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Story Notes:

Disclaimer Time:  Love Hina is the property of Ken Akamatsu.  I have no claim to it whatsoever.  This is merely an attempt at fanfiction for entertainment purposes.  You can call off the lawyers now.  

Author's Chapter Notes:

This "chapter" is just the backstory of the characters that will be involved in this story.  Figured I would get the character descriptions out of the way, as well as present the layout for the characters involved for those who may not be familiar with the Love Hina franchise.

For source material on physical descriptors (age, height, bhw measurements), I used the following websites as a reference, in case any hardcore Love Hina nerds want to get into it with me:

  • kuroarashi.fandom.com
  • lovehina.fandom.com

Keitaro Urashima - Manager of the Hinata Hot Springs Girls Dormitory (or Hinata House for short).  22 years old.  Tried unsuccessfully to get into Tokyo University over a childhood promise from long ago.  Average height (5'7") and build, short brown hair, brown eyes, and wears glasses.  Tends to be clumsy but generally reliable.  Has a habit of letting others walk over him and ends up being on the receiving end of comical beatdowns.  Harem protagonist.

Naru Narusegawa - Resident at Hinata House.  20 years old.  Avid student who is also trying to get into Tokyo University.  Long brown hair, brown eyes, slender build, & modest feminine proportions.  Tends to overreact at Keitaro's antics and physically attacks him as a result.  Has feelings for Keitaro but is reluctant to show them openly.  Tsundere-like personality.  Height: 5'4"; BHW: 33-22-34

Shinobu Maehara - Resident at and recent arrival at Hinata House.  16 years old.  Has a somewhat shy and reserved personality.  Helps with housework.  Has admiration towards Keitaro which evolves into a genuine romantic crush.  Short blue hair, blue eyes, & slim build.  Height: 5'2"; BHW: 27-20-28

Mitsune "Kitsune" Konno - Older resident at Hinata House.  21 years old.  Sly and opportunistic in her nature, somewhat of a freeloader.  Easygoing in nature.  Close friend of Naru.  Regularly drinks alcohol and addicted to gambling.  Speaks with a somewhat rural accent.  Short sandy brown hair & brown eyes.  Has her eyes closed regularly, in a sort of fox-like vulpine expression.  Buxom figure.  Height: 5'4.5"; BHW: 34-23-33

Motoko Aoyama - Resident at Hinata House.  18 years old.  Kendo practitioner.  Serious demeanor.  Like Naru, she has a tsundere-like personality when it comes to Keitaro.  Regularly carries around either a kendo sword or a genuine samurai sword.  Long black hair, dark olive-colored eyes, and tall for her age; somewhat of a yamamoto nadeshiko in her overall appearance.  Dresses regularly in a red-and-white training hakama.  Height: 5'9"; BHW: 34-23-33

Kaolla Su - Younger resident at Hinata House.  16 years old.  Exotic features, similar to Indian.  Brown skin, blonde hair, rosy cheeks & green eyes.  Slim & athletic build, tends to be barefoot most of the time.  High-energy, playful and somewhat mischievous in her demeanor.  Really enjoys bananas.  Has a pet turtle named Tama.  Inventor and genius in the fields of robotics and computers.  Princess from a faraway land known as the Kingdom of Molmol.  Her dorm room is a miniature forest/jungle.  Transforms into an older, adult version of herself during a red moon.  Close friend to Shinobu.  Height: 4'11.5"; BHW: 31-22-31

Mutsumi Otohime - A kind-hearted but scatterbrained girl whose family lives near Okinawa.  Regularly visits Hinata House.  23 years old.  Prone to anemic fainting at times.  Really enjoys watermelon.  Also has a habit of kissing others on a whim from time to time, as well as sleepwalking.  Long, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a very buxom figure.  Has strong feelings for Keitaro, but suppresses them to help move things along between Keitaro and Naru.  Height: 5'3.5"; BHW: 35-22-33

