours of his girlfriend and the last few rays of white daylight suddenly disappearing as he heard a thunderous gulping sound all around. The next thing he knew was that he felt himself travelling down an endless, organic tunnel, being periodically squeezed by overwhelmingly powerful muscles. All he could feel around himself was warm, wet flesh, every square millimetre of it covered in viscous slime that made it even easier for his body to slide right down the strange tube. Drifting in and out of consciousness, only to be woken up by the violent contractions of the tight musculature that kept forcing him deeper and deeper into the giant girl’s body, he desperately gasped for air, but the extremely tight space he was in contained very little of it. The few amounts he did manage to force into his lungs were unbearably humid, contained almost not oxygen and gave off a pungent smell that Thomas had never encountered before in this intensity, a strange mixture of fried rice and chicken, bad morning breath and warm saliva. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he was aware of the fact that he had been swallowed whole and was sliding down the oesophagus of the giant girl, but the experience was too surreal for his brain to process. Furthermore, her teeth crashing down on him had left him with a head injury and some nasty cuts to his skin.

Travelling further and further down into the sheer endless body of the girl that had eaten him, he began to hear a soft, regular thumping sound, accompanied by powerful, calm breathing – if it hadn’t been for the visceral nature of his surroundings and the abhorrent smell, it almost would have felt like some bizarre meditation trip. The bass around him was so powerful that he could feel it reverberating through the slimy walls of the oesophagus and every bone of his body, and for a few seconds, it felt as if he had already merged with the body of the giantess. It was an almost transcendent experience, causing him to exhale and relax his aching muscles.

Then, however, in a moment of existential horror, reinforced by another powerful squeeze of the muscles around him, Thomas remembered that he was still a separate individual, and that he was essentially buried alive somewhere behind the giant girl’s voluptuous breasts. He tried to scream, but the oesophagus constricted his chest so tightly that all he could produce was a pathetic gargling sound, muffled even further by hot slime dropping onto his face from above. As he began to twitch and hyperventilate, the powerful heartbeat of the giantess suddenly did not sound relaxing at all, but like a continuous, creepy thumping inside his very own skull.

“L… let me… let me out!” He whimpered, feeling more afraid and alone than ever in his life. “P…Please… I don’t… I don’t want to die!”

There was no kind of answer whatsoever, in fact, the thick, wet flesh around him seemed to just swallow up his words, cancelling out any noises other than those of the giantess’ body. It was in this moment that the oesophagus sloped to the side a little, and moments later, Thomas felt his feet bump into a tight ring of closed muscles. Almost instantly, the ring opened with a disgusting slurping noise, releasing a blast of unbearably hot, sour air that gave off the worst, most intense stench of acid and puke he had ever smelled. The odour was so intense that his whole body instantly convulsed, and he began to retch and gag, his airways cramping up as they refused to allow any more of the noxious fumes into his burning lungs. Nearly incapacitated by this alone, he was suddenly forced downward again by another contraction, and then the muscular ring closed around his waist like the mouth of some toothless, alien monster. He let out an agonised scream, feeling like he was about to be cut in half, but the ring opened just a bit to let him fall through, ejecting him into a bottomless pit with a wet spitting noise.

Coughing and heaving as he fell through all-enveloping, oppressive darkness, Thomas passed through clouds of swirling digestive gasses, finally plummeting into a puddle of slime, saliva and dissolving food that had accumulated between two muscular folds. Almost immediately after falling into the billowing soup, the gashes in his skin left by the girl’s teeth flared up as if he had been stabbed with a hot piece of iron. Concentrated acid began to instantly eat its way into his exposed flesh, making him scream with pain. Thomas desperately turned on his belly and began to crawl through the pulpy broth, his head throbbing with an intense migraine brought about by the ubiquitous stench of vomit. It was completely dark around him, but he still knew that he was deep inside the stomach of that girl, Tanja. Telling him her name was the last thing she had said before eating him, so he had absolutely no idea why she had done this. The only thing he was certain about was that it hadn’t been an accident, since she had played around with him and Christina in her mouth for far too long. Christina. She had tried to help him. Where was she? Had Tanja swallowed her as well?

“Christina!” He yelled, spitting out some more of the giantess’ thick puke and holding onto a comparatively hard piece of digesting food that gave off a strong smell of fried chicken. Then he was abruptly overcome by yet another wave of disgust and began to convulse, finally emptying his own stomach contents into the pool of vomit he was swimming in.

