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Author's Chapter Notes:

Finally got one of my commissions finished!  It's been a rough month, so I quite a few days for writing addressing issues both online and offline.  Hopefully everything is more or less settled now, and Sai, the commissioner, was very patient and understanding with me.  Still, this was a super fun write, giving some much needed love to one of Chaldea's best Servants!



While the Throne of Heroes exists outside of conventional causality, and what could be considered the passage of time is not necessarily linear with that of the outside world, a sense of progression could faintly be marked even within the mass of spiritual information that made up a Heroic Spirit.  Although it is merely a copy of the information stored within the Throne that manifests in a Servant, a profound enough encounter, event or revelation has the possibility of making a lasting impression on their Spirit Origin.


And it is within a void of time, in a featureless, physic-less area within the Throne of Heroes, where there is no light, but also no darkness, where the flaxen haired knight King existed in a state of semi-suspended animation.  Incapable of measuring the amount of time that did or didn’t pass, as memories of battles and encounters she never participated in appeared within her that felt both foreign and irreplaceably familiar, the Once and Future King of Britain awaited her opportunity to make her wish come true.


“Your body shall serve under me. My fate shall be with your sword.”


As a glimmer of light appeared before her, a mote so small and fragile it seemed that even a breath could extinguish it, a voice called to her, beckoned to her like so many before had.


“Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail. If you submit to this will and this reason, then answer.”


The Holy Grail.  An artifact she needed to make her wish come true, to save her country and allies.  But while she could feel the unwavering resolve in the weak voice, could this Mage truly help her attain the Grail?


“An oath shall be sworn here.

I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven,

I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell.”


Then again, any opportunity was worth the chance.  Besides, this Mage’s voice was warm and compassionate, a child asking her for her help.  As a knight, she was honor bound to answer such a pure and innocent plea, even if her personal goals could not be achieved.


“From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three great words of power, 

come forth from the ring of restraint, Protector of the Balance!”




To call the young Japanese man a veteran when it came to summoning Heroic Spirits would be a disservice to the wealth of experience he actually has.  It is unlikely anyone else in human history has performed and succeeded at the ceremony to contract with legendary figures from myth and history as he had, though he had the FATE system to thank for being able to maintain so many contracts simultaneously.  Even so, when the blinding flask of rainbow light faded and a blonde haired young woman in a combat dress of white and blue with golden trim appeared before him, his lights lit up in excitement.


Seeing the young man, presumably the one that summoned her since he was the only one in the room, standing before her, the Saber Servant extended a hand towards him with a gentle smile.  “I ask of you.  Are you my Master?”


It was a face he was so familiar with, and yet this was his first time summoning her despite years of being a Master.  Clenching his fists tight, the black haired youth leaned back while roaring a thunderous cheer.  “Yes!  Yes, yes, yes!  Finally!  I finally managed to summon the original Artoria Pendragon!”


“Original?”  Somewhat confused by his actions and statement, the King of Knights approached the boy.  “I have come in response to your call, so please tell me.  Are you my Master?”


“Oh, right.  Sorry, I was just so excited to finally meet you, Artor-er… I mean, Saber.”  Scratching the back of his head and bowing politely, he smiled weakly to her.  “It’s just, she’s going to be so happy to see you.  I’ve summoned multiple different versions of your Saint Graph, but she says only the original is the one she’s waiting for.”


“I thought there was something odd about this summoning, I cannot even manifest my armor right now.  So in exchange for starting off with a weakened Spirit Origin, Master is able to contract with multiple Servants at the same time.”  As her manifestation was anchored to the Command Seals on the boy’s right hand, the basic functions of how Chaldea’s Servant summoning system, as well as general information on the dire state of the world, were imprinted into her mind.  “I see, so this weakness is temporary.  And this young man is the last hope of humanity.  Such a heavy responsibility for one so young.”  Her instincts were also warning her about a sort of ‘wrongness’, but as she was now she couldn’t tell what to be wary of.


“Come on, I’ll show you around.”  Walking over to the door of the summoning chamber, the young Magus motioned for her to follow him.  “Oh, and I’m Fujimaru Ritsuka.  Nice to meetcha, Ar-er… I mean Saber.  Sorry, I’m sure you don’t want me using your True Name so soon after summoning you, right?”


The feeling of unease aside, Artoria could see that her Master wasn’t like most Mages.  He was considerate towards her feelings not as a means to an end but because he truly saw her as an equal worth of common courtesy and respect.  “Feel free to call me ‘Artoria’, Master.  In these circumstances keeping my identity hidden is not necessary.”


“Alright.  Right this way, Artoria.”  Smiling, Ritsuka exited the room first.


Following closely behind, Artoria’s surprise of the Chaldea facility was plain to see on her face.  Vaulted halls stretching dozens, if not hundreds of feet high, wide enough to fit three or more of her Knights’ Round Table easily.  “M-Master, is this facility not a bit too… big?  Is it not an inconvenience for you?”


“Hmm?  Oh, we have plenty of Servants that are… incompatible with low ceilings.”  Smiling meekly, he chuckled but otherwise wasn’t bothered by the scale of the facility at all.  “Thankfully, Sion and Captain were accommodating with building Novum Chaldea.”


“Hmm… if this facility was built specifically with larger Servants in mind that makes sense, but after the Age of Gods, there should be a limit on how big one can get.”  Though there was no deceit in his words, her weakened instincts were still warning the female knight that something was off.  Nothing so dangerous to warrant combat, but something that she was personally connected to.  “Was there another reason for my being sum-oof!”  Too focused on the unseen discomfort, Artoria’s limited senses failed to notice a thick, black pillar in the center of the hall as she followed her Master, knocking her flat on her rear.


“Oops, sorry Blue Lady.”  A giggled apology coming from the cylindrical object caused the blonde to look up, her eyes widening at the sight before her.  Looking back at her over her shoulder was a young looking girl with short white hair and a scar on the cheek visible, however, the child towered over her and her Master.  What Artoria initially thought was a pillar was nothing more than her leg in a black, thigh-high stockings.  “Oh!  Hi Mommy!”


“Hi Jack-chan, what are you doing?”  Extending a hand to help her up, Ritsuka showed no sign that it was abnormal for the girl to be more than twice his size, his head only reaching as high as her black panty clad backside.  “Sorry, I should have warned you.”


“Jeanne said she had to go back to grab something, so we’re waiting here for her.”  Turning fully to talk with Ritsuka, the not quite immature, not quite mature girl smiled energetically.  “What about you, Mommy?  Are you taking Blue Lady to see the King?”


“That’s right, she’s been waiting for this one for a long time.”  Pulling Artoria to her feet, he wrapped his arms around one of Jack’s thighs.  “Make sure you play nice with the others, okay?”


Nodding with an innocent smile, she waved them off as Ritsuka continued to lead Artoria further into the facility.  “We will, but you should come play with us too Mommy!  If you don’t, we’ll dismember you!”  With what would have been seen as a threat from anyone else, Jack giggled as they left.


