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Barred - A Pinkspace Story
By Supernova

A commissioned work

        Shitty, flickering street lights illuminated the misty side-street, making the low-lying fog appear a sickly greenish color.

        “Come on! It’ll be fun!” The woman in front of the three-person line gleefully exclaimed as she gently held onto Natalia’s fingertips. Giggling, Natalia turned her head around to Mia so quickly that her strawberry blonde hair bounced with the abrupt motion. Mia couldn’t help but giggle in return.

        As she gripped Natalia’s hand with a near white-knuckled force, Mia couldn’t help but feel a sublime tension flutter through her chest. The last, and youngest woman in the daisy-chain, Mia’s belated twenty-first birthday bar-hopping escapade was already a tremendous success. Holding onto her friend’s hand, she could still sense the awkward sphere of anxiety throbbing just under her sternum. She continued to follow Natalia, who was following an older woman they had only met an hour earlier.

        Experiencing the initial freedom associated with the short interlude between Junior and Senior years of college, everything “old” felt completely new. The light sheen the humidity left on her skin felt as though it was giving her some sort of transcendent glow. The night, though it was rather late for her at eleven PM, still felt as though it were full of endless possibility.

        Though she found herself a group of friends during her time in the university, Mia developed a new “bestie” in Natalia. A grad student! Just last year, someone who was twenty six years old was almost like an “adult,” now she was just a friend experiencing life just like her. Feeling the puddles of asphalt-water soak into her Converses, Mia couldn’t help but awkwardly stumble on the little pebbles gathered up on the side of the road.

        Already slightly drunk, legally even, Mia didn’t let her intoxication cloud her judgment. Knowing that she could place her full trust in Natalia, she didn’t think twice about picking up a third woman for their bar-hopping “Duo.” She didn’t even know her name, but both the mysterious woman and Natalia hit it off, bonding over their unique, but natural hair color. Somewhat short, but with a cute, round face and long, medium-brown hair, Mia couldn’t help but feel a tinge of envy watching two heads of luxurious half-red half-blonde locks bounce before her. Gulping, she knew this negativity was unwarranted, and stifled the self-sabotaging thought as they passed under another sodium-tinged streetlight.

        “No, I swear! This place is gonna be great!” The woman said, continuing her near-unrelenting praise of this amazing bar she noted earlier.

        “I believe you! I believe you!” Natalia giggled. Mia, in response, said nothing. Enjoying the fact that she was along for the ride, she knew that neither of them really required her input, nor did she really have anything to add. In social situations like this one, she felt most comfortable simply playing along, as though she were watching the night unfold from a third-person perspective. In comparison to her long, lonely high school experience, being socially fulfilled and “involved” in something as simple as her own birthday celebration felt “out-of-body” enough as it was.

        The uncanny comfort in knowing Natalia was near her still sent waves of comfort through her body. Having already downed a number of shots and experiencing a bubbly sensation within her chest, she blinked whenever the two women in front of her doubled into four before quickly reverting back to two.

        “How far away is it? Like, we already went a few blocks!” Mia didn’t even plan on asking, as with each passing footstep she felt the alcohol seep further and further into her system. The filter within her mind was already so frayed that she was speaking words she didn’t “plan” on. “Hic!”

        The woman in front turned her head as the three continued trekking through the thick, clinging fog. Her eyes were the rare shade of blue that pierced you with their deep color even in a dark, shadowy night. She grinned. “Just another block, I swear! I swear!”

        “You swear a lot!” Natalia was grinning so hard, Mia could hear her words drunkenly bend through her curled lips.

        “You haven’t fucking heard me swear yet, girl!” They laughed. “This place is gonna be awesome.”

        “You swear?” Mia responded, again feeling her words slip out.

        The woman picked up the pace as Mia almost tripped. “I fucking swear!”

        Pondering the layout of her college town’s strangely forked main streets, she was somewhat familiar with the routes between the fork’s tines. Yet she had never used this particular path before. Though it filled her with a sense of unease, she quashed this sensation as irrelevant anxiety. A part of her social discomfort that was both useless and irrelevant. And, after all, Natalia was there.

        Having met her older friend around a year ago, she found Natalia to be almost a mentor to her. Tall, slender, and beautiful, she couldn’t help but admire Natalia in both her sense of fashion and her kind, gentle demeanor. Always sticking to her like glue in nearly any social situation, she found comfort in her guidance.

        “Okay girls, here’s that spooky forest!” The woman said as she stopped at the edge of a thin, dirt path before a pitch dark thicket that formed the border between “Main Street North” and “Main Street South.” Still daisy-chained, Mia felt her grasping hand grow more numb, as did her lips. Staring at the woman in front, she noticed a strange clarity in her vision as she stood under the final street lamp before complete darkness.

        Mia stared at her. Though Natalia was gorgeous, this mysterious woman was stunningly beautiful. Even under the nasty pale, yellow light of the street lamp above and framed by a sickly green fog, Mia’s drunk mind felt disjointed. As if someone who should be behind a screen acting in some movie was before her, taking up real, three-dimensional space. Leering at her slender body, Mia’s mind fixated upon the older woman, thinking of her almost as though she were Nicole Kidman herself. Almost in a trance-like state, Mia couldn’t help but stare upon her sharp jawline, her hawk-like eyes, her straight, knife-sharp eyebrows, and her delicate pointed nose. It was a staggering array of features that all seemed to “fit” together like some kind of expertly-crafted sculpture. She almost didn’t look real. Her outfit was beyond reproach. Where Mia was wearing a tee shirt, jean shorts, and low-cut basketball sneakers, this mysterious woman seemed to be wearing a bespoke fitted outfit with accessories that Mia couldn’t even name. Everything was color-coordinated between black and some strange auburn color except for an odd piece of jewelry. A thin band of hot pink wrapped around a finger of her right hand, so bright it gave off an eerie glow.

        “You girls ready for this?” She asked.

        Natalia continued giggling. “Oh yeah! Totally! Do we need, like, our phones or something for this? Like a flashlight or something?”

        The woman smiled back, “I’ve done this a thousand times. I know the way.”

        “Let’s go! Into the woods!” Mia exclaimed, sensing the molten sphere of anxiety melt into a calm glee. Traipsing into the unknown with both her best friend and a beautiful older woman. Exciting! Thrilling! She pointed her finger into the pitch darkness in front of her as the two taller, attractive women looked at her with smiles on their faces.

        Feeling a tug at her other hand, she realized how truly “on-rails” this trail was. The dirt ground between the rows of dark oak trees was flat and easy to walk on, though she had to avoid stumbling on any stray roots. Absorbing most of the sound, this trail was eerily quiet. Trees so thick that Mia could barely see any signs of light on the other side of the forested barrier.

        As roughly two minutes passed, the lights on the other side of the trail grew larger and brighter. The sounds of cars and people walking on the sidewalks grew louder and more apparent. Though she knew she was still in a somewhat vulnerable position, Mia understood that it was just a few more feet before she’d be walking over a bare sidewalk again and into whatever “Place” this woman was leading them to.

        Mia found her own reaction internally puzzling. In spite of her drunkenness, she still thought her secret emotional world was out of character for her. As they all finally walked through the final few feet of trail, Mia felt some scratchy leaves brush against her from a nearby bush before they found themselves under the light-bathed sidewalk of “Main Street North.”

        Much more brightly lit than even the side street, Mia finally felt herself able to detach from Natalia. To her surprise, she found that her strong grip had faded into a light touch. The tension in her body was gone. Her shoulders down, her muscles relaxed, she figured this was how people without pounding anxiety felt all the time. It was almost Heaven. All it took was a few shots and a little trust.

        Walking ahead of them, her fancy shoes clinking on the sidewalk, the beautiful older woman’s hair bounced as she walked away from the two college students. “This way! Come on!”

        Mia had never been this far down Main Street North before. Not the type to go out and socialize other than on special occasions such as this one, she felt no reason to find herself in the area with strange, niche bars and other specialty restaurants.

        “Finally! We’re here!” The woman stated as they stopped in front of what looked like a bar with extraordinarily esoteric design features. A memorable, almost Art Deco-style facade on the front with streaks of chrome paired with what looked like neon pink decorative elements. Mia had never seen a building look even close to this. Had she ever even passed this place before?

        Staring upwards as the neon pink glared down upon her, she tried to make out some kind of signage on the front, but the building itself didn’t even have visible windows. Just a door above a stoop that appeared to have a series of V-shapes engraved on the front in the same chrome-pink pattern.

        “What is this place?” Natalia asked as Mia felt the anxiety begin to build up in her chest again.

        “A bar! Or a club. Whatever.” The woman pressed on to one of the smaller V-shapes on the door and it swung open slowly and smoothly, exposing a pink glow emanating from the inside.

        “A club?” Mia thought. “Like with dancing?” Given that she had never experienced something like this before, the emotions fluttering within Mia’s chest formed a nervous cocktail. Excitement, curiosity, thrill, and a dash of fear.

        The three women walked up the steps in unison, finding themselves in a vestibule that appeared to be proportionally far too large for the building they were now standing in. Looking up at the bare walls, Mia noticed that there weren’t any decorations or fixtures of any kind. Just a harsh, neon pink glow that didn’t appear to come from any particular light source. The sheer strangeness of this new environment amped up the fear factor burgeoning within her. Everything in the same deep shade of pink, and completely silent, Mia could hear her shoes clack against the flat, featureless floor as the woman led them to the door at the far end of the vestibule. In front of this door, which had the same exact design features as the front of the building, stood an oddly tall woman leaning against the wall in a relaxed pose. Though she appeared to be well over six feet tall, her body proportions were that of someone much shorter. “Maybe she’s a basketball player or something,” thought Mia, as the tall woman looked up from her comically tiny-looking phone. Squinting her eyes, she noticed that this woman was wearing the exact same ring as the woman who she followed in.