“Christina!” Thomas called out again, his voice echoing through the enormous organic cave.

But all he could hear was the squelching of the undulating stomach walls and the gurgling of the digestive juices, supplemented by the slightly more muffled, but still powerful heartbeat and breathing noises from somewhere high above. Thomas felt a strange sense of relief, since the last thing he would have wanted to hear right now was Christina’s voice calling back at him from somewhere inside this digestive hellscape. It meant that she hadn’t been eaten, and maybe Tanja would spare her. At least he had to tell himself that to not lose what remained of his slipping sanity, as he was still painfully aware that he would soon be digested alive. Listening to the relentless gurgles around, he inadvertently found himself wondering how many people like himself already had perished inside this fleshy death chamber, and then forever disappeared into the depths of Tanja’s digestive system.

Suddenly, the entire stomach began to shake slightly as Thomas heard a deafeningly loud, but also oddly muffled voice from above. It was clear that Tanja was saying something, although Thomas unfortunately couldn’t understand what exactly she was saying. To his confusion, he also couldn’t hear anyone reply, even though the giantess definitely was talking to someone, and not with herself. Maybe she was speaking with Christina?

But before he could speculate further on what was going on outside of Tanja’s body, he heard an ominous, loud gulping sound. Merely a few seconds later, he could hear the sickeningly wet slurp of the opening cardia again, and instinctively jumped off the chewed piece of chicken as a gooey avalanche of masticated rice and chicken plopped into the stomach, coated in a thick layer of spit. Thomas shrieked with fear as the glob crashed into the pond he had been drifting in, creating a veritable tsunami of digestive juices and chyme that effortlessly swept him away and sent him crashing against the wrinkly, constantly moving stomach walls. Desperately struggling to hold onto something more solid than dissolving rice grains, Thomas felt the digesting soup shift a bit as the giant girl said something once more and apparently leaned over forward, continuing to talk. Meanwhile, Thomas finally managed to hold onto another piece of masticated chicken, though it proved too slippery and wet to climb onto.

The following few minutes were marked by a near continuous downpour of more and more rice and chicken into the cavernous stomach as Tanja wolfed down her remaining meal, burying any remaining hope of all this just having been some kind of accident, and almost his shrunken body as well. The influx of solid food had caused the semi-liquid soup to be soaked up into mountains of soggy rice and chicken, so that Thomas was now a bit less concerned with drowning in vomit and more with being buried alive beneath Tanja’s most recent meal. Finally, the giantess appeared to have stopped eating, having sent down what felt like an entire warehouse worth of food into her stomach. Thomas used these few moments of relief to try climbing up a large chunk of chewed chicken again, when Tanja suddenly began to move around, causing the mountains of swallowed food that had piled up in her stomach to collapse. The tiny boy cried out in anguish again as he heard and felt one of the avalanches of chewed food rush by him, pulling him down into the depths below with it. Once more finding himself covered in globs of chyme, saliva, and digestive juices, he began to hyperventilate again as he desperately struggled not to be squeezed into the morass by the peristaltic movements.

Thomas was only granted a few seconds to calm and reorient himself, then he heard another wet gulp above, followed almost instantly by a torrent of ice cold, sickly sweet coke shooting into the stomach. Another tidal wave rushed through the digesting chyme, sweeping the tiny away once again and nearly sucking him down beneath the surface once more as it converged in a downward swirl near the middle of the stomach. Thomas guessed that it was only due to him being a somewhat proficient swimmer and sheer dumb luck that he was still alive, that was if ‘luck’ really was the right choice of words for what was happening. The only positive thing was that the cold drink had washed most of the acid out of his open cuts again, providing him at least with some relief from the agonising pain he had been in.

