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Author's Chapter Notes:

Prompts taken from DeviantArt on July 5th 2021


Prompt: Princess Daisy playing with tiny

From: DrMayhem211

After a long day of attending to her duties as ruler of Sarasaland, Princess Daisy stepped into her chambers wanting only to relax. She took off her royal dress, then waltzed over to a small box that sat on her dresser. She opened the lid and peered inside, seeing many shrunken people. They had been caught plotting against her were shrunk to the size of bugs and made her property as punishment.

"Hey there, boys. Did you miss me?" she giggled cruelly. "Now, which of you will be the lucky player in today's game?" They all started calling for her, literally begging to be chosen as her plaything. "How about you" she said, grabbing a man near the center.

She sat in her chair, then dropped him at her feet along with a pea she'd brought along in her pocket. "In today's game, you'll have to push this little pea all the way up my body and feed it to me. If you win, you get your freedom. If time runs out or the pea falls off, you lose. Now, begin." Turned over an hourglass to mark the time, then reclined her body, making herself into a ramp for him to climb.

The man quickly grabbed the pea, which was almost his size, and began by pushing it up between her toes, then rolling it up her foot. Daisy considered making him fall off now to mock him for losing immediately, but she decided to see how far he got. He soon made it past her knee and her thigh, then onto her belly and up to her cleavage, with plenty of sand left in the hourglass. "My, what a strong little guy you are," she cooed. At her words he looked up and blushed as if only now realizing where he was. "Just remember; if you lose, your punishment is to spend the rest of the day at the last place you reached."

She saw the man's arms start shaking. Mere seconds later, the pea slipped from him, rolling down and falling to the floor. "Oh, such a shame. And you were doing so well, too," Daisy said. "Well, now you'll have to spend the rest of the day at my chest." She grabbed ahold of her boobs and pressed them together, squeezing him right between them. She felt him squirming around and pressed them even tighter until she felt him give in. Then she let go, put her finger on him, and started kneading him against her boobs, feeling the thrill of dominating this pathetic loser with her body.


Prompt: Giantess steals a man's size

From: SuperMachoManjr

"Whoa, what the fuck? Did you just get bigger?" Alan asked as he pulled himself away from his kiss with... the girl. He didn't know what her name was, or really much of anything aobut her. All he knew was she was the hottest chick he'd seen at the bar and she'd been real eager to bring him home.

"You're imagining things," she said with a devilish smile before pressing her lips to his again. Their little makeout session made him forget all about her apparent growth, but only until her tongue started filling up his entire mouth.

"What the fuck!?" he yelled as he pulled himself away. "You're definitely getting bigger! What the hell's going on here?" He got off of the couch and was about to run out of the apartment when he realized that he was a whole foot shorter than normal. "What did you do to me?!"

"I asked if you'd be my little boy toy and you said yes, remember? Turns out I meant it more literally than you ever imagined." Alan turned to leave, but she caught him by the wrist and held him in place. He pulled as hard as he could, but his arm wouldn't budge from her vice grip. She laughed, a cruel cackling that sent chills down his spine while every atom of his body screamed at him to get the hell out of there. Then he noticed a feeling on his wrist where she was grabbing him, as if she were literally sucking the life out of him, and he saw that she was still growing, and he was still shrinking. Soon he stood no higher than her thighs, looking just like a little boy trying to leave his mother's grip. He got so small that even with her arm hanging straight down his legs couldn't reach the ground anymore, and she got so big that her head bumped up against the ceiling and she had to sit on the floor.

When he was small as a mouse, she held him in her open palm and held him before her face. Still he kept shrinking, her palm going from the size of a bathroom stall to the size of a house, then a football field, a city, and an entire continent. Then the woman was looking down at him with a face the size of the Sun as he still kept shrinking. Her smiling face drew closer, the vast enamel wall of her teeth parting to let out her monstrous tongue. He screamed as he tongue begame his entire sky, then it fell on him, leaving him as a meager little speck of dust floating in an ocean of spit, never to be heard from again.