        “New victims, Aster?” The tall woman said in a droll tone.

        The older woman in front of them smiled and let out a low giggle. “Oh they have no idea what they’re in for,” she said as the tall woman caressed the front of the door, causing it to open slowly in the same exact smooth manner as the front door did.

        Standing next to Natalia, Mia shared a befuddled glance with her best friend. For the first time, she felt as though her friend’s calm demeanor was being replaced with something else. Seeing the older woman, apparently named Aster, walk through the doorway into what appeared to be a bright pink void, Mia gulped. Jetting her hand forward, she gripped Natalia’s wrist as Natalia slowly put one foot in front of the other.

        Hesitating for a brief moment before following her, the tall woman looming over them snidely uttered “You two have fun in there.” Almost a commanding tone. Mia couldn’t help but feel the sphere of anxiety within her smoulder back.

        As the light took over her eyes, she saw that her friend’s body was a mere silhouette in relation to how bright these lights were. After a few steps, they both seemed to simply apparate into another room.

        Darting her head left and right, Mia’s heartbeat calmed down as she understood that she was in a perfectly normal-looking nightclub. The dance floor was completely empty, as was the bar, minus a few scattered women. No men.

        “Oh. This is a lesbian bar,” thought Mia as she looked at the strange design elements lining all the walls and ceiling. In spite of this, the size difference between what the building should hold and the capacity within appeared to be obviously mismatched. What should be a small, crowded bar appeared to expand over the space of an entire warehouse. Perhaps the strange decor on the outside of the building served as an optical illusion of some kind.

        “Here! Sit!” Aster directed the two women to the round, cushioned seats of the bar. Lined with strange, chrome tubing, the surface of the bar itself was that of a glass mirror that was tinged pink.

        Upon sitting down, the bartender, an attractive woman roughly the same age as Aster, walked over and leaned on the shelf behind her. Looking upwards, Mia noticed an incredibly tall stack of drinks, many of which she had never heard of, some using lettering from unrecognizable alphabets.

        “Oh, hey Aster! Brought some new ones in?” The bartender crossed her arms comfortably. Mia squinted again. Clear as day, this woman was also donning one of those bright pink bands, though hers was emblazoned with a strange, artistic pattern.

        “Yeah, aren’t they cute?” Aster leaned forward, pinching Natalia’s cheek and lightly shaking it, almost mockingly. Natalia stayed silent and gave a pursed smile. Mia could sense that she was growing uncomfortable as she stared downwards.

        Seeing this discomfort in her normally confident friend caused a sense of unease to pulse through Mia’s chest. She couldn’t help but lean backwards as the tall bartender leaned forward, letting her curly black hair touch the countertop, exposing the long cleavage of her low-cut top.

        Mia just sat as the bartender’s long, pale arm reached up for her face. A shiver ran down her spine as the woman’s arm raised up and the woman’s fingers gently brushed her brown hair behind her ear. As the fingers gently caressed Mia’s jawline, she let out a fake smile as she felt heat pulse from under her shirt. The woman lightly tickled under Mia’s chin before bringing it back.

        Still staring deeply into Mia’s light brown, almost honey-colored eyes, the bartender said in a low voice “Yeah, these are a good catch.”

        Her eyebrows twisting in an expression of near-concern, she turned her head towards Natalia, who shared her expression.

        “Oh, chill out. We’re all friends here, right?” The bartender said, “At least you three know each other.” Mia shifted in her seat.

        “Er, uh yes.” Natalia spoke up. Her voice was normally high-pitched, but now it took on almost a shaky depth. “We just met, uh, Aster, is it? We met her at a bar on the other Main Street.”

        Looking to her right, she saw Natalia still staring down at her twiddling fingers as Aster sat on the other side, staring intently into the side of Natalia’s head.

        “And what’s your name, you sweet little thing?” The bartender asked, still leaning a little too close to Mia. Any semblance of internal composure Mia was holding onto melted away. Her innards felt as though they were almost twisting.

        “Mi… Mi…”

        “Yeah, you.” The bartender repeated, raising her eyebrow. The neon pink light fixtures glinted off of her black hair, the combination forming a strange purplish sheen.

        “Mia. I’m Mia” She said, in a near whisper. Her heart was fluttering.

        “Yeah? Nice name. What can I get for you, Mia?”

        Words were becoming caught in her throat. The combination between drunkenness and anxiety was near-nauseating. “I… I don’t really know. Aren’t you gonna… ask for ID or something?” She couldn’t help but revert back to her shell. She wished she could just get up and leave.

        “ID? Oh no. I know Aster wouldn’t pal around with anyone who couldn’t come in here, right Aster?”

        “I mean, this time at least.”

        The bartender rolled her eyes and looked back at Mia. “What drink do you want, though? It’ll loosen you up.”

        “I hope so, anyway.” Aster interjected.

        The bartender raised her eyes in a sultry way. “You hear that? Aster wants you to loosen up.” Her finger came close to Mia’s face yet again, the fingertip gently pressing against her lower lip, gently curling it down. Mia had no idea how to react or why this woman was behaving this way. It didn’t seem as though she were being flirtatious in a natural way, though Mia always had trouble contextualizing conversations in that regard. As someone still completely inexperienced both sexually and in the realm of relationships, she had no idea how to react, especially as her lower lip curled back into place.

        “I… I…”

        “Why not give her a Stygian?” Aster asked, still staring at a heavily-blushing Natalia. “On me.”

        The bartender stood up straight and Mia inhaled lungful of relief.

        “That’s a great idea, Aster. This’ll get her loosened up for sure.”

        Turning around, Mia watched as the bartender reached for a large, opaque, black bottle off of the counter. On the surface appeared to be a few blue letters written in some language composed of characters similar to lightning bolts or tree branches. The bartender pressed the top of the bottle and some elaborate, over-engineered mechanism seemed to open the cap on its own, exposing a sky blue mist. A fruity aroma with an aftertaste of almond filled Mia’s nostrils. Though she had never tried a “Stygian” before, she thought that it might not taste too bad. The bartender reached over to one of the drawers, taking out a martini glass.

        Mia’s eyes widened as she watched the liquid ooze from the bottle itself. The color of the drink was literally incomprehensible. As it poured into the glass, it almost didn’t seem to obey the laws of physics, as it didn’t cling to the side of the glass as a normal drink would. But the color… It wasn’t glowing. Its appearance was more reminiscent of the afterburn in your eyes after you stared at the sun for too long. The closest Mia could come to figuring out the shade was some form of a dark fluorescent blue. She had never seen anything like it, as if the drink itself were a hole in reality.

        As the drink was finally poured, the lid of the bottle closed with no input from the bartender. It just sat before Mia completely still. Neither matte, nor glossy, it reflected no light. “This is a… Stygian?”

        “Yup. Try it. Give it a sip.”

        Mia’s fingers shook as she reached for the stem of the martini glass. Raising the drink up to her lips, she watched the glass vibrate, but the liquid itself remained completely still. Natalia stared at her with a serious look on her face, almost glaring, as Mia tilted the liquid towards her mouth. Mia couldn’t help but wince, dreading how the drink would taste, despite its unique and not-unpleasant scent.

        The somewhat viscous fluid reached down to her open lips and came into contact with her tongue. As soon as the stygian blue liquid connected with her taste buds, every cell within Mia’s body flipped into some sort of ethereal trance. Just as she couldn’t comprehend this drink’s color, the taste was something that felt completely out of context. It wasn’t taste, it was as though she were drinking something that affected some sense of hers that she didn’t know she had. It was as though it were a divine tingle that lit up corners of her soul she had never shined light upon before. It wasn’t an orgasm, but it was another bodily reaction of similar intensity. Though, in Mia’s heart-of-hearts, she knew that it wasn’t necessarily a drug, either. It was just a flavor.

        She snapped back to reality in a blink. In her hand was a completely empty martini glass. The anxiety within her chest nearly melted away. Raising her eyebrows, she sighed and looked right into the bartender’s eyes. “That was fucking amazing.” Mia’s words left her lips with a new, profound intensity. “I want another. Please!” She turned towards Natalia, who still appeared to be in an uncomfortable trance. “Seriously, you gotta try one. It’s incredible. I swear!”

        Mia’s muscles, again, melted into a relaxation that she found uncanny. As the bartender placed two more Stygians in front of the two women, Aster interjected “I’ll have one, too! Don’t forget about me!”

        “You wanna drink them… together?” Natalia asked, her words barely creeping out of her mouth.

        Mia’s voice was loud and, in her own mind, becoming obnoxious. “No! I totally need to see your expression when you drink it! Please! Do it now! I wanna see!”

        “Well… alright.” Natalia lifted the thin martini glass up to her lips with little hesitation. As the “blue” fluid reached her mouth, she froze.

        Mia nearly gasped as she saw the complete stillness overtake Natalia’s body. It didn’t even look like Natalia was swallowing it, just absorbing it into the skin of her lips. The fruity odor still emanated off of Mia’s own glass as she beamed a smile at her friend.

