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Author's Chapter Notes:

Summuary. After years of testing and research, Sam, a 24 year old inventor, has finally completed his ultimate invention. A shrink ray. The device is capable of changing anythings size by imputting it in the device and pulling the trigger. A truely revolutionary creation capable of changing the world as we know in the right hands. And there's only one person he trust with it, his 52 year old nieghbor Eun Jee.

Contains: Feet.

In life there are two sets of people. People who hope there dreams come true and people who make them come true. And Sam was certainly in the latter.

A genius inventor at the age of 24, Sam has made things that would be considered impossible or pure science fiction all to further his dream. Which was finally about to come true. The only part left, to convince Miss Eun to go through with it.

Eun Jee was a 52 year old woman of moderate stature, around 5'8" and weighing 184lbs. She had divorced her husband sometime ago which resulted in her gaining some weight and living with her 20 year old son, Song. She is a stern but kind woman, with a love for out door activities and friendly company. And currently, very confused.

"So let me understand what you want here, ok?" Eun started from across the table, eyeing a strange looking gun that looked like a childs toy ray gun in her lap. "You want me to shrink you with this thing, then let you crawl over my feet like a bug. In return, I get to keep this and you to do with however I like. Is that correct?" She spoke slowly trying to come to terms with all that had happened in the last hour. If not for the miniscule car laying on the table she'd have chalked it up as a awkward admittance of feelings towards her. Though that was still an option in her mind.

Sam nodded while wringing his hands together nervously. "Y-yes ma'am."

Eun's eyes narrowed at him. "Why choose me?"

Sam let loose a breath he wasn't aware he was holding. "I like you. A lot."

She snorted. "Well, I'm flattered, but don't take it the wrong way, I'm not interested in dating someone who could be mistaken as my son or nephew." Her words held no malice or sarcasm. She then leaned forward, gripping the gun slightly as she did. "When did this start? I've known you since you were knee high."

His hand scratched the back of his head and a light blush darkened his cheeks. "It started off simple. A few summers back, when I was fourteen, I saw something that just wouldn't leave my mind. You were relaxing on the pourch with your feet on the table after your jog. I'd never seen them before and I couldn't look away." He smiled wistfully at her. "They were so big and beautiful! I-I wanted to go up to you and ask if I could rub them for you, but I was too nervous and ran home. From then, I just couldn't stop fantasizing about them."

Eun stayed silent during his speech, but had looked down at her feet briefly before turning back to him. "Ok, but that doesn't explain the shrink ray. I wear a size 15, they're big enough as they are! Why do you want to make them bigger?" Though she hid it well, Eun was often embarrassed by her very large feet.

"It's a fetish that I have. Macrophillia. I had a dream once of you being a giantess. You were massive, like several miles tall and just walking on top of a city without a care in the world! Your footprints were big enough to be lakes and there was clumps of earth, buildings and people all stuck to your soles and between your toes!"  Recalling the first dream he had about Eun made him squirm slightly, both from embarrassment and excitment. "After I woke up, I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with just giving you a foot massage. I want, need, to be the dirt under your feet. So please let me experience it."

A silense fell between the two. Sam beings nawing on his lip nervously while watching as Eun sits with her eyes closed and head tilted in a thinking posistion. Several seconds tick by, each one feeling like an hour to Sam. Then, Eun exhales sharply and speaks.

"Ok. I'll go through with it." Sam lept to his feet with eyes full of gratitude and the biggest smile on his face that she had ever seen. As he goes to speak, Eun silences him by raising her hand. "I'll go through with it on two condition. I'm telling Song about it and you turn over all your property to me. If your going to be my pet I see no reason for you to have anything under your name. Do you?"


"What was that?"

"I already have everything set up to be transferred to you. You just need to sign the document laying on my kitchen table. My key is under the rug."

She blinks at him for a moment before slowly nodding. "Good, good. Come sit on the table. I don't want to have to look for you after you shrink."

Obeying her order, Sam moved to sit in front of her, placing the remainder of his belongings on the fatherest edge of the table. He stared at Eun as she adjusted the size on the gun like he'd showed her to 1.27cm and pointing it at him. "Anything you'd like to do or say before I pull the trigger. I won't be making you big again."