“Jack!  There you are!”  As they were about to turn a corner, another young girl’s voice called to the other from somewhere further down the hall.  “You shouldn’t run off like that.  Come on, the others are waiting for us, and only children keep people waiting.”


“Coming, Jeanne!”  Running back the way she and her Master came, Artoria watched the energetic girl run off to play.


Abnormal height aside, there was one point of the conversation that she felt like she needed clarification for, especially given the state of the world and the crisis he was facing that had him call upon her aid.  “M-Master, has Chaldea established itself as some sort of modern day monarchy?  I see no need to establish a kingdom when there is no land or people to unite.”  While it was obvious to her that he wasn’t the only surviving member of Chaldea, if someone was taking advantage of the chaos and abusing their authority, it was her duty to correct such an injustice.


“Hm?  Oh, no, no.  Chaldea is just an organization operating under the supervision of the Clock Tower and UN… or at least it was.”  Realizing where her confusion stemmed from, Ritsuka tried to clarify.  “Our kingdom is a separate thing, established by one of the Servants here not too long ago.”


Suddenly, the ‘wrongness’ that she felt was starting to make sense.  “Servants could be seen as a form of Undead by some interpretations.  They should not attempt to influence events in the times that they are summoned like this.”  Not only that, but again, the sensation that she was personally tied to this anomalous event came back stronger as they approached a pair or gigantic double doors at the end of the hall they were in.


Opening on their own as they got close, beyond was a large chamber and a gargantuan figure sitting in an even bigger throne.  Humid air spilled forth from the enclosed room and the stench of sweat and a potent odor that smelt like nothing Artoria was familiar with washed over them.  It assailed her nose but also had an oddly arousing effect on her body.  However, this person in the center of the room was no stranger to the Once and Future King, and her mind froze when she saw her.  Her build and size much different than when she last saw her, which for Artoria herself felt like it was mere minutes ago she had run them through on her sacred lance, the flaxen hair, emerald eyes and all too familiar facial features were unmistakable.  While normally their physiques were identical due to the circumstances of her birth, the increased muscle mass and more developed chest that her son had gained, to say nothing of a height hundreds of feet taller, all had her repressed instincts going crazy as her body continued to follow Ritsuka.


“Mordred!?  W-What happened to her?”  Other than the physical changes to the homunculus’ body, the red, skimpy outfit was also new to Artoria, though this was the first time she had even seen her son without her armor on.


Detached sleeved that showed off her broad shoulders, a strap biting into her enormous breasts revealing plenty of underboob, the sides of her leather faulds extending up to frame her sculpted abdomen muscles and thick, powerful legs wrapped in black stockings so tight you could clearly see the muscle definition under them.  As a warrior, Artoria felt a profound sense of defeat just entering the presence of her son, but what caught her attention the most was the behemoth hanging limply over the edge of her throne between her legs.


Completely flaccid, though coated in syrupy, transparent fluids and dripping thick globs of a cloudy, milky-white substance from the tip, Mordred made no attempt to hide the intimidating phallus.  If anything, she had her legs unashamedly spread wide to display it for all to witness.


On the floor, directly under the massive member, a female Servant in a white dress was lying face down, her long, pink hair covering her face as she breathed heavily.  Her body was twitching and spasming as what is obviously Mordred’s cum spilled from between her legs and pooled on the floor around her.


“There’s no way she could have…”  The unfamiliar Servant, while big in her own right, wasn’t anywhere big enough to have fit her son’s massive member inside of her.  Though all the evidence pointed to the contrary.  And still, her Master treated none of this as strange at all.  “What is going on here?”


“His Majesty, Senpai, the Queen of Chaldea, has returned!”  Announcing their entry into the throne room/sex chamber, Artoria turned around to see a young girl with lilac hair in a skin tight black and purple body suit that revealed her stomach area.  Unlike the girl in white on the floor, she was familiar to the King of Knights, or rather the Saint Graph inside of her felt like one of her Knights of the Round Table.  She was the second tallest Servant she had seen since arriving, properly comparable to Mordred’s full body, rather than parts, but even with the Rebellious Knight sitting it was clear Mordred was taller by a fair margin.


“Ah!  Master!  You’re finally back!”  Bellowing happily, Mordred leaned forward out of her throne and scooped up the tiny youth with a level of dexterity and care that shocked Artoria almost as much as the sight of her son’s dangling dick swinging so close to her that she nearly gagged on the choking scent.  “You know you don’t need to run around farming all day.  Anybody gives you trouble and I’ll slap ‘em with my mighty ‘sword’ here.”  Settling back into her throne, she set Ritsuka down on top of one of her abs and talked happily to the young man.


Leaning back on the well sculpted muscle, without any sign of fear or worry, Ritsuka looked completely comfortable on her stomach in the shadow of her impressive bust.  “You know I can’t let you do all the work, Mo-san.”


Knocked on her butt from the dangerously close proximity that her son’s cock came to her, Artoria stared on at the bizarre scene of her Master telling Mordred about his day.  Neither could see the other’s face, but they conversed happily, like it was the most natural arrangement in the world.  “How in the world did…”  There was no logical way she could think of for anything she had seen to be possible.  Servants generally don’t grow bigger than they were in their legends, or physically change like her son had height notwithstanding.  But most of all, she had never seen Mordred smile so happily…


“Come on.  Don’t drag your feet.”  From behind the throne, Artoria noticed two other Servants enter the room.  They both had the exact same face as she did, though she would barely stand as tall as their knees.  “Make sure you do your job thoroughly this time, Her Majesty will withhold your payment this time if you miss a spot.”  In the lead was a copy of her that carried a red-handled mop in a revealing swimsuit modeled after a maid uniform.  Her skin was paler and her eyes had changed to a golden color, but she was undeniably based off of Artoria’s Saint Graph if nothing else.


Following the sterner looking version of herself was a slightly older looking Artoria with blue eyes and wearing a blue baseball cap in addition to the white and blue bikini she shamelessly walked around in.  “You don’t have to worry about me!  This gig is too cushy to pass up, I’ll do my best, I promise.”  As they stood directly under Mordred’s flaccid phallus, she ran a finger through a glob of ejaculate that dripped down from above and happily stuck it into her mouth.  Mewling happily, she licked her lips.  “The benefits are fantastic, and if I get bigger I’ll probably get a better promotion when I have to head back to the Galactic Police.”  Reaching out for another taste, her hand got smacked away by the end of the other Artoria’s mop.


“No snacking on the job.  A maid must perform her duties efficiently and quietly without taking advantage of her master’s generosity.”  Getting to work cleaning up the mess on the floor and gathering Mordred’s Mana-potent semen, when a drop almost as big as she was splashed down from above next to her, she sighed and attempted to clean up the behemoth that was the source of the mess.  “The King may forbid you from consuming her cum if you eat too much without permission.  Don’t forget that all the Servant’s in Chaldea rely on the King’s essence now, and she gets to decide how much each of us gets.  Now let’s clean her up so we can finish our work.”