        As the liquid gave way, Mia watched Natalia’s facial expression warp into something new. Her pupils dilated, her eyelids seemed to wrap around her eyes in a slightly different way.

        “You were so fucking right, Mia! I swear, that was fucking awesome!” Her voice was bright and excited. Blushing, they giggled into each other’s eyes and turned towards the bartender.

        “So, like, what is this fuckin’ place?” Natalia’s shoulders almost slumped, looking strange, as she was wearing a shoulderless red top that exposed her silky clear skin. Placing her elbow on the table, she almost swung the glass around. “Seriously. I swear, it is the strangest bar I have ever been to. What is it even called?”

        “It’s complicated,” Aster responded with an amused tone coloring her voice.

        Mia grinned as she watched Natalia turn towards Aster in her typical determined fashion. “What? What do you mean ‘It’s complicated?’ That makes no sense. This place has to have some kind of name, right?”

        “Well, we can tell you where it is, at least, right Aster?” The bartender stated.

        Aster rolled her eyes and downed the fluorescent dark blue drink as though it were mundane. Clinking the glass on the bar itself, she let out a short sigh. “I guess. It’s in a place called Pinkspace.”

        “I’ve never heard of a ‘Pink Space’ on Main Street North.” Natalia stated, an unusual heft coloring her voice.

        “No, this place is in Pinkspace.” The bartender responded, with an emphasis on the word “in,” as though it explained everything.

        Natalia and Mia turned to each other, each raising a different eyebrow.

        Shaking her head confusedly Natalia put her hand on her forehead as though she were trying to nurse a headache. “Wait. What?”

        The bartender shook her head. “See, Aster?” She scoffed. “How could this fresh meat even begin to imagine it?”
        “Fresh meat? Look. I swear, this place is, like, actually the weirdest place I’ve ever been in. You’re weird. Aster is weird. The fucking Amazon you have out at the front is weird.”


        “Sure. Anna. Whatever. Anna is weird. The vestibule was weird. The outside is weird. What’s going on? Seriously?” Natalia leaned against the top of the bar. “And what’s in that fucking drink?”


        “Don’t bullshit me, please!”

        The bartender put her hands up. “Whoa! Don’t get bitchy with me. What’s your name again?”

        “Natalia” she responded with a pronounced Italian accent.

        “Okay, Natalia” the bartender shot back, pronouncing her name in a mocking tone. “You have a stack of cards and-”

        “The stack of cards thing doesn’t work anymore.” Aster interrupted. “She fixed that, remember?”

        The bartender’s shoulders slumped. “Okay, so do you have a better way of putting it?”

        “No. Isn’t that the fucking point?” Aster almost seemed angry as she stood up and walked behind Mia and Natalia.

        Placing her arms around the two women in a “buddy-buddy” sort of way, Aster said “Look, do you two really want to know what’s going on here?”

        Mia turned to Natalia and their eyes locked. Natalia pursed her lips before spouting “Well, yah!”

        Tip-toeing backwards, Aster gripped their wrists and nearly pried them out of the chairs they were sitting in. “Come on, you two. It’s time to show you what we’re all about.”

        Mia’s chest still maintained the level of calmness levied when she consumed that strange drink. She approached this with more curiosity than anxiety. As she continued walking through the mysterious bar, or perhaps nightclub, she saw how the abstruse decorations all formed a fascinating synergy with each other. It wasn’t minimalist, it wasn’t maximalist, it was oddly tasteful for being so bold. In a strange way, as she felt Aster’s fingers grip her wrist, she thought that the aesthetic of the bar evoked the same feeling that the Stygian drink did. An alien familiarity.

        Walking over what appeared to be a dance floor, Mia saw how there was a strange, almost non-euclidean grid pattern under her feet. She almost lost her balance as she watched the patterns on the flat surface change with each step. Entranced by these ever-shifting shapes, Mia noticed that some parts of her mind were comprehending the ideas of what she was seeing while other parts remained ignorant. She knew she was seeing a series of floating squares with five right angles apiece, but she didn’t know how she knew.

        As the confusingly-patterned dance floor left from underneath her, she felt a small pang of grief. She suddenly missed the experience of the uncanny visual confusion.

        Craning her neck upwards, she saw exactly where Aster was leading them. The bathroom.

        Strangely enough, there was only one of them. “How progressive,” thought Mia, though she wondered how long of a line there must be if there’s only one restroom.

        As the door opened in the same smooth fashion as all the other doors in this building, both Mia and Natalia gasped. The first thought that sprung into Mia’s mind was that this must be some kind of infinity mirror illusion, but as she passed through the door itself, she realized that wasn’t the case. There was no illusion. It truly was a pink, spotless women’s bathroom that stretched off into what appeared like infinity. An endless series of private, wide toilet stalls facing an endless expanse of pink granite sinks.

        “This isn’t right. This is fucked up. This is insane.” Mia’s mind flipped into anxious panic as her delirious imagination fought to comprehend what it was she was seeing. An emotional and sensory overload gripped Mia’s chest. “I can’t do this. I wanna leave. I want to go.” She turned around and, almost in response to her panic, the door slammed shut with a resounding crack.

        Natalia and Mia both crashed into the chrome door with a harsh force. Mia’s mind turned into a dissonant panic as she pressed against the closed door, which didn’t merely seem locked, it felt as though it somehow became part of the wall. As if the door frame had bonded to the door’s edges, not even giving the hint of an escape. After several seconds of panicked thrashing, the two women turned to Aster, who simply leaned her round hips against the granite countertop with her arms crossed.

        The conflict between the finite door and the infinite expanse behind Aster sent Mia’s brain into near-spasms. An infinite expanse of space all led up to her and Natalia, as if it were an immense, invisible snake with Aster as its head.

        “What the fuck, Aster? Is this some fucking joke?” Natalia stood in front of Mia, as if to protect her. Mia saw Natalia’s straight, bobbed hair glint off of the strange, bulbed light fixtures hanging up above in a straight, infinite line. Holding her hands upwards and backwards, Natalia attempted to cover Mia in a shield-like pose. “Let us the fuck out of here right now!”

        As Aster made her first step towards them, Mia held her back against the door, but Natalia stayed firm. “Aster.” Natalia stated with aggressive emphasis. “Unlock the door. You are creeping me the fuck out.”

        Aster took another step as she raised her right hand. Both Natalia and Mia stared in awe as the pink ring on her finger began to emit a more noticeable glow, similar to that of the Stygian drink. Gritting through her teeth, Natalia growled “Aster.”

        A bright pink flash blinded both Natalia and Mia for several seconds. Mia pursed her lips incredibly hard, squeezing her teeth together so tightly she could feel them press up against each other. Blinking several times, she felt tears drip down her cheeks as her eyeballs restored some element of clarity. In the pink haze, she saw a lone dark figure begin to take shape in the middle.

        Natalia was gone.

        Mia’s mind was sent into a frenzy. She held herself up against the door, almost in an attempt to phase through it. All she wanted to do was get away from Aster, who had apparently made Natalia disappear without so much as a trace.

        Two lines of tears continuously drizzled down the side of her face, one from each eye; Mia’s mind was gripped in an extreme panic. Her heart was now beating so fast, it felt as though her sternum was about to break. Heat emanated from her chest. She couldn’t bring herself to even speak as she turned her head, but still maintained eye contact with Aster.

        “Do you wanna know what I did to your friend?” She asked, in an inquisitive, playful tone.

        Mia continued to breathe uncontrollably and deeply. Her fingers shook. A lump formed in her throat. She gasped several times.

        After lifting up her hand again, Mia put up her hands as if to shield herself. Widening her bloodshot eyes, she watched Aster’s slender fingers unravel, exposing a miniscule Natalia laying on her palm in the fetal position.

        Mia’s chest turned cold. Ice now pumped through her veins, sending lightning bolts of frigid agony pulsing into every crevice of her inner world. Watching Natalia crawl upwards, she noticed a beeping sound screeching from Aster’s hand. Still barely unable to comprehend the situation, she understood the noise to be that of Natalia’s horrified shrieks.

        Still feeling physically cold, Mia crossed her arms and covered herself, weeping silently. “Wh- what do you want?” She didn’t know what else to say. “Let… let us go.” Mia’s jaw was quivering so much that the words were chopped up before they even left her lips.

        “You’re going to do exactly what I want or you’re gonna end up like your little friend, here.”

        Mia winced, gritting her teeth, as Aster took several more steps towards her. Feeling the caress of the stranger’s empty hand against her own, goosebump-covered arm, she experienced the anxious sphere within her become stained with uncleanliness. A sensation of extreme violation. “Please don’t touch me.”

        Mia continued to hug herself tightly as she felt Aster step so close that the heat from her torso radiated on to her body. “No, please. Please.” Mia was nearly operating on instinct at this point, knowing there wasn’t anywhere to truly run.

        A brutal shockwave of intense disgust exploded at the very point that Aster’s wet, warm lips touched the base of Mia’s neck.

        “We’re gonna have a lot of fun, you little bitch.” Aster suckled on the soft, tender, sensitive skin below Mia’s left ear. Mia’s innards felt so twisted, it was as though they were being torn in a blender. In spite of the drunkenness, the delirious fear bursting throughout every atom of Mia’s body caused her to enter a state of inescapable dizziness. Aster’s warm saliva clung to her skin as she felt her earlobe being gently nibbled on. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up rigidly as the older woman whispered “Are you a virgin?”