His suffering, however, was far from over. Suddenly, the giant girl said something again, but this time she seemed to be almost shouting, her voice so loud that Thomas’ eardrums felt like they would burst. He couldn’t even begin to imagine what was going on, but he was glad that she lowered her voice again after that. Still feeling some slight pain in his auditory canals, he began to swim through the softly gurgling broth of coke and chyme, looking for another solid chunk of food to hold onto. But his search was yet again interrupted by several consecutive gulps as Tanja emptied her glass, sending an almost constant waterfall of sticky black liquid into her stomach. Thomas was tossed around like a ragdoll in the middle of a hurricane, being thrown against the slimy stomach walls several times and nearly knocked unconscious by the sheer brutality of the forces around him. Then the roaring ocean of coke began to settle a bit, only to be shook by several tremors as the girl said something and patted her belly, nearly causing Thomas to be dragged down below by one of the waves this created. Following this, the walls of the fleshy caves violently contracted, accompanied by an excruciatingly loud roar and a sudden change in air pressure that made Thomas hear nothing else than a monotonous ringing sound for a few moments. But even without his sense of hearing, he still understood that Tanja had burped, depriving him of most of the oxygen inside the stomach.

Gasping for air as he continued to splash around in the sloshing stomach contents of the girl who would digest him soon, Thomas reached out into the pitch-black darkness, still hoping that he might be able to hold onto something more solid. And indeed, he finally got to grab another piece of chicken, even managing to pull himself up onto it and roll onto his back, breathing in as much of the stuffy, oxygen-deprived air as he could. But he no longer inhabited a world where anything lasted for longer than a few seconds or minutes, as he was once again reminded of as the giantess said something and then rose to her feet, forcing everything inside her belly into a rapid upward acceleration. Panicking, Thomas dug his fingers deep into the mushy piece of meat and held on for dear life as everything around was violently thrust about in yet another hurricane of coke, disintegrating food and stomach juices.

“Stop!” He screeched, his repressed panic finally getting the better of him. “Please, stop!”

Almost as if Tanja had actually heard and listened to him, she suddenly stopped walking, but just as Thomas already suspected, this was only a temporary state of affairs. After standing in place for perhaps a minute or two, for reasons the shrunken boy inside her stomach couldn’t even begin to fathom, she began to move around again, causing the piece of chicken to bump into her stomach walls several times, even nearly capsizing once. Occasionally, Thomas also heard Tanja say something again, but by now, these noises mostly blended in with the loud, menacing squelching and gurgling of her stomach, or her calm, mighty heartbeat and breath –the bodily sounds of the titanic monster he would die inside.

Thomas had nearly given up the hope that this particular storm would ever subside before he perished in it, but then Tanja apparently lay down on her back, causing her entire stomach to tilt by almost 90 degrees. This created a monster wave that easily threw him off his floating piece of chicken, sending him flying through the near unbreathable air before being buried by a massive tidal wave of coke and chyme. Thomas flailed about aimlessly, no longer aware of where up and down or left and right was. He instinctively held his breath, but even though he began swimming through the thick slop in a random direction, he had absolutely no idea if it would take him to the surface. Soon, his tiny lungs began to burn, crying out for oxygen, but all there was around him was just more coke and chyme. His aching muscles began to cramp up and convulse. The sounds of Tanja’s gigantic body began to fade away, and just as he felt the cold embrace of death, another particularly strong peristaltic movement forced him up to the surface once more, where he instinctively inhaled the intense smell of vomit again.

“No!” He wailed, tears running down his face and mixing with the digesting broth. Although his body welcomed every breath of the foetid air, his mind did not. “Just let me die already!” Thomas cried, angrily hammering against one of the slippery stomach walls nearby.

Instead of finally being granted his wish, he heard the giantess begin to talk again. This time, however, he could also faintly hear another female voice, though it wasn’t that of Christina. Once more, Thomas wondered what had happened to his girlfriend. Of course, it was possible that she too had been devoured with one of the forkfuls of food or swallowed with a gulp of coke; after all, Tanja’s stomach was completely dark and chaotic, so it was possible that they hadn’t become aware of each other so far. But the thought was too unbearable for him to dwell on. It was horrifying enough to think that there was utterly nothing he could do to stop this gigantic body from digesting him, and that all he would be by tomorrow was a little bit more fat tissue on this egotistical bitch’s tits and her ass while she continued to live her life as if nothing had happened. But for Christina to share this terrible fate…

As if on cue, the stomach walls contracted again, forcing the increasingly acidic chyme up to Thomas’ chin, accompanied by another belch from above while Tanja continued to talk. This one wasn’t just as loud as the one before, but still enough to tighten the stomach even further, leaving him with very few pockets of increasingly thin air. Desperately fighting against his bodies’ urge to panic again due to the little oxygen in the pungent atmosphere, Thomas wiped some chunks of chyme off his face, but since every part of his body too was covered in pulpy vomit, he didn’t achieve much. He also noticed that the cuts on his body had started to burn again, and that his black Vortex overall had almost completely dissolved by now. Due to the darkness all around and being covered in mushy goop anyway, he couldn’t tell for sure, but he also had the distinct feeling that parts of his thoroughly soaked and itching skin had peeled off as well by now. Perhaps it was better that he couldn’t see how he looked like.