Prompt: Bulma is shrunk, Chichi appears

From: KN10000

While testing a new teleporter device, Bulma appeared, not in her room as intended, but in some huge and strange place, with a smooth white floor that stretched for thousands of feet in all directions before curving up into enormous walls.The palce was so big it would easily have held the entirey of the building that doubled as her family's mansion and the Capsule Corportaion HQ.

She was trying to figure out where exactly she was when she heard the sound of a door opening and a series of footsteps coming from beyond these walls. Looking up, she soon saw agigantic Chi-Chi appear in the sky. Apparently her device hadn't only teleported her somewhere completely different form her intended destination—a bathtub in Goku's house—it had also shrunk her to a minuscule size.

Bulma tried calling up to Chi-Chi, but the giant housewife didn't hear her. Humming to herself, Chi-Chi leaned over to the tub and turned the faucet on, causing a torrent of water to spring forth from it and crash into the tub's floor, gradually filling it up. Bulma was picked up by the water, floating on it like a speck of dust while Chi-Chi took off her clothes. Then, when the water was at a decent level, she turned the faucet off and started getting in.

Looking up, Bulma saw the immense mass of Chi-Chi's foot slide into the water, followed by the rest of her leg. As Chi-Chi's body came into the tub, it displaced great volumes of water and created currents which sent submerged Bulma and sent her adrift all over the bathtub. She was eventually able to surface to find herself surrounded by two immense walls of skin. Above her loomed Chi-Chi's face, which meant she had to be in the woman's cleavage.

Wherever she was didn't matter much, though; what mattered was that she had to get out of the water, so she swam over to Chi-Chi's boob and started climbing up its surface. She made it many feet up before she found herself unable to move, being held fast by the water's surface tension against Chi-Chi's tit. Even after the water dried up she was still stuck there as an invisibly small speck on her skin. She remained there even as Chi-Chi got out of the tub and dried ehrself, and even as she put ehr clothes back on, leaving Bulma trapped between her boob and her bra. Chi-Chi would then go about the rest of the day without any awareness of the speck-sized bulma on her breast.


Prompt: Uzaki's mom's feet on tiny

From: TraitorsGate2

"Aww, come on, mom, this is so unfair!" Kiri Uzaki whined as his mother Tsuki shrunk him.

"I'm sorry, dear, but you knew what you were getting into when you snuck out to go with your friends," Tsuki said. But despite sounding so empathetic, in truth she loved having a reason to shrink her son. Petite as she was, the only times she could feel big and powerful were when she shrunk someone down. She watched intently as her son dwindled downin size, going from the size of a young adult to that of a little boy, then being as small as a doll, a mouse, a bug, and finally stopping when he was no bigger than a grain of rice. When the shrinking had finished, she took a step forward, setting her feet down to either side of him. Even though she stepped softly, the impact was enough to knock him off his feet.

How small he looked between her toes now, so small that she couldn't even hear anything he was saying. If only she could keep him this size forever, she thought as she wiggled her toes around him. "Alright, now stay still for me, Kiri," she said as she raised her foot above him. Despite knowing he was perfectly safe, Kiri's survival instincts kick in at the sight of his mother's immense sole, urging him to flee. "Oh, are you running? Even though you know you can't possible hope to escape me? I guess it can't be helped. I must look so big and scary for you at that puny size. Well, it doesn't matter; I can still step on you while you're running."

Tsuki carefully positioned her foot, savoring the fear that her body instilled in her tiny son, then lowered it until her big toe smothered him under its mass. She carefully ground him against the floor, twisting her toe from side to side, and then after a few seconds she raised her foot and turned it around to confirm that Kiri was plastered to the bottom of her toe. "Ah, there you are; right under your mama's foot where you belong," she said, scrunching her sole. "I think I'll keep you there until tomorrow. Maybe that will teach you not to go sneaking off without permission." Then she lowered her foot and went to do some chores, happily humming to herself as she felt her son being mashed under her toe.


