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A Fun-Sized Boyfriend - by Nosuspicious

Commissioned by Malethor

Laura flicked through status update after status update on her phone. Her little sister's facebook was always the same: a desperate bikini picture, a new short-term boyfriend, a lavish "volunteering" trip to Costa Rica or Jamaica or wherever the hell it was this time, yada yada yada. It'd be enough to send anyone's eyes rolling straight to the back of their heads. 

Whatever, Laura thought. Her brat of a sister wasn't worth the time. Just as she was finally ready to close out of the page, Laura heard Hanna's childish giggling from her room three doors down. Ugh, was there any way to get away from her? The little shit was probably texting her new date again. What was his name again? Jerome? James? Something like that. Hanna had been incessantly rambling on and on about how great he was during dinner, twirling her fingers through her puffy, bright blue hair and staring into the skies as she droned endlessly, oblivious to how over-it her sister and parents were. Normally Laura would be able to tune her sister's voice out and think about something else, but as much as she didn't want to admit it, she had been in a bit of a vulnerable spot. After getting dumped by yet another asshole football player, the last thing Laura needed was her ditzy sister rubbing her face in how much dick she was getting. 

Hanna's giggling eventually ceased, but not much later, Laura heard the rhythmic thumping of feet prancing closer to her door across the hallway floor. Great. Laura only knew one person weird enough to skip around like that in her own house. 

Knock, knock, knock, came the door. Laura put down her phone and lazily rolled her head to one side, glaring at the door like it owed her money. 

"What do you want, Hanna?"

The door opened and Hanna strode in, not bothering to ask first, as usual. "I just wanted to tell you the great news! Jake's gonna take me out to get sushi and then take me to see the new Blade Runner later! I'm so fucking excited, you have nooooo idea," Hanna said cheerfully. As she spoke, she seemed to remember something and her lips drooped into a pouty frown. "Oh wait... didn't you wanna see that with Isaac? Sorry Laura, I forgot... again..." 

Yeah right - like Hanna just happened to forget about that. Laura could feel her own blood pressure rising, but said nothing.

The ensuing silence made Hanna uncomfortable, so naturally, the only thing she could think to do was open her mouth and make things even more awkward. "Really though, you shouldn't worry about him! He's a jerk. Remember what he said to you? That you have a ‘bony ass' and a ‘rat face'? What kinda guy says that? I mean... it's not your fault that you have a small butt!"

That was it. "GET THE FUCK OUT!" Laura screeched, throwing a pillow at Hanna from across the room.

"FINE!! Fuck me for trying to cheer you up, right??" Hanna yelled back as she turned and left the room. Laura could hear a faint sniffle as her sister slammed the door behind her, as if Hanna's feelings were hurt. Laura scoffed. 

Something had to be done about Hanna. Years and years of the girl's determination to show the rest of the world just how sickeningly happy she was would be enough to make any older sister crazy, and if karma wouldn't pay Hanna back for it, then Laura would have to. 

Laura sat up and scoured the room. There had to be an answer here: some trick, some prank, or just something that she could use to sabotage this date her sister was soooo excited about. Her eyes wandered from object to object: an old softball bat, some silly string, gorilla glue... until finally she caught sight of the equipment her professor let her bring home from her summer research job.

Laura felt a little conflicted at first. She had a feeling she wasn't supposed to have this stuff at home. The bottle of liquid was covered with all kinds of warning labels, and she'd seen what it could do to research subjects. However, her professor liked her and insisted that Laura take it home, saying she'd ‘find a use' for it, so maybe it was okay. Besides, if there was ever a time when using this stuff was justified, this would be it.

An idea flashed in Laura's head: something she could do to finally get even with her dumb sister. Laura grinned. She wasn't so sure about the morality of what she had in mind, but Hanna deserved this after that comment about her ass. She hoped for this ‘Jordan's' sake that he didn't have anything against taller women. 