Thomas coughed again, feeling the acidic fog burn in his airways and noticing that they were beginning to swell up, making it even more difficult to breathe. He knew that he had reached the end of his life, and all that he hoped for now was that Christina would be spared his fate, and that his own digestive demise would come as soon as possible. Closing his eyes, he tried to focus on the giantess’ calm breath and regular heartbeat again, though this was made quite difficult by the constant slurping and groaning noises around him, and the incessant prattling of her disturbingly relaxed, even cheerful voice as she talked about everyday trivialities.

Just in that moment, the stomach walls contracted again, and the bubbling and steaming pool of puke rose once more, making it impossible for Thomas to keep himself above the surface except for sticking his face out of the digesting chyme and literally kissing the slimy mucous membrane, which kept emitting more and more burning acid. What he did not know was that right above him, behind the stomach walls, and a layer of flesh and fat, Christina was being pressed onto Tanja’s soft skin again. If they had called out for another right then, they might even had heard each other, but neither of them knew just how close they were to each other.

And so, the last sound Thomas ever made before being forced completely beneath the surface was an undignified, pitiful gargling sound as warm, viscous chyme was violently pushed into his mouth and nostrils. Then his suffocating, broken body began to twitch and convulse again, his muscles cramping up until they suddenly went limp and he began to sink to the bottom of the stomach. His lungs stopped breathing, his heart ceased to beat, and his brain shut down, the last thing he ever heard being another content burp rumbling through Tanja’s body.


Feeling hot tears run down her cheeks once more as Tanja let out a celebratory burp to mark the inevitable victory of her digestive system over her latest meal, Christina closed her eyes and said farewell to Thomas in her mind. She didn’t know for sure, but somehow, she felt that he was gone. At least that also meant that it was finally over for him.

“Aaah! Fuck, I love being at the top of the food chain.” Tanja said, noisily smacking her lips before sitting up in her bed again and lifting Christina up to her face. “Time for dessert.” She then whispered in a sultry voice, licking across her luscious pink lips with her wet tongue.

Christina closed her eyes, wiped away the moist trails her tears had left on her cheeks and braced herself, fully expecting to be eaten this time. There was no reason for Tanja to stretch this out any longer. But yet again, nothing happened. Instead, the young giantess got up from her bed and casually walked over to a nearby bookshelf. Worried what her tormentor had in mind for her now, Christina hectically looked around the different compartments of the bookshelf, but it appeared to be a perfectly normal shelf, mostly containing folders from previous schoolyears, numerous textbooks, and a variety of more or less typical girl’s literature. It was only when she looked at the lower rows that she noticed a medium-sized Vortex box.

Most likely intentionally, the box had been placed at around the same height as Tanja’s belly button, but as the young giantess approached it with booming footsteps, Christina noticed that the box looked a bit different. The grate that would normally have separated it into different cubicles had been removed, and it seemed that Tanja had added a transparent plastic lid with makeshift airholes and ‘<3<3<3 Special Reserve <3<3<3’ written on it with red marker. Before Christina could reach her own conclusions on what this meant, Tanja carefully opened the lid and dropped her inside – right in front of around two or three dozen weary-looking shrunken people in black Vortex overalls such as the one she was wearing.

“Guys, this is Christina. Don’t be mean to her, or I’ll flush you down the toilet.” The giant girl then said matter-of-factly. “I’ll be back in a minute or two!”

Then she closed the lid again and turned around, walking first out of their field of view and then out of the room. Once the mild tremors caused by Tanja’s steps had subsided and moved downstairs, a Middle Eastern-looking young woman with long, wavy black hair broke away from the group and kneeled down beside Christina, hugging her tightly, and stroking her hair.

“Are you okay?” She then asked, looking at her to check if she was hurt. “I mean… Are you injured? We saw everything from here… I mean, shit, she’s extra crazy today.”