        “Let me go. Please.” Mia whimpered as she pressed her knees together, feeling her thighs squeeze with an extreme force.

        Aster’s hand ran along Mia’s leg from her knee up to the hem of her shorts. As the woman reached her crotch, an electric frenzy echoed through every one of Mia’s nerves. Every impulse she had was screaming at her to flee. To get away. Though each of those thoughts was countered by the sick, trapped feeling of vulnerable helplessness. The conflict borne out by those two reflexes made Mia’s inner world a Hell that she could have otherwise never comprehended. The touch of Aster’s fingers over her jean shorts caused Mia to attempt to flee backwards even further, but the large, solid door did not even begin to budge.

        “This cunt ever catch a dick, bitch?” The grip of Aster’s fingers were so tight as they slid over Mia’s jeans and through her legs. It was as though each subtle motion was that of a taser sending shockwaves of supreme violation coursing through her.

        “Tell me. Tell me or I’ll kill your friend. I’ll make her choke to death up my snatch.” Aster kissed Mia’s ear lightly. “You want that?”

        “No…” Mia spluttered through tears. “I’m… I’m…” She couldn’t even say the word, it kept getting squashed in her throat through the choking force of her weeping.

        “You’re what, bitch?” She caressed the surface of Mia’s jeans directly over her vagina.

        “I’m a vir… I’m a virgin.” Mia was only able to eke out a whisper. There wasn’t any feeling that she wanted less than the forced, physical sexual stimulation she was receiving. She found herself losing control of her own mind. She wished, with all her might, to push Aster away, but she couldn’t bring herself to take the risk.

        “Oh, so I bet you still have a thick bush, then, you little prude.” As she felt the grasping fingers inch up her crotch, all Mia could whimper was “No. No. No.”

        “Yessss. We’re gonna have some fun.” Aster slipped her slender fingers under the front of Mia’s jeans. She felt like her own volition was irrelevant, as though her life was now Aster’s. The background radiation of Natalia’s screaming scratched into her very soul. In spite of the fact that she was now experiencing a stranger’s warm, probing fingers slip down under the waistband of her panties, she couldn’t help but feel the sting of empathy for Natalia.

        “Wow you’ve never even trimmed down here, whore.” Mia could feel Aster’s fingers slither and slide lower, to the point where the fleshy tips worked their way through her coiled pubic hair, coming into direct contact with her clitoris.

        Mia attempted to retreat within her own mind. To find that shell she once secured herself in to protect herself from even normal anxiety. But she couldn’t. She was forced to endure this torture at the hands of a complete stranger.

        “Wait until you see this part.” Aster whispered so closely to Mia’s ear that the gusts of humid breath caused her hair to stand on-end. Her breath smelled strongly of the fruity aroma of Stygian.

        In spite of her back being firmly against the wall, Mia felt her hair sliding against it. Noting that the entire back-end of her body was now grinding against the large, chrome door, Mia started openly sobbing as she realized what was happening. The dull glow of Aster’s pink ring was shining in a dull gloom. Mia’s jeans fell right to the ground as she felt the cloth canvas of her sneakers deflate against her shrinking feet.

        The only response she could hope to muster was crying even harder. She knew that she was going to end up like Natalia. Tiny and helpless, as opposed to her current situation: merely helpless.

        As her shirt began to wrinkle and fold over her, she felt Aster’s lips appear to almost grow in size as the kissing continued. The consistent caress of her fingers against her crotch forced her to grow wet. She was undeniably aroused, however that arousal pointed the same effect into her core as being stabbed. Every nerve in her brain was now bursting with terror.

        Mia  felt her panties finally fall down over her loose socks, she gasped as she felt Aster’s hand reach up for her head, grabbing her hair with a vicious tightness. “Aigh!” Mia screeched, biting her lip so hard that a metallic explosion of blood burst into her mouth. Now dripping the warm, red fluid from her mouth, she couldn’t help but cry as now, at about three feet tall or less, she found herself dragged by the hair down to one of the nearest bathroom stalls.

        “No! Please! P’too!” She spit out a mouthful of blood, spattering it on the door before her as she felt the smooth floor slip under her heels. With her entire lower body now nude, she felt an abrupt chill as Aster effortlessly ripped her black tee shirt right off of her head. Now completely naked, she still felt herself shrinking, inch by inch, as Aster dragged her behind the light pink door and slammed it behind her.

        Sitting on the toilet, Aster growled “We’re gonna get to know each other real well, cunt.” In a desperate, but knowingly futile attempt to escape, Mia lunged forward, succeeding only in smashing her forehead against the hard, plastic-like material of the door. Feeling herself become diminished as her bare feet slid along the cold floor, Mia couldn’t help but let out a loud, blood-curdling scream.

        Instead of weeping or openly crying, she found the internal energy to screech so loudly she burst a soreness into both her ears and her throat. “Help! Please! She’s gonna kill me! Please!” As Mia’s head was barely reaching over the toilet bowl, she felt her hair yanked backwards as a burst of pain ripped her into her new position.

        As her feet left the ground, a large patch of skin on her scalp burst in pain as she realized that she was being lifted up by her hair. “I think that’s enough shrinking for you right now, cunt.”

        While Aster sat on the toilet bowl, she reached down under her dress and hooked off a pair of panties down to her knees, letting them fall gracefully down near her feet.

        Despair setting in, a new form of bravery via desperation settled into Mia’s innards. She knew that there wasn’t anything else to do other than resist with her whole heart. Aster was obviously intent on hurting her somehow, so any sense of risk in this regard turned irrelevant. Kicking and thrashing, Mia let out a loud grunt as Aster literally flipped her upside-down and squeezed her head between her thighs.

        Now experiencing vertigo, Mia felt a burst of blood rush to her face. Spitting another mouthful into the clear water below, she couldn’t even watch it spread due to the darkness shadowed from above. Letting out another long, piercing scream, Mia could hear her own shout echo back at her from the curved dish of the bowl even through the muffling of Aster’s thighs. Unable to see what was going on above her, she knew that her eyes were facing the crotch of the older woman.

        Thoughts frantically buzzed through her mind. “What’s she gonna do? What’s she gonna d-”

        Mia’s eyes rolled back into her head. An essence of pain violated her soul. It felt like hot wax was being poured over her heart. Aster’s slick tongue slithering against her bare vagina nearly sent Mia into a seizure. Her consciousness now shattered, the sensation of the stranger’s weirdly hot tongue sliding against one of her most private areas caused the illusion of light to burst before Mia’s eyes. She had never even pictured herself ever being violated in such a manner, but if she had, she would have lacked the ability to comprehend the level of both internal and external agony she would be forced to endure.

        As the second lap of Aster’s tongue glided along Mia’s cunt, the small woman found herself to be making sounds she was unaware she was capable of. Agonized, gravelly shouts of stilted horror burst through Mia’s throat, feeling as though she had just swallowed several spheres covered in gritty sandpaper. In spite of this sensation, she couldn’t help but continue making these noises as Aster’s tongue continued to lap over Mia’s hairy pussy in a rhythmic fashion.

        “I think your cunt might be wet enough now.”

        A sudden silence.

        Still wanting to scream, the inability for Mia to truly hear what was going on above, given that Aster’s thighs were still pressing down hard against her ears, Mia grit her teeth. A strange shifting sensation indicated that the older woman’s arms were moving.

        In spite of the darkness, Mia’s vision nearly whited out. Penetration.

        Her body, her sacred space, was now being broken into by a squirming, panicking human body. Mia had never experienced the sensation of her vaginal canal stretching in such a way, causing her to reflexively buck her spine. It was as if her own brain were screaming at her in a brilliant fiery rage that whatever was lodged up her crotch shouldn’t be there.

        Natalia shouldn’t be there.

        Held upside down over a toilet bowl, she could feel Aster slam her best friend up her vagina far enough that the wet walls stretched for her. She could feel every poke, prod, writhe, grasp, and thrash. She could feel her friend’s screaming through the gentle, buzzing vibration of sound waves bubbling through her crotch fluid. She knew that every inch of her best friend’s body and skin were now slathered in her own intimate fluids.

        Even with the thighs squeezing her head, she could still hear the loud, wet “S’plp s’plp s’plp” noises of her friend being forced into her cunt. Unable to comprehend the terror that Natalia was now facing, she decided not to bother empathizing. Her pain was taking up all of her available mental space.

        Her own friend, her mentor that she’s known for years, was now being slid in and out of her crotch like a dildo. As this was happening, Mia could horrifyingly feel her breaths grow deeper and more passionate until she allowed herself to utter the unthinkable. She literally moaned in response to this shattering violation. She couldn’t help but experience raw, physical, unwanted pleasure from the arousing stimulation. “Aungh!” She moaned, the sound echoing back at her, as if to mock her. In response, Aster quickened the plunging rhythm of the shrunken woman into Mia’s vagina.

        “Aungh! Ungh! Ah! No! Ungh!” Mia couldn’t control what she felt, what she said, or what she did. Her own body felt as though it was being flayed. The complete loss of control now felt as though her crotch was being scorched. Each thrash she knew was one of Natalia’s desperate attempts to flee, or at least resist, the hot, wet chasm of her vagina.

        Mia could sense the physical internal thrashing within her soul. There was a very physical sensation both between her legs and deep within her chest. Screeching, tears poured from her eyes in a consistent stream that spilled into the water below. The salty fluid filling her sinuses imbued her with a drowning sensation, forcing her to feel the immense internal pain comparable to being waterboarded.