Hanna skipped back to her room and flung herself back onto her bed. She reached for her bedside table and grabbed a few of the ecstasy pills she got at that frat party last week. She wasn't sure how many were safe to take, but it couldn't be a big deal, right? She'd taken them so many times before, so she was sure her metabolism had adjusted so she could ingest more. That's how drugs work, right? She shrugged. The young lady casually popped a few pills into her mouth - not bothering to count how many - and swallowed them.

The LED lights of Hanna's room grew brighter as her pupils dilated and she felt a wash of euphoria swirl through the base of her head. She was sure Jake wouldn't mind. After all, he was lucky to be going out with her at all. She always liked to go for guys who weren't quite as good looking as she was; it meant that she could get away with stuff like being high on their first date and they'd still jump at the chance to fuck her afterward. Besides, judging by the trailer, she'd want to be nice and stoned for Blade Runner anyway. 

For good measure, she reached for her bong and took a hit of that as well. She'd still hear the doorbell when Jake gets here... probably. It wasn't worth worrying about. Her mind wandered to her date: his face, his body, and she supposed his personality was okay too. He was a bit slimmer than her last boyfriend, but she was pretty sure she could make out the outline of abs on his instagram pics. She'd always wanted another boyfriend with abs. 

Hanna's hand wandered down beneath her belly and slid under the hem of her jeans. She closed her eyes and imagined Jake's body over hers, thrusting into her over and over again like a jackhammer, and started to grow wet. 


Jake anxiously tried to keep his attention on the road as his mind raced with nervous anticipation for his date. Hanna was so hot. He couldn't fuck this up! He ran through a quick mental checklist of everything that could possibly go wrong: had he brushed his teeth? Yes. Was his acne breaking out? A little, but not much. Did his hair look stupid? He checked the rear-view mirror... not really, but with how nervous he was feeling, he was worried his sweat would ruin it. His attention was drawn back to the road when he heard the car behind him honk its horn. God, he had to get himself together. 

A short while later, he arrived at the moderately-sized suburban home at the address Hanna had given him. He was surprised. Between Hanna's make-up, perfume, jewelry, and designer clothes, Jake was sure he was going to find himself pulling up to some fifty-room mansion or villa by the beach. Her parents must be spoiling her. That made sense, he supposed. She did have that sort of daddy's-girl personality. 

Jake got out of the car and approached the doorway, trying to carry himself with more confidence and gusto than he actually had. He breathed into his hand to check how his breath smelled for what must have been the eighth time since he left his house. Can never be too careful, right?

Jake approached the door to ring the bell, but it opened just before he could push it. Out emerged a short, skinny woman in a grey sweatsuit with auburn hair tied back in a bun. This must be Laura. She had a naturally pretty face, just like her little sister, but she didn't have the same curvy, womanly figure, and she definitely didn't share her sister's fashion sense. Jake was struck by how happy Laura seemed to be. From what Hanna had told him, she wasn't exactly the cheerful sort. 

"Hey there!" she said. "The doorbell's busted... thought I'd catch ya before you tried to ring it. My name's Laura. You're Jake, right?

"Oh, um, yeah! That's me!"

The woman's face lit up assuredly as she smiled. Jake smiled back, but there was something unsettling about just how happy the arrival of her sister's date made her. "Great! Hanna's just inside. Between you and me, she's super excited to see you. But hey, uh, thought I should warn you: she's kinda sensitive to bad breath." She pulled out a small, plastic vial of green fluid from her pocket and extended her hand to Jake. "I don't mean to be rude, but, well, y'know..."

Jake groaned, cursing himself internally. His breath didn't smell bad to him, but maybe that was just because it was his own? Regardless, it was better to be safe than sorry. He accepted the small bottle, unscrewed its cap, and brought the fluid into his mouth, swishing it around to make sure every corner of his mouth was covered. 

Laura watched Jake swish the fluid in his mouth and subtly nodded, smiling. "Oh! Jake, by the way, you can go ahead and swallow that. It's not the kind of mouthwash you spit out."