“I… I don’t….” Christina began, overwhelmed by being able to talk to a normal human being again. Or at least someone who was like a human being was supposed to be.

“Sshh, it’s okay. You’re Christina, right? I’m Aylin.” The young woman said gently.

Christina nodded, wiping away more tears pooling in the corners of her eyes as she was overcome by emotion and began to sob again. “Wha… who…?”

“Most of us are… leftovers, I guess.” Said a young man who too had stepped out of the group of nervous and sympathetic-looking shrunken people. “And then there’s some of us Tanja got more interested in before she got around to eating us, for whatever reason. Oh, I’m Michael, by the way.” He then added, forcing himself to smile.

“She keeps us in here for her… entertainment.” Aylin explained.

“Not for long she doesn’t.” A thin, morose young woman with a dishevelled side cut and red-coloured hair said coldly. Sitting in one of the corners, away from the rest of the group, she was almost invisible. “You got a couple of days tops.”

“Shut the fuck up, Ramona.” Aylin shot back.

“You’re giving her false hope.” The other woman said, shaking her head.

“If you’ve given up – fine, let Tanja eat you. As long as I’m alive, I’ll try to get out of here.” The black-haired girl replied and then turned to Christina again. “Don’t listen to her.”

“I… I don’t… Nele and Thomas…They’re gone. They got eaten.” Christina stammered.

“They’re the lucky ones, you know.” Ramona said unfeelingly.

“I swear to God, Ramona, if you don’t shut your mouth, I’m gonna break your fucking neck.” Aylin hissed at her through her clenched teeth.

The other woman defensively lifted her hands. “Fine.” She then conceded and rolled her eyes, leaning back in her corner and closing her eyes as she disengaged from the conversation.

Just as Aylin turned back to Christina, the shrunken people felt vibrations go through the box, gradually escalating into small earthquakes as their gigantic captor walked back up the stairs. Christina’s breath accelerated again, and even though she tried not to show it, she also could feel how the young woman beside tensed up as well. Then Tanja stepped back into the room, happily humming to herself while carrying a small tub of cookie dough ice cream in her left hand and sucking on a spoon in her right. Closing the door behind her, she walked up to the box again and squatted, so that her face was on the same level as the tinies inside.

“Did you all introduce yourselves to Chrissie?” She asked curiously, smacking her lips as she lifted a mountain of ice cream into her mouth. Tanja sucked on it for a bit and then turned to Christina, swallowing. “You make any new friends yet?” She asked innocently.

“So that’s your dessert?” Aylin snapped at Tanja, appearing to be remarkably unafraid of the skyscraper-sized young giantess for someone her size.

“Yeah, of course. What did you think?” The blonde giantess replied. Then she suddenly froze and looked back and forth between Christina and her tub of ice cream. “You didn’t think I…”

“Don’t pretend like you weren’t messing with her. After all you’ve put her through already.” Aylin spat angrily, her face a mask of contempt.

“You wound me, Aylin.” Tanja said sarcastically and rose to her feet again, so that the tinies once more faced her exposed midriff. “What about Ramona over there?” She asked Christina, pointing her spoon at the sullen woman with the red hair. “Did she say any nasty things to you? She’s a real bully, that one.” The giantess explained, eating another spoonful.

“I only told her what to expect.” Ramona said without even opening her eyes.

“Yow weawy haw a cwappy pewsonawidy.” Tanja accusingly said through a mouthful of ice cream. Then she audibly swallowed again. “I should squish you right now.”

“You wouldn’t do me that favour.” Ramona replied and shrugged, though Christina did see that she slightly opened her eyes and nervously glanced up at Tanja.

“Mh, yeah, I wouldn’t.” Tanja agreed, looking down at them while absent-mindedly sucking on her spoon. “Anyway, this is getting boring. Going to watch something now. Later, losers.”