        A living, breathing human being was now experiencing supreme horror because of her body. The agony and guilt of this fact, that her body was being used as a living torture chamber, led Mia to contort her face into twisted, pained expressions. She pulled her jaw back so much, her ears cracked. The blood from her split lip poured out in an oozing syrup. Her senses were beginning to take on a false numbness. An overwhelmed sensation that was synonymous with complete overload. She couldn’t comprehend feeling more than she was.

        Natalia’s body continued to be lodged in and out of her vagina. Aster would plunge the tiny, squirming woman in halfway, out a quarter, and then slam her in again up to her ankles. From Mia’s perspective, she was still astounded that her friend didn’t either pass out or die.

        The concept of her own mortality wasn’t something that Mia had truly thought about before, but as her vagina experienced the tearing, yet viciously pleasurable sensation of unwanted contact, she wanted to embrace it. Squirming with each new poke or prod, she felt her own heartbeat shatter under her chest as Aster grew still for several seconds. The juxtaposition between Natalia’s struggles and Aster’s stillness forced a chill of fear to grow within Mia. She knew this wasn’t over. The agony of constant penetration was amplified given the wait.

        Light sucking sounds echoed from above. Each second she spent still, agonizing with her face still hovering over the toilet bowl itself, caused her to grit her teeth harder and harder until she heard a strange squishing sound. She had no idea that she was sinking her teeth into the front-left corner of her tongue. The stinging that should be otherwise apparent felt completely subdued in the comparison of the other physical, bodily suffering she was enduring.
        Her eyes widened as she gagged. One of Aster’s slender fingers pressed down right in the center of Mia’s anus.

        “Oh no! Oh God, no!” Mia thought as the numbness washed away from her body, quickly replaced with a brutal sensitivity to all physical sensations. The finger pressed down lightly and Mia screamed a gravelly, tear-tinged, guttural cry. The immense finger, feeling like a solid steel rod, effortlessly expanded Mia’s anal ring, causing the digit to lodge itself into her rectum up to the first knuckle. Knowing how big she was, she surmised in her panic and anguish-ridden mind that it must be Aster’s pinky.

        Another press downward and Mia experienced the most brutal, corporeal sensation that she ever had in her entire life. Her entire backside felt so tense that it could burst. Her legs felt even more split apart. It didn’t simply feel like being stabbed, it felt as though thousands of knives were all stabbing her rectum at the same time and digging into her flesh deeper and deeper with each of Aster’s subtle movements.

Her heart beat rapidly, feeling her pulse mostly in her expanded, fleshy sack that was now wrapped around Aster’s pinky finger. Aster, pulling her finger out halfway, promptly slammed her pinky in as far as she could up Mia’s behind.

Mia couldn’t even recognize the sounds she was emitting as human. Warped, delirious shouts of panicked, animalistic fear continued to pound through her as she felt several different types of transcendent pain in a rhythmic pattern. As Aster pulled her finger out, the sensation of her rectal flesh spilling back into place caused her a bruising, electric suffering. As the finger plunged back in, it reverted to an explosive, tingling, splitting burst of agony. Over and over and over again. With each plunge forward, the all-encompassing pain increased. The pain of her anus’s expansion took so much mental energy that she didn’t even realize how quickly Natalia was now being plunged in and out of her.

Doubly penetrated, the loosening of the flesh between her legs became much more apparent as the minutes went on. As Aster plunged her finger into her asshole, she slipped Natalia out of her vagina, and vice versa. Each time one penetrated her, the other slipped out, making two distinct wet, slapping sounds. Not even in control of her own voice, she knew that with each blast, her screams disjointed.

Her voice in maximum volume and pitch constantly, she found herself unable to make a sound whenever the finger peaked in its reach. “AIIIY-ungh-AIIIY-ungh-AIIY-ungh!” Mia had no idea where she was even breathing. She appeared to exist in some state outside of time, where her existence was so eternal that any semblance of waiting for it to be over was irrelevant. So broken, in her mind she had always been in this position and always would be. Scars were made, healed, and then split open again in fractions of a second. The finger would slip out and her squirming friend would slip in. Over and over again.

Mia jumped in shock as the movement abruptly stopped, coinciding with the familiar sound of the door opening.

“Help! Please! Help me! AiiiIIIIIiiigh! Help!” Mia screamed, knowing that there was someone else in the room and that, though the chance was extremely low, they might be able to free her from her captor.

A woman’s voice echoed from the front end of the bathroom. “Hey, Aster.” It was the bartender. “Having fun in there?”

“Yeah, I told you these ones were gonna be great.” Aster responded, playfully.

It was the first time Mia had heard Aster’s voice since she had been penetrated. Delirious in toxic horror, the woman’s voice from above painted the same tone in her core as a demon would. Not the sweet voice of a woman, instead the harsh, evil-sounding growl of a true monster. Each word she uttered felt as though it were drawn out specifically to torture her.

“Okay! Just checking in! Have a good time!” The bartender replied.

“Thanks!” Aster’s voice boomed from above.

The door closed and Mia felt a sense of abandonment unlike anything she had ever felt. She was being locked in this room with a beast who was literally tearing her up from the inside out. The very word “Thanks!” echoed in her mind as the finger continued its plunging within her guts. It repeated within her brain, bouncing off the insides of her skull with each time the finger reached its zenith. Aster’s voice repeatedly saying “Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!” over again distorted Mia’s inner thought patterns that she even found herself verbally copying it. Spraying her mouth-blood over the inside of the toilet, she screamed “Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Ungh- Thanks!” as Aster’s finger continued to fuck her.

Though the finger only slid up into her rectum, she felt the piercing sensation reach all the way up to her chest. Her heart was being prodded with the stranger’s finger. As if her very body was being ransacked for the pleasure of another person.

Flickering between numbness and profound sensitivity, Mia’s olfactory system appeared to go into overdrive. The toilet below was phenomenally clean: no hint of any scent other than pure water, which made the other odor she was clearly smelling all the more intense. That of Aster’s clearly wet vagina. Still unable to see it given how harshly her head was being squeezed, she was forced to deal with its existence given how clearly she could smell it.

The fact that this torture aroused her captor forced another emotion to enter into her internal cocktail: rage. Rage at the fact that some stranger could be so sick as to kidnap her and her friend for something as mundane as her own sexual pleasure. Why was she doing this? Was this the purpose of this bizarre building? To force people to endure this kind of anguish? The bartender didn’t even seem to care! As if this was some kind of normal thing for them! The concert of competing thoughts were a sublime reprieve in comparison to her previous focus on the brutality of the incessant penetration.

Instead of being subsumed with the obsession over the physicality of the finger slipping in and out of her, Mia instead focused on her emotional state. Fleeing her inner world, she felt as though she were cocooned in a fortress of pain. Swimming in it. Within this spherical Hell, she focused on Aster. How her soft thighs felt against her head, how she spoke, how easily she found Natalia in the bar just an hour or so ago. How quickly she literally ruined her life. How could her best friend be so fucking stupid as to trust this person? How could she be so naive as to not trust her gut as to something not being right? Now she was likely never going to leave this wretched place. She was going to die in some inhuman, perverse manner and it was all the fault of the witch who had tricked both her and her friend.

Hatred stained her innards to the point that reality shifted from Mia’s perspective. She felt as though she were physically spinning in spite of being held tightly. Floating in some kind of space without any dimensionality or time. Each time the finger thrust its way downward, she saw a flash of pink. The same shade of pink as the neon lights from the front of the building. The same shade of pink as Aster’s ring.

As the thrusting continued, so did the tension building within Mia’s body. Her inner world of misery became more navigable as she found the element of forced sexual pleasure accumulating within her. Her screaming turned into moans bursting from her chest in explosions of blood spray. The physical sensation itself felt as though there were waves of arousal crashing through her agonized state like a wave dropped through a still pond. Each time the finger thrust into her, her buttocks were slammed by Astrid’s knuckle as Natalia continued to writhe, scream, and thrash in her pussy. “Aungh! Thanks! Ungh!

The sensation continued to build in her crotch until the pleasure became completely undeniable. A gushing of serotonin flushed through her brain as the sphere of arousal burst beyond her ability to feel. The waves turned into a quaking, chemically-induced shiver that fluttered her body into a relentless pulse.

        As she rolled her eyes back into her head and made a deep, nasally sound, she didn’t even realize she was being thrown into an orgasm. Her intestines felt as though they were swirling in a pain-induced bath of ecstasy. It was as though her skin were covered in zippers that were being torn open at the seams, exposing her raw insides. Her emotional state was reminiscent of the point on the road that a screeching, burning tire makes a split second before a car crash. Bubbly mucus mixed with the blood in her mouth and poured out the corner in a slow, viscous, pink stream. Breathing slowly, she didn’t care if any saliva slipped into her sinuses.

        Aster slipped Natalia from Mia’s cunt as she released the harsh grip of her thighs. Mia slumped in between the loosened legs. A bolt of chest pain slipped through her lower torso a half-second before her face would have come into contact with the cold, still toilet water. She did not react as she felt Aster’s harsh grip over her calf. Emotionally drained, Mia fell limp. Laid down across the woman’s lap like a dead fish, her emotional exhaustion overwhelmed any desire to resist. Or breathe. Her chest subtly rising was the only indication that she was still alive.

“Look, bitch.” The calm voice stated from above. Mia didn’t move.