Jake shrugged and swallowed. He kind of wished he hadn't, but he was nervous and trying to be polite. The fluid didn't have that kind of cool, minty-flavor that mouthwash usually has. It was more bitter, like some rare medicinal herb, but Jake supposed that made sense. It wasn't supposed to be a snack. 

The woman stepped to one side and gestured toward the door, inviting Jake to enter. "After you!"

Jake proceeded toward the door, but grew a little dizzy as he walked. It must have been the nerves getting to him. He tried to ignore it; now definitely wasn't the time to panic. He took a deep breath and entered the doorway, but just as he did, he felt his pants fall down to his ankles as if they were three sizes too large. He tripped over them before he noticed they fell, stumbling forward and falling flat onto his face. 

Jake heard laughter behind him. He was lucky he hadn't broken his nose. He tried to push himself up, but was brought back down by the weight of something heavy on top of him. It was kind of like a giant blanket... but strangely, it was getting bigger, blotting out the light on all sides of him. Jake looked over his shoulder to see what it was. Wait a minute, this wasn't a blanket, it was his shirt. Was it... growing? Or was he shrinking? Either way, that was impossible, right? Did Laura give him LSD? This couldn't actually be happening. 

Impossible or not, it really was happening, and Jake wasn't the only one who knew it. As the now-naked young man furrowed through the mess of his own clothing, he could hear the continuous echo of malicious laughter from behind him. 

"Have fun down there!" he heard the voice say. "Don't forget about Hanna, now. She's just down the hall on the left - you might wanna think up a little explanation for your, ahem, stature, though. She's not too fond of so-called ‘short kings.' I hope you didn't list your height on your Tinder bio!" she laughed.  

Jake heard the voice quiet as the woman moved away. With some struggle, he was able to escape the mess of clothing imprisoning him on all sides. He examined his surroundings: the kitchen counters, the living room coffee tables, the door to the front yard, all of it was recognizably the same house he'd just entered, but it was so god damn huge. It felt less like a small, suburban home and more like a towering cityscape. But he didn't have time to dwell on it; he wasn't safe here. What if Hanna's family had pets? He could be in mortal danger. He needed to get to Hanna now, that was the only way to be sure he'd get out of this safely...

Down the hall on the left, that bitch had said. Jake could spot the hallway from here. It couldn't be too difficult to get there. Even at his new size, it wouldn't be that much of a distance to cross. Laura would get to play her little prank on her sister, but at least he'd be safe with Hanna. 

Jake ran to the hallway and surveyed the row of doors on either side. There was one door on the left at the end. It was slightly ajar, and he could see the dim, ice-blue luminescence of LED lighting peering out through the crack. That had to be Hanna. He just had to get in there...


Laura relaxed back in her office chair and peered at the laptop screen in front of her. She clicked to the security footage app and opened up the feed she'd been waiting to see: her sister's room, in full view, perfectly set up to capture Hanna's reaction to her brand new, fun-sized date. Hanna wasn't a mean person, but she wasn't known to be forgiving when her Tinder dates' pictures looked more appealing than the guy who posted them did in-person. If that was enough to ruin her day, then this would be the shocker of a lifetime. Laura reached for her mug of tea and took a sip. The feed went live, and she could see Hanna relaxing on her bed. 

Laura stopped before taking a second tip. She squinted, hoping she wasn't seeing what she thought she was, but there was no mistaking what Hanna was doing. The girl wasn't just relaxing. Hanna's pants were down at her knees, and she could see her hands at work between her thighs, rubbing what lay beneath them in a circular motion. Laura gagged and brought her cursor to the exit button, almost shutting the footage off in disgust, but then she remembered who was about to enter. Jake was going to see this too, and at his size, it might take a while for Hanna to notice him. 

Laura's eyes moved to the corner of the screen where the bedroom door was just barely in view. From it, she could see a tiny, anxious man tip-toeing inside, being careful not to startle the room's occupant. He didn't seem to notice what Hanna was doing. 