Haruka Urashima - Older resident at Hinata Hot Springs.  30 years old.  Technically Keitaro's cousin, but also his aunt due to being adopted by their grandmother as her daughter.  Hates being referred to as "Aunt Haruka".  Regularly smokes.  Manages the tea house near the dormitory.  Has affections for Noriyasu Seta.  Good with a gun.  Somewhat cold and withdrawn personality, but acts as a mother figure around the Hinata House when necessary.  Short dark brown hair and brown eyes.  Height: 5'6.5"; BHW: 33-23-33

Sarah McDougal* - Adoptive daughter of Noriyasu Seta, whom she is close to.  Originally from California.  15 years old.  Somewhat mischievous in her nature.  Athletic & energetic.  Tends to hang out with the younger girls at the Hinata Hot Springs.  Is confrontational at times with older residents, especially Keitaro.  Long, blonde hair and blue eyes.  Height: 5'2"; BHW: 31-23-31

Mei Narusegawa - Naru's younger step-sister.  Tries to improve her relationship with Naru, wanting to be closer as a family.  14 years old.  Very slim figure.  Shoulder-length, auburn hair & brown eyes.  Initially distrusting of Keitaro because she felt he would be a wedge between her and Naru.  Now on friendlier terms with him, and others at the Hinata House.  Height: 5'3"; BHW: 23-20-24

Amalla Su - Kaolla's older sister.  25 years old.  Similar exotic physical features like Kaolla.  Also a princess from the Kingdom of Molmol.  Married to her adoptive brother, Prince Lamba Lu (heir apparent to the Kingdom of Molmol).  Wears exotic clothing reminiscent of her homeland.  Has a pet albino crocodile named Shiro.  Long silver hair & blue eyes.  Seductive personality.  Tall and voluptuous figure.  Height: 5'10"; BHW: 34-22-33

Tsuruko Aoyama - Motoko's older sister.  27 years old.  Master swordswoman & head of the family dojo, which specializes in the shinmei-ryu sword style.  Proficient in demon slaying.  Regularly dresses in a hakama similar to her sister.  Has a yellow crane named Shippu and a purple crane named Hayate.  Strict as an instructor but cares for her sister's well-being and happiness.  Married.  Emphasis on politeness, etiquette, and tradition in her personality and how she presents herself.  Long, black hair and olive-colored eyes.  Healthy figure.  Height: 5'10.5"; BHW: 34-30-34

Nyamo Namo - Young girl who hails from the Pararakelse Islands out in the South Pacific.  15 years old.  Similar to Shinobu in appearance, except Nyamo has dark skin like Kaolla & Amalla.  Long blue hair & blue eyes.  Inherently shy and doesn't talk much.  Develops a crush on Keitaro after meeting him on Pararakelse.  Has a sort of natural affinity for turtles, and also has a familial closeness to her grandfather.  Height: 5'2": BHW: 31-22-33

Kanako Urashima - Keitaro's adoptive younger sister.  18 years old.  Long, black hair & brown eyes.  Has a pet black cat named Kuro.  Doesn't see Keitaro as a brother, but as a lover and future husband.  Jealous of the connection Naru and Keitaro have, initially tried to have them separated.  Master of disguise and impersonation.  Prefers to wear clothing in a more elegant, gothic-themed style.  Generally reserved around everyone except for Keitaro.  Height: 5'4": BHW: 32-22-31

*For the sake of this fanfiction, I decided to accelerate Sarah's age so that the age difference between her and Keitaro would not be so great.  So her height and measurements are more in line with the younger girls (at the end of the manga series for the hardcore fans).  Didn't want there to be elements of pedophilia in this work of mine.

I know there are other characters in the Love Hina universe, but I figured that these character descriptions would be enough, as I don't intend on including literally everyone from the Love Hina franchise.  Basically, it will be Keitaro becoming surrounded by haremy goodness with all of these lovely ladies, so any other characters will be either briefly mentioned or have relatively limited interaction in this story.

Chapter End Notes:

And there you have our characters.  Like I said, figured I would lay out the groundwork for the people in this story.  Also as a side note, I gave this story the "incest" lable since Keitaro and Haruka are blood cousins.  I suppose you could also factor in Kanako since she is Keitaro's (adoptive) sister.  There will probably also be sister-on-sister action in this story depending on where it ends up going, hence I decided to play it safe and give it that label as well as the R-rating.  Don't want any drama for incorrectly categorizing this story.

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