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Amid the summer heat, Ms. Bellum strides through the college campus happily humming as she re-reads a message last night.


'Dear professor, there's something I want to ask you privately, would it be alright before classes start?' A message from Jeffery Stall.


It isn't often for a shy munchkin like Jeffery to talk much less initiating and in private with the theater teacher to boot. Luckily Ms. Bellum having years of experience in educating young adults of human and minikin, knew how to bring the best out of him. She couldn't help but chuckle with pride from how smooth Jeffery grew from a minikin glue onto his friend's shoulders to letting Ms. Bellum hold him in her palm as he practices his role with such vigor that could even sweep her off her feet.


It would be a lie if she says a cute and eager young man like Jeffery isn't one of her favorite students, but her other students didn't need to know the type a woman like her would prefer to teach privately.


Entering the building, Ms. Bellum wipes off some sweat on her forehead along with some of her chestnut hair sticking on. She notices the humid atmosphere is also inside as well, meaning the air conditioner must have broken down.


"Shoot..." She looks down on herself not realizing that her whole body is a bit sweating from the walk outside "Hopefully Jeffrey doesn't notice this." She murmurs to herself


Seeing her classroom door in the distance, she pulls out her key for the room and insert it through the keyhole. She stops in confusion however as she side-glances through the window of the door, seeing a gift sitting on top of her desk.


A scarlet red box with sunny yellow tapestries wraps around it. Curious, she unlocks the door then locks it again after making sure she's the only person in the room. The only sound that she could hear was her high heels clicking against the tile floor and her heart beating faster as she gets lure in by the gift's mystery. Ms. Bellum stands in front of her desk seeing a card attached to the gift.


Picking it up, it reads 'Dear Bellum, I hope you like it~ From your favorite.'


She swallows the saliva that was gathering in her mouth making a small, but noticeable gulp for anyone nearby.


"Easy Belly, it's just a gift." She tells herself looking back at the now strangely alluring gift "Jeffery wouldn't do something like..." the word dies in her mouth when she unwraps the box open.


Red string tieing his wrist together and another for his ankles. Besides that, the young man is completely naked for only Ms. Bellum to savor.


"H-hi Professor!" Jeffery stammers as he spread his arms and legs out while the string stretches trying to pull them back together.


Ms. Bellum bit her plump lip as her face flush as red as Jeffery's and the box. She examines every part of the young man's slender form noticing that he isn't sweating at the slightest despite being in this box during summer. She thought of ways of correcting that discrepancy. Looking down to his legs, spread out for her to see his inner thigh and his semi-erect penis twitching from her eyes locking on it. All of him for her.


"The longer I was with you, on your palm with all your attention on me, the more I realized how much I wanted to be with you... So please ravish me to your heart's content!" He chirps


"This has to be a dream right...?" She says picking the lewd munchkin up feeling his soft skin against hers poking his side to see if he's real


He shudders from the contact "Mmph! I-If it is, hurry up and use me then! Who knows how much time you have left~" He sings with a lustful grin


Her eyes widen like a cat finding a cute defenseless mouse to play with. Her primal desires kicks in; ideas of burying the boy, who's smaller than her pinkie finger, deep in her large breast and grind them together, rubbing him against her firm-dough like inner thigh with his cock being dragged across to her rhythm or using her ass cheek as a hydraulic press with Jerry being bury bellow the mountain of fat flattening and sticking to her once she stands back up.


"Well if you say it like that sweetie..." She says sitting down on her chair popping her tight heels off her feet, her eyes never looking away from him


"Don't mind if I do!" She grins back

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