“Yes, yes, I know.”  Manifesting a double-ended lance, she draped a rag over one end and held the other as she stretched as far as she could on her tippy-toes to reach the cock hanging above.  “I’ll have you know I’m a responsible adult.  Once I accept a job, I’ll apply myself, 120%”


Watching on from the floor, Artoria didn’t want to admit that either of the girls diligently attempting to clean up her, or rather their son’s cum were some variation of her.  “What has Sir Mordred done to them, to all the Servants here by the sound of it?”  However, her instincts pulled her attention for the two Servants who could barely reach the tip of the monstrous cock they were trying to clean and up to her Master.


“...and so, with the Saint Quartz I got after finishing farming, I went to Da Vinci-chan and exchanged the few fragments we had so I could try a summon.  I had a good feeling, so sorry I didn’t discuss it with you first, but look!”  Smiling happily and innocently, he pointed down to the blue-dressed girl on the floor.  “I got Artoria!  Er… I mean Saber Artoria…  uh… I mean the original Saber Artoria.  You know… the last one that we’re missing.”  Sometimes, he wondered if the universe had a bias towards the King of Knights with how many different versions of her he had encountered so far.  Then again, if you wield the physical manifestation of the wishes of mankind forged by the planet itself...


Hearing him call attention to her, Artoria panicked.  Her relationship with her illegitimate son was not one where she could expect a warm welcome, especially with such a huge scale difference between them.  “I can’t leave things here as they are, but a strategic retreat is in order right now.”  Scrambling to her feet, she sprinted towards the doorway.


However, her cock noticeably stiffening at the news, growing further out of reach of the Artoria’s trying to clean it, Mordred scans the floor in front of her with a feral smile.  A twitch of excitement to finally see her true father again sent a glob of her cum sailing through the air, coincidentally landing just in front of the fleeing Servant.  “Well hello Father.  Where are you off to in such a hurry?”  Leaning forward to pluck the tiny Saber off the floor, the blood rushed to her cock more and more, her Master temporarily and willingly getting squeezed in her sweaty abdominal muscles.  “Still not happy to see me?  That hurts, but I’m so glad you could finally join us in my kingdom.”


Struggling between just two of Mordred’s fingers, Artoria quickly recognized that she wasn’t going to be able to escape anymore.  “Blast it all… I still don’t know enough about the situation here.”  Staring directly into Mordred’s eye as the titanic Servant sat back in her throne, if she couldn’t run she at least needed answers.  “Sir Mordred, answer me!  What have you done here?  How did you become so big?”


Her smile quickly fading, the rebellious knight shrugged her shoulders and sighed.  “Father, Father, Father.  Whether you accept me as your rightful heir or not, I’m the King here.  You’ll need to show me the proper amount of respect, or don’t blame me for a lack of hospitality.”  Her words and tone aside, there was a glint in her eye that implied she was hoping Artoria would continue her disrespectful attitude.  “You can ask all the other Fathers in Chaldea how their defiance worked out for them, though I’m sure you’ll hate the answer.  But as for your question, well I don’t know or care.”  Carefully picking Ritsuka up from her core muscles, she smiled softly to him as he affectionately held on to her finger.  “The short version is Master was giving me a Mana Transfer and I started growing.  After I got so big, it was only natural that I’d become King of Chaldea and Master here is my Queen, isn’t that right, Master?”


“I’m not exactly a fan of being called ‘Queen’ all the time, but the important part is you’re the one in charge now, Mo-san.”  Sitting up and balancing on her finger relatively easily, Ritsuka smiled innocently at the red-clad Saber.  “I’ve heard you two have had your… differences in the past, but I hope you two can get along now.”


Blushing at her beloved Master, Mordred’s intimidating features softened and she bashfully looked away from him.  “Geez Master…  Cut out the sappy stuff, will ya?  I’m trying to look cool in front of Father…”


“Master!  This is madness.  A Servant cannot establish a kingdom for themself, you need to put an end to this.”  Artoria, on the other hand, attempted to reason with the one person who could possibly fix this ridiculous situation.  “This is all very wrong!”


Glaring at the blue Saber, Mordred’s wicked sneer returned.  “Making demands of my Queen?  This isn’t Britain, father, and we are not in Camelot.  As a Servant of my Queen, I will not tolerate any dipshits inciting rebellion.”  Setting Ritsuka down on her shoulder, Mordred held Artoria by her arms and let her dangle over her now fully erect, rock hard, filthy cock.


“Hey!  How are we supposed to clean it now?”  From the base of the throne, one of the Artoria’s could be heard complaining that their job just got away from them.


“If you have time to complain, start cleaning up Mistress Frankenstein.”  The other reprimanded, the sounds of her mop slopping around below echoing up clearly.  “Our King has left plenty else for us to do.”


Struggling to free herself, Artoria couldn’t even shift into spirit form for some reason.  “Sir Mordred, this is madness!  You cannot-guh!”


Pinching the front of the small Saber’s dress, Mordred tore it away, followed by her pantaloons to strip her bare as she dangled her father over her erection.  “Father, I told you, here I am king!  And as King of Chaldea, I command you to clean my big, fat dick with your tongue.”  Snickering at the thought that the scene she’s been fantasizing about since growing so big, seeing her proud father glare up at her in humiliated defeat from the top of her cock while covered in her cum and smegma, was about to become reality, Mordred’s heart was racing.  “Whaddya think, Father?  My junk’s stronger than that flimsy little Sacred Lance you stuck me with way back when.”  Giggling in anticipation, her cock twitched eagerly as well.


“What!?  Absolutely not!”  Looking down, Artoria was already so close that her field of view was dominated by the semen dripping head of her son’s cock.  The heat radiating off of it reached her feet and she had to fight back the urge to cough of the thick scent filling her nose and lungs.  “This is insane!  It’s dozens of times my size!  She could flatten Vortigern under it in a single hit, or possibly swallow him whole with it.”  However, despite her protests, her unused sex was heating up from the manly musk blanketing the air around Mordred’s member.


“Yeah… about that.”  Once she had gotten the tiny Saber into position, Mordred steadied her twitching cock with her free hand and let Artoria drop.  “You listen to my commands now, Father.”


Grasping at nothing, panic crossed her face as she saw the exhilaration on Mordred’s, before she could even scream, the Once and Future King was submerged in a small lake of white.


“Hmm…  Will the protection Mother’s other personality gave him function in my jizz?  It’s not water, but it is still a liquid…”  Having never seen or even heard tell of her Father learning or being able to swim, Mordred was somewhat surprised that the King of Knights sank into the pooling sexual fluids.  Pressing the pad of her finger into where the Servant fell, she felt a small lump press into her sensitive cockhead and quivered in delight as she slid her father under a bit of her foreskin.  “Heh, better get to work if you want to breathe.”


“Mo-san, Artoria only just got to Chaldea.  I haven’t had a chance to strengthen or ascend her yet.  Don’t you think you’re being just a bit too rough?”  Watching on as child dominated parent, Ritsuka felt a bit bad for the blue Saber and thought he should say something.