A loud sigh echoed from above. “I said look!” Aster’s voice caused her to jump in near-terror as a tremendous fist punched the side of the toilet stall. The scorching rage of her kidnapper was palpable. Craning her neck upward, each minor contraction of her muscles felt as though each one were bursting off a tiny firework.

Using what remained of her energy to lift her head upwards, she felt as though she were on some kind of luge. Her lower face covered in a glistening layer of saliva and blood, her expression sagged so much she could feel the weight of her own cheeks drag her skin down. Her eyes, sore from crying, drooped downwards, losing their clarity.

Her jaw quivering, Mia didn’t experience any novel emotion as she watched her friend, still soaked in her intimate fluids, lifted up into the air. Seeming to be as limp and as powerless as her own self, she found herself finally able to empathize genuinely. She felt violated, sexually exhausted, vulnerable, and inundated with an alien disgust. Mia knew Natalia felt the same way as she saw her juice-soaked hair drip a thick stream of hot slime.

“This is gonna be, like, so gross. I swear.” Aster lifted Natalia over her head, holding her by her ankle. Mia couldn’t do anything but watch as the older woman’s curly, strawberry blonde hair lowered down her back as she exposed her long, slender neck.

Mia, through the ironic tempest of her overwhelming internal numbness, visualized a knife slipping its sharp edge through Aster’s throat and spilling her lifeblood. She wished she could drain her of her vital essence, robbing her of her life just as she had just been robbed of her humanity. Of her very sense of self.

Her left eyelid twitched so harshly it was as if she were watching through an old movie screen. The flickering was so quick that it was as though she were still under the street lamps she passed on the way here. Though it was deeper than that. Her eye was twitching, but it was almost as if her consciousness itself was rapidly blinking in and out.

She watched the skin under Aster’s jaw warp. Her lips parted. Her tongue slithered out of her mouth. Mia understood what was going on. Natalia was going to die.

Her chest rose and fell at a more rapid, pronounced rate as her “self” began fading back into form. Staring upwards at the tremendous woman as her hand lowered the tiny, limp Natalia, Mia couldn’t help but be slightly envious of her. She knew what the end of this situation would be. She would be the one abandoning Mia to this awful woman. Natalia was simply being mercifully shown the way out: an escape.

        The very second that Natalia’s miniscule hands came into contact with Aster’s tongue, Mia felt a shadow appear directly over her head. A bizarre twisting sensation tingled within every atom of her form, giving her the effect that she was being so thoroughly watched that even her insides were under extreme scrutiny.

        Upon turning her head in the direction of the shadow, she saw a pair of glossy, galactic spheres floating just a foot above her head. A deathly stillness to them, she could see a cosmic swirling pattern within them that appeared to reach infinitely within. Mia could not react appropriately to this abrupt appearance, she just stared at the countless, infinitesimally small specks of glittery light flowing just under the glass-like surface of the floating spheres. A sense of dread gripped her chest as she understood exactly what she was staring at: two eyes, endlessly watching. Was she hallucinating?

        Aster lowered her head into a neutral position. The abrupt appearance of the spheres appeared to be completely expected and unsurprising to her kidnapper.

        “Oh, so you wanna watch?” Aster said to the eyes, curiously. Rolling her own eyes, Aster mused “Well, I guess if you’re here now, you were probably watching the whole time.”

        “I, LIKE, TOTALLY WAS.”

Internal. External. This voice was forever and never. Mia was nearly overwhelmed by new, uncomfortable sensations within the past hour, but this sensation was beyond the pale. An obviously feminine, high-pitched “sound” that she both heard, thought, and remembered. The very act of listening to it conferred the same feeling as reminiscing upon an ancient memory. As if she were told that she was going to hear that voice before she was born and only now being reminded of that fact. Today she had seen five-cornered squares, impossible colors, and shrunken down to far less than half her size, and yet experiencing those words were by far the most overpowering sensation she felt thus far.

Aster sighed as the spheres lifted up to her face, both of which were roughly the size of baseballs. Looking into the pair of uncanny eyes longingly, Aster grinned, as if she were hiding some sort of inside joke. “I love you.”


Mia gasped. The sensations were nearly completely different this time, as if her normal emotions were replaced by subtle feelings amplified to unique extremes she had never even considered. As if the very tinge of “Sadness” were replaced by the emotion associated with losing an argument, but thinking of a comeback well after the fact. Stuck in that layered world of thought buried in feeling, which was buried under her subconscious. Her finest grains of her ego appeared to be mixing with her surface-level personality in her brain’s attempt to comprehend the infinite depth that she was now just grazing the surface of.

Aster smiled as she unceremoniously placed Natalia on her tongue, leading Mia’s vaginal fluids to mingle with a thin layer of saliva. “Aaaaah!” She mockingly reached her tongue out as far as she could, Natalia’s limp body appearing to stare at the spheres of extraordinary depth.

In a flash, Aster dragged her tongue back into her mouth, sealing Natalia behind her pink lips. Mia’s jaw dropped as she saw a small, poking, prodding mass bubble up under Aster’s thin cheeks. “Ho’hd oh’n” Aster stated with her mouth full, putting her finger up, as if to signal the spheres to wait. Using the same hand, the older woman covered her throat in a strangely sensual gesture before Mia’s soul was fractured by a low, resonating gulp.

Tinnitus immediately blasted through Mia’s ears as her vision blurred. A tiny lump, surely Natalia’s thrashing, writhing body, slipped down Aster’s throat. She had swallowed her best friend both whole and alive, dooming her to a death so vile she couldn’t even imagine it. When Natalia was first raised over Aster’s mouth, Mia thought that her life would be snuffed out by a quick crack of her teeth. To be pulverized into immediate darkness. Following the trail of Natalia’s tiny form down behind Aster’s chest, Mia was forced to imagine the very nature of being dominated by someone else’s anatomy.

Aster let out a long, drawn-out breath. Her shoulders slumped as her eyelids lowered down halfway. Facing the two motionless spheres, Aster cocked her head to the side to an almost imperceptible degree. “How was that?”

Both eyes disappeared in a flash so instantaneous that Mia’s initial internal reaction was to question if they were ever there at all.

Aster lowered her head and continued the same grin. Rubbing her belly, Mia saw her strange clothes glimmer under the fluorescent-like light from above. The material looked almost like satin or silk, but bunched up in a completely inconsistent manner from either. Everything was far too new, too unfamiliar to contextualize. Even the empty, buzzing, agonized feeling still scorching between her legs was too much to even think about. The tinnitus still rang strong within Mia’s mind, the sound so loud it nearly translated into a physical, vibratory visual effect.

Every sense muffled from the inside, felt the blurry haze develop a pink-ish tone to it. It faded in and out like some kind of internal alarm. Staring into her captor’s eyes, she noticed her irises change. A swirling depth that led to such an intense blackness, Mia could nearly feel herself fall into it. Her own mind screamed at her that, if she did fall, it would be for eternity. A relentless finality.

The pink pulsing grew more intense as it spilled over her entire field of vision. Relentless flashes of deep, overwhelming pink punctured by two swirling black holes.

Aster closed her eyes. Mia let herself fall.


        A thin consciousness let Mia know she was still alive. Disappointment. As a blur faded into her field of vision, Mia’s mind allowed her to figure out that she was in a much different place from where was. It felt almost as though she were teleported as she felt her arms and legs both spread out to their maximum width. Looking up as her sight regained some level of clarity, she caught sight of her long, slender arms both tied to what looked like thin, black bars that stretched up and over in a dome formation. Staring downwards, she saw the same treatment had been given to her ankles. Suspended just inches from the floor of this enclosure, Mia blinked several times before giving a small pulse of resistance to her bonds. They did not budge. She was hanging in an X-formation within some type of birdcage, beyond which seemed to be a bright field of deep pink.

        Craning her neck in several directions, she attempted to scan as much of her environment as she possibly could, given her circumstances. A round floor with a small hut-like object on the side opposite to her. Some kind of living quarters. The area outside the cage appeared nearly endless, like the blackness of space, only with the unique color she had grown familiar with. Her heart slowly pounding, she let her head slump downwards, allowing her hair to fall against both sides of her face.

        Still completely naked, she had no idea if she had been shrunk further, but in her soul she felt smaller. Letting herself slump as hard as possible, she still felt a pulsing agony where she had been penetrated. Fighting her recent memories, she couldn’t help but continue to feel Aster’s finger plunge into her backside in spite of that happening long ago. Her chest ached, her eyes felt sunken.

        Losing any will to even care about cleanliness, in her despair she let her bladder loose, spilling a long stream of urine down the inside of her leg. The familiar warmth of her own body allowed her some measure of comfort, plus the fact that it was a  function that she felt as though she had control over. Letting the stream drip free, she was reminded of her own vitality, of some semblance of independence.

        Waiting, she looked up towards the small, white, hut-like object. Rectangular, looking like it was made of some kind of felt, with a square “window” haphazardly cut from the front, Mia wondered if that was to be her new home.

        As the minutes passed, she looked at what was scattered over the white, flat floor. Miniaturized blankets, some pillows, what looked like a heavily-used bean bag chair, and, oddly enough, an empty robe of some kind.

        All Mia could do was wait as she continued to face the demons that infected her mind. Finally “given” the space to comprehend what happened to her, she couldn’t help but let a few tears loose. Her heart felt as though it were being dragged over shards of broken glass. Each second she spent thinking of Natalia was one of intense emotional torture. She still maintained little control over her emotional world. Trying to think of Natalia, how she’d be able to stick by her during parties, how she’d protect her from creeps, how she’d give her emotional support during undergrad while she was busy trying to get into a PhD program.