Laura resisted the urge to close the footage. She was too curious. She had to see what would happen next...


Jake could see Hanna's feet hanging off the edge of the twin-sized bed she lay on. They were moving back and forth as her legs bent. Her toes were curling, relaxing, and curling again, over and over, like Hanna was writhing, overcome with an intense sensation. It didn't take much thought for Jake to realize what she was up to, and his suspicions were quickly confirmed by the sound of the young woman's moans of pleasure. Jake blushed. He wasn't expecting to see her like this so soon. Hot as it was, seeing her like this made him feel a little dirty. She probably wouldn't like him watching her like this without her knowing. 

Still, he couldn't get lost in his own conflicted feelings. He wasn't safe on the floor like this. He had to get her attention. Every second that he wandered about the floor at his new height, he was in more danger. Hopefully, Hanna would understand. 

Jake made his way over to the edge of the bed. A blanket was drooped over its lower left corner, with its end-stitching just barely accessible. He leaped for it; grabbing the thin tassels and somehow managing to hoist his own bodyweight up. It wasn't easy, but he was able to climb up the blanket, grabbing fistfuls of thin fabric and pulling upward, fueled by his determination to survive. 

He reached the top. It was an exhausting climb, but there was no time to stop for rest. Mere inches away, Jake could see Hanna's calves and ankles sticking out from beneath the covers and writhing back and forth. They were quivering, and Jake could even catch beads of glistening sweat slowly trailing down from Hanna's knees. From the head of the bed, Jake could hear the low, soft grunts of Hanna's moaning, and could even have sworn he heard a voice softly mutter the name Jake... she was thinking about him.

Jake gulped. He felt his dick started to harden as his horny young brain closed in the lustful beautiy of what was happening in front of him. He wanted to join in... somehow. He could start beating himself off then and there, or maybe get under the covers and make his way to Hanna's pussy to surprise her. 

He shook his head. He needed to stay focused. As much as he didn't want to interrupt Hanna, his safety took priority. He needed to get Hanna's attention, now. 

He looked to the head of the bed and saw her frilly hair - as blue as the LED lighting coating the room - swaying side to side as the young woman rocked her head back and forth in her bliss. Her flushed face rocked back and forth as she struggled and moaned, and Jake could even catch a glimpse of her eyes staring off into space. Her pupils were noticeably dilated and their gaze was split in different directions. Jake had been to enough parties to know what that meant: Hanna was stoned.

Really? He thought to himself, getting a little miffed. On our first date?

Jake shook his head and resumed the task at hand. The constant pulling and loosening of the bedsheets below him made it too difficult for him to get to Hanna's head on two legs. He got down on all-fours, distributing his weight laterally to keep his balance. He took a deep breath and crawled to her. He feared her movement would kick him off of the bed, but he had to push on. He passed her hips, her torso, and her bust, admiring them as Hanna pulled up the covers against her body, outlining its delicate shape. It took all of Jake's concentration to stay focused. 

At last, Jake reached the base of her head. He couldn't help but take a moment to admire her gigantic face. Her eyes were closed, her head was tilted back, and her teeth bit her lower lip as she braced for each successive wave of pleasure. Every once in a while, she softly moaned ohh, Jake, or more, fueling the tiny young man's imagination as he tried to picture the scene playing out in his date's head. It only made it more difficult to resist the urge to get onto his back and masturbate.

Once Jake was close enough to Hanna's head he stood, brought his hands to his mouth, and called her name. Even at his new size, he figured he should be able to make enough noise to get her attention. 


Hanna kicked her head back and groaned. Her imagination ran wild with the thoughts of everything she and Jake would get up to tonight. He imagined his body over hers, his cock inside her, and she could feel the wetness between her legs growing against her slick, ever-active fingers, dousing them in even more of her spunk. She rubbed herself more and more, getting closer to climax, and losing herself in her drug-filled daze. Was taking so much X smart? Probably not, but as long as she'd done it, she was gonna savor the fuck out of it. She was sure Jake wouldn't mind. Well, at least as long as she got this ‘over with' before he got here.