With that, the enormous girl suddenly turned around and walked back to her desk, her titanic butt cheeks visibly jiggling up and down in her pyjama hot pants. Then she grabbed her notebook and flopped herself onto her bed, letting out an exhausted yawn as she selected a series to watch and put in her earphones. Since Tanja had the back of her laptop turned towards the shelf, Christina could not see what she was watching, but her attention was more focused on her belly button anyway. Somewhere inside that slim female belly, her boyfriend’s remains were being digested along with everything else Tanja had eaten, turned into nutrients for her fit body. It was something she could just not wrap her head around; it was too horrifying. To think that her last real conversation with him had been the two of them fighting…

Looking past the giantess and out of the bedroom window, Christina noted that it had become dark outside, and given that she wasn’t in any immediate danger, at least not right now, her own body decided to remind her just how tired and fully exhausted she was. Aylin, who still had her arms protectively wrapped around Christina’s shoulders, appeared to notice how she was feeling and carefully let go of her, helping her lie down on the hard, plastic floor.

“Get some rest, sweetie.” She said tenderly and smiled at her as she brushed some of Christina’s dishevelled hair out of her face. “You’ll need your strength when we got out of here.”

Christina wanted to say something about how she didn’t even want to live on at all, but her body was so weak and drained that she only let out an exhausted groan. She rolled herself up in a foetal position, her heavy eyelids dropping down and mercifully shielding her from the sight of the relaxing giantess’ body. For a few more moments, her mind lingered around a bit more in this twilight state, listening to the hushed conversations of the other tinies, then all the pain and anguish of the last twelve hours blissfully slipped away as she fell asleep.


Just as the first spoonful of sweet cookie dough ice cream was pressed through the cardia and splashed into Tanja’s stomach, melting almost instantly as it dropped into the residual pool of hot, bubbling chyme and acid, Thomas’ mangled body was pushed into the deepest and darkest recess of the churning organic sack by yet another powerful peristaltic movement. Then it was suddenly sucked through the pylorus along with the glob of digested food it was drifting in, the sudden force exerted on it being so strong that it was ripped into several smaller pieces. Now merely a collection of gradually dissolving body parts, Thomas’ remains slowly drifted through the murky, fluid-filled tunnel that formed Tanja’s duodenum, where they were soon mixed with further digestive enzymes from her gall bladder and pancreas.

Far too late for Thomas, the pH of the chyme slowly began to rise again, preparing it for the next stage of digestion – absorption into the giantess’ body. Drifting around another bend in the organic tube that led into the darkest and hottest depths of Tanja’s vast organism, the sad remains of the tiny now entered the small intestine, a sheer endless, winding labyrinth of pulsating viscera that might as well have been the innards of an eldritch creature from a cosmic horror story. Travelling deeper and deeper into darkness, surrounded by nothing but Tanja’s body, Thomas’ body parts gradually dissolved even further, the thoroughly soaked flesh peeling off his bones and disintegrating into liquid clouds of nutrients that were soon sucked up by alien, finger-like projections lining the walls of the intestine. These were the villi, which extracted all the carbohydrates, fats, minerals, proteins, and vitamins Tanja’s young, athletic body needed for itself, greedily slurping them out of the opaque soup of more or less entirely liquefied food that passed through them on its way down. From there, the nutrients were sent into the girl’s bloodstream, soon to be distributed throughout her entire body – some of them were instantly burned off as energy, serving no other purpose than to keep this gigantic young organism functioning, but the largest part of what once had been Thomas’ body would now serve as organic building blocks to grow and repair that of the girl who had eaten him. Water would serve to hydrate her, becoming part of Tanja’s various bodily fluids, while the protein extracted from his remains would help keep her trained muscles fit and strong, and to replace body tissue such as that of the currently regenerating endometrium of her uterus. The many minerals and vitamins gained from him were used to perform a range of roles within the body they would now serve, while Thomas’ carbohydrates and lipids were predominantly stored as additional fat tissue within Tanja’s large breasts and butt cheeks.

As Tanja fell asleep over her series some time around midnight, most of Thomas’ bones too had molten down into white clouds of calcium, mercilessly sucked up as well by the villi and converted into raw material for her strong skeleton and her perfect white teeth. Now drifting through the last part of the girl’s small intestine, Thomas was nothing more than an accumulation of shrivelled bones and various other tiny pieces that the giantess’ body either could or would not digest. These were then suddenly sprayed all over the undulating walls as some bubbles of digestive gas rushed by, accompanied by an overwhelmingly powerful contraction of the surrounding section of the intestine and a deep, menacing gurgle that echoed through the watery depths like the scream of some ancient sea monster.