        And how all of that ground to a halt inside the stomach of some woman they had just met tonight. Or last night. Mia had completely lost track of time. For all she knew, it could be days later, but her relative lack of hunger signified that not too much time had passed. Instinctively wishing to cover her bare breasts, the inability to move her own arms appeared to be but an inconvenience in the face of the rest of her stains.

        Even still, everything was unfamiliar, including that of the sounds of her own body. Through crying, her eyes felt sore and somewhat dry. Her throat felt scratchy, her breathing sounded wrong, her heartbeat had a concerning spike of pain each time it pulsed. Each time she moved her tongue, she could feel the stinging agony from where she sliced into it with her premolars. Tasting nothing but blood, she pondered whether or not she should be happy to still be breathing.

        In spite of the flashes of both Natalia’s life and her recent penetration, Mia figured that, in any case, she wished to face whatever future that was borne out for her. There was no use in hiding or postponing the inevitable. If she screamed, she knew that she was, at the very least, encouraging this situation to move forward.

        “Help! Is-” She coughed. Her vocal cords were much more fried than she had anticipated, feeling as though someone had ground them down with a cheese grater. She didn’t even recognize her own voice, it sounded low, raspy, and whimpering.

        Lifting her head up, she looked beyond the bars and found that, in spite of the room’s pinkness, she could make out some hazy shapes in the distance. A confused tang of realignment spilled withing her as she realized what, physically, was going on outside this bird cage. It, somehow, was quite dark outside her enclosure, but instead of darkness being represented by blackness, it was somehow represented by pinkness. Light itself did not follow typical rules in whatever space she was in right now. This Pinkspace.

        “Aster!” She had no idea why she had called for her captor when just “help” would do, but the sickening, forced familiarity she had with her brought her to the forefront of her mind. “Hey!” Each word she managed to eke out was a pained sacrifice. Electric fury pained through her system every single time she allowed air to pass through her throat. “Let me the fuck out!” Now feeling a desire to cause herself agony, as a deep thought connected it with slipping closer to death, Mia simply let out a long, uninterrupted scream. “Aiiiiiiiiiyeeeee! Get me the fuck out of here! Please! Aster, you bitch! Aster! Fuck you!”

        Now struggling in a panic, Mia attempted to fray the bonds, but they seemed to be made from some sort of thick, unbending gel. Infuriatingly, it was pink as well. “Fuck! Aiiiiii-”

        A stirring came from within the hut before her. Her eyes widened and her heart felt as though it had sunk into her chest. She was not alone. A dark shadow passed through the open window.

        Mia felt her breathing slow down to a near halt as she saw the feminine figure leave through the front door, cloaked in a piece of fabric so dark it appeared to absorb any light around it. The intense pitch blackness of the robe prevented Mia from discerning anything shapely about it. Whoever was underneath that cloak, they were approaching her with a slow, steady grace. As if floating on a cloud.

        The hooded figure craned her head upwards to view Mia’s naked, spread body. As the figure stood before Mia, she slouched her shoulders and let the robe fall to the ground, making her seem as though she were standing over an open void. Mia couldn’t prevent herself from squinting her eyes as she saw the woman’s paper-pale skin stand out from the rest of the mundane objects scattered around the floor of the cage.

        Mia winced. She was disgusting. Though she had a somewhat attractive face, her greasy skin, near-matted black hair, piercing black eyes, and too-skinny figure all combined to make her appear ghoulish. Smelling the air, she noticed a haze of body odor surrounding this woman like a cloud. There was no shower in that little felt house.

        Making eye contact with her for several seconds, Mia noticed that her hips were being held at the same level as this woman’s chest. A tense silence came between them.

        Mia, feeling her heart beating more quickly in response to this woman’s uncanny quietness, wanted to eke out something to say, but she couldn’t figure out what. Gasping a number of times, a pained expression on her face, Mia pursed her lips, feeling the electric sting where she bit her flesh. Partly healed and no longer bleeding, the metallic taste was still extremely apparent.

        Having no idea who this person was, she was conflicted. Was she yet another victim of the woman who kidnapped her? Was Aster still in control? Was that whose cage she was in? Should she start asking all of these questions? Her mind was in a flurry, at once wanting to stay silent while at the same time wanting to figure out who this person was and why they were trapped together.

        “I… uh” Mia stammered. “Can you get me down? Where’s… where’s Aster?”

        The woman’s voice responded in an immediate, frenetic tone. “Get her name!” She raised her arm. “The fuck!” She plunged three fingers sharply up Mia’s vagina as hard as she could, enough for her fourth knuckle to slap against the underside of her hip bone. “Out of your mouth!”

        Mia screeched. The vile sense of being split open had yet again jolted fiery rays of agony throughout her entire body. The stranger’s fingers all spread out her pussy far more than Natalia ever did. Experiencing her vagina warp back into shape as her digits slid from her crotch, Mia allowed a few tears to drip from her cheeks as she stared downward.

        “I…” Mia gasped, attempting to comprehend the situation.

        Mia grit her teeth again as she watched the other woman caress her thighs and stare directly at her most intimate areas. She wanted to cover up, to run away, but she was forced to endure this woman gazing intently at her crotch. Knowing she would be forced to endure some sort of prolonged sexual torture again, Mia attempted to slow her breathing and mentally prepare for the imminent assault. Attempting to steel herself, she watched the woman suck her juices off of her fingers as though they were some kind of residue leftover after some kind of snack.

        “You taste so fucking good. Are you, like, a vegetarian or something?”

        Mia knew to tell her the truth. “Y… yes.”

        “I can tell. Vegetarians always have the freshest pussy.”

        A chill slid up her spine, starting from the bottom, to the top, then back to the bottom as the woman’s fingers slid through the coils of her pubic hair. “And unshaved, too. Our mistress must have loved that.”

        Mia knew now to keep from screaming. All she could do was wince as she felt her pubic hair played with by this stranger. Feeling her ankles grabbed, she found that she fell down effortlessly as the pink gel that bound her to the cage left her instantaneously.

        Almost magnetically, the gel bands on both her ankles and wrists slammed together as soon as they left contact with the cage itself. She couldn’t help but continue experiencing this helplessness as, yet again, she found her bonds far too tight to be freed from. Pushed to the ground by this woman, now in a prone position, she felt the woman’s body land on top of her back. Her bare, sticky breasts slid against her naked skin as she felt a light kissing below her ear. The stranger’s heartbeat quickened, as did Mia’s.

        “I don’t even know what I should do with you, bitch.” The woman whispered so closely to her ear that she could smell her rank breath puff over the side of her face. “Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

        Mia whimpered as she felt the woman’s fingers slide over her sensitive, loose anus, still pounding in relentless pain. “Holy shit.” The woman whispered. “Our mistress really stretched you out, huh?” The sensation of strange fingers prodding around between her legs didn’t become any easier to bear.

        “Stop. Please.” Her voice was nothing but a raspy whimper at this point. There was nothing she could do to convince this woman to stop.

        As she felt a few fingers slither up into her, Mia slumped. “I’m gonna thank her for bringing me someone so fucking hot this time. Ungh.” Mia felt her wetness smear onto the stranger’s fingers as she obviously used it to lubricate her own vagina. “Your juice feels fucking great. Ungh. It’s so… ahhh.” She swirled a finger over her own clitoris, made wet by Mia’s pussy.

        Abruptly, the pinkness surrounding the cage disappeared with a low click. In an instant, the environment turned from a nearly flat, pink field into a rather normal-looking woman’s bedroom. Obviously on a nightstand, she could spot a queen-sized bed, a dresser drawer decorated with a few carnations in a vase, and a large television hung from the wall opposite the bed. Walking through an immense doorway was Aster, wearing the same exact outfit she met her with.

        “Oh, you found your little treat!” Aster said as the stranger rolled off of Mia. Still prone, still bound, Mia slumped into the hard ground. Completely defeated, and still the property of Aster, she knew that there was no reason to resist. Her fate was sealed. Whatever this woman decided would be done with her would happen. “You like her?”

        “Yes, mistress! She tastes fucking amazing!” Mia grunted as the woman leaned forward, leaving a trail of hot saliva across the side of her back. Sparkles of nerve impulses still forced sensitivity into Mia, no matter how numbed-out she wished to get.

        With her eyes still on Aster, Mia put her head down as she watched her undo the strange dress she had on, watching it fall to the ground, just as the stranger’s cloak did just moments ago. Before her was a tremendous, naked woman. Her breasts looked like saggy mountains. Though her face still looked young, there were parts of her body that were beginning to betray her age. As she crawled on the bed, Mia just squinted. Not even having the energy to feel anything, she recognized the position that Aster was falling into as she pointed her knees upwards while putting her hand over her crotch. As the swirling began, the sound of one of Aster’s sexual moans cracked Mia into an enraged meltdown.

        “Fuck you Aster! Fuck you! Fuck this fucking bitch! Fuck you!” Mia squirmed, never having been more enraged in her life.

        “Sleep!” Aster exclaimed.

        Mia crawled a few feet, dragged by her bonds. “No, I will not sleep! Fuck you! Let me out of here! I want to go home! Fuck you!”

        “No, you fucking moron. Sleep is your new owner. You’re right next to her.”