Hanna could feel her climax coming. Once more, she moaned the name of her soon-to-be boyfriend into the air. "Jake..." she called, and to her slight surprise, she heard an answer. 

"Hanna!" came a small voice from her left. 

What the hell? Was he in the room with her? She should have been startled to hear any human voice next to her while she was fingering herself, but her brain worked differently under the influence of so many pills. She gently turned her head to one side and opened her eyes, checking to see if there really was anyone calling her name. 

Her vision was totally fucked. No matter how hard she tried, she could only barely make out the amorphous shapes of her surroundings. Everything looked like a bright, indiscernible swirl of colors without dimension or mass, like she was inside a video game with the bloom settings set to 5000%. 

Still, Hanna squinted, and was able to make out a vaguely humanoid, pale shape. It looked kinda like Jake. She might have thought that it was Jake, but even while blitzed out of her mind, she was able to deduce that her date probably wasn't three inches tall. She must be hallucinating. Maybe she really had taken too much X.

Hanna's head swirled back and forth as she tried to keep focus on the strange shape. She was definitely hallucinating an image of Jake alright. How convenient... it was like the object of her desire was really there in front of her. She imagined all the things she wanted to do to Jake. Ride him, suck him off, grind her pussy against his face... he looked so good, so sexy, so yummy. Hanna could feel herself salivating, and her imagination took over. With one hand, she rotated her index and middle fingers against her vulva, and with the other, she reached for this tiny figment of her imagination. Jake looked so good... she had to have him all. 

Jake waved his hands back and forth and shouted for his date's attention. "Hanna! Hanna!! I'm here!" he cried again and again. Hanna just looked at him, her eyes half-open, her pupils dilated, and her focus divided between him and whatever trippy sensations and visions were swirling through her parietal lobe. Jake saw a lot of things in her face: ecstasy, curiosity, amusement, even contemplation, but not concern. Could she really see him? She was obviously high, but was she really so blitzed that she couldn't even see a person standing right in front of her? On top of that... did she really have to get this stoned before their date?

Jake's thoughts were cut off when he felt a pinching on either side of his torso. Startled, he looked to his sides and saw big, blue-painted fingernails squeezing his ribcage. They were Hanna's. She had grabbed him. 

"H-Hanna?" Jake asked, nervously. "What are you doing?"

"Jaaaakeee....," he received in response. 

Before Jake could get over his puzzled emotions, he felt himself be pushed closer to Hanna's face. 

Her lips moved. Was she going to kiss him? Did she know he was here after all?

Her mouth opened. Okay, Jake thought, that's a little much for a kiss. Maybe she was going to lick him? He was pushed closer. 

Her mouth opened even more, and widely, as if she were preparing for a dentist to operate on her. Jake appraised the rows of sparkly white teeth, smelled her minty breath, and felt the moist warmness of her mouth waft over him as he was still brought closer to it. 

His eyes widened. He realized what was happening. 

"No!! Hanna! WHAT THE FUCK, DON'T EAT M-" and he was cut off. Hanna stuffed him into her mouth and closed. 

Jake felt the world around him shift as Hanna rolled back onto the back of her head. She tasted her prize all over, with her slick, spongy tongue rubbing all over Jake's tiny body, not missing a single inch of him. The saltiness from his fear-sweats made him extra tasty, but that wasn't all. Inevitably, Hanna's tongue found its way to Jake's hopelessly erect cock. With every swab it took over his shaft, she drew more delicious precum from him, prompting her to spend more and more time there. If Jake weren't so terrified, he might have came right onto the roof of Hanna's mouth.

Jake mewled and prayed inside Hanna's mouth, desperately trying to get her attention by calling her name, slapping her gums, clawing at her teeth, and anything else he could think of, but it was no use. The more he struggled, the more she seemed to enjoy him. He hoped she was enjoying him merely as a tasty, indissoluble lollipop, one that she would spit out as soon as she came to her senses, but he wouldn't be so lucky. Hanna played with her food alright, but it was still food. 