Prompt: Sticks the Badger  punishes a "government spy"

From: HesAfanta

"Alright, Buster, this is your last chance. Either you tell me what government you're spying on me for or I'm gonna have to squeeze the answer outta you."

"For the last time, I'm not a government agent! I don't even know where I am or how I got to be this small, let alone what government I would be an agent for!" One minute Eric had been enjoying a nice nap in the office, the next he had woken up the size of an ant in the hands of this crazy badger lady—Sticks, he thought her name was—who wouldn't stop badgering him about "government secrets" and other nonsense. "Now, could you please back off a bit? Your breath reeks, lady."

"So you don't like my breath, eh? We'll start off with that. Let's see how tight-lipped you are after this, tough guy." She opened her mouth and tossed him in, her jaws snapping shut behind him. Eric landed on her tongue, leaving his whole body being covered in her saliva. Groaning, he picked himself up, and when he took a breath the smell almost made him hurl.

"Hey! Let me outta here already! You hear me?" he yelled, stamping his foot on the ground. When he did, her tongue was brought up, pressing him tight against the roof of her mouth and sliding him around. Then, after a second, she spat him back out onto her hand. "Blegh, you taste awful! Have you ever had a bath in your life?" she said. "Okay, I've got a better place for you than my mouth. Come here," she said as she crouched, lowering him to her shoes, which she wore without socks. She slipped him inside, pushing him deeper with her finger, until he slid down to the tip of her shoes, right where her toes were.

The place smelled even more disgusting than her mouth, if that were even possible, and it was even more cramped, with her toes pressing up against his face. "Let's see if you don't talk after a few hours in there," Sticks said as she set out for a walk. Meanwhile, in the dark confines of her boot, Eric started trying to think up some stories he could tell to avoid any further punishments. With how stupid she seemed, she would surely buy just about aything he told her.


Prompt: Chocho's tiny armpit slave Sarada

From: ShrinkGirllsMe

Defeated and exhausted, Sarada lay panting on the floor. Hearing someone approach, she forced an eye open and saw Chocho standing over her. "Well, aren't you a sorry sight. I'm almost tempted to spare you from our little agreement," she said.

"Chocho, wait..."

"Sorry, but a deal's a deal. You'd do the same to me if I was in your place," Chocho said, looking not the least bit sorry as she performed a series of hand signs in preparation for a jutsu. "Shrinking jutsu!" she exclaimed, extending her arms towards Sarada. The beaten ninja was helpless to resist the technique and soon found herself shrinking down as it began to affect her, ending up at a mere three inches tall.

Chocho walked over to her and grabbed ehr arm between a pair of fingers before lifting her up, dangling the limp ninja before her face. "You know, I gave a lot of thought to what I would have you do once I beat you, but actually having you in my hands gives me the best idea ever. I'm going to make you lick my armpits clean."

"W-what!? Chocho, you're not serious about that, right?"

"Oh, I'm dead serious. Now get to licking," she said as she pressed Sarada's face against her armpit.

"Ugh, this is so sweaty!" Sarada complained as her body was covered in Chocho's armpit sweat.

"That's your fault for making me work so hard to beat you. Now stop complaining and get to licking. The sooner you finish, the sooner you can go back to normal," Chocho said, lowering her arm to keep Sarada pinned against her armpit. Sarada fit so snugly under her arm that it was almost as if she was meant to be there.

She felt the tiny girl squirming around, tickling her with all her movement. "Stop moving so much! And get to licking! I haven't felt your tongue yet, but I'd better feel it soon, or else I'll make you lick my feet clean too." Apparently that threat was enough to motivate Sarada, as Chocho immediately felt her tiny, delicate tongue lapping away at her armpit. It was such a little thing that licking it clean would probably take her the rest of the day. Which was good as it gave her more time to rub it in Sarada's face. "That's more like it. Now hang on tight while I go grab some lunch."

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