“Huh?  Master, you think this is enough to do Father in?”  Despite how she was treating the recent summon, Mordred’s tone carried with it a sense of irritation that Artoria was being underestimated.  Had it been anyone else, she likely would do them the favor of removing the obviously empty head from their shoulders for insinuating such weakness in the Saber.  “Master, there’s no way my real father would be done in by something so minor.  And if he is, how could I ever thrust the great ‘King of Knights’ to protect you if I wasn’t around?  Don’t worry, this is just a little father/son greeting.”


Seeing the smile on her face, Ritsuka was confident that if anyone knew the limits of the legendary King Arthur, it would be the person who respected him the most.  “You’re right.  Sorry.”


Blushing, Mordred picked him up as she stood from her throne.  “Geez Master.  I swear, you can be such a worrywart sometimes… but that’s one of the things that is great about ya.”  Sitting him in her bellybutton, she looks over to the lilac haired girl by the door.  “Alright Mash, I’m taking my Queen back to our bedroom so he can rest.  We are not to be disturbed, understood?”


Bowing politely, Mash nodded and smiled.  “Yes, your Majesty.  Take good care of Her Majesty, Senpai, and don’t worry, I shall handle anything that comes up.”


As she walked passed to leave, Mordred cupped the diligent girl’s face and smiled warmly at her.  “Like I’d worry with such a capable knight working under me.  How about tomorrow you look after our Queen for me?”


Her face lighting up at the thought, Mash smiled brightly at the thought.  “Yes, my King.”  Nodding, Mordred strolled out of the throne room, leaving her to oversee the clean up.  Walking over the seat of power, laced with a thin layer of sweat where the bulky Saber had sat, she looked into the small indentation where Mordred’s scrotum had rested.  “You did well today as well, Director.  Just another few months and I’m sure the King will forgive you for challenging her rule.”  Smiling to the utterly defeated, blonde mustachioed man, she scraped up some semen that had dribbled down onto the throne and licked it off her finger.




Buried under a particularly thick glob of cum, sweat and smegma, Artoria felt every rise and fall of Mordred’s cock as she walked through Chaldea with no reservations that her erection was hanging out for all to see.  If anything, it only made the beast under her harder.  Thankfully, her Riding skill was unaffected by Chaldea’s summoning system, so she was able to stabilize herself on the bucking phallus pretty easily.  Though, she still had the problem of being encased in a paste of dick filth that she couldn’t drag herself through to freedom.


“I can’t let Mordred continue to get her way, regardless of what’s happening now or what happened in the past, she was once one of my knights… but how can I escape this humiliating entrapment?”  While she was able to curb the nauseating feeling of being tossed up and down the bouncing dick with her Riding skill, her bare crotch was now grinding directly against the warm member in a way she hated to admit was pleasurable.  “It’s hard enough keeping my balance, but I need to do something about this built up filth if I’m going to get anywhere.  Didn’t her mother teach her to clean herself properly?”  Wiggling her hips maybe just a bit more than necessary given she couldn’t truly fall off her son’s cock, Artoria was a bit concerned for Mordred’s hygiene.  Especially considering the heavy armor she normally wore, cleaning one’s body properly was of the utmost importance.  “Ah… I suppose she’s given that duty to me currently.”  There was no doubt that it was also to humiliate her as much as possible, but could Mordred have also realized that she needed her dick cleaned?  Either way, air, as tainted and pungent as it was, was running low and she had to do something soon.  Opening her mouth, she allowed some of Mordred’s smegma to enter her mouth.  “... I’ve had worse.”




It was surprisingly easy for the King of Knights to swallow the foul smelling pap her son encased her in, if anything it was more pleasing to her palate than disgusting and she had a big appetite.  Bite after hearty bite, if nothing else her body didn’t reject it at all and instead felt strengthened by the concentrated Mana of the cultivated bodily fluids.  At several points throughout the journey, she had to stop herself from licking a patch of the pulsating member clean as she slowly made her way to light and freedom.


Breaching the surface and breathing in some fresher air for the first time in what felt like hours, Artoria could hear, but not make out, a conversation between Mordred and her Master was a massive door slid open to give access to the bedchamber beyond it.


Despite being the ‘Royal Bedchamber’, Chaldea’s resources were still stretched thin, so little more could be afforded as a luxury than allowing a second bed and some fancy bedding and cushion to distinguish it from the other, identical looking rooms of the facility.  However, it wasn’t the modest attempt at furnishing that surprised Artoria as she dragged herself out of Mordred’s aged cum, but the tanned giantess laying on one of the beds with a familiar face.


The red of an article of clothing covering her swollen breasts showing through the long white blouse with a blue sailor-style collar she had pulled up over her protruding stomach, with a build much closer to that of her memories of the Rebellious Knight, Artoria recognized the girl as another version of Mordred!  Worse yet, she was equal in size to the Mordred whose dick she was currently riding on.


“Is one not enough?!”  Lamenting that her troubles just doubled, Artoria had to hold on to avoid falling as Mordred entered the room and sat on the bed next to her other.


“Hey, me.  How ya feeling?”  In a much softer tone than she’s used with anyone else Artoria had seen her interacting with so far, the red-clad Mordred set Ritsuka onto the other’s distended belly and gave it an affectionate rub.


The rigid erection standing tall, towered over the other Mordred’s gut, and seeing her Master get transferred to it, Artoria took the opportunity to jump down and attempt a quick get away so she could talk with him in private.  “Master!  Master, are you alright?”  Rushing to his side, while she tangentially kept an ear on the conversation between the two giant Mordreds, she focused more of her attention on the boy who looked a bit shorter than she remembered.  Previously he was roughly half a foot taller than her, but now she was a couple inches taller than him!  “How did you get so short?”


Seeing the worried expression on the blue Saber’s face caked with dick cheese, Ritsuka had to suppress a chuckle.  Reaching up, he cleaned off her face a bit without hesitation.  “I’m fine, Artoria.  Mo-san treats me very carefully, so you don’t need to worry about me.  If anything, I’m sorry she’s being so rough with you.  She was a bit gentler with Grey, but when she got bigger she targeted the other versions of you pretty aggressively.  However, I’m not the one getting smaller.”  Giving up on trying to clear the junk matted up in her hair, he holds up his hand as wet clumps of smegma fall off onto the belly they were standing on.


“Wait, are you telling me that it’s Mordred’s se-gah!”  As the dots connected and Artoria began to understand how the other Servants she had met got to such unnatural sizes, something impacted the surface they were standing on from underneath them, knocking them both off balance with Artoria falling on top of Ritsuka.


His uniform now dirty with smegma, Ritsuka didn’t seem to pay it any mind and instead laughed as he rubbed the gargantuan belly.  “Seems like your grandchild’s a bit feisty today.  Maybe she’s happy to meet you.”


Like with most who see an engorged stomach on a female with a disproportionately slimmer frame, the first thought that came to the Saber’s mind when she saw Mordred’s other was that she was pregnant.  However, that shouldn’t be possible.  “How?  We may manifest in human-like forms that recreated imitations of our bodies as they were in life, but Servants shouldn’t be able to conceive or reproduce!”  There were far too many rules and sensibilities being broken here for someone who values order and structure like her to accept.