Hanna's tongue rose, pushing Jake to the back of her mouth and toward her throat. 

"HANNA!" he called a final time, but it was hopeless. 

He heard a gulp as muscles constricted around his legs from every direction, squeezing his thighs and pulling them deeper into her. He struggled as much as he could, hoping he could slap her uthula and trigger a gag reflex, but again, his struggling just seemed to encourage her. He heard and felt another gulp, and finally, he was pulled into her esophagus. 

He moved faster now, as if he were descending down a smelly, fleshy waterslide. No amount of flailing or whining would save him. To add insult to injury, even from inside Hanna, he could hear her moans of pleasure grow louder as he descended down into her stomach. She sure was enjoying her meal, and that's all Jake was now: food. 

Hanna kept up her rubbing as she felt herself nearing climax, thinking of all the ways she could enjoy Jake, including ones that were well-beyond the reach of reality, like the way she'd just gobbled up that tiny, strangely lifelike hallucination. Just as she felt the imaginary man drop into her stomach, she came, drenching the sheets beneath her thighs and doing her best to stifle her loud moans so her family wouldn't hear. 

She felt movement in her belly... was all the X making her sick? God, she hoped not. She loved sushi - it'd be terrible if she spoiled tonight's dinner.

Hanna brought her fingers away from her crotch. It really was one hell of an orgasm. She could smell the results of her masturbation even from the head of the bed. She needed to change into some clean clothes and get that musky, feminine smell out of her fingers before Jake showed up, but she was so high and her stomach wouldn't stop churning. She couldn't stay focused. Maybe a little rest was what she needed... just a few minutes of shuteye before Jake arrived so she could clear her head. 

Her plans for sleep were dashed when she felt a sudden fluttering in her stomach, like something was moving around in there. It felt good, sort of, but also weird. Maybe she was just nervous before the date... a "butterflies in her stomach" kind of thing. 

Hanna picked up her phone and checked the time. What the fuck? He was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago! Where is he? 

She felt the strange movement in her stomach again. Maybe this time it was frustration and anger over her date's tardiness... or maybe she just had to use the bathroom. 


Laura started blankly at the laptop screen. She really just ate him, didn't she?. Why did she do that? Did she even realize who that was? Hanna could get pretty weird when she was stoned but this was a bridge too far!

Laura rewound the footage and watched it again. Yep, there was no mistaking it. She swallowed him alright, and from the shape of that lump that went down her throat, she didn't even bother chewing. He could still be alive down there, swirling around in her acrid stomach acids, trying to stay afloat, struggling to not drown, destined to be his ditzy date's food.

Laura closed the footage and stood up. Despite everything, she didn't want to get this Jeremy person killed. She had to do something. She walked to her door, twisted the handle, and stopped. 

Laura reminisced on the night's earlier events. The way Hanna talked about her ass, brought up her break-up, and bragged about her new date in that obnoxious way she always does... did she really deserve to have her new boytoy rescued? 

The more Laura thought about it, the more she accepted what she really thought. Hanna wasn't going on any hot dates tonight. She was gonna keep that boyfriend stuck in her belly, and if Joshua ended up getting digested, well, that wasn't her problem. 

As Laura's mind dwelled on the reality of the swallowed, now-digesting boy, she looked back to the remaining shrinking-fluid she kept in the corner of her room. Perhaps Hanna shouldn't be the only one to chow down on some dumb guy. Her thoughts wandered to her ex-boyfriends...