Only a few minutes later, as Tanja rolled around in her sleep and expelled the bubbles of gas as an almost inaudible fart, Thomas’ mortal remains were sucked through her ileocecal valve along with a glob of other thoroughly digested food, finally entering her large intestine. There, the chunk began to settle into an increasingly solid, brownish lump as it was drained of fluids and pressed along further, joining up with more pieces of the same to form the foul-smelling end product of Tanja’s digestive process. As the semi-solid log of shit slipped down the final bend of its journey through the girl’s body, it displaced some more air and gas stuck behind the girl’s anus, causing them to be expelled with another, louder flatulence that the giantess didn’t even register, simply continuing to sleep and dream sweet dreams. Settling in Tanja’s rectum, her next bowel movement showed no sign that it contained the remains of a shrunken person, with Thomas’ bleached bone fragments deeply embedded within the brown log.


Tanja lurched up as the morning alarm of her smartphone tore her right out of the middle of a REM sleep cycle, letting out an annoyed moan as she realised what was going on. Then she dropped back into her pillow with her face forward and hit the snooze button. Just as she was about to drift back to sleep, the alarm sounded once more, and after ignoring it for a couple of seconds, she turned onto her back and sighed, pressing the button again.

“Just… a few… more minutes.” She mumbled to herself and smacked her lips, enjoying the silky feeling of her warm bed, and nearly falling asleep once more before the alarm went off yet again, causing her to frown and squint at the clock on her wall. It was time to get up.

“Okay, okay, I get it.” Tanja groaned and rolled over on her belly, turning off the alarm for good. Then she sat up in her bed and stretched out her arms, letting out a prolonged yawn.

Before she could be tempted to lie down again, Tanja pushed her naked feet over the edge of her mattress and sat up, stretching again before rising to her feet. Feeling her taut breasts bob up and down with the sudden movement, she softly pulled at her underwear and pyjama pants, which hat slightly slipped in between her butt cheeks during the night, and shuffled over to her wardrobe, where she quickly decided on her outfit for the day. Carrying the clothes with her left arm, she then stepped out of her room and into the hallway. As she walked into the bathroom and locked the door, she let out another yawn, then she slipped out of her nightwear and was just about to take a shower when she noticed a slight pressure in her rectum.

Tanja shrugged and decided to relieve herself first, so she went over to the toilet and dropped herself down onto the cool seat, almost instantly releasing a jet of urine into the bowl. Yawning again, she absent-mindedly listened to the birds chirping outside and finished peeing, then she relaxed the muscles in her lower body and allowed her sphincter to open up, releasing a wet fart. This was followed by a soft, medium turd slipping out of her body from between her perfect butt cheeks, followed by another fart and finally another, smaller brown chunk. Once she was sure that her bowels were empty for now, Tanja got up and carefully cleaned herself before throwing the used paper into the bowl and flushing the contents away.

She then went over to the sink and washed her hands with some soap and hot water, looking at her naked body in the mirror as she did so. When she looked at her flat belly, she suddenly remembered all the fun she had with Christina and Thomas yesterday. In fact, Thomas probably was… She glanced over to the toilet again and snorted derisively.

“Oops.” Tanja giggled to herself. “Now your girlfriend didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

Unfazed, the blonde beauty continued with her morning bathroom routine, first taking a long, hot shower, then drying herself off, slipping into today’s outfit and finally applying just a tiny bit of make-up and light pink lipstick to look even more stunning than she already was. Once she was completely satisfied with her appearance, she stepped into the hallway again and was just about to go downstairs to make herself breakfast when she thought of the tinies again.

Grinning, Tanja went back into her room and over to the plastic box with the shrunken people inside. Luckily, most of them, including Christina, were already awake, so she wouldn’t have to waste any more time on waking them up. As she squatted in front of the shelf, she noticed how all of them nervously backed up a little, trying to anticipate what she would do next.

“Morning! I’m off to school now, so you guys have a nice day. Oh, and Chrissie?” She then asked and looked right at the most recent addition to her ‘special reserve’.

The shrunken girl stared up at her apprehensively, but didn’t say anything.

“I’m afraid I just sent Tommy to the sewers, so there’s not going to be a reunion for you guys. But don’t worry.” Tanja said, then she leaned over the box with an arrogant smirk and kissed the transparent lid directly above Christina, leaving a slight impression of her pink lipstick.

“I know we are going to have a lot of fun together.”

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