“Geez Father, don’t get your panties in a bunch.”  Addressing her directly, Artoria’s attention snapped up to the two titanic teen Servants who were now smiling down at them.  “Oh wait, I already got rid of those for ya.  Anyway, I didn’t get all the technical stuff she went on about while on my cock, but that little Da Vinci said it was some experiment of some sort to give us Servants stronger artificial bodies that we can implant our Saint Graphs in or something like that.  She was getting real orgasmy at the end and I wasn’t really paying attention after the part about not having to leave Master.”  Grabbing both her tiny father and Master off the baby bump belly, she snickered at the cum soaked Saber.  “Though I’d think that would be the least of your worries, Father.”  Bringing them closer to her hardened member, she glanced at Ritsuka.  “Master, it’s been a while since you last played with my cock.  You don’t mind showing Father how it’s done, do you?”


Before the dark haired Magus could reply though, a slender, tanned hand reached over and plucked him off Mordred’s palm as the other Mordred hugged him into her chest.  “Hey, you get enough fun time with Master, it’s my turn now.”


Rolling her eyes playfully and leaning in to give herself a kiss on the cheek, Mordred smiled at the tanned, pregnant Servant.  “Nobody wins when you argue with yourself.”  Though as she got up to give her Rider self and Master some space and go to the other bed, she felt a stinging pain across her butt, causing her to jump a bit, stiffening her cock and bouncing her breasts.  Glaring back at the other girl playfully sticking out her tongue, she sighed and shook her head.


“Don’t use your ass this time.  I want some with Father once you’re done with him, and I’d rather not deal with your shit again.”  She requested, though had already turned her attention to their shared Master before getting a reply.


“Hear that, Father?  You should thank your other son, ‘cause I was about to show you how you’ll never be able to kick my ass again.”  Holding up Artoria, Mordred sat down on the free day and drank in the worried, yet relieved, look of embarrassed confusion on her former King’s face.  Feeling the tip of her dick poking at and slightly buried in the underside of her boobs, Mordred looked at her sizable chest and got a fun idea.  “Lion Father, Storm Father, come.  Your King demands your presence.”


In less than a minute, two older, bustier versions of Artoria entered the room carrying themselves with the dignity one would expect from experienced kings, both roughly the same height but neither taller than the red Saber’s belly button.  One in a royal blue bodysuit with gold trim that presented her abundant amount of cleavage with a small gold crown on her flaxen locks and the other in a jet black bodysuit that with cutout that revealed her stomach and the underside of her breasts and a crown more reminiscent of obsidian horns on her head.  They both had their long hair up in a similar style to Artoria’s, and while they briefly made eye contact with her, they bowed to Mordred.


However, following closely behind and towering over the more physically mature kings but shorter than their shared sons by less than a dozen feet, was yet another version of the King of Knights, this one physically identical to the blue Saber, only wearing a short white dress with black trim and black stockings.  There was an energetic bounce in her step and she smiled brightly as she entered.


“D-Dad!?”  Getting up, flustered just a bit, Mordred blushed when the white Saber walked in, knocking the two other Servants over with her hard on accidentally.  “I didn’t call for you, what are you doing here?”  Unlike the tone she had been using when addressing the blue Artoria, the other Servants or even her Master or other self, Mordred spoke more gently.  “You can’t just enter the king’s chambers whenever you feel like it.”


Giggling at Mordred’s uncharacteristically gentle mannerisms, glancing at the hand keeping the huge dick that she was holding back from hitting her, the white Artoria stepped in closer.  “I heard from little Jack that Master was walking around with a ‘blue version of me’, so I wanted to greet the me I eventually grew into.”  Gently placing a hand on the taller Saber’s pulsating member, she looked up with a slight pout on her face.  “Is that so wrong?  Will the King need to punish her Daddy later?”


Her cheeks growing even further red, Mordred shot a glare back at her pregnant self when she heard her giggling behind her back, but sighed in defeat and sat back on her bed and set the smallest Artoria in Chaldea on top of her boner.  “Fine…”


“Thanks Mordy!”  Bending over at the hip slightly, like a fair maiden might when stopping to smell a rose from a bush, the white Artoria smiled to her other self without the slightest bit of embarrassment in the close proximity to such an imposing manhood.


“I told you to not call me that, Dad!”  This Artoria, from before she mentally matured into the King Arthur that history remembered, was more difficult for the Knight of Rebellion to deal with in some ways.


Ignoring the cute protests of her future son, she brushed some hair back behind her ear.  “Hello, my future self.  I’m so happy you’ve finally come to Chaldea, there is so much I want to learn from you so that I can live up to our legend.  To be honest, my lack of experience has me a bit worried about my qualifications as a ruler, so I hope you can be patient with me like our son has been.”


That unconfident mannerism, the innocence of her smile, there was no doubt in Artoria’s mind that this white Saber was her shortly after pulling Caliburn from the stone.   “To be able to smile like that, she may know of our hardships, but…”  Bitter-sweet to see a manifestation of her younger days, when training and learning filled her days and she didn’t need to make the tough choices with the weight of a kingdom’s future behind them, as much as she wanted to have a nice chat with her, there more pressing concerns.  “I likewise look forward to working beside you in service of our Master, but before that you need to help me set Sir Mordred straight!  What is happening here is wrong.”


A quizzical look crossed the younger Artoria’s face for a moment.  “Hmm?  But Mordy is doing a great job strengthening Chaldea’s Servants.  Since she’s taken over, Master has been in less danger than ever.  I understand that, given our Saint Graphs, you would be opposed to the idea of Mordy being king, trust me, it was weird enough just meeting my son when she’s about as mature as I am and has more battlefield experience, but she’s a good kid.”  Smiling reassuringly to the bulkier Saber, she straightens back up and puts a hand on Mordred’s shoulder.  “A bit mischievous sometimes, but a good son nonetheless.”


“Geez Dad, embarrassing much?”  As an existence created to oppose and ultimately dethrone the historic figure of ‘Arthur Pendragon’, Mordred had always dreamed of receiving such compliments from the father she admired so much.  “Go see your pregnant son, I have more business with this small Father here.”


“Oh, it looks like I embarrassed her again.  Alright, alright, I’ll leave you to your ‘kingly duties’.”  Leaning in, she wrapped her arms around her son and kissed her on the cheek before walking over to the other bed, joining the Rider and her Master’s conversation and rubbing the bulging belly affectionately.


Her embarrassment fading with her blush, Mordred cleared her throat as she stared down at the tiny Artoria looking for a way off the towering phallus.  “Thinking of running away, Father?  Don’t think you can escape your punishment.”


“‘Punishment’?  And just what have I done to warrant punishment?”  Her patience beginning to wear thin, Artoria’s composure began to crack.  As far as she knew, she was the smallest Servant contracted with Chaldea so far, her illegitimate son had taken over and she was stuck at her mercy since not even her other incarnations seemed to be opposing her!