        Turning her head towards the woman, whose name was apparently Sleep, Mia stared, her heart twisting in another form of confusion. “No! What the fuck kind of name is Sleep? God fucking damn it!” Mia curved her legs and thrust her feet in Sleep’s general direction, literally crashing her soles into the area directly under her sternum.

        Sleep gasped for breath as she clenched her stomach. Mia felt a pang of pride.

        “No! My baby! Sleepy, my girl!” Aster whined, almost in a fake-concerned tone of voice. “You’re gonna fucking pay for that shit, bitch.”

        Mia couldn’t help but giggle. “Fuck you, Aster! Fuck you, Sleep!” She thrust her knees towards Sleep yet again, knowing full well she wouldn’t be able to reach her. In spite of this, the little act of resistance felt good. “Fuck you! Fuck Stygian! Fuck Pinkspace! Fuck this cage!” Each time she shouted, she bucked her back and slammed the back of her head against the floor. Finding a newfound strength from within, Mia pressed her palms down on the ground as Sleep was still gasping for breath and, surprisingly, managed to stand.

        Mia stood on her own two feet for the first time since she was dragged into the toilet stall by her hair. Hopping like some sort of mobile jack-in-the-box, she found herself so close to the black-haired woman that she knew she couldn’t forsake this one last chance to choose her own fate. Her chest pounding in furious pride, she balled both of her hands into fists, lifted them far above her head, and slammed them down as hard as she could right into the back of Sleep’s neck. “Fuck you!” Her throat was scorched, but she didn’t care. The woman before her had collapsed down on the ground like a sack of potatoes.

        Falling on her knees, Mia let adrenaline take control as she lifted her bound hands up and down over and over again. In a rhythmic fashion. Pounding away at Sleep’s skull, her back, her shoulders, and, once she turned it, her face. “Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!” Mia screeched.

        “I swear!” She lifted her hands again before pounding them down as hard as she could on the collapsed woman before her. “Die!” She swung her arms to the left as far as they went before blasting them back right against Sleep’s lips like a pendulum. Seeing a line of blood splatter through the air sent another pulse of pride through her veins. “You’re disgusting!” Thinking of Natalia, she threw her hands at Sleep’s face yet again after she bounced forward several times, feeling Sleep’s eye squish against one of her knuckles.

        Standing over the disgusting, greasy, nude woman as she was crumpled up in a ball, holding her eye while still gasping for breath, Mia built up a large, bubbly mass of mucus-tinged spit and hocked it at her. Never before had she felt such justifiable rage. She truly wanted to kill this person. “You know what? You’re fucking done!”

        Falling on her knees, Mia lost all control of her emotions. Now viewing the world in a shade of crimson, she couldn’t even feel the pain in her wrists as she pounded upon Sleep’s face over and over again. She didn’t know if the soft, crunching vibrations were from her hands or the other woman’s face, but she didn’t care. “Die! Die! Die! Die!” Each time Mia lifted her hands upward, she saw Sleep’s face grow more fucked up. Blood covered her teeth and seeped from her nose.

        “Okay! Okay! Enough!” Aster shouted.

        Mia turned backwards, her eyes bloodshot, her eyebrows twisted with fury. “Oh, fuck you, you old fucking psycho!”

  Her chest still pounded with her righteous anger as Aster lifted up her pink ring. “You wanna shrink me, fucking do it! Fuck you!” Finding her footing, she stood up in as erect a posture as she should and stared right into Aster’s eyes as the glow of the ring itself began to grow.

“I’m right here, you raggedy bitch!” Mia shouted as she hopped as close to the bars as she could. Sticking her face between two of them, feeling the metal hug against her cheeks, she looked up at the naked Aster and screamed “Don’t fucking miss!”

The familiar pinkness surrounded her and, in a blink, she found herself in a new environment. Blinking a few times, she found that her bindings were completely gone. Standing up without much effort, she saw the familiar sights of the bottom of the birdcage, as well as Sleep still curled up, tending her wounds, looking like a distant mountain range.

Though she knew she was completely fucked, she still felt the relentless defiance pump through her.

“Eat her, Sleep.”

Sleep coughed up a mouthful of blood shortly before trying to inhale through a clogged, possibly broken nose. “O’gay mis’dress” Sleep responded as she got on her hands and knees, blood still oozing from her orificies.

Mia bust out laughing. This freak was such a fucking mess. Two black eyes, a red streak across the bridge of her nose, rosy cheeks, and blood smeared all over her lips and chin. Landing on her ass, Mia continued giggling relentlessly. This was how she was going to die. It was so patently ridiculous, and she was so emotionally exhausted, that she felt more glee than fear at this disgusting prospect. Being swallowed whole by some gimp-like sex slave while being held in some alternate dimension, or something.

Raising her hands as if she were trying to wave down a taxi, Mia shouted “I’m right here, bitch! You hungry? I’m right fucking here!”

As the woman loomed closer, Mia couldn’t deny that the sheer size of her was beyond threatening, but the sensation of being able to best her just moments before softened the blow. Sleep’s immense fingers reached down for her and lifted her well off the ground. She continued giggling as she was able to scrutinize the damage she caused her. “I really fucking kicked her ass. I could have killed her if I had a few more minutes.” She thought as she watched the woman’s lips part.

Within her dark, wet, cavernous mouth was a sea of saliva and blood. Clusters of bubbles littered the scum-covered platform of Sleep’s tongue. “I didn’t dislodge any teeth. Whatever.” Mia continued to muse as she found herself held closer to the stranger’s open mouth. Smelling the metallic, almost salty flavor of blood inundating the humid mist, Mia felt ironically powerful. Though she wasn’t able to avoid her fate, she found it satisfying that at least she was able to control one thing about it. She put up a fight, just as Natalia would have done.

Coming into contact with Sleep’s tongue, Mia sighed. Though the soft taste buds were violating, especially as the lips sealed her in darkness, she embraced the fact that the end was near. Squeezing her eyes shut, she found herself tasting Sleep’s blood mix with her own within her mouth. The flavor was revolting, but Mia was intent to keep herself from being stained any further.

The flesh writhed and warped around her as the tongue below cradled her. A hot, slick pool of saliva built under Mia’s body as she crossed her arms over her chest like an Egyptian mummy. Gritting her teeth, she felt an abrupt warping of the hot chamber around her as she passed through the arch of Sleep’s throat with a thick wad of blood-tinged spit.

Suppressing an undeniable fear, she still felt a measure of internal glee as she sensed how quickly and how hard Sleep’s heart was beating. As the heat from her body pulsed against her, the wet tube slithering over her naked body, she could tell that her future killer was completely pissed. Humiliated before her mistress.

Gritting her teeth, she found herself stopping at the stomach’s entrance, a tight ring of flesh composed of slightly harder musculature than the rest of the esophagus. Remaining completely still, Mia winced as the valve slid over her. Her feet entered the stomach first, then her thighs, shortly before the top half of her body was sputtered into the hot pit of digesting mucus.

        In the pitch darkness, heat radiated from every direction as Mia was immediately slathered in the hot slime of an empty stomach. As the quick beating pounded from every direction, she felt herself sink in between two wrinkles that lined the floor of the organ. The gentle caress of these folds would be almost comfortable, if not for the fact that Mia knew for a fact that, very soon, they’d be ejecting acid, ending her life.

        A sense of doom began to stain Mia’s chest. Though she had her fun resisting this point, she knew she had to face it, especially as her eyes began to burn. Squeezing her toes, the sensitive areas between them grew hot, as well. Inhaling, she filled her lungs with the puke-tinged odor of putrid stomach fog. She tried not to cry. She didn’t want to die crying.

        As the fluid became thinner and thinner, she could hear Sleep say some things, her familiar voice booming from above, but the thick layers of flesh muffled the exact details. She didn’t truly care. Sleep was pathetic.

        The acid now beginning to scorch her skin in earnest, Mia found herself reaching for everything that gave her strength in the past few hours. She thought back to Natalia’s gentle guidance as well as her enraged fight with Sleep.

        Moaning in pain as the streams of digestive enzymes coated her body, she dug her nails as far into Sleep’s stomach lining as she possibly could. Though she knew it was futile, she thought the idea of giving her stomach ulcers was one too hilarious to pass up.

        Giggling, she felt herself become covered in acid-heavy fluids, which continued to scorch her eyes. Now her entire body feeling like a sphere of hot pain, she didn’t panic, nor did she thrash. She just laid between the same two folds she settled into and let the acid grow deeper. Fading away into near-nothingness, she couldn’t help but let out a few final giggles as pinkness began to fill her field of vision. It just never stopped, did it?

        As her skin began to slough off in hefty sheets, floating away to become Sleep’s vomit, Mia let out a long sigh, exhaling her final breath. As the pinkness overtook her, she wondered where this day would take her next. Probably nowhere.


        “That was embarrassing, Sleep. What do I even keep you around for?”

        “I’m sowwy mis’dress. I am.” She replied, head bowed down, shaking.

        Aster crossed her arms and stared down at her little pet. “You know, I’m pretty hot. There are, like, a lot of people who would want to be in your position, I swear.”

        “I know. Just tell me what to do.” Sleep’s voice was low, quivering.

        Rolling her eyes, and putting her dress back on. “I don’t know, clean up the cage or something.”

        Sleep stood up, watching Aster leave the room without so much as a goodbye, she eyed a few scattered pieces of fabric. Leaning forward and grabbing her black cloak, she grunted in pain as she felt a deep sting pulse from deep within her gut.


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