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Story Notes:

My first story

Author's Chapter Notes:

Ashley leaves her home

Ashley is a rich 14 year old giantess girl with dark brown hair with blue her and pearly with teeth.   She was very pretty and have slender fit body with long hair reaching all the way to her waist

They is something that makes Ashley different from other giantess and its that she could to change her size at will


Ashley has a sister called jasmine and her mom was the Mayor of the giantess city

Due to the growing population the mayor was planing on expanding their territory and saitman was at the very core of the land to be cleared and the human city would be destroyed befo

Ashley told her mother that she need to go to the city to get human to use as play thing but in truth she just want to see the human culture and how they behave and also to find out about  how they behave so as to save the good humans from being killed her mother gave her permission and a time limit of a month

She set out on her journey with just enough resources to last for 13 days, she was suppose to reach there in about a day in her giant size but decided to take the journey in human size which will take her between 11 to 13 days

She reached the city with barely enough food remaining in her stock and within a day exhausted all available she had with her

She was hungry and don't know what to do then she saw two beggars at the road side begging for money in which they will use to buy food for then selves so she  decided to go join them and see what she could get

A woman past bye with takeout she got from a nearby restaurant and gave it to one of the two beggars

He thanks the woman and turned to meat Ashley who he had just noticed her presence 

"Hey what are you doing here"

The beggar said


"I didn't have food to eat and so you guys here begging for food so I decided to join you" Ashley said


"You are a girl and you are not suppose to be out here and I don't think you came for the reasons you claimed, you came here to muck us because if you are a beggar you wouldn't have such neat and clean cloth" the beggar said


"I was travelling  from my city to this place and my food and water got finished and I was Hungry so I decided to join you" Ashley said


"Then what were you coming to do from your city in here " the beggar said


"I was chased from my home with limited supply of food I decides to come to this city" Ashley said


"I'm sorry for that and bye the way my name is James" the beggar said


"My name is Ashley" Ashley said


Here take this James said offering her the food that was given to her by the woman


"No I can't take this, its yours so eat it


They dragged back and forth till the second beggar called adien

Interrupted and suggested they should share just as the were about to start eating the woman came back with two polythene bags filled with those takeaway she brought earlier she handed it over to them

She the sat down bye them and started a conversion with them the all takes till evening when it was getting dark the woman got up said her good bye and headed home. The three beggars where happy the had eating to their filled for the first time in months

Chapter End Notes:

If you see any mistake pls inform me so I can correct

Thanks for reading and see you in the next chapter

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