“I gave you a task, and you failed to complete it.”  Plucking the plucky Saber off her dick, Mordred showed her just how filthy it was, caked with mounds of foul smelling, thick smegma.  “You didn’t clean my majestic cock properly.  Look at this mess.”  Motioning for the two other Artoria’s patiently waiting from her to address them, they climb onto the bed and stand to either side of her erection, barely standing as tall as it.  “Make sure he does it properly this time.”  Dropping the tiny blue Saber between the two, she pressed a finger into the base of the underside of her member and ran it up the length of her shaft until something came poking out of her urethra.  Covered in thick globs of cum for ejaculations past, she pulled out the two’s Sacred Lances, weapons equal in strength to the famous Excalibur itself, and began to pick her teeth with them.  “Do a good job and I’ll return these poor excuses of sounds to ya.”


“By your word, my King.”  Despite referring to and using their Noble Phantasms as sex toys, neither Lancer protested Mordred’s decree…  Unlike the blue Saber who was appalled by how anchors that hold the layers of the world together were being desecrated and disrespected.  However, her tirade of complaints were ignored as the emotionally restrained women pressed their bodies against the twitching phallus, shifting their bodysuits to spirit form to undress quickly.


Holding up her ‘original’ concept, staring at the helpless Saber, the emerald eyed one with the golden crown sighed in what could only be seen as disappointment.  “Your resistance, while understandable, should obviously be futile to you by now.  Master has accepted our son as the ruler of Chaldea, and Mordred has already crushed any opposition to that decision.”  While her tone indicated that she was among those that opposed the rise of the Traitor Knight’s power, she also seemed to be content with how this new kingdom was ruled.  “Simply service your new King, accept her, and you will gain the power to protect Master from any threat, be they man, beast, Phantasm or God.”  Pressing her impressive bust into the heated rod of flesh, clumps of cock pap squelched between and around the mounds of fatty tissue, her nipples scraping the member clean.  The composed expression on the older looking blonde bloomed into a bright shade of red, as she ground not just her breasts but entire body into the stiff shaft and her breathing began to come short and raspy.


To better manipulate her breasts like they were some sort of cleaning rag, the bustier Artoria buried her hands, and the protesting Saber held in one of them, into the filth, licking up what she could from between her breasts.  The high concentration of Mana infused in the slop had her greedily consuming the moist paste, but the foul, addictive taste had her savor eat bite as she allowed her saliva to partially dissolve the mess before swallowing.  Though, not forgetting her King’s orders, she made sure to drag the tiny Saber through and encase her entirely in the ‘Royal Dick Cheese’ as was the official name Mordred had given the waste byproduct.


As she was doing her duty, however, the Lancer felt a hand grab her own as the golden eyed, black crowned Alter of herself pulled them closer until their breasts were touching.  “Not so fast, White One.  Our King ordered the both of us to attend to her, correct?”  Her face and chest were likewise smeared with Mordred’s smegma, ruining the otherwise regally composed face she was making.


“Oh, you are correct, Black One.  My apologies.”  Her neutral face cracking into a gentle smile, she pressed the small Artoria into a clump of mush between them and pulled the other Lancer in so their breasts pressed in from either side.  “For our King.”


Nodding in agreement, she began to grind her body against the behemoth cock in time with her other.  “For our King.”




Sandwiched between the endowments of two, more physically mature versions of herself while buried in the smegma of her titanic son, Artoria wasn’t able to take a good breath before being submerged and was at risk of drowning in the sticky mush.  Her nose both burned from the offensive smell and was clogged, so she had no choice but to open her mouth to try and breathe, but all that entered was the uncleaned leftovers from Mordred’s sexual relief.  Desperate for air, she swallowed, ate and licked up the area she kept getting dragged around.  Unsure of what, if any, progress she was making since with each push and pull of the massive mammaries roughly shoving her around, fresh smegma filled the area she had licked clean, after minutes of eating without finding so much as a pocket of air, Artoria realized that as she ate, and the magical energies in the thick paste entered her body, she didn’t need to breathe anymore!


“At this rate, I could be trapped in this filth forever.”  While the idea of spending her days in Chaldea living as some sort of parasite consuming the leftovers of Mordred’s ejaculations that she was too lazy to clean off properly disturbed her, each mouthful of the junk she swallowed began to taste better and better.  “Well… it’s at least more flavorful than the food we had in Camelot…”  Not even aware of the dangerous thought surfacing in her mind, Artoria’s gluttony began to show through as she used her hands less for stabilization and more to scoop up the seemingly endless supply of smegma around her.




Almost more than the physical pleasure she got from the two Goddess Lancers attending to her cock so passionately, Mordred loved the sight of her beautiful Father dirtied and defiled by her.  Even though she couldn’t see the blue Saber, she was becoming painfully erect in the knowledge that she could finally prove that she deserved to succeed the King of Knights.


“Aaah…  Ahh, shit!  Father…  I… I’m gonna…”  Tension building in her scrotum, the Knight of Rebellion knew her conquest was near its completion as Mana swirled in her balls.  Sneering almost menacingly, with a sense of affectionate relief in her eyes, she felt it was time to complete, perfect and deploy her newest Noble Phantasm.  “Heh, I am now king, and you will follow my path. I will destroy all of your resistance and have you serve me in peace!”  Focusing all her magical energy into the rush of thick cum getting propelled up her dick as it twitched violently enough to knock the two busty Artorias onto the bed, she threw her head back in ecstasy and victory.  “Clarent.  Cum.  Arthur!”  Shooting high in the air, like a fountain of milky-white gravy, Mordred holds nothing back as she ejaculates.  The mess rains down onto her chest, stomach, cock and balls, as well as completely drenching the two Lancers from head to toe.  As the final spurts drip down over her satisfied member, she feels a swell of accomplishment having finally proven her superiority over her father.  Sticking a finger into the oozing cum as it poured down her shaft, she scraped up a section onto her nail and pulled it out, revealing the exhausted, cum soaked Saber gasping for air.  “Father, I thought I told you to clean my dick, not make me nut and dirty it even more.  At this rate, I think I’m going to have to keep you as my personal cock cleaner permanently.”


Attempting to wipe the almost gelatinous substance off as it clung to her body, Artoria felt a sense of shame for failing to clean her son’s dick like she was told.  “I… I didn’t…  Mordred, please forgi-!?  Wait, what am I thinking!?”  After being bathed in a fresh and potent shot of semen, Artoria felt her Saint Graph improve and her skills strengthen.  With it, her instincts alerted her of the haze in her mind, clouding and biasing her thoughts towards the gigantic Saber.  Shaking her head to try and clear the haze, it persisted as she licked her lips unconsciously.  “I am… King Arthur!  N-Not… not some…”


“It’s no use trying to fight it, Father.  All I needed to do to complete my new Noble Phantasm was hit you with it.  Trust me, I’ve had plenty of practice on all of your alternatives.”  Seeing the smaller Saber struggle to resist was entertaining in and of itself, but Mordred wanted her to know her new place.  “It doesn’t hurt you physically, but now you know that I am the rightful heir to your throne and that you serve your king faithfully.”  Looking to the two Lancers by her side as they got up and began cleaning themselves off, she held up their weapons.  “And as for you two.  You didn’t do your jobs and only made a bigger mess to clean up.  I’m keeping these.”