Jake landed face-down with a painful belly flop in the center of a wide pool of thick, acrid stomach acid. It was shallow enough to reach the bottom of the stomach, but that didn't make it any easier for him to support himself. There was movement all around him as Hanna continued rocking back and forth, fingering herself as her body squirmed and her muscles contracted. All around him, Jake heard the constant sound of her moaning mixed in with a chorus of squelches and squirts from acid moving in and out of the stomach's chamber, passing through unseen sphincters and moving Hanna's food from one place to another. The fluid burned terribly against Jake's skin, but it wasn't as bad as he expected. Death didn't come to him instantly as he feared, but the threat of it still loomed over him, bringing a mortifying urgency to the situation. 

Whenever Jake managed to bring himself to his feet, the movement of the liquid around his calves flung him back onto his face, submerging him again in the noxious acid. Despite his struggles, he felt himself pulled in the same direction as the liquid and the bits of acid-soaked food floating around him. All at once, he realized what this meant: he was being pulled toward something, like Augustus Gloop was pulled toward that pipe in that old Willy Wonka movie his mother loved. Given where he was, that was very, very bad. 

Jake desperately paddled against the current, determined to postpone his demise, but the world around him tilted and moved before he could get too far. Hanna's body was moving, and more dynamically than before. Jake was flung into the air with the liquid as his surroundings abruptly rose, then fell back down again onto another one of the stomach's walls. Hanna had gotten up, and from the constant sound of her feet stomping and the liquid around him swirling in every direction with each step, she was on the move. 

After more movement, Jake heard noise from outside the stomach. 

"Laura! Where the fuck is Jake? He was supposed to be here like 30 minutes ago!" came Hanna's voice, vibrating down from her pharynx and into the stomach below.

Jake heard some barely-stifled laughter from above. "Uhhh, how would I know, dumbass? He probably stood you up. Maybe he saw you all stoned out of your mind through the window and knew you weren't worth his time."

A wave of stomach acid took Jake and threw him across the stomach as Hanna thrashed around in anger. "No! You bitch, Jake is obsessed with me. He wouldn't flake like all your dates did!"

Laura laughed, making no effort to suppress it this time. "Sounds like you'll have to swallow your pride, Hanna. Trust me, he'd be a shit boyfriend anyway. Soon, you'll realize that too!"

"FUCK YOU!!!" Hanna shot back, and stormed back to her room, again, throwing her boyfriend all around inside her as she did it. 

Jake had rightly given up on trying to support himself now. He'd hardly endured the last of the abuse he'd suffer from within the stomach. As Hanna reached her bedroom and jumped to throw herself on top of it, Jake was thrown straight upward and felt himself smacked by the top of the stomach wall, bruising his already burning skin and briefly knocking him unconscious. 

When he came to, he found himself flowing backward, floating face-up in the stomach acid towards a small whirlpool. Adrenaline shot through him and his eyes widened. He tried to paddle away, but he didn't have the strength. He couldn't stop this. He was sucked under, fully submerged, and gripped by the sphincter controlling all access to Hanna's small intestine. It grabbed him much as the esophagus did, pulling him deeper with deafeningly loud squelches that almost masked the sound of Hanna crying from outside him. Jake wished he could do something - he needed to tell her where he was, to get himself out of this, but there was no way. As far as Hanna's body was concerned, he was just more food, and Jake feared that if he didn't get out of this soon, he'd end up the same way that all food does.

Somehow, Jake was able to salvage just enough oxygen to stay alive amidst all the muck and gunk, but he could feel himself growing weaker. What little remained of his senses was dominated by the various sensations of digestion all around him: villi tickling his feet, the contracting tubes of his date's small intestines gripping his head and pulling him deeper, the noxious acids burning against his skin, all of it was horrible, but still not quite deadly enough to put the poor young man out of his misery. He wondered how long he could stay alive like this. Was there any hope he could get out?

Soon, he was granted a reminder of the most likely way he would find his exit. He felt Hanna rise and walk again, although he wasn't thrown around as he was before. She was walking somewhere, seemingly in quite a hurry, before he felt her body stop and drop. 

The movement of the digestive tract surrounding him was more rushed now, as if it was working overdrive for some kind of special event. From outside his body, Jake heard Hanna grunting forcefully amid her sniffles and moans of sadness, followed by an audible ‘plop' and a relieved grunt. 