He nodded before standing back up and wrapping her up in a hug for a for a few seconds then breaking it. "Just, thanks for doing this. I know it's easily the strangest thing you've ever heard or done, but I really appreciate it. Thanks for making my dream happen." Sam spoke gratefully as he resumed his posistion.

Eun laughed lightly at him for a moment. "You aren't wrong there! Well goodbye Sam." With that final statement Eun pulled the trigger and a beam of teal energy struck Sam in the chest. For three seconds Eun's living room was illuminated by the energyfield that surrounded his body, blinding her briefly, and then dissapating. Blinking the spots from her eyes, Eun saw an empty spot where Sam used to be, save for a tiny moving dot. A cheshire grin grew as she eyed him. "And hello pet!"


"And hello pet!" Sam's world shook at Eun's three simple words.

"Holy shit." He breathed out at the sight of his new owner.

There are mythological stories throughout humanities existance of people seeing  devine beings and going on to become well known figures. These figures are often descripled as great, radient, terrible and beautiful. And now, Eun Jee was the newest figure to join them.

The now mountinous woman took up the entire horizon, looking smuggly down on Sam's puny body from behind her massive chest. She stood there for a minute, perhaps taking it in for herself or just to let Sam be smothered under the weight of his new reality.

Then she moved.

With speed that shouldn't belong to a being of her size, Eun took a step back and sat down, creating earthquakes larger than any on a richter scale! All while Sam was sprawled out on the ground, staring in awe.
Two simple actions and she had shook the world. A lesser person would have ran screaming away from the titanic woman but not Sam. Excitment bloomed in his chest, he knew he had nothing to fear, the shrinking process made him invincible to harm and this is what he wanted. He would serve Eun faithfully, bending to her every whim and desire with utter obediance. He was her's now.

"Alright pet, enjoy yourself down there!"
She boomed down at him before presenting what he had sought after for so long. Like meteors, Eun's heels dropped from the sky and crashed down on either side of him, sending him to the ground in a heap. "Now get to work."

Pushing himself back up, he froze at the sight at Eun's scrunched soles towering over him. The cause of his desire were are gorgeous as he remembered. Thick, meaty soles riddled with wrinkles now big enough for him to be lost in, her short, plump toes, painted a lovely purple wiggling down at him! Unable to contain himself any longer, Sam rushed forward into her right heel pushing his whole body into it- rubbing, kissing and licking at her soft, rubbery foot flesh!

A sense of euphoria, unlike any he had experienced before washed over him as he worshipped Eun's soles! Her feet had a salty taste to them due to the dried sweat, emmited a heavy musk smelling similar to faint chedder and old leather, and heat comparable to being a oven!

"This is better than I could have imagined!" Sam said blissfully as he buried his face into a wrinkle, licking away at Eun's monolithic feet. "I just hope she can feel me."

'This is far more enjoyable than I thought, but still, it could be better.'  Eun had thought that this would be a very one-sided relationship, with Sam receiving all the benefits and her only a sense of overwhelming power and control, not being able to feel his actions at her feet. Therefore, she was very pleasently surprised to be able to feel him as a pleasent tickle at her heel! It wasn't anything spectacular but it was certainly more than she had expected.

'I could make him bigger, but I have a better idea!'  She looked down at her lap and, for a moment, Eun felt as though she had a train sitting on and not a  2lb shrink ray resembling a childs toy. 'Why just have him. when I could have more? There are plenty of people who'd be better off as my toys!'

Her mind drifted to the dream Sam had described and she saw herself not as a middle-aged surburban mother living with her son, but as an invicible Goddess! The feet she had longed been embarrassed by would now be worshipped and loved by her tiny subjects or risk her punishment. She felt heat pool between her legs as her mind wandered to more lewd places for them to worship. Placing her hand on her crotch, she began to lightly rub herself through her sweatpants.

'So many options and so much time! I wonder how Song will react to this?' Closing her eyes and leaning back into her chair, Eun relaxed, enjoying Sam's actions at her feet. The world belonged to her now and she would take her time reveling in the pleasures they would bring her and her son.

Chapter End Notes:



Hi! Thanks for reading, any constructive critisims are appreciated! 

I based this off of an imagine I'd seen on Giantessbooru sometime ago that I absolutly love. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the model is or where it came from, even using image search. I'll link it down below.

Have a great day!





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