Watching on as the muscular Saber slowly inserted their Sacred Lances into her softening dick, neither Lancer said a word of protest.


Slowly rubbing the underside of her member to push the powerful weapons-turned-sex toys deeper towards her balls, Mordred sighed content.  “Fuck, nothing beats getting ‘stuck’ with your Rhongomyniad, especially Storm Father’s with those spiky seals.  They scrape nice and deep.”  Holding her mostly flaccid phallus, she looked at the blue Saber in her hand and smirked at an idea.  “You know, Father.  Since you do such a terrible job on the outside of my majestic cock, maybe we should see how you do on the inside.”  Snickering at the thought of either the smaller blonde either trying to pull herself free on her dick slit or her legs flailing from it, her nearly limitless libido started to flare up again.


“W-What!?”  Hearing the terrifying suggestion, Artoria looked up to see the serious, mischievous grin on her son’s face.  “It’s no idle threat…  That behemoth of a phallus could easily swallow my body whole.”  Her heart racing and cold sweat mixing with the cooling ejaculate still sticking to her body, she froze.  “Nothing I say will-”


“Don’t you think you’re being a bit too harsh on older me, Mordy?”  Speaking up as she carefully picked up the golden crowned Lancer and sat in a puddle of Mordred’s spunk without hesitation, the white dressed Artoria placed a hand on the red-clad Saber’s shoulder.  “She hasn’t even been here a day yet.  Go a bit easier on her, okay?”  Smiling gently to her supposed son, she took a firm hold of the softened member and leaned down a bit to take a nice, long drag of her tongue up it’s length.  Sitting up with cum soaked lips, dribbles dripping down her chin, she swallowed with a look of devious innocence.


Blushing, Mordred started getting hard again from the sight alone.  “F-Fine… but only because I know you can do a better job, Dad.”


“Give Father to me for a bit.”  Waddling over to the other bed, the pregnant Mordred held out her hand while Ritsuka sat on her baby bump, smiling like the charming little bastard he always was.  “I’ll wash him up a bit.”


“Sure, take him.”  More focused on watching the white dressed Artoria licking her dick, Mordred handed the smallest Artoria in the room over.


“‘Clarent Cum Arthur’ though?”  As she went back over to her own bed, the tanned tomboyish Servant giggled as she heard their younger father comment on the name her other chose for the Artoria-dominating Noble Phantasm.


“Sh-sh-shut it, Dad.  You know that little Da Vinci said the name was important!”  The brawny King defended.


“Look at Father, still licking his lips while trying to get that sticky cum off.”  Setting Artoria onto her stomach as she laid back on her bed, the tanned Mordred pulled up  her long blouse to reveal the red and black bikini she wore under it and reached behind her neck to untie it.


Despite having scraped most of her son’s jizz off of her body Artoria still felt as if it was dripping off of her, but worse was how natural it felt to her now.  “It feels as though it seeped into my every pore, like part of my body has become Lord Mordred’s seed.”  However, in an effort to distract from the heat building in her loins, she continued to try and clean her ‘defiled’ body.


“Sorry about Mo-san.  I think she’s just excited to see you.”  Approaching the cum-soaked Servant, Ritsuka offered the King of Knights an apology on his Servant’s behalf.


“Lord Mordred’s behavior is no-!?  Master!?”  Because all the other Servants around her were so big in comparison, she wasn’t able to properly gauge her size in relation to everything else.  But now that she was standing so close to what felt like the one constant in Chaldea, Artoria realized how big she had gotten.  His head barely reached her belly button now!  Also, for some reason he wasn’t wearing any clothes.  “You’re… you’re so small…”  Reaching out towards him, the scent and taste of Mordred’s seed was driving her crazy as her womanhood was dripping wet.


“To you, and everyone else, I suppose.  Then again, I don’t get to grow from bathing in Mo-san’s spunk.”  Chuckling as the Saber picked him up with ease to inspect him, he knew he couldn’t fight off a Servant’s strength normally, so simply didn’t resist.


“Master…  You are my Master, and yet…”  Focusing on his crotch, Artoria’s lust was on the tipping point.  While in life, she was able to control her libido, especially after her seed for making an heir with Guinevere was stolen by her half-sister, Morgan le Fay, for some reason she couldn’t anymore.


Untying her bikini top and revealing her swollen, leaking breasts, the tanned Mordred saw her Master being held by her father and shrugged, picking them both up.  “Alright, I guess Master is getting a milk shower too then.”  Holding them in front of her exposed nipple, she squeezed her breast with her free hand, spraying the two with rich, sweet smelling milk.


Holding her Master in her hands, as they get sprayed by Mordred’s milk Artoria is forced to adjust her grip on the smaller man as he grows smaller still.  With a new, syrupy flavor entering her mouth, as she licks her lips and takes in the Mana infused in it, Artoria can feel it spread throughout her body.  “Even her breast milk!?”  But the growing Saber didn’t have time to spare on such a thought for too long as her sex began aching for attention from the overstimulation of such concentration amounts of Mana flowing into her.  Without thinking, she clasped her hands over her sensitive folds and instinctually started rubbing it, only to realize she was still holding the young Master!  “Ah!  M-Master…  Master, I…  I…”  Trying to stop and release him or apologize at the very least, she failed to do either and instead ground him more forcefully into her soft, unused womanhood.


However, this was far from the inept Magus’ first rodeo, and quickly matched the lustful Saber’s pace, licking at the nectar dripping from her folds as it mixed with Saber Modred’s leftover jizz and Rider Mordred’s breast milk.  “Don’t worry Artoria, if anything it’s my responsibility to satisfy you.”  Communicating through the Master/Servant telepathic bond, he reassured her that he was more than willing to reciprocate her amorous feelings.  “Been a while since I’ve been used by someone so small.”


Being granted his consent, the King of Knights couldn’t hold back the burning desires that welled up from deep inside of her.  Penetrating herself with Ritsuka’s erection, she collapsed on top of him and continued to slam her hips down on him repeatedly.  Other than a subconscious concern for his safety, she thought of nothing but the pleasure she never indulged in in her previous life.


“You’re looking like a beast in heat there, Father.  Do you like Master’s cock that much?”  Giggling at the sight in her hand as she squeezed her breast some more, the tanned Mordred watched in amusement as her respected Father shook her hips like a crazed animal over Ritsuka.


Noticing the fun out of the corner of her eye as she was watching the young Artoria clean up the smaller Lancers after she finished licking her clean, Mordred remembered a time when she too could ride Ritsuka’s dick like that.  Even before growing so large, she’d gotten into the habit of busting into his room when she felt even the slightest bit horny.  Since the white dressed Artoria was busy deep-throating the Storm King’s upper torso while the Lion King awaited her turn, Mordred was free to move.


“I think we should get to join in on the fun too, don’t you?”  Grabbing blue Saber and their Master from her other’s hand, Mordred dropped them onto the tip of her cock as it was already getting hard once more.