You've got to be kidding me, he thought. He didn't know whether to be afraid, exasperated, disgusted, or all three at once. 

After each successive shit, Jake felt himself pushed further down into his date's bowels. Obviously, he wasn't as digested as the muck around him and he wasn't anywhere near Hanna's rectum yet, so he probably wouldn't be finding his exit now. Still, the reminder of his eventual fate unnerved him. If he didn't get out of here, is that how he would end up? 

The shitting stopped momentarily, but Hanna didn't get off of the toilet. Jake could hear the sound of her dialing her phone. Who talks on the phone while they're taking a dump? 

Hanna sniffled. "Hey... Damian? That you? Yeah.. yeah, babe, I know, we haven't talked for a while. Listen, do you think maybe we could meet up tomorrow?  I know it's sudden, look I just... I know you're still into me and I've been thinking about that night after junior prom, wanna maybe watch some netflix and chill afterward? Please?"

Jake's brow furled in his frustration. Really? She was gonna hook up with another guy after just one missed date?

"Oh awesome! I'll see you then, babe," Hanna said, and hung up. Another large plop followed, and Jake was moved further down the endless, windy, fleshy tube. 


The next 24 hours were hell. With the passage of time, Hanna became less and less distraught over her date, and settled comfortably back into her normal routine, forgetting about him as if he'd never existed. From deep inside her, Jake heard her flirt with classmates, slap her desk as she became frustrated with her homework, argue more with her cackling sister, and more. While Hanna engaged in a plethora of activities, Jake stayed in one spot, caught between the narrow entrance between Hanna's small and large intestine. He no longer progressed down her body; he simply stayed there like a living, breathing intestinal blockage, contorted uncomfortably and struggling to stay alive, subsisting on the rare speck of edible mush passing through Hanna's body. 

Jake felt like he could die of exhaustion. Sleeping probably wasn't safe, but after 24 hours of being squeezed from all directions by a woman's insides, he had lost the strength to keep fighting. Whenever he tried to rest, he found himself re-awakened by the continuous sensation of Hanna's villi prodding and sucking at his feet, attempting to draw whatever nutrients they could from his body. The feeling was bad enough, but the knowledge that his date's body had been devoting constant energy to eating him was even worse. He felt like they could extend and wrap around his whole body at any moment like a hungry boa constrictor, squeezing him and sucking at his skin until all of his nutrients were Hanna's and his empty shell was left limp and lifeless. If he let his guard down, would those slimy, wriggling tendrils bring him to his demise? Was this the end? Would that be worse than living here, like this, forever? Jake didn't know. 

For entertainment, all Jake had were the sounds of Hanna going about her daily routine outside of him. The noise became almost mundane and boring until Damian arrived at her home. The jerking movement from Hanna working out earlier was one thing, but thrashing back-and-forth inside the suffocating inner tube of her small intestines while a jock football player fucked her in the ass, well, that was something else. The rapid movement was almost too intense for Jake to have any energy left to feel jealous over Hanna's rebounding so quickly. He fantasized about emerging full-sized from his fleshy entrapment to confront Damian and reclaim his new girlfriend, but of course, he knew better than to think "emerging" from her would work out in his favor at this point. 

Jake curled into a fetal position and braced himself as the world around him shook, dizzying the young man and nearly sending him unconscious yet again. The only thing keeping him awake were the maddening sounds of Hanna moaning as she was pleasured by another man. He had longed to be the one to make her moan like that, but now it would never happen.

As the world around Jake dimmed and he grew drowsy, he contemplated how much longer he would last. Would Hanna ever find out what happened? Would Laura ever face any consequences for this? He didn't know, but he was losing the energy to care. He shut his eyes and let his mind wander to happier things. The warmth of Hanna's inner body felt good. Comforting, even. Jake's senses numbed, and finally, he drifted to sleep.



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