Licking her lips, the bikini-wearing Servant flipped over onto her distended belly and pulled at one of the knots holding her bottoms in place.  “It’s about time.  Do you know how long it’s been since we fucked!?”  Wiggling her butt in the bulky Saber’s directing, the flood of fluids from her sex showed just how horny she was.


Barely paying attention to what was happening around her, it was only after a dark shadow fell over her that Artoria looked up and saw the butt and dripping slit of her tanned son over head.  However, even knowing what was coming next without being told, the heat and atmosphere from atop the gigantic futanari’s cock had her continuing to ride the willingly helpless Master instead of escaping.


“Heh, nothing to say, Father?  Well, I am an impressive sight, so looking on in awe is expected I guess.”  Smirking down at her former King, Mordred took aim with her erect member and slowly brought it up towards the undulating pussy.  “Ironic, innit?  Last time we saw each other, you plunged your Sacred Lance through me.  Now, I’m about to stick you deep in ‘me’ with my superior ‘lance’.”  Not waiting a second longer, she thrust her cock forward, sending it, and her Master and Father, to the deepest depths of the Summer Servant’s sex.


Rocked hard by the forceful entry to the point of almost losing her balance, the tan Mordred slammed her hips back onto her Saber counterpart without regard for the fact that she was currently pregnant.  “C’mon!  I’ve been waiting for that meat stick all day and that’s the best you’ve got?”  Tightening her vaginal muscles around the twitching erection, she looked back over her shoulder with a wild grin.


Mirroring the Rider’s enthusiastic grim with her own, Mordred grabbed ahold of her hips and pulled her until she was as deep as she could get, not quite bottoming out.  “Just making sure Father gets in the best position.”




It was unbelievably tight inside of the pregnant Mordred’s vaginal tunnel, as the folds of flesh held Artoria in place after the means of their entry into the wet, hot space retreated temporarily.  The stuffy scent of her son’s sex filled her lungs and clouded her already lust addled mind.  Thick nectar filled her mouth as she continued to satisfy herself with Ritsuka’s body.  “Th-this… This must be Avalon.”  Believing herself to be in paradise, when the girthy manhood of her son rammed into her again, driving her further into her other son’s pussy, she almost lost her grip on the young Magus that was making her feel so good.  He had gotten so small, or rather she had gotten so big, that she was able to feed his legs into her wanting sex, and was the Saber outside had begun to pump her cock into the colossal sex, she slowly fed more and more of his body inside of her.  “Master, get inside of me.  You feel wonderful and it’s safer.”  Getting battered by Mordred’s manhood, though, didn’t bother the Once and Future King.  In fact, there was a part of her, one that formed in the haze that had been diffusing itself in her mind since getting hit by the treacherous knight’s new Noble Phantasm, that craved it.  Each thrust made her feel accomplished and fulfilled.  Though she was still trying to deny it, right now Mordred, her illegitimate son was truly…  “My King…”


A the shame of being so thoroughly defeated mixed with the sexual gratification she felt and after a particularly forceful thrust sandwiched her between the majestic, Anti-Artoria phallus and the back wall of the tan Mordred’s pussy, she tightened up on Ritsuka enough to make him climax inside of her.


As the influx of his Mana pushed her to the edge of her own lust, the twitching of the behemoth pinning her raised her expectations as the slit at the end dilated and bathed her in a deluge of hot, viscous, delicious futacum.  Mordred had shot her load right in Artoria’s face, forcing some down her throat, which she readily swallowed as the sex encasing them tightened in orgasm..  Their bizarre foursome had resulted in all of them climaxing at roughly the same time, but the narrow space the blue Saber occupied rapidly diminished as her body stretched down the length of the massive member.


Dragged along with Mordred’s cock, the cool sensation of fresh air on her feet began to spread up her body as her body fell from the cum-soaked womanhood.




“Hey, would you look at that?  Father’s not so tiny anymore.”  Having felt the rapid growth spurt at the end of the pleasure session, Mordred held her dick aside to see Artoria as she laid, panting for air on the bed as her jizz leaked from the cream pie she just made above.  Slamming her semi-flaccid member down on the blue Saber for measurement, her dick still had the slight edge.  “Heh, about as big as my dick.  That’s what you are, Father.  Almost as strong as my dick.”  Smirking, she slapped her cock down on Artoria a few times before just letting it lay on top of her.  “Maybe we should stop holding back then.”


“It’s heavy… but now I should…”  Her increased size giving her the hope necessary to fight off the haze in her mind, the King of Knights pooled her strength into her arms and started to lift the colossal cock off of her.  However, even as she could tell she was still growing, for the diminishing physical presence of the young man in her crotch, not only did it not become easier to lift the behemoth, it actually got heavier and her arms failed her, dropping the phallus on her once more.


Chuckling at her failed attempt to escape, Mordred pressed down on the top of her dick.  “Weak!  Father, just accept that we’re superior to you, and always will be.”


“Wh-What!?”  Looking up, she could see both Mordred’s bodies growing, but the surroundings grew proportionally with them, making her second guess herself if she were, in fact, growing at all, or now shrinking.  If not for the size constant of their Master inside of her and the white Saber coming into view, kneeling next to her, she would have assumed the latter, but the younger Artoria no longer towering over her as much.  “How?”


“Quite confusing, isn’t it?  It’s actually very simple though.”  Scooping up some globs of ejaculant on the sheets, the less-experienced Saber giggled at being able to teach her older self something.  “Essentially, this Chaldea is one big Singularity to accommodate our sons’ sizes.  The more they grow, the bigger this Chaldea gets, so they don’t have to worry about destroying the place by getting too big.  The only reason they were so small was because it’s inconvenient interacting with Master for them.  The summoning chamber you arrived in connects to here, so Master can continue to bring in more subjects for Mordy’s kingdom.”


As the more innocent version of herself explained, Artoria felt her size begin to stabilize.  She was still quite a bit shorter than her younger self, probably about as tall as her waist, but she had undoubtedly stopped growing.


“Seems that Father hasn’t quite learned his place yet.  Thinking he could fight back just because he got a tiny bit bigger.”  However, the same could not be said about the two Mordreds.  Smiling down sinisterly, dripping cock in hand as she angled the slit towards the blue Saber.


Roughly sitting on the mattress after turning around to face them, the tanned Mordred smiled mischievously down at the outclassed Servant as well.  “Well… we have time.  I’d say it’s about time we teach him what our relationship is now.”


“Sure, but first let’s get Dad to get Master out of him.”  Activating her Mana Burst skill, the gargantuan Saber infused her flaccid dick in volatile magical energy, instantly regaining her erection, and enhancing it well beyond its natural size.  “I don’t want to be as gentle this time.”


The faint bit of defiant spirit that was still in her snuffed out just by the sight of the raging boner of her son, Artoria nervously swallowed the saliva rapidly filling her mouth.  “What a fool I was…”


Caught in the shadow as the Saber reached down to pick her up, Artoria didn’t resist, and instead licked her lips.

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